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jonoanyone want to test Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.1?03:34
jonowe are about to release03:34
jonoI want to make sure it works :-)03:34
IAmNotThatGuyjono, Did you fix the bug raised by s-fox- ?03:50
jonoIAmNotThatGuy, still looking into it03:51
jonobut I think I know what the issue is03:52
jonowe now have a 0.1 to test, I just want a few people to try it before I announce it03:52
IAmNotThatGuyAh! Okies03:52
jonoIAmNotThatGuy, areyou running 12.04?03:52
IAmNotThatGuyNope. I am still on Lucid :[03:52
IAmNotThatGuyI am waiting for my new laptop to arrive jono. My desktop's age is over03:53
jonoIAmNotThatGuy, ahhh, np03:53
jo-erlendjono, sure. I've read a little bit about it. Looks kinda cool. Where do I get it? :)04:32
jonojo-erlend, cool!04:35
jonoare you on 12.04?04:35
jonojo-erlend, http://paste.ubuntu.com/959141/04:36
bkerensajono: release as in to USC?04:39
jonobkerensa, the first few releases will be in a PPA04:40
jonobkerensa, can you test it?04:40
bkerensajono: sure remind me the lp name so I can bzr branch04:41
jonobkerensa, ^04:41
jonobkerensa, before you install, do the following:04:41
jonorm -rf ~/.cache/accomplishments04:41
jonorm -rf ~/.share/local/accomplishments04:42
jonoand then you should be good to go04:42
jo-erlendjono, can't find the package accomplishments-view?04:43
jo-erlendjono, I am on 12.04 yes.04:43
jonojo-erlend, accomplishments-viewer04:44
bkerensajono: E: Unable to locate package accomplishments-view04:44
bkerensaeven after update04:44
jonojo-erlend, sorry typo04:44
jo-erlendaha! There we go :)04:44
jonosorry, guys04:45
jonobkerensa, jo-erlend you will both need to have U1 running04:46
bkerensajono: Fortunately there is no way to not have U1 not run in 12.04 ;) which in fact I hope to have fixed in 12.1004:47
jo-erlendjono, hmm. Several accomplishments are locked, that shouldn't be.04:48
jonojo-erlend, they should be04:48
jonothey need others to be achieved first04:48
jo-erlendfor instance, it says I'm an approved Ubuntu Member, but that I havne't signed the CoC.04:48
bkerensathis is a really nice app you have worked on here jono04:48
jo-erlendreport first bug is also locked. And LoCo Team member.04:49
jonojo-erlend, they require reg on lp first04:50
jo-erlendyes, it looks nice. It's just that it, apparently, doesn't work :>04:50
jonobkerensa, thanks!04:50
bkerensajo-erlend: LOL04:50
bkerensaand it says I have not reported any bugs that have been confirmed :P04:50
jonojo-erlend, are you seeing bubbles appear?04:50
jo-erlendjono, you're asking if I'm on drugs or am I missing something?04:50
bkerensaalso I am a juju charm contributor and on the charm contributor team04:50
bkerensajo-erlend: I think he is indeed ;p04:50
jonojo-erlend, lol04:50
jonoyou should start seeing notifications appear04:51
jonosaying you have achieved different things04:51
jo-erlendI'm not seeing that.04:51
jonojo-erlend, that is why they are locked04:51
jonojo-erlend, can you do this:04:51
jonols -al ~/.local/share/accomplishments/trophies/ubuntu-community/*04:52
jo-erlendjono, oh. Wait a minute.04:52
bkerensajo-erlend: it seems like it just takes awhile04:52
jonojo-erlend, they appeared?04:52
bkerensamine are starting to appear04:52
jonobkerensa, are yours appearing?04:52
bkerensawhat does this use launchpad api if so that explains the slowness :P04:52
jo-erlendno, in this case, I think it was just me who was confused. It's 06:53 here. Haven't had my first cup of coffee yet :)04:53
jonobkerensa, no it is a little slower as it only processes every few mins04:53
jonobkerensa, I can tune the server better when people are using it04:53
jonojo-erlend, so you saw notifications?04:54
jo-erlenddifficult for me to notice the bubbles, since they're so far away too. (Two big screens.04:54
jo-erlendjono, yes.04:54
jonojo-erlend, yeah I hate how bubbles appear on the wrong screen04:54
jonoI am stoked that it is working for you guys :-)04:54
jonobrb, going to finish the release announcement04:55
