davkbod-ld__Greetings..the discussion continues.. I'm seeming to have issues with zoneminder, doesn't want to allow me to install anything..got some log clips.01:41
davkbod-ld__I'm trying to resolve a display issue of file windows with black on black, which is making it hard to see.01:45
davkbod-ld__but if I can't install any packages...01:45
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jedismasheri was wondering if there was any mp3 encoding software that i could use to broadcast to my icecast server04:39
fahmyboyis anyone home?08:03
fahmyboyI have Linux 12.04 installed08:04
fahmyboyand all my drivers working08:04
fahmyboyand I would like to the next step08:04
fahmyboyregarding apps and customization, etc08:04
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: what are you looking to do?08:05
zmalexhi. I have a problem repairing my jetty installation. apt-get remove says it's not installed while apt-get install says it is.08:05
zmalexAnyway for me to reset it?08:05
fahmyboyfirst thing first, I would like to customize the look and feel and then get used to the linux command line08:06
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: do you like the environment? and how that looks? speed? are you using unity?08:07
fahmyboyand then I would like to start learning how to do my most common use cases using Linux.  for example, sync my ipod08:07
fahmyboyI like it so far.  I dont mind unity at all. Reminds me of the mac08:07
fahmyboyI like the heads up display08:07
fahmyboyreminds me of google search for menu items08:07
fahmyboyspeed is also good.08:08
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: change icons? colors? is that what your looking for?08:09
bioterrorzmalex, did you install it by using apt-get? or did you use dpkg?08:09
bioterrorzmalex, you can always use dpkg -P package08:11
fahmyboynot just that, widgets that provide system information, etc08:11
zmalexbioterror: I used apt-get to install it. But I messed up by removing in manually and now I'm stuck between apt-get install saying it is installed and apt-get remove saying it08:21
zmalexit's not there.08:22
bioterrorremoving it manually?08:22
bioterrorexplain more08:22
bioterrorwhat did you do08:22
bioterroryou went to rm -rf files?08:22
fahmyboymy Darren.  Those all seems far more important than look and feel08:23
fahmyboyI will install those applications first08:23
fahmyboyI currently dont have a firewall or an antivirus08:23
fahmyboyShould I install all those from command line or through the Software Centre?08:24
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: how are you most comfortable? gui for most people is easier08:25
zmalexbioterror: Yup :)08:25
zmalexSo the package manager is now pretty confused08:25
bioterrorzmalex, force reinstall it08:25
zmalexbioterror: I tried apt-get install --reinstall jetty08:26
zmalexbioterror: How do I go about forcing it?08:26
bioterrorsudoa apt-get install --force-yes jetty08:27
bioterrorcould that do it08:27
zmalexgot it08:27
fahmyboyI would like to get more comfortable with the command line as it seems most internet help results in a sudo command08:27
fahmyboyand I would like to start understanding what those mean08:27
mysteriousdarrensudo apt-get something usually you can learn that later.08:28
zmalexbioterror: Reading package lists... Done08:28
zmalexBuilding dependency tree08:28
zmalexReading state information... Done08:28
zmalexjetty is already the newest version.08:28
zmalex0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 10 not upgraded.08:28
zmalex1 not fully installed or removed.08:28
zmalexAfter this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.08:28
zmalexDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y08:28
zmalexSetting up jetty (6.1.24-6ubuntu0.11.10.1) ...08:28
zmalex * jetty is not installed08:28
zmalexinvoke-rc.d: initscript jetty, action "start" failed.08:28
zmalexdpkg: error processing jetty (--configure):08:28
zmalex subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 108:28
zmalexErrors were encountered while processing:08:28
mysteriousdarrengo in the software center this time.08:28
zmalexsorry about the dump08:29
bioterrorzmalex, now you can slap yourself on your both cheecks :D08:31
bioterrorone for removing files with rm -rf and one for flooding ;)08:31
bioterrorzmalex, you probably have that file under /var/cache/apt/archives/08:32
fahmyboymysteriousdarren: thank you for all your help btw08:32
fahmyboywhich firewall do you install?08:32
zmalexbioterror: what does that mean? What can I do with it?08:33
bioterrorzmalex, go to that location and locate the jetty08:33
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: I would recommend firestarter for you08:34
zmalexbioterror: Found it08:34
bioterrorzmalex, dpkg -i --force-all jetty-something.deb08:35
fahmyboyok, installing08:35
zmalex1bioterror: Sorry. Managed to quit irc08:37
