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shapehello  I've run a command apport-collect and where the window pops up to "report a problem to the developers" it freezes00:04
lifelessshape: #ubuntu may be able to help you with that00:06
shapelifeless, I just asked there too :)00:08
shapelifeless: It seems like it worked "as in, it uploaded the log. Thanks00:11
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CoreyHow do I delete a package from launchpad?  I don't see any way to submit a "deletion request"01:58
StevenKIn your own PPA or the primary archive?01:59
CoreyStevenK: My own PPA.01:59
StevenKCorey: There's a Delete Packages link off +packages01:59
Corey(Pushed a package that was busted, it has no reason to be there anymore and it has the potential to blow things up)02:00
maxbThe "Delete packages" link is on the page after "View package details", somewhat counter-intuitively02:00
CoreyWeird, no delete link in the repo I care about, but there is in my personal PPA.  If I recreate the URL structure it works.02:01
EvilResistanceCorey:  not sure you can request a deletion in a PPA...02:02
EvilResistancenot unless you're in a group with upload permissions to it02:02
CoreyEvilResistance: It worked.02:05
CoreySo there's either an issue of "I can delete things I can't" or "there's a UI bug"02:06
wgrantWhich URL doesn't have the link, but you think it should?02:07
Coreyhttps://launchpad.net/~saltstack/+archive/salt/+packages only shows me a copy packages option, yet https://launchpad.net/~saltstack/+archive/salt/+delete-packages works for me to remove packages.02:07
CoreyVery odd.02:08
wgrantCorey: Someone deleted and then tried to undelete that PPA02:13
wgrantThat's why the link is missing.02:13
bigjoolsI love it that people completely ignore warnings in the UI02:14
CoreyThat's not good. :-)02:18
Corey<-- not it02:18
ScottKZombie undead PPAs are after you.02:22
CoreySo it would seem.02:30
mwhudson>>> l.project_groups.search(text='lava')[0].all_milestones[0]03:12
mwhudson<has_bugs at https://api.staging.launchpad.net/1.0/lava/+milestone/backlog>03:12
mwhudsonwhy is that a has_bugs object, not a milestone?03:13
wgrantBug 95136503:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 951365 in Launchpad itself "Accessing milestone on project group via webservice api returns has_bugs object" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95136503:13
mwhudsonwgrant: any idea how to fix this?03:14
wgrantmwhudson: Try lp.load()ing the URL03:14
wgrantMight work03:14
wgrantMight not03:14
mwhudsonwgrant: i meant in launchpad03:16
mwhudson(that doesn't work, btw)03:16
wgrantrm lazr.restful is easiest03:16
wgrantI don't know the details of this particular issue.03:17
mwhudsoni was thinking more an afternoon hack than a lifetime hack03:17
mwhudsonwill poke around a bit03:17
bullgard4https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/993038 I wonder what does mean needs-bisect»« in "** Tags added: needs-bisect regression-release".04:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 993038 in LibreOffice Productivity Suite "[Upstream] Ubuntu 12.04: Embedded HSQLDB is read-only (regression)" [Medium,New]04:20
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dupondjethedac: those yade builds are eating all power again :p11:45
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hexmodebug links on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gwibber/+bug/825447 and the like aren't working14:07
ubot5Error: Bug #825447 is a duplicate of bug #820921, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/820921)14:07
hexmodenote that I mean the link on "bug #820921" is broken14:09
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 820921 could not be found14:09
hexmodeok, just to be clear, links like "https://bugs.launchpad.net/825447" don't work14:10
ubot5Error: Bug #825447 is a duplicate of bug #820921, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/820921)14:10
hexmodenor do links like https://launchpad.net/bugs/82092114:10
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 820921 not found14:10
hexmodewhich ubot5 just  gave not  3 minutes ago14:11
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angelochy guys, I'm writing an ubuntu accomplishment that should test if a person had personally verified an SRU bug to earn the tester trophy, any idea?16:27
czajkowskiangeloc: there is an Ubuntu-accomplishement channel16:31
angelocczajkowski: sorry for not being more explicit, i have to use launchpad api via python to find for what i'm looking for16:33
angelocczajkowski: but i have not found a way to check if a person had personally verified an SRU bug via launchpad api16:33
czajkowskiangeloc: perhaps in launchpad-dev might be able to help16:37
dobeyangeloc: there is no way to get the tag edits for a particular user for all time, afaik16:38
angelocdobey: ok, so I can only know if a bug filed by a person was verified but not who verified it, right?16:39
dobeyangeloc: yes, but it's a bit more complex than that.16:41
dobeyangeloc: "tags" is data on the bug object, not the bug_task object. and it's just a string of comma-separated values16:42
