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bregmahey lads, I won't be around for standup today, I have to run an errand up Renfrew way12:08
bregmaif anyone sees dandrader, tell him I need the two latest merge proposals reviewed ASAP12:09
tvossbregma, ack12:21
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dandraderbregma, is there a coding style that utouch-geis follows for C++ code?13:09
tvossfinishing hd recovery, preparations for sprint14:14
tvossdandrader, standups :)14:15
dandraderreviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~bregma/utouch-geis/gtest-refactor/+merge/103738 and learning about some fancy C++ constructs along the way (like std::bind)14:16
tvossdandrader, pointers to member functions are so much fun :)14:22
tvosstherefore mem_fun14:22
xerentgetting ready to test my multi-touch controller with ubuntu. are generic HID multi-touch digitizer drivers included in 12.04 LTS? will they load automatically when the USB device is detected and the interface/report descriptors parsed? should I do anything in preparation or just slap the device on the USB bus?14:22
xerentlots of stupid questions, bear with me ;)14:23
dandraderxerent, I think cnd would be the guy to answer those questions but he's not around today (even though still logged on).14:25
xerenti'll stay idle, don't worry :)14:28
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bregmadandrader|afk, MP requested changes done, could be please give another review so I can  SRU #987539 (and others) today?16:09
bregmabug 987539 is a regression from 11.1016:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 987539 in utouch-geis (Ubuntu Precise) "Grail backend does not populate device X and Y axis attributes" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98753916:10
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bregmathank ye16:34
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bregmaI hate writing SRUs, they make me feel like I'm doing something wrong for some reason17:08
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dandraderbregma, that's probably part of the idea behind the SRU process :)18:02
bregmaI guess it's like dating:  if you don;t feel humiliated, you're doing it wrong18:03
dandraderbregma, let's suppose I have two subscriptions in a utouch-geis client that's _not_ using atomic gestures: a 3-touches Touch and a 4-touches Drag. Then I get a GestureBegin for a 3-touches touch. How do I know that there's not a 4-fingers drag coming up?19:26
dandraderbecause if I accept that 3-fingers touch straight away I won't ever receive the 4-fingers drag, right?19:27
bregmaat this point, I'm just not sure any more19:29
bregmaI think we need Chase to give us an overview of non-atomic gestures next week19:30
dandraderI recall that at least in GRAIL api there's a property telling you whether all possible gesture combinations have already been presented19:31
dandraderso that, in this case, you would know whether it's safe to accept the 3-touches' Touch as there's not a possibility for a 4 touches' drag anymore containing the same touch points19:32
dandraderbregma, is that property or concept exposed in geis?19:33
dandraderhmmm, I think we need such thing in Geis. I just hit a wall in the unity gestures implementation using non-atomic rules. Unless I implement a kind of timeout mechanism on unity side, which wouldn't be nice19:36
bregmait would need to be transformed into an event (so, from level-triggered to edge-triggered)19:38

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