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: there are many different themes to try out, and docks instead of panels08:37
bioterrorThu11:35 <bioterror> zmalex, dpkg -i --force-all jetty-something.deb08:37
fahmyboyare these instead or in addition to Unity?08:38
zmalex1bioterror: Ok. It seemed to do something. But the folder structure doesn't look right. Any other steps?08:39
zmalex1bioterror: apt-get built a different structure then I get using dpkg.08:40
bioterrorapt-get uses dpkg for installing packages08:41
zmalex1hmm. do i need to run a config step?08:41
bioterrorzmalex1, did it install it?08:41
zmalex1it finished without errors08:42
bioterrornow sudo apt-get purge jetty08:42
zmalex1get error08:43
bioterror!pastebin | zmalex108:43
ubot2zmalex1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:43
zmalex1I need to run now.08:43
zmalex1bioterror: I'll try to catch up later. Have a meeting now.08:43
zmalex1Thanks for your hlep08:44
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: you mean using unity as a desktop environment? or change that?08:44
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: http://www.unixmen.com/201204-top-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-2/08:46
fahmyboyThanks Darren08:54
mysteriousdarrenfahmyboy: your welcome08:59
fahmyboyDarren-Are you still around?10:25
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r4yI am having hard drive troubles and want to update grub to get init back but I can't mount it from a live cd13:28
r4yIt has Ubuntu 10.0413:29
holsteinr4y: i would test the hard drive and make sure its good14:10
r4ygaelfx is currently helping my on the ubuntu channel14:12
r4yI ran the 3 tests it had and it passed14:13
holsteinr4y: i would just run one test, and i would expect it to take over an hour14:14
r4yOne of the tests took a little more than an hour14:16
r4yIt still said no bad sectors14:16
holsteinthen, you can run the live cd, run sudo fdisk -l14:17
holsteinif its listed there, then mount it using the command line and report errors14:17
r4yI couldn't get it to mount using disk utility before using the live cd14:18
holsteinr4y: cool.. try from the command line, and report errors, and we can see whats going on14:18
holsteinr4y: gparted is the tool to use14:19
r4yare you on the ubuntu channel as well?14:20
holsteinr4y: is that what you expect to see?14:20
holsteinr4y: is the drive listed?14:21
holsteini see 2 drives, one is fat3214:21
r4yBecause like I said gaelfx is currently helping my on the ubuntu channel14:21
holsteinr4y: cool.. let me know if you need any help from me14:21
r4yO, I am sorry, I have a flah drive plugged in for making notes14:21
holsteinyou mount from the command line, tel me the erros, and we're done14:22
r4ySorry, I really did want help from you. He said use pastebinit, so I am installing it but it is stuck installing14:22
holsteinr4y: just put it in pastebin.. you dont *need* pastebinit.. if its hanging you up14:23
r4yOK, that's what I thought14:23
r4yI am trying to go back to where he and I left off by reading back on what he said14:25
holsteinr4y: sure.. or just mount the drive, assuming its showing up in fdisk..14:25
r4yOK, sorry, I just wanted to see this line he said to make sure I didn't miss anything important, sorry : quote "type sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit -- paste the url here, so the channel can see"14:28
r4yThat's neat14:28
r4yI made note of it14:29
r4yOK, sorry about that14:31
r4yI will un-mount my flash drive and try again14:31
holsteinr4y: if you dont see the drive in fdisk, you wont be able to mount it14:32
holsteinr4y: is that the drive you are trying to mount?14:32
r4yOr at least I think so14:33
holsteinr4y: make certain14:33
r4yI don't see any other hard drive connected, so I am assuming yes14:33
holsteinr4y: assume nothing14:33
holsteinr4y: make certain... this is your hardware, and you dont want to waste hours mounting a drive that is not connected14:34
r4y"/dev/sda1 is what I think it is, but it is connected. It is shown as a 315 GB filesystem under places and 320 under Diskd Utitilty"14:36
holsteinr4y: cool... its mounted then14:36
r4yNo, under disk utility it is shown as busy and is not mounted14:37
holsteinr4y: close *everything* and mount it from the terminal and report errors14:38
r4y"sudo mount /dev/sda1", what am I missing?14:40
r4yI haven't used it yet14:40
holsteinr4y: where you want it to be mounted14:40
r4yI was following a giude that made the dir I pasted here14:41
r4yAh, OK14:42
r4yWhat's "df -H"14:42
holsteinr4y: flags.. i would need to refer to a wiki or the man page14:43
holsteini *dont* copy and paste commands without researching them14:43
r4yso should I just do "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ubuntu" then?14:43
holsteinr4y: do what you feel comfortable doing... that is what i would do, and then i would troubleshoot the errors14:44
