ravenwho has some experience with adat/spdif soundcards?06:21
johan_____I am using idjc but how can i add irc channel which i use for my programm. there is a server option and port option but not an channel option :|06:55
tjingboemdoes ubuntustudio 12.04 support the nvidiadrivers?13:44
holsteintjingboem: the more presice question is, "does nvidia support ubuntustudio"13:49
holsteinyou should have no issues using the nvidia drivers with ubuntustudio though13:50
holsteintry it with the provided lowlatency kernel, and if there are issues, move to the generic kernel and all will be as supported as it is in main ubuntu13:50
acmeinc1has anyone been able to get bluetooth working properly under precise?13:50
holsteinacmeinc1: i dont have BT hardware to test, but i have not seen anyone with issues13:51
holsteinacmeinc1: try a normal ubuntu live CD if you have issues.. see if the hardware is supported13:51
tjingboemthanks holstein, but i want to know for sure13:51
tjingboemi want lowlatency and nvidiadrivers13:52
holsteincould be as simple as learning how to utilize bluetooth in XFCE13:52
holsteintjingboem: you likely dont *need* lowlatency, and might need to make a choice13:52
holsteinbut, it should be fine... and i have nvidia driver and the realtime kernel in 10.0413:52
tjingboemi always get xruns when not using lowlatency13:52
holsteintjingboem: raise the settings13:53
tjingboemyou mean the settings of the buffer?13:53
tjingboemi need quick respond from my music keyboards13:53
holsteintjingboem: sure13:55
holsteintjingboem: for me, its gotta be under 10ms13:55
holsteinif its not, it really doesnt matter13:56
holsteini use different JACK profiles for different tasks though13:56
tjingboemribht now i use xubuntu 11.1013:56
tjingboemand have 1.3 ms13:56
holsteinright... and you should be able to have that moving on13:56
tjingboemi have 2 soundcards: one stereo with 1.3 ms and another 5.1 with 10 ms13:58
tjingboemi'm so used to it now13:58
tjingboemand don't want to get higher values :)13:58
tjingboemand nvidia drivers with twinview13:59
holsteintjingboem: depends on the kernel13:59
tjingboemLinux muziek 3.0.0-13-lowlatency #21~ppa1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 18 06:45:34 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:59
holsteinif things are working well, i go with an "if it aint broke" attitude13:59
holsteinyou can try  12.04 live though13:59
holsteintjingboem: im not so much talking about the one you are using13:59
tjingboemi'm know i am so curious...13:59
holsteinim talking about the one in 12.0414:00
tjingboemi *need* to try it out14:00
tjingboemin a week or so14:00
holsteinyou should... you dont need to do anything14:00
tjingboemi will let you know my experiences14:00
holsteinyou *could* just enjoy the the functional system you have :)14:00
holsteinbut, im sure you'll get 12.04 rockin and rollin14:01
tjingboemit's not in my character i'm afraid14:01
tjingboemknowing something newer is there...14:01
tjingboemand a nice clean system again14:01
holsteinsure... i used to do that14:03
holsteinnow im just enjoying 10.04 on my studio rig14:03
holsteingetting work done :)14:03
holsteini'll try and make some time to upgrade soon though14:03
tjingboemi know you are right14:03
holsteinwell... im not right... im just sharing my opinion14:04
tjingboembut there is this x-factor14:04
tjingboemof course14:04
acmeinc1holstein:  bluetooth doesn't seem to be installed, at least how it was under 11.04, installation attempts fail to recognize my previously working adapter, so i assumed it just wasnt built into the system14:05
holsteinacmeinc1: if its ubuntustudio/xubuntu/XFCE, you might want to take a look at main normal vanilla ubuntu14:06
holsteinsee what is needed from that assuming you fire up a live CD and bluetooth works14:06
holsteini assure you, bluetooth support was not dropped from ubuntu 12.0414:06
holsteinother than that, you can reference https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup14:07
holsteini just dont have any hardware to test with, or id help you more first-hand14:07
acmeinc1yea nothing seems to work, j/w if anyone else has had success.  i've been working on getting usb flas drive booting, but this board is lacking support else i would try the standard system.14:13
