nixternalwe used like 2 huge rolls of cat-6 cabling, he has like 4 cisco/whatever wireless-n boxes. if i am out back with my laptop, i will actually use his internet because i get a better connection with his than i do mine wirelessly :)00:00
nixternalmy mom has the bose wave radio thing. you talk about sweet00:02
nixternali don't know what all it does, but i know it sounds really good00:03
rick_h_snap-l: we meeting up for dinner tomorrow?00:03
snap-lWE can try00:30
rick_h_snap-l: thinking of just heading down after work and finding some food down there before my talk00:31
rick_h_I should look at where this actually is :/00:31
rick_h_oh jeeze, that's way down there00:33
rick_h_ooh, pf changs!00:35
snap-lGrrr.... phone is in perrysburg00:41
snap-lstill has estimated date of tomorrow, though00:42
snap-lgo little phone, go00:42
rick_h_you think it can you think it can00:42
snap-lDon't be like rick_h_'s phones and get caught up in customs00:42
snap-lThere's a fucking fly in here.01:25
RevolutionaryIs anyone active right now?06:21
brouschug, rough morning11:49
brouschthe boy broke his glasses, so he is all distraught. then he threw a fit and stomped on my wife's foot with his shoes, so he's more distraught11:51
brouschrelease party went well last night. 14 people there when there are typically 6 at that meeting11:54
brouscha lot less ubuntu hate this time around11:54
rick_h_that's cool11:56
rick_h_good to hear11:56
brouschbut there was only 1 unity user out of the 15 people11:57
brouschalthough a few others said their wives were using it11:58
brouschso apparently unity is the pinterest of window managers11:58
shakes808Good morning12:04
shakes808what release party?12:04
brouschshakes808: west MI12:04
rick_h_brousch: is a west sider, so they have their parties separately from us12:04
brouscheast siders are to rowdy for us12:04
shakes808Should take you to Harpos for some good times :)12:06
brouschis that a biker bar?12:08
rick_h_here you go jrwren http://goo.gl/fWcjW12:17
brouschi upgrade my wifi when my internet connection becomes faster than the wifi12:18
rick_h_meh, what about those network backups you're of course doing to make sure you're data is safe?12:18
snap-lbrousch: Harpos is a metal bar on the east side12:21
rick_h_gotta love prepping a talk, last night heading to bed and realized I've got a whole topic to cover I forgot12:21
snap-lThough they tend lately to have more hair metal12:21
brouschrick_h_: wired12:21
brouschactually i don't have an onsite backup at home right now. dropbox and crashplan12:22
snap-lWhew, Spike The Tomb is actually CC-licensed.12:24
snap-lTheir singer set up the Bandcamp site, and didn't tell the rest of the band12:24
shakes808Rammstein is coming :(12:49
shakes808:D Anyone want to donate some monies to me to go to the show?!!!!12:49
shakes808I am going to assume that the silence is a negative on that lol12:51
snap-lAlready spent way too much on Rush tickets12:51
shakes808Geddy is an amazing bassist12:51
shakes808Neil is an amazing Drummer12:51
shakes808Acceptable ;)12:52
shakes808in this chat window, why do peoples colors change and why are their colors?12:58
rick_h_so not sure on why they change. The only coloring I tend to get is when someone mentions your name it lights up12:59
rick_h_so if I say shakes808 then it should 'highlight'12:59
shakes808yeah, your color went from blood red to bright red13:00
shakes808and brousch and snap-l are green13:00
rick_h_well they're nice, I'm evil13:00
rick_h_sounds about right to me13:00
shakes808HA HA13:00
brouschshakes808: what client are you using?13:00
shakes808what? Heaven doesn't want you and Hell is afraid you will take over?13:00
brouschin pidgin it asigns a random color to a person, but when my name is mentioned it makes that name bold and gold13:01
shakes808brousch: through the ubuntu teams site13:01
shakes808How do I get this in Pidgin?13:01
brouschAccounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add -> Protocol: IRC -> Username: shakes80813:02
shakes808server is  irc.freenode.net13:03
brouschThen when that's done, Buddies -> Add Chat -> Account: shakes808@irc.ubuntu.com -> Channel: #ubuntu-us-mi -> Group: Channels -> Autojoin: yes13:04
shakes808is this correct?13:04
brouschyeah, irc.freenode.net or irc.ubuntu.com13:04
brouschthey're on the freenode network so either one works13:04
shakes808I don't have Group: Channels13:05
shakes808only groups are the ones that I set up in Pidgin13:05
brouschMake it13:05
shakes808was just asking if I should13:05
brouschname it whatever you want13:05
snap-lIt's like you're a new person13:06
shakes8081:D I got it up13:06
shakes8081Thank you13:06
brouschinteresting hostname13:06
shakes8081Auto did it since I was logged in both13:06
shakes8081going to reconnect brb13:07
shakes8081still 1?13:08
snap-l"On FedEx vehicle for delivery"13:08
rick_h_snap-l: woot! now will fedex arrive before you have to leave for PC?13:08
brouschshakes8081 you need to logout of the first account13:08
brouschthe one through the teams page13:08
rick_h_plus you know it's going to need a solid 8hr charge before you can use it13:08
shakes8081That window is gone13:08
brouschit must take a while to boot you out then13:09
snap-lrick_h_: Yes yes, I know. DOn't remind me.13:09
shakes8081oh well :D maybe when I log in again Monday, it will change. If not I will reset it up without being in the chat13:10
snap-lrick_h_: Stop harshing my buzz. :)13:10
shakes8081snap-l: what did you get?13:10
snap-l(even though I do it to you whenever you get ap phone)13:10
snap-lshakes8081: Samsung Galaxy S II via Ting.com13:10
snap-lOrdered it at the beginning of the month, and have waited for the backorder to be fulfilled.13:11
snap-lhttp://ting.com/twig <- Used that for a discount13:13
shakes8081ting is a phone service?13:13
snap-lIt's a reseller of Sprint13:13
shakes8081like verizon / att / sprint / metro PCS13:13
snap-lidea is to pay for what you use in tiers13:13
shakes8081but sprint sucks13:13
shakes8081I have sprint13:13
snap-lshakes8081: Well, we'll see13:13
shakes8081their service sucks13:13
snap-lI use the phone mostly at home / work anyway, so what I'm really looking for is a modicum of mobile bandwidth13:14
snap-land it's month-to-month, so if it really sucks, I figure out something else.13:14
jrwrenrick_h_: thanks for the gigabit wifi link :)  I'll beleive when I see it, for now, I love my gigabit wired :)13:17
rick_h_jrwren: yea, I worry that it's only a single device with talk of shaping wifi signals and using multiple bands to get it13:20
rick_h_so next to impossible to get in real use, but cool none the less13:20
brouschshakes8081: if you disconnect and try it now your name will be correct. i saw your other account disconnect13:24
jrwrenrick_h_: what does your tweet mean that you are allowed to review my codes?13:25
rick_h_jrwren: I passed code review mentorship in LP13:25
rick_h_so my code reviews don't have to be dbl checked/reviewed by my mentor any more and I've got my own code review day13:25
jrwrensounds like you do the process a lot different than we do.13:26
rick_h_probably, we have a day where you're OCR (on call reviewer) and any merge proposals have to be reviewed before they can land in devel and to buildbot13:27
shakes8081still has the one13:28
rick_h_https://dev.launchpad.net/ReviewerSchedule jrwren13:28
shakes8081I will delete and remake it brb13:28
rick_h_test result13:29
shakes8081result = :(13:29
rick_h_what isn't working?13:29
jrwrenrick_h_: that is an interesting process.13:29
jrwrenbut doesn't it suck the day you are an OCR?13:29
rick_h_jrwren: it can, I did nothing but reviedws yesterday13:30
jrwrenrick_h_: :(13:30
rick_h_jrwren: love that rails twitter post13:33
jrwrenrick_h_: i loled :)13:34
brouschsheat. momogr has asked me to fill in for a panelist at their next event http://www.meetup.com/MoMoGR/events/57263152/13:55
