knometiopere_2, it worked ? :)00:02
tiopere_2it still running00:13
knomeokay :)00:13
tiopere_27 minutes left00:13
tiopere_2slow internet velocity00:13
drcah...must be using the patented M$ Time Counting algorhythm00:14
knomehappens to the best of us sometimes :)00:14
tiopere_2instaling upgrades00:22
knometiopere_2, great :)00:22
tiopere_2mate, I think we (you) fixed the error00:22
tiopere_2next time I think I'll install from CD, not doing an upgrade cause it takes a long00:27
tiopere_2now I'm going to bed00:28
tiopere_2I own you a pair of beers00:29
knometiopere_2, hehe, np, enjoy! :)00:29
* knome has had a "few" beers today already00:30
malvxfce meeds a better "mouse" icon00:31
malv3 people have already asked me what that icon is supposed to be00:31
tiopere_2yeah, next day you tell me how to make your work online games (for children)00:32
tiopere_2install the flashplayer and so00:32
knomemalv, the xubuntu logo?00:32
malvthe start button logo00:32
tiopere_2with that I think I can force my children to go xubuntu and to left windows00:32
malvdoesn't really look like a mouse00:32
tiopere_2it's my dream00:33
knomemalv, mmhm, well, the logo done 2 years ago... some people thought that was a rat too00:33
knomemalv, so i don't know what there is to do :)00:33
tiopere_2ok folks, thanks for all, see you soon00:34
knomemalv, proposals welcome at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel ;)00:34
knometiopere_2, np! have fun! :)00:34
malvi will write a 3 page angry rant00:34
knomemalv, please don't...00:35
malvis it the xfce logo or the xubuntu logo?00:35
knomemalv, but constructive criticism is welcome00:35
knomemalv, it's *based* on the xfce logo, but that is the xubuntu logo00:35
malvshould be a circle of mice00:36
knomewell, as i said, proposals are welcome00:36
ochosimalv: a circle of mice in 16x16px? :)00:37
malvuse the pixels sparingly00:37
knomemalv, proposals are welcome... :)=00:38
DinoMuffinSo does anyone know what happened to all the appearance styles? There seems to be half as many in 12.0400:49
knomeDinoMuffin, we did some cleanup00:49
knomeDinoMuffin, you can re-enable the styles by installing xfce4-themes or so00:50
DinoMuffinare they still compatible if i re install them?00:50
DinoMuffinoh ok00:50
knomethey won't work too well with gtk300:50
malvhow does xubuntu compare to the xfce version of mint?00:50
knomeDinoMuffin, only greybird (the default) will work *well* with gtk3 apps :)00:50
DinoMuffinok, thanks :)00:51
knomemalv, no idea00:52
knomemalv, haven't followed what linux mint does00:52
drcmalv: LM is light and green while Xubuntu is dark and grey00:53
* knome giggles01:00
* drc tells only the truth01:04
drcThey are both debian based (directly or once removed).01:05
knome...and nothing but the truth01:05
drcThey both have software centers/managers.01:05
drcThey are both based off XFCE 4.8.01:05
drcThere are only a few minor differences in the default apps.01:06
drcThe major difference that I can see is that LM claim(ed) that LMDE was a rolling release, and then found their users we whinning about "breakages" so the stopped that.01:07
knomeotoh, they are probably *really* different from each other :)01:08
jdtm_why dosen't thunar let you mark files as executable in the properties window =[01:08
knomenot yet implemented...01:10
knome'chmod +x file' though, not too hard01:10
* drc wonders if knome can tell he once had great hopes for LMDE-XFCE ?01:10
jdtm_just did chmod -x and it still complains that it isnt marked as executable01:11
knomejdtm_, PLUS (+) x01:12
jdtm_dat feel01:12
drcbarkeep, next round is on jdtm :)01:12
KilluacbaHi, can anyone helpme whit a doubt?.... its true that i cant install linux on my laptop cause ive Ati Radeon GPU?01:12
knomeand i thought *I* was the one who was drunk01:12
knomeKilluacba, yup!01:13
knomeKilluacba, you should search "your GPU" + linuf in google first, though01:13
Killuacbasht T_T... i really wanna to try ubuntu xD01:13
knomeKilluacba, to see if the 3d support is available :)01:14
knomeKilluacba, the easy way is to test if the xubuntu live cd works with your pc :)01:14
Killuacbaim so newbie... and i wanna to try to get more performance for my old lap xD01:14
knomeKilluacba, if that works, you'll be fine01:14
Killuacbalive works.... but when i try to instal... crashed (freezes)01:14
Killuacbaill try whit the windows instaler and the cd01:15
knomeKilluacba, weird01:15
knomeKilluacba, wubi will install xubuntu *inside* your windows01:15
Killuacbayes, thats why i download the cd01:15
knomeKilluacba, so that's not a permanent choice, but a good test nevertheless01:16
Killuacbaand when is intalling... freezes01:16
Killuacbathe lap stop all work... not read HDD even cd-rom01:16
k_szeIt appears that my box restarted itself last night. It couldn't have been a software update because it wasn't even connected to the Internet at that time. Which log is the likely place to contain the reason of the restart?01:37
xubuntu580what are min requirements for xubuntu 12.401:58
knomexubuntu580, with 512MB ram, you'll be rather fine01:58
xubuntu580will 950 mhz processor work01:58
knomexubuntu580, probably, but RAM decides the most01:59
xubuntu580i have 512mb01:59
knomexubuntu580, should be okay01:59
ChildBurnalguien habla español?02:31
holsteinChildBurn: /join #xubuntu-es :)02:32
ChildBurnthanks holstein02:34
holsteinChildBurn: anytime :)02:34
ChildBurnsomebody know  about this problem that I have with a repository02:35
holsteinChildBurn: which.. is it a PPA02:35
ChildBurnapt-get update shows me this :    W: Imposible obtener http://ppa.launchpad.net/alexmurray/indicator-sensors/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found02:35
ChildBurnyes it's a ppa02:36
holsteinChildBurn: could be a dead PPA..i would contact the maintainer02:36
holsteini would try using purge ppa to get back to "normal"02:36
ChildBurni tried to put a ppa that works in 11.10 but in 12.04 it appears it doesnt work02:37
ChildBurnmy english is bad sorry ^^02:37
holsteinChildBurn: it doesnt have to... you'll need to ask the maintaner for 12.04 support.. or just grab the .deb's out and try them02:38
ChildBurnwhat command exactly do i have to use to purge ppa02:38
ChildBurnsudo purge ppa only?02:38
holsteinsudo ppa-purge ppa:someppa/ppa02:39
ChildBurnthanks holstein i'll watch that02:40
ChildBurnit appears that work.. thanks holstein02:42
ChildBurnppa-purge script doesn't work02:42
holsteinyou might need to install ppa-purge02:42
ChildBurnin others ppa's that work but in this it doesnt work02:42
ChildBurnyes i installed it02:42
holsteinwithout seeing some error messages.. i dont know what the issue is02:43
holsteinbut if its working, its working... enjoy!02:43
ChildBurnbut --remove works.. thank you very much holstein02:43
ChildBurnnow all's right02:43
ChildBurnagain sorry my bad english ^02:44
holsteinChildBurn: no worries02:44
ChildBurnwell i'm leaving, thank you very mucho for the help..02:45
ChildBurnmuch, sorry02:45
ChildBurni never used IRC it's great02:46
=== jalcine is now known as jacky
xubuntu795greeting,,,I am on xubuntu 1204 release running live, install minitube, installed ok however, I do not have video in many tubes.. can anyone help?03:45
holsteini would try the chrome browser03:45
holsteinor another browser in general... if some videos play and others dont, maybe its a problem with the content03:46
xubuntu795I don't think it is content, cos they can play in some other distros on the same tubes03:47
holsteincool.. its likely a flash issue anyways03:47
f0xhow do i setup default master channel of sound mixer in 12.0403:50
f0xbecause if i press increase volume it increases hdmi03:50
n2diy_was 12.04 released?03:55
=== jacky is now known as JackyAlcine
=== JackyAlcine is now known as Jacky
=== Jacky is now known as jacky
redact3danyone with compiz installed and the magic_lamp minimize animation that no longer works?04:55
redact3dafter 12.0404:55
ronsonolWhat is the means to upgrade from 12.04 beta to 12.04 final and keep previous software selections intact?05:29
