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lifeless-> monthly allergy shot. Urgent things you can SMS/ring.00:50
mwhudsonhow can bug 951365 be a regression03:28
_mup_Bug #951365: Accessing milestone on project group via webservice api returns has_bugs object <api> <milestones> <oem-services> <projectgroups> <regression> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/951365 >03:28
mwhudsonwgrant: so i think that happens because a project groups milestones are IProjectGroupMilestones, not IMilestones03:29
wgrantmwhudson: The only thing I can think of is milestone tags.03:29
wgrantThat may have changed things.03:30
mwhudsoni suppose that might have resulted in some shuffling03:30
mwhudsonmilestone tags was only a 3000 line change...03:34
mwhudsonwgrant: good guess03:35
wgrantWhat happened?03:35
mwhudsonwgrant: well, that was the change that made IProjectGroupMilestone not inherit from IMilestone03:36
wgrantThat would do it indeed.03:37
mwhudsoni _guess_ the milestone collections in iprojectgroup need to be overridden to declare returning IProjectGroupMilestone03:38
wgrantI hate lazr.config03:43
wgrantParticularly some of the ways we use it.03:44
wgrantconfig.error_reports.error_dir can be overridden by error_dir in a script-specified config section.03:45
wgrantExcept that the config schema has some dev paths as the codehosting sections' error_dirs.03:45
wgrantWhich means that dropping the codehosting error_dirs from the prod configs won't fall back to the configured production default, but the dev default.03:45
mwhudsonhm, i wonder if i've run rocketfuel-setup on this machine03:54
StevenKmwhudson: If /etc/hosts is 600,000 lines long, yep.03:55
mwhudsonappears i have not03:56
wgrantLXC! LXC!03:56
mwhudsonah good point03:57
wgrantIt's nice and easy on precise03:57
wgrantI cleaned up the howto on whatever day was earlier this week03:57
StevenKSpeaking of precise, I'm trying to figure out how to upgrade my fileserver.04:00
StevenKIt's Ethernet module isn't in Lucid's kernel, so it's dkms'd, but I don't want it to be dkms'd on upgrade, since the module is in Precise's kernel.04:01
mwhudsonwgrant: this howto? https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/LXC04:05
wgrantThat one04:05
lifelesswgrant: fix the schema ? I don't see any reason for it to have dev data in it, we have a dev config for that04:07
wgrantlifeless: Yeah, fixed in devel a few minutes back.04:07
wgrantIt's still full of crap, but it's slightly less offensive and stupid crap.04:07
mwhudsonwgrant:   launchpad-dependencies: Depends: python-apt (>= but is to be installed04:19
mwhudson(in the lxc)04:19
wgrantmwhudson: Sure you ran rocketfuel-setup? That should be in the launchpad PPA04:20
StevenKmwhudson: No -updates?04:20
wgrantOr -updates04:20
mwhudsonStevenK wins04:20
wgrantI'm pretty sure my fresh container had that by default04:20
wgrantmwhudson: Has this machine run LXC before?04:20
lifelessbad precise lxc cache probably04:20
mwhudsonwgrant: yes, i lxc-destroy-ed the lxc i had04:20
mwhudsonsources.list was 1 line04:20
lifelessmwhudson: there is a cache as well04:21
mwhudsonoh excellent04:21
wgrantI'd suggest restarting04:21
mwhudsonoh ok04:21
wgrantsudo rm -r /var/cache/lxc/lucid04:21
wgrantThen lxc-create again04:21
wgrantVast improvements were made in the last couple of months04:21
wgrantSuch that it's no longer torture to get LXC working.04:21
wgrantIt'll redebootstrap an environment that actually works04:21
mwhudsonmaybe a note along these lines could be added to the wiki04:22
* wgrant adds04:22
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cody-somervillemwhudson, Are you fixing LP #951365? :)04:39
_mup_Bug #951365: Accessing milestone on project group via webservice api returns has_bugs object <api> <milestones> <oem-services> <projectgroups> <regression> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/951365 >04:39
mwhudsoncody-somerville: its a possibility04:39
mwhudsoncome on intertubes, go faster04:41
wgrantmwhudson: Going OK?04:58
mwhudsonwgrant: yes04:58
