scott-upstairsknome, do you know which email address was used to email distrowatch?00:58
scott-upstairsi seem to recall theone i used before (and used today) might not have worked00:59
knomeno idea00:59
* knome has had "too many"00:59
scott-upstairshehe, i haven't drank any alcohol for over five years01:01
scott-upstairsseems kinda strange considering how much i used to drink01:01
* knome is more drunk than ever01:02
knomeat least, as far i can remember01:02
knomei've definitely been "more drunk"01:02
knomescott-upstairs, so did the release-day go well for ubuntu studio ?01:03
scott-upstairsknome, i guess so, i'm still tidying up some stuff and also trying to change the current website to mention the release and new website coming soon01:07
knomehehe :)01:07
knomethat's going to be a battle...01:07
scott-upstairsknome, which part will be a battle, adjusting the current site to mention release and new website?  or the new website?01:08
scott-upstairsbrb, fixing kids dinner01:08
knomeadjusting the curent site to mention release ;)01:08
scott-upstairsknome, i'm hoping i can create a new page and then set it to the "home" page01:13
knomescott-upstairs, i'm too drunk to handle *drupal*, sorry... :D01:14
knomescott-upstairs, wordpress would *barely* go..01:15
scott-upstairsknome, hehehe, it's okay01:16
scott-upstairsi am getting much better at wordpress though01:16
scott-upstairsi have set up my own server and have begun exploring fairly pervasively01:16
knomeit's much easier on the admin side too, than drupal01:16
knomeochosi just praised it :)01:17
scott-upstairsjust praised drupal?01:18
knomeno, wordpress :D01:20
knomeand its admin interface01:20
knome(for xubuntu.org)01:20
scott-upstairsknome, i freely admit that xubuntu is certainly a model of functionality that we wish to emulate :)01:24
knomescott-upstairs, well, it's good to hear that - at least we've done something right...01:26
knomescott-upstairs, @XubuntuLinux has now 640+ followers, three days ago a bit more than 500 :)01:33
scott-upstairsvery cool!01:33
knomeover 20% increase01:34
scott-upstairsthis just reminds me that i need to do a twitter and facebook account for these things01:34
knomepleia2 registered the twitter account for xubuntu - i'm just tweeting01:34
knomepleia2 <301:35
scott-upstairsi wonder how hard it was to register the account on twitter01:46
scott-upstairsthis weekend i'm going to register some stuff on facebook and twitter01:46
scott-upstairsi'll probalby have to do soemthing stupid like "TheRealScottLavender" or "ScottLavender2012" 01:47
knomescott-upstairs, not too much.... :)01:55
knomescott-upstairs, rather register UbuntuStudio, that'll (unfortunately) get way more followers01:56
knomeat least in twitter01:56
knomeprobably true fore fb too01:56
scott-upstairsokay, i think i'm done for right now on the website02:24
scott-upstairsholstein, http://ubuntustudio.org02:24
holsteinits a step02:25
holsteinscott-upstairs: thanks02:25
scott-upstairsplease let me know what people think about this, it's temporary until i get the other website sorted and pushed to rt (which should be before UDS)02:25
holsteinthe other is sorted, right?02:25
holsteini say we push what we got02:25
scott-upstairsholstein or anyone, if you want different wording left me know02:25
holsteincontent wise02:26
holsteinjust put *somthing* else up02:26
scott-upstairsif i told them "go", it wouldn't happen for a week or so02:26
scott-upstairsso i'm going to use that week to make changes and finish it02:26
holsteinsure.. i guess what im saying is, say go02:26
holsteinhit the button...02:26
scott-upstairsi know02:26
holsteini also dont think it would be bad to just redirect the URL02:27
ScottLwhich url?02:33
holsteinhop it over to a wiki page or whatever02:34
ScottLi don't even know who has authorization to make the dns redirect it02:36
holsteinScottL: what you got is good i think02:37
ScottLagreed, it is a temporary step02:37
holsteinim just sad about the timeline02:37
ScottLnow that i've cleared most of my tasks (although i still need to do a few things this weekend) i will finish the other website and file the rt ticket before i go to UDS02:37
scott-workyay!  ubuntu studio 12.04 LTS release is mentioned on distrowatch :)11:44
astraljavaCool. :)11:49
scott-worki've been documenting things like this (the public relations things) and others, i hope get some things organized in the wiki soon12:00
scott-workkinda like a "playbook" for studio work12:00
scott-workone of my personal goals is to plan for longevity of the project when i am not lead12:00
scott-workand this goes along with that12:01
scott-worki should note that my vision of where ubuntu studio should go will require another 1.59 years, so it is not my intent to leave anytime soon :P12:01
astraljavaOk, expecting to find a new leader a month into the T cycle, then. Got it.12:08
