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knightwisenew version of unity looks slightly bearable .06:20
knightwisebetter then before i must say06:20
knightwisebut what is the SUPER key on a mac keyboard ?06:20
knightwisefound it06:21
Daraelknightwise: At a guess, Command?06:21
knightwisegot it06:21
knightwisemust get used to this a little06:22
gordonjcpwhat's the super key anyway?06:33
ali1234what people who don't use windows call the windows key06:34
knightwiseSuper key06:34
* gordonjcp prepares to reinstall06:34
gordonjcpwhat's it used for in 12.0406:34
knightwisekinda like the start menu06:35
knightwiselets you launch the apps06:35
gordonjcpheh, okay, so I can't use 12.04 then06:38
gordonjcpnot if I want to be able to actually type06:38
Daraelgordonjcp: Hm?  The function of <super> hasn't changed, I don't think.06:39
AlanBellyou can turn off super to activate the dash06:39
DaraelIt's just a case of tap it, and the Dash pops up.06:39
DaraelAnd, as AlanBell says, even that can be turned off.06:39
AlanBelland alt to activate the HUD because that is even more prone to false activations06:40
gordonjcpDarael: tap *what* exactly?06:40
AlanBellI have super+alt to get the HUD06:40
Daraelgordonjcp: the super key.06:40
gordonjcpDarael: what super key?06:40
AlanBellgordonjcp: you can do alt+F106:41
gordonjcpDarael: doesn't look like IBM Model Ms have them06:41
AlanBellthen enter06:41
Daraelgordonjcp: If you don't have one, I'm pretty sure the Dash is still accessible by alt+f106:41
ali1234if you don't have a super key i'm pretty sure you won't miss it since it doesn't do anything that can't be done another way and is remapable anyway06:42
DaraelIndeed.  Isn't that one of the Keyboard Layout options?06:42
* Darael checks.06:43
DaraelOK, no, it doesn't appear to be.  Nevertheless, its functions are all available in other ways.06:45
AlanBellhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17857189 issyl0 on the BBC again!06:46
ali1234"We tried one, it froze, we then tried a number of keyboard commands to  force it to quit, but nothing happened, so we had to reboot."06:46
popey"There are two programming languages available to try on the Pi: Scratch and Python."06:49
ali1234what is scratch?06:49
gordonjcp"About 1 day 10 hours remaining"06:49
ali1234"As the operating system can only be put on an SD card, which has  very limited capacity, they won't become mainstream Windows machines," - what does that even supposed to mean?06:50
* AlanBell sends gordonjcp some extra internets06:50
ali1234SD card would somehow be harder for microsoft to deal with than the obscure and underpowered arm hardware?06:50
Nafallothat 32GB isn't enough for Windows06:50
ali123432GB is about 2 times what you need for a windows 7 ultimate install06:51
AlanBellthat bit doesn't make any sense really06:51
ali1234512mb of ram isn't though06:51
NafalloI know. I was trolling.06:51
AlanBellwell it does, but for the wrong reason as you say06:51
* AlanBell sends Nafallo back under the bridge06:51
MooDoomorning all07:01
brobostigongood morning everyone.07:02
brobostigonmorning MooDoo , popey and DJones07:04
issyl0AlanBell: Hah, yes.  :-)07:22
MooDoobrobostigon: morning07:23
TheOpenSourcererMorning earthlings07:24
* brobostigon spots issyl0 with rory callen-jones.07:25
brobostigonmorning TheOpenSourcerer07:25
TheOpenSourcererHey brobostigon07:25
diploMorning all07:26
diploAnyone with a headache this morning ?07:26
brobostigondiplo: yes.07:26
issyl0popey: Yeah, well...07:33
* brobostigon reckons issyl0 is now famous.07:37
daubersHow're the repos this morning?07:45
* hoover updated his eeepc to 12.04 yesterday, smooth sailing07:53
hoovergood work, lads ;-)07:53
DJonesissyl0: I wondered why you got a "famous" mention, but just came across the article on the BBC website, so that explains it07:54
dwatkinsI should probably update, but my server is 5 miles away, so if it fails to reboot I'll have to wait to get to the console.07:59
MartijnVdS5 miles is walking distance :P08:03
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I cycle it most days ;)08:05
dwatkinsI just mean that if I do the do-dist-upgrade now, and it doesn't reboot okay, I'll be without a server until about 5pm.08:05
matttstill need to get me a small PC for home that i can use to host email08:06
dwatkinsI use my old netbook, it has this handy feature which equates to a built-in UPS... :)08:06
dwatkinsI was surprised how well it performs.08:07
mattti have an msi wind lying about, but the last time i tried booting it it went into a reboot loop08:09
DaraelNetbooks and laptops also usually have nice low power draw, which is good for a home server.08:09
mattthope it's not bad RAM08:09
hooverMy eeepc (1005) sometimes fails to turn on08:10
hooverRemoving the battery pack for an hour or so usually fixes it08:10
dwatkinsindeed, Darael, I think mine takes 16 Watts when charging - that's a tenth the power my old server draws.08:13
DJonesissyl0: Don't know if you've looked at the article recently, but there's about 50 comments, 19 general ones about the pi, 1 complaining about hacking and hacking weekends and whether they're legal and 30 defending them pointing out the difference between hacking and cracking08:20
MartijnVdSpopey: BBC viewers :P08:30
Darael"It is irrational to expect rational behaviour from human beings.  Therefore we expect rational behaviour from them."08:31
gordi just assumed you were talking about any mailing list that ever existed ever08:31
mungojerryme too lol08:33
dwatkinswhich article is this? I'm curious.08:34
DJonesdwatkins: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-1785718908:35
dwatkinsthanks DJones08:35
dwatkinsI'm a bit concerned these devices will end up being relegated to a cupboard in most schools.08:36
dwatkinsClearly there's a lot of interest from home-based users, especially because of the price, but for schools, I can't see them finding them any different from a PC.08:37
dwatkinsYou still need to have the school buy a keyboard, mouse, display (and probably a different display if you want to use HDMI), though.08:37
mungojerryportability, no need for power+networking infrastructure08:38
DJonesThinking about it, we perhaps should be more concerned tha Rory Cellen-Jones having hdmi cables and spare hdmi cable tv's in his loft, BBC salaries must be too high08:38
mungojerryyou can wheel it into classrooms with monitors etc, without the need for special computer rooms08:38
dwatkinsIf the kids buy them themselves, great, but if they're to be used in a class, I'm concerned they'll either get rarely used, or worse, stolen.08:38
mungojerrymy local schools supply of macbooks were stolen08:39
mungojerryi think they had those for "portability"08:39
dwatkinsmy dad's office got RAM-raided once, quite literally.08:39
dwatkinsI think at the time RAM was worth more per unit weight than gold.08:39
Knightwisehmm dumb question but08:41
Knightwisehow do i install java08:41
Knightwisewant to install azeureus and it naggs about Java08:41