wgrantI haven't actually completely tested the latest version of the instructions from scratch :)04:58
mwhudsonwell rocketfuel-setup --no-workspace is grinding away04:58
StevenKwgrant, wallyworld: Either of you want to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/bugs-information_type-mail/+merge/104483 ?05:04
wgrantStevenK: Underscores?05:05
wgrantI don't think we have underscores anywhere else in the UI05:06
wgrantMail or Web.05:06
StevenKwgrant: 'information type' doesn't work for the command, 'information_type' does. :-(05:06
wgrantinformationtype does as well :)05:06
wgrantDoes this follow value parsing rules similar to status?05:07
StevenKwgrant: informationtype works, I guess05:09
* mwhudson bikesheds05:10
StevenKwgrant: Status just calls transitionToStatus(), no checking05:10
StevenKI didn't think CreateBugParams supported that method, but ICBW.05:11
wgrantStevenK: But how does it parse the value?"05:11
StevenKwgrant: It's done via setAttributeValue, so the parsing is in the guts of the mail handler, I guess.05:11
wgrantStevenK: The behaviour of status and informationtype parsing has no reason to differ.05:12
StevenKIt sets a dbschema = BugTaskStatus05:12
StevenKwgrant: Except for 'Private' and the forbidding of 'Proprietary'.05:13
wgrantThe the latter is unrelated.05:14
wgrantIt's a temporarily post-parse filter operation05:14
wgrantIt is too cold to type sensibly05:14
StevenKIt's 24degC in my study05:14
StevenKwgrant: I think after we drop Private, we can change informationtype to be like Status05:18
StevenKOr we could just declare we won't support Private on the mail interface, and I can change it now.05:21
* StevenK laughs05:21
* mwhudson wonders if rocketfuel-setup has asked for his root password for the last time...05:31
stubBug #992184  seems rather special05:32
_mup_Bug #992184: lib/lp/services/database/doc/textsearching.txt fails intermittently/rarely on parallel tests <paralleltest> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/992184 >05:32
* mwhudson disappears05:33
wallyworldStevenK: i was doing school pickup, i assume you don't need me to look at your branch?05:36
StevenKwallyworld: I was having a discussion with wgrant until his Internet broke due to no power.05:37
* wallyworld remembers a time when there wasn't any internet even with power05:38
spmwallyworld: and where 9600 baud seemed like an impossible speed dream?05:39
wallyworldmy first modem was 300/7505:39
wallyworldso yes :-)05:39
spm Igot lucky. started on 120005:39
wallyworldtook ages to download all that ascii 'porn'05:40
StevenKwallyworld: Download? Feel sorry for the poor bugger that had to type it in.05:40
wallyworldi still laugh every time an 80's movie shows a modem instantly connecting without the audible handshake05:41
wallyworldi used to love the handshake05:41
StevenKI had a friend at uni would could whistle 2400 baud05:42
wallyworldso he could connect to the CIA and order a nuclear strike?05:42
lifelessspm: bah, 300/75? thats speedy05:44
spmlifeless: itym wallyworld05:44
wallyworldwhat was slower than 300/74?05:45
lifelesswallyworld: a) I was trolling, b) 110 baud05:48
wallyworldi was genuinely curious :-)05:48
wallyworld110 baud, wow that's slow05:48
wallyworldbut since baud refers to state changes per second, if each state change encoded 16 bits it wouldn't be soooo bad05:49
lifelessMy first modem was a 300/7505:49
* wallyworld is now reminiscing about the Hayes command set 05:50
wallyworldthose were the days05:50
lifelesshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_device_bandwidths is pretty good for reminiscing05:50
wallyworldthey left off the 2 cans either end of a taught piece of string05:50
spmI'm rather pleased to say that I've compeltely forgotten all modem commands beyond AT. and I'm proud that I'm unsure if even that's correct.06:09
StevenKI can remember ATDT<number>06:09
* wgrant stabs u-boot06:23
wgrantOr flash-kernel06:23
wgrantOne of those06:23
wgrantI started with a 56kbps modem, you old people.06:27
lifelesswgrant: modern luxury06:38
adeuringgood morning07:38
