TakyojiAnyone have a sane option of closing an active computer session on another system, when the same account is authenticated into on another workstation? (of an LDAP setup)00:10
TakyojiOr some way to rid of lingering lock file madness of Firefox and LibreOffice00:10
owhHello all. I'm running an 8.04.4 and I've just come out of the good end of a hack scare. I saw fetchmail su success in my logs, only to realise that this was related to a reboot. I don't think the server has been compromised, but would like some suggestions on what tools to use to scan binaries etc. The next question is, are there any recommendations on intrusion detection tools?00:15
flaccidowh: i'd just upgrade it from 8.04 which has known vulns and then use ossec00:21
owhflaccid: "just upgrade" is not quite so trivial as there are a range of services running on that machine. There is a project in place to rebuild the machine with the current LTS, but that's not going to happen any time soon, but thanks for the comment.00:29
flaccidnot sure what else you could do if you are not happy with the pkg versions in that release..00:31
owhNo, I'm happy enough, I'm just looking for recommendations to scan the server for any "tweaked" binaries and a recommendation for an intrusion detection system.00:32
nick58bowh: rkhunter and chkrootkit?00:37
nick58bowh: aide works well on ubuntu for ids00:37
owhExcellent, I'll have a squiz. Thanks nick58b00:39
owhHmm, rkhunter is before it happens as you need to populate the database with your current system. Sort of like the first tool you install :)00:41
nick58baide is going to be the same way00:42
owhIs there anything that checks against the ubuntu repository for example?00:43
nick58bclamav might be able to detect malicious files00:44
nick58bnot sure00:44
owhWell, I only ever install binaries from the repository so if we start with the assumption that they have not been compromised, then any change of a binary should be "simple" to detect.00:47
[7hunderbird]I was wondering if anyone knew how to write to the hybridfox db (I think it's a sqlite db)00:48
owhI suppose I could download all packages, unpack them one for one, and compare them.00:48
owh[7hunderbird]: You can use any number of sqlite libraries.00:49
[7hunderbird]I was thinking of creating a script that grabs my credentials from a search result API and then inserts them into hybridfox's db for me so I don't have to manually copy and paste them myself00:50
[7hunderbird]right but I don't know which db to use, so far I've not been able to determine where it stores it00:50
owhI don't understand. You just told us that the database was an sqlite database.00:51
[7hunderbird]I know the general vacinity on my mac os x box.00:51
[7hunderbird]owh:  I said "I think it's a sqlite db"00:51
[7hunderbird]that's an assumption00:51
owhuse the find command to locate the actual file.00:51
owhUnder OSX, which BTW has nothing to do with Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Virtual, you can use a tool written by a friend of mine called Keyboard Maestro to automate the copy and paste.00:53
[7hunderbird]hybridfox is cross platform00:54
[7hunderbird]and I was looking for a room to get some ideas and feedback00:55
[7hunderbird]searches online provided these rooms as possibilities00:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #989329 in irqbalance (main) "package irqbalance 0.56-1ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 100" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98932900:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #989355 in maas (main) "Unable to create Node: timed out" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98935502:11
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RoyKwhere's the kvm/libvirt config stored?03:47
RoyKI have one machine with a set of VMs and now that died, I need to move it to another - mounting the nfs volume with the VMs isn't hard, but I want to move the config too03:47
Gallomimiaohnoes a new release03:57
ihashacksRoyK: /var/lib/libvirt04:02
RoyKno, seems /etc/libvirt04:03
ihashackswhoops, was looking at my CentOS box.04:04
ihashacksAnd actually the networks are in /var/lib/libvirt/network04:05
Gallomimiaso, has anyone tried the new release i see for the first time today?04:06
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three18ti_so, still no avahi usb image, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS/AvahiBoot05:36
three18ti_how do I get MAAS running on a machine that doesn't support PXE Boot?  Is it possible?05:36
