knomehoi ochosi! :D00:14
* knome is completely drunk00:14
knomejust read the -offtopic backlog00:14
knomei've had almost 5 tonight00:14
knomeaverage being way over 7%00:15
knomesee -offtopic (originally pfftoic, but typos fixed!)00:17
ochosiknome: btw, another point for Q, possibly re-think typography (related link: http://elementary-project.com/journal/typography-gtk3 )00:35
knomelet me (try) to read that00:38
ochosigood luck! :)00:39
knomeand replied00:39
knomeastraljava, madnick, micahg, mr_pouit, ochosi, pleia2, Unit193: THANKS! :)01:38
micahgknome: see you at UDS?01:42
knomemicahg, nope :/ can't attend in person at least this time01:54
knomemicahg, maybe if it's in EU next time or the schedules match...01:59
ScottLi want to use ubuntu-mono for ubuntu studio next cycle, however i know i'm going to be actively discouraged from doing it02:35
Unit193Don't do it!! You'll ruin Studio and OpenSource software as we know it!02:57
micahgknome: any xubuntu people coming?03:54
Unit193Wasn't pleia2? She's Xubuntu.03:55
micahgyeah, well, it's basically in her backyard ;)03:55
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pleia2update getxubuntu with some more mirrors which have finished syncing19:42
knomegood, thanks19:43
pleia2where do we get this list? I think some may be gone and we need to update it19:43
* knome signs in the "feeling alive" group19:43
knomepleia2, it's been just carried on from before19:43
Unit193I actually placed them all up on a httpd, but there is no way I'd give the link out other than personally. :P19:43
* pleia2 is not feeling alive19:44
knomepleia2, awwh, how many did you have then?19:44
pleia2hah, only 2, but I have been too busy lately so I'm just exhausted19:44
* knome had a few more, and rum19:45
knomesimilar to the 6 >7% beer session...19:45
pleia2should probably add this to our FAQ: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/23:38
Unit193Yes, would be good.23:38
pleia2where is Gridcube, he is my pastebin for FAQ things :)23:39
knomepleia2, tweeted23:39
Unit193Any way I can helpers?23:39
knomewe need a Top 10 FAQ for precise23:39
pleia2ah, we used a google doc for collaboratively creating it last time, s'why I couldn't find it in wiki23:40
pleia2should create another one and post it to -devel23:41
pleia2Unit193: you can do that :)23:41
knomedid you notice the new wiki header?23:41
knomei think we should use the wiki23:41
pleia2oh ok23:41
knomeeven if it is a "bit" slow23:41
pleia2oh, that sure is new23:41
knomeoh well23:41
knomei'm personally okay with wiki or google doc23:41
knomejust make sure the url gets around23:42
knomepleia2, you have some time?23:42
knomei'm going to bed soon (probably in 15), but i could do some brainstorming before that23:42
pleia2not now, wrapping up work and then going out for a couple hours (even though I don't want to)23:42
knomenp then23:43
pleia2I should be around this weekend :)23:43
knomelet's try to catch each other later23:43
knomeyeah, i'm not sure how much i'm around, but at least some23:43
Unit193...So belay that order.23:43
knomeactually, you'll probably not notice the difference23:44
knomei'll be off daytime tomorrow only23:44
pleia2oh yes, that's when I sleep :)23:44

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