lubotu3To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:41
KnightwiseYou need to upgrade to JRE 1.4.x or newer from http://java.sun.com08:41
andylockranguys, any iudea how to change the default audio output device on an acer revo running 12.04 LTS via the CLI ?08:41
mungojerryThen we turned it on, and watched with glee as lines of computer code scrolled up the screen and, after a moment of worrying blackness, a giant Raspberry Pi logo appeared.08:42
dwatkinsKnightwise: isn't that now called Vuze?08:42
mungojerryah, rory CJ who using linux once every 5 years08:42
dwatkinsmungojerry: reminds me of when I had a BBC Micro... I suspect that's partly what's driving this - nostalgia for the BBC Micro and other such 8-bit machines.08:42
mungojerryyeah, it's fun08:42
mungojerrywhat's the current cost to getting a R Pi delivered?08:43
dwatkinsabsolutely, I just hope this can be appreciated by kids at school as well08:43
popeythe rpi doesn't need hdmi at all08:43
popeyit has composite out08:43
dwatkinsI think I paid 35 pounds for mine, mungojerry08:43
popeyso can be used on an old crappy telly08:43
dwatkinspopey: yeah, but schools have VGA monitors :-/08:43
mungojerryi don't think r CJ has those08:43
popeydvi -> vga converter08:43
popeythey come very cheap08:44
popeycheaper than new monitors08:44
* mungojerry has a crappy TV08:44
popey\o/ crappy tv08:44
dwatkinsDoes the Pi output something which can be cheaply converted to DVI?08:44
mungojerrytoo heavy to steal08:44
mungojerryby "crappy" i mean it has a tube and nice pciture08:44
MartijnVdSdwatkins: HDMI can be cheaply converted, yes08:44
popeyhdmi can easily be converted to dvi08:44
dwatkinsok cool08:44
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it's electrically compatible, all you need is a plug with HDMI on one end and DVI on the other (check male/femaleness!)08:45
mungojerryis there an x86 pi live distro that allows you to supplement your classroom of pi's with the same OS on a eee pc or old PC?08:45
dwatkinsso, to use a Pi in a school which already has computers (which may be just as powerful) you need to buy the Pi, a HDMI-DVI converter and a DVI-VGA converter, an SD card and powersupply for each Pi.08:45
popeymungojerry: debian ☺08:45
gordwell i thought that hdmi-> dvi was only compatible with the digital signal part of the dvi spec? so you couldn't convert the digital dvi signal to an analogue vga signal easily?08:46
MartijnVdSgord: Indeed, you can't.08:46
dwatkinsI'm not trying to put out the fire, so to speak, but I'm concerned this could all end up being a big flash in the pan.08:46
mungojerrypopey, but branding and exact packages and layout too?08:46
MartijnVdSgord: but most DVI monitors are DVI-D (or -I: both analog and digital -- digital preferred)08:46
Knightwisepopey: let it be known .. i like unity a lot better in 12.0408:46
gordcomposite to vga is fairly possible though08:46
MartijnVdSgord: low res08:46
mungojerrydwatkins, or maybe pi and cotton candy etc will inspire a new generation of ultra cheap and decent ARM comptuers the size of an altoids tin08:47
ali1234composite to vga??08:47
MartijnVdScomposite to any old TV08:47
DaraelMartijnVdS: The original context was one of VGA monitors, though.08:47
dwatkinsmungojerry: hopefully, although I gather the ARM version in the Pi isn't hugely well documented, and only certain distros are ported to it08:47
ali1234hdmi to vga is probably cheaper08:47
MartijnVdSDarael: But.. DVI/HDMI monitors are dirt cheap08:47
gordturns a 30 quid rpi into a 130 quid expense though08:48
dwatkinsgord: my point exactly08:48
dwatkinsmight as well keep the old computers08:48
mungojerryhmm, my unity desktop seems sluggish, after running for 6 days, however overall CPU and other load is low08:48
gordunclog your tubes08:48
ali1234if you already have a computer the pi basically does nothing you can't already do08:49
dwatkinsali1234: that was also my concern, yes08:49
ali1234but we've known that since the start08:49
mungojerryit's a start though08:49
dwatkinsso what market are they going for, schools?08:49
mungojerryevery journey starts with a step08:50
ali1234primary schools i guess08:50
dwatkinsI'm all for computer-related education being improved, but I can just see most schools adding up the costs and not bothering getting them08:50
andylockrangood work08:50
mungojerrywhen i was a student i had to code in a notepad and type up when i got to the lab08:50
mungojerryand i'm not that old..08:50
dwatkinsmind you, I've seen worse happen - a school my mum worked at got a bunch of Macs because the head liked the way they look, but now has compatability issues, for example08:51
Knightwisewhen i was a student we had to code .. on paper .. in the snow .. uphill .. both ways08:51
mungojerryrpi is very little expense. i know students at my place of work are running around with idevices and smoking etc, but not all08:51
ali1234considering it doesn't even have a case, let alone keyboard and monitor, it isn't *that* cheap08:52
dwatkinsfor embedded devices, such as someone might make in a university project, I think the Pi is great08:52
ali1234for embedded work it is useless08:52
mungojerryali1234, i can give those away for free08:52
dwatkinsali1234: there are several companies offering cases already, mine is on order08:52
dwatkinsali1234: how come it's useless for embedded work?08:53
mungojerryi'm in the process of throwing away 10-20 17inch lcd monitors08:53
ali1234it doesn't have any decent interfaces and you can't program it on a low level08:53
ali1234hey can i have one?08:53
popeyits not the final device08:53
ali1234a 4:3?08:53
popeythe final one will have a case08:53
dwatkinsI notice there's an add-on board for controlling servos etc. but you may as well get an Arduino for that sort of thing08:53
mungojerryali1234, if you collect, you can have 1008:53
ali1234i'll pay shipping if it's not super expensive08:53
mungojerryand i'll throw in a dimension 310008:54
ali1234what's that?08:54
ali1234er, no thanks08:55
ali1234is that a desktop?08:55
mungojerrygood for mumbuntu08:55
mungojerry(and for me too in fact)08:55
ali1234my mother already has an ubuntu netbook that she doesn't use08:55
mungojerryhow are the mirrors holding up? i want to update my remainign 11.10 box08:57
ali1234still a bit slow for me08:57
popeyikonia: 10.04.4 has ctrl+shift+c08:57
popeyyeah, same here08:58
popey.de mirror is usually less loaded than uk08:58
ali1234i started updating when the last person asked, it just finished08:58
mungojerrydo germans still prefer KDE?09:01
mungojerry(wild generalisation)09:01
mungojerryali1234, how long?09:01
ali1234half an hour or so09:01
popeylike the hoff, kde is 'big in germany09:01
BigRedSI've always been confused by that09:02
BigRedS(kde in germany, not the hoff)09:02
mungojerryBigRedS, i think it's a suse throwback09:02
mungojerryi started on kde in '9909:03
mungojerryi think. i was self starting and there wasn't so much good info at the time09:03
