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physically_fitwhy is this channel up? i thought you closed this channel after the official release.04:17
ajmitchquantal is open for development04:19
physically_fitwhat a weird name04:20
ajmitchthey're all weird names :)04:21
physically_fitajmitch, have you seen Drive, the movie? is it too violent? or sexist?04:21
ajmitchno I haven't04:21
bazhangphysically_fit, thats not on topic here...04:24
physically_fitbazhang, i thought everybody was sleeping so i relaxed a bit04:24
bazhangphysically_fit, thats not the way it works. there is a chat channel : #ubuntu-offtopic04:25
physically_fitno one has replied to me there04:25
bazhangphysically_fit, so be patient. that does not make this the random chat channel04:26
physically_fitrandom rhinoceros04:27
physically_fitafter qantal quetzal04:27
physically_fitis that a good name?04:27
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat physically_fit04:28
snadgeis memtest86 option supposed to be on the livecd?06:11
snadgeor has that been removed for 12.04.. im not sure, i used LiLi from windows to create the usb boot image06:11
snadgeso im wondering if thats why06:11
Fyodorovnasnadge, 12.04 is on #ubuntu now are you tapping the shift at power on to get the early gui the memtetst should be there06:24
snadgethis is from the live usb06:25
snadgewritten with lili06:26
snadgeyou have 3 options.. try ubuntu.. install ubuntu.. and check cd for defects06:26
snadgei might be tripping .. but i recall earlier versions of ubuntu giving you the option to run memtest from the installation media06:26
Fyodorovnasnadge, we have to have gthis conversation on #ubuntu06:26
snadgewell lets pretend its the next version ;)06:27
snadgeis there a next version yet? i'll install that and use it instead.. just to avoid having to go in #ubuntu06:27
vega-how about reading the channel topic ...06:28
snadgeok i guess "will be" gives a clue towards that answer06:28
snadgeno need to be snarky about it06:29
vega-most likely it is not installable yet06:29
snadgeyeah i can see quantal06:30
snadgeits tempting06:31
snadgeperhaps the topic should say "is" instead of "will be"06:32
snadgenot that anyone reads topics.. unless they06:33
snadgeoops.. have just joined the channel06:33
AlanBellsnadge: well it isn't 12.10 yet, it is Quantal Quetzal06:33
AlanBellit will be 12.10 when it is released06:34
AlanBellI wonder if wayland will be close to useable for Quantal06:34
snadgeprobably not06:35
snadgetoo new.. something like Xorg doesn't get replaced terribly easily06:36
snadgeits taken years to get where it is06:36
AlanBellI am sure xorg will still be there by default06:36
snadgeif wayland has good X11 compatibility06:36
AlanBellweston kinda works right now06:36
snadgethen it might be useable06:36
AlanBelljust need the gtk build to have the wayland backend flag turned on06:37
snadgeremote desktop is also kind of important for me06:37
snadgeso it needs something like nx, at the very least.. vnc06:37
AlanBellsure, but if it just runs GTK applications that would be interesting06:37
AlanBelland unity06:37
AlanBellI am running the GTK compiled from the PPA with the wayland backend turned on, but I can't get applications to run in weston right now06:40
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snadgei might install quantal in a vm10:44
ior3kanyone else having problems with some settings not being activated? (font size, icon theme)11:00
bmoezhi, if i want ot post some ideas (only some opinions) about what do i think ubuntu 12.10 should have, where to post?12:17
ryebmoez: i suppose here - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/12:22
bmoezrye: thanks :)12:25
BluesKajhiyas all , so what's happening ?12:41
SidewinderMornin' BluesKaj12:42
BluesKajhey Sidewinder12:42
BluesKajthink I'm going to install a separate hdd for 12.10 testing ..my other test machine's mobo "konqed out" and I don't feel like spending any more on single core 6 yrold pc12:46
bobweaverhello what is the kernel for quantal ? also I am not gettiing hits on updates for some of the repos all the extra ones both i386 and amd84 are pulling error any one else seeing the same thing  ?12:48
bobweaveramd84 :D    amd64 *12:49
BluesKajbobweaver, is 12.10 packaged?12:49
bobweaverI just changes the sources list like in debian12:50
bobweaverwith sed12:50
bobweaverI will post sources.list12:50
bobweaverdo I need too do mpre then change the sources list and the sources.list.d/ dir ?12:52
bobweaverseemes like it is upgradeing all right12:53