bigjoolsI thought you could boot from a CD, not sure where that stands though05:37
Ztanein ec2+instance store, is it possible to use all the ephemeral disk space on the root partition?05:40
three18ti_well...  When you run the ubuntu installer you can "add" the node to MAAS, but it immediately shuts down the machine.  When you go to "accept and provision" as I understand, it should WoL and boot the machine but since the BIOS doesn't support WoL/PXE, there's a link to the AvahiBoot, but all the wiki page says is "when we have a usb image"05:42
three18ti_I know the thing was just released today, so maybe I need to see !patience... ;)05:43
bigjoolspossibly :)05:43
bigjoolsyou might need to ping Daviey later when he's around05:43
three18ti_mmkay.  worth a shot.  any idea what hours he keeps?05:44
bigjoolshe's Uk-based05:46
three18ti_cool, thanks.  I'm in Denver, so I'll need to stay up late or get up early...  Not a morning person... :)05:47
bigjoolsoh there's other guys on the East Coast you get talk to as well05:48
Ztanemaybe it is possible to to reroot the m1.small instance to use the 160GB disk as the primary partition05:48
three18ti_thanks bigjools.05:54
BlendedByIAny thoughts on NFS vs GFS2 for a master/master FS?06:04
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three18ti_hmmm...  trying to upgrade a server from 11.10 to 12.04.  most have gone smoothly, except one... getting this error http://paste.scsys.co.uk/195274 any ideas?06:56
three18ti_long day of upgrades, had a couple with this issue, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1905494 tried same because WTF not...  issue is probably staring me in the face buuut I don't see it.06:57
Ztanethree18ti_: well you have that line in apt sources list; it seems http://us.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/ only contians some old hardy cruft06:59
three18ti_thanks hash-tag duh.  most of my upgrades have gone smoothly today, but a couple have gone sideways in a hurry...  Whatever, better than the RHEL upgrades the other week. I F*** hate RHEL/ rpm based distros...  too much headache.07:03
three18ti_anyway, thanks for helping with my easy problem.07:05
three18ti_^^ that was for you Ztane.07:06
uvirtbotthree18ti_: Error: "^" is not a valid command.07:06
three18ti_herp-a-derp http://i.imgur.com/3MN4f.gif thanks uvirtbot07:07
uvirtbotthree18ti_: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.07:20
uvirtbotthree18ti_: Error: "commands" is not a valid command.07:20
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gvandeweyerShould the 'do-release-upgrade' command be working already without the -d switch to upgrade to 12.04 lts server? or is the release delayed somehow?07:27
_rubeniirc, -d will be required until 12.04.1, unless you (re)configure update-manager to not only install LTS07:44
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* _ruben reboots his buildhost into 12.04 .. fingers crossed08:11
feisarwhen running an Ubuntu server what's the official way to get notified when critical updates and/or restarts are needed?08:23
ruben23hi guys i have a couple of cronjob on my linux serer but suddenly appears how do i check if someone delete it or play with it what hsould be my first step guys any help..?08:35
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ogra_feisar, log out, log in again and read the motd thats displayed at login time08:44
ogra_it tells you how many packages can be upgraded, how many are security updates etc08:45
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goddardhow can i clear space from my boot partition?09:03
dobwhy is do-release-upgrade not working with my 10.04 server?09:05
dobI want to upgrade to 12.0409:05
ogra_automatic LTS to LTS updates will only be enabled for 12.04.109:05
ogra_you have to use -d if you want it already09:06
dobSo it's currently not official supported?09:06
dobWhat will be the release date of 12.04.109:06
ogra_its supported but since there are thousands and thousands (and thousands) of enterprise ubuntu server installs out there, it is held back until all remaining bugs have been shaken out09:07
ogra_the release data is on the precise release schedule (on the ubuntu wiki)09:08
lynxman-morning o/09:08
dobogra_: Thank u. Then I have time until July :-)09:09
ogra_well, you can indeed help finding the remaining bugs :)09:10
goddardgood to know09:20
blendedbychrisanyone around… i have a hyper-v ubuntu vm and am getting both /dev/sda and /dev/hda of the same drive09:37
dpkingmaHello everyone!! I'm looking for a Juju Charm for MongoDB v2.0+09:49
