mandelmorning all!08:32
karnidobey: correct - "the photos stuff on android doesn't sync. it only auto-uploads, as i understand"09:37
ryekarni: upvote bug #98950609:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 989506 in Ubuntu One Servers "API directory listing should filter out files with size=None (MakeFile but no Upload)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98950609:42
karnirye: I'm reading up on u1-internal, what you talked about with James. Is that it?09:43
karnirye: ok, how do I upvote?09:44
karniaffects me?09:44
ryekarni: yep09:44
mandelfinally back11:21
mandelrye, thx!11:21
gatoxgood morning!11:21
mandelgatox, hello!11:24
gatoxmandel, hi11:24
gatoxmandel, i forgot to ask you..... did you answer mmcc e-mail or i should do it?11:53
mandelgatox, I did no, I can do it, no worries11:54
gatoxmandel, if you want..... i can do it too.... let me know11:54
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alecuhey, holas11:55
gatoxalecu, buenas11:55
gatoxalecu, bring me a t-shirt from UDS please!! :P11:56
alecugatox, I'll try11:56
alecumandel, last night I noticed that the last 3.0.0 installer still had qt 4.8 instead of 4.711:57
alecumandel, so brian will make yet another installer today.11:57
mandelalecu, I read that, brian metioned py2exe being too smart and using the old build11:58
alecuit also had an older version of ssl than the one in 2.0.3 ( in 3.0.0, instead of in 2.0.3)11:58
mandelalecu, I have tested what we talked about, I done get ssl errors, instead the deferred is never called11:58
alecumandel, .... what did we talk about? I remember we talked about many things, but not about that.11:59
alecumy mind is like a fortress11:59
mandelalecu, testing performing a request over https when we do not have ssl certs on the other side11:59
alecumandel, and which deferred gets never called?12:00
mandelalecu, yield wc.request('https://blah.com')12:01
alecumandel, oh, right. Well, I'm doing the same test, with a twisted server too, but with a qt client.12:04
alecumandel, and I get different kinds of error, but nothing like the one we get on those logs.12:04
alecuhmmm... perhaps I should be running this tests on windows.12:05
mandelalecu, might be a thing to test..12:06
mandelalecu, a platform might behave in a diff wa12:06
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mandellunch time here12:25
* mandel lunch12:25
thisfreddobey, if you have time for a C review: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/u1db/number-mapping/+merge/10386212:34
ralsinagood morning!12:55
gatoxralsina, hi12:56
alecugatox, ping12:57
gatoxalecu, pong12:57
alecugatox: can you try this branch on windows? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/+junk/qt-ssl-error/12:57
alecuralsina, morning12:58
gatoxalecu, ok12:58
gatoxalecu, should i run the tests or something else?12:58
alecuralsina, two bits of news: the latest version we gave joshuahoover mistakenly got built with qt 4.8 instead of 4.712:58
alecugatox: run the tests is fine.12:58
ralsinaalecu: qt 4.8 or pyqt 4.8?12:58
alecuralsina, so brian will be making a new installer today with 4.712:58
alecuralsina, qt12:59
alecuralsina, also I found that the latest installer used a slightly older ssl version than the one in 2.0.312:59
ralsinaalecu: 2.0.3 was built in my notebook instead of brians13:00
ralsinaalecu: we could add checks for openssl version, I suppose13:00
alecuralsina, (SSLEAY.dll version in 2.0.3 but in 3.0.0)13:00
gatoxalecu, i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/949718/ do i need to add something to the path or anything?13:01
alecuralsina, finally, I think I managed to reproduce the issue on windows by making a qt client connect to a twisted server with some broken certificates13:01
ralsinaalecu: "broken" how specifically?13:01
alecugatox: that's awesome.13:02
alecugatox: I'm getting this, which is much closer to the bug we are getting:13:03
alecuralsina, so, in gatox's install, we are getting the rigth error, because the certificate is self signed.13:04
alecuralsina, but in my install we are getting the "No error" and the certificate shows up empty.13:04
ralsinaHow the HECK can error 0 be "the certificate is self signed and untrusted"????13:04
alecuralsina, in gatox install it comes correctly: the sslErrors gets two parameters: reply and a list of errors. The reply has error 0, but one of the errors (the only one) has error 9: The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted.13:06
alecuralsina, that means that if gatox builds the installer, when it gets run on the clients machine it will log the exact ssl error.13:06
alecuon the other hand13:06
alecuin my install, the list of errors has one item too, but that one error is ZERO.13:07
alecuand that's completely wrong.13:07
alecuit should be error 9.13:07
alecuI suspect I have the same versions as brian.13:07
alecuralsina, gatox: does this make sense? ^13:08
ralsinaalecu: maybe13:08
alecuso, gatox: let's compare installed versions of qt and everything else.13:08
alecugatox: go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features13:09
ralsinaalecu: if it's the SSL, then we need to find a way to check the version and add it to the buildout or setup.py as a test and fail if we don't meet it13:09
gatoxalecu, pyqt 4.8.4-1......... Qt 1.1.013:09
alecuqt 1.1.0 ?13:09
gatoxalecu, mmmmmm that is wrong13:10
alecugatox: I've got PyQt v4.9-1 and pycrypto
gatoxalecu, pycrypto 2.3.0 also13:11
facundobatistaalecu, mandel, can you please review and run https://code.launchpad.net/~verterok/ubuntuone-client/fix-987376/+merge/103273 in windows? some stuff related to windows was modified there, thanks!13:12
gatoxalecu, Qt 4.7.113:12
gatoxalecu, i didn't update my windows vm it seems13:12
ralsinagatox: DON'T13:13
alecugatox: that's great :-)13:14
ralsinagatox: finding Qt 4.7 + PyQt is not easy ;-)13:14
dobeymandel: was sso the only thing that used txtcpserver?13:14