wgrantThere we go08:10
wgrantRunning/LXC tested and minimised and prettified08:11
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wgranthttps://dev.launchpad.net/Running/RemoteAccess is a bit sad.09:32
wgrantWith SNI widely supported it seems like we don't really need the two IP addresses any more.09:34
maxbwidely supported enough, really?09:36
lifelessfor dev use09:37
wgrantThe only thing in the config that needs it is private loggerhead, which will only be accessed by a web browser, and everything except those using Windows XP's crypto stack supports SNI.09:37
lifelesslong as we don't use python to access anything09:37
lifelesswgrant: ^09:37
wgrantAs long as we have the main vhost first, python will be happy09:38
lifelessoh, is that the degraded behaviour ?09:38
wgrantI'm pretty sure it degrades the same as missing Host with HTTP09:39
wgrantIt picks the first matching vhost09:39
wgrantI'm thinking I'll add a make target which tweaks the config to listen on * and allow a user-specified subnet.09:40
jmlhow can I set up an 'ec2 demo' server so that it's possible to log on?09:51
wgrantjml: What breaks when you try?09:52
cjwatsonSNI - only ten years late09:52
jmlwgrant: I get told that the openid provider is unavailable09:52
jmlOpenID Provider Is Unavailable at This Time09:52
jmlThe openid provider was unavailable. Please try again in a moment.09:52
jmlYou can also join the #launchpad IRC support channel on irc.freenode.net to ask for further assistance.09:52
wgrantjml: That's slightly unpleasant of it.09:52
jmlwgrant: yes. the capitalization is egregious.09:53
wgrantBoth the fact that there's an error and the text content of the error09:53
wgrantAt least it doesn't say FreeNode09:53
wgrantLet's see.09:53
wgrantSlow ec2...09:56
wallyworldwgrant: can you run a query on dogfood for me?10:04
wgrantwallyworld: Sure10:04
wallyworldit's for a job10:05
wallyworldso not 100% critical is blazingly fast10:05
wallyworldreplace the policy ids10:05
wallyworldsure, why not :-)10:05
wallyworldit's to select all bugs a person is subscribed to but doesn't have a grant for (including via a team)10:06
wgrantI expect it will be very slow, but let's see.10:08
wallyworldi may need to use a CTE10:09
wallyworldi have a bunch of tests passing, just need to optimise :-)10:09
jmlit's so nice to have so many Australians around10:10
wallyworldhi jml :-)10:10
allenaplifeless: Do you have time to talk in about 10 or 11 hours, about MAAS architecture?10:11
jmlwallyworld: hi10:11
bigjoolshey jml!  Ah bugger, I'm not really Australian10:11
wallyworldjml: how are they hanin', mate?10:11
jmlbigjools: bloody immigrants.10:11
wallyworldbigjools: fuck off10:11
jmlwallyworld: all good, thanks10:12
bigjoolswallyworld: I'd be quiet if I were you or I'd tell everyone you were listening to Britney today.  Oops, too late :)10:12
jmlow ow, it hurts to laugh10:12
bigjoolsjml: bastards eh :)10:12
wallyworldbigjools: lies, all lies10:13
bigjoolsand also you had Lady Gaga on10:13
bigjoolsI bet you wear a dress when nobody's looking10:13
wallyworldno, just panties10:14
bigjoolswith the peep hole10:14
wallyworldthat way i can wear them when people are looking10:14
wgrantwallyworld: I'd spell it http://paste.ubuntu.com/964307/10:14
wgrantwallyworld: Which is fast10:14
* wallyworld looks10:14
wgrantIt satisfies my subscriptions to Ubuntu in 30ms10:15
wgrantubuntu-crashes-universe in 1010ms hot10:15
wgrantWhich is not bad.10:15
wallyworldwgrant: i didn't realise btf has access_grants10:16
wgrantThat doesn't have the restriction to Ubuntu because i am forgetful10:16
wgrantBut it's easy enough to add into the query10:16
wgrantwallyworld: Yeah, it has all the access info so searches can be fast.10:16
wgrantAnd this is a search :)10:16
wallyworldwgrant:  does && mean AND? i've not seen thhat before10:17
wgrantwallyworld: && is array intersection10:17
wallyworldok. is that postgres specific? or standard sql?10:18
wgrantThe array stuff is a postgres extension10:18
wallyworldi bet storm doesn;t support it, so i will have to hand code the query :-(10:18
