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awwahi, what binary launches the HUD in unity2d?01:18
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bschaeferthomi, hmm do you know why jenkins hasent ran since my last push?04:33
thominope, but I can poke it if you like04:34
bschaeferthat would be awesome04:34
bschaeferI just want to get the video of the ibus-setup thing, I guess ibus-daemon doesn't autostart for unity04:34
thomiOK, it's running now04:35
bschaeferalso just got a VM up, from the daily build. Im hoping I can reproduce it on here...04:36
bschaeferI think Ill parse that install list to install all of those on my VM hm that'll be fun04:41
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thomibschaefer: so I got the PXE CD built, but now I've hit another roadblock: I can't figure out how to get virtualbox PXE botting working correctly04:45
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thomiI'm half way there, but it doesn't find the correct PXE config file :-/04:45
bschaeferthat's weird I've had to change a setting before but that was PAE I think04:46
thomithe documentation is worse than useless04:46
thomiit starts the boot process, then fails when it can't find the config file04:47
bschaeferwhat VM are you using?04:47
bschaeferthat's weird, I can try to set up a PXE as well04:48
thomiit should be simple - I'm sure I'm doing something really basic wrong04:48
bschaeferhave you set up the network?04:49
thomiall you should have to do is create a folder in ~/.Virtualbox called 'PXE'04:49
bschaeferso you can ssh into it?04:49
bschaefero really?04:49
thomithen put the .pxe file in called "vm_name.pxe"04:49
thomisee: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html#nat-tftp04:50
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bschaeferthomi, hmm Im reading this other thing that says you have to change your boot order04:50
bschaeferunder settings, so the network boots first04:50
thomiyou need to do that also04:50
thomiand the Intel network driver doesn't work so well for some people04:51
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bschaeferhmm that's odd. Have you gotten the image installed?04:53
bschaeferor does it just fail now when you try to boot into it04:53
bschaeferthomi, also did you install guest additions?04:53
thomibschaefer: you can't - no OS until it boots04:54
bschaefero dam...04:54
thomianyway, I'm 99% sure it's just a configuration issue on the host machine04:54
bschaeferwhat if you changed the boot order to get into the OS04:54
bschaefercould be04:54
thomithere is no OS04:55
thomithere's no disk even04:55
thomiit's a diskless VM04:55
bschaeferooo, ok04:55
bschaeferunder your network settings have enabled a second adapter?04:55
bschaeferI had to enable a second one to ssh into my VM, so maybe you'll have to add an adapter04:56
* bschaefer is not that good with networks04:57
bschaeferIm trying to get better, there is always so much to learn04:57
bschaeferthomi, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dx-autopilot-fix-ibus/27/05:01
bschaeferumm did some test pass??05:01
thomithat's odd. More likely some tests were removed05:03
thomi...or skipped05:03
thomithe test results UI is pretty confusing though05:03
bschaeferhhhhmmmmmmmmm it says fixed05:03
bschaefersome do, also there appears to be active input methods in the engine list!!05:04
bschaeferthomi, WTF!! https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dx-autopilot-fix-ibus/27/label=1EBEE0FF-DAC9-11DF-BBDA-64A98C34D485/artifact/artifacts/autopilot.tests.test_ibus.IBusTestsHangul.test_simple_input_hud%20%28transmission%29.ogv05:13
thomibschaefer: O.005:14
thomiwhat's that test failing on?05:14
bschaeferincorrect string05:15
bschaeferodd, but why is it typing...05:16
bschaeferI can't find which video where the first test_ibus_setup activates the first engine...05:16
bschaefersome of the videos show an active engine also05:16
bschaeferthomi, oooo i think I have an idea on whats going on05:21
thomio rly?05:21
bschaeferopen ibus-setup05:21
bschaeferand go over a tab05:21
bschaeferand remove all the active engines05:21
bschaeferand you see that checkbox at the top?05:22
bschaefercheck it05:22
bschaeferCustomize active Input Method05:22
thomiit was for me already05:22
bschaeferso it should be off now05:22
thomioh ok05:22
bschaeferlet me run a test. What I think it does is lock the active engines05:23
thomiahhh, you think that checkbox is cleared on the jenkins instance?05:23
bschaeferbut if you have none you cant add any05:23
thomiworth a shot - we can set that checkbox to ON on as part of the ibus emulator05:23
bschaeferand my stupid test-ibus-setup went stupid and unchecked it05:23
bschaeferlet me double check with a test to confirm that it fails05:23
bschaeferthomi, yay it failed the same way05:25
bschaeferIll look at setup.py to see how to set that on/off05:26
thomiit'll be something in the config - we just need the section name and config option name05:27
bschaeferok, hopefully I can find it :)05:28
thomiI think I found it...05:29
thomiI thin it's preload_engine_mode05:29
* thomi is testing05:29
bschaeferalright, I need to get better at finding those, I had a file opened once that had those but now I can't find it haha05:30
