IdleOneno, in #ubuntu you ask support questions and answer them if you can. you don't complain and rant about what you don't like00:00
smallfoot-where do i do that then?00:00
IdleOnestart a blog00:00
IdleOne#ubuntu is for support, not chatting about ubuntu00:01
smallfoot-but i have questions00:01
smallfoot-like do you think firefox 12 will come and update firefox 11 in ubuntu or i have to wait 6 months?00:01
IdleOneI don't know00:01
smallfoot-well you the ubuntu guy, you must know00:01
IdleOneyou are an ubuntu guy also, why don't you know?00:02
smallfoot-cuz im not the boss00:02
smallfoot-you are the  boss guy00:02
IdleOneneither am I00:02
smallfoot-you are ops00:02
smallfoot-you must know how stuff works00:02
IdleOneops != knows everything about ubuntu00:02
IdleOnesmallfoot-: I will remove the ban in #ubuntu but please understand that if you don't follow the guidelines you will be banned again and I don't know how long it will take before we remove it.00:03
IdleOneare we clear on that?00:03
smallfoot-oh oki00:03
smallfoot-the guidelines are kinda hard to follow though00:04
IdleOneno they aren't00:04
smallfoot-but i always get banned00:04
IdleOnethen stop doing what it is you do to get banned00:04
bazhangthen be careful00:04
IdleOnejoin #ubuntu please00:05
bazhangnext time wont be so easy00:05
smallfoot-yeah, but i already waited like a  year for this unban00:05
IdleOneright, next time could be 3 years00:06
IdleOnemaybe 500:06
IdleOnewho knows00:06
IdleOneanyway you're not banned now. enjoy the channel, follow the rules. I hope not to see you in here again.00:07
smallfoot-ok thx00:07
IdleOnesmallfoot-:  get out :)00:08
smallfoot-whooooooa, wow guess what just cmae in my ubuntu update? firefox 12!! just what i was wanted00:08
knomeheh "get out"00:08
IdleOneI said it with a smile :)00:09
* knome said that with 4+ beers00:10
knome(avg. over 7% by far)00:10
bazhanggnome-shell on KDE4?00:55
knometoo drunk on release-day?00:56
bazhangcanonical need to hire him for QA00:56
IdleOnedid he switch from kdm to gdm?00:57
IdleOneprobably not00:57
* knome has *no* idea, will read the logs (maybe) tomorrow00:57
bazhang"fail" "useless" "garbage"00:57
bazhangthat s pretty much all he says00:58
bazhangnever really asks for support00:58
ubottuwaxstone called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:32
ubottuIn ubottu, gvandeweyer said: yeah well, 10.04 => 12.04 is not on the first link, and the second is for desktop style upgrade. It seems I have to install all updates to 10.04 first. then upgrade. I'll try that first. thanks07:39
ikoniahello Go_Apple you have been banned from ubuntu and forwarded to #ubuntu-ops when you where using the nickname Go_Implementatio09:12
ikoniabye bye then09:13
ikoniahello again networking09:33
networkingfirefox can open a web site and input data, may be version.09:33
ikonianetworking: you are still banned from #ubuntu and in #ubuntu-ops until you talk to us09:33
ikonianetworking: please don't start the sale pitch stuff that got you banned last time09:33
ubottuIn #ubuntu, acid_mark said: ubottu : bcm4312 is n't listed there10:28
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1774 users, 3 overflows, 1777 limit))12:18
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1769 users, 3 overflows, 1772 limit))12:18
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1770 users, 4 overflows, 1774 limit))12:18
bazhangso +1 is -offtopic-extended now13:46
Fuchswe just closed down our +1 channel for the meantime13:47
ikoniaI think we should clear it and set it back to +i13:47
ikoniainfact, that's what I'll do13:47
bazhangbetter clear the bot out first13:47
ikoniaI won't have permissions to set it back to invite, Fuchs is that something you can assit with ?13:48
ikoniabazhang: ubottu ?13:48
bazhangikonia, how are we going to get the remaining users there out?13:48
Fuchsikonia: you should prod IRCC guys, the are able to13:49
* mneptok shifts ikonia's eyes back to +113:49
ikoniaclear it13:49
bazhangthe bot will record that13:50
bazhangwon't it?13:50
Fuchsalso I'll leave here (university) in a few minutes, so if it needs staff, then I would be glad if you could prod someone else13:50
ikoniaPici: AlanBell topyli funkyHat ping13:50
ikoniaahhh mneptok can do it13:51
ikoniathank you mneptok13:51
popeynever quite understood why +1 gets cleaned out13:51
Fuchsright. Have a nice evening  *waves* :)13:51
