biobunsaihas everyone installed 12.04?00:21
biobunsaiis there any issues with it?00:21
rmg51 I have beta2 on one laptop00:32
rmg51I didn't get around to doing any upgrades yet00:32
rmg51I just downloaded the iso's this afternoon00:33
biobunsaiOh... well welcome to the linux club:) kinda new myself:)00:41
rmg51I'm not new00:42
rmg51I use the alt cd to do my upgrades00:42
rmg51right now the servers get hammered with all the earlybirds00:43
biobunsaiSo that explains why its like a 4 hour download... LOL00:48
rmg51took me all day with bit torrent00:49
biobunsaiwell i wont make this mistake again.. and do you know a go place to learn to bash?  need a quick crash course:)00:49
rmg51but that was for all 4 iso's00:49
rmg51I don't but others should00:50
PennBotTitle: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (at tldp.org)00:51
PennBotTitle: Bash Reference Manual (at www.gnu.org)00:51
PennBotTitle: Bash- GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (at www.gnu.org)00:52
biobunsaisweet thax:)00:53
jthanAnyone had issues with the upgrade process between releases?01:00
biobunsaiI heard the side bar doesn't go away and there a few issues with wifi i heard.. fromother boards01:00
rmg51I lost wifi with beta201:03
jthanI am just reffering to upgrading your release from.. 10.04-10.10 for example01:04
jthanbut not reinstalling - just upgrading01:04
jthanHas that presented issues?01:04
jthanI've always opted for a clean install.01:04
rmg51there can be issues with any upgrade01:06
rmg51some of mine went bad others never had a problem01:07
rmg51the worst that can happen is a bad upgrade needing a clean install01:08
rmg51been there done that01:08
biobunsaiI done that a few time:)01:38
MobileTurkeyany recommendations on tablets?01:39
MobileTurkeywhat about the thinkpad tablet?01:39
SadinMobileTurkey i like lenovo02:15
Sadintheyr solid02:15
MobileTurkeyi love em02:58
MobileTurkey so freakin tire03:37
Sadinneed your opinion03:50
Sadinon my first animal drawing digitally03:51
MobileTurkeyit's an owl04:28
biobunsaiOh geez I have no screen saver again..04:47
biobunsaigeez spent 4 hours to update.. and off to update more... sigh04:55
InHisNameSadin: yes, I believe it is an owl.   Nice detail so far....05:35
rmg51morning JonathanD09:51
InHisNameGood Morning, regulars10:14
SadinHi InHisName10:14
InHisNameSadin: you're up earlier or are you just still up from yesterday?10:15
JonathanDWhats up folks?10:21
SadinInHiName im always up this early for school just have a little time cause i got ready the night before :P10:23
waltmanAwesome. Just had someone I barely know from Drexel chatting me up on facebook asking for money.11:13
waltmanI think someone hacked into his account. Dude was claiming he'd just gotten mugged in the Phillipines.11:13
biobunsaiHiya all... so far I have had three program crashes withthe new system, but nothing serious yet:)11:35
JonathanDwaltman: help, I'm trapped in siberia and I need $500 to get home.11:39
JonathanDyou can paypal it to me at fish73jfaw@moneytheif.com11:39
InHisNameizzat for real ?   moneytheif.com ?    Seems he only wants to steal from real dumb people ?12:17
biobunsaithere is alot of dumb folks out there13:36
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aurigusanyone going to the philly tech week signature event tonight?15:23
MutantTurkeyanyone going to Good Old War tonight?15:25
waltmanaurigus: I am.15:26
JonathanDthat depends, I guess, on if this lame car will start.15:28
JonathanDand if end up working late because of lame car not starting.15:28
JonathanDIt's looking less and less likely.15:29
auriguscool, I will be there too15:29
auriguslook for awkward guy in a jacket15:29
JonathanDwaltman: you should have bought the video sunglasses15:29
JonathanDaurigus: it's tech week. Everyone is an awkward guy in a jacket.15:29
aurigusyeah, whats why i said that15:29
waltmanI'll be the awkward guy with the beard and a beer.15:30
waltmanI wonder if it's going to be a zoo in there.15:31
* aurigus is a fellow beard holder15:31
aurigusthe one last year was really swank15:31
aurigusIve never been to the moore college of art15:32
waltmanI'm hoping to chat up a former coworker about some summer job prospects.15:32
* jedijf will be there15:59
jedijfwith redbull and/or coffee16:00
jedijfand it does look /swanky/16:01
adomjedijf: does myunity work on 12.04? (googling now)16:20
waltmanI just realized this morning that there's a bar-code thingy I needed to print out for the PTW event tonight16:23
MutantTurkeyoh yeah forgot problematic pidgeon was released16:25
MutantTurkeyor pathetic panther16:25
MutantTurkeywait was it patriotic panda?16:25
MutantTurkeyparlimentary poodle16:25
MutantTurkeyZygote Zebra16:25
MutantTurkeyXenophobic Xerxes16:26
passstab#ey #er16:27
waltmanpernicious pachyderm?16:29
waltmanpensive piranha?16:29
waltmanpanting pooch?16:30
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=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
MutantTurkeyis there a way to tell when a process ends remotely?16:50
MutantTurkeyI guess i could script it up in bash16:50
MutantTurkeyright now i am using ps -p pid -o pcpu16:50
MutantTurkeyto see the cpu16:51
MutantTurkeybut i'd like a little notify16:51
waltmanIf anyone's driving in to the PTW event tonight, try to avoid Univesity City. The streets are a complete zoo today because of the Penn Relays.16:54
MutantTurkeywaltman: yeah I noticed....16:56
MutantTurkeyalso the wind was so powerful i struggled to open the door into UC16:56
PennBotTitle: Bacon Dangler Needed (at atlanta.craigslist.org)18:49
* passstab clicks against his better judgment19:00
waltmanit's G-rated19:01
passstabpg at least19:01
passstabhas the word arse19:02
waltmanRight, but to the US that just sounds like a quaint Britishism19:04
passstabteehee brits19:05
* passstab giggles19:05
* waltman wonders how crowded this Tech Week thing tonight is going to be.21:24

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