mungojerryi really enjoyed KDE on my work PC in the 3.5.x years09:05
mungojerryi wonder how the desktop will look in 5 years. all this unity arguing of these days will look silly.09:06
BigRedSYeah, way back when KDE was the sensible DE I seem to recall09:06
BigRedSor I was weird09:06
mungojerryi did customise it heavily09:06
mungojerryi'm sure kde4 would look good if i spent 2 days on it, but i can't be bothered to learn09:06
BigRedSnah, I've spent over a week trying to use it before09:08
BigRedSit's just plain not very good09:08
mungojerryafter giving up on unity many times, i finally have been able to use it solidly since 12.04beta and have decided to use it on my home PCs too09:09
popeythats good to hear09:11
bigcalmHazar, I have awoken!09:12
Myrttiwut. wait... no, doesn't still make any sense. http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/26/london-olympics-to-visitors-dont-share-what-you-see/09:13
mungojerryi'll still probably disable global menu when it's possible to cleanly do it in a supported way (12.10..)09:13
popeyMyrtti: insane isnt it09:14
mungojerrynothing surprises me anymore about the UK09:14
Knightwisesudo add-apt-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader09:14
Knightwisesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install jdownloader09:14
Knightwiseoops sorry , wrong window :(09:14
mungojerrypopey, if i was dragging something from the launcher onto trash, would you say that the icon should only get deleted if i let go of the mouse button?09:15
mungojerryi was dragging to trash and changed my mind and didn't let go of the button, but it removed it anway09:16
popeywhat type of thing did you delete?09:16
mungojerryan icon for a non-running application09:17
mungojerryfrom the launcher09:17
bigcalmYay for not going to the olympics09:17
mungojerrye.g. the u1 icon09:17
popeywhere did you let go of the mouse button?09:17
popeyover the trash?09:17
mungojerryi didn't let go at all09:17
mungojerrybut it went poof!09:17
bigcalmMyrtti: the top comment is the best ever. Now that I see it, I can't unsee it :D09:18
popeymungojerry: what version of unity?09:18
popeyi cant reproduce on my laptop, running newer unity than you I expect09:18
* popey boots his desktop running older unity09:18
popeyi cant reproduce on 5.10.009:20
mungojerrypopey, sorry, it's not doing it now! (i haven't restart since)09:20
mungojerrysorry to waste time..weird09:21
* mungojerry continues removing tabs from chromium to get the swap usage down09:21
bigcalmWasting time is that IRC was made for09:21
mungojerrymine, not other ppls..09:21
popeyi have installed flashblock which has helped performance loads09:21
mungojerryfacebook regularly takes 100% cpu09:22
mungojerryadblock generally removes unwanted flash, but i'll consider that too09:22
bigcalmadblock and flaskblock both help improve performance09:22
mungojerryi discovered last night that you can load other peoples books onto your kindle without the need for decryption09:23
mungojerryno one mentioned that to me before09:23
mungojerrydereg/register as other person/download books/dereg/register as me09:24
popeyindicator-weather is very crashy09:24
mungojerryi have a window for that, and AIX app for android09:24
popeyyeah, I'll remove it09:25
hooverMorning biggie09:25
dwatkinsah, I lied - the Eee 901 takes 38 Watts when charging.09:25
dwatkinsmungojerry: I wonder how many times you can do that09:25
mungojerrywoops, just remembered i started kazam recording 5 mins ago09:26
popeyyou want to do that with the new "raw" recording codec :D09:27
popeydisk full in 3.. 2.. 1..09:27
dwatkinswe used to get calls at my last job because log4j was misconfigured by default and didn't do any log rotation - after abotu 6 months, the disk would fill up with logfiles09:29
mungojerryis software center limited to english reviews?09:30
mungojerry(supposed to be)09:30
andylockranI've got ubuntu booted on my mac :)09:34
* popey points andylockran at Daviey 09:35
andylockran/me runs away09:36
dwatkinsandylockran: just Ubuntu, double or triple booted?09:37
diplodwatkins, I found the same issue with SME Server on lots of our customer sites09:37
diploSomeone had mistyped logrotate conf and because it failed it's check on the conf it would run09:38
dwatkinsdiplo: I guess it's fairly common on some daemons to not rotate, as they expect the sysadmin to configure that09:38
diploHad multiple sites go down09:38
dwatkinsoh my09:38
diploThis was mistyped by devs :/09:38
diploNot our end09:38
TheOpenSourcererBlimey the Ubuntu update servers are slow this morning...09:40
TheOpenSourcereryawn, yawn, yawn.09:40
dwatkinsI guess everyone and their best friend are downloading it09:40
bigcalmThere's a scrap-iron van making its rounds and using a loud hailer to play a loop. Sounds like we're being called for prayer09:40
Knightwiseinstalling owncloud , but cant get it to play nice on a different port09:41
dwatkinsbow down to the call of capitalism... ;)09:42
Knightwiseisp is blocking port 80 so i have to put it on a highter port09:42
dwatkinsKnightwise: they're blocking incoming port 80? wow09:42
Knightwiseyep  pretty bummer09:44
gordonjcpfail ISP is fail09:44
gordonjcpwho are you on?09:44
Knightwiseonly have incoming ports over 102409:44
dwatkinsI was surprised when I discovered port 80 incoming was open when I first setup Apache at home, this was 10 years ago though ;)09:44
dwatkinsKnightwise: I assume you're running whichever service as root, and it's not just a userland restriction on opening ports <102409:45
dwatkinsah ok, other reports about this exist online09:45
dwatkinsperhaps they got burned by customer machines getting botnetted ;)09:46
Knightwisedwatkins: yep , i'm root09:46
Knightwisenaah , they just don't want you to run a server and hogg their bandwith (lame)09:46
dwatkinsI think technically the terms of service for NTL (now Virgin) said that I couldn't run server services on my home machine, but I did.09:47
andylockrandwatkins: I've got it double booted at the moment09:55
andylockranonly got a 120GB SSD in the mac, so had to format windows 8 partition (what a shame :p)09:55
dwatkinsandylockran: heh, yeah09:56
andylockranI'm back on OSX for now, need to get work done today but will probably have a play at the weekend.09:56
andylockranPriorities are fixing the touchpad so it's smooth, then the suspend/restore :)09:56
andylockranI've fot wireless working on it pretty easy, though still involved firmware cutter from broadcom09:57
davmor2morning all09:59
bigcalmMorning davmor210:03
bigcalmYay, new kernel for the server. Time to reboot10:04
bigcalmBye bye proxy10:04
bigcalmErm, except that not yet10:05
bigcalmI left apt-get upgrade alone10:05
bigcalmIt was waiting for me to read the changelog before doing anything more10:05
bigcalmTopic says "NOT LONG NOW!". What's it referring to this time? RAT?10:06
mungojerry12.10 alpha10:07
SuperEngineer[if it stays at "NOT LONG NOW" much longer it'll be referrring to Rancid Rat!10:07
