* nuvolari wakes up from his keyboard04:20
nuvolariwhu what? huh?04:20
* nuvolari continues upgrade04:20
nuvolari*restarting to see what's broken*05:33
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superflycharlvn: I'm running Gnome Shelll 3D on Debian in VB right now...07:58
* superfly needs to pack up and head off to the release party07:58
* tumbleweed waves from an empty release party08:11
superflytumbleweed: I'll see you in 15 minutes, just copied a couple of games to my netbook08:14
marcogtumbleweed: people there yet?08:28
tumbleweedmarcog: there's 3 of us08:28
tumbleweedwhy aren't you here?08:28
marcogtumbleweed: bed is comfy in the morning08:28
marcogjason and i are discussing potential plans to get out of bed08:29
marcogwe're heading there in about 10 mins08:32
charlvnenjoy the release party all!09:02
marcogMaaz: latest tweet from marcog10:42
Maazmarcog: "Pangolin cake! #ubuntu #realeaseparty http://t.co/MoDKuNpX" 3 minutes and 2 seconds ago, http://twitter.com/marcog/statuses/19582459398495436910:42
tumbleweedmarcog: "realease" ?10:47
superflyIt's a real release, you see ;-)10:51
charlvnmarcog: i'm really impressed with the number of girls you have in that pic11:19
charlvnusually we have a lot of trouble attracting girls to these types of events11:19
marcogcharlvn: and there were 2 more not in that pic :)11:22
charlvnali-g style "respek"11:23
marcogwell henk (meep/zay) organised not me :P11:23
HodgestarHow is the pangolin cake?11:57
tumbleweedquite sweet11:57
tumbleweedscaly too11:58
superflythe scales are really sweet12:00
marcogtumbleweed: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lyz/handouts/12.04BALUGHandout.pdf12:17
charlvnsounds like a competitor to http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/gay-bacon-strips12:17
charlvnthe scales, i mean12:17
magespawnEvening y'all15:49
superflytumbleweed: I've just filed the ITP16:19
Kiloshello superfly and all others18:05
superflyhi Kilos!18:06
Kilossuperfly, can you please check to see if i have made the right mods to this command18:09
Kiloszsync -i ubuntu.iso http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.zsync18:09
superflyKilos: I don't know what zsync is, I've never used it18:10
Kilosoh ty18:10
Kilosits a way of updating an iso before you burn it to cd18:11
superflyKilos: well, do those two ".zsync" urls exist?18:11
Kilosthe lucid one worked for me now i am trying to get the right one for precise so ian can update the iso before he brings it here18:12
Kiloscocooncrash, is this correct18:13
Kilos zsync -i http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.zsync18:13
cocooncrashsuperfly: zsync is rsync over HTTP18:14
Kiloseish i left some out18:14
superflycocooncrash: ah18:14
cocooncrashKilos: No18:14
Kiloszsync -i ubuntu.iso http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.zsync18:14
cocooncrashKilos: -i is to point to an existing local file to resume from18:15
cocooncrashKilos: Is ubuntu.iso something you've already downloaded?18:15
Kilosyes ian has already downloaded it and i told him to put it on his desktop then run the command18:16
cocooncrashKilos: Then yes, that last one is correct.18:16
Kilosgreat thank you. 18:16
Kilossee cocooncrash its not just when maaz is sick i need your help18:18
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:22
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:22
KilosMaaz, coffee for all18:22
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:22
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:26
KilosMaaz, ty18:26
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:26
charlvnwhy does mybroadband.co.za look like a mobile site now?18:26
charlvnsounds like faulty user agent sniffing18:27
charlvnhi Kilos !18:27
Kiloshi charlvn isnt it for mobile broadband18:28
charlvni thought it always looked like a normal site18:28
charlvnuntil now18:28
charlvnare you getting the same thing18:29
Kiloslol the fone peeps have different ideas18:29
Kilosi went there long ago, but dunno now anymore18:29
nuvolario/ hi oom Kilos 18:32
Kiloshi there nuvolari all well?18:32
