knomepleia2, we should get some publicity for "brainstorming is on for q", maybe write a quickish article tomorrow and publish, tweet and send to g+00:44
knomepleia2, and the mailing lists00:44
pleia2sounds good00:44
pleia2UDS people are already starting to descend upon us ;) running out to dinner with one of them now00:45
knomehave fun00:45
* knome goes to bed00:45
knomebtw, look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu when you have a few mins00:45
knomenow that i reduced the releases table, i'm wondering where we need it at all00:46
knomethat should be on the website, because it's targeted mostly for userss00:46
knomeanyway, time to think that tomorrow00:46
* knome is off, see you00:53
micahgknome: in the blueprint for my assignment, please use [xubuntu-dev] (micahg)00:56
micahgknome: otherwise, it shows up on the WI tracker for the security team which we don't want00:56
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knomemr_pouit, a-ha. didn't know that - thanks :)09:34
knomeerr, micahg !09:41
knomedamn those nicks.09:41
mips1911leave mr_pouit alone, I need him to finish the 4.10 stuff :)09:41
knomethat was exactly what i was bugging him about. for Q though09:43
mips1911in that case keep bugging him :D10:02
knomepleia2, you there?12:12
knomebrainstorm doesn't support ubuntu SSO?12:27
* knome blinks12:27
knomegenerally, it's just quite ungraspable12:28
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pleia2knome: heh, I'm not sure how maintained it is in general16:00
knomepleia2, there's a session of it on openweek16:23
pleia2knome: oh, it's an active community and developers review it routinely for ideas, I meant the infrastructure itself16:28
pleia2it "just works" so it chugs along, hasn't had a branding update, I think it's still some old drupal16:28
knomethe xubuntu devs don't :]16:28
pleia2well, it took a few UDS sessions for any devs to16:28
Unit193Says it uses this http://www.ideatorrent.org/16:30
knome"Ideatorrent ... is based on Drupal."16:30
Unit193Yep, so old+old=really old.16:32
knomeand since drupal sucks anyway... ;)16:33
knome== really old crap16:33
Unit193Yep, pretty much.16:33
GridCubetalking about the qa testing and stuff18:15
GridCubei think the testing protocols should show the current known bugs, so people know what to test and look for18:16
GridCubei think that many people goes blind to tests and miss stuff because we don't know what we should be looking at18:16
knomethat's a good idea, but what are the "current known bugs" ?18:17
knomeare they bugs that have been found in the tests?18:17
knomebecause those *are* already visible18:17
GridCubeyes they should be bugs reported on tests, say in the last 10 tests for a case18:19
GridCubesay you do alternate i386 tests, so you will see the "known issues with this testcase" and you might have like a checklist18:20
GridCubesaying does this happen to you? and you click yes or no18:20
GridCubeor click in like "something different happens" and you go to a bug report18:21
GridCubei think that would make testings more useful18:24
GridCubenow most tests are "see if it installs and runs" 18:24
GridCubebut no actual "testing" is done with the system18:24
knomewhat about the testcase18:24
knomewe are about to update those18:25
knometo be more xubuntu specific18:25
GridCubei see18:25
knomeand include the short/long tests there18:25
GridCubeo: i forgot about my tutorial for alternate installation 18:26
knomei'll be back later18:26
knomei need to chat with stgraber18:26
knomeabout the qa tracker18:26
GridCubewill try to do it one of this days18:26
knomeand i'm sure it would be useful if you could help me and astraljava getting the new testcases written/reviewed18:27
knomebut that would be in week 20 most probably18:27
knomeor weekend of week 1918:27
knome(not saturday)18:28
GridCubeif i can i will help18:28
knomei'm sure you can, you've been doing the tests, and you know if something is written badly or so18:29
knomebut we'll get back to you once we sit down with it18:37
GridCubewhat use does catfish have?19:28
knomeGridCube, search for files?20:22
GridCubeand do what with them?20:22
GridCubesee where they are?20:22
knomeor generally, just find them20:22
knomenothing else20:22
GridCubethats not very useful20:22
knomewell, it depends so much how you organize your files20:23
knomesome people never think when they save, so it makes sense to have a search app20:23
GridCubeyes, i can agree with that 100% pero you need to do something with the files you find20:24
GridCubelol s/pero/but/20:24
knomewell of course you can navigate to that location etc20:26
GridCubeknome, but say you want to find all the .abw you have on ~/ and save them on /media/pendrive 20:28
GridCubetheres no way of doing that with today's xubuntu unless you do some find -exec magic20:29
knomeGridCube, apparently you can copy single files from catfish20:29
knome(not select all, but that's understandable in a away)20:29
mips1911Any news on the 4.10 ppa?21:16
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