SpamapSDing ding00:02
SpamapSanother charm promulgated00:02
bkerensaSpamapS: I fixed the locker charm and pushed again00:22
SpamapSbkerensa: I might just review that now so that I can add you to ~charmers and you can start doing reviews.00:27
SpamapSThe queue, I suspect, will get long, fairly quickly. :)00:27
bkerensaSpamapS: yes then I will help review stuff and make things easier00:27
bkerensaSpamapS: is the level of frostiness acceptable?01:26
marcoceppiSpamapS: thanks for the info, I'll keep that in mind02:00
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jamespagejcastro, this looks largely unmaintained - https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoW1nhI7IMt3dFRvSFdkZmNqQ0t3RjZ2QTR2Z19teWc&hl=en_US#gid=010:37
jamespageand is linked from https://juju.ubuntu.com/Charms10:38
jamespageworried it might be creating a bit of confusion about who's working on what charm - new folk don't seem to be looking at bugs in launchpad....10:39
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yolandahi jamespage, saw your email11:14
yolandato see the juju code there, you need to have access to that team, do you want me to put in a public url?11:15
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jamespageyolanda, yes - but we really need to resolve the issue about multiple charms targeting the same service deployment.12:50
yolandajamespage, it's ok for me. I still have to deal with details of openerp module, to push it to Debian & Ubuntu. But if the charm can be configured to do one thing or another depending on version, that can be good13:24
yolandawhat is Patrick Hetu nick, to talk with him?13:24
jamespageyolanda, not sure - check launchpad - it should tell you13:25
yolandaavoine, but is not there, i'll send an email13:26
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jkyleso, if I'm understanding juju correclty. It can't be used as a standalone deployment tool. Only with a cloud like EC2 or MaaS?14:54
avoinejkyle: there is a local deployment option but it's more for testing14:56
jkyleright, so no way to deploy to a target. and I also bumped into a blurb that it's being rewritten in Go?14:57
avoinejkyle: no right now you can deploy to an existing server14:57
avoinejkyle: I'm not sure about Go, I think they want to test it14:57
jkyleI hope not14:58
avoineor make a proof of concept14:58
avoinesorry you cannot deploy to a remote existing server14:58
jkyleproof fo concept is fine. seems moving to go would alienate a lot of potential contributors14:58
avoineonly local or via ec2 or Maas14:58
jkyleblurb in question: http://tinyurl.com/79nm8ej14:59
jkyleyeah, I may have to revisit maas my next deployment. was unable to get it (or cobbler) to work well this round14:59
avoineit can be tricky yeah15:00
jkyleI think it was just too early in 12.04's release cycle15:01
avoineit was moving fast in the last months15:01
jkyleyeah, the nail for me was when the source outpaced the hosted ephemeral disks and they wouldn't boot :P15:01
avoinejkyle: so juju is mainly in python15:01
jkyleavoine: right, that was one of the things that first drew my attention15:02
jkyleseems a natural choice for workign with openstack15:02
jkyleI'm working here and there to get a macport of juju written15:04
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jcastrom_3_: ping16:37
FunnyLookinHatIs there an appropriate place to 'stake a claim' to a specific charm so that people don't double up?  Is it that google doc spreadsheet I see floating around?  Because that seemed a bit out of date.16:59
marcoceppiFunnyLookinHat: if you're going to start something and there's a bug for it, just claim the bug report for that charm, otherwise create a bug report and assign it to yourself17:08
jcastroFunnyLookinHat: yeah just claim the bug in launchpad by assigning it to yourself.17:20
m_3_jcastro: hey... bout to call you17:21
jcastrojoin #juju17:21
jcastroand then call me in 2 minutes.17:21
jcastroI will fill you in17:21
jcastrooh, this is #juju17:22
jcastrook call me17:22
koolhead17jcastro, i have assigned one using that google doc, is that okey17:22
