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ol43wow! someone awake besides me?? lol04:17
ol43can't believe there's that many users in the list and only you responded!!04:18
bazhangwhats up ol4304:18
ol43just downloaded mIRC today hoping to monitor some ubuntu chat. Total newbee at Linux/Ubun.04:19
ol43orig. destination was # PLUGaz  and arizona(USA) based linux group.04:20
ol43nobody over there, either04:20
bazhang#ubuntu is the support channel #ubuntu-offtopic is the chat channel , there are ubuntu loco channels and alis can show more as well04:20
ol43where r u? I'm Phoenix,AZ,USA04:20
bazhang /msg alis list *ubuntu* shows a ton04:20
ubottuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/04:21
bazhangand the loco irc channels are listed there ol43 ^04:21
bazhangnot sure about mirc, though they do have a support channel here on freenode , but joining most channels is : /join #channelname04:22
bazhangeither ##mirc or #mirc04:22
ol43so i would type "/ join ubuntu-offtopic" on this line and i would go there?04:24
bazhangwell without the space between /  and join04:24
ol43yes... did that on purpose so it didn't read the info as 'code'04:25
ol43will give it a try. R U in USA or EUR?04:25
ol43ok, thanks, bazhang. gonna give it a try. L8TRz04:27
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MkaysiWhat would be the correct IRC channel for asking question about Ubuntu mailing lists?11:25
Myrttitechnical or moderation questions?11:26
MkaysiTechnical, I think11:26
MkaysiSome people are PGP/MIME signing their emails and I was just wondering do people know that the version of MailMan or whatever lists.ubuntu.com uses is messing up with headers and making their signatures unverifiable.11:26
MkaysiI think that this could be a problem with some lists like security-announcements.11:27
IdleOneprobably should bring it up on the lists11:30
jussi#canonical-sysadmin probably has an answer for you11:32
MkaysiIs everyone allowed to join it? It doesn't seem to appear in alis11:34
jussiopen channel afaik11:34
* Mkaysi asks now11:34
bobweaverhello there there is a great class going on in ubuntu-classroom and there is a dude tha has been asked 3 x to slow it down can we get someone too watch him if it is not happening thansk14:36
bazhangbobweaver, what nick14:37
bobweaverno biggie no need too kick but he is holding up the class and I have been waiting for this14:38
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AlanBellhi all, we have a new post on the new IRCC blog about the IRC channels for UDS http://ubottu.com/ircc/?p=422:01
popey☹  unfriendly URLs22:06
popeyalso http://ubottu.com/ircc/?page_id=222:06
AlanBelltsimpson: can you friendlify the urls?22:06
m4vwhat is unfriendly about that url?22:08
tsimpsonAlanBell: there are a couple of styles available, I've just gone with the /<year>/<month>/<day>/<post>22:12
AlanBellthanks tsimpson22:12
m4voh that22:12
AlanBellm4v: it is just less cuddly than http://ubottu.com/ircc/2012/05/03/uds-q-irc-channels/22:13

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