ronsonolI was thinking there was an option from the install disc, but not seeing it immediately.05:31
Optichiplots of crash reports today?06:40
Artemis3just this while i try to upgrade 11.10 into 12.04: 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend libtinfo5 for libncurses5, probably a dependency cycle.'06:42
Artemis3perhaps its better to stay with 11.10 a while...06:42
OptichipI've had about 10 crashes today06:42
Optichipbut it's been running pretty good since upgrading driver and installing a few apps that have probably fixed a few issues.06:43
Optichiplooking sweet now though :)06:44
Artemis3how are these new shortcuts?06:44
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Artemis3oh lol06:45
Artemis3so macosish did you used compiz with the expose thing? ;)06:45
Optichipcairo dock06:46
Artemis3im happy with a single (fat) vertical panel and the few shortcuts i need06:47
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Marzatain 12.04 keyboard layouts somehow are broken or?07:50
astraljavaMarzata: What makes you say that?07:55
astraljavaThis close to release, you can be fairly certain that if we knew about it, but didn't have time to fix it, it'd be mentioned in the Release Notes.07:56
Unit193The default keybinds changed, there was something in the notes about it too.07:57
Marzatajust installed clean 12.04. Added keyboard layouts to the panel. All seems ok like 11.10. But I can't switch the layouts.07:57
astraljavaHmm... interesting. I'm in the middle of something here, but I can fire up a session in Parallels in about 20 minutes. Let me get back to you on that.08:05
=== jacky is now known as JackyAlcine
astraljavaMarzata: Well, I just added another layout, and then added the plugin to the panel, and clicking on the flag changes between them. How is it behaving on you?08:19
=== JackyAlcine is now known as jalcine
Marzatait does not respond on clicking08:20
Marzataastraljava: in this in 12.04?08:20
=== jalcine is now known as siibot
Marzatait is not clickable here08:22
=== siibot is now known as Jacky
Marzataalso when use the button Left Win - same08:23
astraljavaMarzata: Can you take a screenshot of the Properties. please?08:23
=== Jacky is now known as siibot
=== siibot is now known as jacky
Marzatayes, but properties work only once, on the 2nd attempt they are disabled.08:24
Marzataastraljava: can you receive it?08:28
astraljavaNo, please imagebin it.08:29
Marzataastraljava: http://imagebin.org/20994808:32
WizardDo you know how long will 10.04 be supported?08:33
astraljavaDesktop 3 years, server 5.08:33
astraljavaOh, sorry, Xubuntu? I'm not sure.08:33
astraljavaMarzata: Well, I have it almost exactly like you, only difference is the layouts used, and it works for me.08:36
astraljavaI will have to dig up some more info later on how to triage that particular problem.08:36
Marzataok thanks08:36
Wizardastraljava, thanks08:39
astraljavaWizard: http://xubuntu.org/news/10-04-release/ doesn't say either.08:41
WizardI just don't want to update my laptop at work08:41
astraljavaWizard: Well most of the archive packages get updates another year still. Some for three (if they fall under the server package set), but not sure about the Xubuntu-only related.08:43
xubuntu357ciao a tutti09:01
bepebeis there a network proxy gui, like the one in ubuntu. I have set /etc/apt/apt.conf and /etc/wgetrc with my proxy settings manually, but cannot seem to download Additional Drivers09:16
Marzatantp install craches from the menu09:23
dkrotxbepebe, maybe add *_proxy in /etc/environment to make 'em system-wide?09:26
bepebedkrotx, what do you exactly mean *_proxy, I am in /etc/enviroment now, what should I be typing?09:27
dkrotxhttp_proxy=...; just like as in wgetrc09:27
bepebeits blank at the moment, so I'll just add ftp_proxy, http_proxy and https_proxy and that should work ?09:28
dkrotxbepebe, just try it. I never did this way since I use no proxy. BTW, you have to reboot/reinit after that.09:31
bepebecheers dkrotx, will give it a try, much appreciated.09:31
bepebedkrotx, seems to be working, ever so slowly (no doubt due to the newest release) thank you ever so much!09:35
DarMar79Can someone help with adding folders to panels in xubuntu 12.04? how can i do that :)09:38
DarMar79for example my downloads folder09:39
Sysiadd launcher for file manager, edit it to have directory you want as working directory, or "thunar /path/to/" as executed command09:42
DarMar79ok,thanks ;)09:43
DarMar79Yeah! works great...thanks again :)09:49
AlanOk, so this is weird... there's a python-distribute-doc but no python-distribute?11:11
Shayani need some help11:12
Alanor, is python-setuptools now using distribute instead because they're API compatible?11:12
Shayanhow do i install software from tar.gz11:12
Shayanthis is what i am trying to install11:13
Shayanhow do i install it11:13
Shayanis anyone here?11:15
=== flaxo is now known as flaxoffline
ShayanY U NO RESPOND11:16
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:17
Shayanplease help11:17
Shayanhere's the link try it on your own pc11:18
knomeShayan, please refer to the install guide in the package11:21
Alanwhat knome said11:23
Alanthere's a file in there with a name that starts "install user guide"11:24
Shayanknome:the instal guide doesn't work i tried it that's why i am here11:29
Shayanwhen i run it nothing happens11:29
astraljavaMaybe you should talk to the authors of that software and let them know why their instructions fail?11:31
Shayanok i will try but thier CHINESE11:31
xubuntu976Hi can anyone tell me why xubuntu 12.04 LTS (according to the website) only has 3 years support while ubuntu 12.04 has 5 years?11:37
v1Nshi, as  kbdleds  made it  to 12.04  ?11:44
v1Nsim searching for it11:44
astraljavaxubuntu976: Because it's totally community-supported. We don't have enough manpower to do what Ubuntu does.11:48
=== SandJ is now known as Is
=== Is is now known as SandJ
astraljavav1Ns: Doesn't look like it.11:49
v1Nsit  takes  300mb of  libs  to compile it...11:52
v1Nsi have  a wireless KB  with  no  leds on it..11:52
v1Nsoh well11:53
* v1Ns is out11:53
bepebedo you get leds on a wireless kb ?11:53
v1Nsi dont think so11:53
v1Nswould eat the battery11:53
bepebemy receiver has the leds on it11:54
v1Nsdont start  that11:54
v1Nsi dont11:54
=== Wizard_ is now known as Wizard
Marzataany help to make xkb keyboard plugin work?12:59
MarzataI just installed it on VB and it worked. But on my thinkpad laptop simply doesn't work.13:00
MarzataI did reinstall it even.13:01
nishttal2Hi everyone.. i just installed Xubuntu 12.04, I have 3 monitors.. only one of them has the tray.. ther other two seem greyed out and have the same desktop icons as the first one13:30
nishttal2how can i fix this?13:30
nishttal2i mean.. the top bar13:31
nishttal2where i can drop launchers .. i guess its called panel?13:32
WizardAh, ok. Strange.. Is the bottom panel visible?13:32
nishttal2actually.. i dont see a bottom in any of my 3 monitors13:32
WizardAh, maybe 12.04 doesn't have bottom panel anymore.13:33
astraljavanishttal2: Maybe install arandr or grandr, and have a go with that? Multi-monitor setups can be tricky.13:33
nishttal2you know what.. if i hover over the bottom.. a mac os like tray pops up13:33
astraljavanishttal2: Yeah, that's the dock.13:34
nishttal2but only on the 1st monitor (which has a top panel)... nothing on the other 2 monitors13:34
WizardThat's a bottom panel. That is default. Go to panel options and select "strech to other displays" or something like this.13:34
nishttal2so I have 2 X-screens setup.. Screen 0 is the 1st monitor and Screen 1 has twinview over the other 2 monitors13:35
nishttal2how can I make Screen 1 the primary for Xubuntu13:35
donavan01can anyone tell me how I apply themes I can download from xfce-look.org?  the has nothing in it and i can find a how to on the site13:39
nishttal2astraljava, Wizard there is something wrong with the window manager as well.. please see the http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ljj0yc&s=613:40
nishttal2and http://i46.tinypic.com/2jaf984.png for the 2nd screen13:41
nishttal2notice how the title is blurry on the 1st one13:41