jo-erlendaha. No, everything is fine :)04:56
jonojo-erlend, :-)04:56
jo-erlendit crashed when I clicked Ubuntu Core Developer.04:58
jonojo-erlend, did you get a traceback?05:00
jonobkerensa, if you click to view opportunity info does it crash for you?05:00
jo-erlenduhm. I was waiting for it to be collected, but apport disappeared.05:00
jonojo-erlend, hmm05:00
jo-erlendhappened again.05:01
bkerensajono: How do I get the fridge trophy05:01
jonobkerensa, read the docs :-)05:02
jonobkerensa, double click on it to find out05:02
jonodoes it show you the info?05:02
jo-erlendjono, it's a unicode thing.05:03
jo-erlendunicode decode error.05:03
jonojo-erlend, ahhh05:03
jonocould you file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments-system/+filebug05:03
jo-erlendjono, I've tried to to that several times.05:04
jo-erlendI don't know why apport refuses to do so.05:04
jonojo-erlend, if you could just file a text report I will dig into it05:05
jonoparticularly if you have a traceback05:05
jo-erlendjono, yes.05:05
jo-erlendjono, do you know how I can copy the trace from the apport dialog?05:08
jo-erlendhmm. Doesn't look like that's possible, which  is a bug too, I think. No problem though.05:09
jonojo-erlend, hmm not sure05:09
bkerensajono: Well it just says submit content etc but I am a editor :P05:10
bkerensabut no trophy05:10
jonobkerensa, hmm you should get it if you are in the team05:11
jonobkerensa, can you file a bug?05:11
bkerensaim not on the lp team05:11
bkerensabut I definitely have the associated credentials ;)05:11
bkerensajono: so far no bugs it looks very nice05:11
jo-erlendjono, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments-system/+bug/99238505:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 992385 in ubuntu-accomplishments-system "Crashed with UnicodeDecodeError while double-clicking accomplishments" [Undecided,New]05:12
bkerensawill you add an about menu?05:12
jonothanks bkerensa!05:15
jonothanks so much jo-erlend05:15
jo-erlendI have accomplished more than this >:|05:16
jo-erlendjono, you're welcome. Cool program. :)05:17
jonothanks jo-erlend :-)05:22
jonook, back soon05:22
jonogoing to work out05:22
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mhall119TSA guy recognized my ubuntu shirt :)12:48
mhall119and *didn't* frisk me12:48
cprofittkinda cool12:52
JanCif he's a geek, he probably also knows what some real security experts think about how the TSA implements "security"  ;)13:09
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Pendulummhall119: so what sort of silly time today do you show up out here?13:53
jonohey all14:54
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forestpiskiehi technoviking14:56
forestpiskiejono too :)14:56
jonohey forestpiskie14:57
forestpiskiejono: just waking up I assume :)14:57
forestpiskieI wish I was :p14:57
jonomhall119, jcastro, balloons are you guys online or traveling?14:57
jonoforestpiskie, yup, just woke up14:57
jonowell, woke up 30mins ago14:57
jonobut I need coffee to start :-)14:57
balloonsjono, I will be heading out soonish :-) I got time for our call14:58
balloonser.. meeting14:58
akgranerok so other than the "typical" interview list and stuff about MAAS, juju, server cloud, AWSOME  what am I missing for interview topics14:58
forestpiskie:) I'd be half way through the first pot of tea after 30 minutes jono14:58
akgranerI'm putting the spreadsheet together for Novacut seems like I am missing something14:59
jonoalrighty, meeting time15:00
jonoforestpiskie, :-)15:00
jonoakgraner, accomplishments :-)15:01
akgranerjono, I figured you'd cover that in your interview15:01
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jonowelcome, one and all to our Canonical Community Team meeting!15:01
jonothis should be an interesting one as some members of the team may be traveling15:01
jonobefore we start, let's double check that the horsemen are present and correct15:02
jonoballoons, jcastro, mhall119, you guys here?15:02
jonowe have no dpm or dholbach today15:02
* balloons feels alone15:02