marcoceppikoolhead17: that google doc is out of date17:22
koolhead17why is it there/mentioned then/17:23
_mup_Bug #994116 was filed: juju local environment doesn't survive reboots <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/994116 >17:37
SpamapSkoolhead17: I don't know. We should burn the google doc unless it updates automatically from launchpad17:42
dpb_Hi all -- Is there a right way to copy files between services, when relations are joined.17:43
SpamapSdpb_: scp would be the simplest way. Can you give an example of what you want to copy?17:43
dpb_SpamapS: it's a server cert actually (self signed)17:44
koolhead17SpamapS, exactly. I don`t see information catered two places :)17:44
SpamapSdpb_: two simple options. 1) setup SSH between the two hosts by passing along public keys for auth. 2) relation-set certcontent=`cat my.crt`17:46
dpb_SpamapS: oh on 2.. not a bad idea.17:46
_mup_Bug #994118 was filed: Update manager fails with an error <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/994118 >17:47
dpb_SpamapS: I guess it's small enough.  if I have a case of something larger, the ssh key approach would be workable as well.  thanks17:47
_mup_juju/scale-test r534 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com17:47
_mup_short circuit per machine security group management17:47
jcastromarcoceppi: hey so I had to shuffle the plenaries, you're on monday now.18:01
marcoceppijcastro: http://i.imgur.com/i8YYs.gif18:02
marcoceppithat's cool, I'll hunt you down on Sunday for a drink and quick dicussion about the plenary18:03
SpamapSdpb_: the only trouble is that you have to trust ZK with the content of your cert18:09
SpamapSdpb_: We already trust ZK with a lot of stuff, but its something to think about.18:09
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dpb_SpamapS: well, this particular charm is for development spin up, so trust is a non-issue.  good to know though.  BTW I just had to double quote the param to relation-set and it worked.  thanks!18:24
SpamapSdpb_: woot18:26
jcastroSpamapS: thomas has an incoming fix for the postgres charm19:01
jcastrohe says it was broken, but he fixed it. :)19:01
SpamapSI have had a proposed fix for the mysql charm open for over a month19:02
* SpamapS wishes somebody would review it19:02
* marcoceppi goes to review19:02
* SpamapS goes to get marcoceppi an IRC beer19:05
gmbhazmat, Around?19:11
hazmatgmb, yup19:12
gmbhazmat, So, I'm back  to trying to get juju to bootstrap with a specific AMI. What should I make the ec2-uri point at in order to be able to use default-image-id?19:14
hazmatgmb, the ec2 region url19:14
hazmatie. api access endpoint19:14
gmbhazmat, So, ec2.us-west-1.amazonaws.com?19:14
gmb(For e.g.)19:15
SpamapSI think19:15
gmbOkay, lemme try that (the documentation is a bit ambiguous)19:15
gmbSpamapS, Yep, that got it. Thanks.19:15
marcoceppiSpamapS: shouldn't this be it? region: eu-west-119:16
marcoceppiit's what we use to bootstrap omg in the EU EC2 zone19:16
gmbhazmat, SpamapS interestingly, if you get it wrong, the only indication that something's not right is a "400 Bad request" in the juju bootstrap output.19:16
SpamapSmarcoceppi: There's some specific logic in juju to prevent users from using default-image-id on EC2 (why, I'm not sure, as this seems like we're trying to be peoples' mommies)19:17
SpamapSIf somebody wants to ditch our sophisticated and awesome way of looking up image ids.. let 'em.19:18
marcoceppiSpamapS: looks good to me, it too me a while to figure out why you were using md5sums, but makes sense now19:20
marcoceppimerge away19:21
SpamapSmarcoceppi: Yeah its a little weird but I want to avoid restarting mysql if at all possible.19:22
marcoceppiRight, makes snes19:23
SpamapSmarcoceppi: thanks for the review! :)19:24
* SpamapS pushes19:24
gmbSpamapS, hazmat: Is the fact that multiple constraints need to be specified as separate --constraints="" parameters a known bug?19:32
SpamapSgmb: I thought hey could be space separated19:34
SpamapSI have not tried them enough to know though19:34