Wizarddonavan01, You move theme direcotry (containing gtkrc file) to ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes13:42
Wizardnishttal2, I suggest using twin view for all monitors.13:42
donavan01Wizard thank you ... i figured it was easy but I didnt know what to do13:43
WizardYou are welcome, donavan01.13:43
nishttal2Wizard, i had the same setup with Ubuntu 10.10 and I used it for 2+yrs13:43
nishttal2Wizard, used to that now13:43
frombennywhy a shortcut Super+T for the Terminal instead of Ctrl+Alt+T in Ubuntu or Lubuntu ? Super+T in Unity is for trash !13:43
donavan01is there a way to copy files from within thunar without having to open it with SUDO13:49
forestpiskiedonavan01: if you're using it to move root owned things then it needs root rights, shouldn't need root rights other than that and if you're opening a gui app with root better to use gksudo I believe13:51
donavan01well im just trying to move a theme into the /usr/share/themes directory but its having none of that13:52
forestpiskiegksudo thunar then or do it from a terminal13:53
WizardYes, donavan01, but you can put that in ~/.themes13:53
WizardWhich I do.13:53
donavan01by ~/ what do you mean ... my home directory?13:53
WizardYes, donavan01.13:53
donavan01ok thats what I thought13:54
Wizardnishttal2, Did you use xfce on Ubuntu 10.10 with that setup?13:54
WizardSeems not. :)13:55
donavan01so uhmm I dont have  ~/.themes13:56
frombennyCtrl+H to see hidden folders13:56
Wizarddonavan01, If you don't have it - create it :)13:57
donavan01yeah I told it to show hidden13:57
donavan01wizard didnt know if that would work13:57
WizardWhy so?13:58
donavan01just didnt know ... still a noob in linux wasnt sure if it would look there without me telling it13:58
nmittalWizard, no i was using whatever Ubuntu 10.10 came with.. this is the first time I am trying Xubuntu.. bcoz i dont like Unity or Gnome313:59
nmittalWizard, is there no way to make Screen 1 as primary and not Screen 014:03
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
WizardI understand. XFCE may have problems with xinerama.14:04
WizardI don't know how to set main screen, maybe grandr has such option.14:04
WizardI'm gonna check.14:04
nmittalcould i use something other than XFCE on Xubuntu14:04
nmittalor does it then defeat the purpose14:04
nmittalUnable to locate package grandr14:05
holsteinyou can install whatever desktop you want in ubuntu14:05
koegsi prefer arandr14:05
* holstein +1 for arandr14:05
forestpiskieI thought there was Wizard - got 2 monitors here14:05
forestpiskie+1 from me too14:05
nmittalwhen i start arandr it just shows me the current xscreen.. my 3rd monitor runs a different xscreen14:07
dkrotxnmittal, I had the same problem with my Nvidia card; Even if I select "Make Primary" in Nvidia Server Setting, it just had no sence. Then I detached display I want to make *secondary*, restarted X, attached it back and restarted X server again. And now it's fine.14:07
WizardI also have 2 monitors14:08
nmittalWizard, i have 414:08
nmittalWizard, 314:08
holsteinMyrtti: maybe take a minute to explore arandr.. make sure you look under the menu options14:08
WizardOk, I have to go home. See you :)14:08
WizardAnd I agree, arandr is better, thanks holstein14:08
Myrttiholstein: huhwhat?14:09
nmittalholstein, there is nothing that looks relevant under the menu options14:09
nmittalWizard, thanks for your help.. later14:09
nmittaldkrotx, detach?? unplug?14:09
holsteinMyrtti: that was a typo pinging you... sorry :)14:09
dkrotxnmittal, yea, unplug )14:10
nmittaldkrotx, ok worth a try14:10
nmittaldkrotx, do you use compiz at all?14:10
koegsnmittal: what graphics-card are u using?14:10
holsteinnmittal: under "outputs", if you dont see the graphics card outputs there, you might explore 3rd party drivers and/or other kernel versions14:10
nmittalkoegs, Nvidia quadro 42014:10
dkrotxnmittal, afaik - no.14:11
koegsnmittal: did you use nvidia-settings for configuration?14:11
nmittalkoegs, yes14:11
koegsshould be some option in the nvidia-settings, i think14:12
nmittalkoegs, so I have 2 X-screens setup.. Screen 0 is the 1st monitor and Screen 1 has twinview over the other 2 monitors14:12
koegswhy 2 X?14:12
nmittali want 4 desktops/workspaces on 1 screen and 1 on the other14:13
nmittalthats how i've always had it setup on ubuntu 10.1014:13
koegshm, ok, got no clue14:13
acalbazai've update to 12.04 lts, do i need to do anything special to update xfce?14:15
drcacalbaza: assuming you had xubuntu/xfce installed before...no.14:22
acalbazadrc: thanks14:23
drcacalbaza: For what it's worth, XFCE 4.10 is/was (?) due to be released tomorrow :)14:26
acalbazadrc: so i should look to update the xfce pacakge tomorrow14:26
drcI wouldn't14:27
baizonis it really tomorrow?14:28
drcI doubt seriously that the Xubuntu team will have even a ppa ready that quickly.14:28
baizondrc: there is a ppa already :D14:28
drchttp://www.xfce.org/ says "...final 4.10 release which is set to be pushed out to the world on April 28th, 2012."14:28
Alanis it possible to actually make use of gnome-keyring-daemon properly in Xubuntu?  you don't get any of the nice things that GNOME seems to get from it, and i notice in auth.log you get "couldn't set environment variable in session: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files"14:29
baizondrc: yes indeed just saw it14:29
drcbaizon: a ppa, huh?14:33
Mike-Linux-NLHello everyone :)14:33
baizondrc: https://launchpad.net/~mrpouit/+archive/ppa14:34
baizonits currently pre214:34
Mike-Linux-NLI installed Xubuntu 12.04 LTS yesterday, and i must say i am pleased! i finally have a desktop enviroment so i can escape Unity and Gnome3 Shell14:34
baizonbut i would recommend this one14:34
baizonnice to hear Mike-Linux-NL :)14:35
Mike-Linux-NLi do have a small problem tho14:35
Mike-Linux-NLi installed rhytmbox as my default audio player, and when i use my laptops hotkeys to change or mute volume, the animation works, but the volume wont change14:35
Mike-Linux-NLsame in vlc and totem, wich i also installed...14:36
Mike-Linux-NLi know the hotkeys work. but the volume control underneath is not working... only with the mouse...14:37
baizondid it work wirk xubuntu 11.10?14:37
drcMike-Linux-NL: Check to see if xfce4-volumed is installed14:37
r3dl0cHas anyone seen problems with users who are authenticated through winbind not being able to access the root window?14:38
Mike-Linux-NLdrc: its installed....14:38
Mike-Linux-NLheres a screenie of my desktop: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4260461/Screenshots/Xubuntu-Precise.jpg14:38
Mike-Linux-NLxubuntu with ambiance and made it look like gnome2 :)14:39
Mike-Linux-NLi even was able to flip my webcam using a script for libv4l, and that works... now the volume control buttons need to be fixed14:39
baizonis it cairo dock?14:39
drcI was going to say, that looks like gnome2 :)14:39
Mike-Linux-NLno, docky14:39
Mike-Linux-NL]yerah well, i dont like the default xfce look.... they should have made it with ambiance and radiance by default to blend in the ubuntu family14:40
baizonMike-Linux-NL: i agree with that :)14:41
Mike-Linux-NLso i uninstalled most xfce apps, and replaced them with the gnome and kde apps i use14:41
drcheavens NO!14:41
Mike-Linux-NLi use xfce as a the base to drive my apps14:42
drcI don't understand why use xubuntu if you totally change the look and apps, that's just ubuntu?14:42
Mike-Linux-NLso i dont neeed to use unity or gnome3 shell that is forced down our throats...14:42
Mike-Linux-NLnow i run xfce and it looks and feels like the gnome2 that i always use14:43
bepebeMike-Linux-NL, what theme you got, looks a hash-up of a couple?14:43
Mike-Linux-NLits ambiance14:43
drcSo...why not use MATE?14:43
Mike-Linux-NLcause MATE is not complete and immature for now14:43
Mike-Linux-NLi also tried cinnamon14:43
baizoncinnamon is windows 7 like14:43
baizonnot gnome 214:44
dekkzlooks more like a mish mash which always gives problems14:44
Mike-Linux-NLyeah but yoy have a regular menu14:44
Mike-Linux-NLi HATE dash14:44
Mike-Linux-NLmy laptop is not a tablet!14:44
