zykotick9pmp6nl: expect issues ;)00:00
sokakzykotick9, thats the point, when i try to get the manpage of getlibs, it points me to man 7 undocumented00:00
zykotick9pmp6nl: best to disable all PPAs, upgrade, and then readd the PPAs (i think the install does that automatically though ;)00:00
sokakalso no luck googling00:00
pmp6nlzykotick9, ok ill try, or maybe i will just reinstall everything00:00
trismsynackfin: aptitude search ~o00:01
wyldepndemc_: so basically it's controlled completely remotely, using ssh and sftp for the most part.00:01
pndemc_wylde, I plan on using a GUI on mine, will this have much of a performance impact? I seriously doubt I could do it all command-line only00:01
zykotick9sokak: i wouldn't be surprise if getlibs doesn't have a man page - check online or something?  i haven't used getlibs in a while, don't have it install currently so can't really test.00:01
wyldepndemc_: that honestly depends on the DE and if you're going to run things like compiz or any other compositing on it.00:02
sokakzykotick9, so i guess its time to nuke everything, purge my home from all config data, and start a fresh pangoline. Many forums have still opened threads about getlibs uninstall pointing to nil - im just too lazy to manually clean everything00:02
pndemc_wylde, it's currently a windows server, that we have VNC access to00:02
pndemc_wylde, so theres explorer running00:02
zykotick9sokak: fresh install (with data backups) is the cleanest route00:02
sokakzykotick9, i have no probs on that - my home sits on its own 4 tb hdd ;o00:03
wyldepndemc_: potentially, it CAN cause a fair bit more load. However a minimal GUI can give you very little overhead.(LXDE for example)00:03
pndemc_wylde, would I be able to disable/reenable the GUI at the ease of a command?00:03
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AndChat311001Anybody knows the default username and password of ubuntu 12.04...I can't login00:03
wyldepndemc_: yep, just kill the xserver.00:03
sokaki have just been too damn lazy and forgot to ddump my system partition before messing00:03
three18ti_AndChat311001, you set it when you install the OS.  you can boot into safe mode and reset the PW.00:04
FyodorovnaAndChat311001, the live cd?00:04
pndemc_wylde, okay, if I go Debian Squeeze, it's just Gnome 2.3, that minimal enough?00:04
sokakthat will be my first step after reinstalling and updating pangoline.00:04
three18ti_trying to update and I keep getting Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_main_binary-amd64_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch  after an apt-get update.  Anyone else?00:04
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kfizzAnyone know how to connect to a wireless network via command line?00:05
ActionParsnipkfizz: iwconfig00:05
ActionParsnipkfizz: or use wicd-curses :)00:05
wyldepndemc_: when you install, if your don't install anything like gdm, lightdm, kdm etc., then you just type 'startx' when you want to use the gui, and kill the xserver when you're finished.00:05
dkaphi, i just upgraded to ubunntu 12.04 64 bit and tried to install chrome, but the libnss3-1d package was missing...00:06
zvacetAndChat311001: on live Cd there is no username or password00:06
dkaptryingg to install libnss3-1d gives00:06
kfizzWind-curses not installed. Reading man for iwconfig00:06
dkapConflicts: libnss3-1d but 3.13.1.with.ckbi.1.88-1ubuntu6 is to be installed00:06
pndemc_wylde, that's exactly what I'm looking for. this server will be hosting a few game servers so that will be perfect for performance00:06
pndemc_wylde, I've come to realize hosting game servers on windows is a pain00:07
wyldepndemc_:  lol, I'm not going to disagree with you!00:07
pndemc_wylde, a tf2 server update broke our server for half a week00:08
pndemc_wylde, only broke windows servers <_<00:08
wyldepndemc_: yikes... that's never good. So doing a test run in *nix or planning on a full swith?00:09
AndChat311001three18ti_ no I didn't set password00:09
three18ti_ok, think I found my answer, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11593258&postcount=200:09
three18ti_AndChat311001, is it installed or live CD version?00:09
AndChat311001U s b00:10
pndemc_wylde, planning on a full switch (since we now also want to webhost on it), I want to do a test run first though so the actual switch goes smoothly00:10
pndemc_setting up srcds on linux is a little more complicated because of the differences between distros00:10
killownhow disable this feature on 12.04 for those who have multi monitors, if you move de mouse cursor slowly it will not allows it passes to the other monitor unless you move it fast?00:11
pndemc_wylde,  setting up srcds on linux is a little more complicated because of the differences between distros00:11
wyldepndemc_: ALWAYS a good idea :) Not to mention backups! which never seem to be thought about until people have a dead or dying system heh.00:11
DaniG2kguys I have Japanese and Korean language support installed but00:11
DaniG2kI'm not getting a keyboard icon00:11
DaniG2kto switch between inputs00:11
DaniG2khow can I fix this?00:11
OfficeITGuy149Hey #Ubuntu! This might be a really dumb question, but is it possible to install a windows driver in ubuntu? I have a Lenovo U300s trackpad which is awful in Ubuntu, and someone says they replaced their driver with a Dell one and it's great now.00:11
sokak_wild question. whats the more multithread friendly, secure and more efficient compression method i can pipe dd to?00:12
three18ti_AndChat311001, how did you create the liveCD?00:12
wyldepndemc_: being a bit more complicated can be resolved with a little extra reasearch, which beats broken servers by a mile, I think anyway :)00:12
bazhangDaniG2k, ibus-setup yet?00:12
pndemc_OfficeITGuy149, I think dell offers some ubuntu drivers because of their partnership00:12
OfficeITGuy149Interesing pndemc_, do you know where I can find those? I'm googling around now...00:13
vexaxvanyone having issues with the unity bar auto hide?00:13
kfizzIs there a way to boot Ubuntu without the extra startup programs, like a safe mode? I've tried recovery mode with no luck.00:13
AndChat311001three18ti_ I deleted a couple of application and did update and when i rebooted I was promted to username and password00:14
dkapif a package had errors installing, how do we remove it, so that next time when we try installing another package, ubuntu does not complain about the former?00:14
wyldedkap: 'sudo apt-get -f install'00:14
three18ti_AndChat311001, what applications did you remove?  Have you tried logging in using no password?00:15
zykotick9!info gnome-session-fallback00:15
ubottugnome-session-fallback (source: gnome-session): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 157 kB00:15
frankbroHaving a weird issue with 12.04 on my acer iconia w500. After a while, mouse and keyboard inputs wont react with unity. I see my mouse moving, if I ctrl+alt+f1, I have access to tty, top shows nothing is hugging my CPU, yet I cant do anything.00:15
pndemc_OfficeITGuy149, sorry I don't, only know because of those ubuntu computers dell was selling awhile back00:15
OfficeITGuy149OK thanks.00:15
acalbazaanyone have a problem with eclipse context menus in 12.0400:15
zykotick9the gnome-session-fallback is very gnome 2 like.  the !notunity factoid should be updated.00:15
sarnoldkfizz: if you're in real trouble, if you boot with the kernel parameter init=/bin/sh, you'll be given an administrative shell immediately after root has been mounted -- nothing else gets mounted, no other scripts get run, so you've got a fairly plain system to work with.00:15
DaniG2kbazhang thanks that helped00:16
ox1dexubuntu installing.........00:16
dkapyes, but my 'sudo apt-get -f install' itself ends up with errrors!!00:16
IdleOnezykotick9: that isn't a factoid, that info is pulled from the repos00:16
pndemc_so what's new with unity in 12.04?00:16
prime_@search Logically Fallacious00:16
zykotick9IdleOne: but !notunity factoid should now reflect using gnome-session-fallback00:17
prime_oops sorry!00:17
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:17
prime_Hi all - Is this a good place to ask  a 12.04 question?00:17
three18ti_prime_, just ask00:17
wylde!ask | prime_00:17
ubottuprime_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:17
IdleOnezykotick9: /msg ubottu !notunity is <reply> add your edits :)00:18
AndChat311001three18ti_ I don't know how to login without password , I deleted office , mail and many other00:18
prime_i have recurrent 12.04 system errors, usually early in the session. Where are the logs I can look at to see what exactly is crashing?00:18
prime_I'm not quite a noob, but...00:18
zykotick9IdleOne: i'll suggest it in -irc, and hopefully someone will run with it.00:18
IdleOneprime_: /var/logs00:18
wyldeprime_: /var/log00:18
ActionParsnipAndChat311001: http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/09/setting-lightdm-to-auto-login-oneiric.html00:19
prime_ok thank!00:19
FizzikHi guys, I have installed tightvncserver on my ubuntu 12.04 machine and the service has started but i cant connect it to it from my windows machine. I don't know what could be wrong but any suggestions on possibly solving the issue or trying something else?00:19
bc``my 3tv drive is only being read as a 2tb drive00:19
prime_any idea which log might be most useful?00:19
ActionParsnipFizzik: can you ping the name?00:19
FizzikActionParsnip yes because i am sshd into the machine00:20
vexaxvanyone having issues with unity bar auto hide??00:20
three18ti_AndChat311001, the reason I'm asking is I'm trying to figure out if you inadvertently removed the wrong package.  I'll ask again, how did you create the live cd?00:20
AndChat311001Ok ActionParsnip00:20
three18ti_thanks <ActionParsnip>00:21
virusuyhappy release day everyon !00:21
AndChat311001three18ti_ I used universal installer00:21
ActionParsnipFizzik: is the service running now?00:21
kfizzIn precise is the property way to start a gui startx or something like lightdm00:23
td123kfizz: use a dm00:23
AaronCampbellOn my laptop, post 12.04 update, ctrl+alt+up maximizes a window.  On my desktop it doesn't...instead alt+f10 does.  Holding Super shows this.  What's different?00:23
td123kfizz: startx poses a physical security risk if not properly configured00:24
naryfaHi, would anybody have any idea, why the two arrows in the weather applet never actually update? I don't know where to ask this question. Take a look please. http://picpaste.com/pics/Screenshot_from_2012-04-26_20_19_42-4jcYFUoy.1335486044.png00:25
pndemc_td123, "physical security risk" what do you mean?00:25
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
td123pndemc_: if you lock your computer, alt+ctrl+f1 and ctrl+c :P00:25
Logan_aarcane: It's Ctrl-Super-Up00:26
pndemc_td123, so startx would not be a problem for server use?00:26
bc``i just reformatted a 3tb drive, and then mounted it, but it's only showing up as a 2tb drive-- does anyone know how to fix this? thanks!00:26
aarcaneLogan_, thanks.00:26
Logan_aarcane: :-(00:27
AaronCampbellLogan_: Sorry, you're right...on the laptop.  But not the desktop I'm on00:27
td123pndemc_: I don't know the situation, I guess if you only use startx for like 1 continuous session00:27
aarcaneLogan_, what?  I tried it and it worked :)00:27
ox1dexubuntu loaded! i'm back online!@!! thankz for the help!00:27
Logan_aarcane: I was trying to respond to AaronCampbell, though. :-P00:27
aarcaneLogan_, well, it worked for me.  Go fig~  Good luck!00:28
gogetawtf happond unity is not slow crashy and otherwie suck00:28
td123pndemc_: in the end it's your decision, it's just good that you know the possible problem00:28
Logan_gogeta: Is that a backhanded compliment?00:28
gogetawho finnly fired the artest and made a real window manager out of it00:28
FizzikHi guys, I have installed tightvncserver on my ubuntu 12.04 machine and the service has started but i cant connect it to it from my windows machine. I don't know what could be wrong but any suggestions on possibly solving the issue or trying something else? Yes, i can reach the machine because i am sshd into it00:28
gogetaLogan_: :)00:28
bazhanggogeta, thats not a support question. also watch the cursing00:29
pndemc_are there themes for unity?00:29
Logan_pndemc_: Well, not for the launcher.00:29
bazhangpndemc_, you mean a lens?00:30
pndemc_theres 2 for window colours, are there more sources for these?00:30
gogetaLogan_: i did hear something abought them coming00:30
krababbelgnome is nice too00:30
pndemc_I've always wanted to try Gnome300:31
naryfapndemc_: so what's stopping you?00:31
Logan_pndemc_: You can! Just do: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell00:31
celsohi all!00:31
Bennlucky7good morning all00:31
^MikeHow hard is it to get gnome-shell or gnome2 on a 12.04 install?00:31
pndemc_I'll give it a try after the 12.04 update00:31
bazhang!notunity | ^Mike00:32
ubottu^Mike: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:32
celsodoes someone can tell me if i should install the amd post updates install driver or it will broken my xserver again ?  (ubuntu 12.04)00:32
bazhang^Mike, gnome2 is gone, absent an unstable unsupported ppa00:32
Logan_celso: The post-release updates driver is very broken, I believe. It didn't work for me.00:32
krababbelit has usability, gnome300:33
^MikeI assume you mean "absent a stable, supported, ppa" :(00:33
Fizzikany recommend some remote desktop server apps for linux?00:33
Fizzikthat i can access via my windows machine00:33
bazhang^Mike, no, as there are not any supported PPA of any kind00:33
gogeta^Mike: look up the mate project its gnome 2 ported to gtk300:33
Logan_Fizzik: TeamViewer is very easy to set up.00:34
pndemc_I  believe Mint is using MATE00:34
Logan_!vnc | Fizzik, you may want to take a look at this also00:34
ubottuFizzik, you may want to take a look at this also: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:34
celsothat is the problem. cause it should be disabled. but i dont want to broken my entire OS.  but thanks for the help logan00:34
gogetapndemc_: mint uses everything lol00:34
Logan_celso: No problem. I find that the open source driver works fine with my card.00:34
pndemc_gogeta, mate on their main release ^^00:35
celsotrue, but i curently use fglrx because it controls better my fans( in my opinion) :D00:35
pndemc_how well would windows run in a virtualbox?00:35
pndemc_good enough for gaming?00:35
gogetapndemc_: umm no00:36
Logan_pndemc_: Probably not.00:36
^MikeCan you upgrade from an ISO? The alternate image, right?00:36
krababbeldosbox reliably00:36
bazhang^Mike, yes00:36
celsoLogan: and did you tried the hybrid graphics? (if you have) or still broken?00:36
gogetapndemc_: win will run many games just not all of them00:36
^Mikeexcellent, thanks00:36
ActionParsnip^Mike: yes, you don't even need to burn it, you can just loop mount it00:36
pndemc_I have steam running in wine00:36
Logan_celso: I have hybrid graphics in my laptop, and I just have the AMD card disabled since the Intel one doesn't use the fans as much and saves battery. I don't do gaming.00:37
pndemc_but game performance was unplayable00:37
^MikeActionParsnip: Yes, I remember doing that previously00:37
gogetapndemc_: steam is coming for linux first game will be left4dead 200:37
Fizzikok so i need to get x11vnc running but can i access it in windows00:37
pndemc_I heard, very excited :D00:37
ActionParsnipdoes nayone need more than tuxcart?00:37
pndemc_that's the article for anyone interested00:37
bazhang!ot | pndemc_00:38
ubottupndemc_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:38
gogetapndemc_: yea it got leaked a long time ago they just denied it this long00:38
celsoLogan: how? did you disabled on the bios?  sorry... maybe i am asking too much...00:38
bazhanggogeta, lets get back on topic00:38
celsoLogan: i am asking because i can't disable on bios and dont know how to disable on the OS.00:39
aarcaneSo has anyone tried Business Desktop Remix?  Far as I can tell it's not a lot different.00:39
Loonaticwhere they hidden the xorg.conf in 12.04 LTS ?00:40
gogetaaarcane: most remixes are not just a diffrent app set00:40
Logan_celso: No, no. Don't worry about asking. I personally have an Envy 14, and I was able to use these instructions to disable the discrete card: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/498550-envy-14-linux-27.html#post801375600:40
zykotick9Loonatic: not there by default (hasn't been for a while)00:40
gogetaLoonatic: no its not used if you need it you have to genrate it00:40
gogetaLoonatic: all auto now00:40
Loonaticgogeta: ok.. so if i have an issue playing .mp4 they are choppy but not .mov or .mp300:41
aarcaneAha, I found the difference.  BUsiness Desktop is 32 bit only :(00:41
ManuelSantanawhy the ubuntu side bar doesn't hide in 12.0400:41
gogetaLoonatic: is it a old box or something h264 can use alot of cpu00:41
celsoLogan: wait.... that fixed your problem with hybrid graphics??? are you sure??? just that?00:42
Logan_ManuelSantana: It was a design decision. You can set it to autohide using CCSM.00:42
Logan_!ccsm | ManuelSantana00:42
ubottuManuelSantana: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz00:42
LoonaticManuelSantana: SystemSettings --> Appearance --> Behavior --> On :)00:42
capgogeta: Loonatic Actually, it's been "all auto" for some time now. ButL: When you install proprietary drivers, the xorg.conf file is created a that time.00:42
Logan_celso: Yeah, the rc.local changes did it for me. You just comment out either the "echo DIGD" line or the "echo DDIS" line in the file, depending on which one you want the computer to use when booting.00:43
ManuelSantanathanks Loonatic00:43
Loonaticcap: ok i think this is what i need to do to enable my radeon card00:43
Logan_celso: (I'm referring to the "Fix Hybrid Graphics and Brightness at Startup" section of that post.)00:43
LintWhat should I do to enable gnome-shell?00:43
capLoonatic: Well, yea, maybe for some of the advanced features....00:43
kfizzHow can I edit the gateway four an eth0 connection? The route command failed to set it00:44
gogetaLogan_: well then you just genrate the xorg.conf and the system wile use it and you can pass oprions00:44
sokak_seems like i found an answer to mi previous question - just sharing for anyone's interested sake. Piping dd to tar, and then repacking the result to a 7z -mx9 -mmt backup.7z seems doing the magic of multithread compression AND permission saving.00:44
sokak_i guess i can do one liner from that.00:44
Logan_gogeta: It's deeper down than X, though.00:44
Lintsokak_, you don´t need tar00:44
gogetaLogan_: thats the file you need to mod rite00:44
capkfizz: edit /etc/network/interfaces00:44
Loonaticcap: i think i should be able to play goPRO video with a FireMV2250 plsu AMD64 3800+ 2.5GbRAM00:44
ryan-csokak_: you should modify tar to support a -7 option00:45
sokak_Lint, as far as i can remember 7zip could mess with permissions00:45
Logan_gogeta: No, /etc/rc.local.00:45
trevorso what exactly are the benefits of LTS?00:45
gogetaLogan_: thats still there00:45
=== trevor is now known as Guest82066
Lintsokak_, you get NO permissions from dd, it´s just random binary data00:45
celsoLogan: yes, yes, so, if i want to use the intel all the time, just need to remove my ATI driver and use the script that curently is written and its done! :D  oh man, you made my day! :D00:45
Logan_gogeta: Wait, I think we're talking about two different problems. :-P00:45
sokak_oh shi- thats right - im being airheaded there00:45
^MikeGuest82066: It is supported for longer, and tends to be more stable.00:45
celsoLogan: thanks  a lot!00:45
capkfizz: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-networking-configuration-using-command-line.html00:46
Guest82066I mean how much benefit will there be to upgrade from ocelot to pangolin?00:46
gogetacelso: what hua use a intel over a ati00:46
Logan_celso: No problem. :-)00:46
gogetaLogan_: didnt you say coppy mp400:46
^MikeGuest82066: It is very recommended for servers. Less so for desktops00:46
Logan_gogeta: Doesn't heat up as much, better battery life (I'm assuming this is a laptop).00:46
sokak_Lint, i guess i was focusing on the scale right in front of me without realizing i was sitting on a bigger scale00:46
krejHello. I just installed 12.04 amd64 on my desktop and it didn't automatically add Windows to grub. How can I fix that?00:46
Guest82066also what advantage is there for running a 64 bit os rather than 3200:46
Logan_gogeta: No...00:46
TiktalikI'm gonna make a starbound logo vector00:46
celsoLogan: But curently need to check if it will work on my acer 3820tg but will going to do it now :D  thanks again Logan!00:47
gogetaLogan_: mine is all ati it just goes real low power00:47
acalbazawhy is the login window resolution so large in 12.04?00:47
TiktalikGuest82066, you can use more ram00:47
Logan_gogeta: Ah.00:47
Tiktalik32 bit OSes have a limit of 4gb00:47
gogetaLogan_: same for my nibida gtx laptop00:47
Logan_celso: There's a way to check.00:47
zykotick9krej: from a terminal try "sudo update-grub" and see if it automatically adds it.00:47
^MikeGuest82066: It depends on what you need from your OS. Do you need newer versions of applications? Then you'll benefit.00:47
Tiktalik64 bit OSes have a ridiculously high limit00:47
celsoLogan: How?00:47
BrianHHey guys, just updated my Ubuntu 11.10 system to 12.04, and now all the font is white ... Any quick fixes?00:47
^MikeGuest82066: you should run an OS that matches your hardware's architecture00:47
LintWhat should I do to enable gnome-shell?00:47
sokak_i do agree Tiktalik, im running ridiculous amounts of vms alltogheter atm00:48
hashbrowncipherBrianH: I had that issue.  I went to the Appearance tab of the control center00:48
hashbrowncipherand changed the theme, and it worked out00:48
the-ermLint: I think you have to log out, and select a gnome 3 session.00:48
Tiktaliksokak_: I have 8 gb in here00:48
VvWolverinevVhello, i accidentally cancelled an upgrade from a live CD, after rebooting, i get (initramfs) prompt, is it possible to recover?00:48
Logan_celso: Er, actually, there isn't. I guess you just have to test it out.00:48
sokak_Tiktalik, i know the feeling bro00:48
LoonaticWow that Xorg turn out to be quite a project lol00:48
Guest82066^mike can you tell me more about making sure my os 'matches' my architecture?00:48
Lintit segfaults00:48
krejzykotick9, I ran that and it said it found a linux, initrd, and memtest86+ image, but it doesn't look like it found Windows.00:48
ManuelSantanaLint seach for it in the software center00:48
^MikeGuest82066: If you have 64 bit processor, you should use a 64 bit OS.00:49
celsoLogan: No problem.  I will check the batery life.  going to try it now! :D  thanks ;)00:49
zykotick9krej: sorry man, that's my only suggestion.  good luck.00:49
Guest82066ok how do i find out if i have a 64 bit processor?00:49
Logan_celso: But, once that script is added, you can run "cat /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch" upon boot to see which card is enabled.00:49
gogetaGuest82066: any intel core is 64bit00:49
Lintsearch for what? gnome-shell-which-doesn´t-segfaults?00:49
capGuest82066: cat /proc/cpuinfo00:49
krejDarn. Does anyone else know how I can add Windows to GRUB when Ubuntu 12.04 didn't do it itself?00:49
sokak_^Mike, i totally agree but i will still continue to keep a 32 bit usb stick - no more messing with getlibs just to have audio in adobe air games00:49
Logan_celso: You should hypothetically see IGD: Pwr and DIS: off00:49
^MikeGuest82066: Technically, you are probably okay to use either 32 or 64 bits with newer processors. In that case, you should use 64 bit if you have >4GB of RAM.00:50
BrianHhashbrowncipher, awesome, thanks :)00:50
^MikeGuest82066: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit00:50
ManuelSantanaGuest82066: try lshw command, it will tell you everything about your machine00:50
gogetaGuest82066: intel core serise all amd x2 all 64bit00:50
gogetaand up00:50
FyodorovnaKreaz, try sudo update-grub in ubuntu00:50
arandkrej: does "sudo os-prober" find it?00:51
celsoLogan: ok. i will check :)  brb00:51
Fyodorovnakrej, try sudo update-grub in ubuntu00:51
krejarand: that showed no results at all00:51
VvWolverinevVhello, i accidentally cancelled an upgrade from a live CD. after rebooting, i get an (initramfs) prompt; is it possible to recover?00:51
mrpcan anyone help wth byobu and putty stacking accross the screen? see this picture http://i.imgur.com/NQrm2.jpg00:52
sokak_just curious - anyone here had the chance to try an amd bulldozer? is it worthy to switch from a phenom x6?00:52
krejFyodorovna, i tried that but it didn't find a windows image or anything00:52
LintWhat should I do to enable gnome-shell (i installed the package, but it´s useless)?00:52
bazhangsokak_, try in ##hardware00:52
Guest82066i just tried upgrading to pangolin which resulted in having to delete all partitions and reinstall ocelot. is there any reason why pangolin should have not completed installation?00:52
sokak_good point, ty bazhang00:52
Fyodorovnakrej, did you remove any windows partitions for this install?00:52
gogetamrp: type clear00:52
ManuelSantanaLint logout and select it as the default shell00:53
sokak_Lint, it doesnt show up as an option on login screen?00:53
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Fyodorovnakrej, like the boot partition for windows that is?00:53
bazhangLint, if you wish support then give some actual error messages/details00:53
zeenokrej, try update-grub2 then see if it's entered in the grub.cfg file00:53
bazhang!work | Lint00:53
ubottuLint: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:53
barxoolsokak_> I read several review before buying a new CPU and bulldozer was not worthy00:53
krejFyodorovna, I don't think I removed the boot partition. I installed Windows to its own partition, then made a new one for Ubuntu and installed it there. I don't think I removed anything00:53
sokak_ty barxool00:53
Lintbazhang, it just doesn´t run and segfaults when gnome-shell is started manually00:53
zeenoLint, after you apt-getted that, you'll have the  gnome-classic option on the gear icon (logon screen)00:54
barxoolsokak_> got a X6 1090T, works like a charm00:54
bazhangLint, give us the FULL details of your setup00:54
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krejzeeno: update-grub2 only found linux images again. no windows ones00:54
u-haulHey all - can anyone give me a little bit of help with networking in Ubuntu 11.10 Server? It is a HP Proliant Microserver, and the ethernet is /directly/ connected to a PS3. The ethernet works if the PS3 is on when the HP is switched on and if the PS3 is switched on after the HP is switched on. If the PS3 is switched off and then on again while the HP is on, the network goes down (understandably)00:54
u-haulbut then doesn't come back up when the PS3 comes back. A manual network restart is required.00:54
u-haulAny ideas?00:54
Lintbazhang, it´s plain kubuntu 12.0400:54
sokak_1100t here, so ill keep sticking with that barxool, just found a lovely way to dd > 7z partitions before messing00:55
u-haulMy Google-fu evades me on this one. :(00:55
gogetau-haul: network conflict00:55
zeenokrej, so make a custom rule for update-grub200:55
krejzeeno: how do you do that? Doing things manually with grub2 has always been hard for me.00:55
gogetau-haul: maybe the ps3 is not sending a dhcp request00:56
zeenokrej, you can probably make a copy of the rule from another edition, if you want to give up on that, you can try to edit grub.cfg directly and add the few lines needed..00:56
sokak_stupid question, with pangoline, there is actually a way to have a full hd login screen poking at grub2 with startup manager or do i have to get my hands dirty with config files manually?00:56
gogetau-haul: also if you put the ps3 on a diffrent subnet they will not conflict with both on at the same time00:56
zeenokrej, thing is update scripts would overwrite grub.cfg.. so thats why its better to have a custom rule somewhere in /etc/grub?/00:57
Fyodorovnakrej, easiest way for me to look at it is with the bootscript download from here and extract to the desktop and run the command and post in a pastebin.  http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/      sudo bash ~/Desktop/bootinfoscript00:57
u-haulgogeta: Yeah, I was thinking about putting the PS3 on another subnet.00:57
szal[02:57:14] <Helper> [Distrowatch] Distribution Release: Xubuntu 12.0400:57
naryfasokak_: isn't there an app for that in repos?00:58
mrpgogeta: makes no difference00:58
ManuelSantanaany good GUI frontend for ufw?00:58
Logan_ManuelSantana: I think there's one called gufw, but I could be wrong.00:58
gogetamrp: does it do it in unity 2d i wonder if its a compiz glitch or video driver00:58
u-haulThanks gogeta, I will have a bit more of a play with the network settings and see what I can come up with. :)00:58
Logan_!info gufw | ManuelSantana00:59
ubottuManuelSantana: gufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 12.04.1-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 218 kB, installed size 1136 kB00:59
Logan_I was right. :-P00:59
gogetau-haul: its probly a conflict as you said one goes down with the other on00:59
mrpgogeta: this is via ssh via putty on windows00:59
sokak_naryfa, im moving from maverick to pangoline right now (finishing the download) with maverick, i managed to have gdm working in full yhd, but the splash screen was still displaying an ugly terminal if you pressed down arrow while booting, or during shutdown (oversized fonts overlapping making everything difficult to read)00:59
krejFyodorovna, here is the results of that: http://pastebin.com/9hJVrT9Z00:59
mrpgogeta: don't have problem with byobu on putty on 10.0400:59
gogetamrp: oh that can be bit strange sometimes00:59
ManuelSantanaI'll try it Logan_00:59
ManuelSantana!info ufw | ManuelSantana01:00
ubottuManuelSantana: ufw (source: ufw): program for managing a Netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.31.1-1 (precise), package size 149 kB, installed size 678 kB01:00
ManuelSantanaA real robot!01:00
Logan_!bot | ManuelSantana01:00
ubottuManuelSantana: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:00
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:01
halakarwow, nice. virtual box works great01:01
gogetahalakar: shure does01:01
bazhangManuelSantana, /msg ubottu01:02
Logan_ManuelSantana: Please /msg ubottu to investiage her.01:02
Scarra3what periferals should I disconnect from my desktop when installing ubuntu 12.04 LTS?01:02
gogetaScarra3: umm not mutch unles you got a usbhdd with a os on it01:02
naryfasokak_: maybe there's a way of setting the kms driver to your screen's resolution at bootup, I know you can also adjust the values in grub config at /etc/default/grub, then just update grub. But maybe I'm misunderstanding your need.01:02
mrpgogeta: know any workarounds?01:02
the-ermhappy crash update day.01:02
sokak_Scarra3, i would detach anything unneeded, backup all the data (if your home isnt yet on its own partitoon/disk) then take the plunge01:02
krejFyodorovna, i just tried creating a custom rule and update-grub found that, so I'm going to go try and see if that worked. I'll be back01:02
gogetamrp maybe a new version of putty01:03
sokak_naryfa, you havent at all. I guess its time for manpages about grub.01:03
mrpgogeta: am running the latest :(01:03
the-ermupgrade-manager crashed, but apt-get dist-upgrade seems to be working odd ....01:03
gogetaScarra3: you whant it to see evrything to configure it01:03
Scarra3Sokak: I have a wireless keyboard / mouse / 1TB external / webcam / speakers01:04
gogetaScarra3: leave it all01:04
sokak_naryfa, i guess its just a matter to see if kms can see the max resolutin my screen can do.01:04
Scarra3And for an ATI Radeon HD 5770 I need to install fglrx right?01:04
Logan_Scarra3: You don't have to. There's an open source driver that's preinstalled that works well.01:04
gogetaScarra3: yes after install it should ask you01:04
gogetaLogan_: 5x he needs closed for 3601:05
naryfasokak_: what's the screen resolution? 1920?01:05
Logan_gogeta: Oh...01:05
Scarra3alright thanks everyone I am about to install it lol01:05
sokak_Scarra3, i do agree with gogeta then, seems nothing exotic is plugged in - go backup and then update heaven01:05
Logan_gogeta: I have a 6630M, so I wouldn't know. ;-P01:05
sokak_naryfa, bullseye01:05
gogetaLogan_: for better 3d you should to01:06
Logan_gogeta: I don't do gaming on Ubuntu, though. And Unity 3D works smoothly.01:06
gogetaLogan_: thats a hd 6630 rite01:06
Logan_gogeta: Correct.01:06
sokak_naryfa, my gpu is currently a 570 gtx, the monitor is attached to one of the dvi ports01:06
gogetaLogan_: must have been updated then :) but it will still be slower01:06
Sp][nEif you want the absolut best performance from your card you must install FGLRX, otherwise the default open source drivers work well enough...01:07
gogetaLogan_: forgot they relesed the oss driver for  the latest chipsets01:07
Logan_gogeta: Mmhm.01:07
naryfasokak_: wait, are your drivers, that are installed, from nvidia?01:07
gogetaLogan_: all i got is a old 920001:08
sokak_naryfa, again a bullseye. Cant do compiz or good 3d without.01:08
Logan_gogeta: Every piece of hardware has its merits. :-P01:08
vexaxvhas anyone compiled doom 3 yet?01:09
vexaxvi have a couple questions so01:09
sokak_i guess i shall give up and try higher resolutions until i find the max that it can mangle before starting x am i right?01:09
naryfasokak_: I know it might take you a while, but try looking at this. http://netsplit.com/2010/03/30/all-about-kernel-mode-setting/01:09
gogetasokak_: xrander01:09
naryfasokak_: I remember I had an nvidia card and set kms to 1920x1080, but that was in Arch linux.01:10
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sokak_naryfa, thats a really interesting lecture you gave me here. Evaded completely my google-fu. Im diggin01:10
gogetasokak_: you can change rez around with that01:10
alien64anoyone know what style of bot is >>> ubuntu01:11
gogetaalien64: a irc bot01:11
sokak_gogeta, xrandr can handle a lot of stuff *upon login*, what im needing here is to have a full resolution grub01:11
u-haulgogeta: Same thing happens when eth0 and PS3 is on a different subnet from WLAN0, and both have statically assigned IP addresses.01:11
u-haul(both, I mean PS3 and eth0)01:12
gogetau-haul: then the ip is in conflict01:12
alien64gogeta: yes i know infobot supybot etc...01:12
gogetau-haul: or the dns lol01:12
gogetau-haul: acully yea it could be the dns01:13
u-haulgogeta: But on the network there are only two devices, directly connected to eachother, on that subnet with statically assigned IP addresses. Everything else on another subnet, and works fine.01:13
=== plantigrade is now known as avelldiroll
u-haulgogeta: I don't think it's DNS, I can ping IPs withotu a problem.01:13
gogetau-haul: then its relly the dns01:13
u-haulgogeta: Sorry - brain-melt. I /can't/ ping IPs.01:14
gogetau-haul: been so long sense i did cat 5 by hand01:14
Logan_!floodbot | ManuelSantana01:14
ubottuManuelSantana: FloodBot1,2,3, and 4 are all bots, please direct your questions to the channel.01:14
jamiejacksonhow do print to a mac-connected printer in ubuntu. i have the printer shared on the mac side, but can't figure out what to do on the ubuntu side01:14
gogetau-haul: in ubuntu you can simple say use this amchine as host and it does everythin for ya01:14
sokak_naryfa, i think i've found a direction to run :)01:14
alien64Logan_: pipe ubuntu to me01:15
naryfasokak_: okay then01:15
u-haulthanks gogeta. I'll keep hunting. :)01:15
naryfasokak_: I hope you get it to work01:15
gogetau-haul: but on a server i assume by hand01:15
ManuelSantanaHow do I find my ip in a simple ubuntu command01:15
Haywood|Jablomehttp://www.haxradio.com ~The Stream the FBI Listens too...01:15
sokak_thanks :)01:15
naryfasokak_: no prob01:15
Logan_alien64: Eh?01:15
jamiejacksonManuelSantana: ifconfig01:15
gogetau-haul: your ip range should also be diffrent01:16
alien64the bot make him tell me about it01:16
the-ermManuelSantana: ifconfig should give you the ip of the machine you're on, but not what the world considers your ip.01:16
sokak_naryfa, this will help me lots to convert more friends to linux ;) You wouldnt guess how many would just change by seeing a nice splash upon boot :)01:16
Logan_!ubuntu | alien6401:16
ubottualien64: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com01:16
u-haulgogeta: Yeah, running on eth0 and on WLAN0.01:16
ManuelSantanaAnd how do i change it?01:16
Logan_alien64: Happy? :-P01:16
gogetau-haul: thats the same01:16
naryfasokak_: true, first contact makes the impression01:16
gogetau-haul: thats both local ips01:17
u-haulgogeta: Umm...what?01:17
sokak_darn, now im eager to see what will be in queztal - and im still just at 70% downloading pangoline xD01:17
u-haulgogeta: Both need to be local IPs. I don't want routing between the two subnets.01:17
ManuelSantanaeasy way to change my ip on ubuntu01:17
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:17
jamiejacksontrying to print to a mac's printer from ubuntu. how to connect from the ubuntu side?01:17
jamiejacksonManuelSantana: from cli?01:17