davmor2bigcalm: morning dude10:08
Laneyit's referring to UDS10:08
mungojerryend of the world.10:08
Laneyand after that, the diamond jubilee10:09
mungojerrywondering whether to try the update from the ISO rather than via apt10:10
* SuperEngineer wishes there was an "update current version" option on iso10:11
bigcalmWhat did I miss?10:12
mungojerrythe rapture10:13
davmor2bigcalm: nothing much, just the declaration of world piece and the end to hunger10:14
davmor2bigcalm: and if you believe that I got a bag of other beauties here :D10:15
bigcalmdavmor2: I should reboot my server more frequently10:15
bigcalmEllo czajkowski :)10:16
AlanBellchoo xhoo10:17
davmor2czajkowski: AlanBell: popey: hows the heads after the party?10:17
AlanBelloff to an open standards round table10:17
popeyfeeling better10:18
MartijnVdSHaving successfully passed its CE compliance testing, we can now confirm that your Raspberry Pi will be delivered in the week commencing 21/05/2012.10:18
popeyrecovered enough to go to the beer festival tonight10:18
popeyHaving successfully passed its CE compliance testing, we can now confirm that your Raspberry Pi will be delivered in the week commencing 07/05/2012.10:18
MartijnVdSpopey: :|10:18
popeywhilst I am in america!10:18
Laneyamerica you say10:19
* mungojerry might loiter outside popeys house in an elvis wig10:20
SuperEngineerbut that's in Europe somewhere isn't it?  ;)10:20
popeyhmm, Alan Cox just posted a message on G+ saying something like "Maybe the reason nobody has ported unity to other distros is because nobody wants it" then deleted it10:21
bigcalmIs it like Alan to stir things?10:23
mungojerryi think it's a quote10:23
mungojerryfrom lwn10:23
mungojerryoh look, it's raining again10:28
diploGuys, if you have home on a seperate partition and want to move it back inside of the / partition can you do that ?10:28
diploBasically want to use the home partition for something else as it's not being used10:28
mungojerryi have someone in my office who used to do signifcant stuffs at MS. i was thinking of fullscreening the ubuntu tour on his browser when AFK.10:29
dwatkinstake a screenshot of the desktop, then move all the icons off it and set the background to that picture - see how long until they realise they can't double-click "My Computer" ;)10:32
Daraeldiplo: I see no reason you can't umount /home, mount it somewhere else, and rsync its contents to the / partition.10:35
diploI've just read something very similar Darael cheers10:35
Daraeldiplo: That'll cause problems if your root partition is insufficiently large, of course.10:35
diploI've done it the other way multiple times10:35
bigcalmdiplo: create folder /home_tmp; mv /home/* /home_tmp/; umount /home; [edit /etc/fstab] and remove/edit the entry for /home; mv /home_tmp /home10:35
diploThings i've seen are saying mv isn't good enough because of symlinks etc but this is 4 year old blog10:36
bigcalmMaybe do it via a live CD so that you don't write to /home while issuing commands10:36
mungojerryenter ras... on google and it already shows rasp pi as top search :D10:36
diplobigcalm, yep my thoughts as well, or recovery console maybe10:36
Daraeldiplo: If mv isn't good enough, rsync && rm ftw.10:37
diploheh, I was thinking the same thing10:37
mungojerryrebooting and logging in as root on the ctrl-alt-f1 console doesn't touch /home10:37
diploGuy on the blog i found suggested cpio which i haven't used in years10:38
diploGood point mungojerry10:38
mungojerrycpio is useful when extracting rpms10:38
bigcalmmungojerry: true, but the system might have cronjobs running for users that do10:38
bigcalmNot saying that this is the case for diplo, but it's a consideration10:38
mungojerrystrictly speaking, this is what single user mode is for10:39
mungojerrybut live cd's have become more popular10:39
diploOnly downside is server is 200+ miles away if it goes wrong :D10:45
diploThanks anyhoo guys!10:45
diploGoing to go for it anyhoo10:45
stuphidiplo: copying directories with tar: (cd /usr && tar -clpsf- *) | (cd /mnt/new && tar -xpsf-)10:47
diplok ta, will look at that as well10:48
hooveryou can also use -C o save the cd bits10:48
hooverto save10:49
hooverlike so: tar -C /usr-cvpf - . | tar -C /mnt/new -xpf -10:50
hoover(blank missing in the above example after /usr)10:51
diploCheers, right must shoot.. supposed to pick my mate up for dinner in 5 mins :)10:54
diploThanks again all10:54
mungojerryam i being dumb? use startup disk creator to create a usb stick and i can't select the source iso file.10:56
mungojerrykeeps showing the previous iso i used10:56
mungojerryah..there's a hidden scroll window10:56
stuphils -l10:58
Myrttiam I supposed to be able to do a Debian installer USB stick with the Startup Disk Creator? it gives a warning: "An uncaught exception was raised:10:58
stuphiops! :-)10:58
mungojerry. .. goats.avi10:58
MyrttiInvalid version string 'GNU/Linux'"10:58
Myrttialthough I suppose Google helps10:59
mungojerryanyone aware of an irc channel for scale modelling chat (e.g. airfix)11:18
silnerNot on Freenode mungojerry11:20
cliftontshi guys, is anyone here able to help me with a query about wine?11:20
silnerWell I haven't seen one anyway11:20
mungojerryi think it's mostly luddites who do modelling11:20
mungojerryand me11:20
mungojerrycliftonts, maybe, just ask!11:21
cliftontsI've got a program which is supposed to call an external program in order to automate downloads from a website11:21
cliftontsis it possible to call wget from within wine to do this?11:22
cliftontsor are the two environments strictly seperate?11:22
mungojerrywhat do you mean "within wine?"11:24
mungojerrywhat is the wine app you are depending on?11:24
DJonesHeh, don't know if anybody follows "Queen_UK" on twitter, they've just posted "Ed Miliband on the phone. Bit upset. Says he'd ordered a Raspberry Pi thinking he'd "serve it for pudding". Awkward."11:25
cliftontsI mean can a program running in wine ask wget to do something?11:25
cliftontsalpari is the name of the software11:25
cliftontsbasically alpari has a user configurable command to run a second program for this. I want to just put a wget command in there11:27
mungojerryyou could do something like this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/calling-linux-program-from-wine-772450/ or use a wget.exe that works under wine11:27
mungojerrythe latter is probably a better option ;)11:28
cliftontsI was thinking about the windows version of wget. I thought I'd get a second opinion before leaping in. Thanks11:28
mungojerrythere may be a third way i am unwaware of that the wine irc might help with11:28
mungojerrylots of gnu tools are available on windows11:28
mungojerryi know some people who insist on using win2000 + loads of cygwin stuff (crazy)11:29
cliftontsmy next problem will be finding a way to assemble the wget command to include monday's date11:29
silnerI still like 2000, but it's too much trouble toi install and patch up to SP4 so I gave up last year11:30