gmbSpamapS, For me, it gets confused and thinks the second constraint is the charm name.19:34
gmbI'll file a bug if one doesn't exist already.19:35
hazmatgmb, you can space separate them19:38
SpamapShazmat: who admins _mup_ ? I want him to monitor merge proposals and bugs in charms too19:39
hazmatSpamapS, dunno exactly, i just ask gustavo when i need something changed on it19:39
SpamapSI also want promulgate to be able to notify _mup_19:40
gmbhazmat: This is what I'm seeing; what am I doing wrong? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/965372/19:40
marcoceppiSpamapS: I just realized, for gluster you don't need to use subordinate charms, just regular relations will work19:43
marcoceppithough it'd be "faster" charms can just use nfs mounts vs nagive gluster mounts19:44
SpamapSmarcoceppi: they will only work if you want to tie your charm to gluster specifically19:48
dpb_How do I supply data to a install hook, or more preferrably to a relation?  I.e, I would like to supply a URL that is changeable at deploy time to retrieve data about the install.19:51
marcoceppiI've been trying to figure out the workflow for gluster charm/sub The way I see it now, you have two options. Use gluster/gluster-client sub combo but then have the parent charm require gluster-client (to handshake *where* glusterfs mountpoint should be created) or just use gluster as a standalone and require nfs, resulting in a handshake of server details19:51
hazmatgmb, not sure... i'm able to do effectively the equivalent without issue http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/965396/19:52
* hazmat tries with the same constraints19:52
gmbhazmat, Ah, wait19:53
gmbI have found the problem.19:53
hazmatthat works19:53
gmbOld copy of the juju wrapper lying around.19:53
gmbsitting in /usr/local/bin...19:53
hazmattransparent wrapper is evil19:53
* gmb stabs it19:53
hazmatthankfully gone19:53
dpb_so like.  juju deploy --variable URL=http://foo/bar  or   juju deploy --relation-data my-relation:URL=http://foo/bar19:54
dpb_I see the "--config" option on juju deploy, but I'm not sure what it can do.19:55
balloonsI'm trying to initialize a basic environment to start messing with juju charms.. I'm looking at this page: https://juju.ubuntu.com/Charms. The "charm update some/dir/precise" and "charm getall some/dir/precise" commands it's telling me to follow are failing :-(19:56
balloonsSo in short, I got as far as installing juju and charm-tools on an up to date precise installation -- what do I do next?19:56
marcoceppiballoons: what are the commands failing with?20:00
balloonsmarcoceppi, the charm update and charm getall commands fail differently20:00
balloonswhich should i do first?20:00
marcoceppiballoons: pastebin both?20:00
balloonssure.. one sec20:01
SpamapSdpb_: there's supposed to be a --set option for deploy, but I think its been deferred a few times.20:01
dpb_SpamapS: can I get something similar with --config?  I even thought about making a fake service. :)20:02
SpamapSdpb_: you need to write out a yaml file with the options you want to set20:02
SpamapSservicename: { URL: 'http://foo' }20:02
SpamapSdpb_: anything you use 'config-get' for, btw, should go in config-changed, not install20:03
SpamapSunless there's a really compelling reason not to let people change the variable later20:03
balloonsmarcoceppi, here's charm update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/965430/20:04
dpb_SpamapS: ok.  config-changed is a hook by itself?  like install or start or stop?20:04
SpamapSdpb_: right, it runs after install20:04
SpamapSdpb_: and any time any config options are changed20:04
dpb_SpamapS: let me play with that a bit, thx20:05
marcoceppiballoons: mkdir -p projects/charms/precise20:05
marcoceppithen run the command again20:05
SpamapSHm, with the store now..20:06
SpamapSI wonder if we should deprecate 'charm getall'20:06
SpamapSits really slow20:06
SpamapSand does things in a wonky way20:06
SpamapS'charm get xxx' seems better20:06
balloonsmarcoceppi, I get the same error as you see in the paste20:06