jonoactually you know what, I am going to cancel this meeting, too many folks are not online and traveling15:03
balloonsjcastro and mhall119 are already heading to airport15:03
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: "Work Items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5"
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue May  1 15:03:17 2012 UTC.15:03
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-community-team/2012/ubuntu-community-team.2012-05-01-15.01.moin.txt15:03
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-community-team/2012/ubuntu-community-team.2012-05-01-15.01.html15:03
jonoworlds shortest meeting!15:03
balloonsyou spoke the most lines!15:03
czajkowskishort n sweet15:04
czajkowskithe way all meetings should be15:04
jonocool 33 new people tried Ubuntu Accomplishments today :-)15:08
akgranerjono, so almost 4000 views I think of the Live Q&A15:13
akgranerI talked to my boss this morning and he is cool with me doing more of these with you all15:14
jonoakgraner, cool!15:15
technovikingjcastro: what is the irc web client you use?15:33
bkerensatechnoviking: subway16:12
czajkowskinice idea - https://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting/results/poll-rel-names  asking the community if they should continue with release names16:26
snap-lI eagerly await Fedora: Burnt Weeny Sandwich16:30
bkerensaGrilled Cheese :D16:32
snap-lOne of these is a Frank Zappa Album. :)16:32
technovikingbkerensa: subway irc?17:01
technovikingsweet now have 2048 bit encryption on my irc bouncer:)17:01
bkerensatechnoviking: yes and there is a charm for deploying it on aws17:01
technovikinghave a old server and not aws17:02
bkerensayou can use lxc too17:10
technovikingcharm deployed bt not see it on port 300017:17
bkerensacould be a lxc issue17:18
bkerensabetter chase down the charm author :P17:19
jonohttp://www.jonobacon.org/2012/05/01/ubuntu-accomplishments-lens-released/ :-)17:20
jonojcastro, around?17:22
czajkowskijono: any other requests bar walkers ?17:26
jonoczajkowski, if you come across a box of choccy hobnobs I wouldn't argue ;-)17:27
jonothanks czajkowski, you are a legend!17:27
czajkowskihobnobs grand17:27
czajkowskiI've a request in for digestives17:27
czajkowskijono: no bother17:31
czajkowskiright somewhere in the move I put my passport in a safe place coming back from .IE, now it seems to be hiding from me together with my adaptors17:42
czajkowskiI hate moving house!17:42
czajkowskijono: hmmm following your blog post re Accomplishments, restarted and now when I launch it generates an apport and relaunches the diagloue box for Accomplishement info17:51
czajkowskiwaiting for apport to generate the bug17:51
jonoczajkowski, hmmm17:57
czajkowskijust keeps spinning saying starting the daemon17:59
czajkowskiapport appears then vanishes17:59
czajkowskiwill try it again once I go get some foods I've been looking at oopses all afternoon and bugs17:59
czajkowskiso brain is a bit fried chicken17:59
czajkowskiand not the tasty kind :/17:59
jonoczajkowski, did you just install?18:03
jonoyou tested this before, right?18:03
jonoczajkowski, try running these commands first:18:03
jonokillall -9 twistd18:03
jonorm -rf ~/.cache/accomplishments18:03
jonorm -rf ~/.config/accomplishments18:03
jonorm -rf ~/.local/share/accomplishments18:03
jonoand then run Accomplishments Information from the dash18:04
czajkowskijono: tried that for starters, the twistd doesnt seem to be running as killing it tells me so19:17
czajkowskiis what mine looks lik e19:17
jonoczajkowski, type: killall -9 twistd19:18
jonoand then run 'accomplishments-viewer' from a terminal19:18
jonodo you get errors?19:18
paultagjono: you should avoid using -9 where you can, it can result in some serious issues if it has open files :)19:18
scott-workjcastro: i have slides for derivatives UDS presentation, how would you like for me to get them to you?19:19
scott-workcan i share them from ubuntu one?19:19
czajkowskiczajkowski@sheldon:~$ killall -9 twistd19:19
czajkowskitwistd: no process found19:19
