tisqueldotimI'm looking for this .... any one here ? http://omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/02/ubuntu-manual-alpha-released-gets-new-name-chapters-more/10:58
sagaciwhat about it?11:12
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tisqueldotimsagaci, I'm looking for thia manual ,finnished , or one just like it , that's all . thanx.11:50
sagacitisqueldotim: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/edition-2/+download/Getting%20Started%20with%20Ubuntu%2010.04%20-%20Second%20Edition.pdf11:54
* nisshh peeps into the channel12:41
nisshhgodbyk, poke12:48
nisshhis it just me or has texlive gotten way bigger?12:51
nisshhi seem to remember there being only about 1500 objects to download 0.o12:52
nisshhnow i see nearly 250012:52
nisshhyo herat14:29
nisshhneed any editing done on your chapter?14:30
heratnisshh: hi. yes i think so.14:30
nisshhpoint me at it ;)14:30
nisshhalso, dont pull the latest commits just yet14:31
nisshhim fixing some bugs14:31
nisshhwont be a minute14:32
nisshhok, give it a sec, then pull14:35
nisshhherat, ^^14:35
heratnisshh: yes sure14:36
nisshhyou should get r1614:36
nisshhwith a make that isnt broken ;)14:36
nisshhherat, which chapter is yours btw?14:37
heratnisshh:  Using software center. i think file which i pushed was properly written latex. I compiled on my machin. Did it break during make?14:38
nisshheh, sorry, wasnt your changes that broke it, it was my fault ;)14:38
heratok :)14:39
nisshhi made some changes and had to fix a few up for make to work14:39
nisshhsssh, dont tell godbyk ;)14:39
nisshhlets have a look14:39
nisshhill just do a quick run over to look for grammar, etc14:40
nisshhkinda nearly midnight here ;)14:40
heratohh... you must be working very hard. :) burning midnight oil.14:40
nisshhi work full timre14:42
nisshh45 hours a week14:42
nisshhmainly why i havent been committing changes for the last few cycles ;)14:42
heratok. I work full time too but 48 hours a week. ;)14:43
nisshhyou win :)14:44
nisshhive had a look the diff and logs14:45
nisshhnothing i can spot14:45
nisshhcouple of places i would add some latex commands, but other than that14:45
nisshhherat, also, my average overtime per fortnight is around 15 hours14:46
heratohh here we do not have overtime system. We work each saturday though. :(14:47
nisshhah ok14:48
nisshhovertime is great i reckon14:48
nisshhi get double pay14:48
heratthat is nice.14:48
nisshhhelps to have an awesome job too i guess14:49
tisqueldotimcan anyone solve this problem for me ?? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/ebay%20claim%20256GB%20SSD%20HDD.AVI15:08
tisqueldotimsorry wrong node !15:10
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