* SpamapS removes the suggestion from https://juju.ubuntu.com/Charms20:06
balloonsif you scroll down you see I create the directory and try again20:06
balloonsI'm not sure if it worked or not, but stuff does go into the directory, along with the errors20:07
marcoceppiballoons: that's odd20:07
balloonsyou can see the listing in the paste20:08
marcoceppiballoons: can you cd into that precise folder, and run charm get mysql (just as a test)20:08
balloonsrunning now20:08
balloonsPermission denied (publickey).20:08
balloonsConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying20:08
balloonsPermission denied (publickey).20:08
balloonsbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.20:08
marcoceppiballoons: did you install from the archives or ppa?20:10
balloonsI installed from the archives20:10
balloonsI have an up to date precise install.. running 64-bit20:11
balloonsa random side note, but lxc failed to install for me also giving a dpkg subprocess error.. that's really baffling https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/99419220:11
_mup_Bug #994192: package lxc 0.7.5-3ubuntu52 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 <amd64> <apport-package> <need-duplicate-check> <precise> <lxc (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/994192 >20:11
balloonsso charm update and then charm get XXX should work then?20:21
marcoceppiballoons: charm get mysql works fine for me, it's odd that it throws BZR errors for you20:36
SpamapSballoons: you don't actually need charm update anymore20:36
SpamapSballoons: its only for charm getall. So you can just do 'charm get mysql'20:36
bkerensaSpamapS: how did the charm look?20:49
SpamapSbkerensa: sorry which one?20:54
balloonsSpamapS, so.. I'm a bit confused then.. I see you updated the page, so I just need to grab a charm then.. what charm might be a good one to have a look at if I'm trying to learn about charms and juju?21:02
SpamapSballoons: wordpress, mysql, subway, appflower .. those are all good ones21:03
jcastroballoons: I'm in the cloud room if you want me to fix your juju21:04
SpamapSballoons: do you have any services in mind that you might want to charm?21:04
balloonsjcastro, SpamapS sounds like jcastro  is willing to fix my issue21:04
balloonsSpamapS, yes, I do have something in mind..21:05
balloonsit's a tomcat app.. but it isn't straightforward to setup or deploy with tomcat21:05
balloonsit also requires google refine, jena, mysql and apache21:05
marcoceppiballoons: there's a tomcat charm you could use as a base http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/tomcat721:05
balloonsohh and optionally joseki.. so it's a good mix of stuff21:05
balloonsis there a tomcat6 charm?21:05
SpamapSballoons: sounds interesting. :)21:06
SpamapSballoons: yes there is21:06
balloonsi hoping my install script I typically use for deploying can be converted easily.. I'm curious to see :-)21:07
balloonsSpamapS, great.. I'll start with tomcat6 then as a base21:07
marcoceppiballoons: I'm sure it will, most of the stuff I've charmed I just used my huge install script and just tweaked it into the Juju charm structure21:08
SpamapSs/some/one time at bandcamp/21:09
marcoceppigood times21:10
SpamapSballoons: You might be able to just write your app as a "subordinate" app to tomcat6. The benefit there is you don't have to fork tomcat621:12
bkerensaSpamapS: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/89871421:12
_mup_Bug #898714: Charm Needed: The Locker Project <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed by bkerensa> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/898714 >21:12
SpamapSbkerensa: ahh, I haven't gotten to it yet. UDS prep has been sucking all my time away ;)21:13
* SpamapS is doing SRU approvals for the first time in 10 days right now21:13
SpamapSbad.. bad SpamapS21:13
balloonsSpamapS, marcoceppi turns out my ssh key for this machine is not in my launchpad profile21:37
balloonsthat's what was causing the error.. I'm adding the key, and I'm guessing it will work.. had I not had an lp-login, I'm guessing it would have also worked :-)21:38