alecuI'm checking in an older vm, too.13:14
alecuIt's got PyQt 4.8 (probably qt 4.7)13:15
aleculo and behold, I get the same error as gatox.13:15
verterokfacundobatista: nothing to worry about, not it's the same in windows and linux :)13:16
facundobatistaverterok, I was trying to get a free review!13:16
verterokfacundobatista: yes, it should be tested in windows too13:17
facundobatistaalecu, mandel, there, there, :)13:18
alecufacundobatista, verterok: you are very lucky that we have review days, and that gatox and/or dobey will be able to run the tests on windows!13:19
alecuwell, probably not dobey :P13:20
dobeygatox: ^^ :)13:20
gatoxok..... running the tests.....13:20
gatoxverterok, facundobatista http://paste.ubuntu.com/949773/13:32
verterokgatox: weird, the change is unrelated :(13:35
gatoxverterok, i'm running trunk now, and i get the same error13:35
dobeygatox: is jenkins not reporting the same error?13:35
gatoxdobey, i don't know13:36
facundobatistagatox, you broke it13:40
gatoxfacundobatista, ??13:41
dobeyhrmm, jenkins seems to report a few other errors13:41
gatoxfacundobatista, mmmmm it seems related to a branch i propose...... but it was working in my branch......13:43
joshuahooveralecu: so i should expect a new installer today to send out?13:45
mandeldobey, yes :)13:46
mandelfacundobatista, looking :)13:46
mandelgatox, connection test case error? wtf? any idea?13:47
alecujoshuahoover, yes: as soon as briancurtin wakes up we'll ask him to work on that.13:47
joshuahooveralecu: heh, you haven't called him yet? ;)13:47
mandelalecu, joshuahoover, shall I send the flying monkeys to chicago?13:48
joshuahoovermandel: yes please13:48
gatoxmandel, nop..... i'll look for the branch that was related to that to see the change (i'm finishing with the bloody mac scripts for tests rght now)....... but i know it was working when i proposed it13:48
briancurtinalecu: i'm guessing you're talking about the versions? i'm looking right now13:48
joshuahoovermandel: is that where they keep the flying monkeys - spain?13:48
gatoxit's weird.....13:48
alecumandel, those are some fast monkeys!13:49
mandeljoshuahoover, yes, we also have rats :)13:49
alecubriancurtin, awesome!13:49
mandelgatox, hm, let me try and run them on my vm13:49
alecubriancurtin, so, for the record: this morning I made a small tests branch that reproduces the ssl error that we found on the logs.13:50
mandelalecu, can I see that one?13:50
alecubriancurtin, I managed to make it fail using pyqt 4.9 (qt 4.8) on windows.13:50
alecubriancurtin, but it worked for gatox, who has pyqt 4.8 (qt 4.7)13:51
alecumandel, https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/+junk/qt-ssl-error/13:51
alecumandel, take a look at gatox's run: http://paste.ubuntu.com/949718/13:52
alecumandel, and compare it to mine: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/949723/13:52
alecu(btw, just noticed my test run took 30s longer than gatox's) !!!!13:52
mandelalecu, hm, is yours the one with no cert details?13:53
alecumandel, right!13:53
alecumandel, and No error (0)13:53
alecumandel, so, we get the sslErrors(reply, errors) signal. reply is still going on, so it has no error "Unknown error (0)".13:55
mandelalecu, so, with Qt 4.8 you get no error (0) and no cert details, gatox gets (0) but also (9) which is for a selfsigned cert13:55
alecumandel, but the "errors" list has one item, with "No error (0)" (WRONG!) and empty certificate (WRONG!!!!)13:55
alecumandel, right.13:55
alecumandel, gatox is using qt 4.713:56
ralsinaIf we isolated it this far, we can probably do a good bug report for upstream13:56
mandelalecu,wow! so, ignoring the fact that we are getting a (0) with gatox which I cannot explaing, 4.8 has a serious bug qhen dealing with ssl13:57
gatoxi feel that everything works different for me always :P13:57
alecumandel, I can explain the first (0): it's the expected13:57
mandelalecu, why?13:57
alecumandel, at the point the sslErrors signal is thrown, the "reply" still has not decided if it will succeed or not.13:58
alecumandel, it's up to your handler code in sslErrors to decide if you want to ignore the certificates or not.13:58
alecumandel, if your code decides to ignore the certificates it can do so with .ignoresslerrors or something like that.13:59
mandelalecu, and due to that it will always have a first (0) in the list?13:59
alecumandel, no. In gatox's case the first (0) comes from "reply", not from "errors".13:59
mandelalecu, oh, ok13:59
alecumandel, remember: signal sslErrors(reply, errors)13:59
alecumandel, and only "errors" is a list.14:00
mandelalecu, I though I was looking just at the list of sslErrors14:00
alecumandel, can you take a look at the code in that branch and try to run it?14:01
mandelalecu, yes, I'm reading it right now14:01
alecuralsina, if you have pyqt 4.9 in your vm, please try running that branch too.14:02
alecuralsina,  https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/+junk/qt-ssl-error/14:02
ralsinaalecu: no windows VM, would be a reboot14:02
alecuand briancurtin too.14:02
ralsinaalecu: and I'd rather not today :-(14:02
alecuralsina, no prob.14:02
mandelalecu, what happens if you use the DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory?14:03
gatoxmandel, dobey could you review this branches? https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/mac-port/+merge/103488  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/mac-env/+merge/103525   (If you are going to test it IRL, remember that you need to run first the env-mac script from the u1-windows-installer branch)14:03
dobeydoes it really make sense to have mac branches of ubuntuone-windows-installer?14:04
czajkowskiduanedes1gn: ping14:05
mandeldobey, no, it does not, I would do a new project for that14:06
alecumandel, it's the same if I use the Default....14:06
mandelalecu, so, why the diff?14:06
alecumandel, I just subclassed it so I could play with including/excluding some bits of the certificate.14:06
