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urlwolflooks like recent versions of kde leave power management to the OS. I don't think there's CPU scaling by deeauld00:16
urlwolfmy laptop runs really hot, is there any way to get it to run cooler with cpu scaling? (i7 HP 8034w)00:17
pepeeurlwolf, there was an app I was using, but I don't remember which was :/00:22
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pepeeurlwolf, nah. System Settings/Power Management00:23
urlwolfalso, I cannot access the virtual terminals (ctrl alt F1-F6), why is that?00:26
urlwolfpepee: I can see it in system settings, but it doesn't let me change profile00:27
urlwolfwhat's there enables one to set up what happens 'on ac power' 'on battery' etc but not changing the current profile to any00:28
dbc254another process is using the update package is the msg, but I don't have anything else open!?!?!00:29
pepeeurlwolf, there is no error msg? in mine says "power management configuration module could not be loaded"00:31
urlwolfno error00:32
pepeeurlwolf, also, you should be able to switch vt's. I don't know why you can't00:32
urlwolfwhat shortcut are you using?00:32
pepeeurlwolf, ctrl+alt+F100:33
urlwolfmaybe there's a setting somewhere to castrate the VTs? I'm using that one, nothing happens00:33
pepeedbc254, in the terminal: ps ax | grep -E 'apt|dpkg'00:34
pepeedbc254, use pastebin00:34
urlwolfI have 'enable autologin' in the login manager. Maybe that killed my VTs?00:35
pepeeurlwolf, problem is, I'm not using kde right now00:35
pepeeurlwolf, no, it shouldn't00:35
pepeeurlwolf, not even a blank screen?00:35
urlwolffirst time I'm away from VTs, on any system00:35
urlwolfmaybe i accidentally overwrote the shortcuts for VTs?00:36
pepeeurlwolf, yeah, could be00:37
DorkVaderyo, does kubuntu or ubuntu have a software firewall running by default?00:37
pepeedbc254, run this in the terminal (alt+f2, then type konsole): ps ax | grep -E 'apt|dpkg'00:37
urlwolfnope, syssettings doesn't allow me to use ctrl alt F1 as shortcut00:37
pepeeDorkVader, shouldn't, I think. ubuntu comes with ufw00:38
DorkVaderhm...... I can't communicate with a local virtualbox VM on port 9000... I have it NAT'd in virtual box, I have done this quite a few times and it has always worked... I am wondering if there is a firewall or something in the way00:38
urlwolfshould I ask in #ubuntu?00:38
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pepeeurlwolf, changed graphics driver recently?00:40
pepeeurlwolf, try00:40
urlwolfnow on nvidia00:41
pepeeDorkVader, check the guest ips00:41
pepeeurlwolf, that could be. I have had some problem like that00:41
pepeedon't know how to solve :/00:41
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DorkVaderpepee: Yeah, good call.. the guest has no IP, or /dev/eth0... :(00:42
pepeeDorkVader, ask in #vbox00:42
pepeeDorkVader, use dhclient in the guest vm00:43
pepeedbc254, again, run this in the terminal (alt+f2, then type konsole): ps ax | grep -E 'apt|dpkg'00:44
pepeedbc254, talk in the channel, please00:44
DorkVaderpepee: Yeah, I've tried that, not bringing up a /dev/eth0 on ifconfig... not giving any errors or warnings when I run dhclient.  When I run lsmod, the  e1000 package is listed.  Virtualbox is set to  use an Intel pro 1000 ethernet card00:44
pepeeno errors from dhclient? check IP again00:45
pepeealso, use the dhclient -v00:45
DorkVaderah, ok, good call, "No broadcast interfaces found"00:46
pepeeifconfig eth0 up ?00:47
pepeeor "connec the cable" in vbox00:47
pepeedbc254, no output from that command?00:47
dbc254pepee, should've stayed with 11.04?00:48
pepeedbc254, nah00:48
pepeedbc254, try running    sudo apt-get update00:49
dbc254ran sudo apt-get update00:49
dbc254what's aptitude?00:49
LawnMowersSucki'm not sure what the deal is, but off and on, when there are Qt updates, they cause the fan on my net-top to run constantly. then the next round of Qt4 updates stop that. it seems to always be back and forth.00:50
pepeedbc254, another package manager00:51
dbc254is it any better than this muon crap?00:51
LawnMowersSuckdoes aptitude have support for multi-arch yet?00:51
pepeedbc254, muon uses apt-get, I suppose00:52
pepeedbc254, aptitude is a command line package manager00:52
LawnMowersSuckdbc254: if you are wanting a decent graphical package manager, you should stick with synaptic.00:52
dbc254muon be moron for me. . .00:52
LawnMowersSuckmuon sucks, and probably always will.00:53
pepeeLawnMowersSuck, IIRC that was fixed, but ubuntu devs recommend using apt-get00:53
dbc254synaptic? is that in the repositories?00:53
pepeeI used to use aptitude, too :(00:53
pepeedbc254, yes00:53
LawnMowersSuckdbc254: yes, it has always been the most used package manager for debian/ubuntu/etc00:53
LawnMowersSuckdbc254: unfortunately, it is a GTK app00:54
LawnMowersSuckin the KDE3 days, adept was a nice package manager. it is a shame that its development was stopped. there is a new adept, but it also sucks.00:54
pepeeI don't use kde anymore, because of the mess00:54
pepeeLawnMowersSuck, yeah00:55
LawnMowersSuckpepee: what do you use, where there is no mess?00:55
pepeelots of stability :P00:55
pepeenot being developed, I think...00:55
LawnMowersSuckto me, the KDE mess is largely in the past. and KDE cannot be blamed for bad debian/ubuntu package management tools.00:56
dbc254here, here!00:56
DorkVaderpepee: ok, thanks for the help, I got some help from the people in #vbox00:56
LawnMowersSuckalso, LXDE is definitely still being developed.00:57
pepeeLawnMowersSuck, well, they stopped supporting some apps, and then they create another app to replace the older one...00:57
pepeeDorkVader, you are welcome00:57
LawnMowersSucki am hoping for razor-qt to progress. i've never been much of a GTK fan.00:58
pepeegnome is horrible00:58
dbc254do I have to uninstall muon to use synaptic?00:58
LawnMowersSuckdbc254: no00:58
pepeedon't even know what gnome shell or unity is :P00:58
pepeeI've been being using the same system on diff machines00:58
LawnMowersSuckpepee: i know what they are, but have never used either of them00:59
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ken__I have a quick question regarding kubuntu netbook edition00:59
EvilResistancethere is such a thing?00:59
JMichaelXthere is a netbook mode... not edition00:59
dbc254thanks guys! synaptic seems to be working where muon wasn't.00:59
JMichaelXmuon sucks. the old adept needs to be revived, and ported to KDE4.01:00
ken__so I can install it on a netbook and "switch" the mode?01:00
pepeein the end, the cli works :P01:00
JMichaelXken__: i assume so.01:00
pepeeken__, no kde version of ubuntu netbook remix01:01
JMichaelXpepee: aptitude actually was not working all that well, due to it not having supported multi-arch. hopefully that support is there now, but i have not checked.01:01
ken__would ubuntu be better?01:01
JMichaelXken__: that is all a matter of personal preference01:01
pepeeken__, kde uses lots of resources. don't know about unity01:02
ken__just don't want to bog it down.01:02
ken__thanks pepee01:03
ken__I'll give it a try01:03
JMichaelXken__: UNR is no lobger around. you can install Lucid UNR, if you want, but you probably should not do that.01:04
pepeeJMichaelX, about the Qt thing: you should fill a bug report01:04
pepeeyeah, seems outdated01:04
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ken__ok, then what would be good for a netbook. W7 Starter is crashed and full of viruses01:05
ken__no startup disks01:05
JMichaelXUNR ceased being developed several years ago. as to whether ubuntu or kubuntu is lighter on a netbook, i'd have no idea. i am still running UNR Lucid on my dell  mini 9, but i am fixing to migrate to precise sometime soon... maybe even tonight01:05
pepeeJMichaelX, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/83176801:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged]01:05
JMichaelXken__: to me, win7 on a netbook (especially a single core) is ridiculous to begin with01:06
JMichaelXpepee: that is what i thought01:06
ken__W7 starter... it boot fairly fast, but nothing works, not even the HP restoration tools01:06
JMichaelXken__: i'd get rid of it01:07
JMichaelXken__: you have several options... ubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu (LXDE also has some kind of netbook interface)... all a matter of personal preference01:08
ken__that would be fine if it were mine. I was trying to revive it for a friend01:08
pepeelubuntu is great, very simple01:09
JMichaelXin that case, i do not know what to say. i am not a windows user to begin with (except when forced to use it at work for some reason), and could not tolerate win7 starter for 5 minutes.01:09
ken__trying to make a convert here, I love linux, still learning though01:09
pepeewell, install lubuntu, then download lots of apps and games01:11
pepeewhat hardware specs?01:12
ken__pepee: will libre office or open office work on it>01:12
pepeeken__, lubuntu uses lxde as window manager. other than that, all *buntus are the same01:13
JMichaelXpepee: LXDE uses openbox as window manager, by default.01:13
pepeeJMichaelX, ahh, didn't know01:14
ken__it's the hp mini 210-1094 NR with an intel ATOM01:14
pepeeken__,  let him decide. download livecds, run them in the machine or in a vm01:14
JMichaelXken__: which atom?01:14
ken__not sure, all functions are hidden with this virus that I can clean out without reformatting the HD01:15