popeygiven q has already opened for development13:51
mneptokikonia: i don;t have access to Cs "clear"13:52
ikoniame neither13:52
ikoniaI was just trying it as I'm sure you guessed13:52
ikoniapopey: I've no issue leaving it open if there is stuff worth talking about on 12.10 now13:52
mneptok07:51 [Freenode] -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You are not authorized to perform this operation.13:52
topylipopey: good point, maybe you could put it on the ircc meeting agenda?13:53
ikoniaI just agreed with bazhang that it was becoming another pointless offtopic channel as there was nothing to discuss any more13:53
mneptokikonia: we can clear manually, or set +m in addition to +i .....13:53
popeywe need a meeting about it? ʘ‿ಠ13:53
ikoniamneptok: is it worth clearing ? as popey said it's open now, but is there anything really worth discussion at the time (I don't know, I'm asking)13:53
ikoniapopey: you are ticket 223, now serving ticket 813:54
mneptokikonia: i'm just following orders like a good lil' soldier. :)13:54
topylipopey: ikonia has a point too, it tends to become a release party or nonsense channel for extended periods of time. which is why we should discuss it13:54
ikoniapopey: is there anything worth discussion on 12.10 at the moment ?13:54
mneptokikonia: let's set +m. that stops any convos, and anyone who /parts cannot rejoin until +i gets lifted.13:54
ikoniamake it so ;)13:54
topylimneptok: sounds like a plan13:54
ikoniatopic too13:55
topylipopey: lets's just follow mneptok's practice and say it's so :)13:55
ikoniaso people know it's 12.10 discussion and it will re-open shortly13:55
ikoniaahhh someone did the topic, very nice13:55
popey"thats the way we always do it"13:56
ikoniapopey: doesn't mean it has to stay that way13:56
ikoniathat's why I'm asking is there much going on 12.10 wise13:56
popeypackages are being uploaded13:56
popeydesigns are being discussed13:56
popeya new unity will be out shortly13:57
popeywell, designs are mostly done, they're now working on 13.0413:57
ikoniastuff that's available for discussion in +1 ?13:57
popeylets open #ubuntu+213:57
topylifor science!13:57
ikoniaas info available so it can be discussed13:57
topyli"ubuntu on wristwatches"13:58
popeyI dont think the decision of whether it should be opened should rest with the opinion of me on whether I believe there is stuff to be discussed13:58
popeyif that was the case then #linuxmint probably wouldn't exist13:58
ikoniapopey: it's good to get info though so it can be discussed13:58
ikoniaI don't know, I've not seen much on 12.10 but I'm also not looking for it,13:59
topylii'm going to trust operators here :)13:59
mneptokpopey: there are many things in this world i'll believe. that you have nothing to discuss about Mint is not one of them.13:59
ikoniapopey: do you think it's worth keeping open at the moment and trying to steer it a little towards 12.10 ?13:59
popeyikonia: I'm just questioning the logic of closing an irc channel14:00
ikoniawell, no-one is using it for it's function14:00
topylipopey: i think i saw you posting on google+ that you'll test mint? what was it like?14:00
ikoniaso suspending it until there is something to discuss seems reasonable,14:00
popeynobody is using -irc today, shall we shut that too?14:00
popeytopyli: i had a play and thought "ooh, retro"14:01
popeyand then deleted the vm14:01
ikoniapopey: it's not really "not today" it's since the release, that's why I'm asking if there is stuff available for reading/discussion on 12.10, then stick it open14:01
topylipopey: heh ok14:01
popeynever mind14:01
mneptokpopey: 12.10 discussion of any merit will happen in -devel. +1 is a channel for users. do you think users should be involving themselves in 12.10 at this point?14:02
popeydo you think -devel is the right place for users?14:02
mneptokpopey: if they are developing, yes.14:03
popeyno, users14:03
popeynot developers14:03
Myrtti_what users?14:03
mneptokpopey: if they are _using_ Ubuntu, also yes. they can tell coredevs how they managed to get a working build.14:03
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
popeyok, forget it, it was just a suggestion.14:03
ikoniausers should be able to chat about 12.10 in +1 if there is stuff to chat about, I genuinly don't know what's available14:03
ikoniapopey: it's a good suggestion if there is stuff going on, I'd like it stay open14:04