mandelalecu, also, here we found a bug in the fact that the cert info is not given, yet not why it happens with our 'correct' certs, right?14:07
alecumandel, "it's the same" -> "it should be the same". Because I've not tried it. :-)14:07
mandelalecu, hehe, I'll try it :)14:07
gatoxmandel, dobey with those branches, it's possible to execute the tests in mac without ttouching anything in u1-client, or putting unnecessary things in the environment of the user14:08
briancurtinalecu: ok, wow, with the proper older PyQt/Qt setup, u1cp does not start at all. nothing in log files about it either :/14:12
mandelalecu, I see the same behaviour as you do, that is, no cert details on my windows vm, on P I can see the cert details14:13
dobeygatox: why do you dump stuff into ~/.profile instead of just altering the current environment?14:13
mandelalecu, so, an other options is pushing the version to be the same as the on in P14:14
gatoxdobey, like what14:14
mandelalecu, but as briancurtin is a PITA14:14
gatoxdobey, what do you mean with "altering the current environment"?14:14
briancurtinmandel: if we really need that im sure i can figure it out eventually, but i spent almost a full day and got nowhere with it, and it seems no one tries to build their own PyQt with a custom Qt version14:15
gatoxdobey, you only execute the env-mac script once..... so i need to save the references to u1lint, etc in some other place to be accesed for the scripts in each project14:18
mandelbriancurtin, alecu, so, if we go back on version, it does not start yet we see the cert info, if we move up the qt version in theory we get both..14:19
briancurtinthis PyQt/Qt I have installed doesn't have QSslCertificate, apparently ("from PyQt4 import QtNetwork" works, but it doesn't have QtSslCertificate)14:21
dobeygatox: i mean, why doesn't it modify the environment when run, and why don't you just have it executed from ~/.profile?14:21
mandelbriancurtin, wow!14:22
james_whi all, I bought an album in the music store (rhythmbox 12.04) yesterday, and it hasn't been downloaded yet (either to my machine, nor to the web streaming player) is there a way to diagnose the issue further?14:22
dobeygatox: rather than just blindly dumping extra stuff at the end of .profile14:22
briancurtins/QtSsl/QSsl/ on that last line14:22
gatoxdobey, i'm not sure i understand you..... i can't just modify the environment when i run the tests...... because the run-tests script from sso.... doesn't know about the buildout14:23
dobeyjoshuahoover, rye, duanedes1gn: ^^ can you look at james_w's album issue?14:23
mandeldobey, gatox, I really think we should create a mac project for this, adding it you windows is not a good idea14:23
james_wthanks dobey14:23
dobeygatox: no no, not in run-tests. in this env-mac script14:23
dobeygatox: i never mentioned run-tests14:23
gatoxmandel, maybe we should rename the windows one to something generic14:23
gatoxdobey, example? i'm not following you14:24
mandelgatox, AFAIK there are windows things there, right?14:24
gatoxmandel, yes...... but doing another project for mac..... we are be copying a bunch of stuff from there....... so we are going to have duplicated things..... and we will need to mantain two simmilar projects14:25
dobeygatox: have your .profile run the env-mac script, and have the env-mac script do the export FOO=$BAR stuff, and it gets executed every time you log in, and you don't have to re-log (or restart the terminal) to get a working environment.14:25
dobeymandel, gatox: we can deal with the project naming issue later14:25
gatoxdobey, i'm not sure i like that solution14:26
briancurtineventually, and i dont know when this will be, but this whole buildot thing will probably live in its own top level project, not in a subfolder of ubuntuone-windows-installer14:27
dobeygatox: and dumping junk in your ~/.profile is a better solution?14:27
alecubriancurtin, mandel: sorry, I was on mumble.14:28
alecucatching up with the log.14:28
gatoxdobey, i'm not sure about running a script that finds stuff and that, everytime you open a terminal14:29
mmcc_absenthi everyone, catching up14:29
=== mmcc_absent is now known as mmcc
mmccgatox, what dobey is saying is the same as what I ended up doing on Tuesday14:30
duanedes1gnczajkowski: pong14:30
mmccexcept I didn't put env-mac in my profile because I'll forget it's there14:30
dobeygatox: why are you doing a find? what happens if the path changes? then your ~/.profile is broken, or you run the script again and you have a bunch of duplicate junk at the bottom of it14:31
dobeygatox: or why not just run it whenever you need it, and it only modifies current environment, instead of injecting stuff into .profile14:32
mandeldobey, gatox, I much more prefer the last option ^14:32
mmccdobey +1 that;s what I like too, for the reasons I said above14:32
mandeldobey, gatox, I really don't fill good on my env being modified to run tests and be left like that14:32
gatoxnot modifying .profile at all??...... so you need to searchhhhh for the env-mac script everytime you want to do anything u1 related?14:34
gatoxi'll prefer to add at least an alias in the .profile to run the script14:34
briancurtinthat's how i do it on windows with that env.bat script. if you want to do u1, start up a u1 env14:34
dobeygatox: well you can add an alias to your own .profile, and others can just run it when they need it14:35
mmccgatox, you can always put an alias, but just don't do it automatically14:35
* mmcc will let dobey type for him for a while14:35
mandelralsina, 1-1 before standup?14:36
ralsinamandel: sure, starting mumble14:36
alecubriancurtin, so, what version of PyQt did you install? I find it really weird that it has no SSL support.14:40
alecubriancurtin, perhaps it needs pycrypto installed too?14:40
briancurtinif it did, it would be nice if it told me that. i *just* uninstalled it 1' ago, i'll reinstall to get the proper version numbers14:41