jonopaultag, I did not know that, thanks!19:20
paultagsure enough19:20
jonoczajkowski, ok, now run accomplishments-viewer19:20
jonoczajkowski, you should probably come to #ubuntu-accomplishments19:20
czajkowskijono: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/960792/19:20
czajkowskianything to avoid unpacking at this stage19:21
czajkowskitaggy hello darling19:21
paultagczajkowski: howdy lovie, how's things?19:21
czajkowskimissing you as always19:21
paultagczajkowski: just sent in my T&S email for NM :)19:21
paultagI miss y'all too19:22
s-foxjono,  It worked , though I seem to be missing a trophy :/19:24
s-foxBut overall it appears to be working :)19:24
s-foxThank you for your help19:24
jonos-fox, woo!19:26
jonothanks for testing@!19:26
jonos-fox, give it some time, the trophies will come19:26
s-foxjono,  okay. It has given me 2. 1 for being an ubuntu member and another for being registered on launchpad. :) The one I was expecting was to do with filing a bug.  Now I have something workable, I am going to see about adding some trophies for forum users, if that is okay with you.19:28
jonos-fox, yeah the others should come soon19:31
jonos-fox, we would *love* forums accomplishments :-)19:32
jonos-fox, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Creating for the guidew19:32
jonos-fox, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Creating/Guidelines also shows the kind of accomplishments we are think are good ones19:32
jonos-fox, also, feel free to join #ubuntu-accomplishments19:33
s-foxOkay, thanks for the channel link. I did see the wiki page and am definitely interested in adding some for the forums community to work towards.19:35
s-fox^ jono19:35
jonos-fox, sweet!19:36
jcastropleia2: your post is <320:50
jcastrodrinks on me!20:50
jcastroDJones: hey so when does the thing with mark start?20:50
jcastroand if I cut out it's because of this plane's wifi20:50
jcastrojono: do you have any accomplishments people coming to UDS?20:51
jcastrowho are not you20:51
DJones8 minutes20:52
jonojcastro, I don't think so, other than mfisch20:53
jonojcastro, by the way my talk title: Accomplishing An Awesome App Development Platform20:54
jcastrojono: 3 dell laptops. charm contest, might want to let him know20:54
jcastrojono: summit on a plane doesn't work well at all heh, but we're about 3 hours out20:54
jonojcastro, when did you slot my plenary in?20:54
jcastrothursday 140020:54
jcastrowe can slide to wed I think if need be20:54
jcastroI followed the google doc20:55
jcastroand I finally have all the sponsor info so I can update all that when I start20:55
jcastrojono: how about accomplishment sessions?20:55
jonojcastro, wrapping my slides and then I am going to schedule two accom sessions20:56
jonojcastro, cool20:56
jonojcastro, tomorrow lets review all the plenaries20:56
jcastromarcoceppi: ^^ hey sign up for those.20:56
jcastrojono: indeed that was my plan20:56
jonojcastro, I know Gustavo wants to schedule a Go session from someone at Google20:56
jcastrolike a plenary?20:56
jono49 people tried accomplishments today :-)20:57
jonojcastro, yeahj20:57
jcastroeasy, I have one slot left20:57
jcastrothat works out20:57
jonojcastro, I think we can scrap the Zareason panel type thing20:57
jonoif we need to20:57
jonono replies yet20:57
jcastrooh, well, I'd like to give more time to the derivatives then20:57
jonojcastro, lets review it tomorrow20:58
marcoceppijcastro: where do I sign up?22:29
cjohnstonmhall119: ping23:07
* jono finishes UDS plenary talk :-)23:26
jonowoo! all my UDS talks are done now23:26
MrChrisDruifGreat jono !!23:27
MrChrisDruifI thought you talked a minimum of 5 hours?23:27
jonoit just feels like that23:27
MrChrisDruifAh, gotcha ^_^23:28
MrChrisDruifAnd with that I'm away23:28
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mhall119jono: do you know when  balloons was getting to SFO?23:47
mhall119jcastro and I just landed23:47
jonomhall119, no idea23:55
jonoI think he gets in tonight23:55
jonomhall119, jcastro welcome!23:55

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