thomiyup, that seemed to do the trick. I'll patch the ibus-testing branch05:31
bschaeferdo you want to remove my function?05:31
bschaeferit does some odd stuff...05:32
bschaeferthomi, where did you find that preload_engine_mode? Im greping the entire ibus directory and cant find it :(05:33
* bschaefer might have the wrong version of ibus...05:33
thomiline 73 of main.py05:33
bschaeferwow, guess Im using the wrong ibus05:34
bschaeferI cheated and just bzr branch lp:ibus05:34
thomiummm.. I was looking at /usr/share/ibus/main.py05:35
bschaeferI usually download the source05:35
bschaeferbut I don't know why I didn't think to look in the actual one being used....05:35
bschaeferhmm mines on line 217 of main.py o well05:37
thomibschaefer: OK, I've just kicked off the build with that fix in it05:50
bschaeferthomi, did you remove my function?05:51
bschaeferbecause that could cause some problems05:51
thomioh ok05:51
bschaeferyeeaah, I have it press right, enter, enter at first to activate the ibus-daemon05:51
bschaeferbut for later run it messes it up and starts toggling random stuff on/off haha05:52
bschaefercool thanks! Lets see what happens :)05:56
bschaeferthomi, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dx-autopilot-fix-ibus/31/label=1EBEE0FF-DAC9-11DF-BBDA-64A98C34D485/artifact/artifacts/autopilot.tests.test_ibus.IBusTestsHangul.test_simple_input_dash%20%28document%29.ogv06:10
bschaeferwell looks like it's starting to work06:10
thomibschaefer: there's another build to come06:10
bschaeferthomi, sweet, but still  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dx-autopilot-fix-ibus/31/label=1EBEE0FF-DAC9-11DF-BBDA-64A98C34D485/testReport/autopilot.tests.test_ibus/IBusTestsHangul/06:11
bschaeferlooks like hangul is starting to work :)06:11
bschaefersome pinyin test pass also :)06:14
bschaeferthomi, are you sure there is one after 31?06:16
bschaeferbecause it looks like 31 is the one where you removed my debug test06:16
bschaeferalso half the fails are the from test_to_see_whats_happens06:18
thomihmm, there's another one queued, maybe jenkins got confused06:18
thomicool, I'll remove that test and re-push06:18
bschaeferwell either way, the only test that actually fails is the anthy ones06:18
bschaeferare* no it06:18
thomiok, re-pushed06:20
bschaefersweet :)06:21
bschaeferawesome finally some good progress :)06:21
bschaeferugg and the problem was so simple, you were right06:21
thomiwell, if this fixes it I'll buy you a beer06:22
bschaeferhaha awesome, you'll have to ship it to me!06:22
bschaeferor drive 20 hours north :)06:23
bschaeferwhen you get to LA06:23
bschaefer...i've driven to LA once, it was sooo long...06:23
bschaeferbut then again you're airplane rides take a while from NZ06:25
thominot as long as it was to Budapest06:48
thomiby comparison this is a short trip :)06:49
bschaeferthats good then, LA should be pretty warm around this time06:57
bschaeferIm actually starting to see the sun weekly where I live haha06:57
htorquehm, did anyone else receive ~90 mails about old nux trunk changes (revs between 488-583)?07:06
didrockshtorque: I changed the trunk right to be unversionned07:11
didrocksrather then pointing to 2.0, it's now /trunk07:11
didrockswill do the same with 2d in a few, after the release :)07:11
htorquedidrocks: ah, i see.07:11
bschaeferthomi, well im off to bed, hopefully those test pass! There were for me locally, but what does that say haha07:14
thomiok, talk to you next week I guess07:15
bschaefero yeah it's your firday!07:15
bschaeferumm yeah Ill be on irc next week07:15
bschaeferthough you guys are doing a sprint next week aren't you?07:15
thomibschaefer: I only head out on Tuesday07:16
bschaefero ok, cool, Ill talk with you next week then :)07:16
bschaeferhave  a good weekend!07:16
thomiyou too! Thanks for your help.07:17
bschaeferthomi, ugg but I really want to see if they pass07:17
bschaeferno problem! That was/possibly still has been an odd but fun bug to track down :)07:17
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tjaaltonhey there. I get a popup about the updates, but the window is nowhere to be seen, though the launcher and alt-tab shows it10:15
seb128tjaalton, what do you call "popup"?10:17
tjaaltonseb128: the icon on the launcher saying I have updates10:17
seb128tjaalton, what ubuntu version do you use?10:18
tjaaltonseb128: guess :)10:18
seb128tjaalton, well it could be 11.10 popping up about "do you want to update to 12.04"10:18
tjaaltonit's showing 18 updates10:18
seb128tjaalton, I'm a bit surprised update-manager is already popping up by itself on 12.04, it's supposed to do that once a week10:18
tjaaltonthe icon10:18
seb128tjaalton, what happens if you left click on the icon?10:18
tjaaltonit did so yesterday, then I killed the app from the right click menu, then on the second time it worked fine10:19
tjaaltonnow today it's doing the same10:19
tjaaltonleft-clicking does nothing10:19
seb128will be something to ask sam about when he's around, seems like a compiz focus,stacking issue10:20
seb128I never saw it but update-manager doesn't autoopen here10:20
