rick_h_finally getting around to setting up the colorhug00:07
rick_h_time to see if I can get this to work in awesome00:07
rick_h_man, this looks goofy00:14
rick_h_so red...but this is supposed to be all nice nad calibrated00:14
rick_h_cool, but at least I can init the color profiles from my awesome autostart00:25
rick_h_ok, this is cool NaCL stuff jrwren https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pnhechapfaindjhompbnflcldabbghjo00:38
jrwrendid you see the nacl desktop stuff?00:48
jrwrenoh wow, that is cool00:48
jrwrenno key auth though, so I can't use it :[00:49
jrwreni'm sure it will get better00:49
rick_h_jrwren: no, didn't see anything nacl desktop stuff00:50
rick_h_jrwren: yea, I used it for an internal machine I have login enabled and worked so cool00:51
rick_h_hmm, jrwren solorized on a light background in vim is looking kind of nice post-calibration00:56
rick_h_I might try this for the work day tomorrow00:57
brouschi got one of the other panelists to "totally disagree" with me00:57
rick_h_my training is complete :P00:57
rick_h_what did he disagree with?00:57
brouschseparate mobile site vs mobile optimized version of full site00:58
brouschhe wants separate sites, probably because  his company makes them00:58
rick_h_ah well of course if his company makes them00:58
rick_h_and it is true for the 'optimal experience' but just not in the budget for a lot of places00:58
brouschespecially on android00:59
brouschi say make your website functional at every screen size00:59
brouschi don't give a crap about whether it looks native01:00
jjessea lot of places still don't have a mobile friendly website01:00
jjesseand stupid rester aunts that make me download a pdf instead of showing me a menu01:00
rick_h_it takes $$ and effort01:00
brouschright, so a website that works with any mobile device is easier to do than trying to make an iphone version and an ipad version, and an android version that all look like native apps01:01
brouschyou're making 1 website instead of dozens01:02
brouschjjesse: pdf menus suck01:02
jjesseyeah the make me not want to go to that place01:02
brouschi think mostly the issue was he was looking at it as a marketing guy with websites to sell and i was looking at it as a developer with 10,000 projects on my plate01:03
brouschbut it was fun01:06
rick_h_very cool, congrats on doing that01:07
rick_h_hmm, trying out different font combos wheeeeee01:24
brouschcombos come in font flavors now?01:40
snap-lYeah, there's Times Tamale, Arial Anchovies, and Georgia Garlic Toast.01:54
brouschi could go for the tamales01:55
rick_h_well, so far changed the color profile, the vim color scheme, gone light background with it, and now changing my monospace font for terminals/vim01:56
rick_h_so going to be an interesting work day tomorrow01:56
Blazeixuhoh. rick_h_ has gone off the deep end01:57
jrwrenbrousch: he was wrong, you were right. very simple01:58
brouschnot yet, he's still using a fixed width font01:58
rick_h_well it's kind of crazy how different the color calibration has left things01:58
rick_h_I'll bring the colorhub and livecd-usb to CHC this week and people can tinker with it01:59
rick_h_updated firmware and all that jazz01:59
jrwrenbrousch: a website shouldn't look native. it should look like a website, even on a mobile device.02:01
jrwrenit should be readable.02:02
snap-lGood morning11:00
brouschtoday i begin my VB.NET adventure12:25
rick_h_good luck...and may it end in a hurry12:26
brouschi hope so. i think vb.net will go quicker since i'm converting a VBA application12:28
brouschbah, i can't do the migration. might as well use C#12:46
shakes808VB isn't bad, either is C#. :D12:53
rick_h_there you go, get shakes808 to do it for you. Trade him in python lessions :)12:53
brouschi still have a nagging itch to do this is ironpython12:55
shakes808What do you have to do again?12:56
brouschconvert an autocad VBA application to dotnet12:56
shakes808Sounds like fun12:57
shakes808I remember now :D12:57
brouschthis is the autocad dotnet api http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?id=773204&siteID=12311212:58
