thelegace_hi could someone tell me why im getting this error Hash sum mismath for gettext07:41
twbProbably because the hash sums don't match07:43
twbif this is during an apt-get run, that's usually because the mirror is broken or an http proxy is caching strangely, or even just because the connection was lost halfway through07:44
scientesyeah whenever you get that error, just run "apt-get update" again07:47
scientesand as long as you only have ubuntu sources, that works 100% of the time in my experience07:48
scientesoh wait, hash sum,07:48
scientesthen you have to sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archive/<PACKAGE>07:48
scienteswhich is hella annoying07:48
scientessometimes it works itsself out, but not always07:48
thelegace_ya scientes its not fixing the problem07:50
thelegace_could it be just be a mirror problem07:52
thelegace_oh ok07:52
thelegace_that fixed it07:52
thelegace_deleting it from the pool directory07:53
scientesyeah you have to do that some times08:00
scientesquite annoying08:00
scientesI have apt-cacher-ng too08:00
scientesand i've had to log into the acng server and delete it there as well08:01
xnoxI thought Raspberry Pi is not supported by current ubuntu arm[el?] port08:20
ogra_EEEK !08:20
* ogra_ sighs deeeeeeeeply08:20
* xnox maybe I should not comment on that blueprint....08:20
twbThat blueprint boils down to "now that we have migrated to armv7 so everyone is happy, Pi comes out and we can sell to it so we should go back to armv5" ?08:21
ogra_twb, yeah, and there is also that openmoko platform ... and they all want to run unity on it :P08:22
twbIMO the answer is "no tough shit, you should have thought of that 18mo ago"08:22
twb"Why do you think it's $25 instead of $100?  Because it's an obsolete arch!"08:23
twbogra_: we should create a 286 emulator in minecraft and then propose to make the i386 packages all support it OOTB08:24
micahgtwb: you don't even have to go that far, i386 is i686 :)08:25
twbmicahg: all of it?  I thought it was a hodge-podge of i386 i586 and i68608:26
twbMaybe that's only in debian land08:26
twbAlso our emulated 286 would have no FPU or MMU08:26
micahgyeah, Debian's still targetting some 586 machines, I think we've been at 686 since at least maverick08:26
twbmicahg: Okey dokeyt08:26
micahgand now pae is gone :)08:27
micahgerr...non-pae :)08:27
twbmicahg: soekris net5501 doesn't support PAE -- that bit me when I tried to put lucid server kernel on it :-/08:27
twbFortunately I chucked that out because it couldn't handle our dirty power08:27
micahgI thought there was a non-pae lucid server kernel08:28
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twbUrgh, the I/O on this TF101 is not noticable -- except in apt09:02
twbIt takes like 30s just to read the sources lists out of /var and into memory09:03
twbPackage installs are hugely slow too, even with unsafe-io in dpkg.cfg09:03
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djszapiogra_: hey...09:09
* ppisati -> disappears for a bit09:25
thelegace_hi im trying to compile this library called gst-rtsp09:35
thelegace_when i run .configure it says configure: error: no gstreamer-1.0 >= 0.11.009:36
thelegace_but gstreamer is installed09:36
thelegace_nvm i was using to new version of the library09:38
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ppisatiogra_: "Ubuntu Configurations for Raspberry Pi and Other Emerging ARM Platforms"11:16
ppisatiogra_: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/2012-05-09/11:16
ppisatiogra_: :)11:17
ogra_well, we apparently have to face it at least once :/11:17
timholumrcn-ee: thanks ( Also sorry about the late responce, my boss came in and needed me to go with him to work on something13:53
lilstevie_"Being that the Raspberry Pi hardware platform has recently released, it's likely that many will install Ubuntu on this device." <- um what14:06
XorAlilstevie_: you can install ubuntu on it14:12