pepeesome machines comes with an option to boot windows recovery after POST01:17
JMichaelXken__: it appears to have the N450, which is a single-core CPU (though with hyper-threading & 64-bit support)01:17
JMichaelXken__:  i would not want to get you in trouble, but win7 starter simply sucks.. your friend may not agree, however01:18
ken__pepee: yeah, it's all boogered up01:18
pepeeahh :/01:19
ken__well I'll start w/ kubuntu and work down from there01:19
ken__lubuntu will be last01:20
ken__thanks to all for your help, very much appreciated!01:20
pepeeyou can install lubuntu-desktop from kde :P01:20
pepeexubuntu, unity, ...01:21
ken__pepee: really?01:21
ken__<still learning?01:22
ken__<still learning>01:22
pepeesudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop01:23
ken__huh! ok - that's easy01:24
pepeeafter restart, you can select the desktop environment in kdm01:24
ken__ok, kdm...?01:25
pepeekdm - KDE Display Manager01:26
ken__yeah.... sorry, I got it01:26
ken__thanks again pepee01:26
pepeeno problem ken__01:27
DorkVaderyo, how does one change the logo for the klicker menu?01:31
brambleclawok so i am not sure which OS my computer is running as it was given to me by a family member. the opening screen is what appears to be ubuntu however when i logged in it regestered as Kubuntu. for some reason i can no longer log in to my profile and have to use a guest. when i try to log in it quickly flashes to a screen that resembles a terminal screen and then goes back to the login screen. can anyone help?01:51
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw: Does the terminal give any error messag01:53
brambleclawnot as far as i can tell but it only flashes for a second. it does seem to resemble the screen that shows when i log out of the guest01:53
shiroi|yaibaYou can switch into the terminal/text-login with ctrl-alt-f1 ctrl-alt-f7 will take you back to graphical. Try logging in with your regular user in the terminal mode.01:55
shiroi|yaibaSee what it says01:55
brambleclawi'll brb01:55
brambleclawok so i logged in and it said that it failed accessing the cache02:03
shiroi|yaibaI'm not sure what that means, but now you have some info, so lets try googling it.02:08
shiroi|yaibaCould you type out the entire error message?02:08
shiroi|yaibaDoes it log you in anyway, or does it kick you out back to login?02:08
brambleclawit stayed at the terminal window02:09
brambleclawok brb02:09
asobijust installed 12.04. how do i get konqueror to be file manager instead of browser?02:12
pepeeasobi, just put the path in the url bar02:15
pepeeasobi, like /tmp/02:15
asobier, i like a gui02:15
amasonSystem Settings -> Defaults Applications -> File Manager02:16
amasonyou should be able to set konqueror there02:17
asobijust did but rekonq still opens as browser02:19
szalrekonq != konqueror02:19
* asobi misses konqueror02:20
pepeeinstall it?02:21
bazhang!info konqueror02:21
ubottukonqueror (source: kde-baseapps): advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.2-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 1086 kB, installed size 3284 kB02:21
szalwell, install it (if it isn't already)02:21
bazhangasobi, ^^02:21
brambleclaw[623.651658]sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] asking forcache data failed02:21
pepeetry alt+f2 "konsole"02:21
asobiso it's not installed by default02:22
pepeeerr konqueror02:22
bazhangasobi, so install it02:22
brambleclaw[623.651658]sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] assuming drive cache: write through02:22
brambleclawthat was my error message02:22
asobithanks all~02:22
brambleclawand every few seconds it kept repeating\02:22
goddardhow can i get firefox to use dolphin?02:23
Kalidarnhey is this bug which has been solved going to get it's update pushed back into kubuntu https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29753602:23
ubottuKDE bug 297536 in gtk3-engine "Oxygen-GTK causes Filezilla to Crash" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]02:23
pepeebrambleclaw, checked your hdd?02:25
Kalidarnwe've currently got currently we are stuck with  gtk2-engines-oxyg 1.2.2-0ubuntu1    Oxygen widget theme for GTK+-based applications02:25
brambleclawi got the error when i logged in by using the CTRL + ALT + F102:26
pepeebrambleclaw, did ubuntu do that ever?02:26
pepeebrambleclaw, you said it kept repeating. sounds like a faulty hdd to me, but i'm not sure02:27
brambleclawi don't know the OS i have is so weird. it was my brothers. :P it has the ubuntu login screen but when i logged in to my profile before it showed as kubuntu02:27
brambleclawok so what does that mean and how do i fix it?02:28
goddardStrigi is taking FOREVER!02:29
pepeebrambleclaw, how many disks do you have, and in which one is ubuntu installed?02:30
brambleclawi think i have one disk? on the login screen it has an icon next to the profile name that when clicked it has a list of OS's such as Xubuntu, ubuntu, KDE, Gnome, and XFE02:31
brambleclaweach then goes to it's splash screen and then to it's corresponding desktop02:32
pepeewhat is sdb? an usb disk?02:32
pepeebrambleclaw, select some random option, see if it works02:33
brambleclawsorry, what? i have very little computer knowledge02:33
brambleclawi have tried all of them02:33
brambleclawno dice02:33
Num83rGuyKDE's network manager will not auto-connect to my vpn on login or when there is a loss of network connection or loss of VPN connection.02:34
brambleclawthe guest profile is what i'm currently using02:35
Num83rGuyIs anyone aware of VPN problems with the network manager.02:36
pepeebrambleclaw, do you have an usb disk connected in the computer?02:37
brambleclawno i use the stock hard drive.02:37
brambleclawis that what you're asking?02:37
pepeebrambleclaw, is a laptop?02:38
brambleclawyeah an acer aspire one02:38
pepeeahh, k, so the error msg probably comes from somewhere else...02:39
brambleclawit is a recovered drowning victem02:39
brambleclawmy sister dropped her water in ti02:40
pepeeuse memtest to check the memory modules02:41
pepeebrambleclaw, reboot, hold the shift key, then in the menu go to memtest and press enter02:43
brambleclawok will do02:43
pepeebrambleclaw, wait02:44
Num83rGuyIt will take some time.02:44
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Num83rGuyDepending on the amount of RAM you have it could take several minutes.02:45
Num83rGuy10, 15, 30,..02:45
brambleclawi had just changed the name of the profile then turned it off. then five minutes later i turned it back on to find the proplem02:45
brambleclawi have just under 1GB of ram02:46
Num83rGuySo, does anyone know anything about the network manager and VPNs?02:46
pepeebrambleclaw, ahh, so it was working fine?02:46
TripplerHey. I want to install kubuntu but am having a few issues. When I have booed the installer and press "Try kubuntu" the loading screen comes up and shows all icons loading but once they start fading it stops (75%ish faded) and hangs. The same thing happens when I try to do anything in the disk partitioning part of the installer (if I use any of the options the box that is supposed to be there...02:46
Trippler...comes up with correct size but it hangs before it shows any content in the box). Anyone able to help? Thanks02:46
pepeeNum83rGuy, I don't know, sorry...02:46
brambleclawme nither num83erGuy02:47
brambleclawyeah pepee it was runnign perfect02:47
Num83rGuyOK thanks I will ask again later.02:48
pepeeNum83rGuy, ask in #ubuntu02:48
brambleclawit actually earlyer that day ran runescape for the first time02:48
pepeebrambleclaw, hmm sounds like a bug02:50
pepeebrambleclaw, how did you change the profile name?02:50
brambleclawprofile i think?02:51
brambleclawprofile manger02:51
brambleclawit opened another window after asking for my password02:52
brambleclawit had done so before so i didn't think anything of it02:52
brambleclawshould i just start over? re-install kubuntu?02:55
pepeebrambleclaw, are you logged in now?03:00
brambleclawi'm logged in to the guest03:02
pepeebrambleclaw, try this: in konsole, run: sudo <your user here>03:03
pepeeand type the password for that user03:03
brambleclawsudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted sudo: setresuid() [0, 0, 0] -> [120, -1, -1]: Operation not permitted03:04
brambleclawwhat does it mean?03:06
pepeehmm I don't know03:06
pepeeI'm searching for it03:07
pepeebrambleclaw, can you update your system?03:08
brambleclawthere are no updates03:08
brambleclawi just did the new distribution03:08
pepeebrambleclaw, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:09
brambleclawsame message03:09
brambleclawand same message again when i just put in sudo03:10
pepeebrambleclaw, problem: I don't really know what a guest account is :P03:11
pepeeanyway, don't worry03:11
brambleclawoh ok :P this is actually the first time i've used one on a linux system and it's not in the kubuntu format03:11
pepeebrambleclaw, so you changed the profile name. what about the password?03:16
brambleclawi did that right when i got it about a month ago03:17
pepeeok, it was working fine until... ?03:17
brambleclawlast night about 1:30?03:18
brambleclawturned it off at maybe 12?03:18
pepeedid you update the system?03:18
brambleclawfineshed yesterday morning03:19
pepeetry this: type ctrl+alt+F2,  then  ctrl+alt+F8  or F7 to come back...03:21