mungojerryand rather unsupported noawadyas11:30
cliftontsit's downloading a file that's generated weekly and is named to include each monday's date so the script needs to handle that. but that's for another day11:30
cliftontsI don't touch windows at all! It's just too much hard work11:30
mungojerrycliftonts, is the file linked anywhere from a static page?11:31
mungojerryalso, i'm sure there's a windows gnu date command too :)11:31
cliftontsI suppose it is, yes. What are you thinking?11:31
mungojerryor you can alternatively use linux to download the file and not require wget on alpari, but just use the file locally11:32
cliftontsthe problem is that it's monitoring financial trades and needs to regularly download the file11:33
cliftontsalpari decides when it needs to be downloaded.11:33
cliftontsI thought along those lines but it ends up just sitting there looking dumb when it should be trading because the file becomes out of date many times in the day11:33
cliftontsfor the moment I think I'll just handle the date issue manually. We'll see how it goes.11:37
andylockranloving Spotify Controller11:37
andylockranworks with Spotify on Linux great :)11:37
andylockranport 125811:37
cliftontsanyway, thanks mungojerry. I'd better get going, I'm being summoned!11:38
directhexthis ubuntu mirror is 10x faster than the default one11:51
hoovercheers, have a nice weekend all11:51
popeydirecthex: which one?11:52
directhexdeb http://mirror.krystal.co.uk/ubuntu/ precise-updates main universe restricted multiverse11:52
directhexgetting 3 meg/sec. so still slow, but good enough11:53
popey\o/ lunchtime11:53
* popey tickles bigcalm 11:54
directhex4.5M, better11:56
directhexstill slow11:56
directhexupgrade keeps stopping, and showing a debconf window in the VTE pane12:12
DJonesAnybody near Tottenham COurt Road/Capper Street in London? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2136105/BREAKING-NEWS-Thousand-workers-evacuated-amid-central-London-bomb-threat-man-wearing-gas-canister-storms-offices-takes-hostages.html12:13
DJonesSame building as the Huffington Post apparaently12:14
matttDJones: woah!12:15
matttnothing on bbc news12:19
DJonesJust come up as a headline on BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-1786981512:20
MartijnVdSDJones: "wut"12:20
* bigcalm returns from lunch12:38
directhexokay, precise.12:52
directhexit seems to boot. success!12:52
directhexgnome do's shortcut vanished. odd. restored it.12:53
Laneygnome don't12:54
DaraelI changed to Synapse for one release, and then the Dash pretty much did everything I needed either of them for.12:55
DaraelI still use Synapse preferentially to Everything when I periodically try e again to see if it's reached a balance point between awesome and stable yet.12:56
ali1234DJones: maybe he upgraded his ubuntu lts12:57
directhexU1MS is missing for me.,13:10
popeyin banshee?13:10
directhexhuh, wasn't installed on upgrade. odd13:11
directhexun  rhythmbox-ubun <none>         (no description available)13:11
popeydirecthex: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^13:15
popeydoes that pull it in?13:15
directhexubuntu-desktop is already installed.13:15
popeynot the package13:16
popeythe task13:16
popeyhence ^13:16
bigcalmpopey: has there ever been a time when you've said the above and somebody didn't include the ^?13:17
bigcalmI mean, "did" include the ^13:17
bigcalmAnybody here had to do regex against credit card numbers, is this good enough to follow? http://www.regular-expressions.info/creditcard.html13:21
dwatkinsdo you need to check they're just valid CC numbers, bigcalm, or check which company they're from as well?13:24
bigcalmdwatkins: I'm going to pass the data on to a payment gateway, so being able to do as many checks my end 1st would be helpful13:26
bigcalmHow advanced do people normally make it?13:26
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: AlanBell: http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/news/government-open-consultation-extended-7534813:28
BigRedSbigcalm: depends on the API, really13:37
bigcalmBigRedS: paypoint.net and I'm going to be using SOAP :D13:37
BigRedSThe one I've just done checks for 16 digits and relies on the card processor's API for the rest13:37
BigRedSit's too hard to check more than that for no real gain - people are used to the idea that you submit a card number, wait, and then get told whether it was wrong or not13:38
bigcalmThe card processor will give me response codes, just trying to validate server side as much as possible 1st13:38
bigcalmIt's all about customer service ;)13:38
bigcalmBigRedS: btw, where did you get the idea that you needed to use eval() around an fopen()?13:39
BigRedSin perl you test for the success of opening a file by wrapping it in an eval13:39
bigcalmI don't recall having to do that in perl13:39
BigRedSyou don't *have* to, but it lets you avoid trying to write to the file if you couldn't open it13:40
dwatkinsbigcalm: this doesn't have a regexp, but if efficiency is an issue, you might just want to do a single operation to check the validity of the card: http://www.fivecentnickel.com/2010/03/01/how-do-you-know-if-a-credit-card-number-is-valid/13:41
bigcalmopen(FH, ">foobar.txt") or die $!;13:41
BigRedSYou'd do something like this:   eval{ open($fh, ">>", $self->logfile) or die $! };  unless($@){.... write & close ... }13:41
bigcalmIf it couldn't open the file, die would be triggered13:42
BigRedSat which point I want to just carry on13:42
bigcalmOf course you don't have to use die(), could be any function13:42
BigRedSyeah, but you want to detect the failure13:42
BigRedSwell, I do13:42
bigcalmSo set a variable and test for it on the next line13:42
bigcalmdwatkins: ta13:42
BigRedShm, check that $fh is a filehandle I suppose. I'm just used to eval() as a way of checking whether something worked13:43
matttoldschool :P13:43
BigRedSmattt: yeah, welcome to 1997 :)13:43
mattti work with a guy who still writes everything in perl, whatever works :)13:43
* bigcalm slaps himself for getting side-tracked by perl and returns to his php13:43
* mattt has yet to play minecraft :(13:47
* bigcalm tickles DJones 13:48
* DJones laughs13:48
* mattt looks suspiciously at bigcalm and DJones13:48
bigcalmdwatkins: that is a much simpler method for validating a cc number. Will be used :)13:50
bigcalmmattt: it's fun, try it!13:50
BigRedSmattt: I work in a company like that :)13:50
bigcalmWhatever works?13:50
BigRedSnah, it's all Perl13:55
dwatkinsbigcalm: ace, I thought your first link looked a bit over complicated, but I guess if you want to know the type of card it's necessary13:56
mungojerrymattt, never played minecraft, but probably would if i was fifteen and had endless summers of freedom13:56
matttmungojerry: hahaha13:56
mungojerrynow the only time i get freedom is on the bog13:56
matttthat's my excuse too :P13:56
matttmungojerry: can't play there?13:56
mungojerryi never bought the tablet edition when it was cheap13:56