shakes808Not sure if you seen this but maybe this can help :D13:00
brouschyeah, i'm reading through that crap now13:02
brouschat least i get paid to read through it13:05
shakes808But you aren't absorbing it to remember it to work on it for future use. You should drag this project out for a month :) ;)13:06
brouschhoping it can be a set and forget it like the VBA app was. it basically just worked from 2004 - today13:07
brouschjust a tiny tweak each year as autocad changed their api13:07
shakes808That would be nice13:07
shakes808What do you do that you use AutoCAD?13:08
brouschwe have 4 draftsmen13:08
brouschthe company i work for makes steel stairs and railings13:08
shakes808That's cool13:09
shakes808You are on the West Side of the state, correct?13:09
brouschthis vba application talks to our inventory and unit price system so the part descriptions on drawings match what's in the unit price file13:09
shakes808Do you do residential?13:09
brouschrarely. we're commercial/industrial13:10
brouschdetroit jobs: blue cross/blue shield + parking ramp, Great Lakes Crossing Mall, Providence Medical Center, Cranbrook Art Academy, Canton Performing Arts Center, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Greektown Casino, WSU Medical Education Commons, Detroit Metro Airport, The Argonaut Building, Martin Luther King Sr/Jr high School, Mackenzie K-8 School, many more13:20
brouschso pretty much any steel stairs, steel or aluminum railings in those buildings were built by us13:20
snap-lbrousch: Thinking of moving? :)13:20
brouschno thanks13:21
snap-lOh c'mon, you'd love it here. :)13:21
brouschi just find it fun to look around and see the things we've made13:21
brouschi could live in ann arbor13:21
rick_h_hey, haven't you heard, quicken is hiring 1000 people. Come live in detroit13:21
brouschi don't think i could live east of it13:21
brouschi'm sure quicken loans would make me write C# all the time13:22
snap-lbrousch: Check the map. East of Ann Arbor is not "Amalgamated suburbs of shithole"13:22
brouschit is in my mind13:22
rick_h_I'm with brousch, I'd like to be able to move out at AA :)13:22
brouschthere is the shithole surrounded by klingons13:23
shakes808rick_h_: did you complete your 12 steps? ;)13:23
rick_h_shakes808: step 12...move to AA, nope... :(13:23
brouschone of my future projects is a google map showing all of our projects for the last 15 years. that will be fun13:24
brouschrm -rf /13:41
brouschso a wierd thing with newegg. i ordered that SSD for home and then i ordered another one along with a bunch of other stuff for work later in the day. the work one arrived yesterday via UPS. the home one has been sent from ups to the post office for delivery and hasn't arrived yet13:48
snap-lnewegg is a little wonky on shipping13:48
snap-lI wonder if it's certain warehouses have different arrangements.13:49
brouschwork and home are in the same city, 4 miles apart13:49
brousch"Transferred to UPS Mail Innovations Destination RPF"13:52
brouschi think the UPS mail innovation center is the USPS13:52
brouschand consider this: the one that arrived yesterday originated in CA. the one not yet here came from NJ13:54
rick_h_prime ftw! snap-l I join the squeezebox club today13:54
snap-lrick_h_: Awesome!13:55
rick_h_So now I know why you're missing CHC, to avoid my raving question list tomorrow :P13:55
snap-lHah, no, that's not it13:55
snap-lfigured I'd get it tonight anyway. :)13:55
brouschoh yeah, good segment on the squeezebox on lococast13:55
snap-lbrousch: Awesome.13:55
snap-lbrousch: Thinking of getting one?13:56
brouschnot really13:56
rick_h_join the cult brousch !13:56
snap-lbrousch: All are welcome. :)13:56
brouschat home we all like different music13:56
brouschthe few songs we all like are reserved for road trips so we don't wear them out13:56
snap-lbrousch: That's fine. One for each room13:56
snap-lthen have a centralized server13:57
snap-lIt'll handle it13:57
snap-lUgh, I hate it when WRCJ plays more contemporary classical aka showtunes13:57
brouschmy son threw a fit this morning because i listened to neil degrass tyson on the radio instead of the crazy frog CD. i'm going to disown him13:57