acmeinc1curious, has anyone tried apt-get install ubuntustudio from vanilla or xubuntu?  does that still work?14:14
holsteinacmeinc1: in the live CD for normal ubuntu?14:14
holsteinor nothing from that wiki page?14:15
acmeinc1nothing from the wiki page works14:15
holsteinacmeinc1: is the hardware present?14:15
acmeinc1Bus 005 Device 002: ID 1131:1004 Integrated System Solution Corp. Bluetooth Device14:15
holsteinacmeinc1: the metapackages still work as before14:15
holsteinyou'd get XFCE instead of gnome... thats about the only difference14:16
acmeinc1[ 3635.536091] Bluetooth: hci0 command tx timeout   weird14:16
holsteinacmeinc1: i would ask in #xubuntu14:16
holsteinbut, i personally would want to see that with the normal ubuntu live CD14:16
acmeinc1well, yea, i'm gonna just bite the bullet and burn a dvd of X here in a min14:16
pinqvinDoes anyone has time to help me?15:00
pinqvinor has anyone tested to export audio in 12.04 ubuntustudio via ardour?15:01
holsteinpinqvin: should be the same15:01
holsteinjust export as before :)15:01
pinqvinnot it isn't like it15:02
pinqvinardour freezes when i try to export15:02
holsteinpinqvin: i would try removing the ardour config15:02
holsteini would try as a different user if that makes you nevous15:02
holsteinyou can ask in #ardour15:03
holsteinmake sure you are up to date with upgrades15:03
holsteinstart ardour from the terminal, and see if there is any helpful output15:03
pinqvinerrors :P15:03
pinqvinwhatch there15:04
pinqvinthere is outputs15:04
holsteinpinqvin: nah.. i'll just be in here15:04
holsteinpinqvin: you can try taking that hardware out of the equation15:04
holsteintry exporting using the dummy driver in JACK15:05
holsteintry a smaller project with *no* plugins15:05
holsteintry as a differnt user15:05
holsteinpinqvin: or any other driver15:05
pinqvinwhat you mean whit different user?15:05
holsteinpinqvin: you create a differnt users account15:06
holsteinthat takes *all* your current configuration out of the equation15:06
pinqvinhow could that help?15:06
holsteinpinqvin: if there is something in your /home directory that is mis-configured, this is an easy way to determine that15:06
holsteinif you make a new user, and all is well, then you can bet the issue is in your users /home15:07
holsteinpinqvin: feel free to ask in #ardour15:07
pinqvinjep i'm in there :P15:07
holsteinpinqvin: this is pretty common troubleshooting steps15:07
holsteinpinqvin: you tried with a smaller project?15:08
holsteinpinqvin: just decide waht of my suggestions (if any) you would like to try, and let me konw the outcome..15:08
pinqvinthere is detail15:11
holsteinpinqvin: yup.. i looked at that15:11
pinqvinbut isn't 1,5min projekt big?15:11
holsteinpinqvin: what i would like to  know is 2 things15:11
holsteinpinqvin: can you export a small simple project with *no* plugins15:11
holsteinpinqvin: and, by either removing the ardour config from your home dir, or as a new user, can you export...15:12
holsteinpinqvin: las likely wont open that link15:12
holsteinlas = paul davis.. the guy that maintains ardour ..the creator15:13
pinqvini'll thos things15:13
holsteinyou'll need to make it easy for him15:13
holsteinHOWEVER... one suggestion his is likely to make is removing the config file15:14
holsteinanother would be disabling plugins15:14
holsteinthats what im trying to get at wih you15:14
pinqvincould you send me the comamnd how to remove it?15:14
holsteinpinqvin: creating a new user will do this15:14
holsteinpinqvin: if you are not comfortable removing it on your own.. i suggest doing something easy like making a new user you can delete15:15
pinqvinok i'll try it tommorow in ardour someone said that i have to install theri version of it not ubuntus verion so they could help15:17
holsteinpinqvin: you dont *have* to15:18
holsteinlas said that15:18
holsteinhes the main dev15:18
holsteinhe is suggesting you use the version he makes instead of the one ubuntu repackages15:19
holsteinpinqvin: thats an OK way to go15:19
holsteinyou can literally create a differnt user.. in the GUI15:19
holsteinits easy15:19
holsteinlogin as that user.. test the export15:19
pinqvinok i'll check that way maby :D15:19
