s-foxAnywho, time for me to go. Stuff to do.00:02
s-foxSee you balloons00:02
balloonssee you s-fox00:03
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dholbachgood morning06:45
forestpiskiedholbach: good morning - I hope the sun is still shining for you :)06:47
dholbachhi forestpiskie06:47
dholbachforestpiskie, it's still clear over here, but we're supposed to have thunderstorms today - let's see :)06:48
dholbachhow are you doing?06:48
forestpiskieI'm fine but the weather is dank and dismal ...06:48
dholbachI'll put on some good music and forget about the weather :)06:49
forestpiskieI will when I get back from work :)06:50
jonomorning dholbach06:50
forestpiskieforget all about the day and wait for little one to return from school06:50
forestpiskiemorning jono06:50
dholbachmight also be a good idea to take the dog for a walk before it starts raining :)06:50
jonohey forestpiskie06:50
dholbachhey jono06:50
dholbachhow are you doing?06:50
dholbachjono, ah, while you're here - do you know what's being planned for the last night of UDS? (trying to figure out if I should bring my stuff or not)06:51
jonodholbach, as far as I am aware it is just a live band that we hired06:51
jonodholbach, not sure though, you should check with Michelle06:52
dholbachok, will do06:52
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s-foxAnd a wet one at that czajkowski ;) How are you?08:20
czajkowskinot bad thanks08:20
s-foxSo so, just going through my inbox trying to decide what is important and what is not.08:20
s-foxHave you had a good week so far? It has dragged here.08:21
czajkowskiIt's been pretty busy, I moved house at the weekend so trying to unpack, get ready for uds workwise and now my back is acting up08:21
czajkowskis-fox: hear about the job ?08:21
s-foxczajkowski,  yes, i was offered the job. I spoke with some of the foreign language teachers at the school and they strongly advised I stay away as their experience had been very poor. They are seeing out their contracts and are not interested in renewing it.08:24
s-foxConsequently I turned the offer down and am continuing looking for a new position.08:25
s-foxWell, it is better I find out about the issues before I sign the contract.08:26
czajkowskiyes this  is true, but you might have gotten on differently. best of luck job hunting08:27
s-foxPerhaps so. Thank you for the wishes.08:28
s-foxSorry to hear about your back08:28
s-foxDid the move go okay? You mentioned it last week(?) i think08:28
czajkowskiyup all set up in the new place08:30
czajkowskistill in London08:30
s-foxWhat is it like living in London? I don't do large cities. LOL08:31
czajkowskiit's great I love it08:31
czajkowskiit's different every 4-5 miles08:32
czajkowskiI don't feel like a tourist living here and it's not that large.08:32
czajkowskiwell it is, it just doesn't feel it tbh08:32
czajkowskiI lived in Dublin for years, ad that feels like being a tourist08:32
s-foxAhh, I see. :)08:34
s-foxI live out in the sticks czajkowski, haha. http://i.imgur.com/ha1lX.jpg08:34
s-foxNice and quiet08:34
czajkowskiwel there is a massive park beside me that has boating and music stand and games08:35
czajkowskiback in .Ie I live in the countryside08:35
s-foxOh that isn't so bad then :-) No greenery would drive me insane.08:37
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jo-erlend«Ubuntu can collect anonymous information that helps developers improve it. All information collected is covered by our privacy policy» <-- That's from the Privacy dialog in System Settings. That's not done by default, is it? And nothing is sent if I don't give my permission? I wish it was a little more explicit.12:13
dholbachno, it's not default - only if you  [x]  it12:19
dholbachit's for http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ ... if you are talking about the software properties dialog12:19
dholbachpopcon sends anonymous data which can be quite useful to developers, ie: package X is outdated and nobody maintains it and has many bugs - can it be removed or do many still have it installed, etc.12:20
jo-erlenddholbach, I'm talking about System Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics.12:38
jo-erlendit's not clear to me what it's actually about.12:40
akgranerjcastro - so I am looking at the release schedule and  adding notes to my calendar  - did the Community team (read that as balloons in this case) what to focus on community testing one of the weeks between Alpha 2 and 3 as well as the week Between Beta 1 and 2 or the weeks between Beta 2 and Final release?12:57
akgranerIf so I'll add those in as well.12:57
AlanBelljcastro: o/ what is this? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20397/community-q-irc-workshops/13:18
dholbachjo-erlend, the link on that dialog leads to http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/privacypolicy?crashdb - so I assume it is about sending information about program crashes13:26
nigelbdholbach: All set for your session? :)13:56
dholbachnigelb, I just made a pot of tea, so yes :)13:56
dholbachnigelb, can you +v me?13:59
nigelbdholbach: oops, the bot should have +v'd you14:00
nigelbheh, ok, you op'd yourself.14:01
s-foxHello alourie14:29
alouriehi s-fox14:30
s-foxHow are you?14:30
