ajmitchnixternal: I should know not to go to lunch when you've got comments like that :)00:22
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dholbachgood morning06:46
gesergood morning06:49
dholbachhi geser06:49
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bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10] What does mean the string »fakesync« in the installed release »1.12.1-3.1fakesync1« of the package mpg123?09:53
micahgbullgard4: original tarball is different between Ubuntu and Debian09:55
Rhondamicahg: duh. shouldn't that be represented in the upstream version somehow?10:03
micahgRhonda: no, same upstream version10:03
Rhondaso that the orig tarball also has a different filename?10:03
Laneysomehow the same upstream version got uploaded to ubuntu with a different tarball10:04
RhondaRight, but 1.12.1fakesync1-3.1 would work?10:04
micahgwell, unless it's a generated tarball, this really shouldn't happen (although it happened with blueman, I used the upstream tarball, not sure what the DM did)10:04
micahgRhonda: that would require a reupload of the tarball10:04
micahgthe idea is that we don't have a diff, but we can't sync10:05
bullgard4micahg: Thank you very much for your ample explanation and help.10:16
micahgbullgard4: IIRC, I did that fakesync as well :)10:22
Laneytumbleweed: could you start generating the quantal rdepends data?11:20
tumbleweedhrm, is that not automatic11:20
Laneydunno, but http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/rdepends/v1/quantal/all/ghc11:21
tumbleweedaah, it uses distro-info :)11:21
Laneyif it comes from distr..11:21
* tumbleweed git pulls11:22
* ajmitch should probably add quantal to the rcbugs thing as well11:26
tumbleweedso when do we upgrade syklone to precise? :)11:26
tumbleweedLaney: running now11:26
Laneyta very much11:26
ajmitchtumbleweed: one day...11:26
Laneydo it now. dare you.11:27
ajmitchLaney: sure, you don't need it working do you?11:33
Laneyyou're saying that precise wouldn't work?11:35
ajmitchI'm sure it'd be perfect in every way11:36
ajmitchexcept that it's near midnight here & I'd probably end up deleting critical files :)11:36
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tumbleweedLaney: and it aborted because of the archive.ubuntu.cmo load :)12:00
geserwill quantal sync from testing or unstable?12:11
directhexEXPERIMENTAL ;o12:13
micahggeser: TBD apparently :)12:13
tumbleweedcurrently testing12:14
sagacithat's interesting12:16
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Laneydoes anyone know what "attend this meeting" on summit does?12:41
* Laney is clicking that rather than subscribing to blueprints, but will it do what I wat?12:45
tumbleweedoh, there's a "Propose a meeting" button12:46
tumbleweedLaney: presumably that will mean you don't get blueprint e-mail12:47
sagacilooks like you need to subscribe to the blueprint separately12:47
Laneywill it have the same scheduling effect?12:47
Laneythere's nothing corresponding to participation essential12:47
LaneyI like not having to subscribe to blueprints :-)12:47
Laneyhah, searching for "ubuntu summit developers" doesn't work so well12:55
Laney(a permutation of the words is something else ...)12:56
bullgard4micahg: :-)13:03
aboudreaulthi. if I have 2 packages in my source package: libX and X-bin. How can I tell that X-bin need the shared library or libX ?13:53
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geseraboudreault: how does your Depends: line for X-bin in debian/control look like?13:54
aboudreaultDepends: ${python:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}13:55
geserlooks good13:56
aboudreaultchecking what debuild does.... looks like I build ALL, then install. so wondering how it can find my libmapserver if it is not installed13:56
aboudreaultI only have libtool files at this point. (in .libs)13:56
gesercan you upload/pastebin the build log somewhere?13:59
Rhondadebuild --no-lintian -sa -v'1:1.10.1-1~lucid1'13:59
RhondaDo I need the -v switch for backports uploads?13:59
Rhonda… for ubuntu backports uploads.  *peeks at Laney*14:00
LaneyI suppose it would be nice14:01
Laneybut that version is already in lucid-backports?14:01
aboudreaultgeser, 2 mins.14:01
