qwebirc95320Hello. I installed mythbuntu 12.04 today and I can't get .iso dvd backups to play02:18
patdk-lapqwebirc95320,  support for that has never been in ubuntu02:20
qwebirc95320I get an error saying encrypted dvd support unavailable and can't seek to block 25602:20
patdk-lapconsult the medibuntu people about that02:21
qwebirc95320I have installed libdvdread4 and libdvdcss2 along with the restriced extras packages02:21
qwebirc95320from medibuntu02:21
qwebirc91026Hi, I was just wondering what the 'best' way of installing Mythbuntu on top of an Ubuntu Server was. via mythbuntu-desktop or mythbuntu-common package... Thanks06:45
larsbrandiHi, Im stuck with an upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04. I am using IPTV. Im on 0.26 since I read 0.25 lacked a functional IPTV. I can show one channel, but can't change channel. The front end restarts, and pick up the next recorder. Its the same behavior as 0.25 as I record it. Any suggestions. Maybe a ppa to 0.24 ?07:50
qwebirc91026Hi, I was just wondering what the 'best' way of installing Mythbuntu on top of an Ubuntu Server was. via mythbuntu-desktop or mythbuntu-common package... Thanks08:09
RyanCqwebirc91026: I've been reading this which seems OK. http://www.havetheknowhow.com/Install-the-software/Install-MythTV.html08:10
Zinn[www.havetheknowhow.com] Install MythTV on Ubuntu Server - Lucid, Karmic, Jaunty and Intrepid08:10
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MTughanSo I was going to ask why my system is hanging at the end of the install with "restoring previously installed packages," except it seems to be downloading something.14:43
MTughanFrom zaurac.canonical.com, if that means anything.14:43
MTughanAnd..... It's not downloading anymore, and still sitting there. Stupid thing. Of course, it's been a known UI bug since Natty.14:49
MTughanSorry, I know there's nothing anyone can do at this point, just annoying.14:49
superm1MTughan: so what it's doing i believe is downloading packages that aren't on the CD but need to be reinstalled based on the partitioning options you picked15:50
superm1mirrors obviously hammered yesterday and probably today still15:51
MTughansuperm1: That's what the Launchpad bug indicated. Just unfortunate that it does so without any UI updates, so it looks like it's locked up.15:51
superm1MTughan: ah i see.  \15:52
MTughanThere we go; it just finished.15:54
MTughanAnd it looks like I was not bitten by the 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade GRUB bug.15:56
superm1ah the 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade GRUB bug is only for update-manager upgrades15:57
MTughan(sorry, Firefox is being a PITA right now) So it doesn't affect LiveCD upgrades then? I just usually go that route out of habit.16:00
tgm4883There is a livecd upgrade?16:04
MTughanJust unfortunate as well that capture cards aren't migrated in the upgrade.16:05
MTughantgm4883: I downloaded the LiveCD, booted the machine off of it, and selected upgrade from the installation options.16:05
tgm4883I hadn't tested that16:05
tgm4883wait, the capture cards aren't migrated? what do you mean?16:06
MTughanI haven't checked my database to see if recordings are saved over, but the capture cards are all gone.16:08
tgm4883that doesn't sound good16:10
tgm4883check if your recordings are in the db16:10
tgm4883superm1, if ^ is true, that is bad16:13
MTughanFirefox was pissing me off too much, so Safari's in for now.16:14
MTughantgm4883: No, they're all gone. F***ing POS...16:15
tgm4883MTughan, are they still in the recording directory?16:15
MTughanNo, of course they're not... Remind me never to do an in-place upgrade again.16:16
tgm4883where was your storage directory located?16:17
MTughanOur second drive still has all its recordings, but the primary /var/lib/mythtv/recordings is empty.16:17
MTughanApparently, an upgrade is a friggin' clean install.16:17
tgm4883MTughan, and you came from 10.0416:18
MTughanMythTV 0.24.16:18
MTughanI'm going to shut down and try running a recovery program on the disk.16:19
MTughanWell, 6 hours to do a full disk scan. Would've been easier if it didn't wipe my disk...17:05
MTughanOf course, I didn't even think to do a DB backup before the upgrade, stupid me.17:06
MTughanI can't check it right now, but what I think might have happened is the upgrade kept everything in /home, but removed everything else assuming they were system files. Which would be a failing of default recordings directory choice in that case.17:11
tgm4883MTughan, that is what it sounds like to me17:22
tgm4883I'm going to test that and if it is the case see what we can do about that17:22
tgm4883/var/lib/mythtv shouldn't be wiped, and I believe we can set a flag for that.17:23
MTughanMaybe it was missed for 12.04? Given it's been in /var/lib/mythtv for quite a while now.17:23
tgm4883MTughan, possibly, but I don't recall when the upgrade option from the live CD was added17:24
tgm4883honestly I didn't even know it existed until today17:24
MTughanI believe Ubuntu's offered it for a while now.17:24
tgm4883a quick search says since 11.0417:26
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MTughanWhat about the DB?17:27
tgm4883MTughan, the DB is in /var/lib as well, it likely wiped /var17:27
MTughanHopefully it wasn't overwritten.17:28
tgm4883MTughan, can I get you to file a bug against Mythbuntu for that issue?18:25
MTughanDecided to switch to a proper client… Webchat worked, but was giving me trouble.18:31
MTughan_I should stop playing with network interfaces now...18:53
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MTughanSo what is the recommended upgrade procedure? Through Update Manager?21:38
MTughanAlso, I've confirmed it now: /home lived through the upgrade.21:49
MTughanI think this whole recovery operation is going to be a bust… I've got bits and pieces of video, including what look to be some valid and complete movies, but most of it is just bits and pieces because they were scattered all over the hard drive.21:57
superm1sorry to hear you hit these problems with that in place "upgrade"22:31
superm1it's definitely not something we've tested since ubuntu added it to the installer22:31
superm1we'll need to find a way to have it not wipe /var/lib/mysql and /var/lib/mythtv in a future point release22:31
superm1tgm4883 is going to release note it22:31
tgm4883superm1, I already did22:34
MTughanI think I've found a DB backup on the old disk, so I'm trying to restore that. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to contain capture card or video source information, so I'll have to recreate those myself.22:44
MTughanAt least the remote works flawlessly.22:45
len_Well, it happened again.  I hate upgrading Mythbuntu, because I'm always afraid I'm going to lose my audio after the upgrade, and sure enough, I just lost my audio.  I'm getting really sick of trying to get pulse audio to work over hdmi--it just never seem to want to work.  Wonder what it is this time.23:25
tgm4883len_, why did you upgrade the distro then?23:26
len_because it is an LTS, and figured I wouldn't have to deal with it for another two years if I got it working.  I don't know why it has to be such a struggle ever single time.  hdmi has been out for a long time now.23:27
len_I also have a strange new video problem where the color is off, and peoples faces are all blue.  I'll deal with that later though.23:30
tgm4883len_, IDK, I've got HDMI and it works just fine23:30
tgm4883I don't recall having to fiddle with it at all23:30
len_Well, have some problem or another with it almost every single time.  What video driver are you using?23:32
len_This machine is ati, and I have to use fgrlx.23:33
len_You're probably using Nvidia23:33
tgm4883yea I am23:35
len_I don't have problems getting video over hdmi, btw--the problem is always getting audio to use the hdmi channel.23:35
len_Wow, hdmi A/V output over fglrx is just FUBAR all around:  No audio, blue faces, and plays video like it's on fast forward.23:59

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