locodir-usernewbie here, need help04:25
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jo-erlendI wish it were possible to connect LoCo tools more tightly. For instance, the team contact should always be admin, even if someone else is the main administrator. This ensures that if someone disappears, it's easier to find someone else to take over. 06:20
jo-erlendso; contact should be (co-)admin of the LoCo mailinglist, LP team, LP project, loco.ubuntu.com, (co-)founder of IRC channel, etc. This should be done (semi-)automatically when changing things on loco.ubuntu.com. Any thoughts about that?06:22
YoBoYjo-erlend: +1 more than one admin is always better06:43
jo-erlendyes, and as automatic as possible. I didn't even realize that I had absolutely no idea who administered the mailinglist until yesterday, five months after I took over as contact.06:44
YoBoYshame on you :D06:44
jo-erlendwell... You don't know what state our LoCo has been in. :)06:44
jo-erlendit'll take quite some time to fix things up. But now that 12.04 is behind us, I thought I'd spend some time doing exactly that. Looking good too, I think. 06:45
dholbachgood morning06:46
YoBoYbonjour dholbach :)06:46
YoBoYjo-erlend: knowing who is in charge of what in a loco is sometimes difficult06:48
dholbachsalut YoBoY06:49
dholbachcomment ça va?06:49
jo-erlendYoBoY, right. That's what I want to change. It's difficult for new people to participate themselves if they can't find out how the loco is organized. 06:51
YoBoYdholbach: bien et toi ?06:53
YoBoYjo-erlend: right, We have to improve that part too in my loco. For new people, it's hard to find that kind of information. It's in Launchpad with groups, but the links with the site have to be improved06:55
dholbachYoBoY, ça va bien - merci :)07:09
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benveiczajkowski, are you there?20:33

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