briancurtini couldn't run your test because the QSslCertificate import failed, but QNetwork (which ssl is in) works fine14:41
gatoxmmcc, can you share your script?14:42
mmccgatox, sure, which script are you referring to? The mac-tests script I did for u1-client, or ?14:43
gatoxmmcc, no, the one which you use yo setup the environment14:43
mmccok, just a sev14:45
mmccgatox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/949918/ -- it is just the output of your script, run for me, with some tweaks14:48
briancurtinalecu: i'm on PyQt 4.8.6 - Qt 4.7.4. QSslCertificate was added to Qt in 4.3. there's no QSslCertificate in the QtNetwork package14:49
mmccgatox: if I was going to put it in the buildout I would just use `pwd` and relative paths, i guess14:49
alecubriancurtin, can you try installing pycrypto?14:49
gatoxmmcc, no, i didn't want to add that..... just wanted to see how are you doing the script...... because if i execute a script that contain that...... as soon as the script finish, everything that the script set, is not remembered (which is correct for me)14:50
gatoxmmcc, so, how are you executing that?14:52
mmccgatox, oh, I  just do  "source scriptname.sh"14:52
mmccapplies changes to current environment14:52
gatoxmmcc, thanks14:54
mmccgatox, sure. I think in bash you can use '.' as a shortcut for source. that works in zsh too. you know, if 'source' is too many letters ;)14:54
briancurtinalecu: no difference there14:58
ralsinammcc, briancurtin, gatox, mandel, alecu, dobey, thisfred: standup in 2', prepare notes14:58
dobeywhat's with all this preparing? Ludicrous speed… go!15:01
ralsinathisfred: you?15:01
ralsinamandel, go, thisfred is last15:02
mandelDONE: fixes to support domain sockets. Continued work on tcpactivation, some ssl debugging with alecu. A bit of FF. Reviews to gatox branches.15:02
mandelTODO: finish tcp activation, fix jenkins ec2-windows node, re-review gatox branches, administration stuff (swap days etc..)15:02
mandelBLOCKED: no15:02
mandelgatox, please15:02
gatoxMumble with mandel and mmcc yesterday, finishing with the last modifications of the mac scripts. Started with the platform refactoring, mumble with lissette about a styling issue.15:02
gatoxPropose the last version of the scripts, keep working in the refactoring, fix some tests in u1-client15:02
gatoxralsina, go15:02
ralsinaDONE: reviews, team call, 1-1s, other calls, helped around. TODO: implement a website, because it's friday and I am really trying to get rotated into beuno's team (and also other reasons) BLOCKED: django is a little more annoying than I remembered, but no NEXT:  briancurtin15:02
briancurtinDONE: got individual pieces of the installer functionality working...but bitrock doesnt make it very easy to tie them together15:02
briancurtinTOOD: figure out how to tie this installer together to fix the upgrade case and make it actually work properly15:02
briancurtinBLOCKED: none15:02
briancurtinNEXT: alecu15:02
ralsinamandel: when you say "gatox, please" I picture the yao ming meme. Now you do too :-)15:02
alecuDONE: various mumbles, found version mismatches and managed to reproduce SSL error on windows15:03
alecuTODO: more SSL debugging15:03
alecuBLOCKED: no15:03
alecuNOTE: national holiday on monday and tuesday15:03
alecuNEXT: mmcc15:03
mmccdone: got bug/branch/merge workflow working, installed precise, downloaded win7, looked around at mac alternatives for pyinotify,15:03
mmcctodo: finish up bug fixes, install windows, run tests on all OSs15:03
mmccblocked: none15:03
thisfred DONE: bug #987412 bug #987414 TODO: bug #987412 BLOCKED: no15:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 987412 in U1DB "support indexes on non-string types" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98741215:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 987414 in U1DB "Implement get_index_keys_from_index" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98741415:03
dobeyλ DONE: backports, review15:03
dobeyλ TODO: reviews, backports, SRUs, u1db packaging/buildsys15:03
dobeyλ BLCK: none.15:03
ralsinathisfred: early!15:03
dobeysince alecu was temporarily blinded or something15:03
ralsinaor something. Sloppy :-)15:04
alecudobey, sorry! :P15:04
mmccwhat are you guys talking about, seriously15:05
ralsinammcc: the standup was out of order15:06
ralsinammcc: we have a running problem with having all of us stand in line and type a status.15:06
mmccralsina: oh ok this would be helpful: what is the order? :)15:06
ralsinammcc: whatever order we say "me" in15:07
mmccralsina: gotcha15:07
ralsinammcc: in this case, alecu broke the chain by passing the baton to you instead o dobey15:07
ralsinaAs for the yao ming mention: http://memegenerator.net/instance/1953669515:08
ralsinammcc: also, this team is ... somewhat informal.15:08
alecummcc, you mentioned " mac alternatives for pyinotify15:08
mmccralsina :)15:08
dobey'somewhat informal'15:08
* ralsina is probably a bad influence15:09
alecummcc, we've been discussing some of the alternatives a few weeks ago.15:09
roastedwhy does u1 hate me :(15:09
mmccalecu: yes, I was up late, so I poked around. I figured, if pyinotify could be easily ported or replaced without much change in our code, that'd be good.15:09
dobeyroasted: did you kick it when it was down?15:09
alecummcc, this is a nice introduction to the problem of filesystem events in osx:  http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews/2007/10/mac-os-x-10-5.ars/715:09
gatoxralsina, heheheh15:09
ralsinaroasted: it doesn't hate you, it may not understand you! What happened?15:09
roastedIt comes up every so many minutes and says "Ubuntu One is now downloading 200 files"... minutes later, "Ubuntu One is now downloading 199 files"15:10
roastedI think it's confused from what I did to it yesterday :(15:10
alecummcc, it does not look likely that pyinotify could be easily ported.15:10
ralsinaroasted: that's a known bug15:10
dobeyroasted: did you dump more than 200 files into it?15:10