snap-lI don't want to send in the slowns13:57
snap-lclowns, either.13:58
rick_h_heh, we've not done much with his own cds yet. So far I've gotten only requests for "BB King"13:58
snap-lStarting him off right, I see13:58
snap-l"dada floyd. FLOOOOYD13:59
rick_h_heck yea13:59
shakes808WRCJ is only good at night :D13:59
snap-lshy on you caysy di mun13:59
snap-lshakes808: I like it both14:00
devinheitmuellerNeil Degrass Tyson for president!14:00
snap-lsave for showtunes14:00
snap-lmore of a classical classical fan14:00
snap-ldevinheitmueller: Amen14:00
shakes808If I am going to listen to classical or classical-esck, 2 cellos or Trikofski14:01
shakes808and the cliche Ludy or Bach14:01
shakes808Thats it14:01
snap-lYeah, though I've been going on a major Rachmaninov kick lately14:02
snap-lAs well as Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Mussorgsky14:02
shakes808More contemp and energetic, Barrage14:02
snap-lI blame russian folk metal14:03
rick_h_folk metal?14:03
* rick_h_ runs and hides from the idea14:03
shakes808Folk, need some Bella Fleck or Johnny Pecon14:03
shakes808... I guess Johnny is polka14:03
shakes808I consider that Folk at times lol14:04
snap-lrick_h_: http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a94940/kukushkiny-djeti or http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a94955/vjedma14:05
snap-lProbably more the second link14:05
snap-lSee also: Finntroll14:06
snap-lend Ensiferum14:07
shakes808snap-l or rick_h_: did you ever take a look at the pygame I made?14:07
snap-lshakes808: I did. There were no enemies to shoot at. :)14:08
shakes808there should have been14:08
snap-lThey never showed up14:08
shakes808Was there the main sprite?14:08
snap-lYeah, I could shoot and everything14:09
snap-ljust no enemies14:09
=== CORP\rkather1 is now known as krondor
shakes808I will have to check it out. I will have it tomorrow for the CHC14:10
snap-lshakes808: I won't be there, unfortunatly14:11
snap-lhave a graduation to attend14:11
shakes808Looks like I will be bothering rick_h_ for the most part lol14:11
shakes808I might have a buddy come with me to check it out.14:11
shakes808he was going to be a programmer and now he is kind of out of it and running cable for a company for the past few years14:12
shakes808Sorry rick_h_14:13
rick_h_shakes808: no, don't know much pygame stuff so didn't peek at it14:15
rick_h_feel free to bring it along to CHC14:15
shakes808I would like to find that mem leak, if that is what is causing the horrendous lg14:16
shakes808I would play the crap out of that game :D14:16
shakes808and I would like to improve it14:16
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, I wasn't able to reproduce, and didn't take a closer look at it14:16
shakes808With Python on the web, could I have that game up on a .com?14:16
shakes808I will try to figure out where the enemy sprites are14:16
shakes808snap-l: what would I use to get that on the web? NOT FLASH. There is a game www.realmofthemadgod.com14:17
rick_h_mmmm, faster ubuntu installs http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/01/verbatim-outs-a-new-line-of-colorful-speedy-and-affordable-usb-3-0-flash-drives/14:18
shakes808I think it is flash based, haven't right clicked on it lol14:18
rick_h_shakes808: no, it needs to get to a browser and a browser just knows how to do JS, canvas, or whatever plugins are installed (flash, etc)14:18
shakes808there isn't a plugin for Py yet?14:18
shakes808How hard is it to make a plugin?14:19
rick_h_nothing I'd consider stable/useful that I know of14:19
brouschironpython via silverlight14:20
brouschgood luck with that14:20
shakes808lol I didn't say I was going to do it :D I don't know enough of that atm. But it could be something to look in to :D14:21
brouschhm, i think i could also write this application in AutoLISP14:30
snap-lbrousch: If pressed for learning a language from scratch, I'd probably choose lisp over vb.net14:39
snap-lbut lisp is not a RAD language. ;)14:40
snap-l(yeah, I went there)14:40
brouschit looks like it has very limited or no windows forms capabilities, so autolisp is out14:47