mungojerrystill don't have google wallet13:57
bigcalmWho's half-inched my drugs?13:57
* dwatkins sneezes13:57
dwatkinsnot me, bigcalm - although I appear to be getting hayfever early this year13:57
mungojerryme too13:57
mungojerryand i've lost my nose torch13:57
dwatkinsIt's probably because the weather's been so nice recently, even in Scotland13:58
dwatkinsa nose torch, you say13:58
bigcalmAh, the pain killers were in another draw13:58
dwatkinsIs this some new attachment for a headlamp?13:58
bigcalmdwatkins: thankfully my hayfever has been quiet so far this yet. I think it might be due to the rain we've been having13:58
dwatkinsbigcalm: you must be in England ;)13:58
bigcalmdwatkins: hehe, good guess ;)13:59
mungojerryred light therapy to disable the bits in the nose that react to pollen13:59
dwatkinsIt's like the world is turned upside down13:59
dwatkinsScotland's had great weather the past month or so13:59
dwatkinsmungojerry: aha interesting13:59
mungojerryworth getting dwatkins when lloyds chemist does them for a tenner occasionally14:00
dwatkinsI shall look into this, thanks mungojerry14:00
bigcalmI quite like the rain, working from home means not having to go out in it at all14:00
dwatkinsanyway, I was e-mailing someone important, back later :)14:00
mungojerrydwatkins, it means less use of beconase,14:00
* dwatkins nods14:00
mungojerrybut i continue to take the loratadine pills and homeopathic cpills for conjucitvitis14:00
* bigcalm buries himself in work before saying anything he'll regret14:01
mungojerryyou can say it, but you'll be wrong ;)14:02
* mungojerry smiles sweetly14:02
matttanyone use one of these creation credit cards (creation.co.uk) ?14:02
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
dwatkinsmungojerry: hayfever can spontaneously stop, which is what I believe happened to someone I knew who had homeopathy for his hayfever14:05
mungojerryi would love that. i get massive eye issues, allergic conjuctivitus14:06
mungojerryas allergies start suddenly, i would hope that they stop suddenly too :D14:06
mungojerryit's been years since i could eat chilli now14:06
DaraelI wish mine would.  If the trend of things stopping working continues, I'll have to give in and let the doctor prescribe those steroids, and I'll *still* end up in mungojerry's boat.14:07
* mungojerry wonders what his boat is and where it's going14:07
mungojerrywomen and children first!14:08
Daraelmungojerry: I was referring to "I get massive eye issues, allergic conjunctivitis".14:08
dwatkinsbigcalm: haha, here are some numbers to test with http://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/vhelp/paypalmanager_help/credit_card_numbers.htm14:10
bigcalmdwatkins: that's a better list than the 3 that PayPoint.net offer for testing14:13
dwatkinswelcome, bigcalm14:14
dwatkinshttp://www.thetaoofmakingmoney.com/2007/04/12/324.html looks like a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, too bigcalm14:15
* dwatkins wonders why some credit cards have a different number of digits14:15
* mungojerry wonders how poo got smeared on the outside of the toilet in trap 114:15
dwatkinsI've heard worse, mungojerry14:17
gordonjcpdwatkins: some debit cards are 19-digit14:17
* dwatkins shudders14:17
mungojerryu1 has just let me down before going into a meeting14:20
dwatkinsgoogle drive is now active, so we have another backup^Wcloud storage system...14:21
dwatkinswow, people don't want to see the Avengers movie14:23
DJonesI wonder whether google search includes any files in your google drive in search results for the public?14:24
davmor2mungojerry: how so?14:24
dwatkinsI get results for G+ in my search results14:25
davmor2mungojerry: shockingly it's really slow currently might have something to do with a release14:25
LaneyI thought it was backed by S314:25
DJonesdwatkins: I've just got a vision of somebodys accounts data backed up in google drive appearing in peoples search results :)14:26
bigcalmdwatkins: an interesting document14:26
bigcalmdwatkins: think it would be foolish to use a symfony validator already written by somebody? https://gist.github.com/18104914:29
dwatkinsbigcalm: I'd be wary of anything like that I hadn't checked line-by-line, as I imagine you would be too14:31
dwatkinsassuming it implements the same theory as your original link, it should be ok14:31
bigcalmI know and understand each aspect of the validator, it's the set of regex I'm wondering about14:32
dwatkinsisn't there a regexp checker somewhere?14:34
SuperEngineerCan't wait till 12.04 gets released!  After all, it's "NOT LONG NOW!"14:44
popeywelcome to 26 hours ago14:45
davmor2I'm amazed at how much spam I get,  I never realised till today, I got my server installed nice and fresh yesterday and then it took most of the morning to get the filtering packages downloaded :D14:45
SuperEngineerwelcome to the channel topic ;)14:45
Laney6 months isn't long14:46
SuperEngineer[if we drop enough hints - it might get changed perhaps?]14:47
DaraelWhy bother?  It's perpetually NOT LONG NOW! until /something/ interesting.14:48
SuperEngineer...I've got it sussed... LTS = long time seeing [out of date topic]14:49
DaraelYesterday's suggestions included the start of work on Quantal (but the repo's there already, so that's expired), UDS, followed by the Diamond Jubilee...14:49
SuperEngineerthis morning's suggestions included the most probale I think... the Jubilee or the Olympics ;)14:50
Laneyhow about14:51
LaneyNOT LONG NOW until someone complains about the topic saying NOT LONG NOW14:51
Darael"probale, adj: supporting use of hay to remove water from the vehicle"14:52
SuperEngineerIt *is* however what I kept on repeating to myself this morning upgrading 11.10 to 12..04 on netbook14:52
SuperEngineeroh... the complaining about the topic event has long gone/!14:52
DaraelSuperEngineer: Upgrading to "12 11 10 09 (...) 04"?14:53
DaraelI'm sorry, I'll stop now.  Or try to.14:53
SuperEngineer[therefore I'm sticking with the ;)14:53
SuperEngineer& to add insult to non-injury I'm now kicking off Xubuntu on same netbook14:54
SuperEngineer...not long now14:54
* SuperEngineer regrets not taking popey's advice on various feeds re setting uodate server to fastest before starting upgrade14:57
SuperEngineeras in...14:58
SuperEngineerSeems some people aren't aware of this dialog in #ubuntu to select the best/fastest mirror. Useful today :) http://twitter.com/popey/status/195825967011348480/photo/114:58
SuperEngineeroh goody... only "9 hours remaining"15:01
bigcalmThis test is taking its sweet time :)15:03
SuperEngineerbigcalm: don't worry - "NOT LONG NOW"15:05
bigcalmI'm guessing that it's stalling on some servers15:10
bigcalmAnd there are a lot of mirrors to get though15:10
bigcalmThis is me checking from 11.1015:10
* SuperEngineer thinks "stunt Alan" is teasing.. & refusing to change the topic until he's down't pub later on?15:12
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting TBA #ubuntu-uk-meeting | it is out!!