bobweaverIt says that it is going to take 37 min for all the packages to download12:53
ikoniabobweaver: I wouldn't suggest you do that12:57
BluesKajbobweaver,  sudo sed -i 's/precise/quantal/' /etc/apt/sources.list ?12:58
bobweaverikonia,  why is that ?12:58
ikoniabobweaver: well, what are you trying to do ?12:58
bobweaverupgrade to 12.1012:58
ikoniayou're just going to create a problem on your machine12:58
ikoniabobweaver: why ?12:58
ikoniabobweaver: 12.10 doesn't exist yet12:58
bobweaverbecause I like to break my systems12:58
ikoniayou don't as you cry and complain constantly that it doesn't work12:59
bobweaverwhy is there packages for it if it is not there12:59
bobweaverikonia,  is a future tiller12:59
ikoniabobweaver: use the packages, good luck12:59
ikoniayou seem to expect it to work, and get some sort of benifit from running it12:59
ikoniabobweaver: but please don't moan when it doesn't work12:59
bobweaverikonia,  in llooking into crystal ball12:59
ikoniadon't be silly12:59
ikoniait's a very early stage of development, you can't expect it to be usable12:59
BluesKajikonia, the repos don't have any 12.10 packages yet , correct?13:00
bobweaverall I want to do is fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -F    all day long13:01
ikoniaBluesKaj: I think it's pretty much 12.04 with a few development packages13:01
ikoniaBluesKaj: not sure how much has been upgraded from 12.04 yet, but it won't be much13:01
bobweaverI thought that motu has been pushing packages for a week or so now I COULD be Wrong on that13:02
BluesKajikonia, ok ,  figured that's the case13:02
ikoniaBluesKaj: I think the odd thing has been updated, but the updates are normally "trying stuff out" updates13:02
ikonia(at this stage)13:02
bobweaverlots of cool mono upgrades I see which I like13:03
bobweaverno linux-image update thou13:03
ikoniabobweaver: I'd sit back and wait for it to actually get some content on it13:04
bobweavernope I want a dependency war :)13:05
BluesKajI need some advice on installing a separate hdd for testing 12.10 ..never tried it before , and I'm concerned about how grub handles 2 hdds with differnt OSs13:05
ikoniaok, but then please don't complain about it13:05
ikoniaBluesKaj: grub2 and dual booting, very very very annoying13:05
bobweaveropen gparted and get too13:05
ikoniaBluesKaj: since the config files where located in /etc it's made it a pretty poor option for dual booting13:05
bobweaverBluesKaj,  qume vbox vmware ?13:06
bobweaverqemu *13:06
ikoniaBluesKaj: the possability of things such as shared /boot and menu.lst is now gone so the updates process is just useless for dual booting linux13:06
bobweaverikonia,  this is my test computer So if you see me asking questions about Hey this is not wotking I might be on a different computer ...13:07
BluesKajgawd , do I have to change the boot sequnce each time then ?13:07
BluesKajbobweaver, I'm not a VMware , or VB fan ...a bit of a purist , prefer the real thing13:09
bobweaverBluesKaj,  why not have a testing machine or a different partition for the whole "kit-and-kablodal "13:10
bobweaverthat why you can always fall back but I sure do like taking snapshots for testing in vbox and other virtual envo's13:10
JanCyou can put grub on both devices, and use your BIOS to select which you want to boot from13:10
JanCor make static links to the other grub13:11
JanCby "links" I mean menu items to boot through to the other one13:11
BluesKajbobweaver, well I planned on using a different drive (not a prtition) for testing , since i have one available from my other pc which lost it's mobo13:12
ikoniaBluesKaj: jans suggestion of using grub on each drive isolated and then using the bios to select is probablty the most realistic approach13:12
JanCBluesKaj: alternatively, you can use a disk tray that allows to switch disks easily13:13
JanCof course that's not possible in every case13:14
BluesKajJanC, ikonia , I was hoping not to have to change the boot sequence each time I wanted to use one hdd or the other ....and grub is difficult to configure to dual boot 2 hdds ?13:15
ikoniaBluesKaj: it's just not practical to use grub2 to dual boot 2 linux distros any more13:15
BluesKajJanC, a disk tray , the I'd have to spend money ...if that's the case then I may as well buy another mobo for mu old pc and use it instaed13:16
JanCwell, actually, it's not *that* difficult to do, but requires some knowledge about grub2 configuration internals13:17
ikoniaJanC: educate me, how do you deal with the configuration files being stored in /etc on one distro, how does the second distro update that ?13:17
