jyo_I'll be a bit late but I'll see you guys tonight at the thing.01:00
philipballewkdub, the train to there is a joke. Its only possible if you take the train along the cost, but thats like 12 hours.01:27
Faqtotumi went to thirstybear, no one was there, and they have no reservation01:30
Faqtotumsince no one seems to be on now, i'll try phoning grantbow01:32
Faqtotumok, found pleia2 in here01:47
akkDarn, the alternate installer doesn't work when dd-ed onto a USB stick.02:02
pleia2ive never had good luck w/ alt and usb sticks02:05
Faqtotum12 people here now02:55
Faqtotum5 standing, 7 sitting02:56
akkWeird -- in the pangolin alt installer, it gives you a choice to enable partners and extras repos03:24
akkbut no choice to enable regular main ubuntu software (from anything but security.ubuntu.com)03:24
* Darkwing peers in03:34
DarkwingAnyone have an expresscard ieee that they would be willing to part with at a good price or, trade for a few 2.5" Laptop drives including a 32GB SSD?03:36
DarkwingUbuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal.04:06
Faqtotumquantal is a word?04:08
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bkerensapleia2: How would you like 40 11.04 CD's and maybe 20-30 11.10's?05:43
bkerensaSince we don't get CD's I am recycling the covers from old versions I have and repurposing :D05:44
philipballew_my schools dhcp servers seem to cut me off every so often and cant reconnect easily.06:00
philipballew_would that be a reason why my internet connection cuts off every hour or so06:07
bkerensauhh I wrote a Juju charm in 22 minutes :P06:59
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* MarkDude saw a Motley crue cover band tonight, all women - thye are called Cruella07:27
DonkeyHoteihide the dalmatians07:28
DonkeyHoteito register for uds, do i put "non-sponsored" for "capacity" or what?07:36
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: yeah I think so07:39
DonkeyHotei"group/company representing" ?07:39
DonkeyHoteiwhat there?07:40
DonkeyHoteibkerensa: ^07:41
bkerensaYou are representing Ubuntu07:41
bkerensaunless you are attending for some other reason07:41
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: Do you contribute to any specific area of the community?07:42
DonkeyHoteiodd that that's still "non-sponsored"07:42
DonkeyHoteiand what do i put for travel info? it's non-optional07:42
MarkDudeDonkeyHotei, you represent levity07:49
MarkDudePut today as arrival day07:49
MarkDudeand put some day in the future as leaving, maybe a day after the Mayan calendar ends07:49
DonkeyHoteii put the 7th07:49
* MarkDude tried to put both local AND remote attending07:50
MarkDudeWould not let me07:50
DonkeyHoteiyou're local07:50
* MarkDude reserves the right to act remote while there07:53
daxSo I just found out I'm going to be in the Bay Area the 3rd to the 8th.07:58
philipballewlate night for people talking here08:05
* bkerensa prints tickets09:54
DonkeyHoteii made a typo untarring a tarball on oneiric:15:25
DonkeyHoteiNo command 'tax' found, did you mean:15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'ttx' from package 'fonttools' (universe)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'fax' from package 'efax' (universe)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'tex' from package 'texlive-binaries' (main)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'tx' from package 'transifex-client' (universe)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'vax' from package 'simh' (universe)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'tar' from package 'tar' (main)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'tac' from package 'coreutils' (main)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'rax' from package 'radare-common' (universe)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'pax' from package 'pax' (main)15:26
DonkeyHotei Command 'stax' from package 'stax' (universe)15:26
DonkeyHoteitax: command not found15:26
pleia2bkerensa: oh no, I make sure I don't have left overs of CDs from old releases at the end of a cycle, I have no space for them :)15:52
DonkeyHoteidax: someone mentioned last night that you're at sac state now, so why didn't i see you at the ubuntu hour that philipballew used to run?16:10
philipballew_Whats a good method for making a direct image of my laptop them putting that image on all my other omputers?16:48
philipballew_is there a simple way to do it?16:49
philipballew_i thought about clonezilla, but was unsure if that the best?16:49
akkcp -ax will usually work: the first parts of http://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/install/upgrading-without-risk.html16:49
akkIt does require some manual steps. If you can access your root filesystem while it's unmounted (while you're not actually running), that's safer.16:50
philipballew_that seems script-able16:52
* philipballew_ thanks akk 16:53
akkOnce you have one copy that's not mounted and that uses the right root device, like /dev/sda2 or whatever, doing more copies is super easy.16:54
philipballew_I was thinking of throwing the image onto my server and try to send it from there maybe. Not sure.16:54
akkYou could have a script to fix things like the hostname, and disk UUIDs if you prefer to use those instead of /dev/sdNN16:55
philipballew_So many ideas16:55
akkI'm in the process of making a bunch of little pangolins on USB sticks that I can use for a class ... will probably use cp -ax or rsync -a for them once I get one up and working.16:56
philipballew_I was thinking of giving the images I make to my work, There trying to use ubuntu to send to people in South Africa16:57
philipballew_what class are you taking?16:57
DonkeyHoteisending ubuntu to south africa, how ironic...16:59
philipballew_DonkeyHotei, thats what I thought... but hey, never hurts17:03
akkphilipballew_: Teaching an arduino class. The arduino software turns out to be difficult to install on windows, so I'm hoping I can boot their lab machines into ubuntu.17:04