* SuperEngineer LMFAO15:13
bigcalmI get the feeling that it's stalled15:17
dogmatic69I have skype installed on 12.04 and it does not seem to work with unity. when you minimise the window or close it sky is still running but the icon on the bar tries to open a new instance15:19
dogmatic69how can I get to it? alt-tab does not show it in the options either15:19
popeyyeah, I have had that before15:21
popeybug 93117715:21
lubotu3Launchpad bug 931177 in unity (Ubuntu) "cannot alt-tab to skype" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93117715:21
* daubers does the happy dance15:24
sagacibug 100000015:24
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 1000000 could not be found15:24
sagaciah, not there just yet15:25
SuperEngineerbug -115:27
SuperEngineerhe he15:27
AlanBelldon't do that, you will break the internet15:28
daubersbug 0+115:30
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 0 could not be found15:30
daubersawh, not that clever15:30
bigcalmIt's not going to eval the input. Danger lies that way15:42
bigcalmOn a server, is it possible to change the mirror used without having to edit every row in /etc/apt/sources.list?15:45
sagaciwhat's wrong with editing every row15:46
bigcalmI'm lazy15:46
sagaciuse replace in gedit15:46
bigcalmAnd I wanted to know if there was sensible way of doing it15:46
bigcalmsagaci: note the word "server" in my question :)15:46
sagacisorry, yeah15:47
sagaciI can pastebin it15:47
bigcalmNo need15:47
bigcalmI'll use search/replace in nano15:47
sagacior just cut paste15:47
Daraelbigcalm: sed?15:48
bigcalmDarael: already done15:48
sagacithat took ages :P15:48
* bigcalm shakes his head15:49
DaraelI don't know, I look away for a few minutes and I get back too late to make a potentially-uselful suggestion.15:49
bigcalmDarael: sed is good, except I don't know any to be of use :)15:50
SuperEngineeras Mork said - nano nano [or was that nanoo nanoo] ;)15:50
* SuperEngineer wonders: instead of upgrade estimating remaining time on a netbook,; wouldn't it it better saying - About "enough time to get married, divorced, buried & reincarnated" remaining15:55
MartijnVdS♫ Use a mirror, use a mirror15:55
DaraelSuperEngineer: It's not allowed to admit that.15:55
SuperEngineerDarael: see my previous about regretting forgetting to take earlier advice - doh!15:56
DaraelI'd quite like it if it could display sufficiently far-off ETAs as "Far Too Long remaining".15:56
SuperEngineer[or it could say -"Do you have Time Lord capabilties perhaps?"]15:57
DaraelThere could be a configuration option somewhere to enable it for those who didn't mind the loss of precision, and have a whole series of strings, like "Just a minute more", and "No, really, less than a minute remaining, I promise", and "You'll be wanting a TARDIS".15:58
Darael"Go and get a $BEVERAGE".  "Probably never going to finish".  "Your guess is as good as mine".15:59
SuperEngineerDarael: like all 3 of the above16:00
DaraelThe concept reminds me of sudo insults.16:01
SuperEngineerisn't there somthing [still] in bsd games like that?16:03
DaraelQuite possibly.  Sudo's insults is one of the ones that I found more amusing, but there's things in that spirit in all sorts of stuff.16:04
christeli reckon it is the weekend16:15
christelso i shall go locate a number of alans for heavy ale consumption16:16
gordonjcpchristel: how are you off for transport?16:17
gordonjcpPaisley Beer Festival is on16:17
gordonjcpdepressingly enough, the "1 day remaining" from earlier was only about 50% out16:18
gordonjcpfrom about 10pm last night, that's the upgrade to Precise complete; downloading took an hour of that!16:18
christelare you inviting me to the paisley beer festival? :)16:18
gordonjcpwell if you like ;-)16:20
davmor2http://vimeo.com/32178892 enjoy :)16:24
ali1234how about this for an idea: we have ubuntu-bug that makes it much easier to report bugs. how about ubuntu-question to do the same thing for answers.launchpad.net?16:31
=== IdleOne is now known as pangolin
MartijnVdSali1234: Like "Help -> Get help online"16:32
ali1234yes, but from command line for any package, and automatically adding useful stuff like which version etc that appport does :)16:32
ali1234(maybe it already exists?)16:33
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
kvarley1issyl0: Spotted you on the BBC site - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17857189 =D16:34
MartijnVdSubuntu-bug + make question from bug :)16:34
ali1234MartijnVdS: yes, that's what just happened to a bug i reported16:34
ali1234and it made me think, perhaps i am too quick to hit ubuntu-bug16:35
ali1234but it is just so easy compared to other routes16:35
ali1234well, it's the first one out of 100 or so bug reports16:36
dogmatic69is 'spotlight' the correct name for the search thing in 12.04?16:55
MartijnVdSthat's what Apple calls it :)16:55
MartijnVdSlet me find the annotated picture :)16:55
MartijnVdSor.. press a "Windows" key for a while16:56
dogmatic69do you know what its called? hud or somthing?16:56
MartijnVdSthe menu-search thing is the hud16:56
dogmatic69ye, thanks16:56
MartijnVdSthe app-search thing is .. I think the dash?16:56
DaraelThat's right.16:57
MartijnVdSbut then what's alt+f2 called? because that's like the dash but not quite16:57
MartijnVdSand the bar on the left?16:58
dogmatic69and what about the actual bar of icons? unity bar?16:58
dogmatic69could anyone try this out? bug 98991117:00
lubotu3Launchpad bug 989911 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt tab in vm messes with HUD" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98991117:00
MartijnVdSI've disabled HUD17:00
MartijnVdSbecause it messes with my head17:00
dogmatic69either VM / remote desktop required17:01
ali1234can i make it so that when i click the bfb, it just shows the alt-f2 thing, rather than any of the lenses?17:45
StevenRhrrm. How large is an ubuntu mirror?17:50
daftykins60KB/sec off gb.archive.ubuntu.com18:02
daftykinssomething big going on or? :)18:02
daftykinsah yes new release time18:02
daftykinsmirror humping++18:02
kvarley1daftykins: I got a whole 4kb/s last night xD18:02
daftykinsrawr \o/18:02
daftykinsyou greedy blighter18:03
daftykinswell i'm sure my 10.04.4 kernel update can wait18:03
daftykinsok lucky i saw which channel it really was after that18:23
daftykinsare you certain?18:25
Darael"-!- Irssi: Join to #ubuntu-uk was synced in 666 secs" - it really is demonically laggy.18:25
