thumperI wonder why it is that ubuntu always adds a new kernel the day of release...02:38
ajmitchvarious bugfixes that are queued up waiting for release day, that won't be on the images that get tested02:39
lifelessajmitch: thomi: bzr diff -rbranch:lp:ubuntu/ibus..branch:lp:ubuntu/precise/ibus02:41
ajmitchlifeless: won't help much, the version of ibus will be the same between quantal & precise02:42
ajmitch1.4.0 was superseded in precise back in march, which is why I suggested tags02:43
ajmitchbut I don't know how to compare that :)02:43
lifelessajmitch: bzr diff -r1.4.1 from tip02:45
lifeless(-r looks up tags without any special instructions)02:45
lifelessor you can do -r tag:1.4.102:45
ajmitchah nice02:45
lifelessif the tag collides with other things that might be sourced first02:46
ajmitch 216 files changed, 57731 insertions(+), 37446 deletions(-)02:46
ajmitchthomi: a bit of text to wade through? :)02:47
thomiajmitch: yeah, one of the issues is that they renamed a bunch of files. I think because they store things in git and then import them renames appear as deletions and additions02:48
* thomi guesses02:49
ibeardsleeafternoon fmarier04:52
ibeardsleeDunedinites: have you tried to convince Cathy from ZaReason to pop down your way?05:00
ibeardsleeDunedin being the first place outside .au for LCA05:01
* ajmitch wonders if he can qualify as one of a 'known FOSS people' for that ZaTab05:05
chiltsibeardslee: are you guys meeting up with her, or is she going into Catalyst at any stage?05:05
chiltsajmitch: I would think so :)05:05
ajmitchchilts: but I don't have a blog or social media presence! :)05:06
chiltsdo you have a GitHub/Gitorious/SourceForge/GoogleCode/BitBucket account?05:06
chiltsany is fine05:07
ajmitchI've had a sourceforge account for > 10 years now, have a github account05:07
ajmitchmost of my stuff would be on launchpad though :)05:07
chiltsthen you're fine :)05:07
chiltsoh yeah, I knew I missed one out05:07
* chilts <- bad chilts05:07
ajmitchand something to do with this 'ubuntu' that I've heard about05:08
lifelesszatab ?05:09
ajmitchtablet that zareason have put together05:09
chiltsYAY for FRIDAY!05:09
ajmitchmight be nice to put ubuntu on :)05:09
lifelessbah, its missing thunderbolt05:10
ajmitchI'm guessing all the prices on the zareason site are USD still05:10
ojwbthe dates seem to be05:13
lifelessso whats the 'known foss people' thing ?05:15
ajmitchlooks just to be an anti-fraud thing of getting them to people they could reasonably trust, and who wouldn't expect a perfectly working android tablet with all the google goodies05:16
chiltsI don't think it means anything, I think it just means that they'd like FOSS people since they'll probably report (and maybe fix) bugs more than others05:17
ojwbnot clear to me if by fraud they mean "ordered with a stolen CC" or "ordered by someone not actually involved in FOSS"05:18
* ajmitch shrugs05:18
ojwbbut I suspect if you're on this channel you probably count05:18
chiltsI don't think life is this hard ... I think you're fine :)05:41
chiltsand with that, have a good weekend one and all :)05:42
* chilts &05:42
ibeardsleeajmitch: I'd back you up07:01
ibeardsleechilts: yeah I hope she does pop into Catalyst07:01
ibeardsleeCathy is supposed to be heading down to Wellington today, don't know if she'll be in touch over the weekend07:02
* ibeardslee is hinting and hinting that she should be around for Catalyst BoC07:03
ibeardsleeanyway .. /me wanders away for the night.07:03
ibeardsleehave a good ones peoples07:03
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