dholbachgood morning06:45
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cliveHi, does anyone know what the average sort of turn around time is for a submitted app that's currently listed as "review in progress"? ... I'd just like a vague idea07:59
dpmclive, it depends on the type and complexity of the app. Commercial apps are processed quite quickly (as in hours, days), but non-commercial open source ones might take sometimes some time. If your app has been in review for a while, feel free to give the app review board a heads up by sending an e-mail to ubuntu-app-devel@lists(DOT)ubuntu(DOT)com or a tweet to @ubuntuappdev09:13
cliveThanks dpm, it's a commercial app - been marked as "review in progress" for about a week now, so I was just wondering09:14
dpmclive, which app is it?09:14
clivehmm, I don't particularly want to say in an open channel until we announce it's going live09:15
dpmclive, no worries, we can do it in a private message if you want09:15
dpmhi clive, you might want to talk to zoopster regarding your commercial app13:01
DebolazWI'm implementing some custom behavior in an indicator, that I want to make configurable. How should configuration for it be handled, gconf?14:01
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aquariusDebolazW, I'm not sure, I'm afraid. Can you say what the custom behaviour is?16:03
aquariusGSettings (the new gconf; accessed with dconf-editor) is a reasonable place (in my opinion) to put configuration (but not store information) which the user can fiddle with without your indicator having to do it16:04
soaringskydoes the myapp.developer.ubuntu.com process get a package into universe or extras?19:06
zoopstersoaringsky: if it is a open source app, yes the myapps process would submit to the ARB which would get it into extras19:07
soaringskyzoopster: thx19:08
zoopstersure thing19:08
soaringskyzoopster: theoretically, how would an ubuntu specific package get into universe?19:09
soaringskyand what is the difference between extras and universe?19:09
zoopsterwell...I guess soaringsky was impatient19:31
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