drcMike-Linux-NL: Have you looked at SalixOS with MATE?14:44
baizontablet = gnome shell14:44
baizoni like unity :)14:44
Mike-Linux-NLwhat ubuntu is doing with unity and Gnome3 is what windows is doing with windows 814:45
Mike-Linux-NLi was so NOT looking forward to the 12.04 release...14:46
Mike-Linux-NLcause it means i have to use it.. and thats why i tried out Xubuntu and altered it to my needs14:46
koegsguys, #xubuntu-offtopic does exist :)14:46
Mike-Linux-NLbtw, is there a possibillity to install unity-greeter without the 128mb of extra dependancies?14:47
bepebeMike-Linux-NL, was it a gtk theme or an xfce theme14:50
Mike-Linux-NLwell, at first i tried a ppa. but it messed up the look of gnome apps like nautilus. white text on white background. then i found a gtk/xfce theme with support for xfwm on gnome look. so installed that, and then i installed the light-themes package from the repo. now it works like a charm. i can give you the tar.gz file for the theme?14:52
Mike-Linux-NLthis is the theme i used: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4260461/141027-Ubuntu%20Ambiance%20for%20XFCE.tar.gz14:52
Mike-Linux-NLinstall thaat first, then the light-themes package from the ubuntu repository and then add the faenza ppa if you want...14:53
autifThis seems to be new in precise - I am installing using sudo apt-get install libsdl-image1.2-dev, then I get a dependency error, The following packages have unmet dependencies: libsdl-image1.2-dev : Depends: libjpeg-dev, Depends: libtiff4-dev but it is not going to be installed. I have done apt-get clean all && apt-get update - What now?14:56
Mike-Linux-NLno one knows how to fix my sound control?15:03
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:04
Mike-Linux-NLi think i should submit it as a bug15:07
Mike-Linux-NLi am checking the pulse packages and here is something that i notice...15:09
Mike-Linux-NLthere are 2 packeges who are similar15:09
Mike-Linux-NLindicator-sound  and indicator-sound-gtk15:10
Mike-Linux-NLcould it be that it is operating the indicator-sound but NOT the indicator-sound-gtk ?15:10
Mike-Linux-NL_ok, i logged off, and back on, and now the volume control is working again. Is there a log file i could check to see what made it crash?15:13
autifmay be in /var/log/syslog15:25
Mike-Linux-NLthank you :)15:26
Mike-Linux-NLi was checking /var/log/messages first, but it didnt exist15:26
autifalso /var/log/dmesg.0 is the last kernel log - so it will have all kernel messages form the previous boot15:27
TylerHello. Can I ask for some help, please?15:28
WizardHi Tyler, do not ask to ask, just ask. :)15:29
nmittalok i am replacing my Nvidia card with a kickass AMD card (far too many issues with nvidia+linux)...15:33
nmittalquestion.. should i look forward to a decent multimonitor setup with xubunutu or try unity or gnome3?15:33
nmittali dont like unity or gnome3.. but do need multimonitors to work properly15:33
Mike-Linux-NLnmittal: i found this: http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/12/how-to-dual-monitor-setup-on-xfce.html15:35
nmittalMike-Linux-NL, thanks15:37
Mike-Linux-NLi would stick to Nvidia tho.15:37
Mike-Linux-NLinstall the nvidia-settings, so you can use Xinerama15:38
Mike-Linux-NLcombine two screens to 1 desktop15:38
Mike-Linux-NLyet you can fullscreen an app on each screen seperatly15:38
Mike-Linux-NLas far as i know ati does not support that feature?15:39
donavan01Is there some sort of theme manager that will take care of downloading and installing themes from some repo or am i stuck going through a long list one by one hoping they work when installed and then trying to find all the different icon packs... I get that the whole its better for customizing but its also a pain15:39
Mike-Linux-NLdonavan01: there is no theme changer app available. i think there was before, but i couldnt find one now either. only thing to do is downloading the tar.gz theme files and extract them into .themes into your home directory or as root (system wide) in /usr/share/themes15:41
Mike-Linux-NLits too bad tho, that after all these years there still isnt a "drag&drop" feature in XFCE like there was on regular gnome15:42
Alanxubuntu's gnome-keyring handling is so broken :|15:43
donavan01Mike-Linux-NL .... pitty ... you would think that with all the developers out there someone would realize its a giant pain doing it this way and eiher make something like a code repo for themes15:44
dekkzdevelopers dont care about themes15:44
donavan01some do15:44
dekkzno users do15:44
Mike-Linux-NLdonavan01: well i think its because XFCE is not a popular desktop enviroment, so nobody cared. However, Since XFCE is a very good choice to avoid Unity and gnome3 shell, i hope its going to change15:45
WizardI am a developer and I care about themes15:45
WizardDefault xubuntu theme is really nice and I like it :)15:46
Mike-Linux-NLWell Wizard , make the theme changer app! :)15:46
donavan01thank you wizard for making my point :)15:46
WizardHmm.. If xubuntu-look.org has some api.. why not?15:46
Sysithere's some theme changer app in existance, but I think it's abit bugsy15:46
Mike-Linux-NLin the meantime, here's a wiki how to change/install themes in XFCE: http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/install_new_themes15:46
Sysiit's available in xfce-look.org15:47
Mike-Linux-NLWizard: KDE does that already? they implemented kde-look.org in thier theme changer15:47
Mike-Linux-NLso you can download wallpapers, color schemes and themes from the desktop itself15:48
WizardAh, right.15:48
WizardIt's a very nice feature for virus downloading :)15:48
donavan01thats a nice touch on KDE's part15:48
Wizardwhat an awfull theme :D15:49
Mike-Linux-NLthe app could be usefull tho15:50
SysiI could use more grey/white theme.. if I found one as bugfree one as greybird15:50
Mike-Linux-NLcan somebody make a deb out of it?15:50
tuples_running the upgrade now, can someone make my internet connection faster? :p15:50
* Wizard casts turn to dust on tuples' connection.15:51
Sysiclean install takes like half an hour, quick setting up and good to go :P15:51
donavan01we will all think real hard about your connection maybe it will make it seem faster for you15:52
donavan01sysi ... nice find Im going to give it a go15:52
Sysiyou know why geeks drink so much coffee right? :P15:52
Mike-Linux-NLi had 3 mugs of coffee in the past hours...15:53
Mike-Linux-NLnow i had too much15:53
Sysinow I shall download 12.04 and maybe enlarge my root partition15:54
donavan01you know I think I might be the only geek out there that doesnt like coffee15:54
Sysienergy drinks?15:54
Mike-Linux-NLdonavan01: you probably sleep a lot then :P15:55
WizardI don't drink coffee and energy drinks.15:55
WizardAnd definitely I'm a geek.15:56
Sysi(oh, we're going offtopic)15:56
Sysicdimage.ubuntu.com feels still slow, torrent ♥15:58
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INF_RhysHi there!16:16
caenceli'm installing Xubuntu, while completes the installation i decided to give it a try here, pretty good so far, but the wizard's composition shadow left a gray background, that somehow broken the look of the wizard16:21
caencelyou aren't quite chatty, right?16:23
=== hobgoblin is now known as forestpiskie
caenceloh well, the average support i guess, the wizard just finished so i'm leaving, have a good day16:24
=== IdleOne is now known as pangolin
drcInteresting...hibernation is disabled by default in 12.04?16:32
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
AlanHELL YES! I tamed the gnome-keyring-daemon beast!16:37
CogitoWhy hibernation was disable in all buntus?16:38
forestpiskiedrc: yea that's right16:38
forestpiskieCogito: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-desktop-privileges/+bug/81239416:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 812394 in Ayatana Design "Disable hibernate option by default" [High,Fix released]16:38
drcAlan: And you <are> going to share...right?16:39
Alandrc: https://gist.github.com/251066716:41