lilstevie_since when14:12
lilstevie_unless you are talking about karmic14:12
XorAubuntu arm wasnt always armv714:13
lilstevie_I know it wasn't14:13
lilstevie_wait, karmic was armv7 wasn't it14:13
ogra_nope, v614:14
ogra_jaunty was v514:14
rcn-eelucid, was the first armv7, it was armv6 karmic, armv5 jaunty..14:14
XorAit only take a motivated individual with too many server class machine free to do an armv5 rebuild, can call it oldbuntu or something :-)14:14
lilstevie_but anyway, hardly seems relevant for UDS to talk about jaunty or karmic on the rpi14:15
XorAas someone else said, its like the i386 of arm boards14:16
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XorAstill anoying that my one machine that is different is the Sheeva, but its debian so no too much different14:16
lilstevieI was considering the pi14:17
lilsteviebut I like my t2 desktop and t3 tablet too much to take a step backwards like that14:17
XorAmy only regret with RPI is I didnt buy one then list it on ebay without opening it14:18
XorAlilstevie: still waiting for 100% working Transformer :-D14:19
lilstevieXorA: heh14:19
lilstevieit is getting there :)14:19
lilsteviehow long did it take for the ac100?14:19
lilstevieto get to its state14:20
XorAno idea14:20
lilstevieworking on getting the prime up to a basic working state14:21
XorAI didnt see enough in prime to upgrade14:22
lilstevie^^ biggest reason to upgrade14:23
XorAfor android I mean14:23
XorAI could see me upgrading for fully working Ubuntu14:23
XorAbut normal transformer already plays videos at full speed and changes pages on pdfs/comics instantanrously14:23
lilstevieI thought that14:23
lilsteviethen I got a prime14:23
ahs3ogra_: hey.  finally got around to booting my cubox; it came with lucid pre-installed :)16:58
ogra_ahs3, yeah, i heard so16:59
ogra_we had someone here instaling precise on it from ubuntu-core16:59
ahs3oh, nice.  that was going to be my next step16:59
jonmasters_hey, who owns the audit userspace binaries?17:29
ogra_jonmasters_, well, ubuntu has no package owners like debian does ...17:33
ogra_auditd is in universe, your best bet is probably #ubuntu-motu17:33
jonmasters_well, it's broken and there's a kernel patch coming soon you'll need to pick up too. Just wanted to let you guys know :)17:34
infinityjonmasters_: Time to join MOTU and contribute? ;)17:36
infinityjonmasters_: I'll trade you an ubuntu.com for a fedora.org.17:36
jonmasters_infinity: MOTU is "Masters of the Universe", right? I'm already a Masters of the Universe ;)17:53
infinityjonmasters_: :P18:21
djszapiogra_: wow18:33
djszapiThe _FPU_EXTENDED, _FPU_GETCW and _FPU_SETCW macros are not available on ubuntu-arm18:33
djszapihefty; it causes the openal software break during the build.18:33
djszapihttp://paste.kde.org/468116/ -> ohh, so it is there, just not by the default include path...18:36
infinitydjszapi: /usr/include/<triplet>/ is on the default path.18:43
infinitydjszapi: If it wasn't, pretty much nothing in the archive would build. :P18:43
djszapi/usr/include/<triplet>/ is on the default path.18:43
ogra_janimo`, yo ho ho ... will you ne at UDS ?20:06
janimo`ogra_, nope, not this one20:07
ogra_have you seen my mail to the ac100 list ?20:07
janimo`regarding the armhf package build?20:07
ogra_we have hf drivers ... but apparently they need a 3.1 kernel20:07
janimo`I thought there was no 3.1 kernel from marvin24 yet20:07
janimo`or later for that matter20:08
janimo`just WIP20:08
ogra_i got them stable running now with marvins 3.120:08
janimo`ah ok20:08
ogra_but have issues booting the kernel :P20:08
infinityShame we never got a 3.2 kernel. :/20:08
janimo`how is it stable if the kernel does not boot :) ?20:08
ogra_i can only successfully boot if i add break=bottom ... and then kill the shell in the initrd20:08
ogra_something makes it hang otherwise ...20:09
ogra_there must be a bad race somewhere20:09