alouriegood actually :-)14:30
alouriehow are you?14:30
s-foxGood show14:30
s-foxI mean, good :)14:30
alourieright :-)14:30
s-foxI am basking in the glory of having spent 3 hours writing some javascript14:31
s-foxAnd thinking how simple it actually is ;)14:31
s-foxalourie,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/964750/14:31
alourieisn't it wonderful to be able to appreciate the code as if it was a poem? :-)14:32
alourieit happens to me lately more often14:33
s-foxI haven't thought about it that much to be honest. I suppose you can appreciate good code14:33
alouries-fox: can't you?14:34
s-foxalourie,  I think it depends if I have enjoyed writing it or not. Sometimes a problem can give me big headaches14:34
alourieyes, true14:34
s-foxBut othertimes when you get it right first time and you think "wow, this is awesome"14:34
alouriebut I often enjoy the fact that I'd solved the problem eventually, if it resulted in beautiful code14:35
alourieeven if it took a long time14:35
s-foxWould you be happy if you solved a problem, but the solution was ugly and hacky?14:35
alouriepragmatically happy - maybe14:36
alouriejust that it is solved14:36
alouriebut not "happy" happy :-)14:36
s-foxMaybe you could take it as inspiration and improve it ?14:36
alourieof course14:36
alouriethat's what takes the most of time in my coding mostly14:36
alouriebeautifying working stuff14:36
s-foxCode that can only be maintained by yourself is not good, simplifying code and documenting is very important14:38
greg-gdholbach: hey, I'm going to send you another email to translate for the Ubuntu Austria team, ok? :)16:03
dholbachgreg-g, sure16:03
czajkowskidholbach: thank you16:03
greg-gyes, thanks much, dholbach16:03
paultagalles gute :)16:04
nigelbpaultag: How16:04
nigelbHow've you been?16:04
nigelb… apparently I can't type :P16:04
paultagnigelb: not bad, not bad. Living the dream, you know. Work's awesome. Debian's been treating me great, finished the T&S, I think (which means now I just have to wait ;))16:05
paultagnigelb: straight chilln'. How've you been?16:05
nigelbpaultag: Nice nice! DD soon?  I'm good.  Long hours at work.  Waiting for some bureaucracy to get done, the usual :)16:06
paultagnigelb: yeah, I hope so :) that's the last part of the quizzing, if you will. How's mozilla-stuff?16:06
nigelbpaultag: Nice.  Mozilla stuff is going well. So far so good.16:07
czajkowskidholbach: where is the link to all your music again I need to spread the love to the LP Team and educate them on music16:21
dholbachczajkowski, if you mean mixtapes, then http://www.mixcloud.com/dholbach/ :)16:22
pleia2czajkowski: I'm going to send out an email about "community events" at UDS in a bit, anything you need to add to the photo walk event before I send out the link?17:25
czajkowskipleia2: not heard back from gmb17:26
czajkowskijust that it's happening and harass him or me on irc17:26
czajkowskiand sign up on the wiki if interested17:26
czajkowskipleia2: thanks17:26
pleia2ok, thanks :)17:26
czajkowskiyou know :)17:26
czajkowskijcastro: mhall119 can one of you please schedule http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20662/community-council-code-of-conduct-review/17:54
jcastromhall119: can you handle schedule requests for a bit? I am firefighting17:54
czajkowskisorry didnt know which to ping17:55
mhall119jcastro: sure18:00
jcastroyou ping the track lead usually18:00
jcastrobut in community case he would ping us so you did the right thing by skipping him. :)18:00
mhall119czajkowski: scheduled18:02
dholbachalright - see you tomorrow my friends18:02
cjohnstonczajkowski: it would have scheduled automaticaly too18:19
AlanBelljcastro: o/18:35
* greg-g is enjoying this mix from dholbach http://www.mixcloud.com/dholbach/live-set-with-mc-massiv-la-gaza-trickster-2012-03-24/21:14
* greg-g is a little late, yes21:15
bkerensajono: can I bring some Moz swag to UDS?22:52
pleia2someone brought thunderbird stickers last time22:54
bkerensapleia2: ahh ok well I will bring a few bags of lanyards, stickers and silicone bracelets then22:54
MrChrisDruifbkerensa; ghehe22:58
bkerensapleia2: I also have some Creative Common swag too23:00
popeyone UDS didnt we have bracelets23:15
popeyubuntu ones23:15
popeylike you get at concerts / festivals23:15
pleia2the plastic ones?23:16
MrChrisDruifUgh, not those horrid plastic ones!23:16
popeyno, they were material23:17
popeywith a plastic thing to tighten it23:17
mhall119popey: that was UDS-N, the wrist bands were from the Florida LoCo Team, thanks to itnet723:17
mhall119oh, wait, you're talking something different I think23:18
mhall119ours were the orange plastic/rubber ones23:18
popeythese had a green plastic thing23:18
MrChrisDruifI'd like one that is similar to those livestrong bracelets, but then orange and with ubuntu on them23:18
popeyyeah, they weren't rubber23:18
mhall119MrChrisDruif: that's what ours were23:18
mhall119MrChrisDruif: itnet7 might still have some23:19
* MrChrisDruif isn't going to this UDS (again)23:19
MrChrisDruifAnd I should be going to bed23:22
MrChrisDruifSleep well everyone23:22
MrChrisDruifDate and time in the Netherlands: Fri May  4 01:22:4223:22

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