angelocdobey: complexity don't fear me, the only constraint it should be efficient and should download the least datas16:43
dobeyangeloc: so if a bug was filed against something, and later marked as also affecting something else, and fixed in the other thing, but not the original, the tag may still be there, though it's not really related to the original bug16:43
dobeyangeloc: which means, in its current state, that even if you could check it easily, you might still get it wrong :)16:44
angelocdobey: ok, i haven't to corner all possible cases, the accomplishment should check if a user had verified at least one bug to earn the tester trophy16:45
dobeyangeloc: right, and i don't see any good way to do that16:45
dobeyangeloc: who edited the tags list, is not part of the API that I can see16:46
angelocdobey: ok, so in the last resort, i can check only if a bug filed by a person has the tag verification-done, it's a little bit different from what I originally thought16:48
angelocdobey: i can change the accomplishment from tester to "Filed an SRU verified bug"16:49
dobeyangeloc: right, though the tag may also go away, or get changed back to verification-needed, for various reasons16:49
angelocdobey: well okay, i have to check if the user has at least one bug, anytime soon it will have an SRU verified bug!16:50
angelocdobey: if not, he should contribute more!16:50
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dobeyhrmm, why do my builds in ppa:ubuntuone/beta have a significantly longer wait to build than those in ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies exactly?20:23
dupondjeHey! Somebody that could look @ the ppa builders21:06
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dupondjepeople doing daily builds of packages that take 18h+ to build21:06
dupondjeshould be allowed imo21:06
dobeyi don't understand your statement21:07
dupondjewell, it seems like some people (see https://launchpad.net/~yade-pkg/+archive/stable/+build/3458800) are uploading packages to their ppa daily21:08
dupondjenot to bad, if the packages wouldn't take more then 18h to build ...21:08
dobeyi think it's stuck21:09
dobeyi mean, i don't think libreoffice even takes that long to build21:12
dupondjeits not libreoffice :)21:12
dupondjesee https://launchpad.net/~yade-pkg/+archive/stable/+build/3458800 for example21:12
dupondjestarted 18h ago21:13
dobeyyes i know it's not libreoffice21:13
dobeyhttps://launchpad.net/~yade-pkg/+archive/stable/+build/3458813 says it was successful and took 8 hours, 50 minutes21:14
dobeyand the i386 build on natty took less than 4 hours21:15
dupondje4h is still quite alot but ok :)21:16
dobeylikewise on oneiric and precise21:16
dobeywell, there are a lot more than 1 builder21:16
dobeyso it's obviously stuck21:17
dobeyand has been for a very long time21:17
dupondjeits not stuck really21:17
dobeybut i don't have the "kill this build" button21:17
dupondjerefresh in 30 minutes :)21:17
dupondjeyou'll see it went to the next file ...21:17
dobeyok, so it's really slow21:27
dobeyand it's c++. they must use templates21:28
mwhudsoni presume you're not talking about armel :)21:30
dobeyno, these specific builds are on amd6421:32
bobweaverhello I am wondering how I use dput I have made the whole package .deb .dsc .change ect how do I know push it to ppa ?21:44
mwhudsonbobweaver: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading should cover this21:47
mwhudsonyou can't upload debs though21:47
bobweaverok it still will not let me upload I will try again21:56
maxbThere are no lpia PPA builders any more?22:36
maxbAnd this is recent?22:36
wgrantmaxb: gold has been playing i386 for the last 24 hours because of the backlog. If you have an lpia build I can move it back.22:40
wgrantAlso, I might try to contact these yade people and ask them to scale back...22:42
wgrantthose builds are looooong22:42
maxbWell, it only really matters for hardy22:44
maxbSo not hugely22:44
wgrantThat's why I decided lpia probably didn't need the builder :)22:44
maxbBut it means I can't promote a complete all-architectures build from my staging ppa to my release ppa22:45
maxbI suppose I could investigate playing with the Architectures field and see if LP can be asked not to build the package on lpia at all22:46
wgrantmaxb: gold is lpia again, but it's busy building private stuff so it could be a while22:46
wgrantIt can't :(22:46
maxbOr, I suppose I could just copy the package anyway, which will create a second needsbuild lpia build, and make the package uninstallable on lpia .... but it's only lpia22:47
maxbHm, yes, the amd64 queue is a little extreme, isn't it22:49
wgrantquantal has that effect on things22:52
wgrantand yade doesn't help22:52
Adri2000I changed my default email address in LP23:10
Adri2000removed the old one23:10
Adri2000how should I login now?23:10
Adri2000looks like it still wants my old address for login, which seems weird23:10
StevenKLogin is done using SSO, which is a seperate system23:11
wgrantYou can manage your login email addresses at login.ubuntu.com23:13
Adri2000right, https://login.launchpad.net/+emails is probably what I was looking for then23:13
Adri2000thanks :)23:13
wgrantOr there23:13

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