popeywe never stop14:04
popeywe release ubuntu, we start work on ubuntu+114:04
* popey wanders off to a meeting about 12.1014:04
ikoniathe information's not always public ready/worthwhile at this stage14:04
tonyyarussoikonia: I think part of the shutting +1 logic is to make the knowledgable people go help the other users with the thing they've been using for months already, rather than just being all "wee, work is done - let's just chat like -offtopic for a while"14:50
tonyyarussobazhang: I have a mass-kick script, btw.14:50
tonyyarussopopey: Could be totally wrong here, but my understand of +1 as a "users" channel would mean that they are _using_ +1.  Our past interpretation of that has been that the channel should reopen when it is _possible_ to be running +1, meaning when the core stuffs are uploaded and a repo opened, usually about a week or two into the cycle.14:54
tonyyarussoIt's not just for discussion of development - that's -devel - but for support for use of it and the like.14:54
topyliis it around alpha1 time traditionally?14:57
tonyyarussotopyli: Well before.14:58
tonyyarussotopyli: As soon as it's possible to dist-upgrade to it.14:58
topyliright, makes sense14:59
topylinot the upgrade, the channel opening :)14:59
MyrttiIIRC it's been about two weeks after the release, or whenever repos have been setup15:11
Myrttiie. when dist-upgrade has been possible, indeed15:11
PiciIf we close it, we open it by the time UDS starts.15:11
IdleOnentcu355: How can I help you?16:28
IdleOnentcu355: if you don't need anything from the ops team please don't idle in this channel16:31
=== IdleOne is now known as pangolin
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
IdleOnentcu355: How can we help you?16:39
IdleOneHello VivekVC16:46
VivekVCIdleOne: Hi16:46
IdleOneHow may I be of service today?16:46
VivekVCIdleOne: I did not ask for assistance.16:47
IdleOneI know. I asked how I could assist16:47
VivekVCIdleOne: I am expoloring the various ubuntu channels.16:47
IdleOneVivekVC: I see, this is where the ops idle and wait to deal with ban resolution and such things. We ask that people not idle in here unless they are supposed to.16:48
VivekVCIdleOne: You want me to leave ?16:49
topylintcu355: please note that you can't idle on this channel. read the /topic16:49
VivekVCI don't have an issue to resolve.16:49
IdleOneVivekVC: I would appreciate it if you did but you are welcome to join anytime you need something from the ops team16:49
VivekVCIdleOne: ok.16:50
VivekVCtopyli: I read the topic.16:50
VivekVCAre the staff here also canonical staff or is this a community channel ?16:50
topylithanks. i was talking to ntcu355 but it applies to everyone :)16:51
topyliVivekVC: we are mostly volunteers16:51
VivekVCtopyli: ok.16:51
topyliwell, all volunteers really. nobody is paid to do this16:51
VivekVCIn that case I have a few questions16:52
VivekVCI am Vivek Varghese Cherian, http://www.vivekcherian.com, a employee of CSS Corp and currently working on the Open Stack Beginners guide.16:52
VivekVCI've been on FreeNode for like 7 years.16:52
VivekVCI run the FOSS India IRC Server irc.foss-india.org16:53
VivekVCI am well known to Mr Prakash Advani and Mr Hardhik Dalwadi of Canonical, they are my ex colleagues.16:54
topyliVivekVC: sounds great16:54
VivekVCI would like to assist out the Ubuntu community on IRC.16:54
VivekVCTell me where you think I can fit in.16:55
topylieven better16:55
mneptokVivekVC: support for issues in #ubuntu. it is always at the top of the "what needs help?" list.16:55
topylias it happens, there will be a session in next week's Ubuntu OpenWeek about "how to help with ubuntu irc stuff"16:55
VivekVCI don't need a session as such, as I said 7 years on FreeNode assisting in various channels mostly indic related ones.16:56
topyliVivekVC: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek16:56
mneptokVivekVC: also, you may try asking such questions in #ubuntu-in16:57
topylithis will not be about using irc, it's about ubuntu channels and culture, and how you can be a part16:57
topyliyeah helping your local community is a great way to advance ubuntu16:58
VivekVCI am already part of #ubuntu-in17:00
mneptokVivekVC: is your question answered?17:01
topyliyou can also join the irc team mailing list and raise issues or make a difference in whatever issues we currently have: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-irc17:01