ManuelSantana!ubottu die01:17
gogetau-haul: thats why they fail01:17
the-ermManuelSantana: I'm not sure you can assign a static ip with the network manager applet.01:18
ManuelSantanayes jamiejackson01:18
Logan_ManuelSantana: Don't do that, please.01:18
gogetau-haul:  the host needs to give it a ip like on a diffrent subnet01:18
gridbugHey guys.  Started the upgrade to 12.04... thought I'd cancel and download the alternative CD via torrent instead... fire up the cdromupgrade.. select no network... still wants to pull packages from the network.  What am I missing?01:18
gogetau-haul: with the dns of your isp on both machines01:18
jamiejacksonManuelSantana: i don't like setting up network interfaces from cli, but http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-networking-configuration-using-command-line.html01:18
Haywood|Jablomehttp://www.haxradio.com ~The Stream the FBI Listens too...  SHUT UP AND SUCK OUR COCKS01:19
IdleOne!language | Haywood|Jablome01:19
ubottuHaywood|Jablome: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:19
Vimanhi, I'm updating 11.10 to Precise from the NORMAL CD. The installation has hung at "restoring previously installed packages." Anyone know what to do here?01:19
u-haulgogeta: I don't want the PS3, nor eth0, to be goign near the internet.01:19
gogetau-haul: the gateway will be the ip of the host01:19
awwahi, what binary launches the HUD in unity2d?01:19
u-haulgogeta: It's purely for serving data to the PS3.01:19
ManuelSantanalet's see jamiejackson01:19
sokak_nite everyone, and thanks for the great tips :)01:19
Logan_Night sokak_. :-)01:19
gogetau-haul: then dont give it a dns01:19
naryfasokak_: g'nite01:19
BoyBlunder10 things to do after install 12.04. go!01:19
IdleOne!ot | BoyBlunder01:20
ubottuBoyBlunder: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:20
gogetau-haul: with with that setup they should get along01:20
BoyBlunderthanks IdleOne01:20
schultzaoh lovely.... installed 12.04 and now have a error: no such partition..... at grub rescue> prompt01:20
Bennlucky71 thing to do before install 12.0401:20
LintViman, just cancel this step and install the grub manually01:20
gogetau-haul: on the host the gateway will just be the local ip01:20
Bennlucky7uninstall other os01:21
VimanLint - Just like that?01:21
BoyBlunderschultza, can you boot to live cd?01:21
VimanBennlucky7: I've got no other OS innit01:21
schultzahang on01:21
BoyBlunderschultza, what does gparted say?01:21
Bennlucky7Viman:  me too :-D01:21
schultzahang on01:21
ManuelSantanavery nice jamiejackson01:22
VimanLint: I can't cancel the installation, unless I hard reset. Is this it?01:22
the-ermManuelSantana: http://bit.ly/NbDsj apparently you need to edit /etc/network/interfaces and restart the network via /etc/init.d/networking restart01:22
gogetau-haul: the easy way is to set it up like any shared host then tell ufw the ip from the ps3 it not allowed outside the network that will effectly block it from the net01:22
ManuelSantanaThere's nothing like to chat on IRC on a cold rainy night01:22
LintViman, if it HARD locked, and you cannot access the consoles, then reboot01:22
ManuelSantanathanks the-erm01:23
VimanLint: how should I install grub afterwards?01:23
ManuelSantanaIt's raining a lot in here: La Romana, Dominican Republic.01:23
ManuelSantanasudo etc/hostname myhost : should change my hostname?01:24
itaylor57i love bonao01:24
ManuelSantanasudo /etc/hostname myhost : should change my hostname?01:24
terry_mathDominican Republic,in central America??01:24
LintViman, it should be already installed, just dpkg-reconfigure the latest kernel you have installed01:24
ManuelSantanaor do I have to become too before?01:24
BoyBlunderManuelSantana, sudo nano /etc/hostname01:24
BoyBlunderor gedit01:24
BoyBlunderif you're at gui01:24
ManuelSantanaterry_math: Caribbean01:24
VimanLint: thanks01:25
ManuelSantanaBoyBlunder: but isn't there a command?01:25
terry_mathare you a pirate??haha01:25
the-ermManuelSantana: if you edit /etc/hostname I believe that will change the hostname.  you can also sudo hostname <new-name>01:25
bc``does anyone know how to use gpt partitioning?  my 3tb drive is only showing up as 2tb, and I was told to look there, but I can't find any good reference sites on how to go about doing it01:25
ManuelSantanaAhh sudo hostname !!01:26
BoyBlunderbc``, gparted?01:26
ManuelSantanaI'm not a pirate but I do pirate software and other stuff sometimes :)01:26
ActionParsnipManuelSantana: you will aso need to edit /etc/hosts   so that the system can resolve its hostname to
ludwin01i want to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.0401:27
ActionParsnipManuelSantana: or sudo will not work anymore01:27
ActionParsnip!upgrade | ludwin0101:27
ubottuludwin01: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:27
BoyBlunderludwin01, sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade01:28
the-ermI've never heard of gpt.01:28
ludwin01thanks @ubottu01:28
Logan_!thanks | ludwin0101:28
ubottuludwin01: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:28
Logan_deadmund: No bots in here, please.01:28
ManuelSantanaActionParsnip: I dont understand what you meant01:28
ActionParsnipManuelSantana: both /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts need changing together01:29
VimanLint: I cannot boot my operating system.01:29
ManuelSantanaSo i just can't "sudo hostname <new hostname>"?01:30
VimanLint: I don't think grub is installed01:30
ActionParsnipManuelSantana: open both /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts    and then make the change01:30
Vimanany thoughts on how I can do so?01:30
schultzaok... gparted says ... /dev/sda3 ext401:30
* ManuelSantana says: I just wanted to avoid the editing!!01:30
marcmhas suhosin finally been removed from Ubuntu 12.04?01:31
gogetaViman: you can try to reinstall it threw the live cd01:31
Vimangogeta: fascinating - how?01:31
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ManuelSantanaBTW Opera's built-in IRC client rocks...it is what I'm using.01:31
ManuelSantanaThank you anyway ActionParsnip01:32
gridbugHey guys - trying to do a cdromupgrade via alternative CD w/ no network and it's insisting on pulling packages from the network - any ideas why?01:32
gogetaViman: !grub01:32
nina666hi... im trying to setup vmware on my machine, but i get errors on compiling modules and this is the vmware log: http://pastebin.com/xsBPmbmn01:32
Fyodorovna!grub | Viman01:32
ubottuViman: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:32
nina666any ideas how to solve this issue?01:32
gogetai fail at formating01:32
gridbugnina666: in the past, I've had to run the vmware patch.... eventually I just moved to vbox.01:33
sk1specialokay. im having 3 issues. and im assuming theyre all tied together. im getting this error message > Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0"  ; all of window menus have that windows 98 look. ie flat grey blocky ; and when i hit the workspace button while i can change workspaces i can not drap and drop windows from one to the other.01:33
nina666gridbug: is vbox more compatible you mean than vmware?01:33
gogetanina666: virtualbox these days is faster then vmware anyways01:33
schultzagrub rescue issue -... i do have a /dev/sda3 for ext401:34
lystra_Installing 12.04 on a server. The server has two disks, sda and sdb. 11.10 is already installed on sdb in VG trunks. Booted the -server ISO and selected Guided LVM setup: http://www.lystra.org/1.png. Then selected sda disk http://www.lystra.org/2.png. Why does the next screen say it will format a partition on hdb if I selected sda: http://www.lystra.org/3.png?01:34
celthundernina666: virtualbox and vmware are meant for 2 different user bases01:34
gridbugnina666: yeah... vbox is in the repo so it doesn't require patches to keep up with the latest / greatest kernal image01:34
zoombuggyunity-music-daemon keeps dying with SIGSEVs, apparently it's a known bug. Should I remove it for the moment?01:34
gridbugnina666: vbox worked well for my uses and I didn't go back to vmware... but YMMV.01:34
nina666celthunder: i only need to setup virtual machines... the job that vmware player does01:35
gogetanina666: just rember the one in the repo does lack d3d and usb support if you need those get it from the website01:35
nina666gridbug: i see... thanks :)01:35
nina666gogeta: noted. thanks alot :)01:35
AthanasiusIs there a hotkey for rotating the screen 90 degrees?01:36
cute_bettonghow do you kill a zombie process?01:37
gogetaAthanasius: i dont think so but why01:37
zoombuggycute: reboot, I suspect01:37
cute_bettongdarn i was hopeing to avoid that01:37
gogetacute_bettong: lots of ways but sudo killall prossesname01:38
Athanasiusgogeta: because I'm using a netbook and it'd be nice to easily rotate the screen for if I want to say, have it on its side to easily display a recipe or something01:38
arandcute_bettong: There's often ways around it.01:38
zoombuggythere isn't really a way to avoid it if it's already under init's care.01:38
cute_bettonggogeta, would that be like sudo killall <pid>?01:39
gogetacute_bettong: pid is just kill01:40
aaasAthanasius i dont suppose you have nvidia or ati in that netbook01:40
bsmith093can i go from lucid to the new one straight?01:40
gogetacute_bettong: like kill 1926501:40
Athanasiusnope, no fancy drivers :(01:40
szalbsmith093: that is supported, yes.. no idea on the success rate though01:40
gogetacute_bettong: if you did killall firefox it would kill all firefox prosses01:41
cute_bettonggogeta, yea thats what i did but the process still remains01:41
szal!upgrade | bsmith09301:41
ubottubsmith093: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:41
ManuelSantanagood night to you all!01:41
aaasAthanasius yeah this is usually acomplished at the video driver level, get a tablet? ;)01:41
rinzlerinstalling from a tarball, and make isn't doing anything...01:41
cute_bettongoh never mind01:41
cute_bettongtop diden't update XD01:41
bsmith093the update manager doesnt see the new version it just sees 10.1001:41
ManuelSantanasee you later and thanks for your help01:41
gogetacute_bettong: you try killing it with the id?01:41
cute_bettonggogeta, yea the process is dead now thank you ^_^01:41
szalbsmith093: does your mirror already carry Precise? if not, just wait a day or two01:42
ApocGoDMine does, but i'm wondering if I should upgrade yet.01:42
gogetacute_bettong: oh and if its a gui app you can do it with xkill and just click the frozen app01:42
cute_bettonggogeta, how do i use xkill? never knew about that function01:43
gogetaalt f2 then xkill01:43
szalbtw, any info yet as to when Maverick support will terminate?01:43
ManuelSantanahi terry_math01:44
zoombuggycute_bettong: glad to know you got your process killed, i've not been successful with that.01:44
yuri__Does anyone know of a good dvd authoring program for kubuntu?! :( I tried DVD Styler and it freezes half way through the render process, always. I tried that 'q'dvdauthor goodie and it wouldn't compile, I tried dvdauthor and got lost treying to make a dvd through the console. :(01:44
zoombuggyanyhow, bye...01:45
sk1specialanyone know how to manually cut off xinerama in nvidia settings? instead of just using the nvidia control panel..because it doesnt actually save01:46
rinzlertrying to install from a tarball, and make says No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop. Any Ideas?01:46
aaasrinzler is there  Makefile in the directory01:47
hnsztry running it with sudo01:47
nina666ok.. i downloaded the vbox from the website, run it with package installer. shows this: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: lipython2.7...01:47
the-ermsk1special: I think if you run the nvidia control panel as root it will save, but I'm not sure.01:47
rinzleraaas: two different ones. different extentions...01:47
sk1specialhow do i do that? new to linux01:48
gogetanina666: sounds like its not updated for 12.04 yet01:48
nina666actually mine is 10.0401:48
Athanasiusaaas: If you'd like to contribute to my tablet fund, feel free to paypal money over to william.heimbigner@gmail.com ;)01:48
aaasrinzler shouldn't have an extention...read the README or the INSTALL file the process may be different01:48
arandcute_bettong: Normal kill might work, but the last resort is normally to attch to the parent (e.g. via gdb) and call waitpid on the child01:48
aaasAthanasius ahah you wish01:48
Athanasiusalso, ubuntu 12.04 on asus transformer prime would be amazing01:48
gogetanina666: oh01:48
nina666gogeta: and i did download the one for 10.0401:48
the-ermsk1special: I wish I could tell you try going to a terminal and typing sudo nvidia<tab><tab> and see if something comes up.01:49
rinzleraaas: install file says "./configure, make, make install" should do it.01:49
Pintballr9003has anybody seen "E: could not perform immediate configuration on 'python-minimal' during the 12.04 upgrade?  I'm coming up from lucid01:49
nina666gogeta: i think the lack is from my side, not vbox... how should i check my libpython01:49
aaasrinzler and configure finishes without hitches01:49
aaasrinzler what program is this01:49
gogetanina666: the package manager should grait if its avable01:50
aaasrinzler can you send me a link to the download01:50
rinzleraaas: TLP II for TI calc connection...01:50
xanguacan't get the notification in the Update Manager for upgrade to pangolin from lucid, any thing i should do¿ using main the server repository01:50
Athanasiusmeep. mkfs.ntfs on my sd card and pretty much the whole desktop locks up :<01:50
nina666gogeta: and it didnt... seems like im stock in no where... :(01:50
rinzleraaas: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/374/37480.html01:50
gogetanina666: normaly that means its looking for something not in the repos you got all of them on correect01:50
sk1specialyeah just says command not found. hmm01:50
nina666downloaded from website... could that be the reason?01:51
nina666gogeta: downloaded from website... could that be the reason?01:51
gogetanina666: yea i think it is it should work if it said for 10.1001:52
yuri__Does anyone know of a good dvd authoring program for kubuntu?! :( I tried DVD Styler and it freezes half way through the render process, always. I tried that 'q'dvdauthor goodie and it wouldn't compile, I tried dvdauthor and got lost treying to make a dvd through the console. :(01:52
nina666gogeta, ok im downloading libpython 3.1 using kpackagekit...01:52
aaasrinzler did you get something at the end that sid 'no package...found'01:53
ruffleSguys there's this bug on unity where mouse cursor doesn't follow window accordingly when dragging a window out of "aerosnap maximization". i can't find the bug report on launchpad so i can +1 it01:53
rinzleraaas: at the end of....?01:53
gogetanina666: oh it seems as for 4.0 they moved to non-free01:53
aaasrinzler configure01:53
gogetanina666: so th one in the repos will be the same so just apt-get it :)01:53
nina666gogeta: oh... still same thing... looks like it cannot handle higher versions actually01:54
nina666gogeta: oki thanks ;)01:54
jasonbournehave a question if anyone can help....01:54
gogetanina666: even better they have there own repo you can add01:54
rinzleraaas: ahhh... this might do it: "configure: error: Package requirements (ticables2 >= 1.3.0) were not met"01:54
sk1specialokay. sudo nvidia-xconfig gives me a list that lists the config backup and new x file01:54
atealthaanyone who is familiar with amazon AWS: the AMI for Pangolin says released two days ago before the official release date. Should I assume these are still beta and that I should wait it out?01:55
nina666gogeta: where01:55
aaasrinzler yes try apt-get install libticables-dev01:55
sk1speciallike New X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'01:55
gogetanina666: wget -q http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/oracle_vbox.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -01:55
gogetanina666: then just apt-get update01:55
nina666gogeta: thanks! ;)01:55
Jenjasonbourne: try just asking your question, and if people are around who can answer it, you'll generally get an answer01:55
WaraudonI'm guessing the repository mirrors are getting hit pretty hard right now01:56
rinzleraaas: see if that works out. Thanks!01:56
jasonbournedoes anyone know how to hide the sidebar in 12.04LTS?01:56
cordovalhi i just messed up my install of ubuntu 11.1001:56
jasonbourneit used to hide automatically...now it doesn't...01:56
aaasrinzler yeah just keep goign through installing the libraries the config script asks...alternatively larn about auto-apt run ./configure01:56
sinichiroIs anyone here using Gameranger?01:56
cordovalthe graphics failed and i had tu turn machine off01:56
gogetanina666: then you should be able to grab the latest version :)01:56
cordovalwhat can i do now, everytime i try to turn on the machine it failed with a message like git id unknown01:56
rinzleraaas: cool. Thanks!01:57
yuri__exorcise it, cordoval. Worked for mine. ;)01:57
cordovalit did downloaded the whole thing but it did not finish i think01:57
nina666gogeta: thx for the instructions... :)01:57
cordovalplease tell me the steps01:57
cordovalI am in a try CD01:57
sinichirojasonbourne, Ubuntu Tweak allows to do that among everything else01:58
ruffleScan anyone help me out here? i'd like to know whether or not this bug's been reported already. when you "aerosnap" a window to the sides and then try to move it out of its position window goes way bellow mouse cursor. (on ubuntu 12.04 unity)01:58
jasonbourneis that an add-on, sinichiro??01:58
cordovalplease beg you help me01:58
WaraudonIs it possible to change repository mirrors after installation?01:58
gogetajasonbourne: i think the myunity app can tweak all the settings01:58
gogetaWaraudon: shure01:58
sinichirono, it's a separate problem for advanced Ubuntu settings, jasonbourne01:58
schultzahow do i fix my ubuntu installation (grub not finding partition) it's there?01:58
Pintballr9003I'm in the middle of a 10.04 to 12.04 upgrade and got the same error on all four of my test machines: "Could not perform immediate configuration on 'python2.7-minimal'.  Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-configure for details (2)"  That section header doesn't exist.  Any ideas on where to look?01:59
AthanasiusThe Kernel OOM killer went apeshit >:(01:59
sinichirolol, separate "program" rather, jasonbourne01:59
WaraudonThe US mirror is really not working at all, so I'm going to have to use a different one during installation01:59
jasonbournewhere do I find it??01:59
cordovalplease help me my ubuntu 12.04 is not booting up01:59
xanguaCan't get the notification in the Update Manager for upgrade to pangolin from lucid, any thing i should do¿ using main the server repository01:59
gogetaPintballr9003: i dont think thats even in 12.04 does it kill your upgrade?01:59
Pintballr9003gogeta: Yes.02:00
ruffleScordoval: what's wrong?02:00
nina666gogeta: the package name should be virtualbox, right?02:00
gogetaPintballr9003: for me it was not installed untill i rmoved liber02:00
sinichiromyunity is in Software Center, jasonbourne. Ubuntu Tweak you can google and download.02:00
gogetanina666: yea02:00
jasonbourneok....domo arigato!!02:00
quickquestion232is the entire ubuntu community swamped by idiots like me that ruined their computers trying to install the new edition?02:00
cordovalruffleS: it does not boot02:00
gogetanina666: virtualbox-4.102:00
cordovalit says something like git id unknown02:01
szalquickquestion232: define 'ruined', and how you went about to do so02:01
ruffleScordoval: any error message appearing on your screen?02:01
PSR_B1057help me with hybrid graphic card - ATI and Intel02:01
cordovalis there a way to fix it I am currently typing on the CD try02:01
sinichiroSo no gameranger users at all?02:01
cordovalruffleS: yes02:01
cordovalwhat i just said, git id not recognized or unknown02:01
nina666gogeta: its weired.. it cannot find the package02:01
gogetanina666: its virtualbox-4.102:01
cordovalwhile bringing the services up02:01
quickquestion232szal: im working on it now, but i deleted a couple of old linux partitions and apparently one of them contained a dual boot screen that was more deeply rooted than i thought it was02:02
nina666gogeta: yea, apt-get install virtualbox-4.102:02
nina666gogeta: coudlnt find package....02:02
gogetanina666: didnt fine it?02:02
PSR_B1057Help needed with hybrid graphics on HP laptop - ATI and Intel02:02
gogetanina666: did you apt-get update02:02
gogetanina666: i say just try toinstall the deb again02:02
szalquickquestion232: the way you put it, that sounds like a severe case of PEBKAC ;)02:02
ruffleScordoval: have you checked your image md5? that might help02:02
nina666gogeta: ok :)02:03
gogetanina666: with the new repo it should grab what you need02:03
cordovalhow to do that ruffleS02:03
quickquestion232most likely02:03
ruffleScordoval: are you on linux now?02:03
cordovalyes on ubuntu 10.10 32 bit version though, the cD try02:03
quickquestion232it was my fault, but its messsed up regardless02:03
nina666gogeta: nope.. same problem..02:03
quickquestion232ive created a larger problem, so to speak :p02:03
cordovalthis is a 64 bit machine with 12.04 broken02:03
ruffleScordoval: the command is: md5sum imagefile.iso02:03
gogetanina666: humm02:04
Pintballr9003gogeta: removed what?  libre?02:04
ruffleScordoval: you can try it then compare with official md5 on the download page02:04
gogetaPintballr9003: yea python was not even installed untill i did that02:04
cordovalruffleS: that is on the hard disk right? wonder how to mount the disk to do such command and where do i find that iso image02:04
cordovaloh so your concern is if the file downloaded it ok02:05
WaraudonWhere is Ubuntu "loading additional components" from during installation?02:05
cordovalbecause i think the failure ruffleS  happened after that02:05
ruffleScordoval: vc é brasileiro, certo? vá pra o #ubuntu-br que a gente te ajuda02:05
szal!br | ruffleS02:05
ubotturuffleS: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:05
cordovalruffleS: i speak spanish and english, better english02:06
PSR_B1057any help with hybrid graphic card ?02:06
quickquestion232what should i use to make a boot usb for a windows on a mac?02:06
Pintballr9003Gogeta: It doesn't look like anything called libre is installed02:07
fizk_yaaaay, Ubuntu 12.04!02:08
Pintballr9003I'm running server edition02:08
gogetanina666: humm why are you missing python02:08
naryfaso what's up02:08
E3D3I was 'to brave' to upgrade to the Beta-version but couldn't work with it. So I waited for the RC. Will I have my good trustworthy Ubuntu back when I let Update-manager download another 700 MB ? Is that all I have to do ? 4.3-1ubuntu4 --> 4.3-1ubuntu5 ?02:08
xanguai can get the 10.10 notification aviable from Lucid, but when i change in Update Mnanager setting to upgrade only from LTS to LTS can't get the upgrade notification for Pangolin, whan can i do¿02:08
gogetanina666: oh you should be able to search virtualbox in your favret package manager now02:08
gogetanina666: that will find it heh02:08
nina666gogeta: ok maybe i should state this out here :D i am actually using backtrack as my OS... but the distro (/etc/lsb-release) is ubuntu 10.04 :D02:08
taxmanmy 12.04 works02:09
gogetanina666: heh02:09
WaraudonWelp, that answers my question. apparently it uses the package mirror if an Internet connection is available. Of course, I'm getting a read error from my USB drive :/02:09
nina666gogeta: :D02:09
CaptainKnotshey, I have both firefox and chromium installed on 12.04 and I'm not getting an indicator for either one on the unity launcher02:09
=== chris__0076 is now known as chris_0076
Pintballr9003nina666: backtrack is hardened and customized, I would go to the remote-exploit IRC channel and ask there02:10
gogetaCaptainKnots: mine was incis untill reboot02:10
allurehi... I'm trying to update to 12.04, but I've set some packages to "hold" and can't remember which ones... I have to unset them before updating, but how do I find out which ones are on hold?02:10
nina666Pintballr9003: the problem is that channel is not active and i got no responses... since /etc/lsb-release gives ubuntu, figured i can ask here..02:11
naryfaallure: how about synaptic02:11
naryfaallure: it won't show?02:11
naryfaallure: under upgradable02:11
allurenaryfa: hmmm I never use synaptic, so I don't know. Normally use apt-get or aptitude.. will check, 1 min :)02:11
VimanHello I'm trying to reinstall grub as described in the documentation, but it doesn't seem to work. Can anybody help me?02:11
gogetaPintballr9003: i had libreoffice installed and when i removed it it installed python02:11
=== Stefan_ is now known as juicy
gogetaPintballr9003: maybe your getting the same and its messing with the upgrader02:12
=== juicy is now known as Guest80170
iHarpok.. So how am I supposed to install video drivers if Xserver gets in the way?02:12
Pintballr9003gogeta: The only application installed on these boxes is paraview, they are part of a visualization cluster running 10.04 server edition.02:12
=== Pintballr9003 is now known as Paintballr9003
gogetaPintballr9003: just odd its complaning abought a fackage it does not even include by defult02:13
VimanHello, I'm trying to run boot-repair (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair) but I keep getting the message to quit synaptic even though it's not running. Can anybody help me?02:13
PSR_B1057ATI drivers not being installed on hybrid graphic card on HP laptop.. Hybrid Cards - ATI and Intel. All that works is Intel and ATI does not. Any suggestions ?02:13
gogetaPSR_B1057: turn off intel in bios if possable if not you will need to blacklist it temp02:14
gogetaPSR_B1057: so it will only use the ati02:14
Paintballr9003gogeta: The Following packages will be upgraded: <snip> python-minimal <bunch of other python packages>02:15
gogetaPSR_B1057: hybred switching does not work yet02:15
schultzaapparently i should go back one edition until 12.04 works on install02:15
gogetaPaintballr9003: well if your using a diffrent miror maybe it lacks it02:15
taxmani am using 12.04. it's hot as a pizza02:15
PSR_B1057@gogeta: I had tried this on suse and debian. Now i have started using ubuntu but I am afraid it would end up like it did on other distros02:15
gogetaPaintballr9003: thats known to happon02:15
schultza taxman, yes... it's brand new02:16
gogetaPSR_B1057: if you blacklist the intel it hould load the ati02:16
schultzataxman: but im having problems installing it and having it boot right after02:16
FyodorovnaViman, what are you booted to now?02:16
Paintballr9003gogeta: Good Point, I think we are pointed at one of the other university's repo's thats on Internet2 for speed.  I'll try pointing one back at canonical02:16
PSR_B1057gogeta: should i first install ati catalyst or fglrx ?02:16
taxmanlol, i downloaded this baby as soon as it's released02:16
FyodorovnaViman, of? tell me exactly02:17
VimanThe PP LiveCD (12.04)02:17
gogetaPSR_B1057: they probly will not install02:17
gogetaPSR_B1057: the oss driver should get you up and running well enough02:17
PSR_B1057gogeta: without drivers how is ati suppose to work ?02:17
FyodorovnaViman, follow the chroot here it defaults to. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot02:18
gogetaPSR_B1057: pretty mutch all ati cards have open source drivers now02:18
PSR_B10575xxx series02:18
gogetaPSR_B1057: defently02:18
gogetaPSR_B1057: once you on th ati cardthe driver should install02:19
PSR_B1057gogeta: so, the only thing i need to do is blacklist intel.02:19
gogetaPSR_B1057: switching will ned to be done by hand02:19
gogetaPSR_B1057: yea that should force it to load the ati in its place02:19
PSR_B1057gogeta: can you explain a little since i am pretty new to linux02:19
gogetaPSR_B1057: linux load the first card it sees02:20
Paintballr9003PSR_B1057: it'll be a setting in your BIOS02:20
Paintballr9003to disable the intel card02:20
gogetaPSR_B1057: yea if you can turn it off in bios you can skip all this02:20
gogetaPaintballr9003: dunno if those laptops let you do that02:21
cfeddewhere can I find iso's for old versions?  I need to update some abandon ware from systems as old as 8.0402:21
sinichiroOkay, should I uninstall an older version of wine before installing a newer one through ppa?02:21
gogetacfedde: why not just update em all02:21
rippsHas anyone written an extension for Gnome3 that intergrates Unity's HUD?02:21
cfeddegogeta: exactly.  I seem to need sources to do int.02:22
cfeddegogeta: or is there another way?02:22
gogetacfedde: well there is some legicy repos but upgrading them like that probly will fail02:22
SysssI want to sell a program !!!!02:23
WaraudonWhy do I keep failing the integrity test on the same file02:23
gogetacfedde: the alt cds can be used as upgrade cds02:23
gogetacfedde: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/02:23
cfeddegogeta: awesome!02:23
^MikeWhen I try to upgrade, I'm getting "pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages." Of the 3 causes listed, the most likely is probably "Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu" -- how can I get a list of such packages?02:24
delinquentmehow do AWK and SED differ?02:24
WaraudonI already verified that my ISO is not corrupt02:24
gogetacfedde: you can go from lts to lts02:24
Fyodorovnawhat is the hud keys02:24
gogetacfedde: so you dont need every ver up to 12.0402:24
cfeddegogeta: that seems like the best approach.02:24
vespakoenHey  guys, does anyone know the CLI command for the System Configuration ?02:25
iktFyodorovna, it's alt02:25
gogetacfedde: so those 8.04 can go to 10.04 to 12.0402:25
cfeddegogeta: thanks again.02:25
gogetacfedde: if they dont all blow up lol02:25
schultzaFyodorovna: thanks for the grub help... my installation is working now... not sure if viman got his working02:25
hashbrownciphervespakoen: are you talking about "gnome-control-center" ?02:25
cfeddegogeta: heh. at least these are all vms so I can snapshot easily.02:25
vespakoenHawsome! Hash =)02:26
archangelokchey I"m having a problem with my mouse in 12.0402:26
gogetacfedde: why not skip all that fresh install em all02:26
cfeddegogeta: fear mostly.02:26
vespakoeni am on xmonad, need figure this out again =P02:26
cfeddeand the apps they are running02:26
gogetacfedde: cant they be reinstalled02:26
Fyodorovnaschultza, no problem the gui helpers like bot repair are okay but but their idiosyncrasies.02:27
cfeddegogeta: sure.02:27
sinedevianceso is anyone using x/k/ubuntu 12.04 in a production environment yet?02:27
VimanFyodorovna: I'm not quite done, step 11 fails for me.02:27
cfeddegogeta: I suppose part of what I'm doing is procrastination.02:27
DeathTorrentis anyone else having a scrolling problem in 12.04?02:27
VimanFyodorovna: I cannot perform grub-install in the chrooted system02:27
gogetacfedde: or cheat if there vms02:28
dforthmanDeathTorrent, define 'scrolling problem'02:28
gogetacfedde: just make a new vm and copy it over02:28
zykotick9Viman: did you mount proc and the other stuff before chrooting?02:28
schultzafor those with the ati/amd graphics card... do we install the fglrx driver or the fglrx (post-release updates)?02:28
gogetacfedde: with the apps02:28
DeathTorrentwell, my scrolling seems to somehow have become....inverted :/ I scroll the wheel down and the window scrolls up, and vice-cersa02:28
FyodorovnaViman, is this a standard mbr setup?02:28
VimanFyodorovna: step 7? yes02:28
gogetacfedde: you can make a custom installer with the apps you whant oem style02:28
dforthmanDeathTorrent, that's definately odd. I use a trackball with no scroll wheel, so I couldn't tell you if mine was acting up or not.02:29
cfeddegogeta: that might be the right approach.02:29
gogetacfedde: so your vm users will just need to set there user and pass02:29
VimanFyodorovna: no, what happened was that Precise's intallation hung in the last bits, forcing me to reboot. I cannot boot the system, and someone suggested me to reinstall grub02:29
DeathTorrentI've seen similar issues on the forums, but for scrolling right to left, not up and down02:29
WaraudonHas anyone manged to install 12.04 from a USB stick?02:29
gogetacfedde: with the oem install image just send it to all the vms one install multi vms02:30
sinedevianceWaraudon: that's easy. use the easy usb creator.02:30
dforthmanWaraudon, I've seen people say they were able to.02:30
hashbrowncipherDeathTorrent: I don't know why you are having that issue, but you can probably just change your X11 settings around and reverse it02:30
hashbrownciphercheck this article, maybe: http://onethingwell.org/post/8779215052/reverse-scrolling-x1102:30
DeathTorrentty hashbrowncipher02:30
cfeddegogeta: indeed.02:30
Waraudonsinedeviance, dforthman, no matter which utility I use, if I use the integrity check, it fails on the same file every time. I already hashed and verified the ISO02:30
jsubl2does the 64bit install support efi boot and gpt partitions02:31
sinedevianceWaraudon: download the .iso again.02:31
FyodorovnaViman, I wonder if it is more broken then just reinstalling grub will fix. With grub problems I defer to using the bootscript to see whats really going on with some stuff, wont confirm whether grub will actually work though.02:31
gogetacfedde: thats how i did it but with real boxes02:31
sinedevianceWaraudon: also, check your disk for errors afterward.02:31
PSR_B1057gogeta: i tried blacklisting the Intel card but still the Intel card is loaded02:31
gogetaPSR_B1057: you try in bios02:31
WaraudonHopefully my USB stick isn't dying, the server doesn't have an optical drive in it02:32
Loshkisinedeviance: personally, I'd wait a least 3 months after an LTS goes out before I'd even consider declaring it stable, depending on how the feedback goes....02:32
=== kandrew|gone is now known as kandrew
=== Tux is now known as StormTrooper
PSR_B1057gogeta: I do not have any option in BIOS02:32
sinedevianceLoshki: any reason why in particular?02:32
gogetaLoshki: other then some upgrade isssue its pretty darn solid02:32
gogetaLoshki: nobody in hear going this is horribly wrong or broken02:32
zykotick9With an apt-cacher-ng proxy and the mini.iso (aka netinstall), I get "bad proxy" after entering the address.  from the busy box terminal the ip reports alive.02:33
sinedeviancei am evalutation ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu 12.04 in VMs at the moment. we are currently running xubuntu 11.10 on all of our machines, and while it has worked pretty well, the experience hasn't been perfect02:33
szalgogeta: what do you expect not even 24 hours after release? wait a few days, and reports will pop up ;)02:33
dforthman14 hours after release*02:33
sinedeviancewe wouldn't be upgrading too. all of them would be clean reinstalls02:34
sinedeviancei never trust upgrades02:34
psusiis anyone else having trouble downloading with zsync?  I'm trying to update from the last daily build and zsync keeps aborting the download02:34
Waraudonsinedeviance: by checking the disk afterwards, do you mean like chkdsk?02:34
sinedevianceWaraudon: if it's a windows machine, yes. chkdsk /r02:34
VimanHello, my Update to Precise failed in the last step (removing previous packages) and now the system won't boot. Does anybody have a similar situation?02:34
sinedevianceWaraudon: if it's a linux machine, do fsck.ext4 (or whatever ext version you use) on your disk.02:35
gogetacfedde: heh thats why i say fressh02:35
x3oohi, how do i see which video driver is loaded?02:35
Loshkisinedeviance: gogeta: that's all great news so far, but sinedeviance asked about 'production', and that used to be a pretty high bar...02:35
Waraudonsinedeviance: it's Windows 7, and FAT3202:35
sinedevianceWaraudon: FAT32? wtf? why not NTFS?02:35
gogetaLoshki: its alot faster and not crash and unity does not make me sick02:35
Waraudonsinedeviance: Every utility formats the stick as FAT3202:35
gogetaLoshki: if thats the question02:35
cfeddegogeta: the group I joined has a pile of custom boxes installed with ubuntu de Jure over a period of say 6 years.02:36
sinedevianceWaraudon: wait, you mean your USB stick. it's the one that is not passing checksums? i thought the .iso wasn't?02:36
psusijsubl2, yes, efi and gpt are supported02:36
cfeddestep 1 p2v02:36
jsubl2thanks psusi02:36
sinedevianceLoshki, gogeta: well, i'm going to evaluate all three releases and we'll probably roll in whatever works best later this week02:36
gogetacfedde: i say custom installer in oem mode so your users can set there pass after with there apps set preinstalled02:36
FlimFlamManmy upgrade attempt was derailed by xmind, package description in /var/lib/dpkg/status and /var/lib/dpkg/available had blank lines.02:36
sinedevianceask me next month and i'll give you guys a field performance report :d02:36
Waraudonsinedeviance: I used the Universal USB Installer to put the 12.04 server i386 ISO onto the USB stick, then when I use the stick to install 12.04, it fails while retrieving additional packages. An integrity check shows one package fails to pass MD502:37
cfeddegogeta: I agree.02:37
gogetacfedde: then mass eatherboot em02:37
Loshkicfedde: may I pm you?02:37
cfeddegogeta: thanks for the advice02:37
cfeddeLoshki: why>02:37