aboudreaultgeser, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/587955/14:11
RhondaLaney: sure that version is in, that's the whole point of the -v switch. ;)14:15
RhondaLaney: To use the latest version from the archive, and thus include all changelog entries in the changesfile _since_14:15
Rhondaah, quantal created14:16
LaneyRhonda: oh, I see what you're proposing14:16
LaneyI was confused because I did'nt see a new request14:16
Laneyyes, I suggest you use that.14:16
Rhondano maverick anymore14:16
RhondaSo I can dump the maverick-backports branch :)14:17
* Laney turns off maverick-backports14:17
* Laney wonders how to do that14:18
Rhondalol :)14:18
geseraboudreault: I don't know what's wrong there but it doesn't look like a packaging error yet, as the build doesn't finish. It looks like the perl and python bindings assume that the library got installed by the time they get build14:37
aboudreaultwell, the error is: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmapserver14:43
aboudreaultmapserver is the library I built earlier in the build log14:43
aboudreaultthe ld should only be done at install?14:44
tumbleweedaboudreault: -L. to help it find it?14:44
tumbleweed(or whatever the right path is)14:45
aboudreaulttumbleweed, what wasmy initial question, what's the proper way to do that? specifying an extra -L./libs doesn't sound right to me14:45
tumbleweedwhy doesn't that sound right?14:46
tumbleweedsure, your build system should do it for you, but that's what you want it to do14:46
aboudreaultchecking to fix my build system14:53
RhondaLaney, bug #989801  :)14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 989801 in Oneiric Backports "please backport wesnoth-1.10 from precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98980114:58
Rhonda… and speaking about, shouldn't #932011 be switched to fix released?14:59
RhondaDoes this need to be done manually?14:59
* Rhonda sets them to Fix Released, if that's wrong someone is invited to slap me on the fingers. :)15:00
pabelangerI'm pretty surprised about the default file permissions for most openstack components (nova, glance, keystone).  Out of the box we are shipping /etc/{nova, glance, keystone] with 0700. Even their group permission cannot read the folders15:01
pabelangergot patches up in launchpad hower15:01
trijntjeHi all, can anybody tell me who is responsible for hosting the tracker for ubuntu torrents?15:21
* cjwatson answers trijntje in #ubuntu-devel. (One channel at a time, please.)15:31
LaneyRhonda: yes and yes16:16
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LaneyRhonda: have you test built/installed/upgraded?16:46
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RhondaLaney: Not yet, just wanted to get it started :)18:36
RhondaLaney: You know I am that kind of optimist that always believes that there are others out there who would help out  :)18:36
aboudreaultby default, where dh_install install things?19:00
aboudreaultah no... it just put things into deb file.19:02
jtaylorby default dh_install does nothing, only when you add .install files or call it when arguments something is done19:05
spartan-11510Hi everybody, i need some help to fix a package. i find a translation error and i patch them, but i can't execute "bzr bd -- -S -us -uc" because he says me that http://paste.ubuntu.com/950554/19:05
jtaylorspartan-11510: run dpkg-source --commit and fill out the forms19:06
spartan-11510thank you but i don't understand all of forms like "Origin: <vendor|upstream|other>" package are hello in precise19:08
jtaylorspartan-11510: you don't need to fill out everything, just delete what you think is unimportant19:09
jtaylorspartan-11510: see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/ what the tags mean19:09
jtaylorif you add yourself in the author tag, origin is not required19:09
spartan-11510thank you really much, it's very difficult to begin in bug fixing19:10
spartan-11510I've fill the forms and i retry  "bzr bd -- -S -us -uc" but it doesn't work  http://paste.ubuntu.com/950596/19:20
jtaylorspartan-11510: you have to add the patch in debian/patches to bzr and commit it19:21
jtaylorbzr add file; bzr commit19:22