knomescott-work, ever thought of registering a LP group for bugs?12:53
knomescott-work, like xubuntu-bugs12:54
astraljavaThere are no bugs in Ubuntu Studio code. Only well-thought-out features.12:58
knomethat's why i'm getting so much mail then, i suppose...13:04
knomeastraljava, i need to get back to you with an idea later this weekend, remind me if i haven't done that on sunday13:04
astraljavaknome: I won't be online much before Tuesday, if then even. And on Wednesday I'm off to Tallinn, where I'm going to be online even less for a little over a week. So consider me gone for two weeks from now on.13:10
scott-workknome: no, i had not considered it, but that sounds like a very good idea, could reduce the email for many, many people13:11
knomeastraljava, oh well, i can email13:12
astraljavascott-work: Just as long as some people still get them. :)13:14
scott-workastraljava: oh yeah, defintely14:05
scott-workmicahg: would it be too presumptuous to start and submit a dev application now?14:07
holsteinscott-work: theres a great example in #ardour right now15:17
holstein11:13 < las> pinqvin: it will not be possible to debug this with the Ubuntu-provided version of Ardour15:17
scott-workholstein: example of what?15:17
holstein11:14 < las> pinqvin: if you would like help, you should start by getting Ardour 2.8.12 from ardour.org and not from Ubuntu -  they have a history of messing up the operation of the program15:17
holsteinscott-work: i had spoken to you about this in the past15:17
scott-worki know las is pretty bitter about our version of ardour, but i don't understand the difference15:18
holsteinthe FUD in ardour15:18
holsteinand other places15:18
holsteini would like to work on that difference15:18
holsteinaddress it at some point15:18
holsteinif we are breaking it, then id like to stop15:18
holsteinif not, id like for him to stop15:18
holsteineither way, this BS is just that.. BS15:18
scott-worki also wonder if the delta is created in ubuntu....or is it debian?15:20
holsteinscott-work: these are good questions15:20
holsteinim just sick of that15:20
scott-workand quite frankly, i know las is _particular_ and maybe the change greatly upsets him, but in reality is not very critical15:20
holsteinyou mention ubuntustudio in that channel and its flames15:20
holsteinand thats one of the best supported apps in FOSS15:21
holsteinto have that negativity in the channel and forums for ardour sux15:21
scott-worki think i'll try to engage him after he helps the guy and talk about what he's saying15:21
holsteinscott-work: ive been planning a PM with him15:21
holsteini just havent had time.. and im not ready yet :)15:21
scott-worki don't think other applciation authors go into their channels and bash a distro because of the version of libraries used15:21
scott-workbut i would like to find a path forward that would work for debian, ubuntu, and las15:22
scott-worksee, las keeps mentioning possibilities15:27
scott-worki might be mainly that he's upset anyone is building it15:28
holsteini just want him to either help, or STFU15:28
holsteini have nothing but respect for the guy.. and i think he's awesome, obvioulsy15:28
holsteinbut, he leads the buntu flaming in that channel... and im over it15:28
holsteinwe need to turn around the thinking15:29
holsteinwe are an easy to use, professional OS15:29
holsteinnot some repackaged crap that no professional would touch15:29
holsteinand if we are not, i want to move that way15:29
scott-workhehe, i agree15:31
scott-workinteresting, las has not responded yet15:33
holsteinit'll take a while i think15:34
ailoastraljava: Have you heard anymore about -lowlatency maintenance?17:58
ailoI was waiting until the release was out before picking it up again17:58
scott-workailo: there are a few items that are lined out already to be done18:06
scott-workthe first would be to figure out where to host the code so that it is accessible to everyone18:07
scott-worki.e. github or similar would probably be good18:07
scott-workbut since we need to make lowlatency a "derivative" of the ubuntu kernel i thought getting their input or blessing woudl be helpful as well18:07
scott-worki was hoping to speak to apw or steve conklin or someone with UKT at UDS about this18:08
scott-worksometimes it's easy to get an answer in person ;)18:08
ailoI think the first thing we should do is to document how TheMuso maintains the source, and start from there18:10
ailoHosting the source at github is no problem18:10
ailoOr, if TheMuso doesn't mind maintaining the source for longer, we need to get ourselves educated on kernel maintenance enough to be able to do everything from scratch ourselves18:11
ailoMy goal would be to make as little changes to the -generic tree as possible18:12
ailoAs simple as possible is the best way to do it18:12