sinedevianceWaraudon: ahhh, so it's failing from a downloaded package?02:37
PSR_B1057gogeta: I don't have any option in BIOS to disable Intel.02:37
Waraudonsinedeviance: From one on the stick, I assume, I don't have an Internet connection during install since it takes too long02:37
sinedevianceWaraudon: gotcha. this isn't the netinstall server image right02:38
gogetaPSR_B1057: :( i have seen this issue before and i forgot the setps02:38
Loshkicfedde: I have a grammar question, too boring to go into on the main channel...02:38
Waraudonsinedeviance: Nope, it's the full ISO02:38
cfeddeLoshki: sure02:38
sinedevianceWaraudon: okay. in that case, try re-downloading the iso image. chances are it could be a bad source media.02:38
rbikwhat python version should I use if I want to manipulate the terminal in Ubuntu 11.10??02:38
sinedevianceWaraudon: i recommend the torrent version.02:38
^MikeHow can I get a list of "Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu" (which seem to be blocking my upgrade path)?02:39
gogetaWaraudon: first week the main repo always goes down02:39
sinedeviancetorrents will almost always download a complete file correctly, regardless of internet problems. and even if a chunk is bad, it can re-download that chunk on the fly.02:39
PSR_B1057gogeta: sad man :| hope there is someone who can help me out with this isseu02:39
Waraudonsinedeviance: Could that even be possible? I hashed and verified the ISO already02:39
gogetaMikeN_: it should ask if you wanna remove them just say yes02:39
sinedevianceWaraudon: in that case it is unlikely, but not impossible. still, it's probably NOT the .iso at fault.02:39
killownany chance to clone the gnome shell behavior as super +  w does for unity? I'd like to bind super+w to work when the mouse cursor moves to the left edge02:39
sinedevianceWaraudon: you're positive the stick is good? have you tried re-creating the stick with univ. usb creator? does it fail on the same file every time?02:40
gogetaMikeN_: it just removes those repos not the packages themselfs02:40
^Mikegogeta: Were you talking to me? No, it doesn't ask if I'd like to remove them, there is just a close button, and then cdromupgrade exits02:40
gogetaMikeN_: :(02:40
^Mikegogeta: my exact reaction02:40
Waraudonsinedeviance: Yes and yes, it fails on the same file every time. ./pool/main/l/linux/fs-secondary-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di_3.2.0-23.36_i386.udeb02:41
Waraudonsinedeviance: It fails during the "Load installer components from CD" stage02:41
sinedeviancealready found one mark against xubuntu 12.04; it has the same annoying "The folder cannot be opened" bug that 11.10 had. yeah, xubuntu is not ready yet.02:41
Paintballr9003Gogeta: moving back to canonical's mirrors ends in the same error, but further research reveals that the servers are still running 2.6 and are trying to upgrade to 2.7 with the move to 12.0402:41
martianIs there any way to prevent yourself from accidentlly issuing the -r flag for crontab when you mean to issue -e?02:41
sinedevianceWaraudon: so you're running i386 on a 64-bit system?02:41
Waraudonsinedeviance: i386 on an older machine that isn't 64-bit02:41
gogetaPaintballr9003: yea mirror death02:42
sinedevianceWaraudon: then anything related to the PAE kernel should not be installed.02:42
xanguaI can't get the 'new release aviable' popup from Update Manager on Lucid to upgrade to Pangolin, i have installed all lucid updates and in the preferences is set to upgrade to LTS, whan can I do¿02:42
Waraudonsinedeviance: I'm not sure why it's loading that package, but it happens long before package selection02:42
sinedevianceWaraudon: PAE is for i368 systems to use more than 4GB of memory on x64 systems. it's also being phased out for this release.02:42
gogetaPaintballr9003: always a good idea to do this a week before hand many peopel dont relise they upgrade all beta to stabel in that time frame02:42
RenardHello there02:42
sinedevianceWaraudon: i have absolutely no clue. sorry man :(02:42
sinedeviancethat package should not be loaded02:43
RenardI'm trying to live stream my desktop from xvidcap to a rtmp:// stream02:43
psusisinedeviance, pae has nothing to do with x64, it was for 32 bit systems to use more than 4gb of ram... if your cpu is 64 bit capable, you may as well use the 64 bit build02:43
RenardAnyone knows how this work?02:43
ActionParsnipxangua: could grab the alternate Precuise ISO and upgrade using that.02:43
RenardAlso, xvidcap removed from 12.04 makes me a sad Renard02:44
Waraudonsinedeviance: I guess the only thing I can do is hook the Internet connection up and let it use the mirror, it's going to be so slow though02:44
sinedeviancepsusi: yes, i just said that. but he's running i386 server on i386 hardware. that's why it makes no sense; his system doesn't NEED pae.02:44
xanguaActionParsnip: then i'll have to wait untill tomorrow, don't have an cd's D: thanks02:44
TrelGot a question, I need to edit the grub menu to manually add an entry, in Ubuntu 11 server, where is that stored? I don't seem to have a /boot/grub/menu.lst02:44
ActionParsnipxangua: you don't need a CD, you can loop mount the ISO02:45
ActionParsnipRenard: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174612802:45
sfearsTrel: /etc/grub.d/40_custom & update-grub02:45
cordovalanyone can help me fixing my ubuntu 12.10 upgrade that failed without downloading it again?02:45
rinzler./config asking for 'glib-2.0' Not sure how to proceed. Tried installing all that I can think of. any ideas?02:46
hashsorry im new to ubuntu02:46
Trelsfears, where does it store it, I'd be more comfortable editing the file manually rather than using the script02:46
alusiony no support for Logitech G510 keyboard ?02:46
ActionParsnipalusion: logitech hates linux02:46
xanguaActionParsnip: really¿ but I need specific the alternat right¿02:46
gogetaActionParsnip: must not hate it to mutch all my stuff works02:46
ActionParsnipxangua: yes, you need the alternate ISO, you can then mount it using:  sudo mkdir /media/iso; sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /media/iso02:47
sfearsyou add custom entries to the 40_custom file.  you can edit the /boot/grub/grub.cfg, but it will be overwritten eveytime grub probes02:47
ActionParsnipgogeta: they refuse to support the OS, the community may have made drivers however02:47
TrelHow often does grub probe, just when I call update-grub?02:47
TrelI only need a one time entry02:48
trismrinzler: libglib2.0-dev02:48
gogetaActionParsnip: keybord mouse usb headset all work02:48
shaneois there a channel for photorec anywhere or can anyone assist me with a photorec wuestion02:48
RenardActionParsnip, thanks for the head up02:48
gogetaActionParsnip: but there nothing fancy so02:48
psusisinedeviance, if he has 4gb of ram he does02:48
FyodorovnaTrel, can't you add it to the kernel at grub?02:48
ActionParsnipgogeta: they have fancy buttons and such which sometimes won't work02:48
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TrelFyodorovna: remote system02:49
edinnyWent to download Precise, and it recommends the 32 bit version02:49
Renardunfortunately, no. VLC does not allow to only grab a part of the desktop, move that part when necessary, and stream to a rtmp server.02:49
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gogetaActionParsnip: mines pretty genraic in that sense probly why i have no issue02:49
=== MisterSpock is now known as sp0ck_
ActionParsnipedinny: its due to the target audience of Ubuntu02:49
rinzlertrism: thanks!02:49
=== john is now known as ki4ro
Renardxvidcap / gtk-recordmydesktop do not record live02:49
hashso i have a question im running ubuntu 11.10 and when i start up it give me the option for ubuntu 2d and ubuntu02:49
sinedeviancepsusi: it said it was older hardware so that's doubtful02:49
ActionParsnipgogeta: likely, one of the fancy ones with all the weird stuff probably won't have half the stuff working02:49
edinnyActionParsnip: so it does not look at my browser to determine how many bits my processor is?02:49
Waraudonsinedeviance: I think I found a problem02:50
Renardffmpeg / command line do not allow to resize the grabbed aera02:50
psusiedinny, no... you have to choose to download the 64 bit version if you want/need it02:50
uwjust came here to say: boooo ubuntu for not going back to Gnome02:50
ActionParsnipedinny: 32bit OS will run on 64bit CPU, so if you advise 32bit for those whom are not so PC literate it will be a hit each time :)02:50
gogetaedinny: if you dont have more then 3gb of ram its not relly going to matter02:50
hashwhen in ubuntu 2d i have a side bar and a power button wireless signal ect and in ubuntu i dont have any of that02:50
RenardWindows users are expected to use Adobe Media Encoder02:50
ActionParsnipedinny: you may not be downloading for the you are accessing the site with02:50
ActionParsniphash: because 2d rocks \m/02:51
gogetaedinny: but if you knoe what prosser it is we can tell you. eg all core are 64 but as well as all i serise02:51
hashyeah but i cant use cube in 2d02:51
edinnygogeta: I have 4 gigs, so it matters?02:51
Waraudonsinedeviance: ./pool/main/l/linux/fs-secondary-modules-3.2.0-23-generic-pae-di_3.2.0-23.36_i386.udeb is what the integrity check fails on. The file is named incorrectly in the ISO. It ends in *.ude, not *.udeb02:51
watersoni'm having trouble updating from us.archive.ubuntu.com; i'm guessing this is a server load issue because precise shipped?02:51
r3dhathi...I tried installing oracle java from a ppa. the install failed due to a bad tarball checksum, and now even when I remove the ppa, the package still errors every time I run an apt transaction. Even after I run autoclean and clean it still persists02:51
Waraudonsinedeviance: Renaming it fixes the failure during loading02:51
sinedevianceWaraudon: ahh... wow. i think the universal usb creator did something wrong02:51
enzotibhi, in LXTerminal (from 12.04), when I hit Shift-Ctrl-C it copies the selected region, but also interprets it as interrupt. It was not so in 11.10. Maybe a different configuration from my part, but where to look for?02:51
ki4roI've been using 12.04 Beta and applying all updates sent in my direction...do I still to upgrade to 12.04 or am I there?02:51
Waraudonsinedeviance: I dunno, it happened with every utility.02:52
Waraudonsinedeviance: I'll check the actual ISO02:52
gogetaedinny: if you do lshw and pastbin it we can tell you02:52
gogetaedinny: that will tell us aought all your hardware02:52
hashive also noticed a couple software differences02:52
gogetaedinny: sudo lshw02:52
Waraudonsinedeviance: It's wrong in the ISO too02:52
OerHeksr3dhat, use ppa-purge to undo the install02:52
usr13how do I tell the update manager not to update mozilla-firefox any more?02:52
jvegiardHi everyone. I'm looking to installing Grub2 as boot loader on my Macbook 2,1 to start installing 12.04. Why I want to do this, because my superdrive is broken and Apple doesn't allow to boot legacy Oses from external devices. Ant advice will be appreciated. :)02:53
Waraudonsinedeviance: firewire-core-modules also ends in *.ude02:53
psusiedinny, if the system is less than a few years old and has 4gb of ram, I would go with the 64 bit version... then again, I've been running 64 bit since 200602:53
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seeker3bjoin #ubuntu-ch02:53
sfearsjvegiard: use a liveCD to install to your main drive02:54
WaraudonI'm assuming this is some kind of mistake or bug02:54
enzotibin LXTerminal (from 12.04), when I hit Shift-Ctrl-C it copies the selected region, but also interprets it as interrupt. It was not so in 11.10. Maybe a different configuration from my part, but where to look for?02:54
sinedevianceWaraudon: most likely, yeah. i doubt your system has anything to do with it.02:54
ActionParsnipedinny: you can use PAE in 32bit and access up to 64Gb RAM in 32bit02:54
gogetaedinny: see i scrolled up around the top and it told me i have a  product: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3200+ thats 32bit02:54
ki4roI've been using 12.04 Beta and applying all updates sent in my direction...do I still to upgrade to 12.04 or am I there?02:54
jvegiardThks but I already tried and like I said, my superdrive is broken so i'm using and external firewire dvd02:55
Fyodorovnaki4ro, your there.02:55
sinedeviancehmm, so i'm thinking ubuntu with gnome classic. seems to work pretty good. i havent tested kubuntu yet though, so we'll see; still, i don't care much for kde 4.x so it'll probably be ubuntu.02:55
edinnygogeta: I have the same semporon02:55
gogetaedinny: your 32bit02:55
ki4roFyodorovna: Thanks...I thought I probably was...save the server some work tonight smile02:55
edinnygogeta: I have a 64 bit processor02:56
gogetaedinny: a 3200+ is not 64bit02:56
Waraudonsinedeviance: Seems like a pretty big problem though, maybe my system just exposed it for some reason. Is there any method to push out an updated ISO if necessary?02:56
sinedevianceWaraudon: i don't work on the ubuntu team so it's out of my hands. sorry :(02:56
sinedevianceWaraudon: the best you can do is file a bug report.02:56
Fyodorovnaki4ro, yeah, I'm seeding low pull rate though.02:56
delinquentmewhats the ubuntu tool to insert text at the end of a file?02:56
delinquentmecommand line command02:56
gogetaedinny: its not even dual core02:57
ki4roFyodorovna: Not my fault smile02:57
dr_willisdelinquentme: several ways. cat . echo. sed. awk02:57
Waraudonsinedeviance: I might have to if nobody else has discovered it yet. Is *.ude even a valid package extension? It seems there's either *.deb or *.udeb files02:57
jvegiardsfears: Thks but I already tried and like I said, my superdrive is broken so i'm using and external firewire dvd02:58
gogetaedinny: but with 4gb ram 32bit will work fine for you anything over would need some mods02:58
edinnythanks bye02:58
psusigogeta, edinny, according to this, it depends on which model you have: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Sempron_microprocessors02:58
sinedevianceokay what the crap. gnome-classic looks messed up for some reason now :D02:58
ludlowHows is 12.04 everyone?02:59
sinedevianceludlow: just like 11.10 so far.02:59
plustaxludlow, im not a fan02:59
ki4roludlow: Good here in WV02:59
delinquentmedr_willis, i've seen cat used b efore .. whats the simple cat command to do that?02:59
plustax10.10 dtw02:59
plustaxftw I mean02:59
Endafyanybody else having issues with Unity02:59
ludlowWorth upgrading to 12.04?02:59
massiveholeI just installed 12.04 and my ethernet connection is not working out of the box!!!02:59
sinedeviancehmm so it's only gnome-classic with effects that looks messed up02:59
gogetapsusi: relly a 64 bit septron i didnt think that started untill the x2 serise03:00
plustaxtry installing gnome 3 Endafy03:00
Endafyludlow, in my experiences not yet03:00
ludlowEndafy, doh.03:00
Endafyplustax, ill just use Kubuntu03:00
dr_willisdelinquentme:  use it in combo with the output redirection. or make 2files and cat into a third03:00
ActionParsnipsinedeviance: did you MD5 test the ISO you used?03:00
Endafythe new unity is too broken03:00
ludlowwill apt-get dist-upgrade give me 12.04?03:00
psusigogeta, according to that link, there were two different sempron 3200+ part numbers, one supports 64 bit03:00
plustaxEndafy, 10.10 if you want effects. Most stable OS in existence.03:00
Waraudonsinedeviance: It seems the install is going to finish successfully, I'll reboot and make sure everything actually works. I also forgot to make a partition for Squid, so I'm going to have to reinstall anyway03:00
gogetapsusi: well yea the 3200 x203:00
ActionParsnipludlow: no, its more involved03:00
dr_williscat foo bar > foobar03:00
ActionParsnip!upgrade | ludlow03:00
ubottuludlow: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:00
Taar779_Hello, I'm having some issues with sftp. I looked over my sshd_config file and its enabled. ssh works fine ... any ideas on what might be wrong? Maybe some setting that I'm overing looking?03:01
ActionParsnippsusi: I have a sempron 3000+, runs awesome03:01
ludlowActionParsnip, thanks03:01
ActionParsnipTaar779_: can you ssh ok?03:01
plustaxI just got me a new laptop today. Asus. 8 gigs of ram and a 4400mb processor03:01
gogetaActionParsnip: heck yea forever old still goes03:01
Taar779_ActionParsnip, that is correct.03:02
psusiI guess those are getting fairly old now... I got an Athlon 64 3200+ back around when 6.06 came out03:02
ActionParsnipTaar779_: which clients have you tried?03:02
gogetapsusi: yea thats the 64 bit ones03:02
sinedevianceokay so ubuntu still sucks (thanks unity.)03:03
sinedeviancekubutnu time.03:03
gogetasinedeviance: hua03:03
sinedeviancekubuntu even.03:03
dr_willisno unity ussues here.03:04
gogetasinedeviance: how is it sucking03:04
gogetasinedeviance: its responsiv and snappy for me03:04
psusithen I went to athlon 64 x4 5000+, and now quad core core2 duo @ 3.4 GHz03:04
Taar779_ActionParsnip, filezilla (with a key and with a password) and on my laptop with the sftp command. both say the connection times out03:04
dr_willisgo old school with lubuntu. ;)03:04
erujolcin previous version of Ubuntu I have disable Nvidia Optimus at the BIOS level leaving my Acer i5 timeline to use integrated intel graphic chipset, I this for battery life and because of some reports of crashing, has things now improved with 12.04 that its a safe bet to re-enable (i dont play games or do video editing)?03:04
sinedeviancegogeta: unity sucks (still) and so does gnome-classic (there's not even a system tray ffs!)03:05
gogetadr_willis: unity use to choke and die on my little netbook now its fast didnt even put lubuntu back03:05
ActionParsnipTaar779_: how about if you allow password connection, is it ok?03:05
gogetasinedeviance: lo,l you just have to turn it on03:05
sinedeviancei'm sorry, but canonical did take a huge step back when they introduced unity. i dont like it, nobody in our company likes it, which is why we've been using xubuntu for the last two years03:05
sinedevianceat least xubuntu is sane.03:05
gogetasinedeviance: install the app called myunity03:05
dr_williserujolc:  try it and see.03:05
psusiUnity runs fine on my 1 GHz celleron netbook... my cell phone has a faster cpu03:05
ki4rosinedeviance: If you're so disappointed why do you use it?03:06
sinedeviancegogeta: i have to install this on 25 machines. i dont have time to do post-config, frankly, i shouldn't need to for a "world class operating system"03:06
erujolcdr_willis, fair point03:06
sinedevianceki4ro: we don't. that's exactly the point.03:06
gogetasinedeviance: fair point i xubuntu or lubuntu for you03:06
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:06
ki4rosinedeviance: So why are you here?  Just busting ubuntu's chops or ???03:06
sinedeviancegogeta: i turned unity off. how would myunity help?03:06
erujolcsinedeviance, you should have a way to do post-config, even if its as something as basic as fabric, especially if you manage 25 workstations03:07
Taar779_ActionParsnip, yeah turned that on since I'm trying to get my laptop setup with a key. Though now its saying: Recieved message to long (that's from the sftp command)03:07
project_tabwhenever i vnc into my ubuntu desktop the host machine asks me to enter a password to confirm/allow the connection.  it's a real pain in the butt, only i cant figure out where to allow it to connect without the password.03:07
sinedevianceki4ro: ubuntu is also kubuntu and xubuntu. those are fine in my opinion, if a little rough around the edges.03:07
gogetasinedeviance: myunity can change how unity works turn on desktop icons menubars and so on03:07
project_tabit means that i always have to have a monitor hooked up.  not very convienent.03:07
MiztaWHaven't tried yet, but just downloading right now... I'm excited. I love the workflow of unity03:07
project_tabcan anyone tell me where to disable that requirement for the password?03:07
gogetasinedeviance: tweak it to your likeing03:07
ki4roMYUNITY is very helpful and pretty straight forward03:07
sinedevianceki4ro: my company has been running on ubuntu derivatives (and servers) for the past two years. the only thing i have against ubuntu is unity.03:08
dforthmansorry. i went to the restroom. did we determine if gogeta's cpu was 64-bit?03:08
sinedeviancegogeta: i'll try that then, thanks03:08
ki4rosinedeviance: I see.  Can't use gnome?03:08
sinedevianceki4ro: i would if 2.x was still an option. that's why we're running xubuntu -- it sticks to the old ways, which actually did work fine03:09
gogetadforthman: some where yes but they where athlon64 not septrons03:09
erujolcis it possible to choose the monitor to mount the sidebar on unity yet? also if I mount the sidebar to external 2nd monitor, and then disconnect it, will it automatically shuffle back to other screen, in 12.04b1 it fail on nearly all scenarios03:09
kwtm2What's the channel to ask when 12.04 is coming out?  #plusoneUbuntu or something like that.03:09
dforthmangogeta, this will tell you if it's 32 or 64-bit: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep clflush\ size03:09
ki4rosinedeviance: I see, well good luck with it...I'm you'll sort it out03:09
erujolcdownloading 12.04release now but if any experience eager to know03:09
sinedevianceki4ro: i would just go with xubuntu again but xubuntu 11.10 had some annoying bugs that still aren't fixed in 12.04. so that's no longer an option.03:09
psusikwtm2, it's out03:09
OerHekskwtm2, 12.04 is out03:10
gogetadforthman: not always my atom comes up 64 bit with that03:10
enzotibin LXTerminal (from 12.04), when I hit Shift-Ctrl-C it copies the selected region, but also interprets it as interrupt. It was not so in 11.10. Maybe a different configuration from my part, but where to look for?03:10
gogetadforthman: its not 64 it has some 64 support03:10
dr_williskwtm2:  i thought it showed up on both. and had some settings. but i havent tried multi mon. in ages03:10
sinedeviancegogeta: some atoms (mainly the ones after the first couple years) were 64-bit03:10
lauratikajust upgrade to 12.04  and dash seems bit unresponsive... when i place the mouse on the left side of the screen it wont show up... waht could be the problem?03:10
dforthmanI believe those older semprons should be accurate03:10
psusigogeta, huh?  "some" 64 bit support?  it's kind of either all or nothing03:10
socrates_johnsonerujolc: as fate would have it, my laptop is dying and i need a replacement asap. i'm looking at a laptop with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with optimus. Is that going to be a problem?03:10
gogetapsusi: nope some atoms had 64 emu03:11
gogetaclflush size: 6403:11
gogetaand i knoe this is not 64bit03:11
project_tabi checked in desktop sharing preferences but i do not see anything pertaining to having the remote machine enter system pw to allow vnc connection03:11
gogetai tryed to install it once and it failed03:11
dr_willismy netbook can run 64 bit ubuntu. which suprised me..03:11
erujolcwill report back in about an 1hr just about to put the iso on CD and try it, private message your email if not about03:11
dforthmanthat's weird. i've never seen it report 64 if it's not a 64-bit processor03:12
gogetadforthman: the septron was made before 64 bit was thought of03:12
psusicache line size doesn't have anything to do with 32 bit vs 6403:12
WaraudonGah, I hate how Ubuntu always installs GRUB on the wrong disk when you're using a USB stick03:12
=== Afterraff` is now known as Afteraffekt
WaraudonIt overwrites the bootloader on the USB stick and blows that up03:13
psusiWaraudon, never seen it do that...03:13
EzeQLhi, if i run which APP , it returns the default release of APP. I want to use a nigthlie of APP located in another directory. how can i do it?03:13
dr_willisWaraudon:  never had that peoblem03:13
WaraudonIt happens every time I use a USB install03:13
dforthmangogeta, sorry, i was thinking of the wrong command. it's getconf LONG_BIT03:14
gogetapsusi: some prossers like the atom n270 are not true 6403:14
dr_willisEzeQL:  rearange your PATH order03:14
gogetadforthman: 32 on that03:14
ljsoftnetwhat does "Could not open /dev/mixer" mean, when i open gnome radio, by the way it has no sound, but can pick up FM signal03:14
sinedevianceerujolc: so earlier you mentioned fabric. is that good?03:15
psusigogeta, how is there a half way?  either it supports 64 bit instructions/addressing/registers, or not...03:15
WaraudonInteresting, for some reason it's using the pae kernel03:15
sfearsljsoftnet: maybe an alsa issue03:15
dforthmangogeta, this will tell you also: sudo lshw -C cpu | grep width03:15
gogetapsusi: some not all03:15
project_tabthx guys03:15
ljsoftnetsfears can i fix it?03:15
lauratikadoes any one has issues with dash bar not showing up or taking a lot of time?03:16
gogetadforthman: thats 6403:16
WaraudonIs 12.04 using the generic PAE kernel on a 32-bit system with 1GB of RAM normal? I think 11.04 did it too03:16
taxmanmy dash bar is ok so far03:16
erujolcfabric is basically a simple wrapper over ssh, so you can do fabric host1 host2 host3 -command rm -fr /  (cant remembre exact syntax), but most people will use it programatically from python to check conditions, executing different paths, collect more fine grain metric rather just throwing out commands at 25 machines03:16
dforthmangogeta, ha03:16
sfearsljsoftnet: what does "apt-cache policy alsa-base" say?03:17
erujolcpuppet and chef are big boy tools, but greater learning curve03:17
gogetadforthman: i have 2 like that my n270 and this 3200+03:17
sinedevianceerujolc: ahh, gotcha. i already do most of that stuff using ssh and cron03:17
gogetadforthman: i looked it up before and its some odd set they used when 64bit was starting up03:17
sinedeviancei have a cron setup where i can ssh in scripts to multiple machines and then cron will run them03:17
psusiWaraudon, I think the rule was if your cpu supported pae, it used it... iirc, for 12.04, non pae is no longer supported03:17
yeikwell, the laptop upgraded to 12.04 with very little issue so far.03:17
dforthmangogeta, gotcha. gotta love the emulations. messes everything up03:18
erujolcyeah with fabric it is push, your setup is pull (so is chef)03:18
Waraudonpsusi: That's probably fine then. It is quite old hardware, AMD Athlon XP 3200+, 1GB DDR RAM03:18
gogetadforthman: i think they where bad 64 bis rebranded 3203:18
WaraudonI would install more RAM if the HP BIOS would allow it, but it doesn't03:18
gogetadforthman: thats pretty normal fo prosser makers03:18
dforthmangogeta, yeah. that seems normal03:19
psusiWaraudon, time to upgrade? ;)03:19
naryfahow do I check which packages have I put on hold with apt-get?03:19
Waraudonpsusi: I've definitely been wanting to for a while. A little Mini-ITX system would be perfect03:19
Waraudonand probably use way less power03:19
sfearsnaryfa: maybe with aptitude?03:19
=== jalcine is now known as jacky
ljsoftnetsfears http://pastebin.com/Av3zpZby03:19
naryfasfears: bingo, thanks03:20
socrates_johnsonerujolc: have you tried bumblebee?03:20
erujolcare gnome-do and launchy still the recommended launcher choices for lightweight desktops like xfce?03:20
sfearsljsoftnet: close radio and try "modprobe snd-mixer-oss" and reopen radio03:20
erujolcnope, what is it?03:20
Athanasiushow do I make a spec display at the top of the screen (12.04)? I have a system monitor thing on my 10.04 machine that displays cpu/ram/swap/system load, trying to figure out how to get that on this machine but the top bar doesn't respond to rightclicks03:21
psusiWaraudon, last year overhauled to a nice core2 sandybridge 3.4 GHz setup with 4gb of ram and was surprised by how little power it uses... only 120 watts when idle and the vast majority of that seems to be the old radeon video card I kept instead of getting a mobo with the integrated intel graphics03:21
gogetadforthman: i popped in my 64 cd my mastake once and it did not work so who knoes03:21
Waraudonpsusi: I think anything would be a welcome improvement over an old OEM HP box03:21
ljsoftnetsfears it says FATAL error03:21
psusiWaraudon, actually, it's only drawing 103 watts now that I have all of my old rotational disks sleeping03:21
gogetapsusi: i draw 3503:22
psusiWaraudon, indeed, hp is terribad03:22
erujolcreading on archwiki, seems more for big gfx systems, i just want smooth effects, with no dent to battery life03:22
Waraudonpsusi: IO03:22
gogetapsusi: gotta love the n27003:22
Waraudonpsusi: I'm not sure I even want to know how much power this thing is using *03:22
sfearssay's not found, don't be so dramatic ljsoftnet03:22
psusigogeta, on a desktop?  nice... yea, I probably would too if not for the damn radeon... it's a power hog03:22
socrates_johnsonerujolc: a fix for the optimus issue i think? http://www.bumblebee-project.org/  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186120903:22
gogetapsusi: on a 900a eepc03:22
k014hello everyone!... i want to update to ubuntu 12.04 but i dont now what are the differences between updating via ubuntu updater, or making a fresh install...03:23
k014i always chose backup and make a fresh install..... but i am kind of tired about making backups of everything every 6 months, there is a better workflow for this?03:23
erujolci guessing bumblebee isnt part of 12.04 out the box?03:23
gogetapsusi: i is at work leeching wifi03:23
trismAthanasius: if you mean the system monitor applet for the gnome-panel, indicator-multiload is similar for unity, add it to startup applications03:23
psusik014, making a backup is still a good idea, but yea, you can just do the upgrade and unless something goes wrong, save yourself the trouble of reinstalling everything03:23
k014yes but upgrading, does not improve any visuals, i mean, new menus or login screens03:24
sinedeviancegogeta: myunity helps but it doesn't really do what i want (which is a system that is more like gnome 2.x)03:24
socrates_johnsonerujolc: i don't think so03:24
gogetasinedeviance: you will probly like xfce in that case03:25
gogetasinedeviance: or xubuntu03:25
sinedeviancegogeta: i've been using xubuntu for years. i said that just 30 lines ago. i already know everything about it.03:25
erujolci probably wont be trying that then, i had all my bastardization fun in archlinux im getting old now so i just want what works, install os, pull down dotfiles, adjust a few settings, reboot and go03:25
sfearsljsoftnet: try installing libsnack2-alsa or libsnack2 either or and see if it helps03:26
Athanasiustrism: excellent, that provided exactly what I was looking for thank you03:26
sinedeviancei want to be able to run apps from a dropdown menu or from the desktop. the unity dash wastes time and kinda sucks tbh.03:26
BlueClawLooking for "OpenCL drivers". I found OpenCL headers in synaptic, is that the same thing? Anyone know? :)03:26
WaraudonI'd also like to be able to get rid of the 4-partition limit of MBR on a new machine, without having to use extended partitions03:26
socrates_johnsonerujolc: so you basically just don't use the nvidia card in linux at all?03:27
AssDloded 12.04 yet?03:27
cordoval_mid way on installation process for ubuntu 12.04 upgrade graphics failed and i happened to reboot, now it gives error like git id unrecognized03:27
k014my workflow nowadays is to create several symbolic links to everything pointing to my home folder, this way i just backup the home folder, and then install any new version of ubuntu, and then just reset the links03:27
cordoval_how can i fix my install witohut loosing or moving my data around?03:27
cordoval_just need commands please begging03:27
ActionParsnipWaraudon: delete one and make it into an extended partition, then make logical partitions in that03:27
erujolcNo, in the BIOS you can disable it, but once this finishes copying to USB i'll install 12.04 and enable it for a try, but i wont be doing anything hacky, if any dent > 5% to battery its back to using integrated only, unless things fly like a rocket and its simply amazing03:28
cordoval_crying like a baby on my corner03:28
ActionParsnipcordoval_: use your backups if necessary03:28
k014i duno if thats is ok, or you masters of ubuntu have a bbeter workflow for mayor updates03:28
cordoval_what do you mean by use your backups03:28
erujolcWaraudon, with MBR you can't03:28
erujolcperhaps you can try GPT03:28
cordoval_i need some guidance03:28
cordoval_please i am not an expert03:28
Waraudonerujolc: That's the idea, but to boot a GPT disk I'd need a UEFI board03:28
Loopb4ckI have a toshiba satellite l775d and Kernel cmdline requires "i8042.reset=1 i8042.nomux=1" to be added every time the Kernel needs to be updated. is there a way to automate this?03:29
sinedevianceooh i just figured out how to fix the thunar bug in xubuntu. looks like xubuntu 12.04 is it :D03:29
socrates_johnsonerujolc: i'm not old but i don't want to mess around with stuff either. i'm just nervous about buying a new laptop if this optimus thing is a problem (and my current laptop is dying the week before finals). so the options are full-time integrated or full-time nvidia?03:29
xanguai believe my isp restricts my band usage, everytime I use specific torrents I got disconected several times D: whant can I do about it¿03:30
psusiWaraudon, what's wrong with extended partitions?03:30
psusiWaraudon, and you can get a bios machine to boot from gpt03:30
Waraudonpsusi: Nothing really, but I really need to just get everything off the disk and start over. it's a mess right now, / is on partition 303:30
psusiWaraudon, so?03:31
erujolcits not a problem, i disabled it in BIOS and it uses the intergrated gfx, i have native resolution, can run gimp, watch videos, movies/divx, connect an external monitor via hdmi. the only thing if there is a fantastic gfx inside id like to use if its doesnt kill battery of dent reliability, but I have a feeling we might have to wait till 3.4, 3.5 before all this stuff is seamless03:31
erujolcso perhaps you get the feeling your not getting everything you pay for, but the only laptops i could find with pure integrated intel only for too low end, so i went mid-range and disable to discrete gfx unit03:32
ibfrogsorry for just breaking into the conversation randomly, but anyone here an audio expert?  I can't seem to make my panther point  Intel hd audio make a noise03:32
ActionParsnipcordoval_: if your data is important to you, you will have made a duplicate copy on some external storage to your system, like a USB HDD03:32
cordoval_what do you mean03:32
cordoval_oh it is important but i did not do it03:32
ibfrogbrolman2, try /list03:32
cordoval_even if i did my backups, you are not answering my aux call03:33
cordoval_because i don{t know how to proceed03:33
erujolcWaraudon, are you sure you need EFI to boot to a GPT disk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table03:33
L3toperojulc you might try creating an xorg.conf and just setting the BusID03:34
L3toperujolc: but if you want to switch back and forth bumblebee is the way to go atm for intel/nvidia03:34
erujolcthanks, bullocks to that, i leave it disable in BIOS, one day i'll be able to use surely, but back on review in 6 months tag for now03:35
k014hello!, i want to know how do you deal with new ubuntu releases.... i mean.... do you use updater?, or backup and clean install?, i ise clean install but i am tired of backups every 6 months, there is a better way to do this? what are your workflows?03:35
ibfroglate to the conversation but trying to keep up ... whats bumblebee?03:35
RoeyHello, I have a PPA that overrides my main Oneiric installation.  How do I pin it so that I download the packages from the PPA by default?  apt-get is refusing to see past the package in the main installation.   https://launchpad.net/~lekensteyn/+archive/wacom-tablet?field.series_filter=oneiric03:35
zoeymarieIs it possible to hide network locations for a user on my system? I don't want them to be able to see the Places/Network at all, if possible... gconf? chmod?03:36
erujolcsome switcher, power management controller, early days project to enable full support for laptops with integrated and discrete ati/nvidia cards03:36
L3topIt is an application to switch back and forth between integrated and discreet gpus on intel/nvidia dual gpu laptops03:36
L3topI believe they are nvidia only.03:36
ibfroginteresting, thanks L3top03:36
ibfrogzoeymarie, what do you mean by hide network locations?03:37
L3topswitcheroo I think addresses the ati/ati cards... not particularly sure. We just force over the better gpu in all cases for our stuff.03:37
erujolcat the expense of battery life?03:38
zoeymarieibfrog, like, when you click "places," and the "network" folder, we have a bunch of different things to connect to--I'm pretty sure none of our clients would be able to connect to them anyways, but I don't even want them to know they are there (so they don't try...)03:38
L3topwe are graphics oriented. We don't care about your battery. We would prefer you not use laptops at all, but if you do, we force the big guns.03:38
L3topwe need compositing etc03:39
erujolcunderstandable scenario03:39
ActionParsnipcordoval_: try running:  apt-get -f install    in a root recovery console03:39
ActionParsnipcordoval_: I suggest you look into a backup system03:39
ibfrogzoeymarie, what version of ubuntu / gnome are you running?03:40