wgrantIt's 3 lines to define &&10:18
bigjoolssuck it up10:18
wgrantAnd I think we already have one in the codebase10:18
wgrantBug subscriptions use it10:18
wgrantlib/lp/bugs/model/structuralsubscription.py:    oper = "&&"10:19
wallyworldbigjools: i've said it before and i'll say it again: fuck off10:19
wgrantI'd move that into lp.services.database.stormexpr with the rest10:19
wgrantwallyworld: However10:19
bigjoolswallyworld: muahaha :)10:19
wgrantwallyworld: Those access checks are the same as the ones in bugtasksearch10:19
wgrantwallyworld: You can probably reuse get_bug_privacy_filter10:19
wgrantSee how the access checks are done in there10:19
wgrantIt's not pretty yet, but eventually.10:19
bigjoolsnight all10:20
wgrantFuck off bigjools :)10:20
bigjoolswgrant: wallyworld gets away with it but not you10:20
bigjoolsget back to your basement10:20
wallyworldwgrant: i'll have a look. i may need to refactor what i've done. i've defined an indirect_bugs_filter helper method in accesspolicy.py10:20
wgrantwallyworld: get_bug_privacy_filter also handles public bugs, which I omitted from that query10:21
wgrantMostly because I forgot10:21
wallyworldok. thanks. will have a look10:21
wgrantjml: Ah10:30
wgrantjml: You still have that ec2 instance?10:30
jmlwgrant: yes.10:31
wgrantjml: I suspect it will unbreak if you s/$INSTANCE_IP/*/ in /etc/apache2/sites-available/local-launchpad10:31
wgrantjml: ec2 demo forces it to listen on the external interface, when testopenid.dev will point to localhost10:32
wgrantSo the local appserver can't talk to the provider.10:32
jmlwgrant: ok, will try that.10:32
wgrantlaunchpad-developer-dependencies only suggests libapache2-mod-wsgi. I guess it should depend now.10:33
wgrantIt also only suggests apache2, so I guess ec2 installs that manually.10:34
jmlyeah, haven't looked sorry.10:34
jmlwgrant: ok. Now I get "unknown email address" when I try to log in / register.10:36
wgrantjml: admin@canonicalcom?10:36
jmlwgrant: that gives me the following: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/964360/10:37
wgrantjml: Try clicking Log In / Register again10:38
wgrantI suspect your session might have died.10:38
jmlwgrant: ooh, I only just noticed that when I got that error, the log in / register link was gone and replaced with Foo Bar (~name16)10:38
jmlwhich is weird but workaroundable.10:39
wgrantRetrying with my fixes now.10:43
jmlwgrant: thanks.10:54
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wgrantFourth time lucky...11:17
jmlwgrant: are your fixes to lp-dev-utils or to launchpad?11:24
jmlwgrant: I'm going to leave now – I have a lunch appointment. My IRC proxy will be connected.11:27
wgrantjml: lp-dev-utils11:31
jmlwgrant: ah, thanks. I was going to do a patch for the '*' thing but will await yours.11:32
* jml really off11:32
wgrantNeds an image rebuild to pick up the new package11:32
wgrantThat's why it's not working.11:32
* wgrant will commit and publish a new image.11:33
wgrantThanks for letting us know.11:33
StevenKHmm, then poolie can drop 523. Which might be difficult to organise.11:33
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wgrantjml: lp-dev-utils is fixed, and there's an updated image13:02
wgrantso demo should work properly now13:02
wgrantAlso, buildout is slow13:02
StevenKNews at 1113:06
jmlwgrant: thanks.13:18
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jmlcan someone please land lp:~jml/lp-dev-utils/public-ip14:15
jmlabentley approved it14:15
abentleyjml: done.14:18
jmlabentley: thanks!14:18
jmlrunning a dev instance via 'ec2 demo', looks like the private xmlrpc server isn't running14:31
jmlnothing is listening on 809714:31
jmlhow do I start that up?14:31
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achunig'morning :)14:38
rick_h_sorry jml, not sure there. Looking at the makefile not sure which bits start up the xmlrpc14:38
jmlfwiw, we're getting https://pastebin.canonical.com/65462/ when we try to do an xmlrpc request14:41
jmlachuni: is that right?14:41
jmland are being redirected from http to https.14:41