ailoTheMuso made a short list of commands on how to maintain the source tree, but there was a problem with conflicts last time18:14
ailoIn the long run, we do need to fully document the whole procedure from scratch of course18:22
astraljavascott-work: Why do you think it needs to be in github? Wouldn't LP make more sense?18:32
scott-work+infinity "In the long run, we do need to fully document the whole procedure from scratch of course"18:33
scott-workastraljava: i'm not sure why launchpad isn't used, but i think it might be because the kernel is in git as well18:34
scott-workand i'm sure there are reasons for that18:34
astraljavascott-work: Oh yeah. Well, what about where Luke keeps his tree, then?18:34
astraljavaCan it be team-managed?18:34
scott-workastraljava: i don't know where luke keeps his but i've been told only he has access to it18:35
scott-workastraljava:  one of the main tenets people keep repeating is that it should be accessible to several people in order to maintain it, so the long answer is yes :)18:35
astraljavascott-work: It's at kernel.ubuntu.com/git18:35
astraljavascott-work: No, I meant can that tree there ^^ be team-managed. Obviously our tree needs to be.18:36
astraljavaIt seems to host the mainline git trees as well, so I suppose it can.18:37
scott-workastraljava: i haven't a clue about the trees being team-managed18:37
astraljavascott-work: Well basically, every distributed revision control system are, if there are no access control mechanisms in place. The question in this one is, can those be controlled by LP teams?18:38
scott-workastraljava: i don't know, maybe the kernel team might have some insight (since they are on launchpad and using git as well)18:39
ailoI've been reading about kernel maintenance at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev, but most things are pretty scetchy there. I'm going to read this next (particularly about how the source is patched with debian stuff, and the scripts involved) http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/index.html#contents18:41
astraljavascott-work: Yeah, I was really kinda thinking out loud here.18:42
astraljavascott-work: I'm going to be very scarcely online for the next two weeks. If you have something important, you know my email addresses. Please use them as primary method of getting in touch.18:43
ailoscott-work: The whole procedure is just a few commands, but knowing which, and why is a different matter18:43
scott-workailo:  i was hoping to get a brain dump from themuso and alessio once we get the git hosting and other things established18:46
scott-workastraljava: ack'd18:46
ailoscott-work: I've been using gitorious and I also have a github account, so I know how to use those, as well as having about a years experience with git19:18
ailoSo, I could set up the whole thing at github19:19
ailoscott-work: Do you have a github account?19:20
scott-workailo: before we go headlong into this can we first ask someone with UKT if we use github would it prove problematic when setting up lowlatency as a derivative (something to do with their processes and automating udpating) of the main ubuntu kernel19:20
scott-workailo: no, not yet19:20
astraljavaailo: Please hold off though until we figure out the access control issue.19:20
astraljavaHeh, yeah.19:21
astraljavaThat, too.19:21
ailoscott-work: I believe the only thing we need to worry about is making sure the source is ok, and that whoever is doing the uploading can pull from our git tree.19:23
ailoWho was it that suggested github anyway?19:23
ailoalessio was keeping his source along with all the other ubuntu kernel sources19:24
ailoAs is TheMuso right now19:24
ailoBy uploading I of course meant whoever uploads the source to the Ubuntu repo, which we cannot do19:29
ailoThe package repo, that is19:29
ailoWell, I'll try to create my own -lowlatency from scratch for educational purposes and see how that compares to the existing one. But now, bedtime..19:36
scott-workailo:  i don't really remember who suggested github19:49
scott-workgood night ai.lo, sorry about pinging you right then :P19:50
* scott-work didn't read all backscroll before replying19:50
len-dtI hate my nvidia card. 1000s of lines of :Apr 27 08:28:30 music1204 kernel: [226939.249488] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: validate vram_list20:53
len-dtApr 27 08:28:30 music1204 kernel: [226939.249495] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: validate: -1220:53
len-dtApr 27 08:28:30 music1204 kernel: [226939.249573] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: fail ttm_validate20:53
len-dtOver and over.20:54
len-dtI would guess (by the time) one of the kids was playing a web video game.20:54
len-dtNope, maybe not...20:59
len-dtScreen saver trouble.22:07

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