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw: this indeed looks like a hard disk problem http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=62723103:22
pepeetype ctrl+alt+F2,  put your username, press enter, type your password and press enter03:22
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, looks like this to me: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=76974703:22
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 769747 in kernel "[sdb] Asking for cache data failed" [Unspecified,New]03:23
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, more likely, a problem with the flash cards reader03:23
shiroi|yaibahmm, perhaps...03:23
shiroi|yaibaI don't see why that would prevent graphical login, though.03:23
pepeenah, it doesn't03:24
shiroi|yaibaWell, that's the problem he's having, if you'd read the beginning.03:24
pepeeI'll make him rename ~/.kde03:24
brambleclawok pepee so i got Durion@Joshua-Aspire-One:/$03:24
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw: You're logged in.03:25
pepeehe says " when i try to log in it quickly flashes to a screen that resembles a terminal screen and then goes back to the login screen."03:25
brambleclawit's the same screen i get when i log off of the guest03:25
shiroi|yaibaSo there's no problem with your account, it probably has to do with your graphical manager.03:25
shiroi|yaibaDid you try selecting GNOME or Xubuntu during login?03:25
shiroi|yaiba*graphical* login03:25
brambleclawyeah i tried all of the options with the same results03:26
shiroi|yaibaYou mentioned that you have those options03:26
shiroi|yaibaOkay, so it's a problem with your X configuration or graphics drivers.03:26
pepeebrambleclaw, now, run this:      mv ~/.kde ~/.kde_backup       be careful when typing...03:26
brambleclawthe guest however works perfectly fine with all of them03:26
shiroi|yaibapepee: it may not be in .kde since it's a problem across all WMs03:26
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, could be related to lightdm03:27
shiroi|yaibapepee: but it is worth a try, I guess.03:27
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, yeah03:27
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, if this doesn't work, I'm gonna make him install kdm03:27
shiroi|yaibapepee: he may already have it running.03:27
shiroi|yaibawe should ask what the login screen looks like/ color scheme so we know which dm he's running.03:28
shiroi|yaibaIt probably is gdm or lightdm though, considering that the boot splash says ubuntu03:28
shiroi|yaibaOf course, his brother seems experienced enough to have changed it.03:29
brambleclawits saying "no such file or directory03:29
pepeehe even installed lots of DEs, so...03:29
pepeebrambleclaw, uh, ok03:29
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw, what color is your login screen?03:29
shiroi|yaibaWhat does it look like?03:29
brambleclawIt says ubuntu with its logo and black fading to pinkish orange from top left to bottom right03:30
shiroi|yaibaOkay, he's using lightdm03:30
brambleclawi haven't ever seen it before03:30
shiroi|yaibaPerhaps we should just have him make a new user in the command line?03:30
shiroi|yaibaThat'll have a working default config, probably.03:31
pepeebrambleclaw, new theory. brambleclaw are you hacking your brother's computer? :P03:31
brambleclawwill my brothers music still be there?03:31
brambleclawhe gave it to my sister who drowned it then gave it to me03:32
pepeebrambleclaw, yes, it's still there03:32
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw: it'll be there in his home directory03:32
brambleclawhe'd have a coniption if it died03:32
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, do you know how to select some other DM?03:32
shiroi|yaibaanyway, I've got things to do, pepee, can you walk him through making a new user?03:32
shiroi|yaibaIt's easier than installing a new dm03:32
brambleclawwhat is a DM?03:33
shiroi|yaibaI gtg, I'll be back soon.03:33
pepeeshiroi|yaiba, see ya03:33
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw: Display Manager. It's what lets you log in.03:33
brambleclawoh ok03:33
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brambleclawi have never worked with DM's before03:33
brambleclawmy old computer had kubuntu on it but the hard drive died of old age03:34
pepeetry this: sudo apt-get install kdm03:35
pepeein the black screen03:35
brambleclawthe package is not available03:36
brambleclawno instalation candidate03:37
pepeetry this: sudo apt-get install gdm03:37
brambleclawit is already at its newest edition03:38
pepeetype:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm03:38
brambleclawKDE is one of the DM options in the login screen but it isn't the same as kubuntu03:38
brambleclawit doesn't however have a logo03:39
pepeeyeah, kdm is what you can use to log into kde03:39
pepeebrambleclaw, use kdm03:39
brambleclawlog out and back in with kdm?03:39
brambleclawpepee ok03:43
pepeecould you log into your account?03:44
brambleclawi didn't try. should i?03:44
brambleclawpepee ok it didn't work'03:49
brambleclawum it did however give me a notice when i logged in to the KDE that a program had crashed03:50
pepeeuh :(03:50
pepeewhat program?03:50
brambleclawit didn't say and then it came up with a popup that  said could not determine the package or source of the package name03:51
brambleclawand  some thing about sending a report but that closed as soon as the popup came up03:51
pepeesend the report03:51
brambleclawok brb03:52
pepeeit should give you some number, an ID or a URL. give that number to me03:52
brambleclawok i got to re-log in03:52
shiroi|yaibaawayyou know, it would probably be WAY easier just to make another account...03:54
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pepeeyeah,  but I don't know how to make a new acct.03:55
shiroi|yaibaOh, it's just sudo adduser username03:55
pepeeahh, useradd acct03:55
shiroi|yaibahi brambleclaw? news?03:56
brambleclawwell crap it didn't show u this time03:56
brambleclawnope no news03:57
shiroi|yaibaOkay, let's try to make a new user03:57
brambleclawsept my back and neck are deterierating03:57
brambleclawok cool03:57
shiroi|yaibaGo to the command line, log in as before, and type03:57
shiroi|yaibasudo adduser brambleclaw03:57
shiroi|yaiba(You can replace brambleclaw with anything you want03:57
shiroi|yaibaIt will prompt you for some info, you can skip everything except for password and real name.03:58
shiroi|yaibaOh, and enter the current user's password when it asks you03:58
shiroi|yaibaThen you will have a new clean user, and you can try logging in with that, which will hopefully work.03:58
shiroi|yaibaOk, go ahead.03:58
brambleclawroom number?03:59
shiroi|yaibaDoesn't matter. Skip it03:59
shiroi|yaibaLeave it empty03:59
shiroi|yaibaIt's from the old UNIX systems where everyone logged into a mainframe.03:59
shiroi|yaibaSo you could find the user.04:00
shiroi|yaibaAnyway, doesn't matter04:00
brambleclawso it's all created04:00
shiroi|yaibaOkay, now it should be an option in the login screen. If it's not, type it in manually.04:00
brambleclawok brb04:00
shiroi|yaibaOr you can reboot, it should come up.04:00
nurupowhat ya doing, creating a new user? x)04:01
shiroi|yaibaHe's having problems logging in on one user, but not guest. We guess that the dm config file is corrupted.04:02
shiroi|yaibaThis is probably the fastest and easiest way to get a clean login.04:02
shiroi|yaibaHi brambleclaw04:03
brambleclawok done and logged in04:03
shiroi|yaibaHopefully, this user has sudo.04:03
shiroi|yaibaOpen up a terminal and check.04:03
shiroi|yaibatry this:04:04
brambleclawit seems so04:04
shiroi|yaibaOkay, you're golden.04:04
shiroi|yaibaYou can get into the old users folder at /home/username04:04
shiroi|yaibaYou may need root, if he made it read-protected.04:04
brambleclawis there any way to get it set back up as kubuntu?04:04
shiroi|yaibaOh, sure.04:05
shiroi|yaibaYou can select kubuntu on the login screen, it should work.04:05
shiroi|yaibaTry it.04:05
brambleclawthere is no kubuntu option04:05
shiroi|yaibaIs there an option called KDE?04:05
brambleclawKDE plasma workspace but it's not the same04:05
shiroi|yaibaKDE is the window manager for Kubuntu04:06
shiroi|yaibaDo you expect the old version, KDE 3?04:06
brambleclawsame widget styles and such but the way it functions is all weird04:06
shiroi|yaibaWhat exactly is not the same?04:06
shiroi|yaibaAre you talking about single-click to open folders?04:06
DarthFrogKwin is the window manager.  KDE SC is the desktop environment.04:06
shiroi|yaibaDarthFrog: thanks. Sorry, a bit of confusion04:07
brambleclawthe way i had it before it was prety close to windows XP04:07
shiroi|yaibabrambleclaw: what exactly don't you like?04:07
shiroi|yaibaI may be able to tell you how to set it.04:08
brambleclawwe i guess it'll wotk but i liked it the way it was04:08
shiroi|yaibaI expect that your brother set a lot of settings in KDE's config to work as he liked.04:08
shiroi|yaibaFor example, the default is that programs and folders open at single-click, but you can set it to double-click.04:08
brambleclawthe weird thin is that it logged in as kubuntu but there is no option for it04:09
shiroi|yaibaWhat do you mean by "it logged in as kubuntu"?04:09
brambleclawhere let me log in to KDE so i can give more exact examples04:09