tjaaltonit's not below any of the windows, kinda like "invisible" and inaccessible10:21
seb128tjaalton, can you open a bug with a screenshot and give the number here? I will make sure it's looked at10:21
seb128tjaalton, I had issues like that with stuff which open minimize in 11.1010:21
seb128compiz seems to not like those sometimes10:21
seb128but it's annoying if what you can't access to is your security updates10:21
seb128tjaalton, that's unity3d you use right?10:23
tjaaltonseb128: yes10:23
seb128I hate when people came with those bugs the day after release rather than before ;-)10:24
seb128but shrug, not a lot we can do about it now10:24
tjaaltonthough.. I probably should reboot with a fresh session first, in case this was fixed after Apr 18th10:24
tjaaltonwell I didn't get this popup before yesterday :)10:25
tjaaltonseb128: bug 98958810:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 989588 in compiz (Ubuntu) "update-manager popup is shown on launcher and alt-tab list but window doesn't show up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98958810:30
seb128tjaalton, thanks10:30
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Andy80it's just me or Empathy in Pangolin is the most bugged release ever seen :\ ?12:08
Andy80lot of time taken to connect, double clicking on a contact doesn't show anything (I had to close and reopen the client many time to make it work and it's very slow anyway), now the application doesn't show itself in the Launcher, etc...12:09
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Andy80andyrock: hey :)14:00
andyrockAndy80, hey hey14:00
andyrockAndy80, what's up?14:05
Andy80andyrock: all fine, I'm stress-testing this new pangolin ;) some things to be improved (one I thing I'm going to take care of directly) and some suggestions we can talk about during UDS, but generally very nice!14:08
andyrockare you using unity 3d?14:12
andyrockAndy80, ^^^14:15
Andy80andyrock: yes, 3D, even if I'm using Nouveau driver, not Nvidia one14:22
andyrockAndy80, have you tried unity 5.12?14:27
Andy80andyrock: I don't think so... I'm just using the basic Pangolin installation. What's new?14:40
Andy80by the way... except some lens that is not working like I was expecting, the most bugs I'm finding are in the other applications (like Empathy) not in Unity itself.14:41
_Pixel_join #ubuntu-it-forum14:44
andyrockAndy80, what's wrong the the lenses?14:44
davidcalle_Andy80, hi, if it's about the lack of sources for the video lens, it could be fixed rather easily with new scopes. What sources are you interested in?14:47
Andy80andyrock: for example I was expecting to find all video results form Youtube, but it's not like that (I also opened a bug, but it has been marked as won't fix)14:48
Andy80davidcalle_: yes, that's what I'm going to do :)14:48
Andy80davidcalle_: I'd like to improve the Youtube scope at least14:48
Andy80about 3rd party apps, Empathy is not working well... at all14:48
Andy80slow to start, I double clicked a contact and nothing happened, I had to close and reopen 3-4 times... then it's not showing in the Launcher... don't know what to think about it, I should investigate better the problems and report detailed bug reports. I'll do it.14:49
davidcalle_Andy80, there is a Youtube lens somewhere on Launchpad that could be turned, with very few changes, into a Youtube scope for the video lens. If you have any questions about scopes, just ping me or mhall119. :)14:50
Andy80davidcalle_: I first need to "study" a bit about lens and scoper, read a tutorial or something like that ;) then I'll be happy to put my hands on that code and improve it :) I've seen that it's written in Python, it will be a pleasure for me to work again with that language :)14:53
KacoI4united already?16:14
JimuI've been hackinig around with /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/launcher/LauncherItem.qml, and it is acting weird. changing the DropItem property tileSize,defaultBackgroundColor,backgroundFromIcon doesn't have any effect, but if I change the values of item.tileSize etc, it has an effect. is there somewhere else I can find this behavior's code?16:16
rajmahendraI have upgraded my Ubuntu to 12.4 today i shoutdown and restarted my laptop after i login to my accoutn i see that Unity is not showing the launcher nor i can get the dash. i switched to Gnome. can anyone help me in this to enable unity on my account ?16:36
rajmahendraAnyone guide me ?16:37
rajmahendraanyone here to help ?16:42
Jimurajmahendra: you just upgraded and didn't change anything afterwards?16:44
rajmahendrai upgraded and restarted16:51
rajmahendraunity in my account is not displaying dash or launcher16:51
rajmahendraalt is not workign windows button is nto wroking.16:51
rajmahendrajimu: any restart or anything i need to add16:56
Jimurajmahendra: had you made alterations to your Unity before the upgrade? Have you tried logging in with Unity2D?16:57
tgm4883In the videos lens/scope (or I suppose others may work as well), is there a way to detect exiting of video playback?17:53
Andy80hey guys, just a little note... why all the "Ubuntu Countdown" banners are still showing "Coming Soon" ?19:27
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