rick_h_a web meets mobile event sponsored by RIM?13:56
brouschthey want me give my responsive design talk from grwebdev to a room full of non-programmers13:56
rick_h_umm, interesting13:56
rick_h_hah, nice13:56
brouschbut none of the organizers saw my talk13:56
brouschit is 75% doing view source on html and css13:57
brouschextolling the cleanness of semantic.gs compared to typical css grid frameworks13:57
brouschso it comes down to can i BS about responsive web design for 10 minutes without embarrasing myself?13:58
brouschhaving made only a single responsive website13:58
brouschalso, can i successfully stifle snickers every time they mention RIM or the playbook?14:00
brouschi failed at that when giving announcements at grwebdev14:00
jrwrenwtf is responsive design?14:06
ColonelPanic001make page smaller, it adjusts to mobile-friendly design14:07
ColonelPanic001wayne.edu. Resize broswer to make it really narrow.14:07
brouschwayne.edu does not respond well ;)14:08
ColonelPanic001not working?14:08
ColonelPanic001I don't remember the size limit, looking14:09
brouschunder 930px it does nothing14:09
brouschthat was what i used in my talk. looks good from 1080p to 320x48014:09
ColonelPanic001930px? I mean, make it about phone-width.14:10
ColonelPanic001heh, yeah, it's not *as* responsive as that14:10
brouschColonelPanic001: but at 930px the content gets cut off14:10
ColonelPanic001yeah, it's only when it gets very narrow that it does anything14:11
ColonelPanic001I didn't make it. ;)14:11
ColonelPanic001(it'd be worse if I did)14:11
ColonelPanic001just one I knew offhand that was "responsive"14:11
brouschso it's broken from 500 - 930px14:11
ColonelPanic001email web@wayne.edu and inform them :P14:11
brouschfix it :P14:11
ColonelPanic001AIN'T MY SITE OMG14:12
brouschi blame you for referring me to it14:12
brouschthanks, i needed a laugh this morning14:12
ColonelPanic001"Your site is pathetic, laughing at it cheered me up"14:13
ColonelPanic001"You may go now"14:13
brouschnot the site, the conversation14:13
ColonelPanic001"Your conversation is pathetic, laughing at it cheered me up"14:13
brouschcrap. momogr says they want a technical talk. i think i'm in14:13
ColonelPanic001idk wat that iz14:14
brouschthe group asking me to speak/panelize14:14
brouschmobile monday grand rapids. you have one in detroit14:14
ColonelPanic001ah, thought it was some text-speak for "manager" of some kind14:14
ColonelPanic001yeah, wearing the shirt from OneDevDay right now,actually, heh14:15
brouschand ann arbor14:15
brouschmuch more business people than i usually deal with14:15
jrwrenso responsive design = media queries.14:16
brouschtargets IT managers more than developers14:16
ColonelPanic001jrwren: yeah, basically14:16
ColonelPanic001just "if it's small use this smallshit.css file"14:16
brouschand feature detection (modernizr)14:16
ColonelPanic001I have a problem. I'm kind of sick. Sneezing a bit, nose is runny, and a little cough from that. Nothing severe, but it's there.14:17
ColonelPanic001and Penguicon is this weekend.14:17
brouschjrwren: basically it is making your web site work on any size screen on any (smart) device without resorting to a different version of the site14:18
brouschyour typical 960px static grid site doesn't scale up or down well14:19
ColonelPanic001except for wayne.edu14:19
brouschso you can make a large format version, a laptop version, a ipad version, a iphone version, an android version ....14:19
brouschor you can use responsive design techniques to have one flexible site adjust for all sizes14:20
rick_h_jrwren: it's using css media queries basically14:27
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: the answer is to go to the store, drink down two containers of nyquil, and get ready to come to my talk tomorrow14:27
rick_h_jrwren: https://bmark.us/recent and then shrink your browser around 700px wide14:28