brambleclawit gave the kubuntu splash screen it had a KDE application manager04:10
brambleclawat the top of which it said kubuntu "version #"04:10
brambleclawhere 'll brb04:10
brambleclawum the whole desktop is weird looking04:14
shiroi|yaibaConcrete issues, please.04:15
pepeeconfigure it04:15
shiroi|yaibaOkay, I actually have to go again.04:15
pepeebtw take note of that "app crashing" msg04:15
brambleclawon the left of the menu bar is the name of the current program that when clicked it zooms out and gives the option to go to a sort of full screen application menu04:15
brambleclawit has all the same options as the other menu04:16
shiroi|yaibaI'll keep an eye on the channel and chime in if I can help, but as pepee says, it's a matter of configuration.04:16
brambleclaw:p i've never seen it like this before04:16
shiroi|yaibaOh, I think you're using unity...04:16
shiroi|yaibaAre you sure this is KDE?04:17
shiroi|yaibaErm... Let's see.04:17
shiroi|yaibaIs there a taskbar on the bottom?04:17
brambleclawyeah the option says KDE and all teh color scheemes and widget scheems are the same as kubuntu04:17
brambleclawon the top04:17
shiroi|yaibaThe color and icon schemes can be changed...04:18
shiroi|yaibaIs there anything directly on the desktop?04:18
shiroi|yaibaAre there Plasma widgets?04:18
brambleclawthere is a button called search and launch04:18
shiroi|yaibaOkay, truth be told, I've been using gnome only for a couple of months now.04:19
brambleclawthere is a menu button on the bottom left of the search and launch04:19
brambleclawoh ok04:19
shiroi|yaibaSo this is all from memory.04:19
brambleclawpepee what?04:19
shiroi|yaibaAnyway, hopefully pepee can help.04:19
shiroi|yaibabye all.04:19
brambleclawyeah thanks so much04:19
=== shiroi|yaiba is now known as shiroi|yaibaaway
shiroi|yaibaawayYou are welcome.04:19
pepeenah, I don't even use kde04:19
pepeebyw shiroi|yaibaaway , good luck04:20
pepeebrambleclaw, funny thing, we don't even know what you are using04:20
brambleclawi think i'm gunna get all my bro's stuff off and just reinstall the system04:20
pepeeanyway, lets see if we can fix the other app04:21
pepeebrambleclaw, reboot, take note of the message and paste it04:21
brambleclawit's  drop down folder04:22
brambleclawexecutable path04:22
pepeethat's the message?04:23
pepeedo this: sudo apt-get -s install --reinstall update-notifier-*04:25
brambleclawnew updates04:28
brambleclawok what next?04:30
pepeereboot, and check if you can log into the other account04:30
brambleclaw50% on the updates04:30
brambleclawok brb04:32
brambleclawpepee well it didn't work...04:37
pepeestill get error messages?04:38
brambleclawno error just a terminal that said "checking batterie state" and then the login screen04:38
pepeeahh k04:39
brambleclawand i just found out that the stupid dog peed in my chair04:39
brambleclawso i think i'm going to call it a night04:39
brambleclawbut thanks so much for your help04:39
pepeeyou are welcome04:40
brambleclawhey now i know how to hack into my other brother's kubuntu computer04:40
pepeeyou can change the password easily :P04:40
brambleclawno kidding04:40
brambleclawi think i'm gunna try it just for fun04:41
brambleclawwell goodnight04:41
pepeegood night04:41
iroh37Hello. I upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04. When I try to dl packages from from Getdeb in Rekonq i get the error, "Unable to create io-slave: klauncher said: Error loading 'apturl %u'." and in Firefox, "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (apt) isn't associated with any program." They worked in 11.10. How can this be fixed?06:26
shiroi|yaibaawayYou need to associate either the ubuntu package manager or some other package manager with apt://06:29
shiroi|yaibaawayor just download the .deb and install with gdebi06:31
iroh37K. Is there a manual or can you show how? I am smart enough to be dangerous. :)06:31
shiroi|yaibaawayLink with solution https://getsatisfaction.com/allmyapps/topics/protocol_apt_and_firefox_3_506:32
iroh37Thank you, shiroi|yaibaaway. I am using Firefox 12 would that make a differnce. And is this a bug and should it be reported?06:35
moobyFRsince 12.04, my dual screen configuration works, but applications use them as one large display, it was not the case before07:28
SunTsumoobyFR: then change KDE's screen config to your liking07:28
moobyFRit's not really as simple as that :)07:29
moobyFRkde seems to see that 2 monitors are connected07:29
moobyFRapplications like yakuake only see one large display, but in 11.10, it was aware of two displays07:30
SunTsumoobyFR: There's two parts to that config. I know, because I configure that every single time my laptop hits it's docking station07:31
=== abdul is now known as Guest77027
Guest77027anyone can help me to setup arabic keyboard on kubuntu 12.04, please.07:43
Guest77027i have search on online but it seems interface is changed, i can't see any setting for keyboard on System settings window07:44
neo_msg@xjiujiu a07:47
=== af_ is now known as Guest36324
lordievaderGood morning08:20
=== sayakb_ is now known as sayakb
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:21
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
=== ro_Ot is now known as Jikan
lordievaderLol at the netsplit08:23
d-eggHi, the review tool in okular does no longer change the cursor when I select a marker. It's always the browsing hand. Does anybody else have that, or know how to change that?08:29
d-eggSince the 12.04 upgrade08:29
d-eggI mean the mouse pointer08:31
HelpMeObiWanKubuNot sure what you mean by marker08:32
HelpMeObiWanKubuBTW, is it just me or has SMB sharing via the GUI been broken in Kubuntu since 10.10 or so?08:32
HelpMeObiWanKubuSystem settings -> Sharing is just a user/pass field in recent versions08:33
d-eggHelpMeObiWanKubu: the review tool (F6) can be used to color the text. For example with a yellow marker08:34
HelpMeObiWanKubuI can confirm d-egg's report . . . hand remains08:37
HelpMeObiWanKubuThis is 12.04 live dvd08:37
=== shiroi|yaibaaway is now known as shiroi|yaiba
randers2Any luck d-egg with the Okular issue?08:44
d-eggranders2: So far, no luck, I also asked on #okular.08:45
randers2Anyone ever tried to share a folder by SMB?   I realize samba sucks and all . . . but it oughta work without having to edit smb.conf in the terminal.08:48
eichi_hello. How can I disable the alert, that a new kubuntu upgrade is available and I should update? I don't need it atm and it comes every several minutes09:42
mydogsnameisrudyright clik09:43
eichi_okay, I will try thanks (its just a virtual box installation with a big IDE that is hard to configurate - our project manager does a new with latest IDE and kubuntu in some weeks -thats why I dont need a upgrade now ;) )09:45
mydogsnameisrudyya im not upgrading yet09:45
nbcawill gimp 2.8 hit kubuntu mirrors?09:46
mydogsnameisrudyhas no idea about gimp09:47
* mydogsnameisrudy has gone for more coffee09:48
lordievadernbca: I guess if it doesn't anytime soon you could always compile it yourself.09:48
frogonwheels_anybody here deal with multiarch?  trying to compile (wine, but anything really) as 32bit. tried echo "int maint(){return 0;}">x.c &&   gcc -m32 x.c   and get skipping incompat /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/libgcc.a    - actually I can't find out where to get a i686 version of libgcc.a09:55
frogonwheels_ie compiling 32bit on  64bit.09:55
frogonwheels_I'm sure I'm missing a package or 10, but I can't work out which one/s09:56
frogonwheels_et voila. found it.10:11
jake_Good morning.11:08
jake_Does anybody know where I can find good information on which USB reciever works well with Kubuntu 12.04?11:08
SunTsujake_: usb receiver for what?11:11
jake_For my laptop11:12
SunTsuyou want to receive your laptop?11:12
jake_SunTsu: For my laptop11:12
jake_SunTsu: GPS reciever sorry11:13
SunTsujake_: that was what I needed to know ;)11:13
SunTsujake_: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/gpsd#Unterstuetzte-Hardware has a list about hardware known to run with gpsd. The page itself is german, but the list should be clear anyway11:14
jake_SunTsu:  Thanks for your time.11:15
BluesKajhey all11:27
CruX|hello, which package is always overwriting /etc/motd ?12:12
CruX|on every reboot12:12
BluesKajCruX|, what's in your motd file that get's overwritten?12:13
CruX|BluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/5HRwkuNS12:15
BluesKajCruX|, yes , mine's exactly the same , so what's supposed to be in that file that you think is being overwritten?12:17
CruX|BluesKaj: my own messages12:19
CruX|for example if apt database is updated, this is appended to the end of motd:12:20
CruX|29 packages can be updated.12:20
CruX|1 update is a security update.12:20
CruX|another question: in aptitude i can see i386 packages on my amd64 system12:21
CruX|how can I turn off i386 ? because updating takes too longg12:21
BluesKajCruX|, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/update-motd.1.html12:22
BluesKajsome 32 bit packages are installed by default because the 64 bit versions haven't been developed yet , but the arch support package takes care of that for you12:23
CruX|BluesKaj: great thx much!12:24
=== root is now known as Guest1909
forgeaushow do I get back to normal plasma from the active one?12:32
hateballforgeaus: open krunner, search for workspace, change to normal12:39