holsteinif it work... you'll know that you need to remove the /config15:19
holsteinif not.. i have other suggestions15:20
holsteinpinqvin: you'll need to participate though15:20
holsteinpinqvin: what las is suggesting is easy.. i would do that first15:22
len-dtholstein, I am realizing most of us don't have blue tooth HW. And in looking through some of the new HW out there (laptops etc.), there doesn't seem to be very many that come with blue tooth either. I suspect that is why "nobody is having problems" with it.19:50
len-dtholstein, I don't think it gets tested very much.19:51
acmeinclen, i'm installing xubuntu tonight to see if the problem is studio specific.  I have my old install, so I could compare some packages there if needbe.19:56
len-dtacmeinc, sounds good. I checked all the machines here (4 of them) and none of them have BT. If one did, I have two phones I could use for testing.19:59
len-dtacmeinc, are there (cheap) usb BT tx out there?20:00
holsteinlen-dt: it doesn in main ubuntu though20:00
holsteinAFAIK... thats why i was suggesting seeing how the experience is there20:01
acmeinci got a bt dongle at the local goodwill for like $520:01
holsteinthe only BT hardware i had was plug and play in ubuntu 10.0420:01
holsteini dont think maby xubuntu users have it20:01
len-dtholstein, Like I said, it doesn't seem to be something many systems come with. Same with FW. Even usb3 is just starting to show up.20:04
holsteinfor me, on that hardware back then.. i had the main ubuntu, and it "just worked".. with xubuntu, it didnt20:04
holsteinnot that xubuntu doesnt support it, it was more that i didnt know how to get BT support in xfce20:05
len-dtholstein, Good to know.20:05
holsteinbut, some of that work had been done in main ubuntu20:05
holsteinor, thta was my take on it20:05
len-dtholstein, most of the BT stuff should be CLI or kernel and auto. the GUI part should only be a small part. So It surprises me it can't be made to work.20:09
holsteinlen-dt: oh, im sure it can20:19
holsteini just didnt bother back then20:19
holsteinnot that that research would be relavant now20:19
holsteinand i dont have the hardware anymore to test further20:19
holsteini mean, its all ubuntu... it'll work, its just a matter of following that wiki i think, and making sure the kernel supports the hardware20:20
acmeincunder Xubuntu 10.04, i had to write a pseudo daemon script to constantly look for my blue tooth devices.  One of the main reasons I went to 11.04 is because it was natively supported to look for previously pair devices as a real daemon.20:23
acmeinc11.04 studio that is20:23
len-dtEven new dongles are cheap $13 (can) to $2520:23
len-dtUS does have bluez installed. Upstart has a bluetooth.conf to look at... So the daemon should start.20:27
holsteinthough, i would argue it shouldnt in US20:28
len-dtholstein, no comment ;-)  I would say the same about PA-jack.20:29
holsteinsure... me too ;)20:29
len-dtI added a "record" button to my workflow app. It stops the pa-jack bridge and other things (when I get that far)20:30
holsteinim hoping its easy to just rip out20:31
holsteini *hate* when things get tied to the meta package20:31
holsteinyou want to pull a little something out, and the whole thing want to be removed :/20:31
len-dtGo to the PA config and coment out or forbid the modules to load.20:31
holsteinyeah, that'll do it20:32
holsteinin going to try it all first20:32
len-dtIt is easier to leave it in and disable. that way upgrades still work.20:32
holsteinif it works... ill leave it20:32
holsteinit'll help me support20:32
len-dtPA-jack is fine at -p 1024... as latency goes down the cpu use goes up. By -p 32 jack on its own is 12% and with the bridge it is 33%20:33
len-dtJust idling with no audio.20:34
len-dtMy HW is older...20:34
len-dtholstein, I have a one line command to disable PA-jack bridging... includes pactl (twice) and grep and sed...20:38
holsteinlen-dt: we'll have to get that in the forums20:39
holsteinon a wiki...20:39
holsteinnot sure when i'll take the time to upgrade the studio box20:39
len-dtI did my netbook yesterday, Still adding the normal software I like :-) I'm running one of the prereleases on this one, but will reinstall soon20:41

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