janimo`does it need 3.1 or >=3.1  ?20:09
ogra_(though just adding sleeps randomly to the scripts didnt help either)20:09
janimo`I thought a lot of tegra2 and ac100 bits were going into 3.320:09
ogra_i think it uses 3.1.1020:09
ogra_not sure how many will and if the binary driver works with it20:10
janimo`afaik we used the earlier L4T drivers with kernels newer than what nvidia suggested and had in the SDK20:12
ogra_well, sure, but someone will have to test that20:13
ogra_i dont think there is any usable 3.3 tegra tree anywhere yet20:13
ogra_and i'm soure there will still be enough to add20:13
infinityIf a lot of tegra stuff has been upstreamed in 3.3, perhaps 3.4 can be made to work? :P20:14
infinityAnd we could actually match the distro kernel...20:14
ogra_i think there are bits upstream wont accept easily20:14
ogra_similar to omap420:15
infinityWell, sure, we can still carry a patchset.20:15
infinityMost of omap4 is upstream by now, AFAIK.20:15
ogra_thats what i mean ... it wont be for free like omap320:15
ogra_and for omap4 the DSS code wont go upstream20:15
ogra_so if you want full display support you still need a patchset20:15
marvin24_DTwell, you can try my for-next branch if you want to be at the bleeding edge20:17
marvin24_DTit has just 6 patches to enable kms driver20:17
marvin24_DTbut I guess it's not much fun20:17
ogra_thats what version ? 3.3 ? 3.4 ? chromeos 3.something ?20:17
marvin24_DTbut no suspend20:19
marvin24_DTand only basic powersave20:19
ogra_what else is broken ?20:19
ogra_bah, even worse20:19
marvin24_DTjust "missing"20:19
ogra_well, suspend, powersave ...20:19
ogra_does sound work ?20:19
ogra_display ... touchpad ... wlan20:19
marvin24_DTit is mainlined for a long time now20:19
marvin24_DTall working20:19
ogra_hmm. nice20:20
ogra_so only power mgmt and suspend ? thats not as bad as i thought20:20
marvin24_DTtegra folks invested much time into device tree conversion20:20
marvin24_DTso not much is done on the hw support front20:20
marvin24_DTit seems all the board files will be removed next time20:21
ogra_so only DT then ?20:21
marvin24_DTso if you want to port to a new device, just add a text file ;-)20:21
ogra_intresting that its actually nvidia that got that far20:22
marvin24_DTI have no idea where omap is now20:22
ogra_if you look at other new things in technology ... i.e. kms ... it takes them a century to adapt20:22
marvin24_DTI also see a lot of patches from ti20:22
ogra_yeah, b ut thats likely rather for omap420:23
marvin24_DTkms is not mainlined yet (therefore the 6 patches)20:23
marvin24_DTbut they are very small though20:23
ogra_well, kms in general ... even on x8620:24
marvin24_DTI think alied already can live with them20:24
ogra_its like what ... 6 years old now ?20:24
ogra_and it took them this long to adapt their drivers20:24
marvin24_DTbtw, is it possible to build a xf86-video-modesetting package?20:24
marvin24_DTfor armhf?20:24
ogra_i dont see why not20:24
marvin24_DTI hate to build it myself all the time20:24
marvin24_DTI mean add it to the ubuntu distro20:25
ogra_file a bug, i'll talk to RAOF (org maintainer) next week20:25
marvin24_DTogra_: against what?20:25
ogra_hmm., good question, can you build it from any source we laready have ?20:26
ogra_if not, just the ubuntu project20:26
marvin24_DTyes, basicly it is just one file20:26
marvin24_DT(and a man page)20:27
marvin24_DTeh, n20:27
marvin24_DTno source package yet20:27
ogra_right, just file it against ubuntu then20:27
evolvdoneI'm having a problem with getting ubuntu loaded up on my pandaboard es. When I first boot up after loading the image on the SD card everything seems to be working then it reboots and I get a erro saying "Errors were found while checking the disk drive for /"23:12
evolvdoneAnyone seen this before?23:12
infinityevolvdone: Your card's failing.23:15
infinityevolvdone: Not much else to say about that.23:15
evolvdonebummer I just got it23:15