dpkingmaAnyone with experience for that?09:49
Ztaneuec 64 bit precise image on ec2: some apt keyrings were missing :(10:43
Ztanehow to fix?10:45
ryannathansdnsmasq is running with the SAME config BEFORE 12.04. It will not return DNS queries. ubuntu-server.11:30
ryannathanswhat do I do to fix dnsmasq?11:32
ftpdqman__: FYI: I'm up&running now.12:07
ftpdqman__: I've moved to another OpenVZ node, with 2.6.3212:07
ftpdqman__: And update was able to continue.12:08
ftpdqman__: Thanks again for your advices.12:08
brainysmurfI have some emails that I'm sending from my server and I'm getting a 554 relay access denied12:08
brainysmurfI don't understand why I would be getting a relay access denied when I'm sending an email12:08
ryannathansHow does one set up dnsmasq on 12.04? It is no longer working since upgrading.12:09
ryannathansfor DNS forwarding12:09
smoserthree18ti, you can just turn the machine on at the appropriate time. ie, sneaker-net-power-control12:11
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Captain_ProtonI have a strange problem I have a 10.04 server running a simple lamp. All of a sudden the networks drops and after a short time it comes back up a have replace the nic and test the router all seem fine. Any thoughts12:27
ryannathansCaptain_Proton: realtek network chip yah?12:27
Captain_Protonnot sure and it in a shut down state so I have to wait till it comes back up12:29
ryannathansif it's realtek, i've had that problem, you need to go to realrek.com.tw and get the *latest* driver and install it every kernel upgrade12:30
Captain_Protondid you have that get go or was it something that happened just one day out of the blue?12:33
ryannathansboth on two different machines12:34
Captain_Protonthis thing was running like a champ for at-lest 2 yrs then last week this started12:34
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ryannathansCaptain_Proton: sounds like my dnsmasq.12:35
ryannathansupgrade to 12.04. Bam it's dead.12:35
ryannathansno one seems to be able to help12:35
ruben23guys help me is there a process here that runs 1 Pm or 1am time..? everyday..? i confuse..tahnks------>http://pastebin.com/ih5b0qph12:51
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Captain_Protonruben23, I took a look first off you have some that run all the time no breaks that can not be good for cpu, you have a few that cold run at those time13:15
Captain_Protonruben23, check the forum post out http://forums.hostsearch.com/showthread.php?2693-Crontab-explained that may help figure out what going on13:16
Captain_Protonruben23, that a good asterisk call center system I really like it and if you need support there parent company is really good13:18
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maruqhi guys.14:00
maruqjust booted a 12.04 server on ec2 (us-east-1) & am having trouble getting to one of the apt servers14:01
maruqdid an apt-get update14:01
maruqseems to time out whenever I try to get a package from: Connecting to us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com (]14:01
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_rubenmaruq: seems to be an internal (to ec2) mirror14:11
maruq@_ruben yep, the would be an internal IP14:11
maruqI can't ping it from the node, but then it could just be that the ports aren't open14:12
_rubenso it's an (internal) ec2 issue14:12
maruqwhen I retry, I get another mirror & it pulls down from there14:12
maruq@_ruben well, internal DNS isn't guaranteed on AWS (you lose it on shutdown, etc)14:12
maruqit could be that a node has been changed & not pushed to apt sources yet, etc14:13
maruqI would probably suggest moving to Elastic IPs / Elastic Load Balancers if possible, as that way no-one can swap a node in when you shutdown14:14
maruqeither way, I just thought I'd raise14:14
maruqthings work if I retry & get a different server14:15
Ztaneactually how you ought to do this is14:16
Ztaneto use cname to refer to the canonical name of the elastic ip14:16
Ztanebc it will be cheaper14:16
Ztanemy upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 failed,14:18
Ztaneapache2.2-common did not finish configuring,14:18
_rubenhrm .. what would be the intented successor of ia32-libs on precise? given the multiarch stuff?14:18
Ztanetrying dpkg --configure apache2 gives me error "module reqtimeout does not exist"14:18
Ztanehowever I do not find any references to it in any of the configs14:18
Ztaneand there exists mod_reqtimeout.so in apache libdir14:20
Ztaneany ideas?14:28