zoeymarieibfrog, 10.04 (Lucid) and GNOME203:40
cordoval_ActionParsnip: boot recovery console is my terminal from the cd live right?-03:41
ibfrogI'm on unity and 12.04... trying to remember what GNOME2 ended up looking like03:41
ActionParsnipcordoval_: no, just hold shift at boot, choose recovery mode, select root03:41
ibfrogmy other system is running gnome-shell and not helping03:41
cordoval_oh but what if i cannot get that far?03:41
ActionParsnipcordoval_: then you'll need to chroot from liveCD03:41
ibfrogzoeymarie, is the places->network a list of file shares?03:42
cordoval_hmm i am burning USB with 12.04 now03:42
cordoval_almost done, i guess from there i can do things right?03:42
zoeymarieibfrog, yes, I believe so.03:42
Athanasiusit'd be really nice if, for the first 2 weeks after a new version of ubuntu was released, they only allowed retrieving of isos via torrent. Prevent the mirrors from being overloaded to hell and back :(03:42
cpatrick08ibfrog, you can install mate it you want the look and feel of gnome 2 http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/download#ubuntu_precise_pangolin_1204_repository03:42
ActionParsnipcordoval_: yes in a chroot the commands will be runing on the installed OS.03:42
datruthin /etc/fstab I have an UUID how can I find the UUID of my other partitions?03:42
Kreazhi, i have a problem install ccsm, after I uninstalled GNOME 3. http://paste.ubuntu.com/948884/03:42
Kreazubuntu: 11.0403:42
ibfrogcpatrick08, thanks for the link... checking now03:42
ActionParsnipcpatrick08: or use xfce for a desktop that is supported here03:43
cpatrick08no problem03:43
cpatrick08ActionParsnip, true03:43
|Anthony|is there any benefit to having IPv6 enabled?03:43
erujolcdatruth, blkid03:43
aFeijohi guys03:43
ibfrogmate is a gnome2 compatability layer of sorts?03:43
Roeyhey anyone here know apt preference pinning?03:43
throwaway_rqIf I dont want to run unity, what's the best alternative for gnome interface?03:43
ActionParsnipibfrog: its an unofficial fork03:43
ActionParsnipthrowaway_rq: there is no 'best' anything03:44
aFeijocan I enable the app swapper effects (super+w, super+tab, etc.) without 3d graphic enabled?03:44
yeik|Anthony|, There can be, but it depends on what you want it for.03:44
erujolcthrowawa_rq, xfce imho03:44
ActionParsnipthrowaway_rq: install xfce4 package, log off, log in to xfce session and use that03:44
ibfroghrm... tempting... I've been trying to bend gnome-shell to my needs but its been a battle so far03:44
datrutherujolc: awesome thx03:44
throwaway_rqActionParsnip: i shall rephrase, i mean ANOTHER alternative, doesn't have to be best03:44
throwaway_rqxfce, thanks.03:44
cordoval_ActionParsnip: will the apt'get be destructive of my data?03:44
ActionParsnipcordoval_: no it just updates the package03:44
throwaway_rqdo i need to apt-get it, erujolc?03:44
Kreazhi, i have a problem install ccsm, after I uninstalled GNOME 3. http://paste.ubuntu.com/948884/, it said: Broken Package, (Ubuntu 11.04)03:44
ActionParsnipcordoval_: again, get a backup03:45
throwaway_rqbest way to make a bootable disc is dd if=iso of=/dev/sdx?03:45
throwaway_rqbootable usb*03:45
=== JSM is now known as Guest63455
ibfrogzoeymarie, why are you trying to restrict network->places again?03:45
Athanasiusit's always good to backup but apt-get will basically never destroy your data. If you foul something up like turning off your computer in the middle of installing packages bad things can happen but anything that's in /home should still remain intact03:45
erujolcunetbootin or startup disk creator03:45
Athanasiusthrowaway_rq: yes03:45
throwaway_rqerujolc: unetbootin doesn't support latest iso03:46
Athanasiusthrowaway_rq: just make absolutely sure you don't typo sdx03:46
socrates_johnsonL3top: if i may interject, so is it possible to run the nvidia card (in the optimus setup) at all times without a problem? my laptop is basically always plugged in so battery is not a huge concern of mine03:46
erujolcalthough unetbootin has just failed for me so trying03:46
erujolcah that would be why then03:46
throwaway_rqAthanasius: merci, yeah, i did that and i killed my macbook's efs a while ago03:46
throwaway_rqand it wont boot now03:46
throwaway_rqkilled /dev/rdisk003:46
|Anthony|yeik, well... it's enabled by default. Just wondering if it would be good for me to disable it. My ISP isn't providing me with IPv6 atm.03:46
erujolcwill startup disk creator work from ubuntu 11.10 to create a 12.04 iso? or should i cancel and do dd?03:46
ibfrogunetbootin worked to create a 12.04 image for me on a a usb stick03:47
ibfrogthats how I installed my current instance03:47
yeik|Anthony|, then the ipv6 is internal only unless you install software for ipv6 tunnelling. so then it doesn't matter.03:47
L3topsocrates_johnson: I don't have enough testers with the optimus chipset to tell you for sure that there is no problem, but we do this for other circumstances where an onboard cannot be shutoff.03:47
|Anthony|also read something yesterday about IPv6 has some security vulnerabilities still03:47
erujolchmmm I got 'No Default or UI configuration derivative found\n boot:03:47
erujolcprobably a fake usb stick to be fair seems super slow for a kingston03:48
ActionParsnipthrowaway_rq: I'd use unetbootin03:48
socrates_johnsonL3top: okay, and it just forces the better graphics configuration at all times?03:48
Athanasius|Anthony|: Uh. Every networking protocol has vulnerabilities. IPv4 is littered with vulnerabilities a la ARP03:48
yeik|Anthony|, i don't know if i heard any security vulnerabilities other than the fact that every ipv6 address is acceble externall, so not natted like people are use to.03:48
apiescan i connect fb with xchat ? iam newbie03:48
L3topsocrates_johnson: I handle all of the auto detection stuff... so basically if there are two cards, I install appropriate drivers for the second, we generate our own xorg from scratch and I set the BusID.03:49
Athanasiusapies: uh, no03:49
erujolcwhats fb?03:49
Athanasiusfacebook I assume03:49
Athanasiusspeaking of which, what's the unity thing that lets you get facebook notifications on the desktop03:49
erujolcyikes, hopefully not03:49
wyldeAthanasius: *shudder* you mean gwibber?03:49
ActionParsnipapies: you may be able to forward the chat using bitlbee03:49
SamEEEapies - if anyone would know it would be #xchat03:50
AthanasiusI think so03:50
apiesi get install pidgin but in applications list no pidgin there03:50
KreazAthanasius: do you mean the notification on taskbar/widget on desktop?03:50
ActionParsnipapies: try pressing ALT+F2 and type 'pidgin'03:50
yeikapies, unity? or something else, pidgin is under internet03:50
apiesubuntu 10.0403:50
socrates_johnsonL3top: okay. sorry, i'm not too great at this stuff. if i just install ubuntu without the proprietary nvidia drivers will it use the better card full-time by default?03:50
ibfrogAthanasius, smells like gwibber to me03:50
|Anthony|Athanasius, there will always be chinks in the armor so to speak. I was sleepy when i was reading and don't remember the particulars. But yeik makes an interesting statement03:51
Lambda3I am currently trying to install ubuntu, but apparently, I can't have more than 4 primary partitions on my hdd. I need some help in figuring out what partition I could get rid of. I am thinking about getting rid of the ntfs partition that is 200 mb large and has a boot flag. If I delete this partition, would I be unable to boot up windows, even after the ubuntu bootloader is installed?03:51
ActionParsnipLambda3: 200Mb isn't enoungh to hold Ubuntu03:51
cordoval_where are the md5 numbers for iso_03:51
cordoval_cannot find them on the website03:51
ibfrogLambda3, lots of questions on that ....03:51
cordoval_url anyone please?03:51
L3topsocrates_johnson: No. It will almost certainly use the integrated intel. Our project is not standard.03:51
erujolcsocreators_johnson, if enabled in the BIOS i presume it will use the open source nvidia drivers, you'll then get a prompt to install the closed faster drivers under 'Additioanl drivers' afaik03:51
|Anthony|Lambda3, consider extended partitions03:51
Lambda3No, I mean I would delete that partition and resize the one holding my windows files03:51
ibfrogthere are extended partitions you can use to hold additional data03:51
Kreazmake a logical partition maybe?03:52
yeik|Anthony|, you don't have anything to really worry about if your isp doesn't provide support. I wish mine did so I could get it set up with ipv6 and learn firewalls for it. should improve proper security instead of relying on NAT03:52
erujolci stand corrected03:52
ActionParsnipcordoval_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/release/03:52
dforthmanis there a way to make it so when i'm pressing alt to heal myself in wow, it doesn't think i'm pressing a key to do something with the window it's running in?03:52
ActionParsnipcordoval_: couldn't find that with websearches?03:52
Lambda3Yeah, I want to do that, but in order to do that, i have to first delete a partition because an extended partition is considered a primary partition03:52
L3topYou cannot disable the integrated card though, and it will likely install for and use it... installing the nvidia driver will not magically find the nvidia card. The nvidia works through the integrated, so integrated cannot be disabled03:52
ActionParsnipLambda3: I guess taht would fly, why not :)03:52
ibfrogI tend to use (1) boot (2) swap (3) root (4) extended (x1) windows (x2) home03:52
ibfrogI think.. .. been a while since I've dual booted03:53
apiesanyone use street os ?03:53
ibfrogactually... I think swap was in the extended the last time I tried this03:53
Lambda3My 3rd and 4th partitions are the windows recovery partition and a fat32 partition called "HP_TOOLS"03:53
Athanasiusheh. My laptop is 75GB /, 4GB swap.03:53
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
m4they, is there a way to hide the MessagingMenu completely? sure, you can remove empathy/thunderbird03:53
m4tbut the whole thing?03:53
Lambda3I don't know what the last one does, so I don't want to delete it.03:53
* m4t doesn't use.03:54
Lambda3which leaves only the current boot partition03:54
* m4t uses irc03:54
Fyodorovnaibfrog, windows should be primary at least the OS, and no boot partition is needed on a mbr setup.03:54
ibfrogoh right right03:55
wyldeLambda3: just a quick question, did you back up all your data from windows before starting this? ;)03:55
ibfroglike I said... been a while03:55
Lambda3I suppose a better question would be does the ubuntu bootloader boot windows itself or does it defer to another partition to boot it up?03:55
socrates_johnsonerujolc: okay thanks. my laptop boots about 20% of the time, but i feel better about the upgrade now once it finishes dying. (the optimus issues is a little unnerving for me, but the i7/price is too good for a grad student to pass up)03:55
datruthcool got that going03:55
=== bc`` is now known as bc
Fyodorovnaibfrog, put windows on the first partition, easier to fix.03:55
apiesmy camera drivers not work in ubuntu 10.0403:55
Lambda3wyld, of course! :) I actually just got my laptop today, so I have everything backed up.03:55
ibfrogbtw: Fyodorovna when did the boot partition go away... used to be standard in gentoo and it seems like its all compressed to the root partition in ubuntu03:56
wyldeLambda3: I swear that's the first positive I've gotten to that question for a long while! *claps*03:56
cordoval_ActionParsnip: cannot find my file name there 128f0c16f4734c42....5203:56
Fyodorovnaibfrog, not sure really.03:56
cordoval_it does not match any name and nor checksum03:56
=== Afteraffekt is now known as Afterraff`
WaraudonOkay I think I finally got everything working.03:56
throwaway_rqside question - does windows has somethign liek "sync" command in ubuntu (to flush buffer)03:56
* ibfrog hasn't dual booted in ages03:56
WaraudonWhat's the recommended way to save iptables rules in Ubuntu and restore them at boot?03:56
cordoval_mine was ubuntu 12'04 desktop amd6403:56
ibfrogbut the ubuntu method seems to work so far03:56
allureI'm having the same issue as this guy (http://askubuntu.com/questions/125500/upgrade-to-12-04-failed-due-to-held-back-packages) to update to 12.02 from 11.10. Does anyone have any idea on how to update then? :)03:57
Lambda3Haha, well, I'm not a complete noob. I've been using ubuntu for like 4-5 years now; although, I admit I don't know a lot about setting it up because I never had trouble with it before and had to learn all about it03:57
Fyodorovnaibfrog, the ubuntu and most linux will run in the extended.03:57
Fyodorovnaprobably all  linux just not sure ibfrog03:57
BlueClawIs there a program that can tell me what is currently running? I tried to open a program and think it might be running in the background.03:57
cordoval_ActionParsnip:  ok it matches with a friend03:57
cordoval_so i am rebooting and will try with usb03:57
throwaway_rqBlueClaw: htop03:58
AthanasiusIs there an ubuntu command for "automatically install everything I need to build this package from source"? like apt-something rtorrent; apt-get source rtorrent; cd rtorrent-whatever; ./configure03:58
socrates_johnsonL3top: thank you for the insight and for your patience03:58
sfearsBlueClaw: top03:58
xangua!compile | Athanasius03:58
ubottuAthanasius: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall03:58
sfearstop | grep <program name>03:58
BlueClawsfears: thanks!03:58
ibfrogyeah... I'm sure linux will run in extended... I just didn't follow the move to get rid of a boot partition.   Kinda seems like its an isolation method that ubuntu / canonical decided to get rid of more than anything else03:59
apieswhere can i find drivers camera ubuntu ?03:59
yeikBlueClaw, ps -aux | grep <program name> might work better03:59
Kreazapies: google03:59
throwaway_rqxfce doesnt' come bundled in the mainstream iso right?03:59
wyldeAthanasius: 'apt-get source packagename; sudo apt-get build-dep packagename;03:59
apieskreaz. i tried but not work03:59
Mango_Mani'm getting this when running a helloworld opengl program: freeglut (./Tut 01 Main): glXCreateContextAttribsARB not found03:59
Athanasiusdanke wylde03:59
Kreazapies: what cam drivers?03:59
f0xdoes gnome classic support transparency?04:00
apiesif on windows lenovo easy camera04:00
L3topsocrates_johnson: ok if I pm?04:00
len_throwaway, it's on the xubuntu iso04:00
ibfrogf0x, what do you mean by gnome classic?04:00
Fyodorovnaibfrog, you a conspiracy fan. :)04:00
throwaway_rqlen_: thanks. I guess i'll have to apt-get it then.04:00
ruffleScan anyone help me out here? i'd like to know whether or not this bug's been reported already. when you "aerosnap" a window to the sides and then try to move it out of its position window goes way bellow mouse cursor. (on ubuntu 12.04 unity)04:00
ibfrogFyodorovna, not intentionally... I've just been curious about the switch04:00
f0xibfrog, gnome-fallback-session in 12.0404:01
f0xbecause in 11.10 it doesn't04:01
Kreazapies: have you tried on lenovo site for linux support?04:01
Kreaz(official site)04:01
ActionParsnipibfrog: omgubuntu has a how o to make 12.04 look like Gnome204:01
ibfrogwow ruffleS thats new in 12.0404:02
ibfrog11.0X didn't have that issue04:02
ruffleSibfrog it does now and it is highly annoying04:02
ruffleSibfrog could you reproduce it?04:02
ibfrogjust tried it out and the aero move to the side does the height maximize04:02
socrates_johnsonL3top: yes04:02
ibfrogmoving away from that retains the porportions of the height maximize04:02
vicatcuhi all - i seem to have killed my computer by trying to upgrade to 12.04, can anyone help?04:03
wylde*shakes head* Bug #98937904:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 989379 in Ubuntu "There is no precise situation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98937904:03
ibfrogmoving the window down jumps the window far below the cursor and restores the original size before you did the aero-resize to the side of the screen04:03
Fyodorovnaibfrog, I picture shuttleworth and his honchos sitting around mark says take away their boot partition cackles a muhaha and the sinister organ music starts.04:03
cordoval_anyone with an assus g73jw do they can boot on usb stick?04:03
ibfrogFyodorovna, hahaha04:03
cordoval_it says like atheros agent, some weird names and options but it is not picking up usb04:03
vicatcupretty please?04:04
yeikcordoval_,  almost any newer computer should be able to boot usb04:04
* Kreaz is away (OFFLINE)04:04
ruffleSibfrog exactly04:04
wylde!details | vicatcu04:04
ubottuvicatcu: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:04
ibfrogI'm kinda new to the #ubuntu community but any theory that involves organ music and sinister themes is ok by me04:04
yeikcordoval_, usually there is an option, like f10, f8, or esq to get a boot menu04:04
ruffleSibfrog i've been trying to find this bug report on launchpad with no luck so far04:04
ibfrogit might not be there but I can replicate04:04
Athanasiusooooooooh checkinstall looks quite handy04:05
BlueClawthrowaway_rq: Thanks, that program looks like what I wanted.04:05
ibfrogruffleS, think this was fixed in 11.0x but I've been running gnome-shell there and it acts different04:05
wyldeAthanasius: checkinstall is VERY handy :)04:05
vicatcuwhen i try to start ubuntu i get the following error: mountall: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /lib/libply.so.2) General error mounting filesystems. A maintenance shell will now be started. CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and reboot the system.04:05
ruffleSibfrog i've tried this on gnome-shell and bug doesn't apply there..04:05
ruffleSonly on unity04:05
vicatcuthe installer crashed while updating from 11.10 to 12.04 and here we are04:06
ActionParsnipvicatcu: could use liveCD and chroot, then update the OS there?04:06
AthanasiusOf course first I have to wait for all the deps to download at 5KB/s04:06
wyldevicatcu: I all honesty, it's probably best if you use a live CD/USB to boot and backup your data. Then do a fresh install.04:06
SamEEEapies - google04:07
wyldevicatcu: or what ActionParsnip said04:07
cordoval_error is > Checking battery state... starting git'daemon[ unknown id [ git failure unknown id[ git04:07
yuri__Alright. I was burning a dvd to iso and had to access the control panel. Now bombono has decided to stop burning mid-stream. Is this normal?04:07
ruffleSibfrog could you please help me report that bug? as english isn't my first language i don't think i would be able to describe the scenario as i should04:07
kfizzI have a home partition and I'm trying to do manual partitioning, however idk if I should Mark my home or / as bootable. Any suggestions?04:07
cordoval_Action i am at gnu grub04:08
cordoval_i can see recover mode04:08
=== caesar__ is now known as caesar_
cordoval_is that it? i was not able to boot from usb yet04:08
cordoval_it is just the ubuntu04:08
cordoval_will try recover mode04:08
ibfrogruffleS, I suppose I could ...  I've never lodged an ubuntu bug before and I wasn't planning on running unity for much longer04:08
vicatcuok i just threw in my 11.10 installation cd04:08
vicatcuwhat is chroot though04:09
cordoval_should i go to drop toroot shell prompt?04:09
ibfrogkfizz, bootable shoudl go to the partition that contains the bootloader... which is / unless you have a /boot partition04:09
sfearshello koffel04:10
koffelhow are ya04:10
BOYPTkoffel: hello04:11
kfizzIbfrog, I have an old / partition but I want to install a new / partition and copy the old data from / only as necessary. Should I create a new / partition, make it primary and bootable and change the old / to logical?04:11
cordoval_ActionParsnip: i am going to the dpkg04:11
koffeldoes ubuntu have zwave lighting drivers?04:11
BOYPTkfizz: in fact grub doesn't care about the bootable flag04:12
BOYPTkfizz: primary or not dsn't matter04:12
vicatcu<ActionParsnip> i've booted from a livecd...now what is this chroot business you speek of04:13
kfizzByopt, As long as it's mounted at / it will recognize it as such?04:13
Dougie187I'm having trouble installing 12.04. The installer is stalling close to the end (during "installing system") and my syslogs indicate it's an issue with getting the nvidia_current_updates package.04:13
sfearsvicatcu: what are you trying to do?04:13
BOYPTkfizz: yep04:13
vicatcuget my computer back to bootable04:13
vicatcuit crashed while i was upgrading from 11.10 to 12.0404:13
Dougie187To help, it seems like this bug report is my issue, but I don't understand what the resolution is. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/91760404:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 917604 in jockey (Ubuntu) "Installation locked cause downloading of propetary drivers." [Undecided,Invalid]04:14
vicatcusfears: can you help me?04:15
cordoval_it is running the dpkg04:15
sfearsdo you know how to mount partitions?04:15
sfearsdo you know how to mount partitions vicatcu?04:16
Trenchcoat_Guyhello world04:16
yuri__Alright. Never mind. It regained control of the data stream. Back to rendering. Bye. :)04:16
Roeysbrk() sbrk() sbrk()!!04:16
ibfrog btw:  anyone know how to debug alsa / pulseaudio issues?  I can't seem to get any audio out of my mother board04:16
datruthI have a partition I want to share between two OS's does the file system need to be fat32 or ntfs?04:17
vicatcusfears: i'm pretty good with unix in general, it's just the mount command right?04:17
sfearsibfrog, you probably have the wrong device selected in the sound control panel04:17
ibfrogsfears, I've tried all three04:17
cordoval_looks like i just needed dpkg04:17
cordoval_man this is so cool, i hope it fixes it04:17
sfearsyeah vicatcu, mount /dev/sd? (broken system) /mnt04:17
ibfrogtest sounds don't work with any of them selected04:17
cordoval_ubuntu ftw04:17
ibfrogdatruth, fat32 is the safest bet04:18
ActionParsnipcordoval_: sweet04:18
linuxuz3ris 12.04 out yet04:18
cordoval_ActionParsnip: i really hope this works man, ruffleS yeah man04:18
ibfrogI think you can write to ntfs but the last time I tried it, it wasn't exactly perfect04:18
datruthlinuxuz3r: yes04:18
linuxuz3rhow is it04:18
linuxuz3rgood spify fast04:18
vicatcusfears: mount /dev/sda7 /mnt04:18
datruthibfrog: great thanks I need to use gparted to format that parition on a live cd?04:18
ibfrogdatruth, what are you trying to do again?04:19
sfearsvicatcu: mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc04:20
sfearsand the same for sysfs and boot04:20
vicatcusfears: i'm getting "only root can do that"04:21
sfearsif boot is on a different partition you'll have to mount that as well and adjust the syntax04:21
vicatcuand i'm booted from a live cd04:21
sfearsyou need to be root for all this vicatcu04:21
sfearsjust sudo su04:21
sfearsshould make you root04:21
sfearsthere is no password04:22
vicatcusvears: ok mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc gives me04:22
vicatcumount point /mnt/proc does not exist04:22
datruthibfrog: share a partition with two os's04:22
marcuspbairdhey how do i get geekshed in xchat gnome04:22
sfearsvicatcu: try mount -o bind /proc /mnt/proc04:22
ruffleSibfrog: ok here's the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/98938904:22
ibfrogdatruth, gparted will get you in the right direction but it kinda depends on how your drive is currently laid out04:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 989389 in unity "Unity behaves badly when moving windows out of "aerosnap" height maximized state" [Undecided,New]04:22
vicatcuno dice, same error /mnt/proc does not exist04:23
sfearsthen you have the wrong partition mounted to /mnt?04:23
ibfrogruffleS, responding to it now04:23
sfearswhat does ls /mnt say?04:23
ruffleSibfrog thank you04:24
vicatcusfears: there's nothing there..04:24
sfearsi'd say you have the wrong partition mounted04:24
sfearsumount /mnt04:24
vicatcumaybe what i'm doing is not a livecd04:25
sfearsfdisk -l to find your / partition04:25
vicatcui chose "try ubuntu" from the installer04:25
L3topdatruth: did anyone ever answer you?04:25
sfearsyeah, open a terminal vicatcu04:25
datruthL3top: on the partition question yes. ibfrog did04:25
vicatcuas in restart, or just open a terminal04:25
datruthibfrog: what do you mean laid out?04:25
sfearsjust open a terminal so you can type some commands04:25
vicatcubecause i've already got a terminal open and have sudo su'ed in it04:26
vicatcuyea i'm there04:26
sfearsfdisk -l vicatcu04:26
ibfrogdatruth, gparted will let you repartition your drive but you may have to use other tools to resize existing paritions unless you are starting from a clean drive04:26
Thrasher194oh yay 12.04 saved the day04:26
sfearsone of those is your / partition, do you know which one04:26
=== root is now known as Guest92405
vicatcusfears: well theres sda1 through sda704:27
vicatcusfears one has System = Linux04:28
datruthibfrog: hrmm the drive in question has a partiton on it that I formated to ext4 thinking it would be sharable across win7 and kubuntu so in theory I should be able to reformat that partion as ntfs or fat32 and the partition should be available via win7 and kubuntu yes?04:28
vicatcusfears; seems like a good bet04:28
sfearsonly one vicatcu?04:28
sfearsyeah, which one?04:28
vicatcusfears: sda6, and sda7 is Linux swap / Solaris04:28
sfearsokay, umount /mnt04:28
sfearsand mount /dev/sda6 /mnt04:28
vicatcusfears done04:29
ibfrogdatruth, yup as long as you don't care about any data already on that partition you should be able to reset the partition type and rebuild the filesystem (mkefs.fat32 I think is the command)04:29
sfearsls /mnt should have your / folders04:29
vicatcusfears right on, yes it does04:29
goddardhow go the upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04?04:30
* datruth is going to re-install kubuntu on the new image i just downloaded04:30
sfearsokay mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc04:30
vicatcusfears: done04:30
sfearsmount -t sysfs sys /mnt/sys04:30
vicatcusfears: done04:31
ruffleSibfrog did you see it?04:31
sfearsmount -t boot boot /mnt/boot04:31
sfearsdoes that mount correctally?04:31
L3topmount -t devpts /dev/pts04:32
vicatcusears: unknown filesystem type 'boot'04:32
sfearsmount -o bind /boot /mnt/boot04:32
vicatcusfears: ok done04:33
sfearssudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev04:33
uBUxUBuis 64bit ubuntu desktop faster than 32 bit...even if they both have the same amount of ram?04:34
vicatcusfears: ok done04:34
ibfrogruffleS, posted.  For what its worth your english is pretty good.  your description was accurate and to the point04:34
sfearscp -L /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/resolv.conf04:34
L3topsome things will have a marginal increase in speed uBUxUBu04:34
sfearsmake sure your connected to the internet and then cp -L /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/resolv.conf04:34
L3topunlikely to make a real impact on your life uBUxUBu04:35
vicatcusfears: ok done04:35
ruffleSibfrog thanks! i just hope this will get fixed in time for 12.10. thank you for taking your time to help me out. cheers!04:35
linuxuz3ruBUxUBu, i think it depends on the speed of your processor04:35
uBUxUBuhmmm, for some reasons, some tests claim its a lot faster, others say what you said L3top04:35
sfearsyou were connected to the net first vicatcu?04:35
uBUxUBumy processor on the machine in question is a 3.4 HT P404:36
uBUxUBu4 g ram04:36
linuxuz3ruBUxUBu, hi04:36
linuxuz3ri think that cant run 64bit04:36
vicatcusfears: yea i have network and can browse the web04:36
sfearsokay, chroot /mnt /bin/bash04:36
uBUxUBui noticed in the bios it says 64 bit though04:37
vicatcusfears: ok done04:37
biobunsaiOh let me guess..no screen saver again!!!!04:37
sfearsokay, your running on your crashed machine04:37
sfearsissue commands like apt-get update and apt-get upgrade04:37
rinzleranybody have any experience with tilp2, or know where to find someone who does?04:37
sfearsshould start downloading and updating everything vicatcu04:37
uBUxUBulinux4u, unless dell put a 64 bit mobo with a cpu that cant do 64 bit?04:38
ibfrogrinzler, what is tilp2?04:38
vicatcusfears: ok apt-get update running currently04:38
ibfrogrinzler, TI com program?04:38
rinzleribfrog: yep04:38
sfearsor maybe dist-upgrade or might have to dpkg something to recover where it lost it last time04:38
ibfrogneat tool but I haven't run it :/04:38
borillionanyone have any experience setting up web hosts that are secure?04:38
vicatculibc6 ?04:39
Fyodorovnasfears, maybe  sudo apt-get -f install   to unlock their original upgrade if locked04:39
goddardhow go the upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04?04:39
vicatcusfears: any ideas how to figure out what is b0rk3d?04:39
goddardwhat is the best way to upgrade?04:39
sfearsyeah, your in there as long as you don't reboot or exit from your terminal session04:39
sfearsvicatcu: just try apt-get upgrade and see if it errors04:40
vicatcusfears: ok will do04:40
ActionParsnipgoddard: there is no best, just options04:40
ActionParsnip!upgrade | goddard04:40
ubottugoddard: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade04:40
sfearsit should put you in a state to reboot into your system and dist upgrade from the gui when you get there04:40
vexaxvhey guys i need some programming help04:41
Thrasher194i got the full 12.04 64bit dvd. and did a clean install.04:41
jok1trouble using winusb http://pastebin.com/uGMRqLyF04:41
schultza_what java client should i get?04:42
anathema_hi guys, in my netbook i have some linux and one windows distro, im trying to setup ubuntu but in the installer it shows only /dev/sda and not the partitions. Is the partition table broken? Grub works correctly with the distros :(04:42
ian_everyone liste04:42
=== schultza_ is now known as schultza
ian_i just installed the 12.0404:42
ian_but it wont load and shows a black screen04:42
vicatcusfears: ok so apt-get upgrade instructed me that dpkg was interrupted and i must run sudo dpkg --configure -a, so i did04:42
ian_im here cuz i used a old version in the start up04:43
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.04:43
borillionian_ boot in vga mode04:43
vicatcusfears: subsequent to that, running apt-get upgrade fails with unmet dependencies04:43
sfearsyeah, sounds like video drivers ian_04:43
ian_k so you can help me with it?04:43
vicatcusfears: rerunning apt-get upgrade with -f optin04:43
=== jacky is now known as JackyAlcine
biobunsaiok how do I get my screen savers back?04:44
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
sfearsyou may have to wait until kubuntu server traffic dies down, maybe some of the packages are unavailable becauase the servers are overloaded right now04:44
ian_Please? when i boot the 12.04, everying is fine until the sign up...  after i sign its blackout04:44
aarcanedoes anyone else actually answer FloodBot1 in #ubuntu-unregged?04:44
sfearsian_ do you have an external or alternate monitor to use04:45
=== JackyAlcine is now known as Jacky
=== Jacky is now known as jacky
sfearsit may be your monitor refresh rate ian_.04:45
cemchi. I have 4GB of RAM in my laptop. is it worth installing 64bit 12.04 ?04:45
ian_nope my pc is on a HP  montior04:45
sfearslcd ian_?04:45
mcdonccemc: that's plenty04:45
ian_yeah i think04:45
ian_but im not sure04:45
mcdoncand 64 bit still runs flash and whatnot04:46
ian_everything was fine like 3-4 ans of use before the 12.0404:46
sfearsi have that problem with one of my lcd monitors, i have to hook up a crt monitor to change the refresh rate and then hook the lcd back up04:46
cemcmcdonc: I see. thanks04:46
ian_with the 12.04?04:46
L3topian_: what are the chances this is an nvidia gpu04:47
sfearsyou can boot into a live cd session and manually change the refresh rate in the xorg config, but i'm not exactally sure where the setting is ian_04:47
ian_yes lol its a nvidia car i think with amd motherboard04:47
ian_i don't have a live cd :(04:47
sfearsmaybe try the nomodeset option at grub boot ian_04:47
sfearsat the grub menu type c for command prompt to appear. then type nomodeset and hit enter04:48
ian_"nomodset" only?04:48
sfearsyeah, that will help if it's a driver issue, not if it's refresh rate though04:48
ian_ok sounds good04:48
ian_i'll be back04:48
aarcanecemc, it's always worth installing 64 bit if your CPU supports it.04:48
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
chris215msg nickserv identify themarlboroman04:49
sfearschris, you forgot to / the msg04:49
chris215i know04:49
chris215lol changing pword now04:49
JayWalker__so I guess I'm not the only one having problems with 12.04. After installing nvidia drivers, unity/compiz crashes on login. And my sound doesnt work, when it did with 10.0404:50
chris215plz nobody be mean04:50
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=== Tester is now known as TesterBlah123
sfearsvicatcu: how's it going?04:50
vicatcusfears: upgrade still running04:50
chris215it was a nice password while it lasted...  not very crafty but fun to type04:50
halfiehi, i have installed ubuntu 12.04 but I can't hear any sound on headphones connected to SB XFI sound card. Should I file a bug?04:50
sfearssounds like it will work fine, after that finishes you should just be able to reboot vicatcu04:51
vicatcusfears: thanks you have been incredibly generous and helpful04:51
ItsMeLennyi'm sorry but the new unity is extremely buggy, very frustrating, almost unusable, and the gnome classic has its own share04:52
jok1trouble using winusb http://pastebin.com/uGMRqLyF04:52
sfearsdonate my share to your library04:52
=== TesterBlah123 is now known as bkerensa
sfearsjok1: what are you trying to do?04:53
jok1sfears, trying to create a bootable win 7 usb04:53
chris215i was hoping i could free up some space on this computer, only 40 gb hd, by compressing my movie files when im not using them, but i am noticing that in tar.gz form its the same size as the file itself...  is there a compression format that will make the average 700mb movie file fit into a smaller file?04:53
chris215or is that not really what compression does04:54
A|i3NSo I just install 12.04 - Could someone tell me what package to install to get the Gnome classic interface? I can't seem to find it.04:54
ItsMeLennychris215, movie files are already compressed04:54
woochris, try 7zip04:54
sfearschris215: tar -c 904:54
sfearsmaybe increase the compression chris21504:54
roloncitoraven from mexico?04:54
ItsMeLennyA|i3N, the gnome classic interface is buggy you're probably better of getting http://mate-desktop.org04:54
halfiehi, i have installed ubuntu 12.04 but I can't hear any sound on headphones connected to SB XFI sound card. Any tips to get sound working?04:55
ItsMeLennynice 300mb package04:55
chris215i know how to put them into a compresed file in the terminal and with nautilus already04:55
zykotick9!info gnome-session-fallback | A|i3N04:55
ubottuA|i3N: gnome-session-fallback (source: gnome-session): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 157 kB04:55
sfearshalfie: check each entry in the sound control panel and make sure the correct sound card is at the top of the list04:55
chris215sfears -c 9 will increase the compreession?04:55
sfearsi think so chris21504:55
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
sfearsmaybe test it first, that may be a gzip flag04:56
redact3dis the magic lamp minimize animation for compiz broken for anyone else on 12.04?04:56
A|i3Nzykotick9 - That will allow to select gnome classic when I log on?04:57
wyldechris215: you will gain very little even with maximum compression settings. As someone already said, movies/music/lots of image files are already compressed.04:57
ItsMeLennyredact3d, everything is broken for me in 12.04, along with my heart04:57
chris215im reading tar --help now.....  thanks for the tim, i didnt now too much about compression lke that i could increase it...04:57
chris215oooh i see04:57
sfearsor that04:57
chris215thanks wylde04:57
zykotick9A|i3N: it has a gnome icon in lightdm or something, it seems pretty amazing - very gnome2 like.04:57
osmosisany major bugs found in 12.04 yet?04:58
redact3dItsMeLenny, my upgrade wen't very well actually first time it's ever worked. normally i need to hose and start fresh. just that one animation in compiz not working correctly from what i can see04:58
ItsMeLennyi did a full reinstall04:58
A|i3Nzykotick9 - I don't mind the unity thing, I just want my application menus at the top - is there a way to just get those back? Applications and system menus04:58
sfearsjok1: fdisk -l04:58
ian_lol sfears04:58
wyldechris215: np, I store my movies in a squashfs filesystem using xz compression and over 40 GB I gain less than 1GB of space.04:58
zykotick9A|i3N: i have no idea about unity.  good luck.04:58
ItsMeLennyand the unity interfaece is nothing but buggy buggy buggy, compared to 11.1004:58
ian_are you sure thats nomodset?04:58
sfearswhat ian_?04:58
sfearsno, nomodeset04:59
ian_and nomodeset04:59
sfearsyour forgetting the e04:59
sfearsthat's what i said that last time04:59
sfearsno mode set04:59
ian_these 2 dosent works04:59
redact3dItsMeLenny, yeah i use xfce so i wouldn't know lol04:59
ian_unknown command04:59