Alanbasically, I wrote a wrapper script that acts like things like ssh-agent and dbus-launch, and then put it at the appropriate place in the Xsession.d, which builds the command to start the X session16:42
Alanit needs to be "inside" the dbus session and "inside" the ssh-agent (which you could probably disable since you don't need it any more)16:43
AlanTIL that Xsession.d just builds a command line back-to-front before executing it16:43
AlanI couldn't find a cleaner way to do it, unfortunately :(16:44
Alanbut at least now i have gnome-keyring-daemon with a working login.keyring16:45
Alanand also with g-k-d asking for and storing SSH key passwords for the duration of the session16:45
Kingsyanyone having problems upgrading my package manager says "I need to check my internet connection" haha wtf? I am on irc on the same box16:51
jarnosMy xfce session/desktop is corrupted. How do you reset it?17:00
Sysirm -rf ~17:00
Sysiwhoops nononono17:00
Sysirm -rf ~/.cache/sessions17:00
Sysikids, that's why you shouldn't use -f17:01
jarnosSysi, ok thanks, I'll try.17:01
dekkzkingsy: was getting that yesterday just assumed servers were getting hammered17:04
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donavan01I need some help ... I have been chasing down a network issues for the past few days... I finally found out that it was the mtu size and after manually changing it through ifconfig I have no most issues ... however it does not stay resident and it also is not linked to the ssid but linked to the wlan0 so even if I made it resident for wlan0 it would just mess up the other connection I use... I tried editing it in the network 18:17
Kingsyanyone else getting that?18:25
donavan01getting what?18:26
Kingsyoh sorry I will repeat my question18:26
Kingsyanyone having problems upgrading my package manager says "I need to check my internet connection" haha wtf? I am on irc on the same box18:26
PiciKingsy: choose a different mirror18:27
donavan01yeah ... the servers are getting banged hardcore today with the upgrade to 12.0418:27
Kingsyah ok .. so just wait..18:27
KingsyPici: where can I choose the mirrors?18:27
PiciKingsy: I'm not sure which tool in xubuntu does it.18:28
Kingsyis it not just a case of editing a file?18:28
forestpiskieKingsy: run software-properties-gtk18:36
forestpiskiechoose a new server from the list - or let it search for the best one - you'll be asked for password18:37
forestpiskiethough I suspect most will be slow atm18:37
magarwalwhwn i choose compiz as the window manager through Compiz Fusion icon, under ubuntu 12.04 , all window freezes18:38
knomemagarwal, ubuntu or xubuntu ?18:39
magarwalknome, xubuntu18:39
Unit193Never used it, but "debtorrent" may actually be faster. :P18:39
knomemagarwal, xubuntu and compiz are not officiall supported18:39
magarwalknome, so there is no way we can use compiz with xubuntu18:40
knomemagarwal, i'm not saying that, but we're not officially supporting it (thus it means the developer team is not actively testing it either, or asking to test it)18:41
knomemagarwal, there are many tutorials online for that, but i'm not sure if there is any for precise yet18:41
magarwalknome, ok18:41
magarwalknome, i am able o get windows movement work, allowing move window from ccsm, but not able to rotate desktop (rotate cube), any suggestions18:51
knomemagarwal, i don't know compiz at all18:51
magarwalknome, thanks18:55
Kingsyhow do you guys generally upgrade anyways? using the manager? or fresh?18:55
knomeKingsy, if a fresh install isn't too painful, that's the best solution18:56
Kingsyfresh seems like a total farce.. as you wuold have to reinstall all applications.. settings are saved which is fair enough.. but still18:56
Kingsyknome: is that what you do?18:56
knomeKingsy, depends, sometimes i do a fresh install18:56
knomewhatever you do, remember to backup18:57
astraljavaI usually sync data to other machines, and also copy safe the few conf files I can't live without (.vimrc, .bashrc are pretty much the ones).19:02
astraljavaThen do a fresh install.19:02
astraljavaMost of my machines have at least two hard drives, though. So I install the dev release already quite early on, so then I have stable safe when testing/developing. On release date, I then have "old-stable" and stable. When stable is _really_ stable, I install dev release on top of old-stable.19:04
astraljavaDid that confuse everybody proper?19:05
Kingsyknome: I don't really need to backup .. I have a seperate drive for ~19:06
astraljavaKingsy: Yea, but user conf files are under $HOME, and when dist-upgrading enough, at some point the conf file format could change, thus causing some nasty quirks.19:09
yusuohey im having trouble with my net speed inside xubuntu, mainly updating, chrome and firefox i get the full 1.3mb/s but the updating service im getting no more than 40kb/s19:09
yusuoany ideas19:09
astraljavaKingsy: Also, the drives go bad at some point.19:09
astraljavayusuo: Release was just yesterday?19:10
astraljavaI think that's a fairly good idea.19:10
gmgallHi everyone. I'm testing Xubuntu 12.19:11
knomegmgall, you mean 12.0419:12
knomeoh right...19:12
knomegmgall, you mean 12.0419:12
Kingsyah ok, well I wll do a rsync across to my mirror before I upgrade then :)19:13
yusuohey im having trouble with my net speed inside xubuntu, mainly updating, chrome and firefox i get the full 1.3mb/s but the updating service im getting no more than 40kb/s19:14
astraljavayusuo: Release was just yesterday? There are like millions of people upgrading right now.19:15
gmgallHi everyone. I'm testing Xubuntu 12.04 and xfce4-terminal is becoming a zombie process despite it not being crashed.19:15
Unit193yusuo: Yeah, many people updating.19:15
gmgallxterm works normally19:15
yusuobut even grabbing files such as deluge and vlc19:16
Unit193Yeah, you're pulling them from the same repo people are using to update.19:16
Unit193You could maybe try a local one if you aren't already.19:16
knomeright, good reminder19:16
* knome starts seeding the torrents19:16
yusuoits going now so oh well19:16
gmgallIt looks like a unsolved bug: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-terminal/+question/18870619:17
Cr1shello - i am new to xUbuntu - and i would like to know how to delay the tooltips19:25
Cr1shello - i am new to xUbuntu - and i would like to know how to delay the tooltips19:26
acmeincthe setting is in the Settings Manager, i bleieve its called notifications19:26
Cr1snot the notifications19:26
Cr1sthe tooltips taht apppear everywhere19:27
Cr1slike application menu, windows buttons in pannel19:28
jdtm-like when you hold your mouse over a menu entry, the tooltip shows up19:28
Cr1sYES :) thant's right19:28
Cr1show can i delay them ?19:28
Cr1sthey appear too fast19:29
jdtm-no idea lol19:29
jdtm-i just knew what you were talking about19:29
Cr1sufff ...19:29
epodHi, when I try and run Wow, I get the following problem: aoss wine Wow.exe19:34
epodERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libaoss.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.19:34
epodpadsp wine Wow.exe gives a similar issue. Sound works, but Wow locks out any other apps from my sound card19:34
rmcelligI just installed xubuntu 12.04 and I can't figure out where to change the time zone and time19:36
jdtm-settings > calendar19:37
jdtm-for timezone anyway19:37
jdtm-rmcellig ^19:38
rmcelligThanks! Is there a way to change from 24 hour format to 12 hour format?19:38
epodsigh, and google is very unhelpful, unless this problem has been going on since 2006... since all I find are old posts.19:39
jdtm-i dont know about WoW since i dont play it, but19:40
jdtm-scroll down to howto19:40
jdtm-and as long as you follow it it outta work epod19:41
jdtm-rmcellig, right click on the clock in lower right hand corner >  properties19:42
Unit193epod: There sure is! It's in the settings in the clock applet, Right click > Properties19:42
jdtm-i forgot i moved my bar from default19:42
jdtm-wherever your clock is :P19:43
rmcelligfound it19:43
jdtm-and wrong guy unit19:43
Unit193jdtm-: Wow, don't know how I did that...19:44
Unit193And right after you too.19:44