Ztaneok: I was missing reqtimeout.load file in configs!!14:30
Ztanethat is just silly14:30
Ztanetouched reqtimeout.load and reqtimeout.conf and apache configuration works14:31
Ztanethat must be like the worst diagnostics ever14:32
maruqZtane: haha, well, at least you solved it ;)14:44
Eno_Hello, anyone experienced grub issues with Xen on 12.04?15:00
husienhello guys!  what the command code for searching all php.ini file in my ubuntu 11.10?15:14
Picihusien: find / -name "php.ini"15:14
Picihusien: but its probably in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini or /etc/php5/cli/php.ini depending on which you want.15:15
Eno_use find /etc/ it will be way faster...15:15
husienPici,  BIG thanks!!!!!....15:17
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Ztaneis there something silly in UEC images or ec2-bundle-vol that removes crt, pem, id_dsa etc from instance images??16:05
hallynutlemming: do you release any debian amis?16:07
hallyn(or, is there any particular source you use for debian ami's, if you ever use them?)16:07
utlemminghallyn: nope, the debian folks do that on their own16:07
hallyndo they have an official id one should trust?16:07
utlemmingrighscale looks to be the ones doing the spinning of them16:09
Ztanewtf seriously, all *.pem files were removed from the image built using ec2-bundle-vol?16:10
hallynutlemming: great, thanks16:10
Ztaneor is this now some fine "ubuntu" default "feature" in 12.04 :S16:11
hallynztane: not that i know of at any rate16:13
Ztanehallyn: seems to be a feature in ec2-bundle-vol or some config...16:13
ZtaneI mounted the resulting image, and none of the .pem files were rsynced16:14
hallynutlemming: ^ known to you?16:15
Ztanehttps://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=84085 I think they changed something in the image rsync, maybe we sohuld really be using euca tools :(16:16
utlemminghallyn, Ztane: not know to me, but it doesn't surprise me. The tools try to remove the identity of the server, and certs can be used in the server's identity.16:17
Ztaneyeah the last post in that url explains what is happening. Quite a change :S16:17
hallynutlemming: thanks16:18
utlemming&$%^#$^! if that post is right, then it strips out even the system library pem files16:19
Ztaneit is right, it did16:20
utlemminggood god, that's insane16:20
Ztaneeven the ec2 .pem file :D16:20
resnoutlemming: please watch your &$%^#$^! language!16:20
Ztaneresno: I think in this case it is appropriate :D16:20
resnoZtane: you're likely right16:20
resnoi just wanted a reason to retype it16:21
* utlemming files a support case with Amazon16:22
utlemmingthe effect is that it makes the AMI's insecure. By stripping out the sysem pem files, all SSL trust is gone16:23
hallynutlemming: i love insecurity through security16:23
hallyn(i guess it's in-authentication through security)16:24
ZtaneI think it is time to convert my image build system to use eucatools16:24
webjamesdoes anyone know when 12.04 will be available for micro instances?16:24
Ztaneso funny that if you install ec2-ami-tools, it also installs the aws cert as a pem file :D and it is then removed on subsequent bundles :D16:24
utlemmingwebjames: it is now16:24
webjamesutlemming cheers - i'll go have a look16:25
webjamesutlemming - so it is, great! thanks guys!16:26
utlemmingits pretty ironic that they remove id_{d,r}sa files, yet leave id_ecdsa files16:26
Ztanehohoho :D16:28
Ztaneutlemming: hmm I just realized what caused this too: http://pastebin.com/1D7zFx0W :D :D :D16:30
* cwillu_at_work removes Ztane's emoticon privileges16:30
* utlemming refrains from responding to keep from getting banned16:31
* resno bans utlemming anyway16:31
resnowhy am i banning you?16:31
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Ztanemagic security. No wonder things did not work here and there ...16:32
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
Ztane190 pem files were removed, all of them.16:34
Ztaneincluding eucatools and ec2-ami-tools installed amazon certs.16:34
utlemmingI think that that filter should break just about every distribution, or at least make them somewhat wanky. RHEL variants will get their package siging keys ripped out. I haven't looked at a RPM-based distro in nearly a year, but if I recall, their system certs don't end  in .pem.16:40
Ztaneutlemming: true, and one would think that anyone using ec2-bundle-vol would already know what files to remove and what not16:44
Ztaneand could write exclude filters for rsync16:44
Ztanenow, to know what to write as include filters... that is slightly more difficult :D16:44