ralsinaroasted: it maxes at 200 files. You probably have much more than 200.15:10
roastedI do have more than 200. I think 260ish.15:10
roastedI synced my android to U1 (backing up pictureS) and I hoped it would sync down to my computer.15:10
ralsinaroasted: the numbers should eventually start making sense15:11
alecummcc, so, all osx notifiers are based on the FSEvents API discussed in that article.15:11
roastedFor an automagical download of my cell pictures15:11
dobeyroasted: every time a file in that finishes syncing, it will notify of "X and 199 other files" until you have less than 200 left :-/15:11
alecummcc, but FSEvents does not provide "per file" notifications.15:11
dobeyroasted: it's a known bug15:11
mmccalecu: ok, didn't look at pyinotify code, but I found this: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/MacFSEvents/15:11
mmccalecu which claims to provide per file notifs15:11
mmccalecu: and pyinotify style interface, down to the cookies15:11
mmccalecu, it starts separate threads to watch things though, so that's a difference.15:12
alecummcc, looking15:13
roasteddobey: so, what should I do? are you suggesting it'll *eventually* sort itself out and sync everything to my computer?15:13
ralsinaroasted: yes, no action required on your part15:13
* briancurtin need coffee, back shortly15:14
roastedralsina: ah okay. I just didn't think it would take a while. I left the igzmo run for a good 30 minutes and didn't see any new pictures in that folder in my home directory....15:14
dobeyroasted: yes, you'll just get some extraneous notifications15:14
dobeyroasted: file sync may be a bit slower than normal currently, due to the Ubuntu 12.04 release15:14
roasteddobey: hm, I guess I didn't think they would be linked... the release + U1 that is. But that makes sense.15:15
alecummcc, this bit sounds expensive: "Note that the logic to implement file events is implemented in Python; a snapshot of the observed file system hierarchies is maintained and used to monitor file events."15:15
roasteddobey: I suppose U1 goes to the main server, unlike the repos where I can "select best server" for higher speed?15:15
roastedha, imagine that. I JUST had a new picture pop up in my folder.15:15
mmccalecu, I saw that too. bit of a red flag, but I wouldn't know for sure without testing it15:16
dobeyroasted: indeed we don't have 'mirrors' for u1 :P15:16
roastedgotcha :D15:16
mmccbtw, what's the story on licenses? this thing is BSD licensed. can we use that?15:16
mmcc(at my last job we were regularly reminded to be super paranoid about software licenses, as you might imagine)15:17
dobeymmcc: licenses are hard. if it's plain BSD without any insanity, it should be fine to use15:17
mmccdobey, from pypi it is listed as straight bsd, so I expect no unusual insanity15:18
steveccc_I am sure its been asked a million times but is there a timeline for getting an ubuntu1 app for mac?15:19
dobeyit's being worked on15:20
ralsinasteveccc_: mmcc was hired last monday to work on it, along with several other people in this very channel :-)15:20
steveccc_i appreciate they are working hard but does that indicate days, weeks, months etc15:21
ralsinasteveccc_: months15:21
steveccc_ok many thanks15:21
dobeysometime before the big rip :)15:21
steveccc_i prefer to work on linux but work machine is mac and hence just trying to pick the best external storage for the moment - think will have to be dropbox for now15:22
mmccsteveccc_: if you don't mind saying, what kind of work do you do that requires a mac when you prefer linux?15:26
alecummcc, I'm taking a look at the code from MacFSEvents. I like that it provides an api similar to pyinotify. Also, as I expected, it does a stat on every file in a given dir every time it gets a "something changed in this dir" event.15:26
dobeyok, need to get lunch. bbiab15:26
alecummcc, since that sounds like it would be painfully slow, we've been considering the option of having a separate small daemon running as root, and taking events from /dev/fsevents15:27
alecummcc, that is, if the user allows that bit to be installed as root. If not, we would revert to some of the ways to use FSEvents.15:28
mmccalecu, why does it have to run as root?15:28
alecummcc, because that's the way /dev/fsevents works :-(15:28
alecummcc, it's well explained in the ars article I pasted above.15:28
mmccalecu, ugh. but I guess if you use the fsevent C api, you don't need to be root?15:29
mmccI'm more than happy to write a C extension to avoid having to run as root15:29
alecummcc, if you use the FSEvents api you don't need to be root. But you don't get "per file" events. Only an event saying "something changed in this folder"15:29
alecummcc, and that's what MacFSEvents does.15:29
alecummcc, also the "watchdog" python module, and a few more.15:30
mmccalecu, ok, now I get what you were saying.15:30
mmccabout stat() - it gets a dir event then stats the files to figure out what changed.15:30
mmccright? bad.15:30
steveccc_mmcc: unfortunately have to use adobe CS315:31
alecummcc, right. FSevent provides the path where changes have happened to the callback. And it's up to the callback to stat every file to see which file changed.15:31
alecummcc, that's why it needs to have the previous stat of each file.15:32
alecummcc, I see that MacFSEvents uses the file time. But we should also keep a checksum, to be extra careful.15:32
mmccsteveccc_: ah, that makes sense. so I assume you have seen http://adobegripes.tumblr.com/ ? fi you get nothing else from our conversation, I hope to lend a chuckle...15:33
mmccalecu, yes it seems like a bad option after all15:34
steveccc_mmcc: thanks - will have a look later - have to disconnect now - thanks for the help15:34
joshuahooverbriancurtin: any estimate on when a new build with the older qt will be ready? i'd like to send that out asap in hopes of getting some feedback yet today15:37