hateballyou may need to restart the session12:39
BluesKajflor try ctl+f1212:39
forgeauslink xmlid hasn't been detected?12:41
forgeauseverytime I use the keyboard the overgrown (on a desktop) OSK comes up (osk being onscreen keyboard)12:43
forgeauslol its ok for an  interface I did install it on purpose12:43
forgeausbut I should be able to choose to go back!12:43
=== whilo_ is now known as whilo
barnabas02Hi! How can I disable changing settings in Kubuntu 12.04? I am admin on the system, and I have created a guest account.12:50
eagles0513875_hey guys :)13:07
eagles0513875_im on 12.04 32bit on my netbook and the plasma netbook desktop keeps randomly crashing for me and i cannot find the necessary package to install to get a valid backtrace13:07
eagles0513875_any ideas would be greatly appreciated13:07
=== lindalou is now known as westmi
eagles0513875_anyone here :(13:15
yofel_eagles0513875_: start with kdelibs5-dbg and kde-workspace-dbg13:16
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
eagles0513875_yofel: i installed those but ill check again13:16
* eagles0513875_ slides yofel a cup of coffee13:16
eagles0513875_yofel: already installed and i dont think i managed to get a valid back trace13:17
eagles0513875_i will pastebin it if it happens again13:17
yofeltry to let it search for debug packages. otherwise I'm not sure13:18
eagles0513875_yofel: just happened again ill let you tell me if the backtrace is valid or not13:18
eagles0513875_have to wait for it to generate13:19
eagles0513875_yofel: hopefully this weekend ill have some time to finish setting up my environment for packaging :D13:19
* eagles0513875_ taps finger and waits for back trace and starts some small talk with yofel in offtopic13:22
eagles0513875_yofel:  here is the paste of the back trace it looks like a thread is causing the shell to seg fault http://pastebin.com/wGNmmB6e13:23
eagles0513875_yofel: whats yoru take on that back trace13:26
yofelshould be plasma_applet_menubar.so, can you install plasma-widget-menubar-dbgsym please and refresh?13:26
eagles0513875_shouldnt the bug app pull that if its suggesting to install dbg packages13:27
eagles0513875_all it suggested was the first 2 packages you mentioned13:27
yofeloh, you probably don't have the dbgsym repos enabled. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:27
eagles0513875_which repo do i need to enable13:28
ilyakhi *13:28
ilyakI've installed a fresh Pedobear and my umask is 00213:29
ilyakWhy is it 002? Where's the best way to tune that?13:29
ilyakBecause dupload and umask 002 do not work very well together13:29
yofelUbuntu changed the default to 002 a while ago. You can put 'umask 022' in your ~/.profile I think13:30
eagles0513875_yofel: question whats ddebs13:30
ilyakyofel: But is it the Way To Go?13:31
ilyakbecause for one thing I have /etc/login.defs:UMASK           02213:32
ilyakWhy is it there if it doesn't work?13:32
yofeleagles0513875_: .deb with debug symbols. Not sure why they changed the file ending13:32
ilyakOh, it's not for the user13:32
ilyakIt's for new users' dirs13:32
ilyakokay, I'll put it in my .zshrc13:32
eagles0513875_yofel: can i add those repos to the main sources.list file?13:32
eagles0513875_yofel: im very lost as to what the link you gave me is trying to have me do13:34
eagles0513875_what are the repos that i need to add?13:34
=== netsjanek_ is now known as netsjanek
yofeleagles0513875_: add what you need from these: http://paste.kde.org/46796613:35
eagles0513875_yofel: whats the difference between the standard main universe and restricted and these?13:35
eagles0513875_and tbh i dunno what out of those three that i need13:35
eagles0513875_put them all13:36
yofelwill work13:36
yofeleagles0513875_: difference is just that those debs are kept on a different server, so only difference is the URL13:36
eagles0513875_yofel: regenrating the backtrace13:41
eagles0513875_yofel: here is the new back trace http://pastebin.com/7dYsfuGK13:47
eagles0513875_yofel: doesnt look like much else has changed compared to the previous back trace i paste binned13:48
yofelthe missing calls in Thread1 are gone.13:49
eagles0513875_yofel: i still have no plasma shell13:49
eagles0513875_it will restart the shell ones then crash again and i have no shell at all13:49
yofeleagles0513875_: I would try to get an empty shell running, remove the menubar applet, and see if that work13:49
yofelif yes file a bug against plasma-widget-menubar with that backtrace13:49
eagles0513875_it was workign fine there were some updates yesterday13:50
eagles0513875_and i installed those and somethign there is causing the issue13:50
eagles0513875_prior to those updates i had no crashes what so ever13:50
yofeleagles0513875_: you can check in your apt history what those updates were (/var/log/apt/history.log). I would look for something related to Qt or dbus13:53
yofelneed to go for now.13:53
eagles0513875_yofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/964689/ nothing related to plasma at all on the updates from yesterday13:55
eagles0513875_hey ikonia13:57
rolandhi. I updated  to 12.04 and now I'm having some problems...  tftp server is not working correctly anymore, when I try to get a file, I get an error "no such file"13:57
rolandand I have no idea where to start looking13:58
eagles0513875_roland: logs would be a good place to start14:00
rolandeagles0513875_: which one of those?14:02
eagles0513875_syslog or tftp server could do its own logging14:03
FlyingFoXThe kde notification center does not play any sounds when i press the play button of a notificatian that has a sound enabled. any ideas how to check whats going wrong?14:04
=== hadrian_ is now known as hadrian
rolandeagles0513875_: i don't think it logs anythin14:08
eagles0513875_syslog might i dunno i usually use sftp as it only requires ssh server and your good to go :(14:10
natmandoes anyone know what the story is with the next release of Kubuntu, will they still follow the 6 months as ubuntu? will they change the name?14:24
BluesKajnatman, that's still to be decided ...still very early days14:25
drostieCanonical hasn't made a big stink about it yet though, so if laziness prevails they won't change the name. :P14:26
natmanBluesKaj: hope they dont change much, really like ubuntu, wish i could support kubuntu, but they dont have a merchandise shop14:26
drostieI'm really excited about the next releases already, though. :D14:27
eagles0513875_ikonia: do you have a moment I am having an issue which is starting to get on my nerves but even with the appropriate debug packages dont seem to get a very useful back trace :(14:28
natmandrostie: can you pronounce the name :P14:28
ikoniaeagles0513875_: I'm sorry, I don't. I'm busy14:28
natmandrostie: ha the name of ubuntu 12.10 i mean14:28
eagles0513875_no worries ikonia14:28
drostiethey couldn't choose quetzacoatl. :<14:29
* eagles0513875_ need to figure out why the plasma netbook shell is crashing for me14:30
drostieBut yes, I work in quantum physics, so kwan-tal ket-zal is not too hard. :P14:31
eagles0513875_offtopic much for this channel lol14:31
eagles0513875_any of you guys running kubuntu on a netbook14:31
drostiefair enough.14:31
BluesKajFYI , http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-to-be-sponsored-by-blue-systems14:32
drostieno. convertible tablet. :<14:32
ikoniaeagles0513875_: why don't you log a bug ?14:32
ikoniarather than sitting in an IRC channel waiting for someone to spoonfeed you the answer14:33
eagles0513875_ikonia: what i find odd though is that it only happend after some updates yesterday but none of the updates are related to plasma though14:33
ikoniaso log a bug14:33
drostieBluesKaj: the most depressing thing about that though is: http://blue-systems.com/14:33
drostieCanonical at least appears to sell something. :P14:34
drostieBut we're free from Canonical! we could now do something crazy like, I dunno, KubuntuBSD!14:35
maconot using the name "kubuntu" we can't :P14:36
macocanonical owns the trademark on anything that ends in buntu14:36
drostieKuBSD then? :P14:36
eagles0513875_im guessing the future of kubuntu rests on UDS im guessing14:37
eagles0513875_the outcome14:37
macothe Kubuntu Members have voted on preferred new names, and the Kubuntu Council will make the decision14:37
maco(make, not announce, due to tie breaking being needed)14:38
BluesKajoh my ... where's the thunder and lightning14:38
=== box is now known as Guest33480
macocyber4: having issues?14:43
=== eagles0513875_ is now known as eagles0513875
mah454what version ok KDE have in kubuntu 12.04 ?15:02
mah454what version of KDE have in kubuntu 12.04 ?15:02
lordievaderKDE 4.8.2 runs here15:04
forgeausprecise pangolin?15:04
alkisgHi, I press ctrl+shift+v in order to paste something to konsole, but klipper is displayed instead. And when I select an entry from the klipper menu, nothing happens... some help?15:04
alkisgIn other words, pasting to konsole with the right click menu works fine, but the shortcut mentioned there (ctrl+shift+v) doesn't work as it displays the klipper menu instead15:06
eagles0513875alkisg: its ctrl+shift+v to paste on konsole15:07
alkisgeagles0513875: yes that's exactly what I'm trying but it displays the klipper menu instead15:07
alkisg(12.04 if it matters)15:08
eagles0513875alkisg: yep same here15:08
alkisgBtw the ancient shift+insert shortcut works fine15:09