donavan01hey can some folks check this out for me open a terminal  once its open see if your process you just started goes zombie ... seems like there is a glitch in 12.04 (at least)          ps aux | grep Z19:50
jdtm-told me chromium and terminal were zombies19:54
jdtm-brb shotgun time19:54
epodjdtm-, it works fine, it just locks out the audio device, so I cant have audio in wow and, say, play music in gmusicbrowser19:55
epodor, if im playing music before wow starts, then wow has no sound19:55
jdtm-heh, ive been having audio issues myself, so i cant be of much help19:56
Unit193I always check the arch wiki on that, has helped in the past and I've had some issues with that type of thing, I think there's a fix in there actually.19:56
aguiteli am running xubuntu 12.04 with nvidia-current driver and glxgears say:37 frames in 5.1 seconds =  7.300 FPS ,why ?19:57
Cr1sHello - i have asked earlier how to delay tooltips - and i found the answer19:58
jdtm-which was....?19:58
astraljavaaguitel: pastebin the output of `glxinfo`, please.19:58
hydesteris xubuntu precise missing lock screen?19:59
Cr1syou have to create a file in your home directory named : .gtkrc-2.019:59
Cr1sin that file you can enter these settings :19:59
aguitelastraljava, ok19:59
astraljavaCr1s: If you hadn't left so promptly, I could have given you that answer in here, too. But it was a lesson in patience for you.19:59
Cr1sgtk-enable-tooltips = 0 disable tooltips19:59
jdtm-i thought you wanted to just slow them down though?19:59
jdtm-i coulda told you that20:00
jdtm-(after 2 mins of googling)20:00
Cr1sgtk-tooltip-browse-timeout = 100020:00
Cr1sgtk-tooltip-timeout = 100020:00
aguitelastraljava, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/588150/20:00
Cr1sand there is also gtk-tooltip-browse-mode-timeout - but i didn't test it20:00
Cr1sall i did is :20:01
Cr1sgtk-enable-tooltips = 120:01
Cr1sgtk-tooltip-browse-timeout = 100020:01
Cr1sgtk-tooltip-timeout = 100020:01
Cr1si don't know if this is ok ... but ... it somehow work20:01
knomeCr1s, are you helping somebody out? if not, please do not paste multiline text20:01
Cr1sk - sorry20:01
jdtm-he was just showing me something.20:02
astraljavaaguitel: Hmm, seems fine to me. Ok, please pastebin `sudo lshw -c display`.20:03
=== pAt_ is now known as Guest80631
astraljavaaguitel: Can you check if you are bitten by this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/982710/comments/1120:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 982710 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "[regression] Nvidia 295.40 driver is extremely slow" [High,Triaged]20:09
aguitelastraljava, this ussue are in precise only ?20:10
astraljavaaguitel: No idea, I haven't used a machine with nVidia cards for the past few weeks.20:11
aguitelastraljava, ok20:11
epodI'm having issues with THIS problem - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-oss/+bug/173487 - which has apparently been an open bug since 2007/2008!?!?!20:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 173487 in alsa-oss (Ubuntu) "AOSS 64Bits - ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/$LIB/libaoss.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:20
epodI even apt-get install alsa-oss:i386 and the error persists20:21
epodcan anyone help?20:23
astraljavaepod: I have a feeling that Alsa's OSS-emulation hasn't been worked on for years anymore. Maybe that's why bugs filed against it don't get resolved. But I'm not _really_ sure about this. Just get this hunch while browsing the 'net and googling around.20:34
astraljavaepod: For instance, on Alsa's domain, the only link to oss-emulation dates back to almost a decade.20:34
epodastraljava, the issue is, padsp does the same thing, unless I install libpulsedsp:i386, in which case I get no errors, but the sound issues (i.e. wow can't have sound whilst anything else does) still persists.20:35
epodit's like it's wow vs. every other app on my system for control of my sound card20:36
epodand I can't change wine from ALSA to pulse in winecfg20:36
epodI don't see the option20:36
knomei'd imagine that's easier to work around than alsa stuff20:36
astraljavaNo idea, sorry can't help you there. Good luck!20:37
epodI'm not sure what to do, and im getting frustrated, cause pulseaudio has constantly been an issue for YEARS.  Why do devs include broken crap!?20:37
astraljavaPlease mind the language, and acknowledge that this is work in progress, and not many for that project either are being paid for their efforts.20:40
epodbugs open since 2007 though... I mean, I know its people volunteering, but, why release something that isnt even being fixed or kept up? rem ove20:40
epod*it ought to be removed or repaired.20:40
astraljavaepod: Volunteering? Either way, you won't get your money back.20:41
holsteinepod: its open... you can help if you'd like :)20:41
astraljavaAnd with that, I'm off. G'night.20:41
epodholstein, that'd be helpful if I was a developer.  I am not.  I'd *like* to support open source and use it, but things like this don't give me much faith.  And everyone just goes "oh well, lets add different shiny unity stuff instead of fixing what's broken!"20:42
holsteinseems like you have a rather hardware specific issue as well20:42
epodno, it isnt hardware20:43
epodat all.20:43
epodmy sound works20:43
holsteinpulling pulse out globaly is not an option20:43
epodits ONLY wine with padsp or aoss.20:43
holsteinbut, you can take it out if you'd like20:43
epodand the bug has been open since 2007.  and is current to 12.04.20:43
holsteinbut, wine is not default, correct?20:43
epodholstein, its in the repos, I'm not using a ppa.20:44
holsteinepod: the default installation is not effected20:44
epodwine 1.420:44
holsteinsure, but there are lots of cases in the repos that are likely not tested20:44
holsteinor present issues20:44
holsteindoesnt mean wine should be pulled out20:44
holsteinanyways... sounds like you are rightly frustrated20:44
epodthen why are they in there? someone goes "Ohm, I want to use this app" and then it doesnt work, so they get mad/frustated, and tell people linux sucks.20:45
holsteinand i can only suggested following the proper chanels20:45
epodNOT a good way to attract users,  and the proper channels (i.e. launchpad) have had the bug open for five yearsd.,20:45
holsteinepod: lots of things contain bugs, and cases where things break20:45
epodso I dont expect that's going to be any help20:45
holsteinepod: you dont know though20:45
holsteinepod:  and that IS the way to do it20:45
holsteinepod: there is usualy likely a good reason20:46
holsteinepod: the only way to know is to follow up20:46
epodWell, my bi-yearly attempt to switch to linux for freedom, to support choice, etc, fails again, and its back to windows, because something trivial like playing sound in two programs at a time fails.20:46
epodthanks for trying at least20:46
holsteinim not trying anything20:46
epodI meant trying to help20:46
holsteinbut i have worked around some issues like that20:46
epodwasnt being sarcastic.20:46
holsteini didnt just switch to linux one day20:46
holsteintook be about 3 or 4 years to move everything over20:47
holsteintook me*20:47
epodthe problem is I cant FIND a workaround, and when a bug has been open for five years, trying to google search a solution is an exercise in frustration, encountering threads for ubuntu 8.1020:47
holsteinto team speak?20:47
holsteinuse other software20:48
epodI'll reiterate20:48
holsteinuse native software20:48
holsteinif you are trying to use WINE, i think you can always expect some hassle20:48
holsteini think WINE is great though20:48
epodWow (i.e. wine) has sound, IF I am not using any other sound app when it starts.  However, if Wow has sound, no other app can have sound.20:48
astraljavaOkay, one more thing to say. epod, feel free to continue using proprietary systems. Please come back when you've grasped the concept of volunteer work, and how it changes the procedures, processes and resources in such a huge eco-system like a linux distribution is.20:48
epodpadsp doesnt fix it, aoss doesnt fix it.20:48