VivekVCThanks mneptok, topyli  and mneptok17:02
topylieveryone is also invited into the irc council meetings: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil17:02
IdleOney mneptok gets 2 thanks17:02
topylitwice as good!17:02
IdleOnehe was half as helpful as topyli17:02
mneptokIdleOne: both yin and yang of my nature were at work on those answers.17:03
IdleOnemneptok: ah, ok.17:03
zeenoi called ops because this guy was pasting the same thing twice, thought he was spamming17:28
* LjL rolls eyes17:30
IdleOneWhitor: you need anything from the ops?17:33
WhitorIdleOne, nope, forgot I came here. Just curious to see what goes on here17:33
IdleOnesecret things we log for the world to see17:34
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:34
WhitorI see that. honestly, I didn17:34
IdleOneWhitor: see /topic and notice the we reserve the right to boot you in the rear :)17:34
Whitor't think I had voice in here17:34
Whitorahh. I am idle'ing  .... boot me. I'm cool with it. (more fun that way)17:35
IdleOneI've reached my quota for user requested boots this month.17:36
mneptokWhitor: it's your mistake. you do the typing. :P17:37
IdleOneseriously, I asked nice like with a :) and everything17:38
Whitorasked what?  you didn't ask anything.17:39
Whitoryou just notified me.  a statement.17:39
IdleOneWhitor: could you please /part this channel? :)17:40
Whitorif oyu has asked, I would have complied.17:40
Whitorabsolutely :)17:40
IdleOnethank you17:40
LjLIdleOne: might not have been too clear i guess, maybe he thought in certain cases we have to kick people but otherwise they can stay17:41
=== Ukikie_ is now known as Ukikie
topylidsfsd: anything the ubuntu operators here can help you with? you can't idle here18:28
tim_where am i?19:56
tim_ the banned channel?19:56
LjLtim_: you're in #ubuntu-ops, which is the management channel for some #ubuntu namespace channels. if you've been banned it's indeed possible that you were redirected here20:06
tim_thank @ljl20:07
tim_thank you* @ljl20:07
LjLtim_: ok, the problem seems to be that you insulted a user in #ubuntu in a seemingly random fashion20:08
tim_@ljl i am aware of the problem i have caused and i promise i will not reproduce it20:09
tim_@ljl and i am sincerely sorry20:09
tim_@ljl it seems like i been ip banned? :o20:09
LjLtim_: would you care to read our guidelines? i'll send you links. of course though, it doesn't end with the guidelines, common sense is also needed, and well, random insulting doesn't fall under the common sense umbrella. so while i don't know what made you say that, i hope it was a very transient unlikely to reoccur20:11
LjL!etiquette > tim_20:11
ubottutim_, please see my private message20:11
LjL!guidelines > tim_20:11
tim_are you implying that i do not have common sense?20:12
LjLtim_: i can't know whether you do or don't in general, but you certainly lacked it when you decided to insult a random person (as well as use a slur word that is not very acceptable in general)20:13
tim_at times of frustration and anger, possibly but in general i do20:15
LjLtim_: well, can i trust that you'll vent your frustration/anger in other ways than by abusing #ubuntu and its users in the future?20:15
tim_yes you can sir20:16
tim_if not, ill be forced to use Linux Mint Debian20:17
tim_well not forced, its an alternative20:17
LjLtim_: you should be able to join #ubuntu again. but note that "threatening" to switch distributions isn't really a way to make bans go away faster...20:18
tim_i am aware of that sir20:18
tim_its just a joke20:18
tim_well, nice talking to you talk to you in another world20:19
LjLtim_: oh i made a mistake when trying to unban you, try joining now20:19
tim_okay im in, Thank You!20:20
LjLyou're welcome, enjoy20:20
LjLtim_: oh i should point out that you're supposed to leave this channel now unless you have other things to discuss with the ops20:21
tim_okay, as it is logged :o20:22
tim_good bye then20:22
LjL@mark #ubuntu-ops tim_ Hmm, knows that this channel is logged but doesn't know what it is... some vaguely snarky remarks... maybe a mistake to unban him? Time will tell20:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:23
mneptoknow there's your implication.20:30
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from mierker)22:47

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