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moahhello #ubuntu, I have one problem: i got a new notebook and installed 12.04 on it. then I wanted to run the "ubuntu friendly" test on it, but failed for some reason, and it got submitted anyway, so there is now a bad result for that notebook in the database. I can not delete that wrong test and it wont let me submit repeated tests, any idea how to fix that problem?16:00
wyldemoah, if no one is alive in here you could possibly get a response quickly using the mailing list too :) There's a link to the mailing list here >> http://qa.ubuntu.com/16:02
moahwylde, thanks again. ;)16:03
wyldemoah: np :)16:04
roadmrmoah: hello, I can help with Ubuntu Friendly16:13
roadmrmoah: you should be able to remove the data files (remove or rename the whole .cache/checkbox directory) and rerun the tests16:14
roadmrmoah: if it fails again on the same test, I'd appreciate if you file a bug about the test that's failing16:14
roadmrmoah: which one is it, by the way?16:14
moahjust a second.16:15
roadmrmoah: thanks :)16:16
moahyou can safely remove this from the DB, it results from an aborted test.16:18
roadmrmoah: hm, there's no easy way to remove them from the database, but if you retest and resubmit it will overwrite this bad submission16:18
roadmrmoah: I'll ask if it's possible to remove it anyway16:18
moahI'm retesting right now, so i'll tell you if it worked.16:19
moah(it would be a shame if a 1-star review stays for a notebook where everything "just works" out of the box.)16:20
moah(or everything i tested)16:20
roadmrmoah: sure, let me know, I may be out (lunch!) but I'll be back in a short while16:21
roadmrmoah: and yes, we're interested in getting good ratings for systems that work well :)16:22
moahguten appetit.16:22
moahokay, I've now deleted .cache/checkbox and then reran the test suite, clicked "submit", but nothing got submitted.16:35
roadmrmoah: ?!16:36
roadmrmoah: results take about an hour to appear in friendly.ubuntu.com16:37
moahan hour?!?16:37
moahok, but that doesnt explain why the tests i similarly submitted yesterday didnt appear.16:37
roadmrmoah: yes, well they get uploaded to launchpad.net and from there they get processed into friendly, the processing task runs once each hour16:37
moahokay, I'Ll check back later then whether it worked.16:38
moahI assumed they appear immediately because the aborted test appeared immediately.16:39
roadmrmoah: hmm maybe you submitted right before the processing task ran, that would have given the illusion of fast processing :)16:39
moahprobably i sent it right before the processing ran.16:39
moahmaybe a notice should be somwhere (for impatient people like me) that the results wont appear immediately.16:41
roadmrsure, sounds like a good idea! thanks for the suggestion16:42
moahalso, the yes-no-question on whether to skip a test does not use translated/localized yes and no, but english ones.16:45
roadmrmoah: yes, that's a known problem, there's a bug filed about it but we haven't gotten around to fixing it yet :/16:46
moahroadmr: it of course also can be that the submitted 1-star test is correct, i.e. that something doesnt work, as the page says (memory, hard disk), that would then be an error in the test itself?17:00
roadmrmoah: well if you know things work, we'd consider that a bug in the test itself, yes17:56
roadmrmoah: you can look at the test report using firefox:17:57
roadmrmoah: firefox .cache/checkbox/submission.xml17:57
roadmryou should see some more detail about why a test failed17:57
moahroadmr: i have "memory/info" failed because: "Meminfo total xyz kB, DMI total xyz kB, Accuracy: xy, Memory totals not close enough", whyt does that hint at?18:01
roadmrmoah can you give me detail on the actual numbers? it may be that you're running a kernel that doesn't see all of your memory18:02
moahcamera, although tested and working, fails because "job requirement not met: package.name == xawtv18:02
roadmrmoah: what the test does is get the total installed memory amount as reported by DMI, and compare that to what the kernel is seeing, if there's too big a difference it fails18:02
roadmrmoah: as for the camera, apt-get install xawtv and it should run, sorry about that one, it's a sucky dependency that we need to remove at some point :/18:03
moahMeminfo total: 3641428 kB, DMI total: 4096000 kB, Accuracy 88.0018:03
roadmrso you have 4 GB installed, right?18:04
roadmrmoah: could I trouble you to file a bug about that? ubuntu-bug checkbox, and please post this same text and if possible attach /var/log/dmesg, so we can see where the rest of the memory is going18:05
roadmrmoah: we may have to lower the threshold a bit, it may be that some memory is being taken by the video card but with this info we should be able to determine what's happening18:05
moahno prob, as long as everything is "working" from a users pov, and for me it is, the test shouldnt fail like that.18:06
roadmrmoah: yes, I agree, that's why I think it's a bug :)18:07
roadmrmoah: yes, the current threshold is that memory seen by the kernel has to be within 90% of the installed total18:08
moahroadmr: how do I check whether the bug was successfully sent?18:55
roadmrmoah: when you used ubuntu-bug checkbox, it should have popped up a browser window asking you for more details, did it?18:55
* roadmr looks at checkbox bug reports to verify18:55
roadmrmoah: I have no reports from today, the last one I have is from yesterday18:57
moahokay, so it requires an launchpad-account to submit, i paused at that point.19:00
roadmrmoah: oh yes, that's a requirement :(19:00
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