robjohncgah, an error in my smb.conf halted my 11.10-12.04 upgrade :(19:08
zleapso how did the launch event go ?19:12
alexcockellAzelphur - go for caramel and fudge... a little more malleable...19:36
alexcockellHi all...19:36
alexcockellAnother Friday night - fuck going out - BBC4 calls again...19:36
daftykinstry to keep it family friendly :)19:37
alexcockellSTUFF going out then..19:38
DaraelI was going to claim "It's one in the morning, if not being family friendly is a problem now something's wrong" and then I remembered timezones.19:39
Azelphuralexcockell: are you answering a question I asked more than a week ago? XD19:45
daftykinsAzelphur: don't be so ungrateful ;)19:46
DaraelAzelphur: Sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do to me.19:46
alexcockellSorry - just saw it come up when I started XCHAT19:46
DJonesHeh, disable show previous scrollback on start19:47
zleapthere seems to be a bug with one of the count down it currently shows coming soon for 12.0419:48
DJoneszleap: Link?19:48
daftykinspeople, how do you work out why packages "aren't going to be installed" with APT at CLI?19:48
zleapdrupal.zleap.net i put it on my website19:48
DJonesNormally it says Ubuntu 12.04 is her or something like that after release, does sound a bit like a bug, not sure who you'd report that to though19:49
zleapi woulkd have guessed others would have noticed the same, and reported it as a bug19:50
Daraeldaftykins: I /used/ to do that with aptitude why-not, but on amd64 that causes trouble unless one has disabled multiarch.19:50
MartijnVdSand you don't want that19:51
daftykinsDarael: hmm interesting, thanks, i told the guy to run "sudo apt-get -f install" then "dist-upgrade" in the end19:51
DaraelWell, it doesn't cause trouble, it just fails to resolve in any sane manner.19:51
MartijnVdS</snap - the power>19:51
daftykinsi got drawn into a PM from #ubuntu :(19:51
DJonesdaftykins: This is why there is !pm19:52
daftykinsi didn't hugely mind though19:53
alexcockellI think I'll wait until 12.04.1 comes out - I did the same with Hardy to Lucid.20:51
Nafallopopey: are you drinking beer?20:52
Nafallooh. the release was yesterday... nvm20:52
alexcockellSome of you getting hammered ready to handle all the support requests?20:54
Nafalloalexcockell: no.20:55
Nafalloalexcockell: wrong reason.20:55
alexcockellAhhh - what's the beer buzz for, just curious...?20:55
Nafalloalexcockell: release parties. but I was a day late :-)20:55
alexcockellRelease pissup... figures...20:56
alexcockellJust before the repos keel over as everyone jumps on them.20:56
Nafallonew job release week = you miss things ;-)20:56
Nafalloehrm. did they?20:57
NafalloI thought they would have fixed that issue by now.20:57
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directhexmain repo was pretty much unusable yesterday21:04
Nafallothat's... interesting.21:04
Nafalloconsidering I knew what backends we put into the mix last release :-P21:05
daftykinsNafallo: huh?21:06
Nafallodaftykins: I used to be Canonicals hardware guy :-)21:07
daftykinswas it fun?21:07
directhexNafallo: in the end i had to abort a netinstall on the 4th try due to the main mirror timing out. had to find a spare burner in the office & resort to optical media, like some kind of feral beast21:08
daftykinsdirecthex: say it's not so!21:09
Nafallodirecthex: dude... mirror.sov.uk.goscomb.net? :-)21:09
Nafallodaftykins: potentially21:09
directhexNafallo: you left canonical?21:09
Nafallodirecthex: aye21:09
daftykinsNafallo: is there any chance you can tell me whether a given subdomain is really hosted anywhere different to another? namely gb.archive.ubuntu.com and gg.archi...21:10
daftykinsas i have a feeling the latter may not truly be in Guernsey21:10
Nafallodaftykins: I haven't got access to the nameservers anymore, no ;-)21:10
daftykinsaww ok21:10
Nafallodaftykins: that said... gg.a.u.c points at a.u.c :-P21:11
jpdsdaftykins: When is gg Germany?21:11
Nafallojpds: dude... are you grunk? :-)21:12
daftykinsjpds: .gg is Guernsey, Channel Islands21:12
daftykinsi know we're small but whoa ;)21:13
daftykinsNafallo: ah i should've known ¬_¬ also i should've looked it up :>21:13
Nafallojpds: also... what the fuck is kraken and unktehi? SLs? :-)21:13
Nafalloalsowtf... Kraken!?21:13
NafalloI know the last naming scheme... but srsly?21:14
Nafalloit has other meanings internally :-P21:15
Nafallojpds: still awake? or too much german liqour? :-P21:16
Nafallojpds: ION; what are you doing when I'm sober again? still in country?21:17
ali1234quantal quetzal sounds like quetzalcoatl backwards22:13
daftykinsstudying Aztecs?22:14
ali1234no i just saw a b movie about him/her/it once22:14
* Laney detects beef22:15
Daraeldirecthex: There are no easter eggs in this program.22:17
daftykinshowever the creme egg is over there22:18
alexcockellSorry if I'm quiet - watching a load of programmes on burt Bacharach on BBC4 right now...22:35
daftykinsi've eaten half a strawberry cheescake from Tesco to myself otnight apparently that's 159% of my GDA of fat22:41
daftykinsand 99% of it that is saturated, or the other way around D:22:42
daftykinsfun times!22:42
* hamitron makes daftykins jump through hoops to work off some of that fat22:45
daftykinsdon't make me jump, i am full of cheesecake </Simpsons fat German kid>22:47
DaraelThere really are no Easter Eggs in this program.23:07
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daftykinsthink £40 is good enough to give in a wedding card?23:16
daftykinsgot invited to the reception of the landlord+lady couple that run my local :O23:17
hamitronI'd hope so23:17
hamitronI'd put £10 in23:17
daftykinsreally? :)23:17
hamitronthat or they get a pack of dish clothes23:17
daftykinswell there'll be a free buffet at said reception23:17
daftykinsbut hrmm23:18
hamitronI must admit, I have a wedding to go to soon23:18
hamitronand am fully aware it costs them £45 per head, for the sit down meal23:18
hamitronbut it seems like an awful lot of expense23:19
hamitronsort of feel guilty, not giving more.... but it is their choice23:19
daftykinsi've been asked to be my brothers best man23:19
daftykinsdo not want :(23:19
daftykinsheh i feel too generous now23:22
daftykinsbut also don't wanna be stingy XD23:22
daftykinsi spent an amazing ~29p on the card :D23:23
hamitronstingy is good imo23:24
hamitronit shows people you aren't rolling in money, so don't rip them off23:24
AlanBellpopey: moo23:59

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