epodastraljava, you're never going to succeed unless things work.  And no one seems to care.  It's endemic to the community.  attitude seems to be 'if it doesnt work, you shouldnt be trying to do it'20:49
holsteinepod: but, if you are trying to run non-native code, you are going to have issues20:49
astraljavaThere are likely a million of different variations of applications and processes intertwined. It's a pretty hardcore idea to insist every one of them being tested and assured during a release cycle.20:49
holsteinand thats likely why it cant be "fixed"20:49
holsteini would look for native apps that have a similar workflow20:50
epodholstein, its wine.  which IS native code.  It's a pulseaudio/alsa or sound subsystem issue with the 32bit app20:50
holsteinwhich is not always possible, thought more and more likely20:50
astraljavaepod: I'm not going to even respond to such blanket statements. The world isn't black and white, and FLOSS even less so.20:50
holsteinepod: what you are runnin in WINE is what im refering to20:50
epodthe issue is the sound system, IN ubuntu, becuase it works in fedora.20:50
holsteinepod: what ever windows application20:50
epodso why the heck SHOULDNT it work in ubuntu20:50
holsteinepod: not sure20:50
holsteinwine rev20:50
holsteinalsa version.. kernel20:51
epodthats the thing, BUG SINCE 200720:51
holsteinyou can test and report20:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 173487 in alsa-oss (Ubuntu) "AOSS 64Bits - ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/$LIB/libaoss.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:51
holsteinepod: yeah, but i dont have that test case20:51
holsteinlots of folks done20:51
epodfixed in OTHER distros20:51
holsteinepod: you are needed to help fix it maybe20:51
epodso its ubuntu.20:51
holsteinepod: if its fixed in debian, it'll trickle in20:51
holsteinepod: so, is it fixed upstream?20:51
* epod sighs20:51
holsteinhave you looked there for a bug?20:51
holsteinepod: at some point, we need to be contructive20:52
holsteinif you just want to bash ubuntu, thats fine20:52
holsteinyou dont have to like it20:52
epodyou guys just really dont get it.  YOU SHOULD NOT SHIP A PRODUCT THAT, for a VERY common use (program with 10 MILLION USERS) does NOT work.20:52
holsteinits just.. lest come up with something positive that averone can benifit from20:52
holsteinoh well.. that could have gone better i suppose...20:53
astraljava*shrugs* There'll always be people like that.20:54
astraljavaDon't lose your sleep over it.20:54
holsteinnah.. its just that ive been frustrated like that before... like about my firewire device... before i really understood what was going on20:54
astraljavaWe tried to make him/her understand. Maybe [s]he will, some day. Until that, I hardly think there'll be contributions coming from that direction anyway. :)20:55
mongywhat was epod running in wine btw?  I can't see through all the whining.21:06
holsteinmongy: thats what i was wondering... i didnt see it either21:07
holsteini saw teamspeak referenced in the bug report21:07
knomei think he had problems running WoW21:08
knomei thought blizzard had an extensive support page for linux too21:08
holsteini bet.. thats not trivial is it?21:08
knomewell, blizzard has been putting some effort to make it work well21:08
knomeand my understanding is that many are able to run it on linux with next to no problems, or no problems at all21:09
Unit193SC2 I hear was teseted on wine when they made it.  Have you checked the !appdb?21:09
knomesimcity 2?21:09
mongywell, wine in repo and wine from the ppa are different experiences.  maybe he should learn a bit more.21:09
knomethat's offtopic anyway, -offtopic if you want to continue on the subject :)21:11
* knome will be there too21:11
Unit193knome: Idiot, StarCraft2 (dont, really)21:11
knome/kick Unit19321:12
knomeoops, that didn't work21:12
dougb_freebsdHowdy campers21:28
* knome is not camping21:28
dougb_freebsdwhen I was using "regular" ubuntu it had the feature that if I typed 'ssh some.host' and my ssh key was not already cached, it would pop up a dialog to ask me for the password21:29
dougb_freebsdI think it was gnome keyring manager21:29
Unit193*BAM* 'eadshot21:29
Unit193You can install seahorse if it isn't already.21:29
dougb_freebsdI did that .... and I see my ssh, pgp, etc. keys21:30
dougb_freebsdbut seahorse seems to want to configure a key for every host I log into21:30
Unit193I personally recommend using .ssh/config as you get tabcomplete with ssh and scp, along with per host config21:30
dougb_freebsdwell, my ssh config is set up just fine :)21:31
dougb_freebsdbut what's happening is that when I try to ssh into a host, rather than the key manager/agent thing kicking in, I get prompted for the pass to the key on the command line, as if no agent were running at all21:32
dougb_freebsdso I feel like I'm missing a step, I'm just not sure what it is21:33
Unit193What version are you using? I personally get errors like "WARNING: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-wpDvk8/pkcs11: No such file or directory" that could indicate something, do you also?21:33
Unit193I have mine setup differently, so I don't think I'll be of much help and differ to knome.21:33
dougb_freebsdI installed 11.10, and just ran the upgrade to 12.0421:34
knomeno idea21:34
dougb_freebsdI don't see any error messages on the command line, just the prompt for the key password21:34
dougb_freebsdthere is a /tmp/keyring-foo/control socket that is owned by me, so it doesn't look like an access issue21:35
dougb_freebsdalso, ssh-agent is definitely running21:37
dougb_freebsdssh-add -l21:38
dougb_freebsdThe agent has no identities.21:38
dougb_freebsdand I can use ssh-add just fine21:38
=== Cristiano is now known as Guest84810
adresdenhas anything changed in Precise that would affect the quality of the fonts?22:27
knomeadresden, is something wrong?22:28
dougb_freebsdadresden: looking at the update log I would say yes, quite a bit :)22:28
Mike-Linux-NLHello everyone22:28
Unit193dougb_freebsd: Get anywhere?22:29
adresdenknome, just not as clean around the edges...using same settings as Oneri22:29
Unit193ps aux |grep keyring  and try that on the other desktop, it's not much, but *maybe*22:30
dougb_freebsdUnit193: not sure what you mean by other desktop?22:30
knomeadresden, you can check the settings at the "appearance" section in the settings manager (tab 'fonts')22:30
adresdenyeah played with that22:31
knomeadresden, are you talking of *all* fonts, or fonts in a specific place?22:32
adresdencould it be the default x11 settings have varied?22:32
adresdenall fonts, yes22:32
knomeit's possible there is some changes there too22:32
knomebut i don't know about *those*22:32
adresdenanyone else noticed this?22:32
knomeno, not really...22:33
GridCubeadresden, your monitor has a button to autoconfigure itself22:34
GridCubesometimes when getting new video drivers this configuration gets... messed22:34
* GridCube hides under a rock22:34
adresdenpeople used to compliment me on how wonderfully sharp my letters were...22:37
knomelol, a true story for the television22:37
On3iricHello, I'm having a problem with suspending my laptop since I updated to 12.04, is this the right place to ask for help?22:37
knomeOn3iric, yep.22:37
adresdenOn3iric, me too22:38
Mike-Linux-NLi must say the "pause" works wonderfull22:38
Mike-Linux-NLpause mode22:38
On3iricOk, thank you. The laptop suspends normally, but when I want to resume the session, the screen stays blank, I have no idea what could be wrong22:38
adresdenOn3iric, what model laptop?22:38
Mike-Linux-NLdid you tap the mouse? it coul be its stuck in a screensaver?22:39
Mike-Linux-NLnormally your should get a xscreensaver login screen22:39
On3iricadresden, its a toshiba satelite l500-20822:39
On3iricI've tried tapping the mouse, as well as pushing the power button, nothing helps, can't even switch to different ttys22:40
Mike-Linux-NLwhat about ctrl-alt f1?22:40
adresdenPrecise has a few problems...my upgrade failed and I had to do a clean install22:40