jcasewould anyone know how to remove the unity launcher off a second monitor?04:59
sfearshumm.. pause04:59
ljsoftnethow do i lower my cpu fan speed with thinkfan?04:59
A|i3NItsMeLenny - Do you have any idea? I just want my menu bar back. I don't mind using the default desktop, I just want the usual listing of installed applications and system settings, etc04:59
benpiccoI created a ppa and uploaded the files successfully with dput, but they are not showing up on my ppa website - what am I missing?04:59
chris215ko wylde ...i was hoping to dl a documentary torrent to watch tonite but it looks like id have to delete one of my favs to do it...  oh well getting a new screen in the mail tomorrow hopefully, then ill have my good laptop back :)04:59
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
chris215at least theres xbmc for tonite05:00
chris215thanks guys05:00
wyldechris215:  :)05:00
sfearsian_: where are you typing that in?05:00
ian_in the command kernel05:00
ItsMeLennyA|i3N,  i dunno what you're talking about05:00
ian_as you requested05:00
sfearsfrom grub ian_?05:00
DerpadongQuestion, is there a netinstall iso for current ubuntu or no?05:01
woogoing from 10.04 desktop to 12.04 server.  any suggestions or comments?05:01
A|i3NOK then, anyone - you know how before Unity you had your regular application menus and system menus at the top of the screen on the left - Is there a way to either a: Get those back using Unity on 12.04 or b: install the gnome classic desktop05:02
ian___sdears yes?05:02
benpiccoA|i3N: install gnome-panel05:02
ian___it sucks man05:02
sfearsian___: nomodeset is in there somewhere05:02
ian___then why its unkown command?05:03
redact3dA|i3N, use xfce its similar to gnome2 (xubuntu)05:03
A|i3Nbenpicco: That'll bring the menu back? I hate having to search for an application using that stupid bar on the left lol I've hated it since they implemented it.05:03
benpiccoA|i3N: to edit the panel and add applets you have to keep alt & alt gr pressed now, seriously05:03
lystra_Any idea why I have only 3 files in /boot/grub? I installed 12.04 to a second disk.05:03
benpiccoA|i3N: it's the gnome 2 panel ported to gnome 305:03
benpiccoyou will get a 'Gnome Classic' session that you can select on login05:04
A|i3NOK then lol thank you benpicco that's what I was wanting05:04
A|i3NFrom what I've been reading I'm not the only one that hates the whole unity interface LOL05:06
ljsoftnethow do i lower my cpu fan speed with thinkfan?05:06
holmescnhelp list05:07
ian___Anybody can help me?05:07
benpiccowhat's your problem?05:07
=== loadid is now known as sfears
woolj, thats not in ur bios?05:07
ian___i have a problem with the 12.0405:07
sfearsian___: did e work?05:08
ian___when i sign up with the 12.04 it shows only a blak screen but it only shows the mouse pointor05:08
ian___sfears : no05:08
sfearsfrom the grub boot menu type e to edit the current boot string05:08
sfearsinstead of c for command prompt05:08
sfearsand add nomodeset to the end of the string05:09
wooian, gnome3 might be failing05:09
wooshould auto roll baxk05:10
sfearsHi tridentfish05:10
wooback x*05:10
uBUxUBuubuntu is offerning to install dsome friehaufer 3rd party software?? is this ok?05:11
sfearswhat is friehaufer 3rd party software?05:11
tridentfishIs there a way to become a better power user? I know it is off topic and all. I up set you sorry.05:12
sfearssure tridentfish, study more05:12
woobreak stuff05:13
wooand fix05:13
sfearsyup, break all the things05:13
sfearsand fix most of them05:13
tridentfishSfears is there any good books you would say I should use. Also do I need to learn python to be better off?05:13
sfearsfirst, english book05:14
sfearsare there any good book I would recomend, not sure... I usually use Google05:14
tridentfishI am sorry it is just that I have been up all night for the past week. Collage bites.05:15
GotestraPeople help.05:15
Grecootell me05:15
sfearsyou have things that bite in your collage?05:15
GotestraI need some help with Updating Ubuntu to 12.005:15
GotestraOr whatever version it is.05:15
Grecoowhats wrong?05:15
GotestraSee, I've got this really slow Internet.05:16
GotestraAnd uh05:16
GotestraMy download failed.05:16
GotestraNow I try again, it gives me a partial upgrade message.05:16
Dan-The-ManGotestra, buy the cd05:16
GotestraJust lemme finish05:16
taxmanhigher internet speed is not worth05:16
wooserver is under pressure at the moment05:16
GrecooGotestra, have you tried downloading from a mirror?05:16
taxmanthey always steal your bandwidth05:16
woogive it a few days05:16
GotestraUm just a second05:17
GotestraIts not the slow Internet.05:17
GotestraMy download failed, because my Internet failed.05:17
GotestraStupid ISP.05:17
goddardActionParsnip: thats an interesting way of looking at things05:17
sfearsbandwidth like the drive through like the cell phone05:17
GotestraWell when I try to resume it by clicking partial upgrade05:17
GotestraIt gives me an error message05:17
sfearswhat error message Gotestra?05:18
GotestraSaying another package manager like apt-get or something is running.05:18
Grecoowell, you shuld close that process05:18
sfearsohhh, and I assume if you reboot from where you are it won't boot?05:18
Grecooor kill it05:18
wooGot, delete the temp?05:18
wooor top kill05:18
GotestraI'm a n00b and didn't understand any of it?05:18
GotestraKill the process?05:19
Grecoook, ok, no problem05:19
tridentfishI got ubuntu beta final and I am wondering is it in the public release state yeat.05:19
Grecoosudo killall nameoftheprocess05:19
sfearsdo you have an upgrade windows open somewhere Gotestra?05:19
GotestraYeah open right now05:19
sfearsyour last upgrade didn't close oout properly05:19
sfearsclose out all of them and click on partial upgrade again05:19
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|znc
GotestraLemme try05:19
sfearsyou can only initiate one upgrade at a time05:20
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
Gotestrak killed the bitches05:20
sfearsshould work for you now05:20
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
tridentfishLast question how is Ubuntu on the terms of being a way to become good with linux in general. I have a freind who told me to ditch Ubuntu for open suse. What bases would you about it?05:21
Gotestrayay it worked05:21
GotestraUbuntu is not that annoying when you know how to use it lol05:22
GotestraThanks a lot people :)05:22
sfearsGotestra: you tried to start an upgrade on top of an already running upgrade, if it allowed you to do that it would break things05:22
wooGot, ya it is :)05:22
holmescncould somebody help me? One of my partitions could not automount, it appears in /dev/disk/by-label, but not mount /media05:23
GotestraShould have shown the open window instead of a background process :|05:23
GotestraUbuntu is meant to be n00b friendly :|05:23
GotestraOh hol reminded me of another problem.05:23
uBUxUBuim installing it now!05:23
Grecoogood luck05:24
uBUxUBuguess ill try 64 bit...05:24
GotestraYeah use 64 bit.05:24
GotestraDon't risk 32 bit.05:24
GotestraBtw people05:24
GotestraI got like another problem.05:24
holmescncould somebody help me? One of my partitions could not automount, it appears in /dev/disk/by-label, but not mount /media. I have googled but get nothing. could somebody give a hint?05:24
ian_sfears u here?05:24
Gotestra!nickalert sfears05:25
ian_it doesnt do any shit man05:25
GotestraListen man05:25
schultzahow do i install gnome keyring?05:25
GotestraI got this Z drive on my internet HDD.05:25
sfearsi think you have a refresh rate problem ian_.05:25
GotestraI use it for movies, music and everything.05:25
schultzapm me...be right back05:25
ian_and then how to slove it?05:25
GotestraIts a 111 GB partition.05:25
sfearsyou need another monitor ian_05:26
stuntman_danhey just a quick question, if I was using the beta of 12.04, is there anything special I have to do aside from installing updates to get to the real thing? I don't have to reinstall do I?05:26
GotestraBut I can't access it on Ubuntu.05:26
ian_the fuck05:26
ian_listen im on the same computer05:26
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:26
ian_the 12.04 dosent works05:26
sfearsummm.. i need more info Gotestra05:26
ian_but olders do05:26
holmescnstuntman_dan: no, you just update05:26
GotestraIts letter is Z.05:26
stuntman_danholmescn, awesome thanks :)05:26
Gotestra111 GB partition.05:26
GotestraIt shows an error05:26
ian_i booted a older kernel with the same pc05:27
GotestraWhen I double click on it and try to mount it05:27
sfearsyeah ian, it stopped working at 11.04 for me05:27
sfearsthey changed the default refresh rate05:27
ian_what the fuck is wrong with 12.0405:27
ian_lol fuck05:27
FloodBot1ian_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:27
Gotestra"Unable to mount My Stuff"05:27
sfearsit's running in the background ian_, you just can't see it05:27
Gotestra"Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 12: Failed to read last sector (234811391): Invalid argument"05:27
ian_is there any solution than changinh the screen? lol05:27
sfearsyeah, but i'm not sure where the setting is05:28
ian_anybody here knows it?05:28
Gotestra"HINTS: Either the volume is a RAID/LDM but it wasn't setup yet,05:28
Gotestra   or it was not setup correctly (e.g. by not using mdadm --build ...),05:28
Gotestra   or a wrong device is tried to be mounted"05:28
holmescnGotestra: did you run fsck?05:28
GotestraWhat's that?05:28
Grecoohey do you know how to "auto hide" the panel?05:28
sfearsyou need to change the refresh rate in /etc/X11/xorg.conf which is probably not created yet so you need to create an entire xorg.conf file and add a 60hz mode05:29
Gotestrasfears, as I said, I'm a total n00b.05:29
wylde!res | ian_05:29
ubottuian_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:29
ian_eeeh whats the commands?05:29
GotestraSo no, I didn't.05:29
ian_thanks ubottu05:29
sfearsGrecoo: right click/panel settings/extra auto hide05:29
holmescnGotestra: try it.05:29
holmescnrun fsck on the partition you mount wrong.05:30
holmescnfsck is a command05:30
Grecoosfears, thanks05:30
GotestraHow do I use it?05:30
GotestraExample of input?05:30
ian_Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)05:30
ian_utility, e.g. service gdm /etc/init.d/kdm05:30
ian_The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart05:30
ian_job, but /etc/init.d/kdm is not supported for Upstart jobs.05:30
ian_lol wtf05:30
FloodBot1ian_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
sfearsGotestra: is it maybe a proprietary partition that you need special software (windows software) to access?05:30
holmescnfsck /dev/sda?05:31
GotestraIts sda7, the error says.05:31
sfearsdoes it show in your fdisk -l05:31
GotestraIma try it.05:31
jschallwhy is there a whitelist on the system tray? that's so stupid... if skype gets minimized it literally disappears while still running (blocking other instances of skype from connecting)05:31
Tm_T!language | ian_05:31
ubottuian_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:31
waxstone!ops ian_ language, & flooding multiple warnings05:31
wookienzhi, i am running a media server on ubuntu but each time i run it it causes a segfault and an entry in dmesg. Where do i even start to figure out why?05:31
ubottuwaxstone: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:31
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:32
ian_lol and you can help me please sir?05:32
GotestraPermission denied.05:32
GotestraYou must have r/w access to the filesystem or be root.05:32
zenmasterI just got the nicest server I have ever had hard ware wise for personal use. :)05:32
wylde!fsck | Gotestra05:33
ubottuGotestra: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:33
elkyian_, don't flood us with pastes, and don't swear at us05:33
holmescnGotestra: add 'sudo' in front of that command05:33
zenmasterDell Power Edge 2800. Sounds like a 747, but I'm not near it so I don't care.05:33
ian_check http://paste.ubuntu.com/949002/05:33
_kive tried upgrading and clean install... 12.04 crashes when i plugin 2nd monitor. any ideas?05:33
ian_hey relax dude i didnt swaer at you guys05:33
_kATI tried open src and fglrx ... no luck. 11.10 works fine05:33
sfearsian_: sudo restart kdm05:33
holmescncould somebody help me? One of my partitions could not automount, it appears in /dev/disk/by-label, but not mount /media. I have googled but get nothing. could somebody give a hint?05:33
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|znc
ian_just at myself and this BS, not at you guys okay? you guys are doing excellent jobs05:34
GotestraError 2 while mounting fsck.ntfs for /dev/sda705:34
wyldeian_: just keep the language PG. If an op sees that you'll be kicked and banned. Just sayin'05:34
sfearsholmescn: add entry to /etc/fstab05:35
ian_and i didn't know that i cant paste so is everything fine, my kind sir?05:35
wylde!pastebin | ian_05:35
ubottuian_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:35
sfears_k do you have proprietary drivers installed if necessary? and try disabeling desktop effects & compiz05:35
Gotestrasfears, holmescn, "Error 2 while mounting fsck.ntfs for dev/sda7"05:35
ian_yes thanks you kind sir05:35
ian_and sfears: it doesn't works05:36
holmescnsfears: it is a USB harddisk, i don't want to add it in fstab.05:36
_kyes.... i tried additional drivers and that was worse. will try with desktop effects & compiz - but do you think this is a bug?05:36
holmescnGotestra: is there more infos?05:36
sfearsholmescn: does it show in fdisk pl05:36
sfearsfdisk -l05:36
Gotestrasfears: Not really, no.05:37
sfearsGotestra: you said it's an internet drive?05:37
GotestraNo internal drive.05:37
GotestraAs in, its a partition of my laptop's HDD.05:37
sfearsdoesn't sound like a bug _k05:37
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:37
zenmasterEhehe, community mount.05:38
sfearsand your sure your mounting the correct partition Gotestra? why did you call it Z?05:38
roger_blackhow can we remove wine related icons, all of them05:38
thisisjethello, I just updated to 12.04 and have noticed that when I adjust the brightness of my laptop lcd it now only has 3 levels (dim medium and bright), whereas in 11.10 I had 4 levels to choose from, and in windows theres about 10 levels between the brightest and dimmest.05:38
thisisjetanyone know where I can tweak this?05:38
GotestraThe drive letter is Z.05:39
sfearssounds like a windows mapping calling it Z.05:39
GotestraNo wait...05:39
=== misha is now known as Guest576
wyldeGotestra: linux doesn't use drive letters....05:39
GotestraI was gonna say that.05:39
GotestraI'm like wait wut05:39
GotestraIts My Stuff then.05:39
sfearsGotestra: fdisk -l05:39
sfearsyou need to figure out which partition it is05:39
wyldeGotestra: 'sudo fdisk -l' < the command needs root privs05:39
Thedemon007Hi how to i install netcfg in ubuntu??05:40
_kif not a bug, then why does 11.10 work? last question - should i just wait a few months before re-attempting this?05:40
=== Guest576 is now known as midkhatik
ronsonolIs there any need to upgrade from 12.04 Beta to 12.04 final, or does just happen automagically with update manager?05:40
sfearssounds like a driver issue _k05:40
GotestraAs, I need to find if its sda1, or 2 or 3 or something?05:40
holmescnronsonol: just update is ok.05:40
ronsonolholmescn: thanks.05:41
wyldeGotestra: yes05:41
GotestraI think its sda7.05:41
ian_anybody can help me?05:41
sfearsyeah Gotestra, if you use it in windows it will say ntfs or fat in one of the lines05:41
GotestraThe error said so.05:41
GotestraNTFS, yes.05:41
sfearstry "sudo mount /dev/sd?? /mnt"05:41
sfearsreplace ?? with the proper info05:42
wyldeGotestra: you may need some packages to mount it, and definatley to write to it.05:42
wylde!ntfs | Gotestra05:42
ubottuGotestra: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE05:42
jschallthisisjet: oh wow, i have a similar problem. i think i have 4 levels to choose from, and my display driver has like 8 available levels i think?05:42
Thedemon007netcfg is in the repositories?05:42
GotestraBut wait, there's this one partition.05:42
wylde!info netcfg05:42
ubottuPackage netcfg does not exist in precise05:42
GotestraInstallation Drive05:42
sfearsian_: you'll need another monitor05:42
holmescnI think ntfs is supported by default05:42
GotestraIts NTFS, but I can access it.05:42
ian_and the command?05:42
sfearswhat command ian_?05:43
ian_is theres any command that could reslove the problem?05:43
_kim going to try rolling back the driver :305:43
GotestraUm sfears05:43
sfearsedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf ian_05:43
Thedemon007wylde: http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/precise/netcfg05:43
sfearsyeah Gotestra?05:43
GotestraI tried the sudo mount command.05:43
GotestraIt gave the exact same error I got when using Explorer.05:44
GotestraOr whatever you call it in WIndows.05:44
wyldeThedemon007: lol tell the bot that! :)05:44
sfearswhat error again?05:44
holmescnmaybe you disk is physically wrong.05:44
scwizarddoes xubuntu come with an askpass program?05:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:44
uBUxUBuwow the side bar icon launcher is fixed-doesnt move in 12.0405:44
scwizard(a grapical one)05:44
GotestraThe device dev/sda7 doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS.05:44
sfearsyeah, sounds like a hardware issue05:44
sfearscrashed hard drive05:45
ian_sfears : http://paste.ubuntu.com/949023/05:45
GotestraBut I can access it and use it properly in Windows 7.05:45
GotestraI'm dual booting so..05:45
Thedemon007no can install no show in synaptics :S05:45
evildaemonHow do you resize the tty?05:45
holmescnGotestra: use the disktool in windows 705:45
wyldeThedemon007: because wht you found was a source package.05:45
GotestraThen do what?05:45
holmescncheck and repair the partition.05:45
GotestraBut I checked it today morning..05:46
GotestraIt says its healthy.05:46
evildaemonBecause I have an odd monitor size so y TTY won't fully display the screen.05:46
kaushalwhat are the new prominent features available in 12.0405:46
sfearsmaybe again is the wrong partition. Gotestra pastebin your fdisk -l output05:46
ian_sfears: http://paste.ubuntu.com/949023/05:46
thisisjetjschall, hmmm... do you have any idea how to fix it?05:46
ActionParsnipkaushal: HUD is one05:46
holmescnkaushal: the new and more stable unity.05:46
kaushalholmescn: is it gnome3 ?05:47
kaushaland unity305:47
wylde!patience | ian_05:47
ubottuian_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:47
sfearsyou need root privledges to modify files in / ian_05:47
ian_im the admin lol05:48
kaushalholmescn: ?05:48
GotestraWould using Gparted help?05:48
wylde!ntfs | Gotestra05:48
holmescnkaushal: no, it is not gnome 3, it is unity 505:48
ubottuGotestra: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE05:48
sfearsand you need to modify the /etc/X11/xorg.conf on the display that you can't see, so you need to livecd in, mount the partition with the borked xorg, edit the correct modeline with the proper refresh rate.05:48
kaushalholmescn: what is unity5 and gnome 3 ?05:49
kaushalare there related to each other ?05:49
sfearskaushal: it's the gui05:49
ActionParsnipkaushal: unity is a shell for Gnome305:49
uBUxUBuif the icon launcher supposed to be fixed in 12.04?05:49
uBUxUBulike immovable05:50
holmescnkaushal: it seams that unity 5 is based on gnome3 (or you can say based on gtk3)05:50
ActionParsnipkaushal: Oneiric also uses Gnome3 and Unity, just that Precise uses a newer version05:50
kaushalso gnome3 is not available on 12.0405:50
ActionParsnipkaushal: yes it's the default desktop if you install Ubuntu05:50
holmescnkaushal: no, you can use gnome 3 as you wish.05:50
GotestraI got to wait for Update Manager to exit.05:50
GotestraI'm installing NTFS Config tool.05:50
Gotestrak I'll go study now05:51
kaushalActionParsnip: you said unity is the shell not sure i understand that05:51
GotestraBai people05:51
sfearsGotestra: pastebin your fdisk -l output05:51
holmescnkaushal: you need to install gnome 3 by yourself.05:51
GotestraIts so hard to copy paste with my trackpad...05:51
kaushalholmescn: so if i i install 12.04 it doesnot install gnome 3 by default ?05:51
holmescnkaushal: yes05:52
GotestraHow do I copy from kernel?05:52
kaushalwhats the default then ?05:52
fidel_kaushal: installing gnome3 afterwards is a 1-liner - so not a real problem05:52
holmescnkaushal: unity05:52
sfearsyou said you got the same error in explorer right?05:52
kaushalholmescn: so unity5 as default when you install 12.04 desktop ?05:53
holmescnkaushal: yup.05:53
sfearsi'd say you have a crashed partition.05:53
GotestraWait wut05:53
GotestraThe drive has disappeared.05:53
sfearsYour Z: drive is crashed05:53
GotestraFrom explorer.05:53
GotestraSo, is the data unusable now?05:53
ActionParsnipkaushal: it will come with unity, compiz and gnome by default05:54
sfearsyou can try to rebuild the partition table, but i'm not sure how to do that05:54
kaushalActionParsnip: ok05:54
GotestraUh never mind.05:54
GotestraI'll look into this later man05:54
sfearsperhaps dd the entire partition and try to mount the image with isomount, but i doubt that would work05:54
GotestraThanks a lot for the help though.05:54
kaushalalso so all unity, compiz and gnome are different desktop environment ?05:54
sfearsmaybe make a loopback device if we can figure out the proper starting block location05:55
sfearsGotestra: i need to see your fdisk -l output05:55
Striking7|Awaysfears: Hey. I just popped back into the channel. Who's rebuilding a partition table?05:55
sfearsGotestra: is Striking7|Away05:55
=== Striking7|Away is now known as Striking7
zenmasterHi, does anyone have expierance installing iredmail?05:56
GotestraOH another thing.05:56
GotestraIf I reboot now05:56
Striking7Ok. I've done this before with success, hopefully this is what Gotestra needs.05:56
Striking7Is it on a normal disk? Not raid or the like?05:56
GotestraI dunno what RAID is.05:56
GotestraSo no, I don't think so.05:56
sfearsi don't think so, i havn't seen the fdisk output but i think it's a standard extended partition05:56
Striking7Gotestra: Good, that means we're probably in familiar territory.05:56
oscalationcan someone help me with a wpa_supplicant conf file? I cant get mine to work05:57
Striking7I had a friend that had accidentally nuked his partition table05:57
Striking7He had a bunch of data that he wanted back05:57
Striking7We crossed our fingers and prayed :-p05:57
Gotestrak now I'm seriously scared05:57
Striking7Jumped into an Ubuntu liveCD and fired up Gparted05:57
GotestraI got like 111 GB of data on that thing.05:57
GotestraCan I access it on Windows?05:57
Striking7Partitioned it the way it was partitioned before - luckily we remembered the partition sizes05:58
Striking7and *here's the key* make sure to uncheck the "format" checkbox for each partition05:58
Striking7Worked flawlessly.05:58
GotestraGoodness me.05:58
sfearsi could see that working as long as it's not formatted05:58
Striking7Gotestra: This was a Windows install that we did it on yes.05:58
GotestraSO, before I used Ubuntu05:59
GotestraThat is, tell ysterday night,05:59
GotestraMy Z drive worked fine.05:59
GotestraBut now,05:59
GotestraI can't access its data ?!?!05:59
Striking7Is it NTFS?05:59
Striking7K. Same with my situation05:59
Striking7Did you partition it from Linux or from Windows?06:00
GotestraWindows omg06:00
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
GotestraWindows 7.06:00
Striking7Ok. I don't know for sure this would work then.06:00
bartos01hi folks06:00
GotestraI don't wanna lose my data.06:00
Striking7Every partition tool is going to estimate partition boundaries a little differently.06:00
GotestraIts like my life06:00
=== corey_ is now known as Guest91514
Striking7 My method may not work for you then.06:01
GotestraI got my music, movies, and almost EVERYTHING on that thing.06:01
Guest91514how do i change my nick06:01
Guest91514i forgot06:01
sm0kec00ledGotestra, is the drive encrypted with bitlocker?06:01
GotestraNothing at all.06:01
oscalationGuest79567,  type in /nick newnick06:01
GotestraIts an ordinary drive06:01
Striking7So I'm not going to recommend it, but I'll let you know what I did in case it's handy info that helps you figure out your solution06:01
oscalationGuest91514, sorry /nick newnick06:01
LazikGotestra: and you want to access it from windows or ubuntu?06:01
Striking7I don't know how Windows partition managers work - I haven't used Windows much for almost half a decade.06:02
=== Guest91514 is now known as ok
LazikIn which OS are you right now?06:02
Striking7But here's the idea... a partition table is pretty much like a library's card catalog.06:02
sfearsGotestra: i need to see your fdisk output06:02
=== ok is now known as Guest98022
oscalationGotestra, This wont  help any now, but its always a good rule of thumb to have a backup of your data prior to making even the smallest of changes. Do you by chance have any backups ?06:02
Guest98022why did my name06:02
Striking7It just tells the OS where to look for what data. Where does a partition start, what type is it (NTFS in this case), and how big is it.06:02
GotestraSome stuff, yeah.06:02
bartos01I have dual monitors with Nvidia drivers. how do I get a different wallpaper on each monitor. z06:02
GotestraBut not all :(06:02
MrBusinessIs the background for the 12.04 greeter still defined in /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf?06:02
Guest98022change back06:02
sfearssudo /sbin/losetup -fs /dev/sd?? -o $((512*<starting_block>))06:02
Striking7So if you can overwrite the partition table with the same data, you get your stuff back06:03
bartos01on unity 12.0406:03
GotestraWow I'm starting to lose grasp here.06:03
GotestraI can't reboot since Ubuntu is upgrading.06:03
MrBusinessooh, the background is user-specific now06:03
sfearsreplace sd?? with the correct partition and <starting_block> with the correct output from fdisk -l Gotestra06:03
GotestraAnd so I can't boot into Windows and check.06:03
GotestraScrew me.06:03
Striking7Sorry Gotestra - didn't mean to overinform :-p06:03
Gotestralol no its k06:04
GotestraI'll just go take a glass of water or something06:04
sfearsGotestra: ((512*63))06:04
Gotestraand sit down to study.06:04
Striking7I recommend scotch.06:04
GotestraI'm 13.06:04
Striking7I do NOT recommend scotch in that case.06:04
* sfears still recomends scotch06:04
goddardwhats the fastest easiest way to make an exact copy of my disk just in case 12.04 blows up my box?06:04
Striking7Lol sfears06:04
GotestraMy legs feel weak.06:05
Guest98022i wonder if this will stay06:05
sfearsgoddard: partclone06:05
GotestraDamn Oxatocin06:05
oscalationgoddard, what OS are you using now?06:05
Striking7sfears: Is your first name Luke? I have a friend that adopts a similar nickname.06:05
=== Guest98022 is now known as ImTheDude
Lazikgoddard: man dd06:05
ImTheDudewill this stay06:05
taxmani won't use clonezilla06:05
sfearsNo, I am not Luke.06:05
oscalationWould rync work ?06:05
oscalationrsync .. sorry06:05
Striking7Ok Gotestra, let your upgrade finish and then worry about the partitioning.06:05
uBUxUBuis the icon launcher supposed to be "fixed" or immovable in 12.04?06:06
GotestraThanks a lot for the support06:06
ImTheDudei have a question06:06
LazikGotestra: you have 2 drives? One C: and one Z:?06:06
sfearsdd is not a fast way, it copys empty sectors06:06
GotestraNo many more.06:06
FloodBot1Gotestra: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:06
Striking7It sure is accurate though sfears06:06
sfearsGotestra: do you have your fdisk output yet?06:06
fl1bbl3oscalation: try gparted06:06
goddardcan i do it inside my OS without booting up a live cd?06:07
GotestraI can't copy paste with my trackpad :(06:07
ajinhi all, does ubuntu12.04 support power VR SGX545 3D driver?06:07
ImTheDudedoes anyone like 10.10 netbook edition of ubuntu or am i wasting my time?06:07
sfearstake a screen shot and paste it somewhere06:07
GotestraOyeah good idea06:07
LazikGotestra: might not be a partition issue, rather a not-mounting-the-disk issue06:07
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.06:07
sfears10.10 was a good release06:07
Gotestrak Ima screenshot06:07
BlendedByIAny thoughts on NFS vs GFS2 for a master/master FS?06:07
sourfrogHas anyone used ubuntu on Lenovo IdeaPad y570 ???  Curious if everything works06:07
LazikGotestra: in a terminal write : sudo fdisk -l06:08
GotestraYeah I remember.06:08
goddardi heard when you upgrade 12.04 reinstalls programs will the programs i compiled be broken?06:08
GotestraThanks :)06:08
ImTheDudeor is 10.4 better on my netbook as far as speed goes i hear 10.10 ubuntu has alot of bugs is this information true06:08
LazikGotestra: paste the output here and we might be able to help you06:08
ImTheDudeim happy with 10.4 i dont want to downgrade06:09
ajinit seems that there's no linux 3d driver for power vr sgx545 graphic card06:09
AmdpcHI..How to quit cmus in terminal?06:09
sk1speciali have a audio related question..06:09
goddardgpart doesn't copy a drive06:09
goddardit partitions a drive from what i can see06:10
taxman10.04 = end-of-life soon?06:10
sfearsgoddard: partclone06:10
three18ti_wow, the ubuntu servers must be getting -hammered- today...  247kB/s  updating apt... haha 86 kB/s now.  Gotta love release day.06:10
oscalationwhy part a drive, just rysnc what you want to backup and be done06:10
oscalationi mean image06:11
goddardsfears: to use that i gotta boot into a live cd?06:11
sfearsoscalation: compression for storage06:11
sfearsyes goddard06:11
Gotestrasfears : http://i.imgur.com/V7ExQ.png06:11
ajinhello?anyone knows about power vr stuff?06:11
oscalationsfears, wouldnt you save more space by only backing up files you need and not system files06:11
Striking7goddard: You'll likely need to recompile :(06:11
sfearssfs is your problem Gotestra.  what is sfs?06:12
rymate1234TIL chrome has a menubar06:12
goddardbah im not gonna upgrade then06:12
GotestraI dunno?06:12
Gotestrawut sfs06:12
Lazikyou screw up big time06:12
goddarduse Mozilla06:12
Laziktell us what you did, you obviously only have one drive06:12
GotestraI have one drive06:12
GotestraVarious partitions.06:13
sfearsGotestra: try sudo mount -t xfs /dev/sda4 /mnt06:13
GotestraYou're scaring me now.06:13
sfearsGotestra: try sudo mount -t sfs /dev/sda4 /mnt06:13
elslunkoAnyone use dejadup for backing up 2tb+ worth of data?06:13
Lazikhe said it was ntfs06:13
sfearsyeah, he said06:14
Lazikhe probably overwrote the windows partition when he installed ubuntu06:14
GotestraGoodness me, I'll leave now.06:14
goddardelslunko: the first back up will suck but after that it isnt to bad06:14
sfearsLazik: http://i.imgur.com/V7ExQ.png06:14
GotestraI'll come on later.06:14
GotestraI need to study06:14
bartos01anyone using dual monitors?06:15
Lazikyea i saw06:15
oscalationhey, i have an idea for the guy that formated/repartitioned his drive ... data recovery06:15
GotestraAnd my heartbeats racing from fear, so...06:15
sfearswe're proably close to helping Gotestra06:15
GotestraGo ahead.06:15
ActionParsniposcalation: try foremost, your backups wil be the easiest way06:15
sfearsi need to find something about sfs, you see where your fdisk says sfs06:15
sfearsif that said ntfs it would be working06:15
elslunkogoddard, Yeah going through that right now. I used BIT before but trying out DD this time around. Just worried about compressing all that data.06:16
LazikGotestra: are you running ubuntu from the cd (as in livecd) or did you install ubuntu to your disk?06:16
oscalationActionParsnip, not for me, for Gotestra06:16
GotestraFor info, I used Wubi to install Ubuntu.06:16
GotestraYeah to disk.06:16
oscalationGotestra, you used Wubi????06:16
sfearssudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt -o force Gotestra06:17
Lazikand when it asked you about partition, what did you do?06:17
uchihame to06:17
sfearswait Gotestra06:17
sfearssudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda4 /mnt -o force Gotestra06:17
GotestraExactly what does that do?06:17
kfizz1Anyone having issues with flash not working in chrome after upgrade?06:17
wyldeGotestra: http://askubuntu.com/questions/41667/how-is-sfs-partition-different-than-other06:18
sfearsit mount's the dev/sda4 partition to the /mnt folder as type ntfs-3g and if it gives any errors it tries to force it to mount anyway Gotestra06:18
Lazikkfizz1: yea always does, I reinstall the flash libs06:18
kfizz1Via a deb or apt-get?06:18
rodayoHow do I update from the beta 2 to the final release?06:19
matthewLrodayo: good question.06:19
GotestraMount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.06:20
sfearsthat's a new one Gotestra06:20
matthewLI'm downloading the iso, burning to disk, and there should be an upgrade option.06:21
sfearssfs = secure file system = it's encrypted from anywhere outside of the windows that encrypted it06:21
oscalationGotestra, do you have any backups of this data?06:21
glebihanrodayo, matthewL : there's nothing to do apart from installing all package updates06:21
NaemdarWell my external hd project didn't go so well.  may have bricked a 1t usb 3.0 drive lol06:21
GotestraIts not sensitive stuff06:21
GotestraOnly  music and movies and stuff06:22
oscalationGotestra, is it stuff you wished you backed up?06:22
GotestraSO I didn't think I'd need it.06:22
rodayoglebihan, so how about these "crash reports" that pop up occasionally will those disappear?06:22
zenmasterI am having the hardest time getting any kind of mail server installed on a fresh install of Ubuntu-Linux-Server-11.10.06:22
zykotick9!final > rodayo06:22
ubotturodayo, please see my private message06:22
zenmasterI have tried several Postfix tutorials.06:22
GotestraCUz it'll take me ages to redownload this stuff lol06:22
sfearsGotestra: you should be able to backup everything from inside windows.06:22
GotestraI'm a poor guy lmao06:22
NaemdarDoes anyone know how to make unity go 3d cube? or sphere mode?06:22
GotestraI'm saving up to buy an HDD06:23
zenmasterI recently discovered iRedMail. Tried that twice now and still to no avail. The first time after trying other mail installations. This time on a fresh Ubuntu install.06:23
syki am having a problem installing ubuntu 12.04, everytime i try to install from a usb/cd-rom it always shows error "error prefix not set" and just hangs when i click an option.06:23
GotestraAn external HDD06:23
oscalationhave we concluded that Gotestra chose his windows partition to be reformated to install Ubuntu?06:23
sfearsyou've encrypted the Z: drive, so you can't see it unless you unencrypt it first, which is booting into windows so you can see the Z: drive06:23
matthewLCompiz for 3d06:23
GotestraI didn't reformat LOL06:23
Naemdaris that an easy setup?06:23
GotestraI would be absolutely mad to do that.06:23
GotestraI just used Wubi06:23
Gotestraand gave the Ubuntu install 10 GB.06:24
matthewLYes, very easy. In synaptic.06:24
oscalationGotestra, have you attempted to boot back into windows?06:24
GotestraUbuntu is ugrading itself.06:24
GotestraSo I can't atm.06:24
oscalationah, that would be my first option. let that finish, then the pc should restart06:24
clarkhello, i have a thinkpad 420s and my internet connection is randomly bogged down.  i just installed 12.0406:25
oscalationif not restart it and cross your fingers06:25
clarki tried the first two unixmen.com fixes and it did not work =(06:25
GotestraThere's a different feeling to all this stuff.06:25
sfearsGotestra: where is sda7?06:25
GotestraI dunno.06:25
sfearsit's not shown in your screen shot, you're drive is unplugged06:25
clarki do not have an ath9k.conf file06:25
GotestraI'm sure it was sda7 when My Stuff had appeared in Explorer.06:26
Gotestra877/1420 files done.06:26
sfearsdid you try sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda4 /mnt -o force Gotestra06:26
GotestraSays already open.06:26
sfearstry sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mnt -o force Gotestra06:27
GotestraNot even an error lol06:28
sfearsls /mnt06:28
midkhatik<Gotestra> try boot whis multiboot compact disk or flash-usb, and copy your "gold" files06:28
sk1special  okay. im running. TV 0 < Rear PC In ; Rear PC Out to TV 1 In ; PC Headphone Jack to Headset ; and TV 2 Out to Speakers.  and my computer sees everything..shows the jacks and the sound bar bumpin while audios on. but im only getting sound in my headset..is it just only capable of actually out putting to one source?06:28
Guest80665Anyone thinking about oracle database.06:28
sfearsdoes it display anything Gotestra?06:28
GotestraNothing at all.06:28
GotestraKill me nao.06:28
syki am having a problem installing ubuntu 12.04, everytime i try to install from a usb/cd-rom it always shows error "error prefix not set" and just hangs when i click an option.06:28
sfearsyou typed ls /mnt?06:28
matthewLWhat about it  guest?06:29
sfearsno error, just blank?06:29
Guest80665Ubuntu, did you think about install oracle database on Ubuntu, hard06:29
oscalationis there anything in ls /media  by chance?06:29
GotestraThe drive?06:29
sfearsok sudo umount /mnt06:29
Guest80665Web traffic,06:29
Guest80665Enterprise Manager06:30
matthewLGuest: have you worked with another free DB, like mySQL or post gres?06:30
oscalationwhois Guest8066506:30