nuvolariinetpro: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20120427122707710 (if you don't have time, just read everything before the first grey box18:32
nuvolariKilos: yes thank you! Are you well too?18:33
Kilosyes ty nuvolari 18:33
nuvolariI took a big-ish break from the lappy today :D18:33
nuvolarispent some quality time with my folks :>18:33
Kilos20 mins?18:33
nuvolaria couple of hours 18:33
nuvolaridrove around to Stanger and back, and took them to some quiet beach18:34
Kilosthats nice. when i see the beaches on the idiot box nowadays you are lucky you can find a quiet one18:35
nuvolariye, I like that particular beach. I guess it's because it's too much effort for most people to get to it18:36
nuvolariI dunno why, but today was very long :-/18:41
Kiloslol you werent busy thats why18:42
Kiloswhen you trying to get something done then time flies18:42
Kilosnight guys sleep tight18:46
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 18:46
magespawnEvening all19:09
magespawnWhats up?19:10
zerefnothing much, just reading up on some stuff19:12
magespawnPlaying angry birds here19:19
magespawnzeref any more thougths on the tennis game@19:29
zerefummm, i'm not working on it atm, since i'm working on a java project for school, its due soon19:31
zerefbut i did stop at socket progaramming19:31
zerefbut i can share the files if you wan to have a look see19:34
zerefmagespawn: ?19:39
magespawnI thought it was you who wasmtalking about the game you were working on in python?19:40
magespawnSorry missedmthat part of the conversation19:41
zeref21:31 < zeref> ummm, i'm not working on it atm, since i'm working on a java  project for school, its due soon19:41
zeref21:32 < zeref> but i did stop at socket progarammi19:41
zeref21:34 < zeref> but i can share the files if you wan to have a look see19:41
magespawnThat wouod be cool19:42
magespawnTyping gremlins got me tonight19:42
zerefk, i need sort then out and stuff.19:43
zerefgief emailz then i can send them to you19:45
magespawnCould also set up something in githun or bazzar20:07
zerefhmmmm, will look into that20:12
magespawnWell then other people like kbmonkey can also have a look, he knows a 'bit' more than i do.20:14
charlvngithub has become the new programming cult - it used to be SF, then Google Code and now GH20:15
magespawnAnyone wouod work, I thought SF was only for hosting.20:17
charlvnSF also has version control20:21
charlvnbut they are good for large downloads like virtual machine images or isos20:21
charlvnbecause they have various mirrors around the world20:22
charlvnthat's not the case with github20:22
charlvni used to have a bunch of OVA packages up on there, 12GB in total20:22
charlvnbut they got outdated and i discontinued the project a few months ago20:22
zerefmagespawn: will send on sunday20:22
magespawnCool zeref20:22
charlvnit can take a few days though to get it onto mirrors if the file is a couple of GB large, i found20:23
charlvnbut eventually it will sync20:23
magespawncharlvn what were you working on?20:35
charlvna project to make available ova packages of various popular linux distributions20:36
charlvnthere are other similar projects now though20:36
magespawnI see20:37
magespawnI am off, see y'all later20:39
zerefanybody used django?21:23
conradvohi has any body install 12,0421:25
nlsthzn12.04 was a breeze when I finally realized I will have to add nomodeset just to get into it initially :/21:27
bakumanbeen running it from alpha21:30
zereftumbleweed: how is it, easy to learn? powerfull?21:30
tumbleweedpretty easy, pretty powerful21:30
bakumanand more stable than 11.1021:31
bakumanI am waiting to see if Ubuntu keeps the boost in ratings it got on distrowatch.21:35
zerefsince unity has matured, i think that people will come back to ubuntu and leave mint :whistle:21:36
bakumanonly time will tell21:36
zerefI wonder how many users are using Mate or cinnamon21:37
nlsthznenough people know about Ubuntu not to use Distrowatch to get it21:37
bakumanthat is true as well21:37
bakumanthere are also dvd's given out21:38

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