Mike-Linux-NLdoes it bring you back in the terminal mode?22:40
On3iricMine-Linux-NL, no unfortunately it doesn't, the only solution I've found is to hard-reset it.22:41
On3iricMike*, sorry22:41
knomeadresden, unfortunately any release has some problems22:41
Mike-Linux-NLi did a clean install last night, but there are some issues with xubuntu...22:42
ThePendulum1I'm awfully sorry, but Ubuntu 12.04 is... quite good.22:42
Mike-Linux-NLvolumecontrol dissapears sometimes, Docky crashes/ or better said freezes up for no reason.22:42
On3iricYes, I guess a clean install might be the best solution, would be nice if that fixed it :)22:42
Mike-Linux-NLI switched to Xubuntu and gave it the looks of gnome2 with the ambiance theme, so i can avoid unity and gnome3 shell22:43
GridCubeOn3iric, try disabling the screensavers22:43
On3iricGridCube, thank you, I'll try that22:43
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: That's what I did as well, until yesterday. But Xubuntu is still recommended.22:44
GridCubeOn3iric, do you know how to do that or want some guidance?22:44
ThePendulum1Does any of you guys know how to change the splash screen resolution?22:45
Mike-Linux-NLThePendulum1: this is how my Xubuntu 12.04 looks now: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4260461/Screenshots/Xubuntu-Precise.jpg22:45
Mike-Linux-NLThePendulum1: you mean the plymouth one?22:45
On3iricGridCube, I remember having a similar issue with 11.10, so I already had the screensavers and the fade to black deactivated, that fixed the problem for 11.10, but it's back since I updated to 12.04.22:45
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: Not bad. The only thing I wish I managed to change was the menu colour.22:45
adresden12 is good, except for the upgrade fail and font quality22:45
adresdenon my notebook, anyway22:45
Mike-Linux-NLThePendulum1: to what color? it should be in gtk/sxfce theme22:46
Mike-Linux-NLxfce sorry22:46
GridCubeOn3iric, oh i see, sorry to hear that, check again the screensavers, they might have reverted? dunno22:46
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: I've messed around, but I didn't manage to change it. I was using the Elementary theme. Not the same as Gnome2, but I liked it over Ambiance22:47
On3iricGridCube, thank you for your advice, I appreciate it.22:48
Mike-Linux-NLwell, i can give you the tar.gz theme file for my ambiance theme? this one worked perfectly for me?22:48
dougb_freebsdUnit193: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --foreground --components=secrets22:48
dougb_freebsdUnit193: so perhaps I need to add ssh to components there?22:48
Mike-Linux-NLthank god i found a way to switch around my webcam image on my laptop22:49
dougb_freebsdI'm guessing that "secrets" is login stuff22:49
Mike-Linux-NLit was upside down22:49
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: The edges look a bit messy, though :P Anyway, I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 now, so the Ambiance theme is default.22:49
Mike-Linux-NLi cannot get used to the dock on the side and start things either by HUD or the dash... i think its Ubuntu's biggest mistake ever22:50
Mike-Linux-NLit works maybe on a tablet22:50
Mike-Linux-NLbut not on the desktop22:50
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: That's what I thought during 11.04 and 11.10, but it certainly has improved with 12.0422:50
Mike-Linux-NLso before i switch on the desktop from lucid to precise, i have to make sure how to make Xubuntu the way i want it to be22:50
Mike-Linux-NLthank god Lucid is supported till april 201322:51
Mike-Linux-NLby then most child deseases should be out of ubuntu/xubuntu22:51
ThePendulum1I haven't started web development with Ubuntu 12.04 yet... perhaps I will switch back to Xfce if it turns out to be a horrible experience22:52
Mike-Linux-NLThe thing with gnome is the same what happened to KDE years back,, when the switched from 3.5 to kde 4 and dropped support for 3.5 almost in an instant22:54
Mike-Linux-NLi think i will make a video about how to "gnomify" the xfce desktop, and xubuntu will go up on distrowatch22:55
Unit193dougb_freebsd: I really don't know, but I thought it may be something.22:56
Mike-Linux-NLbtw, is there a way to port he nautilus-dropbox script to Thunar?22:56
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: You'd like to integrate Dropbox in Thunar?22:56
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: Figured out how to install a little extension that will take care of that. I could install it for you if you have TeamViewer or something22:57
Mike-Linux-NLwell, since its xfce's native filebrowser, why not? it does not differ too much from Nautilus?22:57
ThePendulum1http://softwarebakery.com/maato/thunar-dropbox.html <--22:58
ThePendulum1Best bet22:58
Mike-Linux-NLThePendulum1: i think i saw that on a forum today. but it only takes care of the public folder right?22:58
malvXubuntu 12.04 now distributed across our research lab22:58
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: And all subfolders22:58
malvnow is your chance to shine, Xubuntu team22:58
Mike-Linux-NLwell, i am not part of the xubuntu team, but i am happy to see that linux is being used in research :)22:59
On3iricno change, it the screen turns on, but there is nothing on it and I can't switch the ttys... I don't even know where I could start looking if not even the various ttys work22:59
ThePendulum1http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25683105/Pictures/Creative/lamas.jpg <-- This is what I thought when I first saw Unity22:59
Mike-Linux-NLThePendulum1: why dont you make a nice howto for it?22:59
Mike-Linux-NLpost it to OMG ubuntu or something?22:59
malvi've come to the conclusion that Gnome3 and Unity are information consumer DEs23:00
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: Well, everything you need to do is instructed on that page, except for one thing (which is somewhere in the comments)23:00
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: You'll need to install "libthunarx-2-dev"23:00
Mike-Linux-NLThePendulum1: why not talk in #xubuntu-offtopic so this channel stays clear for support?23:00
ThePendulum1Mike-Linux-NL: Eh, well, you asked how to integrate Dropbox into Thunar, so I answered the question23:01
Kingsystill no response from the servers for the upgrade then? I still get a "please check your internet connection" .. anyone had it working yet ?23:02
On3iricI've got some things in .xsession-errors, could that have anything to do with my problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/951115/23:02
Mike-Linux-NLepic fail in xubuntu offtopic23:05
Mike-Linux-NLxubuntu 11.10 in the topic bar?23:05
Guest5173parole cannot initiate xv output. why is that?23:05
Kingsywow.. the servers are running slow.. I am suprised they are still swamped23:08
Kingsyscrew that.. I finally got the upgrade to run but at 19KB/s I would rather not haha23:08
Kingsysaying as though I usually get 6MB/s not really that great :P23:09
paulehoffmanLooking for a bit of help with an unpleasant change in 12.04.23:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:32
paulehoffmanI want to manage my own network settings. I used to be that "sudo apt-get purge network-manager network-manager-gnome" would stop any "helpful" changes from Xubuntu. Starting in 12.04, after doing that and rebooting, /etc/resolv.conf is still nuked. Clues about how to stop nukeage of /etc/resolv.conf?23:33
Unit193Right, you needed to edit your networkmanager config and comment out one line.23:34
paulehoffmanWhere do I find that? In /etc/NetworkManager, there is only VPN/23:36
pleia2paulehoffman: 12.04 switched to use dnsmasq, there is some info here: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/23:36
Unit193pleia2: Thanks, I was thinking of that, but couldn't grab as I'm doing 11.10 > 12.0423:37
pleia2it includes a FAQ that answers your question :)23:37
paulehoffmanpleia2: Excellent, thanks!23:37
paulehoffmanAnd: yuck. Someone moved my cheese.23:38

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