intorehi, i need to mount a remote fs and i created this script but am not sure is correct. first of all, how do i have to do to have a script that runs at the boot?14:44
holsteinintore: you can add them in the GUI... should be "startup" or "sessions"... something like that depending on what operating system you are running14:45
r4yCool, I am waiting for the terminal to do something. I may need to make note of this and come back after reboot the live cd, because I had tried to mount it using Disk Utility but a window popped up saying it timed out14:46
r4yso I assumed which you are right I should assume anything would be OK14:46
r4yI shouldn't assume I ment14:47
r4yfixed: so I assumed which you are right I shouldn't assume anything would be OK14:47
r4yI will wait for the terminal for a while though14:48
holsteinr4y: no need14:48
intoreholstein, i've 11.10. i found a little howto: copy the script in /etc/init.d/ and type sudo update-rc.d monta.sh defaults. Could be correct?14:48
holsteinintore: is it working?14:48
r4yno need for what?, I am sorry14:49
intoreholstein, no but i don't know if is for incorrect script or about this procedure14:49
holsteinintore: i would suggest trying the GUI i mentioned14:50
intoreholstein, i don't know how is with GUI14:50
holsteinr4y: no need to "wait on the terminal" it should take at most a few seconds to mount.. restarting is not a bad idea14:50
r4yOK, OK, ha ha ha, I should have known, duh14:51
r4yI'll back back14:51
r4yO No14:51
holsteinintore: its really similar to what i said, though im not sure what operating system you are using14:52
holsteinin gnome2 i beleive is called "sessions".. but i would just search or find "startup" and add and test14:52
intoreholstein, ubuntu 11.1014:52
holsteinintore: so, you are in unity?14:52
holsteinor gnome?14:52
intoreholstein, gnome14:53
holsteinintore: ok.. it was called sessions in 10.04... but you'll find it14:53
intoreholstein, but is it a folder or what?14:55
holsteinintore: its a GUI.. its got a box... you type the command you want to have start with your session14:56
intoreholstein, i don't understand, am sorry. am newbie14:58
holsteinintore: its in the menu... or it was.. in the system tab.. its either "sessions" or "startup" or "startup session"15:00
r4yI can't get into the irc ubuntu logs to find a link I was using which I should have pasted into the text file on my flash drive15:06
bioterrorif you're kind enough, I might grep it15:06
holsteinr4y: big picture for me what exactly you are trying to do15:07
r4yI guess I don't need it.15:07
r4ybut that doesn't mean I wouldn't have asked with a please15:08
r4yI want to make a directory with the terminal but I also wanted the link, but like I said I guess I don't need it15:08
holsteinr4y: no.. what are you trying to do?15:09
holsteinyou want to make a directory to troubleshoot the mounting issue15:09
holsteinwhats the goal?15:09
holsteinmkdir is the "make directory" command15:09
r4ymake a directory to mount to, if it was me I would do gksudo nautilus because I don't use the make dir command15:09
r4yIt's not that I don't want to use the commandline though15:10
holsteinr4y: you dont have to.. just dont get side tracked making a directory when thats not the issue15:10
holsteinr4y: what are you trying to do?15:10
r4yI wanted the link not just because for making a command, but it's just a link15:11
holsteinmkdir /path/to/file15:11
holsteinr4y: good luck! i gotta run :)15:11
r4ymake "mkdir /mnt/ubuntu" or what ever15:11
r4ytake care15:12
r4yI did sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ubuntu and it's still blinking15:13
r4ybioterror, could you fish the link I want that I posted on the Ubuntu channel which was from the Ubuntu forums, pretty please?15:15
r4yI just found this link: http://superuser.com/questions/278864/cant-mount-hard-drive-ubuntu15:21
r4yThis is an ext4 hard drive I think15:21
r4yIt is15:21
r4yOMG, I got my hard drive mixed up. I still have my data15:52
r4yI wondering what happened though with that other hard drive15:53
r4ysorry for my bad typing as usual15:53
r4yWell, I have another hard drive I can use to back up. And I am thinking of using the bad hard drive like a flash drive15:54
r4yI mean the one with no grub15:54
r4ywhen I say bad, spinrite said it is good15:55
r4yI gotta go15:55
reader_hai guys , how to access host ( 11.10 ) apache sever from guest ( xp) .guest os is setup-ed as host-only and can able to ping to host .16:12
reader_hai guys , how to access host ( 11.10 ) apache sever from guest ( xp) .guest os is setup-ed as host-only and can able to ping to host .16:21
reader_how to access host apache server from virtual box guest os ?16:22
geirhareader_: Should just be a matter of typing in the local ip address of your host16:33
reader_geirha, I can able to browse the server in host os and guest os when it is setup-ed as bridged16:35