SpamapSballoons: ahh!21:38
jcastroSpamapS: should I add that to the charm instructions?21:43
SpamapSjcastro: yeah, good idea21:45
m_3_SpamapS: do you know the current way to specify the explicit ami in ec221:51
m_3_SpamapS: docs say it's turned off for ec2... only works on "private clouds"21:51
m_3_bootstrap won't respect my deprecated default-image-id21:52
SpamapSm_3_: if you explicitly set ec2-uri to https://$region.ec2.amazonaws.com/ then it will let you use default-image-id21:52
m_3_ah, thanks!21:52
jcastroSpamapS: ok weird21:55
jcastrodo "charm get tomcat6"21:55
jcastroand it gets tomcat621:55
jcastroquestion ... look on the charm store, we don't have an official tomcat621:56
jcastrothere are two personal tomcat6'es, so which one did it snag?21:56
SpamapSthe one pointed to by lp:charms/tomcat621:56
m_3_jcastro: look at .bzr/branches/branch.conf21:56
SpamapSWhich is actually owned by me21:57
jcastroright. :)21:57
SpamapSjcastro: its named 'precise'21:57
SpamapSmy guess is it was forked for precise21:57
SpamapSm_3_: perhaps your rename script missed one?21:57
m_3_SpamapS: dunno... I have notes on the ones it barfed on21:59
m_3_there were only a couple21:59
SpamapSok well I think we just need to promulgate a ~charmers owned tomcat622:00
SpamapSm_3_: I think it was this one, because I owned it rather than ~charmers22:00
m_3_oh, yeah, we only dealt with ~charmers explicitly I think22:00
* SpamapS fixes22:00
balloonsyou can blame me22:00
SpamapSjcastro: thanks for pointing that out. We should now have an official tomcat6 in precise.22:00
balloonsohh really?22:01
* SpamapS notes the charmstore tkaes a bit to update22:01
balloonsSpamapS, since I'm crazy while we're at it..22:01
balloonsI show jcastro this:22:01
balloonsballoons@awesomesauce:~/projects/charms/precise$ charm update22:01
balloonsusage: update charm_directory [ --fix ]22:01
balloonsballoons@awesomesauce:~/projects/charms/precise$ charm update --fix22:01
balloonsgetopt: unrecognized option '--fix'22:01
SpamapSballoons: its a little bit confusing, I know. but you forogt to put in a dirname22:02
SpamapSballoons: charm update is going away22:02
SpamapSballoons: it was just a stop-gap until we had store.juju.ubuntu.com22:03
balloonsSpamapS, yes, jcastro told me..22:03
balloonsI'm trying to not point out the other weirdness I'm finding22:03
balloonskeeping my head down..  can't help but notice/find these things22:03
SpamapSballoons: noooooo.. point it out22:04
SpamapSset it all on fire if you have to22:04
balloonsis charm update capable of updating all of my charms or ?22:05
balloonsis tomcat6 gonna show up eventually on this page? http://jujucharms.com/charms22:05
SpamapSballoons: tomcat6 will show up there yes22:05
SpamapSballoons: charm list already shows it22:05
SpamapSballoons: 'charm update' just pulls all the official charms into a '.mrconfig' which you can then use to bzr branch every charm...22:06
SpamapSballoons: that was a good idea when we had 20. Now we have over 70.22:06
balloonsok, so let's say the offical tomcat6 charm is updated22:07
balloonshow do I know it got updated / and how would I get the update?22:07
SpamapSballoons: well as a charm dev, 'bzr pull'22:10
SpamapSballoons: for your services, 'juju upgrade-charm servicename'22:11
balloonshmm.. ok, but no way for me to know there are pending updates?22:12
balloonsfor your sake.. i'm trying to relate this to how apt works22:12
balloonsaka what is the equivalant for apt-get update, apt-get dis-upgrade?22:12
SpamapSballoons: there's no "upgrade all of my services"22:25
SpamapSballoons: upgrade-charm will pull a new version of the charm if one exists22:25
balloonsOk, can I know there is a new version before running?22:25
SpamapSno, that seems like a useful feature22:26
SpamapSI bet we can hack that up in juju-jitsu22:26
SpamapSjust parse status and compare charm revisions to the repo22:26
* SpamapS just submitted perhaps his most interesting new-charm yet.. "ubuntu"22:27
FunnyLookinHaterr - am I reading correctly... no nginx charm ?22:28