sfearstry sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt Gotestra06:30
matthewLMySQL it's really easy.06:30
GotestraAlready opened error/06:31
GotestraCant wait to boot back into Windows now.06:31
Guest80665Use little memory, small, meet hardware, small resources.06:31
GotestraIts downloading at 48 KBPS06:32
taxmanindeed. it won't take more ram than a copy-to-ram linux06:32
Guest80665Developer Tools, I think Oracle had some middleware, I don't know those.06:32
GotestraAlmost there.06:32
GotestraAbout 509 more files to go.06:33
Guest80665We know some Java, may Java develop can help MySQL install, and run some codes, little ubuntu OS06:33
clarkhello, can someone help me get wireless connection to not be so slow on 12.04? i tried the stuff listed on www.unixmen.com/resolve-slow-connexion-when-using-wifi-in-ubuntu-1104-natty-narwhal/06:34
matthewLI know a bit of Java and SQL and mySQL, etc06:34
matthewLUbuntu is perfect for these apps06:34
clarknone of these three things fixed my problem06:34
oscalationclark, your issue is just that your internet is slower in 12.04 ?06:35
clarkyes much slower except irc seems to be okay. its just when im surfing the web06:36
clarki had the same problem with the last 2 releases though06:36
oscalationclark, laptop or desktop06:36
clarkthinkpad 420s laptop06:36
=== Thorsten_ is now known as Guest28769
oscalationusing built in wifi card or usb ?06:36
Guest80665Oracle E-Business Suite, a lot of solutions, but we can't afford, may be use Java, and MySQL06:36
=== Guest28769 is now known as thotti-x
Artemis3Gotestra, do tell if you get an error right after the downloads finish, i'm unable to upgrade because it fails at that point.06:37
GotestraWhat error do you get06:37
clarkoscalation, built in wifi06:38
clarkit works fine with windows06:38
matthewLInteresting, 665.  For the price of libre office base, mySQL, and Java, you can't go wrong.06:38
Artemis3Gotestra, 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend libtinfo5 for libncurses5, probably a dependency cycle.'06:38
oscalationclark, are you using Firefox in ubuntu ?06:38
GotestraDidn't get that message so far,06:38
Artemis3Gotestra, its after the packages finish downloading06:38
GotestraI'm at 956 files.06:38
clarkits really strange. google search works pretty quickly, but as soon as i try to go to any link from google search, it usually times out06:38
GotestraOut of 142006:39
GotestraSo it'll take a while.06:39
clarkfirefox. just updated it as well06:39
Artemis3Gotestra, its ok, i'm lurking here ;)06:39
oscalationclark, what does speed test put you at ?06:39
taxmanlol, my 12.04 has ff 12.006:39
taxmanhtml5 html5 html506:40
GotestraI need to figure out how to utilize my 4 GB of RAM in Ubuntu.06:40
oscalationclark, speedtest.net that is06:40
Guest80665Linux, Servers, Storage, the only one thing, how we configure clients, servers, and how we manage them, these cause the failure.06:40
GotestraI made a RAMDisk for Chrome in Windows06:40
Gotestrabut Ubuntu barely uses over 1.5 GB.....06:40
Artemis3Gotestra, chrome can eat memory very easily, just open like 40 tabs06:40
taxmani will give each vm 4gb of ram06:40
matthewLAh, so cloud, then?06:41
taxmanno matter it's 32-bit or 64-bit06:41
taxmani have 16gb of ram06:41
GotestraI'm at like 11 tabs open.06:41
Artemis3to few~06:41
taxmanyes, i just downloaded 12.0406:41
matthewLLinux power@Gotestra06:41
Guest80665We don't familiar to ubuntu, then chance to success or lose06:42
SomyaAnyone please help me out I have recently upgradedt my ubuntu to 11.04 and after the upgrade my wifi is not working and wlan0 driver is not showing up06:42
clarkoscalation, speedtest only half loads, banners and links at the bottom06:42
matthewL665, are there Abby Linux admins, there?06:42
matthewLAny, I mean.06:42
Guest80665Many companies, communications, universities, retail, utilities use ubuntu, but we really lack of Linux admin06:43
clarkoscalation, it just finished loading. DL 3.28 Mbps, UL 0.07 Mbps06:43
oscalationSomya, if you open terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT +T and run infconfig -a what is listed?06:43
oscalationifconfig -a06:44
matthewL665, what do you make use of on servers?06:44
oscalationclark, and that page loaded very slowly hu?06:44
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
=== J2 is now known as J2|QK
clarkoscalation, yes.06:44
lotuspsychjeis it safe to install precise now?06:45
Somyaoscalation: its showing eth0 and lo06:45
clarkoscalation, it seems more like it partially loaded and then paused for a long time06:45
matthewLI'll let you know lotus. I'm sure it is.06:45
taxmanyeah, it's possible06:45
matthewLLotus: i'm upgrading now.06:46
=== J2|QK is now known as J2
lotuspsychjeok tnx06:46
taxmanubuntu is not very useable by default06:47
taxmanyou have to tweak06:47
matthewLSoftware center is good., tax06:47
clarksometimes you get unlucky with hardward specs06:48
oscalationSomya, clark can you give the output of this command please .. sudo apt-get install pastebinit && nm-tool | pastebinit06:48
clarkor compatibility and proprietary shit, it seems like06:48
oscalationor just run nm-tool and put it up on pastebin06:48
sk1speciali got it. installed gnome alsa mixer. ltr06:49
matthewLWhy, Clark?06:49
diimdeepplease help with configuration http://serverfault.com/questions/382958/proftpd-configuration-mod-auth-file-cross-folders-with-different-rights-in-group06:49
holmesjoin #ubuntu-cn06:50
clarkoscalation, http://paste.ubuntu.com/949113/06:50
Somyaoscalation, 1st command sudo apt-get install pastebinit- installed pastebinit and the second command give output NetworkManager Tool  State: connected  - Device: eth0  [Auto eth0] ----------------------------------------------------   Type:              Wired   Driver:            r8169   State:             connected   Default:           yes   HW Address:        18:03:73:73:A7:90    Capabilities:     Carrier Detect:  yes     Speed:    06:51
=== Go is now known as Guest13619
=== Guest13619 is now known as Go_Implementatio
clarki think i have bad luck with hardware.06:51
Go_ImplementatioWe never think a lot of things on server, consider the server running the system well or not.06:52
abhi_69i just installed ubuntu 12.0406:52
matthewLWell, mainstream Dell had gotten everything working well enough.06:52
abhi_69everything looking good, but facing problem with nautilus06:52
gaelfxclone1018: what's wrong with it?06:52
m00sewell clone1018 - the first thing you do is not get banned LOL06:52
abhi_69nautilus crashes frequently while trying to access my NTFS partitions06:53
abhi_69any solution?06:53
Go_ImplementatioUsually we use old computers instead of large companies using new equipment06:53
gaelfxabhi_69: ntfs partitions on your machine or on another machine?06:53
matthewL69, can you use a different file manager?06:53
abhi_69gaelfx, my machine06:53
abhi_69i have two NTFS partitions, auto mounted via NTFS-config06:54
surtHello, I've got (probably) an easy one. When using the terminal I noticed when I hit tab, it puts a space after files/folders. Can this be changed?06:54
Go_ImplementatioSomething always happen, ubuntu self develop programs not meet old computers, always have some small problems.06:54
abhi_69when i try to open them via nautilus (file manager/files) it craches06:54
abhi_69i can open them but can't access them :(06:55
abhi_69everything ok for ubuntu's partition though06:55
abhi_69how to fix this?06:55
gaelfxabhi_69: well, the easiest solution I can think of is to make them not be NTFS, but I'm assuming you don't want to do that?06:55
Go_ImplementatioWe don't know the exact problem is, then we consider, backup, save info, if information in the hard disk can remain, everything fine.06:56
abhi_69gaelfx, yes, i have lot of data in those partitions06:56
matthewLXfce uses thunder , and kde uses dolphin, how do these react?06:56
abhi_69matthewL, i'm using gnome-shell, using nautilus06:56
abhi_69do i upload error messages while i'm trying to access them?06:57
Go_ImplementatioWe can't promise data from thunder can transfer to dolphin without mistakes. only possible way is save them to hard disk, maybe no errors and got a copy.06:57
gaelfxabhi_69: that might help06:57
=== J2 is now known as J2|QK
matthewL69, yes06:57
abhi_69gaelfx, okey, uploading to pastebin06:58
surtFYI: Found issue for trailing space in console: "rm /etc/bash_completion.d/acroread.sh"06:58
Go_ImplementatioIf we can promise data right, no errors, this is very successful ubuntu, backup the data, then try to think thunder, dolphin.06:58
Go_ImplementatioBut on servers we always thinking about what we will implement. We usually thinking about MySQL.06:59
woqhi, did somebody checked if snx (vpn) is working fine with ubu 12.4 amd64?07:01
ikoniawoq: why would it not be ?07:02
mbalmerhello.  is it possible to specify a timeout for automatic login during which other uses can interrupt the timeout and login themselves (as does gdm3 on Debian squeeze)?07:02
woqikonia, i found snx very buggy ;P, got many problems with it on ie fedora 6407:02
NaemdarI am curious is there a open gl port of system shock 1 or 2 for linux?07:02
ikoniawoq: so either a.) fedora's build is bad, which is not an ubuntu relevence b.) the software has problems in which case ubuntu can't fix it07:03
abhi_69gaelfx, there? here is the error- http://pastebin.com/Khgx2vT807:04
woqikonia, i know that, LOL :) i was just asking is it working fine, if somebody checked it i will switch to new ubuntu, if nobody checked - i will check it on vm07:04
Go_ImplementatioMySQL can promise data, ubuntu can work hard to maintain MySQL data backup.07:04
ikoniawoq: just try it07:04
abhi_69any idea?07:04
Go_ImplementatioOracle Database can enhance the work on ubuntu, base on open source, and Oracle Database can promise some enhance data works.07:05
ikoniaGo_Implementatio: who are you talking to ?07:05
taxmanit's a commercial?07:05
ikoniaI hope not07:05
Go_ImplementatioJust according to thoughts, I don't know right or false.07:06
Hebramiconia:  Anyone who will listen.07:06
ikoniaGo_Implementatio: who are you talking to ?07:06
abhi_69i'm having problem while accessing NTFS partitions from nautilus, it crashes frequently07:06
Go_ImplementatioAnyone use ubuntu07:06
abhi_69plz any solution guys07:06
ikoniaGo_Implementatio: ok, please stop, it's a support channel if you need help, ask a question.07:06
abhi_69here is the error message- http://pastebin.com/Khgx2vT807:06
gaelfxwhat's the command to ask apt-get what packages are available matching a string?07:06
ikoniaabhi_69: can you not see the error in that paste ?07:07
abhi_69ikonia, yes, i can see, but can't understand what to do?07:08
ikoniaabhi_69: what have you done ?07:08
greenithi, i wanted to update to ubuntu 12.04, but the server are veeery slow.... i am from austria, the austrian server has a dl-rate from ~20kb/s, the swiss one has a dl-rate form ~50kb/s and the main-server has a dl-rate from ~3kb/s for me... does any1 know a fast server to upgrade?07:08
abhi_69just a fresh installation of ubuntu 12.0407:08
ikoniaabhi_69: ok, so the error is "no such file or directory" what's the first thing that's worth checking ?07:08
gaelfxabhi_69: whoa, dude, why are you using samba share for a partition that's already on your machine?07:08
Naemdarshould I or should I not go to 12.04?07:08
ikoniaNaemdar: your choice07:08
abhi_69i'm not using any share07:08
Naemdargoing to get used to 1110 before I make that jump07:09
abhi_69this partition is not shared parition07:09
mbalmerso anyone knows how to set a timeout for automatic logins?  or rather, a wating time before autologin happens?07:09
jham_who know codeigniter?07:09
NaemdarThis is going to become my favorite os for just messing around on the net and such07:09
=== X__ is now known as XDESIGN
gaelfxabhi_69: the file address in your error looks like you're trying to use samba to access it07:10
uBUxUBuis the icon launcher in 12.04 supposed to fixed-immovable? when i had 11.10 it always moved ion and out of sight? was this a purposeful change or am i using it wrong?07:10
abhi_69gaelfx, not at all, i don't have any shared partitions07:10
abhi_69i'm trying to access them via nautilus07:10
NaemdarIf I asked on a windows forum if I should go to windows 8  or stay with 7 they would have flayed me alive for even wanting to stay with 7. lol07:11
ikoniaabhi_69: think about it, the error is no such file......what do you need to check07:11
greenitdoes any1 know if i can see the server-load of the repo-servers anywhere on the net?07:11
ikoniagreenit: you can't07:11
abhi_69ikonia, okey, here it is, i can access file/folders from nautilus when i open them via 'open with files' menu option07:12
ikoniaabhi_69: not what I asked07:12
abhi_69but can't access them while double clicking them or open07:12
Go_ImplementatioUbuntu may be can provide some applications, we call basic, and ubuntu intall database and tests, I am planning install MySQL in ubuntu, may be a cluster, keep data, and use in some corporations, a lot of maintainance, how to develop MySQL use advanced applications.07:12
greenitlol, nice... in ubuntu there is the option "choose best server", question solved^^07:12
ikoniaabhi_69: think about the first thing you need to check, the error is "directory not found"07:12
abhi_69it's already mounted07:13
abhi_69via NTFS-config07:13
vega-seems dual display configuration still needs to be done via nvidia-settings if using the binary drivers?07:13
ikoniaabhi_69: please listen to what I'm saying07:13
NaemdarOne thing is certain tonight is probably not the best time to be trying to do command line stuff.  a bottle of gin and mango juice, who knows what I will end up doing lol07:13
matthewLLotus, still around?07:13
=== commie is now known as commodore256
ikoniaabhi_69: the error is "cannot open directory" - what do you think the first thin you need to check is ?07:13
oalI upgraded to 12.04 now, but my mouse pointer is stuck on only one of my two screens07:14
oalWhen I move it to the edge of my left screen, it stops, but I can see half the cursor on the right07:15
abhi_69yes, got it07:15
gaelfxoal: move it as far to the other side of the screen as you can07:15
abhi_69but i said already that- i don't have any share on those partitions07:15
abhi_69i can't even understand why ubuntu showing me this error07:15
oalgaelfx: it stops there as well07:16
abhi_69i also have Fuduntu installed, i can access them from Fuduntu very well07:16
abhi_69problem is with ubuntu only07:16
gaelfxoal: do you have auto-hide enabled for your dockamijig?07:16
abhi_69even from a live CD i also have this problem07:16
oalgaelfx: how do I enable that?07:16
gaelfxoal: ok, maybe we should start over, are you using any proprietary drivers for graphics?07:17
oalgaelfx: yes, nvidia07:17
XDESIGNhow to install Emerald theme manager on ubuntu 12.0407:18
gaelfxoal: and how did you set up your dual monitors? through the Displays settings?07:18
ikoniaXDESIGN: it's dead07:18
oalgaelfx: nvidia-settings07:18
XDESIGNikonia ?:)07:18
throwaway_rq12.04 is awesome07:18
ikoniaXDESIGN: emerald is dead07:19
gaelfxoal: and I assume you chose extended, not twinview?07:19
matthewLWhat it's good about it, rq?07:19
throwaway_rqany suggested post-install guides for extra and requested packages?07:19
throwaway_rqmatthewL: some hardware issues i had on my dell xps are all gone07:19
ikoniathrowaway_rq: there are no "guides" because it's up to YOU what you install07:19
oalgaelfx: let me check. I use the same configuration I used under 11.10, and it worked fine before07:19
throwaway_rqikonia: i undersatnd, i meant in a general way (i.e. multimedia guide, IDE guide, server guide, etc)07:20
matthewLrq, i'm installing now.07:20
throwaway_rqso taht i can read up and decide07:20
ikoniathrowaway_rq: https://help.ubuntu.com07:20
oalgaelfx: I can only choose between twinview and separate x screen. It's twinview now07:20
gaelfxoal: did you have to re-set it up after installing 12.04 or did it use config files from your /home?07:20
throwaway_rqikonia: neverind, thanks anyway07:20
throwaway_rqmatthewL: vm or actual hardware?07:20
ikoniathrowaway_rq: did you actually read the URL I gave you07:21
oalgaelfx: when this first happened, I reconfigured it, but got the same result07:21
throwaway_rqikonia: i did, numerous times.07:21
ikoniathrowaway_rq: it has many short sharp guides about how to do and setup specific tasks07:21
matthewLAnnual dual boot w windows 707:21
gaelfxoal: I think you should disable the dual monitor, then apply the settings change and then try to set it up again (separate xscreen style)07:21
throwaway_rqikonia: yeah - i understand - there's just "too many" there's no upvote/ranking system for the guides that are good/generically appraised07:21
oalgaelfx: ok, I'll give it a try, thanks07:22
ikoniathrowaway_rq: you don't need a ranking on https://help.ubuntu.com it's all official ubuntu documentation and can be trusted07:22
gaelfxoal: IIRC, you should have use the mouse to select where the second screen goes07:22
throwaway_rqikonia: ok, thanks, i'll go through them again07:22
matthewLubuntuforums is good too.07:22
throwaway_rqright now im installing gnome-session-fallback... can't stand unity still :\07:23
gaelfxdoes anyone know if there's a trick to importing .ovpn files, or do I just have to do it manually?07:23
matthewLrq great sever setups.07:23
throwaway_rqmatthewL: nice. I needed some guidelines on setting up servers. i'll head over for that as well07:24
Kriss3dIm just upgrading now.. sadly amsn will be uninstalled now07:24
throwaway_rqunity GUI on vmware unity is terrible07:24
=== pankaj is now known as PawanPutraHanuma
woozlyguys, after upgrading to 12.04 from 11.10, my top panel and unity disapear :(07:25
woozlyonly desktop with icons07:25
woozlywhat to do? :(07:25
throwaway_rqwoozly: alt_ctrl+backspace and relogin, does it draw back?07:25
Kriss3di removed unity a long time ago.. hope i wont have to do this again07:25
PawanPutraHanumahow can i upgrade to 12.04 from 10.04 thru command line?07:25
gaelfxwoozly: I will pay you serious sums of cash if you can make my top panel disappear as well :D07:25
ikonia!upgrade > PawanPutraHanuma07:26
ubottuPawanPutraHanuma, please see my private message07:26
woozlyalt+ctrl + backspace doesn't work (07:26
ikonia!nozap | woozly07:26
matthewLI use vbox with windows with no errors.07:26
PawanPutraHanumaikonia, ok07:26
oalgaelfx: no difference :(07:27
throwaway_rqi killed my macbook air installing ub12.0407:27
throwaway_rqmy fault >_>07:27
gaelfxoal: when you setup the separate xscreen, did the other monitor turn all grey and give you an X cursor?07:27
vega-why would anyone want to install ubuntu on a macbook ..07:27
throwaway_rqdd'd the installer on rdisk0s5 and it wont boot again - most likely i screwed up the EFS07:27
oalgaelfx: yup07:27
abhi_69gaelfx, okey, that weird shared folder problem solved by a ubuntu forum post07:28
throwaway_rqvega-" because you can07:28
abhi_69now it showing new error- Segmentation fault (core dumped)07:28
gaelfxvega-: undesirable gift turned into something more desirable07:28
throwaway_rqgaelfx:  in some way, yes it is .07:28
throwaway_rqdont like osx in general, been workign with it for 4 years, still can't say i can develop a taste for it07:28
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: it's so great!07:28
abhi_69now that share problem is solved, but still i can't access NTFS drives via nautilus07:28
abhi_69showing new error: Segmentation fault (core dumped)07:29
woozlyhow to reinstall unity?07:29
throwaway_rqtarzeau: how so?07:29
Kriss3dvega cause macOS looks like fecals ?07:29
abhi_69any help?07:29
lotuspsychjedoes gnome classic come by default?07:29
gaelfxoal: I think you're supposed to click and drage the monitor you want there there, does that make sense?07:29
throwaway_rqwoozly: can you try creating a new user account and login ?07:29
Kriss3dlotus you can always make gnome3 look like gnome 207:29
throwaway_rqwoozly: i am suspecting profile issue07:29
vega-i've been using ubuntu for 7 years and got a macbook air a few months ago.. very impressed and usage of ubuntu-laptop has dropped a LOT ..07:29
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: if you are a developer, the api's are a dream. and for professional users, it's great too07:29
woozlythrowaway_rq: Ill try07:29
gaelfxwoozly: sudo apt-get install unity07:29
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: like when you're into graphics, typography, photographic stuff07:29
lotuspsychjeKriss3d: i mean do you need to install gnome classic, or is it default login option?07:30
oalgaelfx: from the ubuntu screen manager or nvidia-settings? The ubuntu one seems to only detect 1 screen and calls it "laptop"07:30
throwaway_rqtarzeau: yea i am but i still dont like it.07:30
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: you probably are young? or missed completely nextstep/openstep?07:30
throwaway_rqit's a preference thingy07:30
gaelfxoal: nvidia-settings, the other one is mostly useless07:30
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: yes i am what? you're working what?07:30
Kriss3dlotus not sure.. im still just upgrading to 12.04 but if its anything like 11.10 then you gotta install it manually07:30
throwaway_rqyes i do work with graphics and film editing07:31
mrsuchyPLI want copy to another partition all my ubuntu with original priviliges. I login in root and copy with midnigt commander but then system change priviliges ? how can i set original priviliges to copy files ?07:31
lotuspsychjekriss3d: same here upgrading :p07:31
throwaway_rqand no i am not young07:31
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: do you have a portfolio, web page?07:31
gvandeweyershould a do-release-upgrade already work without the -d(evelopment) switch?07:31
vega-oal: same problem, seems ubuntus display settings are totally useless if using nvidia binary driver07:31
gvandeweyerI'm coming from 10.07:31
tarzeauthrowaway_rq: you like unity?07:31
throwaway_rqtarzeau: hell no.07:31
gvandeweyerI'm coming from 10.04 lts server07:31
Kriss3dlotus i found ways to make it both have classic as default. but also made it look like gnome 2 and with no unity at all.07:31
vega-oal: at least when using more than 1 display07:31
oalvega-: is your cursor also stuck between your screens?07:31
vega-oal: don't know about that, main problem is that it isn't able to configure dual screens properly07:32
Kriss3dwhen you wanna work with your linux and not just surf the web.. unity is about as useful as a eel with a pair of gloves07:32
oalvega-: I found out if you move the cursor very fast towards the edge, it'll go through "the wall" between the screens07:32
gaelfxKriss3d: I would never handle an eel gloveless07:32
lotuspsychjeKriss3d: i heard precise has gnome classic instead of unity2d, i never liked 2d07:32
vega-oal: how convenient07:32
oalvega-: really odd bug :/07:32
mappumWhat's a good way to measure CPU / RAM / network / etc usage over time for a headless server?07:33
PawanPutraHanumaKriss3d, lol07:33
woozlyI have create new user, but when I try to login to it from logon screen, it backs me to logon screen (07:33
throwaway_rqvmware easy install loop - anyoen encountered it before?07:33
cypr1nusmappum, top/htop for cpu,mem, etc ?07:34
Kriss3dlotus. hm ill see in a few minuts..07:34
mappumcypr1nus: but can top give a log over time?07:34
Kriss3dgaelfx but i doubt a eel would need gloves.07:34
mbalmerhaha, firefox only available in english...07:35
mbalmerall language packs disabled...07:35
wookienzgents, i am trying to run plex media server on my ubuntu 10.10 box. When i load it i get a dmesg error of: "segfault at 0 ip 00007f6bef296134 sp 00007fff3ce53800 error 4 in libc-2.11.1.so[7f6bef22d000+17a000]". where do i even begin to troubleshoot this?07:35
gvandeweyerKriss3d: Are you upgrading using 'do-release-upgrade -d' ? The new release is not found by my 10.04 lts server yet ...07:35
woozlyBut if I logon as Guest - it is ok07:35
ikoniagvandeweyer: you do not use -d07:36
woozlywhat to remove, I neeed work account (07:36
gvandeweyerikonia: Then it says no new release is available07:36
gvandeweyerI must be missing something07:36
cypr1nusmappum, i suppose yes, but please find out ;]07:36
ikoniagvandeweyer: correct07:36
ikonia!upgrade > gvandeweyer07:36
ubottugvandeweyer, please see my private message07:36
throwaway_rq!upgrade > throwaway_rq07:37
ubottuthrowaway_rq, please see my private message07:37
ashii have tata photon VME102 modem but it is not being detected in ubuntu...need help07:37
mappumcypr1nus: found an answer :D http://superuser.com/questions/149961/writing-a-cpu-ram-usage-log-over-a-period-of-time-to-file-on-centos07:38
jesse__Hello.  Just installed the latest Ubuntu (havent used it in a few years).  Years ago, there was a tool called "Ubuntu Tweak."  Does anyone know if this (or something like it) exists for Ubuntu 12.4?07:38
PawanPutraHanumaashi, do u have the drivers installed for that device?07:38
ikoniajesse__: you don't need it, you can do anything you need within the ubuntu tools07:38
jarcoI am willing to install the newest ubuntu. But it looks like my video card is not supported. How can I install it in fallback mode?07:38
jesse__ikonia: can i switch the maximize, minimize, close buttons to the right side of the title bar? :)07:38
ikoniajesse__: it all works a bit different now with unity07:39
ikoniajesse__: I'd suggest trying it, seeing what you like/don't like and checking out if solutions are available07:39
obakfahadYou can if you choose to remove or not use unity jesse__07:39
PawanPutraHanumaashi, check the photon website for the relevant drivers07:39
jesse__obakgahad: i like unity, just i want to configure it a bit, if possible.  Does ubuntu tweak no longer work?07:39
cypr1nusmappum, thanks :)07:39
obakfahadGuys plz wellcome me :)07:40
lotuspsychjeanyone tested gnome classic yet?07:40
obakfahadWork but right side is not possible....07:40
gvandeweyerikonia: thanks, I'll see how that helps (it seems I need to update 10.04 completely before upgrading)07:40
obakfahadit is the concept of unity.07:40
obakfahadI really enjoying ubuntu 12.04 !!!!!!!!!107:41
jesse__oh, i see, thanks07:41
jarcoI am willing to install the newest ubuntu. But it looks like my video card is not supported. How can I install it in fallback mode?07:41
lotuspsychjecan left bar be dragged to bottom on precise?07:41
ashithey dont provide drivers,they have some instructions,here -http://www.tataphoton.com/download/user-manuals/Olive-VME102-User-Manual.pdf07:41
ashibut it dont work07:41
obakfahadlotuspsychje No .07:41
kelvinellahi, is ubuntu 12.04 faster than 11.10??07:42
FourDollarskelvinella: yes07:42
obakfahadInstallation looks faster.kelvinella07:42
kelvinellanot installation07:42
obakfahadAnd yes this is good .kelvinella07:42
kelvinellai want performance07:42
Christoph_vWgvandeweyer: 12.04 will not be offered to 10.04 LTS users yet - some blueprint states it will be offered when the first point release it out07:42
obakfahadSmooth performance.kelvinella07:42
kelvinellawhat about xubuntu 12.04?07:43
gvandeweyerChristoph_vW: Ah, where did you find that ?07:43
jarcoHow can I install ubuntu in low graphics mode if the normal way is not working?07:43
obakfahadStill dloading.07:43
PawanPutraHanumaChristoph_vW, is it?07:43
obakfahadjarco try lubuntu.07:43
kelvinellawill xubuntu faster than ubuntu on netbook?07:43
lotuspsychje!info kazam07:43
ubottukazam (source: kazam): Easy to use application for recording on-screen action. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 94 kB, installed size 824 kB07:43
jarcoobakfahad: I will but I wanted to try the hud first07:44
jarcokelvinella: yes07:44
gvandeweyerChristoph_vW: First point release, as in July 2012 ?07:44
obakfahadkelvinella it should...because xfce is light.07:44
Christoph_vW"„If currently running lucid, we'll not prompt them for LTS to LTS upgrade until the point release comes out (12.04.1).“ "07:44
gvandeweyerdamn, I really need some of the new functions on the production server :/07:44
Christoph_vWsource: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-p-lts-upgrades07:44
Christoph_vWI upgraded my machine with "do-release-upgrade -d" even it is not recommended07:45
Christoph_vWand already found two bugs in 12.04...07:45
obakfahadGuys any suggestion what i have to install for unity ?07:45
Kriss3dHmm im running the 11.10 with gnome3.. the anoying thing that instead of administration menu it had "others" which had all the things in it such as synaptic.. but now its back to the good old days.. so far its great07:45
totesmuhgoatskelvinella: there is an ubuntu netbook remix if i am not mistaken07:45
ikoniaChristoph_vW: please don't tell people to use -d07:45
ikoniaChristoph_vW: it is wrong.07:45
obakfahadtotesmuhgoats isnt that old ?07:46
totesmuhgoatsso how is 12.04?07:46
kelvinellaubuntu netbook remix is so old07:46
jarcoI ll try again. How can I install the unity version of ubuntu in some kind of safe mode or fallback mode since the normal mode is not working?07:46
gvandeweyerikonia: no worry, I'm not doing that on the production machine07:46
kelvinellai want ubuntu moblin remix but it is also old07:46
totesmuhgoatsobakfahad: i am not an ubuntu expert to be honest07:46
obakfahadtotesmuhgoats fabulous .07:46
ikoniagvandeweyer: don't do it on any machine07:46
totesmuhgoatswell i have an 11.10 home server, i was thinking about updating to 12.04 since its LTS and keeping it for 2 years07:47
gvandeweyerI'm running the xubuntu 12.04 beta on my laptop, and I notice the amount of issues is still too high for a production server07:47
obakfahadtotesmuhgoats to be honest me too :)07:47
totesmuhgoatswondering if it is a good idea to update now or if i should hold off07:47
jpictotesmuhgoats: i like 12.04, it seems a little fatser on my computer07:47
MaximBis it harmless to delete old kernel dirs from usr/src ?07:47
uBUxUBu12.04 seems very nice trying to get used to it today...07:47
Christoph_vWikonia: what would be the issue? it upgrades to dev version - but afaik it would be updated to release later then07:47
obakfahadtotesmuhgoats i have no idea about that server actually.07:47
jpicMaximB: maybe you should rather remove the old kernel and headers from apt-get07:47
jpicbecause they take a lot of disk space07:48
obakfahadAny suggestion for unity ?07:48
ikoniaChristoph_vW: well, as 12.04 is now no longer a development version.......it will upgrade to an unstable mess as there is nothing useable about 12.1007:48
obakfahadI mean i want some interesting staff at unity ....07:48
obakfahadguys ?07:48
ikoniaobakfahad: what ?07:48
shruggarwent to upgrade ubuntu this morning, noticed that unionfs-fuse was listed as "no longer supported". What package replaces it for unionfs functionality?07:49
fidel_abramart: "some interesting" stuff isd like asking for nothing. in case you want feedback - ask a real/more detailed question07:49
PitelI have a big problem... most of the lenses (especially the one with apps) are empty!07:49
MaximBcool, btw why I use 3.0.12 kernel when I also got 3.0.17 installed ?07:49
fidel_erm ... obakfahad  ;)07:49
obakfahadfidel_ whats that ?07:50
obakfahadPitel have you installed any other theme ?07:51
obakfahadfidel_ whats that ?07:51
obakfahadfidel_ whats erm?07:52
Pitelobakfahad: nope, but I just formatted and reinstalled / partition, /home is untouched, so maybe it's some messed up config somewhere07:52
cemcis there an easy way to change the font in 12.04 ?07:52
Pitelobakfahad: also, the close/minimaze/maximize buttons are on the right corner07:52
robinsmidsrodis it possible in debian-installer/preseed to use a value (like hostname) to interpolate into other variables?07:52
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
matthewLUpgrade failed. Retry clean install data restore.07:53
obakfahadYour home partion is messing up.Pitel.You should remove every ".*" files and keep others likeDownloads Doc,Mus<DE.....07:53
steve11Hello room, I'm trying to triple-boot my Late 2011 macbook pro with OSX, Win7 and Ubu 12.04 - everything going well except I get a fatal error that the bootloader can't be installed at the end up the Ubuntu installation07:53
Pitelobakfahad: can you be more specific? I don;t want to lose configurations of normal apps (like xchat, games, chrome, etc.)07:54
=== LukeNukem is now known as TonyStark
steve11I've tried pointing the installer to install grub on the / partition and tried giving it its own partition "reserved boot bios area" or something like that07:54
matthewLClean install Ubuntu, Steve, that might work.07:55
MaximBso any issues with upgrading to the new version ?07:55
steve11matthew, do you think it'd be better to just let Ubu do its own partitioning?07:55
obakfahadPitel keep that things but delete thegnome2 or unity or other things from home folder.....keep which files or config you need .07:55
steve11like clear the partitions i made and just point the installer at the free space? awesome thanks07:56
lotuspsychjeMaximB: seems like many ppl are happy07:56
steve11matthew, will it know where to put grub?07:56
The_BROSHow to make Pigin and x-chat applet in 12.04?07:56
matthewLThat's what i'm doing07:56
MaximBlotuspsychje:  happy or "happy" ?07:56
lotuspsychjevery happy07:56
matthewLDoesn't grub go in mbr?07:56
PawanPutraHanumawhy no upgradation available in ubuntu 10.04?07:56
jattvirtualbox in 12.04 segfaults is this a known issue?07:56
steve11matthew, i think it's different for macs, they don't have the same 'bios'07:57
matthewLVB faults in 11.10, top.07:57
MaximBwhen trying to upgrade it says "cannot authenticate some packages" and closes ...why ?07:57
matthewLSteve, ah07:57
jattI had 11.10 before and vitualbox worked07:57
jattonly after upgrading to 12.04 it segfaults on my machine07:57
matthewLMaxim try without wifi.07:58
burnedupi was upgrading to ubuntu 12.04 yesterday at work. when i get back ubuntu had failed installing the new files (after downloading)07:58
obakfahadPitel first will you test a thing ? create a new user and restart and login with that and check whether that is ok....if ok then problem is in configs or if it is not then installation prob.07:58
jatt$ virtualbox07:58
jattSegmentation fault07:58
burnedupand i cant get öy ubuntu uo again07:58
MaximBmatthewL:  it's a desktop07:58
matthewLOr downgrading additional packages.07:58
=== PawanPutraHanuma is now known as pankaj_sharma
Pitelobakfahad: ok, I guess I should do the cleanup without gnome running anyway07:58
MaximBnvm worked at second try07:58
MaximBholding fingers07:58
matthewLClean install completed successfully.07:59
burnedupi'm having exactly this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125649/reboot-during-update-glibc-error07:59
=== pankaj_sharma is now known as PawanPutraHanuma
obakfahadempathy with irc is great in 12.0408:00
matthewLFirst boot a success.08:00
Ben64is there an easy way to remove unity and effects on 12.04 yet?08:01
matthewLBooty to Ubuntu 2d at login,64.08:02
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.08:02
Ben64i'll have to try that08:02
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:02
minimecBen64: You can install the gnome environment. It will give you gnome3, gnome classic and gnome classic without compiz effects as WindowManager options.08:03
throwaway_rqanyone using gnome-session-fallback and alt-tab not working?08:05
matthewLInstalling Ubuntu a success!08:05
throwaway_rqseems like it's a common bug now08:05
lotuspsychjeminimec: is gnome classic default without installing gnome shell?08:05
feisarjust to confirm: If I have been running 12.04 beta I just need to run 'apt-get update' 'apt-get dist-upgrade'?08:08
popeyfeisar: yes08:08
feisarthen I have 12.04 LTS08:08
popeyfeisar: or use update manager08:08
minimeclotuspsychje: Non of them will be default. Until you switch from unity to another Window Manager in lightdm.08:08
feisarpopey: thanks (I only have terminal as it's a server)08:08
lotuspsychjeminimec: thats what i mean, do you have the option to login gnome classic by default, or you need to install first?08:09
MayazcherquoiHey guys. After upgrading from Oneiric to Precise, none of the default keyboard shortcuts work anymore (e.g. terminal -> CTRL+ALT+T, no longer works)08:09
MayazcherquoiCustom works fine, though.08:09
jattstrace virtualbox says:08:10
jatt<html><b>Effective UID is not root (euid=1000 egid=1000 uid=1000 gid=1000) (rc=-10)</b><br/><br/>Please try reinstalling VirtualBox.</html>08:10
minimeclotuspsychje: If you install the gnome environment (or gnome-panel), you will have that option in lightdm.08:10
throwaway_rqMayazcherquoi: even alt-tab doesnt work08:10
lotuspsychjeminimec: ok tnx08:10
MayazcherquoiAlt+Tab works fine.08:10
throwaway_rqMayazcherquoi: odd, not in my case.  alt+` doesn't either in gnome-terminal08:11
Mayazcherquoithrowaway_rq: Yeah, no, ALT+Tab works fine for me08:12
jesse__Does anyone know where I can download themes for unity (im using 12.4) ?08:12
Boffyhello.... i am doing upgrade at the moment. is it possible to upgrade form 11.04 directly to 12.04 using the 12.04 live cd?08:13
auronandaceBoffy: no08:13
feisarBoffy: you need to use the alternate CDs and you can only go up 1 version at a time08:13