whodarealkisg: that means ctrl+shift+v is also set as an global shortcut for klipper, and it takes precendence of the shortcut of konsole.15:09
eagles0513875alkisg: both methods work for me15:09
alkisgwhodare: wouldn't that be a bug though, as the konsole shortcut doesn't work?15:09
alkisgOr do you mean it's my local setting, and not affecting everyone?15:09
alkisg(I had precise since months, maybe some wrong settings were applied during the upgrade paths)15:10
* alkisg tests with a new user account...15:10
alkisgeagles0513875: which kubuntu version do you have?15:11
eagles051387512.04 i upgraded during the RC stage15:11
alkisgTy, hmm....15:11
alkisgOK it works fine in the other account15:12
alkisgSo it's a local setting, thanks, I'll figure out how to delete it15:12
=== JMichaelX is now known as LawnMowersSuck
alkisg~/.kde/share/config/kglobalshortcutsrc: [klipper] show-on-mouse-pos=Ctrl+Shift+V,none,Open Klipper under mouse position15:16
alkisgNo idea how that got there :)15:16
alkisgDeleted that file and got "none" instead of "ctrl+shift+v" there, everything OK now, thanks again15:19
BluesKajwhat happened to the ~/.asoundrc file in 12.04 ? /etc/asoundrc.conf doesn't exist either15:26
=== nacnud is now known as realityinfo
=== EvilResistance is now known as Resistance
mc404is here any russians?15:29
=== mc404 is now known as Sidney
randers2Since 10.10, sharing an NTFS volume by SMB (via Dolphin or otherwise) has not worked in Kubuntu by any means I have discovered.  Anyone have any thoughts?15:34
BluesKajranders2, I'm accessing W7 shares just fine , are you using smb ?15:49
randers2BluesKaj, I am attempting to share an NTFS volume mounted in Kubuntu so that it can be accessed via SMB from other devices (an Ubuntu machine, an Android phone, etc.).  I can, from Kubuntu, easily get to the easily-configured SMB shares on my Ubuntu box.15:51
randers2This has been the deal-breaker from me adopting Kubuntu on more machines.15:51
BluesKajranders2, why not try to share the volume directly rather than thru kubuntu , try to access from the client side15:55
randers2BluesKaj, the NTFS volume is in the same machine with the Kubuntu installation.  It is, in this case, merely a separate partition, but on my old work computer running Kubuntu I had the same issue with separate volumes.15:56
randers2I've tested it with 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, and 12.04 and get the same results . . . 10.04 was the last time it worked, IIRC.15:57
randers2And that's on multiple computers, installed or via LiveCD in different cases.15:57
BluesKajranders2, have you considered not using ntfs , or is that a work restriction ?15:58
randers2At work, not to mention for personal needs, it is a necessity to have a partition accessible either via Windows or Linux.16:00
BluesKajif the volume was an ext then you could use ssh or NFS from one linux pc to another or all other linux machines16:04
BluesKajranders2, I suppose you've tried ntfs-config ?16:09
randers2On the work machine I did, but not on this laptop.  I am re-attempting now.16:11
randers2BluesKaj, still no joy from other PCs.   Ironically, though, some of the old deleted shares that are still showing up on an Android device seem to be working.   But from Ubuntu I cannot see any shares at all now, nor will Dolphin on Kubuntu allow me to make a share that persists after I close Dolphin.16:18
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BluesKajfrom the ubuntu machine you should be able to setup ssh or NFS , randers2 since your accessing a kubuntu pc which is serving the files from an ntfs volume , right ?16:24
randers2Perhaps I could, but that would not solve the problem . . . merely work around it.  Windows machines would still be unable to access.   There's even a Wii that I use for accessing SMB shares which would presumably fail to function.16:27
randers2Nor can I now remove the mystery ghost shares that the Android device is still able to access, which is just weird.16:27
randers2They aren't in /etc/samba/smb.conf16:28
BluesKajdophin places?16:30
randers2SMB restart solved the mystery ghost shares16:33
ubotturosario7: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:33
rosario7come si fa ad aprire la lista?????16:34
BluesKaj!it | rosario716:35
ubotturosario7: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:35
randers2With NTFS-config installed, I cannot make shares that are visible at all from the Ubuntu machine16:35
BluesKajranders2, linux to linux should work16:35
randers2I may be having luck right now using sudo dolphin and sharing as root.   Which is odd, but potentially usable.  Will continue to test.16:39
randers2Better yet, I'll try from the 12.04 LiveCD and see if I can repeat it . . . a process to enable genuine SMB activity would suffice, even if Kubuntu's a little broken and won't do it out of the box.16:41
randers2Thank you for your suggestions!16:42
serge_hi guys i have trouble with fonts in google earth (kubuntu 12.04)16:43
serge_mayby you can help me16:43
sunsetlover_hey all16:49
sunsetlover_any one can help me with deepin software center ?16:50
sunsetlover_after i installed it , i tried to launch it but it ask for password16:50
BluesKajsunsetlover_, deepin software center ?16:52
sunsetlover_BluesKaj, yes16:53
CombatjuanIf I launch a program with alt-f2, where does its stdout and stderr go?  /dev/null?  Somewhere else?16:53
CombatjuanIt looks like it is .xsession-errors.  Hmmm...  Is there a way for me to instead have it piped to a scriped that prepends the pid and a tab to each line of the output so I know which messages came from what?16:59
ilyakFor some reason in some recent kde version multimedia keys were broken16:59
BluesKajdeepin software center , sunsetlover_ , never heard of it ...muon software center on kubuntu16:59
ilyakin 8.04 my calculator button launched kcalc16:59
ilyakin 10.04 it did16:59
ilyakin 12.04 it doesn't16:59
ilyakneither it does at my home - different distro, different keyboard, no cigar17:00
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sunsetlover_BluesKaj, it is another app like muon but contains more collection of apps, check it out via google17:01
BluesKajsunsetlover_, well if it's not a default app in the repos then you can't expect ppl here to know much about it17:02
sunsetlover_you will find it in muon package manager17:03
FanfareHi @ all: In plasma active my task previews are gone... How to check in plasma active for desktop effects?17:04
OxymoronHi, I wondering Ktorrent supports magnet links. But still I do not get any magnet links to work in Ktorrent on latest release?17:05
guest12345Does anybody know of a good video on demand server for a webcam I could install?  I set one up with vlc, but vlc constantly transcodes the webcam video and I only want it to transcode when somebody is connected.  I also tried ffserver/av server, but they are really buggy... any suggestions?17:08
eagles0513875hey guys is there a way i can turn off my trackpad in 12.04 the shortcut on my keyboard used to work in 11.10 and now its no longer working :( and there is nothing in settings to where i can disable my track pad :(17:08
BluesKajsunsetlover_, that's a gtk app , I don't use muon due it's bugginess and I don't even see it in synaptic17:09
sunsetlover_ok  thank you man17:10
BluesKajsunsetlover_, and the reason you see it in muon is because you have it installed17:10
sunsetlover_maybe, whatever forget it, i will uninstall it and forgot to use it17:12
OxymoronCannot find any useful info how to fix it in Kubuntu, to make Kotrrent open magnet links. Ktorrent opens when run magnet link, BUT KGet locks the start process and nothing is done in the Ktorrent with the magnet link. Cannot really find any useful bugfix for this either, not what google provide anyway. Does anyone been able to solve it?17:12
ilyakin kubuntu update center tries to run gksudo17:13
ilyakof course it's not there17:14
ilyakso it fails17:14
ilyakhappens when installing ms core fonts17:14
eagles0513875ilyak: use kubuntu-restricted-extras17:14
eagles0513875that would install all that stuff java flash etc17:14
BluesKajOxymoron, the magnetic link in ktorrent is real buggy , I switched to qBittorrent for that very reason17:14
eagles0513875hell BluesKaj install wine and use utorrent17:15
ilyakhttp://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts/andale32.exe responds 50017:15
eagles0513875utorrent works like a charm in wine17:15
BluesKajeagles0513875, nope17:15
OxymoronBluesKaj: Alright :)17:15
eagles0513875ilyak: how are you trying to install them17:15
eagles0513875via gui or command line usually i always install via command line17:15
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eagles0513875anyone know a solution to my issue about not being able to disable my track pad with keyboard shortcut or via system settings17:16
eagles0513875im on the kde netbook desktop version17:16
BluesKajeagles0513875, I've tried utorrent in wine and i greee it works well, but I have no reason to use it since my client works fine17:16
ilyaktransmission is nice17:16
ilyakespecially gtk frontend17:17
ilyakso no reason to dick around with wine17:17
ilyakeagles0513875: thanks for the hint17:17
eagles0513875ilyak: command line is so much better17:17
ilyakI'm trying the packege, ttf-mscorefonts-installer, which then fails 'cause SF responds 50017:17
