stgraberfuzai: we did at least 20 installs of LTSP in 12.04 during release week for testing, so it definitely works fine. You may have a dhcp server conflict on your network or other addressing issues that'd cause the problem.08:19
fuzaiActually i found the problem08:20
fuzainbd-servers configuration files were not being generated correctly and the includedir flag was making it not work08:20
fuzaiwhen i condensed it into one file and removed that line everything started working08:21
fuzaii tried 2 fresh installs of ubuntu, and edubuntu before i started digging08:21
fuzaiand all same back to the same problem08:21
fuzaiI've been trying to find the best place to submit a bug about it08:22
stgraberthat's weird. includedir definitely works by default in Edubuntu 32/64bit and Ubuntu alternate 32/64bit08:22
fuzaiWell this is an i7 with fresh installs of the isos from usb pen drives08:22
stgraberdid you install ltsp manually post-install or did you use the LTSP option in the installer?08:23
fuzaiI also noticed that edubuntu if you use lvm2 and mdadm prior to install so you can install on to a complex setup that you need to go in after the install with a live instance, chroot and install lvm2 and mdadm again so initrd gets updated correctly08:23
fuzaiactually i did both08:23
fuzaithe first times i didn't know about the ltsp-server option on the alt ubuntu08:23
fuzaithen on the edubuntu i used it from the installer menu08:23
fuzaiIt's working good now, i've got it net booting an ltsp thin client in virtual box over wifi08:25
stgraberright, ubiquity (graphical installer) doesn't support raid or lvm yet, so it doesn't have the same logic as the text installer to get the needed packages installed08:25
fuzairight right08:25
fuzai"stgraber: that's weird. includedir definitely works by default in Edubuntu 32/64bit and Ubuntu alternate 32/64bit" <--- I wish you were here so you could see that this wasn't the case at all for me08:27
fuzaialso apparmor seems to be doing evil things to dhcp server08:28
fuzaii kept finding permission denied to write it's pid, i tried the simple google fixes of symlinks but that didn't work.  When i removed app armor dhcp server started serving leases correctly08:29
fuzaiOnly after that did i find the nbd problem as the thin clients were dropping to the initramfs console08:30
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