SpamapSFunnyLookinHat: we have charms that use nginx in development22:28
SpamapSFunnyLookinHat: the thing is, nginx by itself isn't very interesting22:29
FunnyLookinHatIs there a process for referencing "in development" charms...  I want to create a charm that relies on it -and rather than build it into my install script I'd rather just require it and configure it in install22:29
FunnyLookinHatBut having a charm published would allow me to do requires: http: nginx22:29
FunnyLookinHator something like that, right?22:29
SpamapSsort of22:30
SpamapSFunnyLookinHat: most of the intelligence for nginx that is generic is already in the package22:31
FunnyLookinHatAh ok22:31
SpamapSFunnyLookinHat: so, just 'apt-get install nginx' gets you all the generic tools22:31
FunnyLookinHatI had some poor assumption that charms should leverage the latest stable source rather than packages22:31
SpamapSFunnyLookinHat: we *have* discussed having an nginx charm that would then have subordinate app charms attached to it..22:32
FunnyLookinHatBut that's clearly backwards.22:32
SpamapSFunnyLookinHat: some charms do22:32
SpamapSBut only when they absolutely need to22:32
FunnyLookinHatSpamapS, ah ok cool.22:32
FunnyLookinHatWill you be at UDS ?22:32
FunnyLookinHaterr - ARE you at UDS?22:32
SpamapSTuesday and Thursday22:32
FunnyLookinHatOh you're in the bay area ?22:32
SpamapSNo, I'm in LA22:32
SpamapSflying up for day trips Tue and Thu22:33
SpamapSI'd come all week, but wife is 8 months pregnant22:33
SpamapSshe wants me home at night, just in case :)22:33
FunnyLookinHatWell - swing by the System76 booth and introduce yourself on Tuesday...22:33
FunnyLookinHatAh yes.22:33
FunnyLookinHatGood priority.  :)22:33
SpamapSI will for sure. :)22:33
FunnyLookinHatok - so quick question... what good is the requires: db: mysql for then if it's coming from packages?22:34
balloonsSpamapS, more questions :-) is there an apache charm?22:34
FunnyLookinHatOr is it requiring mysql on a charm-level - i.e. distributed and whatnot22:34
balloonsand depending -- how can I setup a charm for a webservice that runs on apache/tomcat?22:34
FunnyLookinHatballoons, doesn't look like it.22:34
bkerensaFunnyLookinHat: system76 will have a booth at UDS?22:34
SpamapSballoons: just like nginx.. all the generic stuff is already in the packages. The charms need to configure apache/nginx/etc. for the specific app22:35
FunnyLookinHatbkerensa, heck yes - we'll have some really awesome ( and some new I believe ) hardware to show off22:35
SpamapSballoons: Though we might have a generic "high performance PHP nginx" that can plug into PHP apps via subordinates.22:35
bkerensaFunnyLookinHat: cool stuff :) I have a Dell atm22:36
balloonsSpamapS, hmm.. I suppose your right.. I wonder if I'd use tomcat6 charm or just the package22:36
balloonsI might have some more ah-duh questions as I walk thru this22:37
SpamapSballoons: well the charm is sort of a framework22:37
SpamapSballoons: in fact, for tomcat6, IIRC, it takes a URL to fetch a WAR from.22:37
balloonsright right.. and I won't have that22:37
balloonsbetter for me to install it as part of charm i'd guess22:37
balloonswheels are turning22:37
* SpamapS hears journey22:38
* balloons sings don't stop believin.... streetlights, people... ooo ahhh oooo22:38
Sydneyhi everybody, does someone know why the rabbitmq charm for precise throws out error whilst trying to deploy?22:40
SpamapSSydney: make sure you use 'rabbitmq-server'22:41
Sydneyyes i do, but still..22:41
Sydneyjust error: nothing else..22:42
SpamapSSydney: is that coming from the debug-log ?22:44
Sydneyanyhow.. pulled the branch, seems to work locally22:44
SpamapSSydney: stdout of your machine?22:46
SpamapSlike you type 'juju deploy rabbitmq-server' and it prints 'error:' and exits?22:46
Sydneyexactly.. he's connecting, throws out error, exits..22:47
Sydneyhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/04/20/%23juju.html somebody mentioned that the charm name wouldn't match the metadata..22:48
SpamapSbkerensa: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bugs?field.tag=new-charm .. I don't see your locker charm.22:50