LaneyRhonda: you never know. Upload to a PPA or something and you could be surprised. :-)19:42
spartan-11510i've patch the package, now i try to test it but it doesn't work. This line it's correct? "pbuilder-dist precise build ../hello_2.7-3ubuntu1.dsc"19:49
jtaylorwhats the error?19:51
spartan-11510W: /home/spartan-117/.pbuilderrc does not exist19:52
spartan-11510E: File /home/spartan-117/pbuilder/precise-base.tgz does not exist19:52
jtayloryou have to create a pbuiler base first19:53
jtaylorpbuilder-dist precise <arch> create19:53
jtaylorwhere <arch> is amd64 or i386 depending on what your system is19:53
spartan-11510i've created but i forgot the precise19:53
jtayloris reverse-depends broken in precise?20:26
jtaylorI get unknown release20:26
tumbleweedjtaylor: DB update hasn't managed to run yet. archive.ubuntu.com is too flaky20:28
spartan-11510jtaylor: when i commit my patch with bzr, i can build my package?20:31
jtaylorspartan-11510: probably yes20:31
spartan-11510jtaylor: i don't understand i've build my package, and when i install it, the package doesn't change the bug still here, but the file has been modified20:32
micahgtumbleweed: can you mirror of of something else?20:33
tumbleweedmicahg: I tried that earlier and it still died. Let me have another poke at it...20:34
tumbleweedunfortunately it takes a very long time to run20:35
Laneyeveryone loves the s3 mirrors20:35
tumbleweedyeah, tried those20:35
tumbleweedgot a 40320:35
Laneythe horror20:36
tumbleweed$ HEAD http://eu-west-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com.s3.amazonaws.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/Release20:37
tumbleweed403 Forbidden20:37
Laneymaybe they weren't meant to be used20:38
Laneyexternally to AWS I mean20:38
tumbleweedit's only quantal that's 403ing20:38
Laneygeneral fail then20:39
tumbleweedi.e. near the end of the run :(20:39
spartan-11510jtaylor: I need to re-package for build package with my patch?20:44
jtaylorspartan-11510: I don't know much about translations, maybe you patched the wrong file?20:44
spartan-11510jtaylor: i don't understand, i continue to try fixing this error, thnak you really much i learned important things20:53
tumbleweeddeb822.py: WARNING: cannot parse package relationship "gettext:any", returning it raw21:15
tumbleweedhrm, didn't know that was allowed in the archive, yet21:15
micahgonly for build dependencies IIRC21:15
tumbleweedyeah, that was B-Ds21:16
* tumbleweed adds support for that21:16
micahgquantal should start allowing those in binary deps since dpkg is guaranteed to be new enough21:17
jtaylorhow is this incompatibility between .6.1 and .6.2 going to be handled?21:18
jtaylorthat one which happened in the unstable upload21:18
jtaylordpkg 1.16.1 -> 1.16.221:21
tumbleweedI assume you read buxy's follow-up on that?21:21
micahgjtaylor: infinity volunteered for that I think21:21
jtaylorsome perl script to update it you mean?21:21
micahgwell, something to not break our systems on upgrade :)21:22
tumbleweedmicahg: great, can't find any reference to :any in debian-policy / multiarch spec21:29
micahgtumbleweed: well, I shouldn't say for sure, it was implied :)21:29
tumbleweedit's in ubuntu's multiarchhowto wiki page, but IIRC that predates the debian multiarch wiki page21:29
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tumbleweedmicahg: reverse-deps DB has generated23:42
micahgtumbleweed: cool, thanks23:42
tumbleweedjust in time for it's next cronjob :)23:42
tumbleweedI'm ignoring :any for now, but submitted a ptach to python-debian23:43
tumbleweed(ignoring as in those build-deps will be entirely ignored)23:43
micahgtumbleweed: couldn't you just treat it as s/:any//?23:44
tumbleweedprobably by doing a regex replacement like that, yes23:44
tumbleweedotherwise, I need my fixed python debian that won't fail trying to parse them23:45
micahgthat's the effect on regular build deps, it was only changed to support cross-building23:45
* tumbleweed quickly does that in time for the next generation run23:45
tumbleweedurgh, no, it's not going to be easy23:47
* tumbleweed leaves it for now23:47
tumbleweed-> bed23:48

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