briancurtinjoshuahoover: unfortunately never, unless i find a way to build my own custom package of it. the older PyQt/Qt package that I downloaded does not contain SSL support for whatever reason...15:38
briancurtinbut alecu might have a better handle on what's needed since he reproduced the issue on the current version15:39
joshuahooverbriancurtin: ah, ok :(15:39
joshuahooverralsina: soooo...i'm not sure what we should be trying next but we need to keep eliminating possibilities between why 2.0.3 works for these impacted users but not 3.0.015:39
alecummcc, so, we were planning on having a daemon listening for file events. Either one running as root (reading from /dev/fsevents), or, if the user did not allow it, we would have our syncdaemon start one that reads from the FSEvents API, and doing something similar with stat and checksums to what we discussed.15:39
mmccalecu, ok, I understand the plan.15:40
alecummcc, we were planning to use the "watchdog" module. But MacFSEvents looks nice too.15:40
ralsinajoshuahoover: we have very promising data about Qt versions being guilty15:41
ralsinajoshuahoover: ok, I huld read more backlog ;-)15:41
ralsinabriancurtin: apparently gatox has the right combination on his VM15:42
alecuralsina, the thing is that briancurtin found that his old pyqt version has no proper support for ssl.15:42
ralsinaalecu: maybe gatox still has his pyqt download?15:42
gatoxralsina, alecu briancurtin probably...... let me check15:42
alecuralsina, I certainly do have mine. I'm starting a vm to see if it has the proper ssl.15:42
ralsinaalecu: awesome15:42
* rye is interested in all this15:42
joshuahooverralsina: if it is due to a bug in the newer version of qt, it's strange that it hasn't impacted everyone15:43
alecummcc, we can discuss a bit more about events later today, or next week.15:43
briancurtinit may be because i have a PyQt package installed from a third party. unfortunately the version gatox is using doesnt seem to be available from the PyQt people anywhere15:43
ralsinajoshuahoover: there are a few reports, and it could even be a combination PyQt/OpenSSL version15:43
mmccalecu, sure. I was just poking around, I can get back to these bugs :)15:43
ryesalgado: re: indicator-ubuntuone starting syncdaemon - that's a u1sdtool bug #97893415:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 978934 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "u1sdtool --quit requests com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon bus name" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97893415:44
salgadorye, ok, thanks!15:45
gatoxbriancurtin, alecu ralsina i have all the installers15:46
gatoxdo you need it?15:47
gatoxdobey, mandel branches updated..... can you review them?15:47
ralsinagatox: not me, briancurtin, I guess yes15:47
briancurtingatox: if you have a PyQt 4.8 installer, I'll take it. that should have Qt 4.715:47
ralsinaafk brb15:48
mandelgatox, sure15:48
alecubriancurtin, is this check enough? "from PyQt4.QtNetwork import QSslSocket"15:49
briancurtinI was checking QSslCertificate, which was used in your test. let me see if the socket one works15:49
gatoxbriancurtin, ok...... i'll upload it while i have lunch15:49
briancurtinalecu: no QsslSocket either15:50
* gatox lunch15:50
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
ryesalgado: i guess i will have to work around it somehow15:50
alecubriancurtin, so that check should tell me if the PyQt 4.8 I have has SSL support.15:50
gatox_lunchmandel, dobey u1-windows-installer updated..... i forgot to remove something15:52
alecubriancurtin, I've checked my installer for PyQt-Py2.7-x86-gpl-4.8.4-1, and it seems to have ssl support16:02
alecubriancurtin, I'll upload it too.16:02
alecubriancurtin, I'll take a while, since upstream speeds suck around here...16:03
briancurtinalecu: no problem, whenever you have it i'll install it and take a look16:04
mmccme updates virtualbox for the second time this week16:04
alecummcc, yes, it gets more annoying when all your guest machines start asking for the updates to the "guest additions" too...16:06
dobeygatox_lunch: ok16:32
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
ryei guess there was indeed the reason of keeping everything on a striped raid... vm speed started to be really slow after reinstall :-/16:47
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
alecubriancurtin, http://ubuntuone.com/3NqtkLmI5SYFzD6cmQEOnY (PyQt-Py2.7-x86-gpl-4.8.4-1.exe)16:48
alecubriancurtin, md5sum: fe4e7850e94edf9b62866fb166a3961c16:49
gatoxalecu, it's good you upload it...... mine gets stuck16:50
mandelEOD for me, all, have a great weekend!16:50
gatoxmandel, bye16:50
briancurtinhave a good weekend mandel16:50
mmccbye mandel!16:50
alecubye mandel16:51
briancurtinalecu: ah, right away this installer looks like it'll work. the first page mentioned having the required OpenSSL DLLs...the other one didn't say that16:53
alecubriancurtin, great.16:53
alecubriancurtin, anyway: I'm not sure this fix will solve the issue the SSL error, but it will allow us to get meaningful logs.16:53
briancurtinimport QSslCertificate works, so i'll build the installer and see how it goes16:57
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
briancurtinalecu: this installer seems to work. i'll upload it shortly17:13
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
alecubriancurtin, you've surely remembered to include mandel's branch that logs ssl errors with more detail, right?17:25
dobeywhee, arduino17:25
* alecu is playing with arduino this days, too.17:25
gatoxalecu, awesome!17:25
briancurtinalecu: yep, it's in there. the installer is all release-3_0_0 tag projects, and then SSO has mandel's branch merged in17:25
alecubriancurtin, great.17:25
alecudobey, are you building anything with arduino???17:26
mmccbaby woke up => lunchtime.17:26
=== mmcc is now known as mmcc_lunch
dobeyalecu: i will be, yeah. my kit just arrived at the door :)17:27