reader_geirha, But in the case of bridged I can't able to ping when I am not in any networkd16:35
drschumtzenberghello everyone, i have a question : what patching a router mean?16:36
geirhareader_: In your host, click the network icon and select connection information. What's the IP address?16:37
geirhaAnd in the guest, if you try to open  what happens?16:38
reader_geirha, /var/www /intex.html file is rendering16:39
reader_geirha, sorry its only work in host only sorry my bad16:39
reader_geirha, in guest its not showing anything16:40
geirhaNothing? not even errors?16:40
reader_geirha, the page cannot be displayed16:42
reader_geirha, cannot find server or DNS error internet explore16:43
geirhaah ok.16:43
geirhaI just tested here with a NATed guest, and there it works. Any particular reason you don't want to use NAT?16:44
reader_geirha, bcoz when I use NAT I cant able to ping from host to guest16:48
reader_geirha, I just want to use the host server as another pc in same network16:50
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davkbod-ld__Once you run the Unity 2-D panel by clicking on it, how do you access the panel? other than text in top bar changing from black to green (even harder to read) don't know control methods22:06
davkbod-ld__to chnge colors, need to address color scheme for windows elements (title bar, menus, etc)22:08
Kristoffercan anyone help me with installing the latest version of ubuntu on my laptop?22:11
davkbod-ld__at moment, tilebar is black on white (black text on white backround), however, file window (right pane) is black on black. Icons in the file window are grey and yellow, and if I select one, name of file or directory appears in black/grey.  a22:11
Kristofferi would very much appreciate some help asap22:13
davkbod-ld__Kristoffer - has your laptop a CD/DVD player22:13
davkbod-ld__USB port?22:14
Kristofferi installed the .iso file on a thumb drive, but it won't appear when i boot my laptop22:14
davkbod-ld__sounds like laptop not seeing USB Port.22:14
Kristofferyes, and i don't know what to do22:15
davkbod-ld__USB Ports usable otherwise?22:15
Kristofferi tried installing the "easy windows installer" from the ubuntu website, but it doesn't work22:15
Kristofferyes, they are working22:15
davkbod-ld__What model laptop, who make?22:15
Kristofferasus ul30a22:16
davkbod-ld__Have a seat, I'll be a moment..22:16
Kristofferanyone norwegians here, who might help?22:17
davkbod-ld__If you stick a USB stick in with, say , pictures, could you see those files?22:18
Kristofferyes, everything is working when the computer is on. only problem is that my laptop doesn't detect the thumbdrive when i boot22:19
Kristofferit just boots windows directly, without giving me an option to choose otherwise22:19
davkbod-ld__OK, have you looked at BIOS settings? Some BIOS will not allow you to boot from a USB.22:20
davkbod-ld__But there's usually a setting to allow it to happen..22:21
davkbod-ld__Other BIOSs allow you to during the boot process, press an F-Key to enable booting from other than HD..they might even have Boot Order..22:22
davkbod-ld__Check those out...22:22
davkbod-ld__Not sure about ASUS, but Dell the F-key is F-12 for BIOS Boot menu22:23
Kristofferyeah, i know about the f-12 option, but during booting there is no time or option to push it22:25
davkbod-ld__What happens if you hit delete (DEL) key while booting??22:28
Kristoffernothing. tried f-12, esc, delete, ctrl+alt+delete22:29
FyodorovnaKristoffer, you hit the boot menu key prompt after the power on during the bios gui which may tell you the key or keys to hit to choose to boot from22:29
Kristofferproblem is that when i start my computer, it jumps right to the windows logo and then i log in. I have no opportunity at all to actually push f-12. i have done this on other computers, which say that "press f-12 blabla" durin booting, but my laptop doesn't22:32
FyodorovnaKristoffer, not all computers use f12 look up the manula for this computer on line opr boot from menu key prompts.22:35
davkbod-ld__OK, what happens if you try pressing F-8, or F-1022:35
KristofferI will reboot and try, thanks for the help so far!22:35
Fyodorovnasome times it is a number of keys so I would look it up rather then hunt and peck to be honest.22:35
Djeff-oHello. I can't format a usb stick to ext2, ext3 or ext4 using gparted. When I remove the it and re-insert it again i get the following message: "Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,23:56
Djeff-o       missing codepage or helper program, or other error23:56
Djeff-o       In some cases useful info is found in syslog -  try   dmesg | tail  or so"23:56
Djeff-oHello. I can't format a usb stick to ext2, ext3 or ext4 using gparted23:56
Djeff-othat is the error message23:57
Djeff-o       In some cases useful info is found in syslog -  try   dmesg | tail  or so"23:57

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