auronandaceBoffy: you can upgrade from one to the next or from one lts to the next08:14
popeyfeisar: not true08:14
Kirejican I run a storage service on my (static IP, colod) ubuntu box that has Dropbox-like sync services with mac and windows clients?08:14
=== jacky is now known as JackyAlcine
feisaroh sorry08:14
popeyBoffy: you _can_ install over the top and keep your data if you want to?08:14
Kirejikind of like Ubuntu One, but served from my machine?08:14
popeyBoffy: if you do an install over the top and choose manual partitioing and _do_ _not_ format the root partition it will install over the top and keep whatever was in /home08:15
llutzKireji: why not,use stuff like this http://owncloud.org/08:15
auronandacepopey: and break your system08:15
Boffyyeah that's what i am worried.08:16
Boffyi know i should be able to use liveUSB to go form 11.10 to 12.0408:16
auronandaceBoffy: it really is a lot easier just clean installing08:16
Boffyat leats that would save soem downloading. if only i kept the 11.10 on the USB key before, but instea di erased it to give 12.04 a try and see if all works08:16
Engini'm sending valid syslog udp packets to server but can't see them in /var/syslog, any common pitfalls ?08:17
Boffythe problem is that i have 25GB data to backup if i do clean install08:17
Chousukeif you really must keep /home you can install on the unformatted partition, but remove all directories except /home from it before08:17
Chousukebut backing up home is easier08:17
auronandaceBoffy: then back it up08:17
=== X__ is now known as XDESIGN
Boffynot to meniton i will have to set it all up again. i have plenty programmes that are not in official repositories and i need them08:17
never2farhello ...how can i add a pogram to startup from command shell ? ...i have tried using rcconf but that program shows some programs as they are not at startup but they are already started08:18
r4yIf my router is set to hidden, how do I connect Ubuntu 12.04 to it?08:18
auronandaceBoffy: i keep what i need on a seperate storage partition and backup to an external harddrive, clean installs are a breeze08:18
XDESIGNi need install nautilus-gksu on ubuntu 12.0408:18
jesse__Hello.  The pink colors in the "Ambiance" theme are making me feel less manly.  Does anyone know where I can download additional themes for unity? I'm using 1.408:18
Engina tcpdump on server succesfully sees and parses the packets... but the server does not log the syslog messages in /var/log/syslog08:18
Marzatano skype via software center in 12.04?08:18
auronandace!skype | Marzata08:18
ubottuMarzata: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:18
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:19
XDESIGNx@x:~$ sudo apt-get install nautilus-gksu08:19
XDESIGNReading package lists... Done08:19
XDESIGNBuilding dependency tree08:19
XDESIGNReading state information... Done08:19
XDESIGNE: Unable to locate package nautilus-gksu08:19
FloodBot1XDESIGN: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:19
Engintoo much population... this channel can't be useful :/08:19
feisarwhen running an Ubuntu server what's the official way to get notified when critical updates and/or restarts are needed?08:20
=== JackyAlcine is now known as jalcine
XDESIGNhelp pls how to install nautilus-gksu08:20
popeyXDESIGN: looks like that's not in the repository anymore08:21
=== jalcine is now known as siibot
XDESIGNa nieed repo08:21
auronandaceXDESIGN: what? can't you use the command: gksudo nautilus?08:21
enzotibhi, in 12.04, lxterminal, if I hit Shift-Ctrl-C to copy a text, is also sends an interrupt, how to fix?08:21
XDESIGNauronandace ok08:21
Marzataauronandace: thanks, but the partners are already added08:21
Marzataauronandace: and still no skype in the software senter08:21
erik32533hi when will next version of ubuntu be out08:21
popeyerik32533: october08:22
=== carlos is now known as Guest21043
auronandaceMarzata: odd, sorry i can't help, i don't use skype08:22
erik32533i see the desktop interface being changed08:22
=== siibot is now known as Jacky
auronandaceerik32533: they are time based: 12.10 = 2012, 10th month08:23
Boffyon the upgrade... if i then move the home folder back will i keep the all settigns as well? i am thinking about moving it all to another disk and then back after fresh install since it realyl will be faster...08:23
Boffy2.5hours for only one upgrade is not worth it. especially casuse there are 2 more to do.08:23
erik32533i  mean the desktop will look totally different08:23
=== Jacky is now known as siibot
=== siibot is now known as jacky
XDESIGNubuntu best linux of al time08:24
sk1specialtraffic died down a little here? my issue is when i have my workstations view open..while i can use each one and go to them i can not drag and drop windows between them08:25
=== cute is now known as cute_bettong
sk1speciali also get this message -  Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0" when i open any program that does seomthing ( ie xchat ) and all my window borders look like windows 98..08:26
pratzhey guys08:27
pratzever happy about ubuntu 12.0408:28
zykes-_Why isn't there a libreadline5-dev package ?08:28
Flywaterhow about ubuntu-tweak08:28
Ben64i have 12.04 on my laptop, and it's not getting the correct gateway from dhcp08:28
enzotibin 12.04, lxterminal, if I hit Shift-Ctrl-C to copy a text, is also sends an interrupt, someone can confirm? and how to fix?08:29
Flywaterhow about ubuntu-tweak08:30
popeyenzotib: confirmed08:30
enzotibpopey, thanks, but have you any idea on how to look for a solution?08:31
ikoniaenzotib: what's intr set to ?08:31
sk1special@enzotib. why hit shift?08:31
enzotibikonia, intr = ^C;08:31
popeyenzotib: known bug 97191808:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 971918 in lxterminal (Ubuntu) "Ctrl-Shift-C issues a Break command" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97191808:32
enzotiboh, it is there!08:32
ikoniapopey: is it actually a bug though as ^C should be interupt08:32
enzotibsk1special, because I want to copy, not interrupt08:32
popeyits not ctrl+c08:32
ikoniathat's correct/expected behaviour08:32
popeyit's shift+ctrl+c08:32
popeyworks in gnome terminal08:32
ikoniapopey: yes, but that is also ^C08:32
popeyno, it isnt08:33
ikoniashift shouldn't change that08:33
popeyshift is a modifier08:33
jornhey, wasn't there a virtual package in ubuntu which installed a lot of the standard stuff for developers? like automake, autoconf, gcc, git, svn, ...?08:33
popeyhas worked for ~years in gnome terminal08:33
popeyjorn: build-essential ?08:33
sk1specialim new to linux..and thats for a older vs..but most of them work fine for me08:33
ikoniapopey: I'm testing it on a Fedora 16 box now with gnome terminal and a Solaris 10 xterm and gnome terminal and ctrl+shift+c is giving me ^C08:34
popeythey are broken then ☺08:34
ikoniapopey: what distro/release did it used to work on with gnome terminal ?08:34
jornpopey: the description of that package syas i don't need it if i don't develop debian packages08:34
jornbut i think it was called something like that08:34
popeyikonia: ubuntu, for numerous releases08:34
ikoniapopey: 10.04 a safe bet ?08:34
popeyikonia: i haven't used 10.04 for some time, maybe08:35
richardlxchow to convert  two pictures  in linux?08:35
richardlxcinto one picture08:35
ikoniapopey: any idea on one you can say "yup worked in that one"08:35
ikonia(just so I don't have to grab 5 versions looking for it)08:35
enzotibikonia, I think if the windows use a shortcut for its working, it should not pass that to the terminal driver08:35
popeyI'll snag 10.0408:35
HaltingStatehow do I set LC_COLLATE for whole system?08:35
ikoniaenzotib: windows behaviour has no relevence to linux08:35
ikoniapopey: don't worry, I'll get it, I was just seeing if you had an idea from memory for one that actually worked08:36
matthewLSo happy with my new up to date Ubuntu!!08:36
velenohello. how do I modify /etc/sudoers on a batch of 60 machines without logging into each one and 'sudo visudo'ing for all of them ?08:36
enzotibikonia, I don't mean MS Win, I mean the lxterminal window08:36
Ben64how can i upgrade 12.04 from cd08:36
ikoniaveleno: get a known working sudoers file and just copy it into place on the other machines08:37
popeyikonia: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=600876 its been around for _years_08:37
Ben64one of my systems currently has 12.04 beta, and i have the cd, would like to avoid downloading 400MB that isn't necessary08:37
ubottuGnome bug 600876 in general "Paste keybinding unreliable" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:37
Pitelhow can I specify font antialiasing?08:37
ikoniaBen64: you can only use the alternative CD08:37
ikoniapopey: now I'm super curious what ubuntu version had this working08:37
Ben64ikonia: really? it opens synaptic for me when i put the cd in08:37
ikoniaBen64: the upgrade process can only use the alternative CD unless something has changed in 12.0408:38
CelticTurnipanyone got a link to upgrading the beta to the release... I'm on ubuntu.com and for the life of me I can't see anything08:38
velenoikonia: i tried that, but i got a permission denied, despite the user doing it is a sudoer08:38
ikoniaveleno: then that user doesn't have permissions08:38
Ben64CelticTurnip: the update manager should give you the updates to the final version08:38
Ub_userHi all08:39
Ub_usersomeone use postfix with saslauthd under ubuntu 10.04?08:39
CelticTurnipBen64: no problem, I updated yesterday and it says there are no updates today... I thought there would be some kind of update... oh well :)08:39
cadeskywalkerfailregex = ^<HOST> -.*"GET \/w00tw00t\.at\.ISC\.SANS\.DFind\:\).*".*08:39
cadeskywalkeroups sorry wrong terminal08:40
bjoern_Hello, how can one check if a laptop has Nvidia Optimus? Ubuntu 12.04, trying to troubleshoot display problem.08:40
Ub_userHi all! Does someone use saslauthd under ubuntu 10.04?08:40
ozzyi need help with usb live ubuntu08:41
ozzywhy cant i put a persistent file bigger than 4 gb?08:41
chmouelHey guys, I am having a problem with my Xorg crashing http://pastebin.com/u4vbpYFB with the intel_drv since the upgrade, is that a known issue ?08:42
ikoniaozzy: is your persistant file system fat ?08:42
timingHi! How do I get that bar back which displays all the windows on the current workspace?08:42
fishcookerhappy birthday PP08:42
timingso I can click on it an stuff08:42
ozzyi think so08:42
ikoniaozzy: it won't support a file bigger than 4GB then08:42
ozzyso i format to ntfs?08:42
=== nikolja is now known as nikolja|odsutan
ikoniaozzy: why not use ext which is a linux supported file system08:43
ozzyi need to format it from windows08:43
osirisupgrading from 10.04 to 12.04, on reboot does not list new kernel, also says the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present. can anyone help ?08:43
ikoniaozzy: I'd not advise using NTFS, I don't actually think (but don't know) it will work08:44
ozzywill exfat work?08:44
eatherozzy: second ikonia, stick with fat32 if at all possible08:44
ikoniaozzy: don't think so08:44
ikoniastill limited to 4GB08:44
eatherthen you need a puppy live cd with gparted, that will format yr flash drive to whatever you choose :)08:45
ikoniayou can format it from the ubuntu live CD08:46
ikoniano need for puppy08:46
ozzycan formatting my usb drive to ext brake it or make it unaccesable by win?08:46
ikoniaozzy: yes, it won't be usable by windows, but it certainly won't break it08:46
eatherunreadable to win, but I have heard there is a way around that08:46
eatherthank you08:47
linuxwhere am i?08:48
ikonialinux: in an ubuntu support IRC chat channel08:48
Pitelhow can I change font antialiasing? The defaults looks ugly. :(08:49
sk1speciali used my usb drive to test/then install 12.04.. and my windows laptop still picks it up fine?08:49
gaelfx!zh | linux08:49
ubottulinux: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:49
MonkeyDustsk1special  the grub menu should show both systems08:50
fishcookerwhere can i see the list of bug of PP?08:50
osirisanyone have success upgrading from LTS to LTS ?08:50
fishcookeri don't try that on my production box osiris08:50
fishcooker10.04 will be remain in 10.0408:50
Ben64osiris: haven't tried yet, going to backup my partition beforehand08:50
MonkeyDustosiris  finished succesfully here08:50
osirisproblems here08:50
sk1specialyeah it does. i ment cus they were talking about it being unreadable on a seperate windows machine..and mine reads it fine08:50
fishcookercongratz monkeydost08:50
Ben64i haven't done a fresh install since Edgy Eft08:51
MonkeyDustfishcooker  having issues upgrading?08:51
fishcookerbig applause for ben6408:51
fishcookeri haven't tried it monkeydust08:51
osiriswell for starters new kernel is not showing in grub08:51
sk1speciali need help fixing my work station view tho..i can switch between them and go to them all. but i can not drag and drop between them08:51
Ben64osiris: can you choose an old one?08:52
oalAnyone else having problems with the mouse cursor not moving between screens in 12.04? Nvidia drivers08:52
osirisi can, but it drops to "the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present"08:52
linuxjoin #ubuntu-cn08:52
halfiehi, i have installed ubuntu 12.04 but I can't hear any sound on headphones connected to Sound Blaster XFI sound card. Any tips to get sound working?08:53
Ben64osiris: strange... do you have any weird drive setup going? like raid or something?08:53
sk1special@oal. my my mouse gets stuckish between screens..but it switches over08:53
sk1specialslike hitting a speed bump08:53
osirisnope. old 2 ghz celery, 2 gigs of ram, and a couple of ide drives08:54
oalsk1special: yup, I noticed that as well. Very annoying!08:54
Ben64osiris: have you tried popping in a live cd and checking whats going on?08:54
gaelfxhahaha, celery. I like. I'm gonna borrow that if you haven't TMed it08:54
stimpiesk1special, its the resistance used to show the launcher08:54
osiriswell from the recovery prompt it appears the data is safe, although mounted read-only. im pretty sure i could live rescue it with a usb drive, but quite frankly i have too much data on the drive to move it all08:55
sk1specialah. my drivers are being retarted tho. depending on my options/driver pick/set up. i can get one of my screens to work perfect..but not see the second.08:55
sk1specialor get both screens to work..but it has that windows 98 look to menus and cant drag and drop between workstations..08:55
sk1specialor i can get one screen to work and look normal..and the other to be a solid grey light08:56
Ben64osiris: i meant more along the lines of making sure fstab and grub options are set to load the correct partition08:56
bhaisahabhey ubuntu pkg maintainers sasl broke my mail server https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cyrus-sasl2/+bug/87544008:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 875440 in cyrus-sasl2 (Ubuntu) "Cannot authenticate with saslauthd and mysql" [High,Confirmed]08:56
sk1specialalso. how do i red text people?08:56
bhaisahabany updates on that08:56
osirishavent been that far yet, as i fear the cd drives are........ old08:56
osiristhe uuid's in fstab appear right08:56
vp18has anyone tried cinnamon 1.408:57
bhaisahabwhat would you say I use dovecot for sasl instead of cyrus? has anyone done that08:57
gaelfxI'm trying to connect to an NFS share I set up on another computer in my network, but the connection always times out, both comps are running 12.04, can someone help me figure this out?08:57
halfiegaelfx: are NFS ports open or is the firewall inactive?08:58
gaelfxhalfie: good thought, I'll check08:58
fishcookermonkeydust ben64 osiris,, where could i see the list of bug on ubuntu?08:58
halfiegaelfx: first try getting your setup running with no firewall (iptables -F)08:59
MonkeyDust!tab| fishcooker08:59
ubottufishcooker: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:59
StarminnI have just installed Ubuntu 12.04, and after trying to place all of my old fonts into the new install, I am only getting little squares where letters should be. Any ideas?  (On a separate computer currently to type this)08:59
bhaisahabhelpl  heer,09:00
bhaisahabhelp here09:00
pschweitzerHi, when will the 12.04LTS will be marked as LTS to allow safe upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 using do-release-upgrade?09:00
pschweitzer(to prevent using the --devel flag)09:00
bluefrogStarminn, have you rebuilt the fonts cache?09:01
bhaisahabit is now09:01
bhaisahabdo it now!09:01
bhaisahabbluefrog: do it09:01
gaelfxhalfie: hm, I don't see any ports being forwarded on my router RE NFS, how can I check if the NFS is actually running on the server?09:01
Starminnbluefrog: I've not heard of this ever before, so probably not. :)09:01
sk1special@fishcooker https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu09:01
bluefrogStarminn, try   sudo fc-cache -f -v09:01
bhaisahabhey anyone about postfix, sasl2 authentication bug for email server?09:01
Hardcorefrankjust poping in here because I normally do after a ubuntu release to see what you guys think here09:01
lotuspsychjethe greatest screencast recorder is nog in official repos: kazam09:01
luca__salve io ho un problema con plymouth manager09:02
lotuspsychje!info kazam09:02
ubottukazam (source: kazam): Easy to use application for recording on-screen action. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 94 kB, installed size 824 kB09:02
osirisgaelfx: you can netstat -a and look for nfs running on the server side09:02
halfiegaelfx: netstat -nltp should show portmap and some rpc process. though there is a better way which i forgot09:02
Starminnbluefrog: It has finished running. I suppose a restart would be in order to be most effective?09:02
MonkeyDust!es| luca__09:02
ubottuluca__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:02
halfiegaelfx: got it, run "rpcinfo -p"09:02
luca__ho cliccato sul tasto compatibilità con burg e da allora non si avvia più09:02
bluefrogStarminn, not that I am aware of09:02
gaelfxhalfie: osiris I'll try both in a minute09:02
gaelfx*all three09:02
bluefrogStarminn, log out/in at grand maximum09:03
goddardhow can i clear space from my boot partition?09:03
bluefroggoddard, uninstall old kernels09:03
ikoniagoddard: remove what you don't need09:03
luca__hi i have a problem with plymouth manager09:03
lotuspsychje!info activity-log-manager09:04
ubottuactivity-log-manager (source: activity-log-manager): blacklist configuration user interface for Zeitgeist. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu3 (precise), package size 71 kB, installed size 217 kB09:04
goddardbluefrog: is there a way i can do that in the terminal?09:04
luca__this program doesn't work on my pc because i clicked on compatibility with burg09:04
Starminnbluefrog: Did a full restart (I know it's overkill on Linux, but I figure it's a sure-fire way, nonetheless to test if something got fixed) and am experiencing the same problem.09:04
bluefroggoddard, don't understand09:04
luca__someone has an idea?09:05
nitzswhy is there such a big gap between the top bar and the notification popups?09:05
gaelfxhalfie: actually, I just noticed transmission's port doesn't seem to be automatically forwarding either, which seems rather strange09:05
onoez_omghey guys, how may i move the applents into 12.04' gnome classic?09:05
Starminnbluefrog: The plain shell (CTRL+ALT+F1->F6) displays fine, though, so it may just be an Ubuntu font problem. Is there a sane way to change the font on 12.04 built-in? (i.e. Other than GNOME's "Advanced Settings"?)09:06
bluefroggoddard, sry was thinking about another problem.  apt-get purge linux-image then tab to find what's installed09:06
gaelfxonoez_omg: if you mean like Gnome 2, I think your best shot is to use MATE09:06
StuuHey guys09:06
nitzsStarminn: you might have a look at gconf-editor09:06
=== hanthana__ is now known as hanthana
sk1special@nitzs.. was just reading the billionaire guys blog posts..and he was talking about hating how they covered each other up when you were trying to do something..so maybe ?09:07
* Starminn will be right back09:07
fishcookerMonkeyDust: thankyou it work on pidgin09:07
onoez_omggaelfx, it is gnome 3 with fallback to classic view, anyway thx, but what is MATE?09:07
goddardbluefrog: can i just do apt-get remove and then the image name09:07
goddardbluefrog: is that safe?09:08
fishcookerthanks sk1special09:08
gaelfxonoez_omg: linux mint's fork of gnome 209:08
bluefroggoddard, if you want. safe? don't understand09:08
ikoniait's not gnome 209:08
ikoniait's still gnome 309:08
luca__thanks for the help09:08
onoez_omggaelfx, is it a good idea to mix mint packages with native ones? :/09:08
nitzssk1special: but if a new notification popup occurs, the older one should scroll down to make way. that would've looked cool.09:09
ikoniaonoez_omg: use mint packages on mint, ubuntu packages on ubuntu09:09
gaelfxonoez_omg: not sure on that one, might wanna check if MATE is in the repos. if it is, it should be more or less fine09:09
onoez_omgi already did, it is not, thx09:09
nitzsonoez_omg: do you know about cinnamon?09:10
sk1specialyeah he *called for community/dev input* to help finalize /  update  /whatever make to make it easier to use in the coming updates. was talking about doing same placement but delayed popups by detecting where the cursor was09:10
gaelfxhalfie: ok, I found that NFS shows up in rpcinfo, and it listed the port for it as well, but I was wondering whether or not NFS uses upnp or not?09:10
onoez_omgnitzs, is it some kind of mint crap again?09:10
nitzsmint crap?09:10
sk1specialhow do i red text people? or is that like a mod thing?09:10
morningI need help with a failed upgrade to Precise (64). I neglected to turn off x-screensaver, with the result that installation was interrupted while trying to install libc6. Now I´m stuck. I can reboot to a recovery menu but don´t know where to go from there. Guidance?09:11
ikoniamorning: clean install09:11
MonkeyDustsk1special  colors depend on the IRC program you are using09:11
ikoniamorning: boot from a livecd backup what you need and do a clean install09:11
goddardeach one of these kernels takes up 128MB09:11
goddardi have like 10 installed09:11
sk1specialbut like.. normally its name blue text black. and when you guys do that with my name specifcally it goes all red09:11
morningikonia: thank you. will do.09:11
goddardor more09:12
uBUxUBuis anyone here using 12.04 as we speak?09:12
aciculauBUxUBu: i am09:12
nitzsonoez_omg: if you don't like unity, and you don't like MATE, cinnamon is your best option. or maybe xfce.09:12
MonkeyDustsk1special  try /me blah09:12
sk1specialand i am ubu09:12
fishcookersk1special: what means by triage.. what difference with confirmed?09:12
dubeyi wan to create a customized ubuntu cd with only required applications. How can i do this ?09:12
goddardif you like 11.10 i dont see a reason to upgrade09:12
uBUxUBudoes your icon launcher go in and out of site or does it stay fixed acicula09:12
popeydubey: yes09:12
popeydubey: maybe look at remastersys? or live-build09:13
MonkeyDustdubey  try remastersys09:13
aciculadubey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization09:13
Pitelhow can I configure fonts and antialiasing?09:13
sk1specialdid you see that message monkey?09:13
gaelfxwhat message monkey?09:13
onoez_omgnitzs, thanks, but mixing things with mint is not an option, reinstalling the whole system is not an option, again, thanks for your attention09:13
killer1hi.............i wanna install wireless drivers for bcm4312 card and dun wanna install prop. drivers.any help?09:14
jarcoI just installed the new ubuntu using the alternate cd. Now I am only getting to the loading screen. Anyone know how I can boot it in a save mode?09:14
jarcolowe graphics mode09:14
MonkeyDustsk1special  this is not the right channel to learn IRC, better join #test or #freenode09:14
dubeyany doc ?09:14
onoez_omgkiller1, are you sure there are some non-prop drivers for your broadcom?09:14
sk1speciallol ight.  chello gaelfx. i did a fresh install and the same thing is happening with my video again that fixed before.09:15
lotuspsychje!info remastersys09:15
ubottuPackage remastersys does not exist in precise09:15
krababbeljarco: did you try esc? ctrl+alt+f1 would take you to an alternative terminal. also there is rescue mode in boot menu.09:15
krababbeljarco: low graphics mode is text mode.09:16
sk1specialdepending on options/which driver what video sets i choose. i can get one monitor to wwork fine. or both to work but the windows have that win 98 look to them and no drap and drop between workstations or one working and one grey screen09:16
jarcokrababbel: can i install the nvidia drivers from the text mode?09:17
krababbeljarco: yes, you can do everything there I guess09:17
onoez_omgjarco, apt-get install nvidia-current09:17
jarcoThe problem is it doesn't seem to go in there :(09:17
krababbeljarco: can you switch terminal?09:17
krababbeljarco: try rescue mode09:18
SomyaI am still not able to figure out why the wlan0 driver is not showing up after I have upgraded the ubuntu version to 11.0409:18
gaelfxdoes NFS use upnp to autoforward it's port?09:18
jarcokrababbel: nope :( ctrl alt + F 1 - 5 not working09:18
gaelfxor is there a way to make it do that?09:18
bepebeis there a network proxy gui, like the one in ubuntu. I have set /etc/apt/apt.conf and /etc/wgetrc with my proxy settings manually, but cannot seem to download Additional Drivers. I am looking for a .deb install or something for the Network Proxy option under System >> Network Proxy09:18
halfiegaelfx: NFS doesn't use upnp AFAIK09:19
onoez_omgSomya, could you please provide ur `lspci`, `rfkill list all` and `dmesg`?09:19
krababbeljarco: try rescue mode and there you can look at /var/log/xorg09:19
gaelfxhalfie: so I have to add the rule to my router myself?09:19
krababbeljarco: does live cd work?09:19
jarcokrababbel: booting into rescue mode right now09:19
fishcookerif im upgrade from LL to PP.. on server09:19
halfiegaelfx: yes, and some NFS ports are random (there is a way to make them static though).09:19
fishcookerwill the unity stuff be installed?09:20
halfiegaelfx: for simple file sharing, sshfs works without all this mess.09:20
=== nikolja|odsutan is now known as nikolja
krababbeljarco: what card do you have?09:20
fishcookeractually im on server LL09:20
jarcokrababbel: I am not sure. I know it worked with the nvidia drivers under fedora.09:20
gaelfxhalfie: I kinda need it to be gui though09:21
jarcokrababbel: I am in rescue mode now09:21
krababbeldo < onoez_omg> jarco, apt-get install nvidia-current09:21
onoez_omgfishcooker, from what i see now from 12.04 i suppose (somehow) that the answer is yes09:21
halfiegaelfx: sshfs mount points can be opened in GUI explorers, is that what you are talking about?09:22
anaxHello, all! I have just installed Ubuntu 12.04, and I've noticed that I have never installed proprietery drivers for my graphics card. I have the Intel Graphics Family with GeForce 520M graphic card. When I start the Proprietery Drivers application, it shows nothing. My question is, what will happen if I install Nvidia drivers on my own?09:22
gaelfxhalfie: I suppose, more or less09:22
fishcookeromg onoez_omg09:22
ogra_fishcooker, if you dont have a GUI now, its wont install  GUI during upgrade09:22
onoez_omgfishcooker, indeed09:22
=== matthew is now known as Guest18003
gaelfxhalfie: does sshfs require login using the machines UID and pass though?09:23
fishcookersame here anax09:23
fishcookerim on the 520m09:23
fishcookeri've openbox installed ogra09:23
halfiegaelfx: ssh requires running sshd on the server and on client it involves giving credentials to mount a folder.09:24
onoez_omg540m with optimus and bumblebee and solid unmoveable gnome applets on 12.04 :/09:24
ogra_fishcooker, so it wont pull in unity, it will just upgrade what you have09:24
anaxWell, I've added this PPA for X.org drivers, but I don't know what will happen if I install nvidia-current, so I came to ask. :)09:24
jarcohow do i setup the dns ? Its not getting that from dhcp. Ping to external ip works09:24
fishcookergo for it anax09:25
onoez_omgjarco, /etc/resolv.conf is ur friend09:25
fishcookeror try the recommended one09:25
fishcookerit works for me09:25
ray_When I was testing Ubuntu 12.04 from CD I couldn't connect to the internet, but after installing I was able to connect09:26
gaelfxhow do you check the permissions on a folder?09:26
gaelfxin cli I mean09:26
PawanPutraHanumagaelfx, ls -lrth09:26
anaxIs there a chance of something going terribly wrong? Like, me losing my desktop enviroment, and then having to return it all. Or will I always be able to enter Unity 2D and work from there?09:26
TheteDoes 12.04 still require the special +mac version to work right?09:27
onoez_omganax, you won't lose ur desktop environment, the most risky part is falling back to ur current nvidia driver or purging it at all in order to use intel graphics (if u have one)09:27
SteveBellhi all. got a question about keyboard layouts. using a macbook here and the keys are somewhat twisted. in os X e.g. all firefox commands like new tab would be cmd+n. but in ubuntu it is ctrl+n. is there a possibility to adjust the keys so that they would work like in os x?09:27
onoez_omganax, things shouldn't go bad i suppose, don't worry09:28
ray_How do I switch back to gnome?09:28
xapelhas anyone here found a good workaround or fix for this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/94729609:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 947296 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Update-manager stopped updating" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:28
fl1bbl3install gnome shell09:28
anaxWell, I have no installed drivers at the moment, just the ones that came with Ubuntu, so I guess I'm good to go. I'll let you guys know what happened! Thanks a lot! :)09:29
sk1specialdont lie lol. my desktop has died several times trying to update/fix my nvidia drivers. but its usually let me log in as a guest which apparently uses default settings to start and change back the nvidia settings then reboot which fixes it..09:29
jarcokrababbel: in rescue mode i cat resolv.conf. It sais the file is not there. I can see it when i LS09:29
fl1bbl3ray_: apt-get install gnome-shell09:29
ray_I heard Unity can be switched to Gnome from the login screen. So I have to install gnome-shell then09:29
onoez_omgsk1special, ur desktop was remeining the same alive, while u were experiencing problems with driver09:30
ogra_xapel, the bug has a workaround described at the bottom09:30
ray_Arg, how do I minimize a window?09:30
krababbeljarco: not sure, resolv.conf is handled by resolvconf package. You have no connection?09:30
sk1speciallol my desktop was hiding in a black/grey/purple void of emptyness depending.09:30
onoez_omgjarco, `whereis resolv.conf`09:31
jarcokrababbel: I have connection but no dns09:31
onoez_omgsk1special, u always have an option to log into virtual console or over ssh remotely09:31
krababbeljarco: you could try creating /etc/resolv.conf09:31
jarco /etc/resolv.conf (i think this one is empty) and /usr/include/resolv.h09:32
sk1specialwhich i have no idea how to do :] third day now on linux. i like it..but alot to learn/figure out/get to work the way i want09:32
jarcoI cant save to it09:32
ray_The only way I can get back to this window is by doing alt-tab. How do I minimize windows?09:32
abhi_69i can't access NTFS partitions from nautilus09:32
sk1special@ ray..should be if you move your mouse near the top itll pop up with a close/min/max buttons on the left09:32
ray_Never mind. I figured it out09:32
abhi_69nautilus giving me error: seg fault (core dumped)09:33
abhi_69any help?09:33
krababbeljarco: You could enter dns into /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head09:33
krababbeljarco: then do resolvconf -u09:33
onoez_omgsk1special, the best way to start (in order to learnthings clear) is getting an old version of slackware distribution for example and setting up all the stuff including graphical environment, imho it is the best way09:33
morningTo recover from a failed upgrade to Precise, I´m reinstalling Oneiric from a live CD. The installer detects "that the follwoing disks have mounted partitions: /dev/sda." And it asks whether I want the installer "to unmount the partions on these disks before continuing." I want to be careful not to lose the data on my hard disk. What should be my answer: Yes or no?09:34
ray_What I figured out is different. It's what is on the left. What's that called?09:34
abhi_69i can't open those using nautilus09:34
ogra_ray_, you mean the launcher ?09:34
ray_How would I know, lol09:35
ogra_well, the stripe on the left with the icons is called launcher :)09:35
sk1specialyeah youre right..from my experience with windows anyway. but i need a functioning comp lol. so when i get some xtra cash ill build a breakable09:35
abhi_69anyone? help me plz, nautilus problem09:35
ikoniaabhi_69: I told you what to do09:36
ikoniaabhi_69: the error is "directory is missing" check if it's actually there09:36
nitzsit just been about 20 hours and already 70 mb worth of updates?09:36
abhi_69ikonia, i already do that09:36
jarcokrababbel: error /run/resolvconf/interface either does not exist or is not a directory ...09:36
ikoniaabhi_69: did what ?09:36
abhi_69install samba09:36
ray_OK, TY, For some reason I don't see minimized, and so forth on the top left of Firefox when hovering there09:36
abhi_69now that error is solved09:36
krababbeljarco: sorry, not sure about rescuemode and dns then09:36
abhi_69i got the idea from a post of ubuntu forum09:36
sk1speciali was installing win 8 beta actually. and it crashed my pc so hard i couldnt reinstall from any of my backup/recovery/actual oem discs of any win vs..so i came here09:36
gaelfxwow, finally got NFS working :D09:37
gaelfxthanks folks09:37
onoez_omgand yeah, if someone interested, i figured out how to move applets in gnome 3 classic fallback session lol, Alt+right click helps09:37
abhi_69now a new error: seg fault (code dump)09:37
ikoniaabhi_69: I have no idea why you are doing this, the error is clear, "directory is missing"09:37
ray_TY, ogra_ for the info09:37
ray_I got it now, I prefer the window bars being where they used to be09:38
abhi_69ikonia, now i'm getting new error, only a single line error while trying to access them, that is: seg fault (core dumped)09:38
abhi_69no other errors now09:38
abhi_69no directory missing error or so09:38
ikoniaabhi_69: no idea, you'd need to analyise the core which is a very complex process09:38
qEssenceIm having some issues with my hard drives on 12.04 install, i have four ones, one SSD of 250gb and three SATA of 3TB each, But, installationg its only recognizing the SSD, and one of the SATA. Both fdisk and gparted shows the same, and the four HDD's are visible and useable on win7. Does anyone knows what can be causing this?09:38
abhi_69i already try a solution- that is removing gvfs-metadata from ~/local/share and reboot pc09:39
abhi_69not working09:39
onoez_omgqEssence, do u use some kind of removable sata-controller?09:39
ray_OK, so when I resize a window the menu is like before then. OK, I am finally getting the hang of Unity a little. I should go to the beginner channel. Bye all09:39
abhi_69does this problem related to nautilus-gdu extension?09:39
nitzsabhi_69: start nautilus from the terminal and try to access the NTFS partitions. paste the crash output on paste.ubuntu.com09:39
qEssenceonoez_omg: No, they are all connected directly to motherboard.09:40
md_5I am using xbinkeys on 12.04 in an attempt to make back / forward on my mouse work09:40
md_5It works correctly on firefox but not nautilus...09:40
onoez_omgqEssence, did u try to play with it in order to try to see some of them u didn't with pluggin and unpluggin\changing them one with another?09:41
md_5I can't think of any reason why this would be the case, but it is :(09:41
qEssenceonoez_omg: Yep, Same results.09:41
=== markand_ is now known as Guest34915
qEssenceonoez_omg: Weird, ah?09:41
seliteHow do I access the recovery partition on Vaio VPC EB2H4E?09:42
qEssenceDo you think this can be related to nouveau.blacklist=1 command?09:42
onoez_omgqEssence, u always able to see only one of those sata-drives and u're 100% positive its not about physical connection trouble?09:42
onoez_omgqEssence, can u throw ur `dmesg` output just to look through?09:42
abhi_69nitzs, here it is- http://paste.ubuntu.com/949382/09:43
SteveBellgot a question about keyboard layouts. using a macbook here and the keys are somewhat twisted. in os X e.g. all firefox commands like new tab would be cmd+n. but in ubuntu it is ctrl+n. is there a possibility to adjust the keys so that they would work like in os x?09:43
qEssenceonoez_omg: Im 100% sure its not a connection problem, because i can widely use them all on Win7. Maybe im wrong whit this and it does not prove anything.09:43
md_5could nautilus perhaps be eeating my button presses?09:43
action09hi , anyone installed 12.04 on Giada N20 please ?09:43
woozlyguys. how to create link to executable file?09:44
woozlylike in /usr/bin/09:44
