jrgiffordjandrusk: see? You think emacs is an OS.01:34
jrgiffordand that is why I use vim, because I like an editor. ;)01:34
canthus13jrgifford: emacs IS an OS.01:35
canthus13It just needs a good editor.01:36
jrgiffordcanthus13: he keeps saying that he uses emacs, but runs ubuntu. I keep saying its an OS, but he keeps refuting that.01:36
jrgiffordso the battle of the UNIX ages continues,01:36
canthus13jrgifford: Ubuntu isn't an OS... it's a flavor.01:37
thafreakso...my nettop (small desktop with older singlecore atom) is running 11.0412:42
thafreaki think that was the first apearance of what is now unity right?12:42
thafreakAnyway, it runs ok...anyone have an idea if plain 12.04 will run on something this wimpy?12:42
thafreakI guess i could slap a livecd in and give it a shot12:43
jrgiffordthafreak: whats the specs?13:11
jrgiffordas in, CPU and ram?13:11
jrgiffordi'm installing it on a 1.6GHZ 1GB ram netbook tomorrow, it should be fine13:12
yanohelping to seed 12.04 doesn't seem very rewarding as i'm only at 0.031 share ratio and i've had it idling for about a day, seems there are too many seeders already.14:30
dzhoyano: switch to a different iso, maybe?14:32
yanoi'm seeding desktop-amd64 and desktop-i386, maybe i should seed the alternatives and servers14:32
dzhoyou might not see as big a total outgoing bandwidth usage, but your contribution might be more significant amongst the other seeders14:33
dzhoin relative terms14:33
jrgiffordyano: interesting14:44
jrgiffordi was at 1.0 ratio within 20 minutes of starting.14:44
* canthus13 seeds tails.. nothing else.14:47
canthus13Speaking of which.. I need to update the version I"m seeding.14:48
yanoso far at 0.002 for alternate-amd6414:59
yanowhat bittorrent clients do you guys use on linux?15:03
canthus13I likes the web interface.15:07
yanoi personally use deluge, their web interface sucks, though i haven't used it in a while15:09
* canthus13 used deluge for a little bit, but transmission just works. also, it supports magnet links. :)15:11
yanolike when clicking on one in a browser?15:12
yanoyou know what i love about torrents in deluge? i can play 'guess that country flag' game while looking at the ip addresses16:09
yanodid you guys here what the last version of Ubuntu will be?16:23
dzhoyou mean, the latest?16:36
dzhoquerulus quetzal or some shiz like that16:37
yano12.10 because the world will end in 12/12 :-P16:37
dzhoman, when do the mayans mark the new year, anyway16:37
dzhoI somehow doubt it corresponds exactly to the gregorian calendar16:38
yanowell it's the end of the 13th cycle, iirc, but from what i understand when one sits down and does the converting between calendars, it comes out to 2012/12/21 at least that's what i've gathered from the history channel16:40
yanodzho: http://www.quickmeme.com/Ancient-Aliens/?upcoming16:45
dzhoI love that there are something on the order of 14,000 of those16:52
Unit193jandrusk: Hello! Did you end up trying Xfce 4.10?23:49

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