BluesKajyeah, I'm trying to stay away from windows apps , hence I don't have wine installed17:17
eagles0513875ilyak: i know we are spoiled for GUI's but i prefer command line17:17
ilyakeagles0513875: Do you really use lynx?17:18
eagles0513875ilyak: no17:18
eagles0513875what is it anyway17:18
eagles0513875lol does that answer your question17:18
Fanfarehttp://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19956 gave qdbus org.kde.kwin /KWin org.kde.KWin.toggleCompositing, which works.17:22
KarmaComai'm on Kubuntu 12.04 and i turned off Screen Energy Saving through Power Management, but still the monitor goes off after a while, any ideas please?17:31
abhishek_Hi, i installed kubuntu 12.04 on my laptop . But I cant find muon package manager anywhere .. Please help17:40
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ubottuMuon is the current Kubuntu package manager. Please see http://jontheechidna.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/introducing-qapt-and-the-muon-package-manager/ for an overview17:46
eagles0513875abhishek_: ^17:46
sunsetlover_abhishek, you will find it under system17:47
JMichaelXabhishek_: in my opinion (whatever it's worth) you would be better off forgetting about muon, and installing/using synaptic17:47
abhishek_JMichaelX : how do i install synaptic ?17:48
lordievadersudo apt-get install synaptic17:49
ghabitHello. I'm looking for easy and gui DLNA server. Help me please ^)17:49
orated_er, sorry.17:49
giantpunehi, im looking for information about "repairing" a broken kubuntu installation.  when i installed it, i placed /home on a separate hard drive than everything else.  today that HDD with /home has failed.  does anybody know how i can replace just that HDD and get all the default stuff there without having to reinstall the entire OS?17:49
abhishek_lordievader : Sorry bad question to ask .. Im installing synaptic17:50
JMichaelXgiantpune: you would need to format that drive to a linux file system, then add that drive to your fstab17:51
lordievaderabhishek_: Yes? Run "sudo apt-get install synaptic" in a terminal/konsole17:51
DarthFroggiantpune: Yes.17:51
giantpuneJMichaelX, the kubuntu installer creates a bunch of default files and folders in your home folder.  will it be smart enough to start up with all those missing?17:52
abhishek_lordievader : I knew that, I just said it was a bad question to ask u how to install :D17:52
BlaXpiritgiantpune, it's okay17:52
JMichaelXgiantpune: you will need to do some of this without KDE.... one you have your drive formatted, and added to /etc/fstab, KDE will re-create the files it needs17:53
lordievaderabhishek_: Do you have a terminal open?17:53
DarthFroggiantpune:  Copy /etc/skel to your new home directory.17:53
abhishek_lordievader : I installed it17:53
JMichaelXgiantpune: do you have a linux live CD?17:53
giantpunenot the new one.  but i know how to DL and burn it17:53
DarthFroggiantpune: There's 3 hidden files in /etc/skel you need in your home directory.17:54
lordievaderabhishek_: Oke, good17:54
JMichaelXgiantpune: it does not matter if it's old.... as long as it is not more than a few years old. you can use such a live CD to format your external drive.17:54
JMichaelXgiantpune: you will also need this command, to get your new HD's UUID: 'sudo blkid'17:56
JMichaelXyou will need that UUID when you add an entry for that drive in /etc/fstab17:56
abhishek_lordievader : How do i give su privileges to synaptics ?17:57
giantpuneok, let me drag this laptop across the house and start the process17:57
lordievaderabhishek_: In kubunutu it is "kdesu synaptic"17:57
JMichaelXgiantpune: your entry should look like something like this: UUID=1234567890  /home    ext4    defaults        0       217:58
orated_Hello! Which file/folder stores configuration about panels in ~/.kde ?17:58
abhishek_lordievader : is there a command ?17:59
JMichaelXsynaptic should just ask for your password upon being launched18:00
abhishek_lordievader : says kdesu command not found18:00
orated_abhishek_: Try kdesudo synaptic in Terminal18:01
BluesKajor you could do the all no passsword command in the sudoers file :)18:01
JMichaelXwhy would synaptic not just ask for his password when it's launched?18:02
* JMichaelX shakes his finger @ BluesKaj18:02
lordievaderabhishek_: It could be the kdesudo command, not sure, it used to be kdesu...18:03
abhishek_orated_ : thanx got it .. but cant I get the su access if I run it from the desktop search ?18:03
abhishek_lordievader : it was kdesudo18:03
JMichaelXabhishek_: like i said... just launch it. it will ask for your password.18:04
BluesKajfor guis like synaptic one has to use kdesudo18:04
JMichaelXwtf.... why is he being instructed to launch synaptic from the command line?18:05
JMichaelX(wtf = what total folly)18:05
BluesKajabhishek_, have you tried alt+f2 , kdesudo synaptic18:05
* JMichaelX sigh18:05
abhishek_no, the password is not being being asked when launced from GUI18:05
JMichaelXthen my question would be, WHY is it not asking for your password18:06
BluesKajbet there's another package manager open , maybe muon or apt-get ?18:06
abhishek_BluesKaj : now it asked for password18:06
BluesKajok good18:07
abhishek_BluesKaj : should I be doing this everytime ?18:07
BluesKajpackage managers need root permissions because they use the dpkg system to install remove or purge packages , hence the pw18:08
abhishek_but should I be using the same method to launch it always ?18:09
JMichaelXabhishek_: it should ask you password, every time18:09
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:09
JMichaelXthere *should* be no need to launch it from the command line, unless your user is not in the sudoers file18:10
abhishek_i know i know , I am just clarifying if this is the only way (alt+F2 , kdesudo synaptic ) to launch it ..18:10
JMichaelXabhishek_: i am answering that!18:10
JMichaelXabhishek_: the answer should be NO18:10
abhishek_I am one of the sudoers18:11
JMichaelXabhishek_: then alt+f2 etc etc should be completely unnecessary18:11
JMichaelXjust launch it from the menu18:12
abhishek_then it wont ask me for password and I wont have the privilege to install packages18:12
JMichaelXabhishek_: i am not sure what the deal is then. i always install synaptic, and it always asks for my password.18:13
orated_As far as I remember synaptic in Kubuntu when run directly from menu does run without administrative privileges. Did you try Muon instead abhishek_?18:14
JMichaelXabhishek_: you could try logging out, then back in.18:14
JMichaelXorated_: i have never seen that18:14
abhishek_JMichaelX : il try thank you18:14
abhishek_orated_ : I cant find muon at all18:14
JMichaelXabhishek_: even if you type 'muon' in the search bar?18:15
abhishek_JMichaelX : yeah I cant find it18:15
orated_then <sudo apt-get install muon>18:15
JMichaelXabhishek_: you did a fresh installation?18:15
BluesKajabhishek_, despite objections by some , one can edit the sudoers file and remove the need for pws if you feel scure enough in your computing environment to do so ...if you need some help with it . just ask18:16
JMichaelXBluesKaj: my question is why you are recommending this, when the question should be why synaptic is not asking for his password18:17
BluesKajgotta run som errands for a few mins ...BBL18:17
BluesKajthat's odd , I thought it wouldn't launch18:18
JMichaelXBluesKaj: yea, i think it's launching18:18
JMichaelXabhishek_: are you logged back in?18:19
JMichaelXhopefully it will ask for your password now....18:21
abhishek_i dint :(18:21
JMichaelXdid you do a fresh installation?18:22
abhishek_of synaptic ?18:23
orated_Strange that you couldn't muon after fresh installation of Kubuntu 12.0418:23
JMichaelXabhishek_: just out of curiosity, what do you get if you enter 'which muon' in a terminal?18:23
orated_couldn't find*18:23
abhishek_i dint get anything18:23
JMichaelXabhishek_: i think your installation was somehow flawed18:24
abhishek_damn !18:24
JMichaelXabhishek_: don't panic18:24
JMichaelXabhishek_: please run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'18:24
JMichaelXabhishek_: tell us if it wants to install a bunch of packages18:26
abhishek_yeah il do that18:26
orated_JMichaelX: For reference, this is what I've noticed when running synaptic without sudo - http://i.imgur.com/uDMsY.png18:28
abhishek_yeah im getting the same thing too18:29
PhoenixzAnybody knows anything about some current Ubuntu bug that makes multiple computers loose network on GNome / KDE level? Network can be configured manually on command line, but in KDE / GNome its basically dead... ? Since yesterda I have multiple computers showing this very same problem, all independantly..18:29
JMichaelXorated_: did you launch it from the menu, or command line?18:29
JMichaelXPhoenixz: do they all use the same wireless chipset?18:30
PhoenixzHave this happen on multiple computers, both Ubuntu and Kubuntu, from different people.. All since yesterday night / this morning..18:30
orated_Well, I prefer muon over synaptic in Kubuntu. I would ask you abhishek_ to try what JMichaelX suggested18:30
PhoenixzJMichaelX: No.. One was my laptop (yesterday night) and the other 3 are all desktops18:30
JMichaelXabhishek_: i was asking orated_18:30
abhishek_JMichaelX  : it asked me to install packages of 88 MB18:31