JanCwell, there are 2 options, the easiest is to just add a grub item that boots the second grub install13:19
ikoniaJanC: yes, that's "sloppy" but a straight forward approach13:19
JanCthe more difficult one would involve some scripting, I suppose13:19
bobweaverwhy thou13:19
bobweaverwhat is the point in all that13:19
BluesKajyeah , i would like to find some info or a tutorial to help me dual boot with grub, I used  to dual boot windows7 and kubuntu on grub2 a while back , but that was just a mayyer of partitioning and grub recognizing W7 and linking it to the windows mbr13:20
ikoniaJanC: the only way I can see doing it would be to have a grub "event" that can manipulate the file on the other disk, but that's way too complex13:20
ikoniaBluesKaj: you can do windows/linux no problem13:20
ikoniaBluesKaj: it's just linux/linux that's poor13:20
BluesKajikonia, now that's gotta be a major oversight by the grub devs13:21
JanCanother option is to install the grubs that are updated by the OS in the partition boot record, and have grub (or another bootloader) in the MBR of the boot disk13:21
bobweavergo complian to gnu and see what thy say :D13:21
JanCit's actually not grub2 that can't do this, it's the configuration scripts that most distros use13:22
ikoniaJanC: sloppy, but simple13:22
BluesKajJanC, I like the idea of the 2 grubs linking , whether it's considered "dirty" or not is immaterial , as long as it works :)13:22
bobweaverthat is like telling a "know-it-all" python dev too learn lisp  lol13:22
ikoniabobweaver: got anything of value to add or just stupid comments ?13:23
bobweaverjust stupid things as you put them13:23
ikoniabobweaver: then please don't13:23
ikoniaBluesKaj: it's probably your best bet beyond the bios option13:23
bobweaverikonia,  Ill do what I want therer is the ignore option that I am sure you know off13:24
bobweaverof *13:24
ikoniabobweaver: sorry, no, you won't. It's a 12.10 discussion channel, not make random pointless comments to break up a discussion channel13:24
ikoniapeople where discussing something about 12.10 and how to manage booting it, you adding pointless silly comments doesn't help - and just breaks it up, so please stop13:25
JanCwait, doesn't grub2 have a default config script that adds links to other linux installs?13:25
BluesKajJanC, ikonia , what about a boot disk , where i can make the choice from , is that possible ?13:25
ikoniaBluesKaj: you'd still need to load secondary grubs for each install13:25
JanCeverything is possible  ;)13:26
ikoniaBluesKaj: the config would be in /etc/ on "A" distro, so the other distro wouldn't be able to update it for the boot disk13:26
BluesKajok , time to do some research on grub and 2 drives13:27
JanCit seems like 30_os_prober searches for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Hurd installs13:29
JanCjust make sure the second install puts its grub on the right disk13:30
ikoniaJanC: and it always fails as it can't see /etc on the second disk on the second install13:31
JanCor maybe not install grub13:31
JanCikonia: ah, maybe13:31
JanCikonia: well, it could see that  ;)13:31
JanCand it doesn't really need those files in /etc, as the result is already stored in /boot/grub/grub.cfg13:36
ikoniaJanC: yes, but on update those files get rebuilt13:38
JanCikonia: that's exactly what you want actually13:38
ikoniaJanC: it is, I agree, however not when you're on the distro that isn't "controlling" grub13:39
JanCthe grub on the second disk would never be used, but part of its config file would13:40
ikoniabut it doesn't13:40
ikoniaas grub won't see the second disks info13:40
ikoniatry it13:40
ikoniaI know what you are suggesting "should" work13:40
JanCwhat I mean is that it would be easy to add a config script to the first disk that cuts the interesting parts (the menu items) out of the /boot/grub/grub.cfg of the second disk13:41
JanCa custom grub config script13:42
ikoniaJanC: ahh, so you're suggesting hook into the pre-generated config file13:42
JanCjust add a shell script /etc/grub.d/11_add_second_ubuntu on the first disk that cuts the menu items out of /boot/grub/grub.cfg on disk 2 and writes them to stdout13:45
JanC(and maybe some other things from the grub.cfg too, I didn't check what exactly would be needed)13:45
JanCand it doesn't actually have to be a shell script even, AFAIK13:49
JanCalthough I never tried using python or such  :P13:49
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek is happening right now in #ubuntu-classroom13:51
