dholbachgood morning06:45
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ajmitcha belated good morning, dholbach08:00
dholbachhey ajmitch08:47
* cielak is away: Busy/Away12:46
wendarOpenSinhalease won't compile on Precise :(17:34
wendarlooks like GTK 2->3 problems17:34
* cielak is back (gone 05:05:25)17:52
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ajmitchwendar: what's the build failure?20:26
ajmitchgtk+ 2 apps should still build on precise20:26
wendarIt gives a pile of Pango and GTK Warnings, and then coredumps20:28
wendarlast is: /home/allison/src/arb/opensinhalease/pristine/opensinhalease-12.04.1/opensinhalease_lib/Window.py:77: GtkWarning: IA__gtk_icon_theme_load_icon: assertion `GTK_IS_ICON_THEME (icon_theme)' failed20:28
wendar  LaunchpadIntegration.add_items(self.ui.helpMenu, 1, True, True)20:28
ajmitchit's not loading both gtk 2 & 3 into the same process?20:29
wendarI don't know, haven't looked into it20:29
ajmitchthose sort of problems are a bit tricky :)20:29
wendarI sent an email to the quickly-talk mailing list with the full build log20:30
wendarwe'll see if they have any better ideas20:30
wendar(and also let the developer know that their submission was hung up on building on precise)20:31
wendarthey gave it a version number of 12.04.1, but forgot to update the target20:31
wendarso, it was still building on oneiric in their PPA (and working fine)20:31
ajmitchI think we may have a slight double-up of sessions on the schedule at UDS, maybe one of them we can sit down & try & work on the queue20:31
wendaras in, too many sessions scheduled?20:32
wendaryeah, it looked like the packaging-requirements session could be merged into one of the others20:32
wendarwe surely can't need 4 sessions :)20:32
ajmitchyeah :)20:32
ajmitchcurrently they'll all be on the schedule20:33
wendarand, there was another session scheduled for reviewing MyApps bugs20:33
ajmitchbusy week20:33
wendarif we can get it down to 3 sessions, and use our session mostly for queue work, we should be good20:33
ajmitchhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/track/community/ is probably the best list to work from20:33
ajmitchof course the one I submitted is in the last timeslot on friday20:34
wendardid dpm have any way to move it earlier in the week?20:35
wendarthings do fill up fast20:36
ajmitchnot sure, mhall119 might do though20:36
wendarof course, we could always do some queue work in the hallway one afternoon20:36
wendarand leave the friday session for recruiting20:36
ajmitchI doubt we'll all be booked solid for the week20:37
* ajmitch just needs to find a way to get some free space on his laptop20:37
wendaralways tricky20:37
wendarI just added a bunch more detail to the Quickly tips20:38
wendarListing out the changes we make20:38
ajmitchapps built on precise shouldn't need the dh_python2 conversion now20:39
ajmitchthat is a very useful list though20:41
mhall119wendar: I can move a session to anytime you want21:30
malinmhall119: How can I apply for a job in canonical? I am studiying informatics21:33
wendarmhall119: early in the week would be nice, if we can swing it21:33
wendarI know the early part of the week tends to be crowded, but that leaves us space to add on any extras if we need them later21:33
mhall119malin: our job openings are posted at http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/careers21:33
mhall119find one that you think you're a fit for and submit an application21:34
mhall119wendar: what's the session?21:34
wendarmhall119: community-q-app-review-board21:35
wendarcurrently in the last slot on Friday21:35
mhall119wendar: moved it to Tuesday at noon21:36
wendarmhall119: awesome, thanks!21:37
malinmhall119: thanx :)21:37
ajmitchmhall119: thanks21:38
ajmitchthat just added a conflict for me on the lxc demo & q&a session21:39
ajmitchso it'll conflict for stgraber as well, I expect21:40
* ajmitch can't imagine that scheduling something like UDS is ever much fun :)21:40
wendarajmitch, mhall119: ah, I guess we'll have to move it again21:54
mhall119ajmitch: never fun, no22:43
mhall119ajmitch: you're not marked at required for the lxc session, that's why22:46
mhall119and stgraber isn't for the ARB session22:47
ajmitchah right22:48
mhall119ajmitch: I moved it to 9am instead, does that work better?22:48
* ajmitch probably isn't required for the LXC session, but we'd like stgraber at the ARB if possible :)22:48
mhall119if people are marked at required to attend, the scheduler warns us about conflicts22:48
ajmitchI'll keep that in mind, thanks :)22:49
ajmitchlooks like 9AM fits well22:50
malinajmitch: could you tell me exactly what I need to change in this lens to get it into software center? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/782/23:41

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