orated_JMichaelX: I ran it <synaptic> from Terminal. If you see in KMenu edit option for application, even there you would see its just <synaptic> for Command.18:31
JMichaelXorated_: i have kubuntu installed on 6 machines (between work and home), and it's been that way for several years... and i have never seen that behavior18:32
PhoenixzJMichaelX: lspci gives 00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82578DC Gigabit Network Connection (rev 06) on this desktop18:32
abhishek_and i can see muon there in the packages suggested :)18:32
JMichaelXabhishek_: go ahead and install all of that18:32
JMichaelXPhoenixz: how about the other machines?18:32
orated_JMichaelX: Well, I rarely use syaptic or muon for that matter. I just mentioned that since I've noticed that behavior before.18:32
orated_abhishek_: Try reinstalling system or as JMichaelX suggests18:33
JMichaelXorated_: i am just curious as to why that would be18:33
BluesKajabhishek_, if you ran synaptic in the terminal previously , make sure the terminal is closed if you run it from the krunner or the kmenu18:33
orated_Any idea which file/folder stores configuration about panels in ~/.kde ?18:35
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BluesKajabhishek_, a terminal can be open , but you can't have synaptic open from it18:37
abhishek_JMichaelX : YIppee ! Got muon back !18:37
abhishek_yeah i know thanks18:37
BluesKajmuon ..good luck18:37
rapidsporated_: may be /home/karen/.kde/share/config/kwinrulesrc ?18:39
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rapidspmay be ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrulesrc ?18:40
orated_rapidsp: Thanks18:42
rapidspand plasma-desktop*18:42
JMichaelXi think i must be using a kubuntu installation from a parallel dimension18:42
JMichaelXsomehow  the two (or more) dimensions are managing to intersect on freenode18:43
rapidspdolphine search is very nice :)18:45
danielohey everybody18:45
danielodo You know how to restore kde file picker for firefox in new kubuntu?18:46
danielocause that gnome one is so ugly and unpractical18:46
mokushany idea where I could get the source for the `current application control` and `window menubar` plasmoids?18:47
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JMichaelXmokush: source for all libre software should be in the repos18:48
mokushJMichaelX: I couldn't find the actual packages for these plasmoids in the repos18:49
JMichaelXmokush: hmmm18:49
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JMichaelXmokush: are you wanting packages, or source code?18:50
PhoenixzAll machines are custom built, all hardware is different, making this problem rather scary..18:52
mokushJMichaelX: I'm looking for the source18:53
JMichaelXPhoenixz: if the same thing is happening, using a variety of wireless chipsets, it makes me wonder whether or not you may be having an issue with your access point18:54
faLUCEhi, I can't hear audio anymore, on 11.10. From what can I start in order to solve?18:56
faLUCEI unmuted everything in alsamixer18:56
JMichaelXfaLUCE: there is no sound at all? if you try to play a media file with vlc, what happens?18:57
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JMichaelXmokush: i would think it would just be a matter of determining which package contains the plasma widgets you are wanting to deal with, then downloading the source for that package from one of the src repos18:58
giantpuneJMichaelX, it didnt work :(18:58
JMichaelXgiantpune: what are you seeing?18:58
giantpunei created the new partition on the new HDD and gave it the correct permissions and whatnot.  then i copied the files from /ect/skel, then blkid and copied the new uuid into fstab in place of the old one.  and now it doesnt boot at all19:00
JMichaelXgiantpune: does KDM come up?19:02
JMichaelXgiantpune: are you sure you copied in the correct UUID?19:04
giantpuneyes.  i copy/pasted it19:04
giantpunetheres no kdm that shows up19:04
JMichaelXgiantpune: you have to be sure that it was for exactly the correct partition, and that you have correctly specified the file system being used19:05
JMichaelXgiantpune: how did you partition and format the new drive?19:05
giantpuneyes.  i checked it a few times19:05
giantpuneext4 partition belonging to root.  then in that partition, i created a folder with my user name and chmod it to my name and group19:06
giantpunei guess im just gonna have to bite the bullet and reinstall the whole OS.19:07
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JMichaelXgiantpune: i am not sure this will solve anything, but you may want to use 'chown -R /home/user'19:07
JMichaelXgiantpune: and you should not need to reboot all the time (maybe you know this)... if you are booted into a terminal, you should be able to use 'mount -a'.... if your fstab entry is correct, it should mount. if it mounts, then it *should* auto-mount, when you next reboot19:09
giantpunethats what i did19:09
JMichaelXdoes 'mount' work?19:09
giantpune"sudo mount -a" worked.  i saw programs starting to create new folders and files in my new /home partition.19:10
giantpunethen when i turned it off and back on, kdm doesnt even come up19:10
JMichaelXgiantpune: i don't know what to say. if ownership is correct, and your fstab entry is correct, it should work. you may also want to double-check boot order in your BIOS19:11
giantpunenope, my bios still has it booting from the SSD which contained everything except /home19:16
JMichaelXgiantpune: also.... was a directory created for your user?19:16
giantpunei created that directory myself19:16
JMichaelX /home/user is where the /etcskell file should have been copied to19:17
JMichaelX /etc/skell*19:17
giantpunethat wasnt a file.  it was a folder with the defaulte .bashrc files inside it.  and then i copied those 3 files to the folder i created19:18
JMichaelXgiantpune: i'm at a loss... but i imagine there is just one or two minor details that are amiss19:18
JMichaelXyes, i meant to type files, plural19:18
giantpunei got the 12.04 DVD downloading on my laptop.  i expect it will be faster to reinstall from that and then install all the stuff i want from the package manager and setup my nfs again rather than trying to fix the installation and hope i didnt forget some small detail19:19
JMichaelXgiantpune: that could be19:20
JMichaelXi add drives to machines, both physical and virtual, on a semi-regular basis... i may be forgetting to inform you of some important step somewhere19:21
JMichaelXgiantpune: i'd be curious what would happen ,if you would boot to terminal, and add a new user19:22
JMichaelXbut... i have to leave19:22
JMichaelXgiantpune: wish i could have been of more help.... maybe there is someone here who could guide you better than i did19:24
giantpuneok, thanks for the ideas19:24
sunsetloverhey guys, how can i install my ipod on Kubuntu to manage the music and pictures on it19:28
BluesKaj!info curl19:32
ubottucurl (source: curl): Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP server. In component main, is optional. Version 7.22.0-3ubuntu4 (precise), package size 134 kB, installed size 338 kB19:32
BluesKaj!ipod | sunsetlover19:48
ubottusunsetlover: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod19:48
eagles0513875yofel: i have another issue i am trying to disable my track bad cuz i have a usb mouse and keyboard shortcut doesnt work and in system settings there is no way to disable it19:52
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yofeleagles0513875: not sure, you can turn it off with synclient from konsole, but I can't remember how exactly the command hast to look like19:57
eagles0513875yofel: sry bout that damn randomly quitting channels19:57
yofel[21:57:02] <yofel> eagles0513875: not sure, you can turn it off with synclient from konsole, but I can't remember how exactly the command hast to look like19:58
* JMichael|work growls at google for their pathetically slow repo19:58
eagles0513875yofel: havent tried19:58
eagles0513875didnt even know there was a command19:58
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CerealklrHi all. I just upgraded to 12.04. Mostly smooth sailing, but there's a weird repaint issue with Konsole. When given transparency, it assumes it, but every time a notifcation pops up or focus changes, transparency is halved. Moving the Konsole window restores transparency. Lather, rinse, repeat. An hour of googling shows no results. Any ideas of what I can do to debug this?20:41
CerealklrIf its relevant, I'm x64, running oxygen-transparent built on 11.10 (with no other issues to report)20:42
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schultzahow do i set my background image?22:05
avpxschultza: Right-click desktop, click "Settings"22:05
schultzaright click is not working22:06
schultzai installed kubuntu-desktop from the ubuntu install22:06
schultzaalso, using plasma desktop version22:06
avpxYou can set it from the "System Settings" application.22:06
CerealklrHi all, I think I'm having an issue with oxygen-transparent. It was built on 11.10, and functioned flawlessly. I've since upgraded to 12.04 today, and found there to be some pretty weird repaint issues, particularly with Konsole. Can anyone confirm this before I figure out how to remove and recompile it?22:08
schultzastill not finding it22:16
schultzai guess ill try another environment22:17
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