achunijml: that's just hitting the xmlrpc endpoint in a browser, I can try an xmlrpc request in a bit14:42
jmlachuni: ah ok.14:42
achunihttp->https redirect, yep.  afaict we should be using https anyway14:42
jmlnever mind14:44
jmlit is running, and I'm a fool.14:44
jmlachuni: I get http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/964783/14:47
achunijml: looks good14:47
jmlachuni: good? is that what you expect?14:47
achuni(does launchpadlib support proxies?  Can I ask it to use one?)14:47
achunijml: well, up until the 403 response, yep14:48
jmlachuni: if it didn't hurt so much, I would laugh bitterly14:48
jmlnothing on the help wiki14:49
achunijml: you think that's authorizing by IP just? we don't do any kind of authentication for that call afaict14:49
jmlit just uses httplib2 though14:49
jmlso it's probably whatever that uses14:49
jmlgoogling doesn't reveal much14:51
achunihttplib2 supports proxies via the socks module14:53
jmlas in, by writing code14:53
achuniyeah, checking if I can ask launchpadlib to pass in the right args14:53
jmlnothing in the stack seems to have environment-based http proxy support.14:53
* achuni hacks /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/httplib2/__init__.py14:54
jmlachuni: just double checking, you're not waiting on me for any questions, right?14:55
achunijml: nope, thanks14:56
achunijml: kind of success.  It seems to have worked, I now get Permission denied: '/var/tmp/launchpad_mailqueue/tmp/1336057390.27818.domU-12-31-39-08-04-1D.155786590615:04
jmlachuni: hmm. that might be an fs thing.15:04
jmlachuni: I've made those writeable. Try again?15:05
achuniweird, let me pastebin15:06
achunijml: https://pastebin.canonical.com/65469/15:07
achunijml: still a Perm denied failure, but now on an unspecified location15:07
jmleffing Python errors15:08
jmlhow many hours have been lost because the 'os' module doesn't raise errors with function arguments15:08
* jml takes a deep, slow breath15:09
jmlachuni: oh, my bad.15:10
jmlachuni: there were more directories that needed permission changing15:10
jml(my criticism of Python is still valid though)15:10
jmlachuni: try again?15:11
achunijml: I haz creds :)15:16
jmlachuni: \o/15:16
jmlachuni: what's next?15:16
achunijml: standup, but I'll try those creds out next, in a bit15:17
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jmlachuni: heh, thanks.15:18
benjibac: all clear15:24
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adam_hi there, was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why a few mails from the openstack list are occasionally silently vanishing into a bitbucket instead of reaching me?16:25
adam_I receive most of them16:25
adam_and have checked my spam folder16:25
czajkowskiadam_: are they showing up on the archive?16:29
adam_czajkowski: yes16:29
adam_e.g. https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg11012.html16:29
czajkowskiadam_: any issue with your email as nobody else has said there are any LP mail issues16:36
adam_czajkowski: not aware of any other issues or dropped mail from other sources, no16:37
angelochi guys, I'm writing an ubuntu accomplishment that should test if a person had personally verified an SRU bug to earn the tester trophy. I'm using python api for launchpad, any idea how it could be done?16:38
adam_czajkowski: don't suppose you'd be able to pinpoint that mail in the MTA logs and see if it was accepted by the MTA my end?16:38
czajkowskiadam_: I can ask and see16:39
adam_if it was then I'll know I have to fight battles with our corporate email team ...16:39
czajkowskiadam_: and your email address it would have gone to is ?16:40
czajkowskiadam_: checking16:43
adam_awesome, thanks :)16:44
jcsackettsinzui: thanks for helping out with the review queue. :-)16:55
adam_czajkowski: gotta go now, but I'll stay logged in to catch anything you might say ... thanks again!16:59
czajkowskiadam_: I'll be gone shortly and no update yet16:59
adam_czajkowski: ok, I'll be around tomorrow too16:59