DonkeyHoteithere used to be a ppa for it17:04
DonkeyHoteiit went unmaintained17:04
akkFor arduino? I think there's a version in the repos, but it's old.17:05
akkBut it's easy to run the tarball on ubuntu. Not so easy on windows.17:05
philipballew_I need to buy a new arduino. I was running a picaxe but that was not meeting my needs17:05
DonkeyHoteii know it's easy to run the tarball, but a maintained ppa for auto updates was nice17:06
philipballew_ppa's are nice untill you either want to remove them or update ubuntu and have the system remove the ppa and you have to re enable it.17:12
DonkeyHoteiworth it17:13
akkUgh, kernel panic trying to boot off the usb stick.17:15
philipballew_have you tried turning it on off and on again?17:22
akkMight be an initrd problem -- the initrd was generated on a different machine from the target machine.17:30
akkI'm not sure how to get a generic initrd that works everywhere ... I tried the one I made on this machine, where I said yes, include all drivers not just from this machine.17:31
akkHmm, maybe this usb stick is bad.17:43
akkWhen I try to log in to ubuntu forums using my launchpad id, I get a firefox warning about a suspicious cross-site scripting attempt.17:53
akkHow do I whitelist it? I tried going to Options and adding ^https://login.launchpad.net/+openid (the url that showed up in the console) but that didn't make it happy.17:54
akkNobody uses ubuntu forums with firefox, I guess? Or you have to use a separate login for forums, can't use launchpad?18:00
philipballew_akk, I dont think uf is hooked up with the single sigh on yet. Maybe I am wrong, but I think thats a feature coming soon.18:06
akkIf so, they should get rid of the link that says "Sign in using your Launchpad ID".18:07
akkIn the upper right just under the search box.18:07
philipballew_akk, I think there currently or soon will redoo the entire interface to look more like ubuntu 10.04 plus and not the brown theme before 10.04. or at least that what i herd. Have you tried askubuntu? I hear its better these days.18:17
philipballew_Old people are awesome!18:20
philipballew_pleia2, I want to let you know I was going to do post meeting logs tonight/early morning stuurday. so dont think I forgot18:28
philipballew_this is a very hard week so I have not been able to get to it. I apologize18:28
bkerensapleia2: Was the California release party fun? Lots of people?18:42
bkerensaI saw a Pangolin partying18:42
DonkeyHoteiwe had a plastic pangolin18:42
DonkeyHotei15-ish people, total18:43
philipballew_I partied alone in my room last night. Should I have put that as a loco event/18:44
DonkeyHoteimuy loco18:45
pleia2philipballew_: no problem :) thanks for doing this18:50
pleia2bkerensa: was fun, I put photos up here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157629548073368/18:50
pleia2as DonkeyHotei said the peak was about 15 people, but counting folks who just dropped in for a few minutes I'd say it ended up being around 20 in all18:51
pleia2we were there for 3 hours, so people sort of came and went18:51
DonkeyHotei12 people were there pretty much the whole time18:52
bkerensacool we are anticipating about 55 attendees (We have 33 Yes + 9 Maybe) although we have people who refuse to RSVP for all events for "anonymity" purposes I guess and then we have also had some who just ran into LTP issues18:52
* bkerensa hopes we have enough beer/soda/pizza18:53
DonkeyHoteiglad i didn't end up in any of the pics18:54
bkerensawhat are those potatoes ?18:57
DonkeyHoteithey were good, too18:58
DonkeyHoteibut the empanadas were even better18:58
* bkerensa desires Taqueria Cancun Super Burritos so bad18:59
DonkeyHoteithere was a plate of three empanadas. i had one, wiretapp1d had another, and the third stayed on the plate even when they took the plate away18:59
philipballew_bkerensa, yeah. for the sd ubuntu hours only i rsvp, but we have 8 people often19:02
philipballew_they just dont care to rsvp19:03
* kdub included last time :-/19:03
bkerensaphilipballew: our salem ubuntu hours have on average 3-4 but its not really a tech city :)19:03
bkerensaOur last Portland Ubuntu Hour had 2519:03
bkerensaand were going to start shifting to two a month one on the East Side and one on the West Side19:04
philipballew_bkerensa, your really organized19:07
bkerensaphilipballew: yeah kind of but this is my last cycle involved in leading our LoCo I think :)19:07
* bkerensa had planned to step down before the end of the cycle but things didn't work out19:08
philipballew_who takes over?19:09
bkerensaphilipballew: That is a good question.... I'm hoping Nathan Williams will take the role and if he needs help I can asst him but if not there are other people I am confident can do it19:11
* bkerensa wont step down until all that is lined up19:11
philipballew_you need to find a jedi apprentice19:12
bkerensaBut in Q I am going to be doing a intense amount of doc work and after Q cycle I plan to apply to be a MOTU19:12
philipballew_motu sounds fun19:17
Julius_Hi all21:51
Julius_anyone willing to help a fresh ubuntu noob with a dual display problem ?21:52
Julius__Hi again....anyone willing to solve a noob's problem  here.....concerning dual screen21:55
Julius__anyone live here....maybe a better question?21:56
pleia2Julius__: I think a of us are at work :) but you can ask your question, if folks are lurking they might know21:57
Julius__thanx for responding21:57
pleia2(I have only ever had one monitor, so I'm afraid I can't help)21:58
Julius__Ok thank you...........Iḿ in Holland country is asleep...will check the UK...1 hour difference21:59
pleia2maybe try #ubuntu?21:59
Julius__tried it all............works like a charm under Windows, must be something small....but Iḿ all new in Ubuntu22:00
Julius__Looks good but it's not the same22:00
Julius__have a great day22:01
dragonI don't think they understood that you were referring to the #ubuntu IRC channel.23:59

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