brouschi can't do the conversion, so VB.NET has no advantage for me over C#14:47
brouschso back to C# i go14:47
brouschi wrote a tiny C#/Gtk# app many years ago14:48
devinheitmuellerwow, several hundred protesters in front of my building, and dozens of cops....14:48
rick_h_devinheitmueller: told you they'd come for you eventually14:49
devinheitmuellerThe cost of working for an evil corporation, I guess.14:49
devinheitmueller... or perhaps it's because I work a block from Fox news.  Not sure.  :-/14:49
brouschdevinheitmueller: which evil corp are you a slave to?14:51
devinheitmuellerOne of those software companies that sells enterprise software to banks, oil companies, and other large corporations.14:51
devinheitmuellerI'm kidding of course - they aren't here for my company - they were just walking by (presumably on their way to Fox)14:52
snap-ldevinheitmueller: I'm sure it's for Fox14:58
snap-lshared without comment15:40
snap-lhowever, I just removed slashdot from my feeds.15:43
rick_h_whoa, gone all new delicious there15:44
snap-lYeah, I wretched.15:46
brouschhurts my mind15:49
brouschat least i'm not the only one who hates these graphics-filled panel things15:49
brouschlooks like windows phone 815:50
snap-lThat's during Michipug. :)16:23
rick_h_yea, and still a school night and all that16:23
rick_h_but always wanted to check out a github meetup16:23
snap-lYeah, no doubt.16:24
brouschours was a just standing around talking with geeks drinking beer16:25
brouschdrop in when you want, leave when you want16:25
brouschso i suggest you go to michipug then hit the drinkup afterwards ;)16:25
brouschhey, brandon keepers is our github guy. give him back!16:25
brouschtime for my annual physical where the doctor will tell me to eat less and exercise more16:27
snap-lMaybe it'll be reversed?16:28
shakes808mmm beer16:36
shakes808Dragon Mead is where it is at :D16:37
greg-gbad idea to do precise upgrade first thing when getting to the office, or best idea?16:44
rick_h_best idea evar!16:44
rick_h_you get the rest of the day to enjoy it16:44
greg-gthat's what I thought, the added bandwidth benefit is great, too16:44
greg-gconfiguring libc-bin............ and thus it begins.17:10
greg-gno turning back now17:11
greg-gugh, it was stuck waiting for me to respond to a question, didn't see it in the GUI updater17:12
greg-ghad to expand the terminal tab17:12
snap-lI hate that17:12
rick_h_hmm, wonder how this will effect skype going forward: http://goo.gl/qIU0G17:38
_stink_finger memory is a bastard17:50
_stink_i'm trying to get back to hjkl for cursor movement in vim17:50
_stink_and i keep reaching for the arrow keys17:50
rick_h_doh, turn them off17:52
_stink_good idea.17:53
rick_h_it's how I got off ctrl-c17:53
rick_h_made it a nop17:53
_stink_well you wouldn't like to hear that i... just reach for esc.17:53
rick_h_yea, that's too far for me, drives me nuts17:54
rick_h_ctrl-c was easy, jj is better17:54
shakes808rick_h_: you and your shortcut keys lol17:55
rick_h_hey, every second used 100x a day for 250 days a year...means a lot more work and less wear/tear on my hands/wrists17:55
rick_h_I'm in this business for the long haul17:55
rick_h_and shakes808 you've not seen anything yet: https://github.com/mitechie/pyvim/blob/master/.vimrc17:56
rick_h_and adding: alias color_dock="/usr/bin/dispwin -d 1 /home/rharding/.icc/DellU2212HM.icc && /usr/bin/dispwin -d 2 /home/rhardin    g/.icc/DellP2211H.icc"17:56
shakes808HA HA those are all your shortcut keys lol18:01
rick_h_shakes808: the vimrc? they're a start of the custom ones18:01
rick_h_it's a bit out of date18:02
rick_h_and that's jut vim18:02
rick_h_just that is18:02
shakes808and you remember all of them?18:02
rick_h_usually :)18:02
shakes808That is nuts18:03
rick_h_sometimes if I don't use things I've got to look them up, but I have shortcut for my vimrc ,V so I can see the doc really fast18:03
snap-lrick_h_: Hm, so Skype just became a telco18:04
shakes808rick_h_: Obi Wan Ricknobi teach me your ways lol18:04
snap-lcentralized servers == better tapping capabilities.18:04
rick_h_snap-l: yea, their big selling point kind of interesting18:04