adam_of course I'm reachable on that email address too ... well, hopefully ;-)17:00
sinzuijcsackett, I forgot it was Thursday17:00
jcsackettsinzui: it's all good. that was a sincere thank you. that branch was the largest in my queue. :-P17:00
adam_czajkowski: UK timezone, that is17:01
sinzuijcsackett, :)17:01
adam_czajkowski: hopefully we'll overlap by at least one hour but you never know on this channel ;-)17:02
czajkowskiadam_: look like it did make it to that end17:05
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lifeless_allenap: I'd be delighted to18:09
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lifelessallenap: I'm going back to bed for a bit (0600 here) but will ping when I'm on deck18:13
* deryck reboots, will brb18:23
jmldoes anyone know why launchpad_mailqueue is unwriteable on ec2test?18:34
benjijcsackett: if you have time for a small review, I have a bite sized one for you: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/bug-992692/+merge/10459919:16
jmlhow do I create new users on a demo instance?19:41
lifelessjml: there is a script19:41
lifelessthough we should really get demo talking to real openid19:42
jmloh wait, 'make-lp-user'?19:42
lifelessI believe so19:43
jmlI think I wrote that.19:43
jmlachuni: you've got shell access, right?19:44
achunijml: yep, logging in now19:44
achunijml: where's the make-lp-user script?19:45
achunijml: https://pastebin.canonical.com/65498/19:48
achunijml: kind of close?19:48
jmlachuni: annoyingly, setting the email address does some gpg stuff19:49
achunijml: I'd skip that, except it's the only way the user can log in, I think?19:50
jmlachuni: probably best to run again without --email and then use the web UI to set  that.19:50
jmlachuni: no, elachuni@example.com19:50
* achuni tries19:50
achunijml: "A confirmation message has been sent..." d'you think that'll arrive eventually, or should I retrieve it locally from the instance somewhere?19:54
achunijml: this was when I added an email via the web UI19:55
jmlachuni: tbh, I don't really know. Let's look in the mailqueue shall we?19:55
achunijml: ah, hm, and I'll probably need to stick my finger in the DB to make the openid for that user match my real life one19:56
jmlachuni: psql launchpad_dev19:56
jmlachuni: sorry this is so hard. :(19:57
jmlachuni: nothing in /var/log/mail.log19:57
achunijml: once I've gone that far, I might as well straighten out the emails in the db19:57
jmlachuni: it's 9pm here. I need to cook some food and start doing what I had meant to start at 7pm. Will still be around, just laggy.19:58
achunijml: go, get some rest.  I'll fiddle with this and let you know how it went in an email19:58
lifelessgary_poster: do you think the test suite is robust enough for devs to use (tip) testr --parallel + lxc themselves and not expect egregious fallout ?20:00
allenaplifeless: My wife needs me so I have to go. I'll send an email about maas. It should be reasonably short. Sorry if you'd carved out some time for me.20:04
lifelessallenap: doh forgot to ping you back20:04
lifelessonly about 20m wasted :(20:04
allenaplifeless: No worries :)20:04
lifelessallenap: am here if you get time later, otherwise yes email is cool20:04
allenaplifeless: Cool, okay.20:05
gary_posterlifeless, we're still seeing test suite failure 1/3 of time.  We closed a bunch of the known errors today so maybe tomorrow stats will be much better.  33% failure seems a bit egregious to me but that's subjective.20:10
gary_posterWe're also starting to see repeats, which is good.20:10
gary_posterseeing a new, different failure every test run was a bit disheartening.20:11
lifelessgary_poster: yeah, I can well imagine20:19
lifelessgary_poster: I *knew* this would be a long tail :(20:19
achunijml: \o/ success21:04
jmlachuni: yay21:04
jmlachuni: that was with non-commercial, right?21:04
achunijml: that was with non-commercial, right.  I'll try with commercial next for completeness.  I'll let you know if I got email21:05
jmlachuni: thanks.21:05
achunijml: I got the 'proof of purchase' email from sca, but none from LP so far21:05