bkerensaSpamapS: I have to file a new bug for a charm thats already wishlisted?22:51
bkerensathere I added the new-charm tag to the existing bug22:51
_mup_Bug #898714: Charm Needed: The Locker Project <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed by bkerensa> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/898714 >22:51
bkerensathe branch is linked to the bug report22:51
SpamapSbkerensa: right, thats why it didn't get reviewed. :)22:52
dpb_How do I change the series of a deployment at the command line when I'm launching?  like --series lucid or something?22:54
SpamapSdpb_: juju deploy cs:precise/foo or juju deploy local:precise/foo22:54
dpb_ok, derived from the name... got it.22:55
dpb_SpamapS: thx again!22:55
SpamapSnamespace.. but yes :)22:55
SpamapSSydney: ahh, ok, I'm fixing it22:55
SpamapSSydney: things were very broken there.. we had a bit of a rough patch with the move from oneiric -> precise22:56
Sydneyplease, what?22:56
Sydneythat fast?22:56
dpb_SpamapS: do lucid lxc images work?  Do you configure your environment differently to support them?22:57
SpamapSSydney: very confusing, but I think I have it figured out.22:58
Sydneytake your time..22:58
SpamapSadam_g: question about rabbitmq charms23:10
SpamapSadam_g: would you say lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/trunk is the "best" charm to have in precise?23:10
SpamapSm_3_: I think I finally figured out the rabbitmq mess23:16
m_3_SpamapS: awesome... thanks!23:17
m_3_did you unpromulgate lp:charms/rabbit23:18
SpamapSm_3_: promulgate looks at meatdata.yaml to choose a charm name23:18
SpamapSm_3_: the charms have name: rabbitmq23:18
SpamapSor rather, had23:18
SpamapSm_3_: yes!23:19
SpamapSm_3_: lp:charms/rabbitmq-server now points at https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/trunk23:20
SpamapSm_3_: and there is no lp:charms/rabbitmq23:20
SpamapSSydney: if you want to make sure I got a working charm, you can do 'charm get rabbitmq-server' and then deploy it using local:rabbitmq-server23:21
SpamapSthats now *3* charms we need deleted from the charm store.23:21
m_3_SpamapS: awesome23:21
Sydneywell, i will give it a try as i do testing anyways.. had pulled it via bazar for now.. but i'll give it a shot.. thanks anyways..23:23
SpamapSSydney: right, so just 'bzr branch lp:charms/rabbitmq-server'23:25
Sydneybut how do i pull a charm with "charm get rabbitmq-server"?23:26
SpamapSSydney: thats just an alias for 'bzr branch lp:charms/$1'23:27
Sydneyall right.. i'm pretty new to juju, beginner's class :)23:28
SpamapSSydney: welcome!23:28
SydneyThanks, Man.. nice to know..23:29
balloonsSpamapS, alright.. i'm in knee deep now :-) So I have a few questions on my first charm here23:41
balloonsmy app in question needs a specific user and table created as part of the setup in mysql23:42
SpamapSballoons: why a specific user?23:52
SpamapSballoons: it can't just use the user you tell it to use?23:52
SpamapSballoons: most apps just want to own a single database all to themselves23:54
SpamapSballoons: if yours is special and more complex, you can use the other interfaces in the mysql charm.. mysql-shared or mysql-root23:54
balloonsSpamapS, well, yes, it wants it's own db.. but I need to get that value back.. if the user is randomly named23:56
balloonsI need to tell the app what the setup info is23:56
SpamapSballoons: right, thats how all charms work23:56
balloonsright ;-)23:56
SpamapSballoons: you need a something-relation-changed hook, attached to an 'interface: mysql' relation23:57
balloonsahh.. I was missing the relation bit23:57
SpamapSballoons: that hook will use 'relation-get user' to find out the user (and password, database, host, etc)23:57
balloonsi was trying that in my install hook23:57
SpamapSnooo install is for things that only ever happen one time23:57
SpamapSrelations are important :)23:58
balloonslol - yes, I got the idea better now..23:58
* balloons is off to add some new hooks!23:59
SpamapSok, my brain is officially fried23:59

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