utlemmingand they don't remove other files like .der16:44
goddardhow goes the upgrade from 10.10 to 12.04?16:45
Ztanethey did not seem to have any switch for turning this on / off16:45
resnogoddard: 10.04 to 12.04?16:47
Eno_LTS to LTS16:55
arosalesutlemming: jamespage: to confirm do we need a UDS session for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-q-push-to-the-clouds16:55
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smbsmoser, utlemming I never really looked at it as I did not have many machines to set up, but is there a charm for creating a new xen vm host?17:00
utlemmingarosales: yeah, its looking like we do need a session for that17:02
arosalesok, I'll adjust the blueprint17:03
rbasakarosales: I wonder if the triage blueprint should be wider than just server? Surely other teams must have the same issues? Maybe it's not practical to coordinate all that though.17:04
arosalesrbasak: if you directly know of anyone who may be interested please ask them the subscribe.17:09
rbasakI don't know of anyone in particular17:09
arosalesrbasak: but, yes I agree with you others may be intersted.17:10
arosalesthe good thing is Ursinha will also be there and she has a good pulse on server and desktop bug process.17:10
rbasakEOD now, have a great weekend everyone!17:11
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blendedbychrisanyone have a good how-to for creating your own mirror for ubuntu apt?17:35
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sander__Does people upgrading from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS have any major problems with the upgrade?18:13
RamJettIs there a way I can skip RAID and lvm in the initramfs. I have a 5.9T /dev/md0 with a lvm on top with 12 SAS drives. It never comes up clean at boot and is driving me crazy. I have to physically pull all 12 drives. Then boot the box. They are hot swap so I just plug them in and they all come up .. then I mount.18:23
patdk-wkRamJett, sounds like you need a delay18:24
patdk-wkthat is documented18:24
patdk-wkso that you can make sure all disks are spunup18:24
RamJettI would love to know where I can get more info. I've been asking everyday here. I have 2 of these boxes and it drive me crazy. I just don't know where to start to modify the initramfs. I've only started using Ubuntu this past year. I've been using Gentoo for the past 11 and Slackware before that18:30
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RamJettSo where is it documents so I can do some test. I haven't been able to find anything18:44
TakyojiIs there any way to change the setting of the least functional harddrives for a RAID to not be considered degraded?18:49
TakyojiThere's a 3-disk RAID-1, and one may have failed, yet it complains of booting in a degraded state, even though it has 2 functional drives.18:49
patdk-wkwell, is everything 100% perfect?18:52
RamJettTakyoji: Remove the failed drive from the array     # mdadm --manage /dev/md0 --fail /dev/sdx  ... then mdadm --manage /dev/md0 --remove /dev/sdx  .. of course change the /dev/md0 to your array and /dev/sdx to the failed drive. At least that is where I would start18:55
RamJettBut not sure how you have the RAD 1 with 3 disks setup18:56
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EverydayAnyone available to answer some questions about the cloud service?19:33
tarvidupgrade of dhcp server failed19:37
SpamapSEveryday: what is "the cloud service" ?19:46
SpamapSRamJett: btw, RAID1 with 3 disks just means one is a hot spare.19:46
EverydaySpamapS we are a hosting provider looking for a way to deploy a public cloud19:47
Everydaycurrently testing cloudstack from citrix and onapp.  wondering if there is a similar product with ubuntu19:48
SpamapSEveryday: You want openstack.19:48
SpamapSEveryday: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure19:49
EverydayYes, that is what I gather from looking around.  Just trying to see where it all comes together19:49
DebroCan i run server on pc without video card...?19:49
SpamapSDebro: yes, we do that all the time with ARM boards19:50
DebroSpamapS, my video card died today on Compal FL90.. :(19:50
EverydaySpamapS is this a "turn key" similar to cloudstack and onapp or do we need to build a client interface, etc?19:50
DebroSpamapS, how i now what i need write and how i can connect to pc remotely19:51
KM0201Debro: you'll need to set up SSH on the laptop most likely (at least i think thats a laptop)19:53