achunijml: then again, I never got one for confirming my email either21:05
jmlachuni: I reckon it's just disabled for the demo instance21:05
jmlachuni: I guess we can verify that behaviour when we check against staging?21:06
jml(does staging send email?)21:06
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achuniyep, and... I don't know21:06
achunijml: success with the commercial one too, I didn't expect that to fail, should I have been looking out for something?21:11
jmlachuni: I don't think so.21:11
achunijml: once again, got the email from sca but none from LP21:11
jmlachuni: I guess if we had email, you should have received some for the non-commercial and not received any for commercial21:12
jmlachuni: I just wanted to be extra sure.21:12
jmlachuni: so I guess now you mark the MP as Approved and we ask a Launchpadder to land it?21:12
achunijml: so, the other bit I didn't test was creating users via the xmlrpc api21:12
jmlachuni: oh right.21:12
jmlachuni: I think the only way this change could affect that is by some sort of quantum entanglement21:13
jmlachuni: can you test it?21:13
achunijml: I can give the MP my +1 fwiw, I wouldn't vouch for general launchpaddyness of the code :)21:13
jmlachuni: oh, that's been done already21:14
achunijml: I'm happy to check that on staging21:14
jmlachuni: ok, thanks.21:14
achunijml: yep, I don't think it's likely to be affected by this change21:14
achunijml: which is the MP?21:15
jmlachuni: https://code.launchpad.net/~jml/launchpad/drop-special-commercial-permissions/+merge/10427021:15
achunijml: your plan is to land the 'shut_up' bit next to get it deployed together with this change?21:19
jmlachuni: no, they'll probably be deployed separately21:19
jmlachuni: LP deploys at the drop of a hat, pretty much21:19
achunijml: wouldn't that mean that users that purchase software would get unwanted email for a while?21:20
jmlachuni: no, because you'll still set commercial, right?21:20
jmlachuni: it still governs email, it just doesn't grant any special permissions.21:20
achuniah neat21:20
jmlachuni: we'll work with you closely as we deprecate it too, probably having a period of supporting both21:22
achunijml: and, approved21:24
jmlachuni: great, thanks.21:24
achunijml: I'll see if I can add sca to the teams that own those two rogue ppas right away21:25
achunijml: when d'you think this would be deployed, approx?21:25
achunijml: btw, happy for you to disappear any time, I realize it's way past eod for you :)21:26
jmlachuni: +10 hrs minimum21:26
jmlachuni: it's OK, I'm at my laptop writing a speech21:26
jmlachuni: http://lpqateam.canonical.com/ says that there's only one revision waiting to be deployed right now.21:28
jmlhello hello calling anyone with Launchpad commit privs21:29
jmlPlease land https://code.launchpad.net/~jml/launchpad/drop-special-commercial-permissions/+merge/10427021:29
achunijml: that's fine, I was wondering if it would be today or next week :)21:29
jmlachuni: oh, I should double check21:31
jmlachuni: you can qa against qastaging readily enough, right?21:31
jml(as opposed to staging)21:31
achunijml: probably :)21:32
jmlachuni: hmm, ok.21:32
achunijml: there's nobody around from ISD atm to set up Ubuntu Pay if that needs changing21:32
jmlachuni: ah.21:32
jmlachuni: hmm.21:32
jmlseriously, does no one actually hang out on this channel any more?21:33
jmlachuni: I'll make a note on the MP then.21:33
lifelessjml: who do you need ?21:39
achunijml: good news is, it seems those commercial ppas that aren't owned by commercial-ppa-uploaders aren't published by sca21:39
jmllifeless: someone to land https://code.launchpad.net/~jml/launchpad/drop-special-commercial-permissions/+merge/104270 but ideally such that we can qa it on staging.launchpad.net rather than qastaging.launchpad.net21:39
lifelessjml: you can't ?21:40
jmllifeless: I abandoned my commit privileges when I left the team21:40
jmllifeless: also, I don't exactly know how things get to staging.lp.net any more :)21:40
lifelessI don't think you did21:41