brouschshakes808: your first python lesson is to stand behind rick_h_ for an hour as he codes18:12
greg-gman, this upgrade is total fail18:12
greg-goneiric -> precise, X died mid-way through installation18:12
rick_h_greg-g: really?18:12
greg-grebooted, couldn't login to gnome, had to aptitude dist-upgrade a few times (with restarts inbetween)18:12
greg-gI'm mosh'ing via tty2 (tty1 is dist-upgrading right now)18:12
rick_h_greg-g: :/18:12
greg-galso, I had to kill the apt-package-download process to get past a not-finishing download of flash via canonical's servers18:12
greg-ghopefully there are some useful logs at the end of this for a bug report18:13
greg-gCurrent status: 0 updates [-566]18:13
greg-ghopefully that is a good sign18:13
greg-gbrb, wish me luck18:14
shakes808brousch: sounds good ... but I believe he sees the lady in the red dress. I am not that 733t yet18:14
brouschno, he creates the lady in the red dress18:20
rick_h_jcastro: https://developers.google.com/speed/articles/spdy-for-mobile18:20
greg-gwell, I have a functioning desktop, but shortcut keys, even though they are set in the gnome-settings thingy, aren't working :/18:21
rick_h_well, better than it could be I suppose18:22
greg-gyeah, I might be able to get through the rest of the day, but damnit, I have no time at night to fuck with this18:23
greg-gI get home, I eat dinner, then take care of rowan and go to bed18:23
greg-gfucking 2 hours of commuting every day18:23
* greg-g is a little peeved, sorry18:23
rick_h_greg-g: understand man, 2hr commute is killer18:24
brouschdriving commute?18:29
brouschi actually wouldn't mind 2 hours by train with internet18:30
greg-goh that's fucking great, Canonical/Unity dicks. My short cut keys work in Unity (non-standard, I set them) but not in gnome-shell. Why the fuck?18:31
brouschprobably more about lack of testing and support than dicks ;)18:31
greg-gremember all those kind of not nice things I said about Ubuntu's handling of gnome-shell? Well, I'm going to make them even more not nice now.18:31
brouschactually i have no recollection of those things18:32
greg-ga blog post where I "debated" with jono re gnome-shell dicking (not just lack of support, but outright disabling/adding bugs)18:33
greg-git was my UbuntuOne on Debian post18:34
greg-gI'm about ready to jump ship completely18:34
* brousch breaks out the blue hair dye18:36
* brousch and the blue beard dye18:36
greg-gbrousch: I don't have time to fiddle with all those KDE buttons ;)18:38
brouschbah, takes me like 5 minutes to fix some colors and buttons18:38
* rick_h_ talks greg-g down off the ledge18:42
greg-grick_h_: :) I need it, man. in 11.10 it was just one niggle, mostly. Now it is my ability to use shortcut key combos. It has basically made gnome-shell anemic.18:45
rick_h_greg-g: yea, sorry. I don't know how shortcut keys are handled between things18:45
greg-gunless, of course, something got ef'd up with my crazy upgrade process with the X crash :)18:45
greg-gI'll hope for that for now :)18:45
rick_h_I can't imagine, I guess clear the .gnome dir and try again?18:45
rick_h_whatever the reset command is these days, I think there's a unit reset18:46
rick_h_is there such a thing for gnome3?18:46
rick_h_greg-g: hit up askubuntu18:46
rick_h_I'm trying to think, I know I saw some people blog posting running gnome3 on ubuntu with precise but coming up blank18:46
rick_h_and obviously didn't mention shortcut keys18:46
snap-lgreg-g: You could also create a new user and see if it clears up18:48
greg-gyeah, I'll mess with it later, I have a webinar to attend right now ;) (oh the joy)18:48
greg-gsnap-l: good test, will do.18:48
snap-land then move things about if it clears up18:48
rick_h_yea, good point snap-l, night lightweight way to see18:48
snap-lat the very least it'll put blame in the right box. :)18:49
greg-gright right18:51
* greg-g calms down18:51
rick_h_greg-g: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/96592118:51
greg-goh fuck me18:52
rick_h_greg-g: so sounds like system install is ok, but that there's a known issue with this due to the changes in gnome3/unity around those shortcuts18:53