skramer_I would like to get my old serial WACOM ArtPad II to work with Precise. I compiled the kernel module, but still Ubuntu says that it did not detect any WACOM tablet... Am I missing something?09:44
onoez_omgqEssence, i doubt it is connected to nouveau, and yeah, it is weird =) `dmesg` could countain some hints09:44
ogra_woozly, man ln will tell you :)09:44
sk1special@steve..https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts has alot of stuff09:44
dpkingmaHello #ubuntu! Does anyone have a Juju Charm for MongoDB 2.0+ ?09:45
qEssenceonoez_omg: Never used dmesg before, newbie here =P, since fidisk and gparted does not shows anything, do you think dmesg will work?09:45
=== ray_ is now known as r4y
md_5dmesg shows everything09:45
seliteHow do I know if my laptop has a recovery partition?09:45
SteveBellsk1special thx, will have a look.09:45
qEssenceIm not on installation proccess right now, back to Win7 to gather some info.09:45
nitzsabhi_69: looks like it is a reported bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/81117109:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 691070 in compiz (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #811171 compiz assert failure: *** glibc detected *** compiz: corrupted double-linked list: 0x000000000195ae60 ***" [High,Confirmed]09:46
onoez_omgqEssence, dmesg shows some of the events related to kernel,hardware and its interaction, it is just a command generally speaking that u type into ur terminal =)09:46
uBUxUBuselite, did you buy it new, and did you never manipluate the partitions?09:47
sk1specialn/p . found it trying work around broken video drivers yesterday :]09:47
qEssenceonoez_omg: Yeah, i know, i meant that fdisk and gparted does not seem to be able to `see`  the HDD's, but i can try it.09:47
qEssenceonoez_omg:  i was also thinking on the alternate install CD.09:48
ogra_dpkingma, probably a better question on #ubuntu-server :)09:48
seliteuBUxUBu: I bought it like a year ago and I only installed Ubuntu, my guess is there is a recovery partition. But, I can't access it with F10 I guess it's because Win7 doesn't work.09:48
seliteuBUxUBu: What should I do?09:48
dpkingmaogra_: Thanks! I09:48
dpkingma I'll Try!09:48
abhi_69nitzs, now what?09:48
abhi_69wait for fix?09:48
Kriss3dHmm can you in gnome add a menu sorta like "places" but add another name ?09:48
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abhi_69nautilus giving this error while trying to access NTFS partitions only09:49
md_5sigh I can't switch to ubuntu until I get this back/forward working in nautilus09:49
onoez_omgqEssence, dmesg often shows if something goes really wrong like with hdds, controller and other things related to your current problem, so it would help much if u would just copy-paste whole dmesg cmd output into pastebin and let us to see it =)09:49
uBUxUBuselite, some computers access it from an f key some need the recovery disk to get into it09:49
abhi_69it's ok for ubuntu partition though09:49
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=== Hulk is now known as DarthVader
qEssenceonoez_omg: Thank you so much, i'll do that.09:49
seliteuBUxUBu: Hmmm, I will try the f key, I am sure that I wasn't given a CD with Win7 on it.09:50
=== DarthVader is now known as TonyStark
seliteuBUxUBu: Thank you.09:50
onoez_omgqEssence, np, we havn't fixed it yet though lol and i have no idea if i will be able to help really, but always keep in mind that dmesg would help ppl to deal with such kind of troubles09:50
jattI upgraded to pangolin yesterday and the whole system feels much slower than before the upgrade, are there any known issues regarding performance?09:51
uBUxUBuselite, some computers will get you to recovery by typing recovery in the search bar and even burning the disks from that point09:51
qEssenceonoez_omg: I undersand, just a step closer.09:51
jattI am using xfce without composition09:51
jattI wonder if it is related to the kernel09:51
seliteuBUxUBu: Which search bar? I am currently runnin Ubuntu and Win7 doesn't start it says something like No OS files found.09:52
uBUxUBuoh sorry nm09:52
uBUxUBumost manufacturers wil ship the recovery disks if you need them for 10-15 bucks09:52
onoez_omgthe other question is if u really need those hah09:53
drusselljatt: hmm, not that I'm aware of, everything seems to be a bit quicker here, but it's all pretty subjective09:54
drusselljatt: what are you finding slower?09:54
ojiiso I upgraded to 12.04 yesterday, and if I log into unity3d, the displays go black after about 1-2 minutes after login. Just before going black, it looks like unity is actually crashing hard. I have to kill X then and log into unity2d if i want to use my laptop. What could I do to fix this or figure out why it happens?09:55
jattvirtualbox, also the whole desktop (open the applications menu), chrome, etc09:55
=== dad is now known as Guest55679
jattit's verz sluggish09:55
uBUxUBuselite it is possible that you installed ubuntu and dedicated the entire hard drive to ubuntu thus wiping out w709:55
zvacetuBUxUBu: no09:57
uBUxUBuduring the partitioning sectiona person may delete all partitions and then rebuild the mif they choose to do so zvacet - am i wrong?09:58
MonkeyDustuBUxUBu  yes, if you did not use them, if you know what you are doing09:59
ItsMeLennythe latest ubuntu is completely screwed up, nothing is working, it is driving me up the wall, and ive been using ubuntu for like 3 years now10:00
ItsMeLennyif not longer10:00
uBUxUBuselite is trying to find his recovery partition, i merely stated that it is possible to have deleted it, i do not condone doing that, unless someone specifically wants too10:01
ikoniahow long you've used it has no relevence really10:01
MonkeyDustItsMeLenny  what's wrong?10:01
ItsMeLennyikonia, it does if it's gotten worse10:01
jarcoseems like it is Impossible to install ubuntu on a non supported video card even if you know the nvidia drivers will work. There is just no option given to do this ...10:01
mayaWhy isn't it easy to make the Task Tray appear in unity5 with a mouse?10:01
ikonianot really, won't change the fact that you're having problems10:01
ikoniajarco: what's the actual issue you are having ?10:01
mayaIt feels like I need more effort just so it slides out/appear.10:02
ItsMeLennyMonkeyDust, unity was just glitchy as all buggery, both 3d and 2d, same with gnome classic, am now running cinnamon and just everything is still screwed up10:02
mayaI try turning up Unity Tray sensitivity up, but it's not giving me the desired effect.10:02
MonkeyDustItsMeLenny  i use classic too, define "screwed up"?10:02
jarcoikonia: When I boot my system I see the loading screen but it stops there.10:02
ikoniajarco: what makes you think that's a video card issue ?10:03
ItsMeLennythe unity in 11.10 unity worked fine for me10:03
onoez_omgItsMeLenny, gnome classic session of mine http://ovrload.ru/temp/%D0%A1%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%BA-2012-04-27_14:01:00_72520411b406b47081c0644e6c684b1c.png10:03
MonkeyDustItsMeLenny  and define "everything"10:03
=== babilen is now known as Guest29179
jarcoikonia: because I had the same problem with fedora.10:03
jarcoikonia: and with arch10:03
ItsMeLennyMonkeyDust, (i dont know how you managed to change the toolbar), but screwed up would be going into the menus and trying to go into a menu and it dissapeares the first 3 times10:04
ikoniajarco: ok, so it's not really an ubuntu issue then10:04
ikoniait's just an incompatible video card10:04
ItsMeLennymaking eveyrthing take 3 times as long, thats for classic10:04
MonkeyDustItsMeLenny  classic works fine here10:04
ItsMeLennyfor unity the whole new side sensitivity makes you have to sit there ramming the mouse into the side til it pops up10:04
jarcoikonia: no the problem is the video card support. The actueal problem for me is that I can't find a way to boot ubuntu in a way that the 3d acceleration is not needed10:04
jarcofedora did that by default10:04
rodayothe gnome-terminal background image option kinda got messed up on my laptop recently. I remember before you could have a solid background image for the term. Right now the transparency option controls both the solid color and the bg-image...so if I set the opacity to 0% the image is barely visible unless you place over a dark background app and if I set it to 100% it's just a solid color....is anyone else having this problem?10:05
ikoniajarco: as in boot the install or boot the installed system ?10:05
MonkeyDustItsMeLenny  maybe you just have to get used to the new Unity10:05
onoez_omgi don't feel that "unity presense"10:05
jarcoikonia: I installed with the alternate image because the live one didnt work.10:05
ItsMeLennyMonkeyDust, it was still all glitchy and they uglied it up with shadows that didnt look right10:05
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
ItsMeLennyi'm just cracking the shits because they ruined something in which they were on a good track10:06
ikoniajarco: ok, so unity needs a 3d accelerated environment, so I'm not quite sure what your end goal is10:06
ikoniaItsMeLenny: drop the language10:06
MonkeyDustItsMeLenny  there's MyUnity to modify Unity (i don't like/use it myself, tho)10:06
ItsMeLennyikonia, the language? i can only speak english10:06
ikoniaItsMeLenny: the swearing10:06
ItsMeLennyi never swore..10:07
jarcoikonia: Well. I need to get the nvidia driver on there? Or use some other way to actually SEE anything10:07
sk1specialtry this jarco? sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates   sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current10:07
ikoniaItsMeLenny: please re-read what you said and try to control it10:07
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
ItsMeLennydunno what you're on about boy10:07
ikoniajarco: what video card is it ?10:07
jozefkhello. what are the system requirements for 12.04 LTS, 64bit? Can I install it on 10GB ext4 partition or do you recommend more?10:07
ikoniaItsMeLenny: I'll send you a pm with the bad language in10:07
jarcosk1special: I would love to. But I cant get into a cli. And in resque mode I am unable to get dns working10:07
mayaHow can I make my unity tray appear sooner using my mouse cursor?10:08
jarcoikonia: Very unsure about that sorry. I know I should know that but I wilol not open my bosses laptop :)10:08
ikoniajarco: lspci10:08
aciculajozefk: it should fit, but its somewhat tight10:08
jozefkthen 20GB?10:08
aciculajozefk: that would be better yes10:09
jarcoikonia: geforce 9200M g10:09
ikonianot familier with that one10:09
ikoniais it an optimus card ?10:09
jarcothe nvidia drivers will wortk10:09
ikoniaare you sure ?10:09
jarcoi only need to actually get them on the system10:09
cincinnatusDoes Canonical still operate at a loss?10:09
cincinnatus(I hope not)10:09
rorhopefully a built-in torrent version of the dist-upgrade will happen in the future, had to give up as downloading the package list data fell to 14.4kbp10:09
ikoniajarco: have you installed the nvidia package ?10:09
jozefkcan I install LXDE on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit?10:09
cincinnatusoh wait... it's the support channel... sorry]10:09
acicularor: what mirror are you using?10:10
jarcoikonia: Cant get dns to work in rescue mode :(10:10
ikoniajarco: how are you setting it ?10:10
the-ermjozefk: I don't see why not.10:10
zsolthi there!i can't udenrstand if I use espeak --phonout=/path/file.txt the text file remains empty10:10
jozefkI guess with simple apt-get install lxde right?10:11
the-ermI think there is a 64bit version of lubuntu.  So lxde should work.10:11
jozefkok thank you. I will try that10:11
EastwoodWhat's up everyone10:11
jarcoikonia: I am trying to get it into /etc/resolv.conf (cant seem to write into that)10:12
action09hi, can someone help with these errors ata1.00: status: { DRDY ERR } .. etc  http://paste.ubuntu.com/949428/  I can't install 12.04 on a giada n2010:12
onoez_omgis there something useful like `sysv-rc-conf` designed to help to rule init scripts? at some point i've met problems while using it10:12
if124hello all, would it cause problems if i switch distros while having the same account name and the same home partition?10:13
ikoniajarco: use sudo10:13
jarcoikonia: I did. The error i get is. can't open linked file for wrting10:13
EastwoodJarco try this10:13
Eastwoodecho "[some repository]" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list10:13
EastwoodThe tee command is called as the superuser via sudo and the -a argument tells tee to append to the file instead of overwriting it.10:13
EastwoodYour original command failed, as the IO redirection with >> will be done as the regular user, only your echo was executed with sudo.10:13
EastwoodCalling a sudo subshell like10:13
FloodBot1Eastwood: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
Eastwoodsudo sh -c 'echo "[some repository]" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'10:13
aciculaif124: its the user_id's that have to match, not the name. Your system should work just fine, but the installed applications may have issues with different data formats in your home directory10:13
zvacetjozefk: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop10:14
onoez_omgjarco, just `echo "nameserver">/etc/resolv.conf`10:14
Eastwoodsudo sh -c 'echo "[some repository]" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'10:14
if124ok acicula, thanks10:14
the-ermI think there's a prepend command to make it permanent.10:15
cincinnatusIs there away to prevent .xsession-errors from filling up the hard drive in Oneiric Ocelot?10:15
jarcoonoez_omg: it sais: no such file or directry :s.10:16
cincinnatus* a way10:16
onoez_omgjarco, it shouldn't if u're doing it right10:16
cincinnatusEvery now and then, .xsession-errors grows so fast it can consume my whole Linux partition in no time10:16
jozefkzvacet, is there any difference between that and if I just go for official lubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit?10:16
jarcoI am doing it right10:16
jarcoonoez_omg: don't forget that I am in rescue mode. Perhaps that is causing this behaivior10:17
nickkontoshello, is there any way to fix alt+tab in 12.04 in gnome-session without compiz?10:17
aciculaaction09: is this an old system or old disk?10:18
finnrobiHi. Is it possible to install packages to a partition on my harddrive that I can not boot from, using a livecd? Something like apt-get install foo --root=/media/unbootable/ ?10:18
onoez_omgjarco, can u show us `mount` output?10:18
krababbeljarco: just tried rescue mode, resolv.conf is there for me10:19
onoez_omgfinnrobi, chroot is ur friend10:19
jarcokrababbel: its there. I just cant write to it10:19
eyupluturk varmi10:19
hashbrownciphercincinnatus: Usually .xsession-errors gets big when the same error repeats over and over again.  Can you snip out the error and put in a pastebin for us to see?10:19
jarcoonoez_omg: any rule you are looking for? Its a long output to type in :p10:19
eyupluyokmu turk bitane surda10:20
MonkeyDustjarco  use pastebin for lon outputs10:20
MonkeyDust!tr| eyuplu10:21
ubottueyuplu: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.10:21
Dualityi don't know if i am at the right place to ask but is it possible to mask name.site.com to something like site.com ?10:21
onoez_omgjarco, i was thinking that root fs is mounted into a different place or mounted as read-only or smth like that, but i'm in doubt due to lack of experience of work in rescue mode hah10:21
action09acicula no it's a brand new mini pc (Giada n20) , windoz installed flawlessly so it's not a hard drive pb.10:21
jarcoMonkeyDust: use pastebin from rescue mode while trying to fix dns? ...10:21
bashshoany suggest for html design channel?10:21
zvacetjozefk: I don't think so,because lubuntu-desktop is meta package witch will pull other packages you can also read http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde10:21
the-ermWhoever had the resolv.conf issue in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf has a line:"prepend domain-name-servers,;"  will make resolv.conf changes permanent.10:21
MonkeyDustjarco  i missed that part10:22
aciculaaction09: the error usually means a hardware error. did you move the case in between installs by any chance?10:22
jarcoonoez_omg: I mounted /dev/sda1 in rescue mode. Should i try to others?10:22
MonkeyDustjarco  yes, see if the program pastebinit is available, install and type [your command]| pastebinit, then paste the url here10:23
jarcoMonkeyDust: I cannot run APT I cannot use dns. ...10:24
Dualityif i ever made a pc i'd make it linux compatible :)10:24
MonkeyDustDuality  works fine here, what's wrong?10:24
jarcoisnt there just a way to install ubuntu in a vesa mode or something. I am sure it used to be in the distro in the past10:25
acid_markhi ......how to install wireless drivers for bcm4312 ....i m currently using proprietary drivers10:26
rorCan anyone read this? I seem to keep disconnecting10:26
MonkeyDust!bcm| acid_mark start here10:26
ubottuacid_mark start here: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:26
StarminnIs there a way to reinstall all base fonts?10:27
taxmani use my own font collection instead of ubuntu's10:28
taxmanubuntu fonts are ugly10:28
the-ermPersonally I like FreeSans10:28
the-ermBut "ubuntu" font isn't my favorite.10:28
DualityMonkeyDust, i don't get it i just said if i'd ever make a pc myself i will make it asmuch  linux as possible :)10:28
acid_markubottu : bcm4312 is n't listed there10:28
ogra_taxman, and this is relevant for the ubuntu support channel because ?10:29
DrDittersdorfFonts - just copy font folder from windows or any other os to ~/.fonts folder10:29
MonkeyDustDuality  maybe you want to work at ZaReason, then, they do just that10:29
action09acicula no no i suppose a kernel parameter to add to boot flawlessly , PIO mode , sata related.. :(10:29
taxmanyou need some sharp fonts as you can see on mobile devices10:29
StarminnIs there a way to reinstall all base fonts that come with Ubuntu? (I've managed to...make most of my fonts unusable. :) )10:30
domedagenSomething has happened with my nvidia drivers. They are installed yet they're not according to nvidia-settings. I have Additional Drivers(jockey-gtk) installed10:30
domedagenWhat can I do?10:30
domedagenSorry they are not activated anymore10:31
domedagenIll try to activate them again10:31
AndyUbuntumorning everyone10:32
domedagenGood afternoon10:32
DrDittersdorfIs there a way to imigrate shotwell DB from one user to another?10:32
sk1special@domedagen.make sure you restart too .usually at least half fixes my nvidia problems10:32
AndyUbuntuim updating to 12.04 from the repo and it seems exceedingly slow. Will this be due to many people updating10:33
hashbrowncipherAndyUbuntu: yes.  It's going to take a while to die down10:33
ogra_AndyUbuntu, yes10:33
ant_Odd - I can't upgrade to precise: $ lsb_release -c10:34
ant_Codename:       lucid10:34
ant_$ do-release-upgrade10:34
ant_Checking for a new ubuntu release    No new release found10:34
domedagensk1special: I may seem like a total retard not figuring this out directly but to my defence they have worked well until yesterday10:34
AndyUbuntucurrently downloading at 15kbs at the most and often goes down to 3000 B/s10:34
ogra_AndyUbuntu, you could try another mirror10:34
AndyUbuntuok thanks10:34
domedagensk1special: But now I have to restart. Bye!10:34
MonkeyDust!paste| AndyUbuntu10:34
ubottuAndyUbuntu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:34
MonkeyDust!paste| ant_ (wrong nick, sorry)10:34
ubottuant_ (wrong nick, sorry): For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:34
AndyUbuntuorga_ thank will be a great idea thanks10:35
ant_MonkeyDust, sure - didn't think 4 lines was that bad10:35
zvacetant_: in synaptic check that you can upgrade from lts to lts not normal releases and of course before upgrade sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:35
AndyUbuntuthink is i wait on this server the next release would be ready to download  :p10:36
DrDittersdorfWhat to choose- 32 or 64?10:37
cYmenhaha..I'm currently upgrading to 12.04 and there is a window prompting me to press enter in the command line output of the upgrade window but I can't seem to actually press anything...what do I do? :D10:37
bobo123the gnome panels show on fullscreen on ubuntu 12.04, any sollution?10:37
MonkeyDustDrDittersdorf  if your hardware is 64bit capable, you can use 64bit10:38
cYmenoh..nvm I can send input...must have misclicked earlier10:38
robgravesdo you have a 32 or 64 bit processor? also 4gb of ram or more you want 64 bit10:38
zvacetDrDittersdorf: depends of your comp and processor10:38
hroihow can I find out which version of libfreetype I have under /usr/lib?10:38
DrDittersdorfI think the 64bit is just great and worka fine10:38
hulakaI try to install newest Xubuntu. I made install USB with USB Universal Installer. I rebooted, went to Boot Menu when I got options : USB - FDD, USB - HDD, USB - Floppy, USB - CD-Rom. I tried each one - and nothing happens, it doesn't boot from USB :/ What to do10:38
the-ermDoes anyone know if ubuntu-server has been updated as well?  I've been waiting for my LTS server to say "hey new release" alas ... nothing.10:39
sk1specialso i guess lame question. if i have more than 4gbs of ram. will it tell me that i do on a 32 bit system. or will it only be capable of showing 4gb and i have to look at the ram itself to know10:39
wer0ckzubuntu 12 does really drains laptop's baterry10:39
wer0ckzwhy is that10:39
DrDittersdorfI have it all. Im asking in general10:39
wer0ckz got ubuntu 1210:39
zvacetthe-erm: is your server up-to-date10:39
Anomie21Is there a way to update to 12.04 from 11.10 without downloading/creating a cd and all that nonsense?10:39
aciculaaction09: pio mode? you should not need that if you are using sata10:40
robgravesim not sure if it doesnt recognize beyond 4gb of ram or if it just uses up to 4 gb of ram on 32 bit10:40
MonkeyDustAnomie21  in a terminal, type sudo do-release-update10:40
sk1special @ anomie21    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:40
r4yAny graphics card related channels?10:40
zvacetAnomie21: from synaptic or update manager10:40
ant_robgraves, you can use more than 4GB or ram on 32bit if a PAE kernel is installed10:40
the-ermzvacet: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade # doesn't install anything10:40
sk1special(thats what the site says anyway)10:40
acicularobgraves: your system can use more then 4GB of ram if its 32bit, the 4GB limit is specific to processes themselves10:40
robgravesyeah thats true ant_, i forgot10:41
MonkeyDustAnomie21 correction:  in a terminal, type sudo do-release-upgrade10:41
DrDittersdorfI had a machine with 8gb and 32bit and it qorked great10:41
ant_robgraves, as acicula says, some hardware can't do that though10:41
StarminnIs there a way to reinstall all base fonts that come with Ubuntu? (I've managed to...make most of my fonts unusable. :) )10:41
robgravesi have 64 bit so its irrelevant10:41
JenHow did you manage that, Starminn ?10:41
sk1specialso will it recognize it then?10:41
DrDittersdorfThe main reason for 64 is when one need to.render a video10:42
StarminnJen: I copied my /usr/share/fonts folder from Ubuntu 11.10, and Merged it with Ubuntu 12.04. Apparently that's a no-no.10:42
DomedagenI'm back from activating the nvidia drivers. Now the system is all slow and laggy again. Can I disable the drivers from the terminal?10:42
zvacetthe-erm: good then your system is updated but I don't know why you don't get message about new release10:42
the-ermzvacet: maybe I need to reboot that machine, and it'll install a new kernal or something.10:42
DrDittersdorfStarminn just copy it to .fonts10:43
alusionUbuntu 12.04 LTS is out??10:43
sk1special@ domedagen.. i know you can disable them from additional drivers. just click deactivate //restart10:43
alusionIs it stable enough to upgrade?  O_O10:43
the-ermalusion: yes LTS is out.10:43
cute_bettonghas anyone here gotten 12.04 to run right on a samsung chronos series 7?  with ATI switchible graphics?10:44
robgravesyes LTS is kickin10:44
alusionAhahah i love that10:44
Domedagensk1special: Will try. This will take a couple of minutes though. Did you hear about Valve btw?10:44
Timmyis there any socks to http application?10:44
morningikonia: I´m up and running again. Many thanks for your help!10:45
mraxilusI upgraded to 12.04 now all of the fonts in my application windows are white so I can't even read anything... any help?10:45
action09acicula hmm ok i'm trying to install specifying acpi=off noapic and such thing like that. maybe try to disable some parameters in bios too...10:45
zvacetthe-erm:  you can try that I saw now server is released too10:45
m_kobernykhi all! I try to install ubuntu 12.04 desktop from live-CD, and after click on "Try without insalling" or "Install now" my display didn't answer to me. I work on Acer 5336. What can cause it?10:45
deckoGuys, i've finished my precise instalation and i'm trying to run gnome3 without success10:47
zvacetthe-erm: did you tried sudo aptitude install update-manager-core  sudo do-release-upgrade10:47
n1just a short qauestion10:47
deckoIt even apear on lightdm session menu10:47
the-ermzvacet: I'm trying it now.10:48
zvacetdecko:  try with sudo apt-get install gnome-shell10:48
r4yYa, Valve?, LOL, what the10:48
deckozvacet already did a aptitude reinstall gnome-session10:48
uBUxUBuhmm compiz will not open in 12,04 64 bit,,,hmmm10:49
sk1specialsaw someone it wasnt supposed to open since 11.10 or 10.11 or something?10:49
zvacetdecko:  I think you need gnome-shell package to run gnome3 naybe someone knows better10:49
sk1specialsaw somewhere someone said*10:49
deckozvacet: Sorry man, you're right10:50
uBUxUBuit says its installed but i cannot access it10:50
zvacetdecko: np  :)10:50
sk1specialyeah i was trying to start a cube and layer the matrix gl screensaver on it as a desktop..10:50
deckothnk guys!10:50
sk1specialand something in my searches said they disabled it i believe10:50
uBUxUBuwonder if it opens in 32bit10:51
n1in 11.10 version in "Ubuntu software center", where the packages to download aree package mean_ listed, what does the number in the bracket near th10:52
n1...near the package mean_10:52
=== tan is now known as Guest41572
sk1specialidk. messing with it ( although i got it to work ) made my desktop fallinto a black hole10:52
n1pardon...this mouse10:52
uBUxUBuit means the amoount of ppl who rated it10:52
n1ah, okay10:53
uBUxUBuor wrote a review about it10:53
n1thx a lot uBUxUBu10:53
lotuspsychjeanyone got activity-log-manager crashing on precise?10:53
=== tegra_h is now known as tegra
=== J2|QK is now known as J2
uBUxUBuwhen they say "32 bit recommended"...they mean it10:54
uBUxUBuim finding out10:54
=== tegra_h is now known as tegra
WinCamXP-PhoneHello, I am having serious issues with my 11.10 desktop computer. It started where when I tried to edit files, it did not give me permission to do so. I had my friend SSH into the machine and give me admin rights to my home folder, which worked. However, when I tried to extract something from a zip file, I was denied and the cursor got stuck as the hand and I could not click anything. After sending the reboot command over SSH, 10:59
WinCamXP-Phonehello qEssence, I have a problem.11:01
WinCamXP-Phonei hope copy-pasting messages is okay if the person just joined11:01
the-ermfound it : sudo do-release-upgrade -d I needed to add -d11:01
WinCamXP-Phone(WinCamXP-Phone) Hello, I am having serious issues with my 11.10 desktop computer. It started where when I tried to edit files, it did not give me permission to do so. I had my friend SSH into the machine and give me admin rights to my home folder, which worked. However, when I tried to extract something from a zip file, I was denied and the cursor got stuck as the hand and I could not click anything. After sending the reboot c11:02
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone:  Have you tryed Chown command?11:03
WinCamXP-PhoneDid you read the whole thing?11:03
ogra_the-erm, yes, until 12.04.1 is released automatic upgrades are disabled for LTS to LTS11:03
ogra_(it is always like that)11:03
qEssenceAs far i could, text was cutted.11:04
WinCamXP-Phoneo. I had my friend SSH into the machine and give me admin rights to my home folder, which worked. However, when I tried to extract something from a zip file, I was denied and the cursor got stuck as the hand and I could not click anything. After sending the reboot command over SSH, it booted to a black screen. Help!11:04
WinCamXP-Phonetext get cut any more?11:05
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone: Nope.11:05
WinCamXP-Phoneso, wth is going on?11:06
GotestraUbuntu updated properly.11:06
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone: My appologies, i cannot help you with that.11:06
=== chris_ is now known as Guest21563
munimhas anyone here figured out how to get subversion 1.7.2 on ubuntu 12.04?11:06
WinCamXP-Phonenow it's just a black screen ;.;11:06
=== Owner__ is now known as Guest73141
munimthe PPAs are all for older versions of ubuntu11:06
Anomie21'Installing the upgrade can take several hours' ?11:06
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone: are you over SSH or in front of the terminal_11:06
Anomie21Is that a realistic time?11:06
Anomie21Installing from CD only took about 20min11:07
MonkeyDust Anomie21 yes, about 90 minutes her11:07
pndemc_Anomie21, yes11:07
WinCamXP-Phonethe pc's off and i can't turn it on right now11:07
zvacetAnomie21: servers are overloaded I think  :)11:07
munimanyone? subversion 1.7+ on ubuntu 12.04?11:07
ogra_Anomie21, depends on your internet connection and how many millions of people hit the archive server11:07
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone:  No messages at all are being shown?11:07
Anomie21zvacet: Why would that affect installation time?11:07
WinCamXP-Phonejust a black screen11:07
Guest82066god rest ye merry gentlefolk11:07
pndemc_when I downloaded yesterday it took 3 hours to download11:08
Anomie21No I mean after it's downloaded, presumably you can still use your PC whilst it's downloading?11:08
pndemc_and installing, yes11:08
zvacetAnomie21: I didn't see you are talking of installation sorry I don't know why11:08
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone:  Have you tryed the Control +F1/12 functions?11:08
MonkeyDustAnomie21  yes, it's how i did it11:08
WinCamXP-Phoneno...what would that do if it worked?11:08
curiousxaloha all11:09
qEssenceWinCamXP-Phone: It can be used to open a Terminal, outside the x enviorment.11:09
WinCamXP-Phonewell, i can't get to themachine until roughly 9hrs from now11:10
Flywaterlinux kernel of ubuntu 12.04 update11:10
Flywaterfrom 3.2.0-23 to 3.2.0-2411:11
Anomie21So how long will my comp be out of service? (it's print day here but I'm excited to try the new release :P)11:11
ajfdo I install FLRX, FGLRX post-release updates, or both?11:11
newwbii just upgraded from 10.04 to the 12.04, and i can't find the option to change the fonts, where can i find this?11:11
ogra_newwbi, fontsize you mean ?11:11
=== J2 is now known as J2|QK
Flywateryou can't find it11:11
ogra_i think gnome moved that into the accessibility panel11:12
newwbiogra_:  yes,11:12
zvacetmunim: see https://launchpad.net/~dominik-stadler/+archive/subversion-1.711:12
ajfanyone know?11:12
ajfdo I install FGLRX then updates? or just updates?11:12
ajfit's confusing11:12
curiousxnewwbi: maybe click on top right botton and then "System Setting" finaly "Fonts"11:13
newwbii can't? seriously?11:13
silv3r_m00nwhat version of php is there in ubuntu 12.04 ?11:13
Flywaterajf : you can download it from AMD or Nvida and install it yourself11:13
iceroot!info php511:13
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB11:13
wawrekHi, I cannot install pygraphviz (a python graphviz library) on ubuntu. the error log is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/949512/11:14
ogra_newwbi, as i said, go to the accessibility settings11:14
ajfFlywater: SYeah but from the restricted drivers box, which should I do?11:14
newwbiogra_: there are only the option for small, normal, large, over there, i wanted to change the font face on the terminal as well,11:14
ogra_newwbi, that you do in the terminal settings11:15
newwbiogra_: so, there is no longer any easy way to change the system fonts? or at least any config file that i can edit?11:15
murlidharam not able to create a usb live cd from usb-imagewriter .... it says done but am not able to boot it using usb disk.11:16
murlidharcan anyone help me11:16
h31Hi all. How to make Win key work as a Super key in 12.04?11:16
Flywaterajf : you can choose one11:16
ajfbrb :)11:16
ogra_newwbi, well, gnome decided to drop it all ... you can probably change it by installing dconf-tools and using dconf-editor somehow11:16
newwbii have been putting off updating coz of the bad things i heard about unity, but i didn't think that i can't even change the font anymore... -_-11:16
Flywateri download from AMD and install it in termminal11:16
ogra_that has nothing to do with unity11:17
h31murlidhar: Do you changed a "Boot device" option in BIOS?11:17
Flywaterajf : i download from AMD and install it in termminal11:17
newwbiogra_: well, i think i get it, i thought they moved it somewhere i can't find, but if they actually removed the option, then i think i can just look around for more information, thanks anyway,11:17
murlidharh31: yes . usb is first priority device.. i have installed ubuntu using the same way11:17
the-ermnewwbi: I think myunity let's you change the font, but I don't know for sure, because I'm running xfce4 atm.11:17
|NSP|Hey, does anyone have a problem with hibernate in 11 m?11:17
h31murlidhar: try another tool. For example unetbootin or dd.11:18
murlidharh31: trying to boot finnix from my usb device.11:18
ogra_newwbi, unity just uses gnome3 in the backend for most things, its not unitys fault if the gnome devs drop options11:18
Shayani need to install this how do i do it11:18
Shayanand i am a xubuntu user11:18
curiousxmeanwhile curiousx: http://i.imgur.com/iHwYH.png11:18
newwbiogra_: i see, thanks, maybe i will look into some other DE,11:19
the-ermI think there is an "advanced settings" package for gnome 3.11:19
connellyhi so I upgraded to 12.04 last night and now after a reboot a lot of my GUI widgets look old (Chrome, some python apps) I've been googling and haven't found anything - any suggestions?11:19
zvacetmurlidhar: you can try http://liveusb.info/dotclear/11:19
zvacetmurlidhar:  it is good tool11:20
murlidharzvacet: ok. thanks . i will  try it.11:20
Flywateryou can install ubuntu-tweak11:20
Pitelcan I somehow get rid of chrome close/minimiza buttons in top left corner?11:20
MonkeyDustPitel  uninstall globalmenu11:20
Flywaterset skin11:21
Shayanplease help me i can't use the internet without it(i am currently using windows)11:21
zvacetmurlidhar:  read http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/11:21
sarythe-erm: Yes , it's called " gnome-tweak-tool"  .11:22
Flywaterfirefox of ubuntu update11:22
fishcooker i've ubuntu-server LL box running java from starting point before it shutdown/restart11:22
Flywatersary : do you use Gnome3?11:22
fishcookerit always running java apps11:22
fishcookerhow can i monitoring the java apps one?11:22
saryFlywater: Yes.11:22
fishcookeris there any forum/channel for this11:23
Flywaterok,gnome-tweak is in software center11:23
delfickHi, I installed 12.04 fresh on my computer, and now my monitors keep turning off after a few minutes....11:23
sonneanyone knows where i can find informations on what exactly "ISV" is? the home page doesn't seem to be much verbose about it11:24
murlidharzvacet: thanks :)11:24
Flywatersonne : google it11:24
jiltdilgoing to install 12.0411:24
zvacetmurlidhar: yw  :)11:24
ogra_sonne, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_software_vendor11:25
sonneogra_, so that's what they mean with it11:25
erezsonHi, just upgraded my ubuntu to 12.04 and I would like to remove completely  KDE. I have double system monitor etc. Can someone may help me please?11:25
minimecdelfick: you mean they become unusable, or they just go into 'power save' mode?11:26
delfickminimec: they become unusable. Lights on them go to standby mode. mouse and keyboard don't put them back on again11:26
ryannathans12.04 fucked my whole system over. I need to get dnsmasq working because 12.04 killed it. I read that network manager was supposed to be causing problems but i'm on ubuntu-server and there's no network manager, yet dnsmasq is still borked.11:26
Tm_Tryannathans: please watch your language11:27
sk1specialdelfick @ you try just turning the lock off under system settings . brightness and lock?11:27
minimecdelfick: Still. Could you try to disable all power save stuff in the 'System Settings' 'Power'?11:27
delfickmmkay, I'll try that11:27
zvaceterezson: do you use kubuntu and want to switch to ubuntu11:28
tomreynhi, my dist-upgrade from oneiric to precise failed, X crashed during the package upgrade phase (i.e. after downloading all the upgraded packages). i'm now on a terminal, how can i proceed witht he upgrade?11:28
krababbelIs there no shut down button in gnome shell? I have to log out to shut down?