KM0201Debro: can you hook it up to an external display for af ew minutes?  because if it's not already set up, that will be fairly difficult.19:53
DebroKM0201, no i have just motherboard ram and cpu..19:54
DebroKM0201, and HDD :)19:54
KM0201Debro: ah.. well, that makes it more difficult.19:54
DebroKM0201, i dont have cash for new video card and i dont think it is worth buying it so i think what can i do with that pc..19:55
SpamapSEveryday: OpenStack has a dashboard19:55
KM0201Debro: but you're still gonna need a display of some sort (at least thats the only way I know how) to set up the server19:55
KM0201after the server is set up, it can run headless19:55
DebroKM0201, to boot up it wont need any installed video card..? cause i cant boot windows..19:57
KM0201no, it won't, but.. to install it you'll need a display of some sort19:58
DebroKM0201, ok i can try to use broken video card, but it shows me 6-9 small screens  :P19:59
KM0201Debro: well, thats a start19:59
Debrommm.. will server support usb video card?20:01
DebroKM0201, so with SSH i can access server from my other PC with ubuntu..?20:05
KM0201but it will be all command line..a re you wanting to run a remote GUI?20:06
DebroKM0201, and all will be just comandline or i can get som GUI also?20:06
DebroIt would be nice to run some GUI20:06
DebroKM0201, do you now where to find good manuals for all that i must do..?20:07
KM0201you can get a GUI, but.. agaoin, thats gonna take some more work... you need to do some reading on running ubuntu server20:07
KM0201Debro: google.. that's the best suggestion i can make20:07
Debrodo you have GUI name?20:07
tarvidservice isc-dhcp-server start20:13
tarvidstart: Job failed to start20:13
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tarvidnew syntax? added }} at the end of dhcpd.conf and life is good20:32
cwillu_at_work!info glibc21:03
ubottuPackage glibc does not exist in precise21:03
cwillu_at_work!info glibc-2.1521:03
ubottuPackage glibc-2.15 does not exist in precise21:03
* cwillu_at_work stabs21:03
cwillu_at_work!info libc621:07
ubottulibc6 (source: eglibc): Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.15-0ubuntu10 (precise), package size 3699 kB, installed size 9105 kB21:07
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tim[1]I got a question regarding ubuntu server, i want to install a GUI on my ubuntu server, how can i do that?22:15
Patrickdktim, install ubuntu-desktop22:21
tim[1]I just searched on the internet, and found a command: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, so I hope that will do it, and thanks for the suggestion ^^22:22
Psi-JackThere's no release notes for 11.10->12.04 yet. :(22:23
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uncommittedis this the appropriate place to ask about an nfs/ldap issue that's driving me bonkers? :)23:08
greppyuncommitted: it might be, you can ask, if someone can answer, they will :)23:11
uncommittedokay, so i've got an NFS share that a few of us use, wer'e in a group called "siteops" and the shared directory has 771 permissions. When I first log into the server, I can access this directory just fine. However, after about 20 minutes I can not longer access the directory. Like the group permissions somehow expire.23:15
uncommittedrestarting nscd doesn't seem to make any difference23:16
pipegeekHi, folks.23:37
pipegeekHas anyone successfully preseeded the precise debian-installer yet?  I'm having a heck of a time figuring out why mirror/http/hostname is being ignored.23:37
pipegeekI'd love to see the source to choose-mirror :)23:45
pipegeeknot from trunk, but specifically the version used in precise23:46
pipegeekI'm not sure where to look23:46
pipegeekit doesn't seem to be in the debian-installer source package23:46
pipegeekheh.  Because it's a separate package.  whew23:47
Psi-Jackprecise "debian" installer?23:55
pipegeekPsi-Jack: Yes, the installer for ubuntu server is called "debian-installer"23:56
Piciand alternate, (and minimal?) too.23:56
pipegeekPsi-Jack: And the version in precise seems to ignore d-i mirror/http/hostname23:56
pipegeekand /directory23:56
pipegeekwhich makes it impossible to specify which mirror to use.23:57
pipegeekI'm trying to figure out why23:57
pipegeekI've now got my hands on the choose-mirror source23:57
pipegeekbut if someone who's run into this before wanted to chime in, I"d be much obliged23:57
Psi-JackI dunno. heh. I'm waiting on release notes for the upgrade process for 11.10 and 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS23:58

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