bobweaverthansk dholbach  looking at lisk now I am sure there is cool stuff thanks again I forgot about this I caught some of the juju and marks talk13:55
dholbachthere always is13:55
dholbachand the good thing is: we keep the logs :)13:55
bobweaveryeah lol I made them tables on that page :P13:55
eagles0513875_hey guys13:56
eagles0513875_i thought this channel was closed after release13:56
eagles0513875_hey ikonia are you in kubuntu im at a loss in regards to an issue i have run across in 12.0413:56
bobweaverdholbach,  also thanks so much for the youtube videos on packaging if you are who I think you are :)13:56
dholbachbobweaver, I did them ages ago - maybe this cycle I'll get some time to redo them :)13:57
dholbachthanks :)13:57
bobweaverI will shave my head13:57
dholbacheagles0513875_, well, there's a new ubuntu+1 again13:57
eagles0513875_hehe have the repos been opened for the next release?13:57
dholbachyes, some days ago already13:57
eagles0513875_dholbach: :D interesting i though though that it usually occured after UDS13:58
dholbachno no, everybody's been busy opening it already :)13:59
dholbachUbuntu Development session (at Ubuntu Open Week) starting in 1 minute in #ubuntu-classroom13:59
* dholbach better gets ready13:59
eagles0513875_dholbach: you giving the lecture13:59
eagles0513875_:) looking forward to it :)13:59
eagles0513875_dholbach: i sent you msg with question as i cannot send to channel14:06
JanCeagles0513875_: you can ask questions in  #ubuntu-classroom-chat14:08
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Captain_ProtonI am trying to install 12.04 on a ASUS desktop with a EFI bois I can get it to boot but when I try to install it there is no hardrive. I tried both IDE and SATA settings.17:23
Captain_Protonwould 12.10 alpha have better efi support17:23
htorqueCaptain_Proton: hi! what board is it?17:33
htorquei'm on a P8Z68-V which works just fine17:34
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Captain_Protonhtorque, sorry one sec18:25
Captain_Protonthe mobo is asus N1321918:33
Captain_Protonhtorque, the mobo is asus N1321918:37
Captain_Protonhtorque, I just install a updated bois maybe that will help18:47
Captain_Protonhtorque, did you have to pass any kernel args?18:49
Captain_Protonsweet update the bios and pass nomodset worked :D18:53
bcuraboyhi guys.i would like to add info of the music i'm listening on guayadeque or on other player to my conky config..how can i do that?19:04
FyodorovnaSo Quantal Quetzal is a upgrade from precise right now I assume, is it a change the repos of software sources as of now? I have a couple of 12.04 images t waste.19:19
yofelhome sweet home, forgot to rejoin after the cleanup :)19:45
FyodorovnaSo Quantal Quetzal is a upgrade from precise right now I assume, is it a change the repos of software sources as of now? I have a couple of 12.04 images t waste.19:47
BluesKajFyodorovna, it's not in the repos yet19:54
BluesKajnot here at least19:54
FyodorovnaBluesKaj, ah so is it available in some manner?19:55
BluesKajFyodorovna, not that I know of19:55
BluesKajthe guys here opened the chat a day early , I think19:56
FyodorovnaBluesKaj, seems early I seem to have see people running it but no big hurry just curious, thankx.19:56
bobweaverI am running 12.1019:57
BluesKajgot a mirror ?19:57
bobweaverno but I could make remastersys or something like that19:57
bobweaverI just did it for packaging purposes althou I am not v.good at that19:58
BluesKajbobweaver, you did the old sources.list trick , substituting precise with quantal , correcy20:00
BluesKajcorrect , rather ?20:00
bobweaverbut i did the sources list do-dad20:01
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BluesKajbobweaver, not real keen on VB , but will test drive run it ?20:09
BluesKajrun in it , rather20:09
bobweavernot sure if there is daily shots of it yet thou for testdrive Oo20:12
bobweaver12.10 ^^20:12
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FernandoMiguelfyi 1st major bug20:31
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Fyodorovnabobweaver, so how did you acquire 12.10?21:02
Fyodorovnabobweaver, ah I see you modified the source list I thought that was the only method as of now.21:07
fernandomiguel2cant boot21:54
fernandomiguel2stops after NETBIOS21:54
fernandomiguel2i've reverted all network related packages21:54
fernandomiguel2and still no boot :\21:54
mongoFyodorovna: what does the netbios upstart script invoke?22:18
Fyodorovnamongo, not sure.22:20
mongoyou see this when you hit esc in plymouth?22:21
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