dobeyalecu: any idea why a couple of the proxy related tests in sso would give a twisted TimeoutError?17:29
=== salgado is now known as salgado-brb
briancurtinugh, sorry for anyone waiting on this installer (joshuahoover)...synching it is taking forever18:12
joshuahooverbriancurtin: np, just let me know when it's ready :)18:12
gatoxalecu, ping...... how can i run a specific test for u1-client in linux?18:19
gatoxahhh..... dah! u1trial18:19
dobeyyeah, u1trial -t test_foo_works foo/tests/test_foo.py18:20
gatoxdobey, thx18:20
alecudobey, I don't have any clue as to why only those tests would timeout, since there are quite a few similar tests in that module, and most of them are passing.18:22
alecudobey, perhaps we should increase that timeout?18:23
dobeyalecu: hmm, not sure18:23
dobeyalecu: i'll retry it and see what happens18:32
ralsinaalecu: I just had a SSL handshake failure in a django app connecting to ubuntu one :-)18:34
dobeyralsina: awesome18:34
alecuralsina, awesome?18:34
alecudobey, yup, I'm using it as a walking cane.18:35
ralsinaalecu: well, I have an error for it!18:35
alecuralsina, tellme18:35
ralsinaalecu: [Errno 8] _ssl.c:504: EOF occurred in violation of protocol18:35
alecuralsina, did you get that handshake failure more than once?18:35
ralsinaalecu: the connection is getting aborted. And only once.18:35
dobeyralsina: well, getting nightlies built on oneiric is being a bit of a pain, but almost got everything building on quantal already :)18:36
ralsinadobey: awesome18:36
ralsinadobey: anything else other than the twisted version in oneiric?18:37
ralsinaalecu: https://pastebin.canonical.com/65184/18:37
dobeyralsina: right now, sso test suite failing with a couple timeout errors :(18:38
ralsinadobey: par for the course. We seem to have very sensitive tests.18:38
ralsinadobey: it's always timeout or dirty reactor18:38
=== salgado-brb is now known as salgado
alecuthis is *just* awesome: bug 96537118:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 965371 in openssl (Ubuntu Precise) "HTTPS requests fail on some sites on Ubuntu 12.04" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96537118:41
alecuralsina, ^^^^18:41
ralsinaso now we don't know if it's us, the servers, or the freaking SSL18:41
ralsinaOpenSSL I mean18:41
ralsinathis bug is movig *backwards*18:41
briancurtini dont think this installer is going to work with the old PyQt...it's not synching18:42
ralsinaalecu: not to mention it's *exactly* what I just saw.18:42
briancurtinlooking at logs now18:42
alecubriancurtin, :-(18:43
briancurtinhm, well maybe it's just taking a really really long time. on_upload_started for the installer 2 minutes ago in the logs18:43
briancurtinoh, wait, it has done that several times in the last 30 minutes.18:44
briancurtinweird. SD is busy doing *something*, but its only doing i/o in very small bursts every few seconds18:47
briancurtinusually synching something like the installer takes a minute start to finish18:47
dobeyalecu: hrmm, it failed again, on the exact same 2 tests with the same timeout error18:47
dobeyalecu: i guess i should file a bug and we can up the timeout as a fix?18:48
alecudobey, right. I'll try running the tests for trunk on oneiric.18:48
alecudobey, btw: what u1trial is being used for this? trunk too?18:49
dobeyalecu: yes, what is in nightlies ppa is being used18:49
Dr_Whourbanape, ping q on U1CachedFile and _U1CachedFile?  _U1CachedFile is autogenerated, yet in the CacheFileAccess.xcdatamodel, it pointeds to U1CachedFile in the entity.  Is that right?  Not sure how _U1CachedFile would get updated in the case of an upgrade to the model18:58
=== mmcc_lunch is now known as mmcc
urbanapeit's all mogenerated19:00
urbanape_U1CachedFile is the part that's tied to CoreData.19:01
urbanapeany convenience methods are in U1CachedFile19:01
Dr_Whosure ?  guess I was thinking that _U1CachedFile would be referenced in the xcdatamodel19:01
urbanapeif you make changes to the underlying .xdatamodel, we'll need to re-run mogenerator, which picks up the changes and mediates them19:02
urbanapeno, mogenerator takes care of that for us19:02
Dr_Whoooo ok19:02
urbanapeI mean, yes, the .xcdatamodel will refer to the "real" class19:02
urbanapebut mogenerator does the stitching up behind the scenes. Outside of Xcode's purview.19:02
alecudobey, are you using trunk when running the sso tests on oneiric? If I run trunk I get a "could not import gobject" error.19:03
Dr_Whook ?  any reason to do it that way?  Seems like it would make use of NSEntityMigrationPolicy objects and such kind of a pain19:03
dobeyalecu: yes. do you have nightlies installed and did you do apt-get build-dep ubuntu-sso-client after adding the nightlies ppa?19:05
dobeyalecu: btw, i have not run the tests locally. these errors are from the buildd on launchpad that builds the PPA packages19:06
alecudobey, I installed nightlies, updated u1-devtools, but did not update the rest of the dependencies. Will do so now.19:06
alecudobey, I installed the build-dep, but still get the same error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/950567/19:10
alecunow I'm updating the whole vm, to see if that helps.19:10
dobeyalecu: you need the python-twisted-core that's in the nightlies PPA as well :)19:11
alecudobey, great.19:11
alecubriancurtin, can you use a hand debugging that SD problem?19:12
briancurtinalecu: its impossible to debug it while its an installer so i could try debugging it from the pure python one, but how much time should i spend debugging on an old version? this is also in an area i probably have no clue of19:14
briancurtinlet me try your test branch again now that i have the right PyQt setup and see what that says19:14
briancurtintest failed19:14
alecubriancurtin, test failed is the expected output. But how did it fail?19:15
briancurtinalecu: https://pastebin.canonical.com/65188/19:15
alecubriancurtin, perhaps we can tell py2exe to not compile the .py's and to not zip them.19:16