davecheneyif you just burnt the image onto the card, did you check the sha1sum ?23:15
infinityevolvdone: Assuming you wrote to the card correctly, the install is fairly foolproof after that.23:16
davecheneybut it's most likely just burnt out23:16
evolvdoneyeah I tried it both in windows and linux to see if it would make a difference23:16
infinitySD card quality (or lack thereof) is the reason I wish we'd stop doing the preinstalled images and just make people use external hard drives. :P23:17
evolvdoneI have a external hd around I could use, I still need a working sd card to get that to work though, correct?23:17
infinityevolvdone: You need an SD that works siginificantly less robustly, though. :)23:17
TypoNAMinfinity: aren't preinstalled images still useful for USB external hard drives?23:18
infinityevolvdone: Installing to an external HDD just means having a small 8MB vfat partition on a card.23:18
evolvdoneHa, guess I will give that working then23:18
infinityTypoNAM: using a d-i image to install directly to the hard drive is a lot less hassle in the end.23:18
infinityTypoNAM: And means you don't have to boot your entire OS from flash...23:18
evolvdonea d-i image?23:19
infinityGrab boot.img-fb.gz, zcat to a card, boot, enjoy.23:20
infinity(or -serial.gz, if you prefer using a serial terminal)23:20
infinityGranted, neither of those will install ubuntu-desktop by default, but that's an easy enough fix once you're done.23:20
evolvdoneawesome stuff23:20
infinity(And given that they don't, they're also in a better position if you wanted to try, say, kubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop instead)23:21
davecheneyare there any dev boards that offer sata (or even pata?) as an option23:22
evolvdonethanks for the help, i'm going to mess with it now23:22
infinitydavecheney: The i.MX53 QuickStart has SATA.23:22
davecheneyi looked at that when i got my panda23:22
infinitydavecheney: As does the Marvell ArmadaXP, though we don't talk about that one.23:22
davecheneyeither it wasn't in stock, or it had teeny tiny onboard ram23:23
davecheneyand i knew the panda just worked (tm)23:23
infinitydavecheney: In general, I'd recommend a Panda over the QuickStart just because the CPU is significantly speedier, but when the MX6 boards come out, they'll really be worth a look.23:23
infinity(I have both on my desk, I love my QuickStart, but an A8 just can't compete with a dual-core A9)23:23
davecheneyin australia, i had to take what I could get23:24
davecheneyeverything else was backordered23:24
davecheneyeven then I had to priomse to Mouser that I wasn't going to make a bomb with it or something23:24
davecheneyfwiw, i've been running a panda for about 6 months on a crap 8gb memory card I bought at the supermarket23:26
davecheneyi host my /home on nfs and mount /tmp on a ramdisk23:26
davecheneyso the card doesn't take much of a pounding23:27
infinityCertainly helps, yeah.23:27
infinityI've burned through a lot of cards doing development on these things.23:27
infinityTHough I have a Lexar that Just Won't Die.23:27
davecheneyi understand about sd frustration, but being able to gunzip the image, plug in my monitor and turn on23:27
davecheneywas pretty bloody amazing23:28
infinityYeah, it's a really neat tool for demoing.23:28
davecheneyno serial cable jiggery pokery, or buying a dodgy jtag usb adapter (hello netgear stora) from a forum23:29
infinityThough I think it gives an unfairly poor user experince at times.23:29
infinity(Full Ubuntu desktop + Firefox off an SD, even a "nice" class 10, is... Slow)23:29
infinityhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/965823/ <-- Says it all.23:33
infinitySATA > USB > SD23:33
infinity(All on the same board)23:34
davecheneywhoa, that is crapz0r23:34
davecheneymaybe I should netboot this board23:35
davecheneyalthough that would be ~10Mb/s23:35

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