snap-lI'd still try the new user approach18:53
snap-lare you running Unity 2D?18:53
rick_h_he's running gnome3 that's the issue if I understand correctly18:54
greg-gright now I'm in Unity 3D because I was paralyzed without my shortcuts in gnome-shell18:54
snap-lAh, first read lead me to believe it was Unity 2D that was causing the problem.18:54
rick_h_greg-g: yea, sounds like know issue you can follow with some pita suggested work arounds for now :(18:54
rick_h_known that is18:54
greg-gyeah, weee18:54
greg-g"importance: low" yep, screw you gnome-shell users18:55
greg-gok, I'll stop and calm down18:55
rick_h_greg-g: yea, sucks. In defense of the guys it's driven by a change in gnome shell partly18:56
rick_h_will be fixed in 12.10 :) incentive to beta it up hehe18:56
greg-gexcept they saw it coming, since they had to patch the old system to work with Unity going forward since the functionality went away18:57
rick_h_greg-g: well april 17th is mentioned, not sure what the official timeline is18:58
rick_h_that is kind of late for changes/getting things in18:58
greg-greported march 26th18:58
rick_h_again, obviously a biased canonical employee not using either so don't listen to me18:58
greg-gand an earlier one on 3/2318:58
rick_h_greg-g: ah, missed that. Just going off the stuff in the ticket my bad18:59
greg-g:) no worries18:59
krondorso (what was|was there) concensus?  rbenv or rvm for ruby environments?19:03
krondorgoogle has me thinking rbenv19:03
rick_h_krondor: I think so as well but checking out on twitter for you19:05
rick_h_hmmm, hourly says it's supposed to be 60, current weather says it's 5319:07
rick_h_krondor: yea, so that verifies what I thought, rbenv ftw19:12
brouschwrong. nothing ruby can be ftw19:14
brouschit may only be ftnl19:15
krondornice, thanks for checking.  I'll settle with ftnl19:15
rick_h_yea, for some reason I follow a big chunk of the ruby OH community19:16
rick_h_so get to watch their convos on twitter all the time19:16
Blazeixobservation helicopter.19:20
rick_h_brousch: ohio, lots of ruby folks been to things like codemash/pyohio19:21
rick_h_ok, time for a bike ride, hoped it would warm up but oh well19:22
brouschit's plenty warm19:23
brouschug, an old dreamhost account got infected by some php crapware19:46
snap-lShared hosting?19:48
brouschof course19:51
brouschand it was crap that was supposedly deleted long ago through the dreamhost control panel19:52
shakes808rick_h_: for CHC tomorrow, is the parking free or are the meters going to be operational? Or do you know where free parking is?20:34
rick_h_there's free parking in front and behind the caribou20:34
shakes808rick_h_: when is the MUG group get together20:49
Blazeixsecond tuesday of every month20:49
rick_h_shakes808: second tues of the month, 6:30pm20:49
rick_h_snap-l: so next tues20:50
shakes808I can't find the website :(20:50
Blazeixshakes808: http://www.mug.org/20:50
shakes808thank you20:50
rick_h_what he said20:50
shakes808That's what I put in and said domain didn't exist20:50
shakes808Who is a moron?20:51
shakes808<- this guy20:51
shakes808<- this moron is going home. You all have a good night :D20:57
greg-galso, what the hell is this, why is my mouse so sticky when going from one monitor to the other (when going over the Unity bar/thingy)21:45
jrwrengreg-g: jcastro linked to a fix for that a few days ago.21:46
jrwrenits an ON/OFF button in display settings21:46
greg-gjrwren: it is still way to sticky (thanks, found that setting)21:47
greg-gmy mouse is paused there at the border for about half a second21:48
greg-grick_h_: did you have to change anything to use notmuch+mutt? I'm getting a PERL compilation warning/failure when trying to invoke search21:56
rick_h_greg-g: I had to install the perl bits again and some cpan stuff I think21:56
rick_h_making dinner right now, but can check/get some notes later tonight21:56
greg-grick_h_: hmmm, weird.. it seems to want a perl maildir package, I thought it was in the repos before, can't find it. /me goes to cpan, maybe21:57
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