* rick_h_ is a bit ashamed, need to fix that up still14:28
ColonelPanic001I have permission from rick_h_ to go to Pcon despite ilnnes14:28
ColonelPanic001I'm there14:28
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: only after you've drugged yourself thoroughly today/tonight14:29
ColonelPanic001I'm already on dayquil ;)14:29
ColonelPanic001I'm not really that bad14:29
ColonelPanic001just sniffly, occasional nose-blowing14:29
ColonelPanic001working from home ruined my sense of social mores with that14:29
ColonelPanic001because the slightest sniffle, I'd just stay around home, it was no big deal. I mostly was a hermit anyway14:30
ColonelPanic001I no longer know what's "normal" for being sick in public14:30
rick_h_if you get me sick...there will be trouble. That's the norm14:30
* ColonelPanic001 hides14:31
jrwrenrick_h_: yeah, that is what I said :)  "10:16    jrwren| so responsive design = media queries."14:35
jrwrenspread your illness at penguicon !14:36
ColonelPanic001I think I may have convinced a coworker to go, too14:40
rick_h_jrwren: ah sorry, what I get for scrollback skimming14:42
jrwreni do that all the time :)  scrollback skimming ftw!14:53
shakes808rick_h_ or snap-l: When I talked to John yesterday he mentioned the bpython stuff. In my finding it is supposed to be already with Ubuntu. How do I use/activate it?16:03
rick_h_it's not, you need to install it16:04
rick_h_have you installed/setup pip yet?16:04
shakes808no, what is it?16:04
rick_h_a way to install python packages from pypi.python.org16:04
shakes808and on the bpython site it said it was included from 9.10 on16:04
rick_h_think rubygems, or perl's thing16:04
rick_h_apt-cache search bpython16:04
shakes808never worked with ruby or perl, but I think i get it16:04
rick_h_so yea, there are debian packages for bpython16:05
rick_h_guess you can start there by installing it there16:05
shakes808Alright, I will when I have my laptop with me16:05
shakes808so, sudo apt-cache search bpython16:06
rick_h_you can apt-cache search without sudo16:06
rick_h_but then you'll need sudo to install16:06
rick_h_sudo apt-get install bpython, bpython3 maybe...not sure which one you want to be honest16:06
shakes808 is there doc with the diffs?16:07
rick_h_apt-cache show bpython16:07
rick_h_run that for each package16:07
shakes808so search and then show and it will let me know what is there and description for them16:08
rick_h_yea, you can see the package details with apt-cache show16:08
rick_h_woot http://travis-ci.org/#!/mitechie/bookie_parser17:26
brouschwhat is that?17:39
rick_h_travisci running unit tests for the readable.bmark.us app17:41
brouschthank you mr obvious17:41
rick_h_ok, well rephrase your question in some way I can tell which part you're unsure of :P17:42
brouschtoo late. i already googled it17:42
rick_h_ok, works for me :)17:42
brouschTravis CI A hosted continuous integration service for the open source community.17:42
rick_h_been all over the place the last several months17:43
brouschjrwren: http://bradfrostweb.com/blog/web/responsive-web-design-missing-the-point/17:57
snap-lYay, phone showed up18:01
rick_h_snap-l: awesome, congrats!18:12
shakes808snap-l: what phone did  you get?18:14
jcastroanyone not doing anything I could use some editing/fixing up help on askubuntu18:52
jcastroit's friday now ... SO IT IS ON18:53
rick_h_sorry call in 5min and then off to penguicon to prep for my talk18:55
brouschI'm too busy creating new, mistake-filled, badly-worded questions to help clean up old ones19:07
shakes808have a good weekend all.20:26
greg-gjcastro: some days, I wish I could20:27
jcastrothis is awesome20:29
greg-glittle bobby tables20:30
ColonelPanic002i have arrived at penguicon to spread disease and sickness.22:22
ColonelPanic002i even came to rick's talk to spread it here, since he gave me permission to go.22:22
ColonelPanic002that'll teach him.22:23

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