briancurtinthat would just be a standard development environment then19:16
alecubriancurtin, "The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted (9)" means that it's good.19:16
alecubriancurtin, it's also showing the details of the certificate ('organization': 'Test company'), so that's better than the other pyqt.19:17
alecubriancurtin, yup, similar to the standard dev env. But I mean, for these cases we could flip the switch in py2exe so that it keeps a folder with .py's instead of a .zip with .pyc's, so it's easier to debug.19:19
alecubriancurtin, and since it would be a full installer, it's also easier to test in clean vms.19:19
alecudobey, I'm getting the same two failing tests in Oneiric.19:21
alecubriancurtin, "spend debugging on an old version" <- you mean the old pyqt version, right?19:22
dobeyalecu: fun19:22
dobeyalecu: i'll file a bug19:22
alecudobey, cool. Please assign it to mandel, since he knows all the inside-outs of authenticated proxies.19:22
briancurtinalecu: i guess im starting to get confused about all of this, especially because i dont know what the issue is and i dont know anything about SSL anyway, so i'm not sure about anything other than building an installer and running it at this point19:23
gatoxand the tests never ends....19:25
* gatox waiting....19:25
alecubriancurtin, I don't know much about ssl either, been forced to learn a bit more these past few days, so let's go over this from the start.19:26
briancurtinalecu: let me run the tests on this version first just to ensure there's nothing obviously out of whack before we go on a debugging hunt. i just installed the version, built the installer, then saw it doesnt work - that's where im at now19:27
alecubriancurtin, ok.19:28
alecubriancurtin, let me know and we can mumble if we need to.19:28
alecubriancurtin, btw: I will be leaving in an hour, gotta take Amelia to swimming lessons.19:30
gatoxdobey, do you have time for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/refactor-session/+merge/10393319:36
gatoxdobey, i need to revert the .bat file first :P19:36
gatoxdobey, done19:40
dobeygrmbl. new default gcc option in quantal, which doesn't even exist as an option in precise. makes it hard to fix :-/19:54
briancurtinalecu: SSO passed, u1client failed on tests.syncdaemon.test_action_queue.ConnectionTestCase.test_server_disconnect, u1cp had an unrelated failure19:56
gatoxbriancurtin, that is failing in trunk19:56
briancurtingood, so it's not special for this Qt version then19:57
gatoxbriancurtin, i'm working in a branch right now, and later i'll propose a fix for those tests19:57
briancurtinso all of the tests are basically fine for this Qt version, but it doesn't work :/19:57
* mmcc has a brand new logitech usb headset… that stops playing audio after 30 seconds :\20:04
alecubriancurtin, I need to be gone in 10 minutes. Shall we go a little bit over this from the top?20:10
briancurtinalecu: sure20:11
alecubriancurtin, so: we've got some part of our Qt web client that's throwing an SSL error.20:12
alecubriancurtin, everytime an ssl connection is established some attributes of the ssl certificate from the server are validated by the client.20:12
alecubriancurtin, if any of those checks fail, a Qt signal named "sslErrors" is fired.20:13
alecubriancurtin, that signal has two parameters: "reply" and "errors"20:13
alecubriancurtin, "reply" is an object representing the http reply.20:14
alecubriancurtin, "errors" is a list of ssl checks that failed.20:14
alecubriancurtin, some qt program can hook into that signal, and say that a few of that list of errors can be ignored.20:14
alecubriancurtin, for instance, some qt program can decide to ignore the "ssl self signed" error.20:15
alecubriancurtin, that is done by exploring the list of "errors" and looking at the ssl error code of each error.20:15
alecubriancurtin, in Qt 4.8 that list comes with two errors, but both have "0" as the error code.20:16
alecubriancurtin, on the other hand, the reply also has an error code. It comes as 0, too and that is expected.20:16
alecubriancurtin, so: in order to keep debugging we would like an installer with Qt 4.7, that will return meaningful error codes for the list of "errors"20:17
alecubriancurtin, does any of that make sense? :-)20:17
briancurtinalecu: i think i understand in principle, but i have no idea how to apply any of that in practice20:19
alecubriancurtin, my sample branch shows that problem exists on 4.8, but it seems to be fixed in 4.7.20:19
alecubriancurtin, the only thing we can do is trying to fix the installer to use a different version than 4.8 to get the correct errors.20:20
alecubriancurtin, anyway, I really need to go.20:20
briancurtinalright, i'll be here for a bit if you are still around but i can't stay late tonight as i have plans, so we'd have to pick up next week20:21
alecubriancurtin, please mail me any questions to my private mail address, and I'll try to answer from the swimming lessons :-)20:21
alecubriancurtin, remember that we have a nat holiday both mon and tue :-)20:21
alecuok, eod. Bye all!20:22
dobeybye alecu20:22
gatoxalecu, bye20:23
mmccbye alecu20:26
gatoxdobey, i've another branch for review if you can: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/refactor-os-helper/+merge/10394621:00
gatoxand with that........ it's my EOD!21:00
dobeystop it!21:00
gatoxbye people!21:00
gatoxdobey, :21:00
dobeybye gatox21:00
gatoxdobey, have a nice weekend!21:01
dobeyyou too21:01
dobeyhave a good weekend all21:37
mmccdobey, you going now?21:39
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeymmcc: yep21:40
mmccdobey: ok, I'll catch you on Monday. I had a question about this refactoring that gatox did but I think I'll just do a branch with what I had in mind (for the other directories) and see what you guys say.21:42
dobeymmcc: cool. have a good weekend :)21:42
mmccdobey, you too!21:42

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