lifelessthey get to staging in the same way21:41
lifelesseither trickle down from stable or direct from db-devel21:41
lifelesswhats different is that we never ever deploy code from staging now21:41
lifelessonly from stable21:41
lifelessto do what you want, land on stable, note in the bug for qa that you need it on staging, wait, then qa on staging.21:42
lifelesswhat do you need from staging specifically?21:42
lifelessjml:  https://launchpad.net/~canonical-launchpad-emeritus/+members#active21:42
jmllifeless: we want to test the whole chain of buying software through the USC. That has to involve Ubuntu Pay.21:42
lifelessjml: go on21:42
jmllifeless: there's a well-established way of testing against staging LP21:43
jmllifeless: testing against qastaging is not so well-established, will probably require some kind of change to Ubuntu Pay, and no one with access will be around to do so.21:43
lifelessstaging runs the next schema, oop, gotta run cynythia waking up21:43
jmllifeless: although on those last points, achuni could speak better.21:44
achunilifeless: yep, basically sca's staging instance is configured to talk to LP staging21:44
achuniso testing against staging LP is something we do every rollout of our own21:44
achunilifeless: testing against qastaging would need config changes in sca staging, which would mean I wouldn't be as sure if something goes wrong about if it was the LP change that broke things, or a bad config update21:45
* jml tries ec2 land.21:47
jmlyou know what21:55
jml'ec2 land' from 3g is pretty unreliable.21:55
lifelessachuni: you should make those changes when you can22:12
lifelessachuni: LP qastaging is the best place to test interop22:12
achunilifeless: ack22:13
jmllifeless: I can't ec2 land from this network22:13
jmllifeless: would appreciate you landing22:14
lifelessmy landing story is horked just now22:14
jmlachuni: may I kill that instance now?22:14
lifelessI will arrange a volunteer22:14
jmllifeless: ah ok.22:14
jmllifeless: thanks.22:14
achunijml: sure, thanks!22:14
* lifeless calls for a volunteer to ec2land jml's https://code.launchpad.net/~jml/launchpad/drop-special-commercial-permissions/+merge/104270 branch22:14
jmlg'night all!22:14
* wgrant lands it22:20
wgrantNight jml22:20
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
lifelesswgrant: thanks22:48
SpamapSHi! I want to make https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-ubuntu-testing/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/trunk the branch for lp:charms/rabbitmq-server .. I also don't want this to be stacked on any other branches anymore...23:01
SpamapSis there an easy way to override the stacking somehow?23:02
StevenKwgrant: I think status uses the name, IE ' status FIXCOMMITED', but I can't see any tests.23:02
lifelessSpamapS: bzr reconfigure can do it23:04
lifelessSpamapS: but why do you care ?23:05
SpamapSI've been warned against messing w/ stacking in the past23:05
SpamapSlifeless: its stacked on oneiric.. which will some day go away23:05
lifelesswell, you'll have a system issue at that point23:05
lifelessI wouldn't spend time special casing charms now23:05
SpamapSThe issue was caused by the branch-distro disconnect between trunk<->seriesname23:06
StevenKwgrant: Ah, yes. The docs say ' status fixreleased'23:06
SpamapSthere was already a rabbitmq-server charm in precise.. but it was called 'trunk', so the branch-distro script missed it, and brought forward a really old and busted one23:06
lifelessI though branch-distro followed the metadata23:07
lifelessnot the name23:07
SpamapSIt does a duplicate check using the name23:07
lifelessstacking doesn't affect the output of 'bzr branch'23:08
lifelesssetting the series branch is important though, havge you managed to do that yet ?23:08
SpamapSAlright. There was also an instance where we wanted to delete the stacked-upon branch23:09
lifelessreconfigure again23:09
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/965852/23:57
wgrantStevenK: That looks a bit more sensible, indeed.23:59

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