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* apw yawns07:34
smbapw, woof07:34
apwthat saulisbury fellow is a right showoff07:34
* smb thinks he may guess who apw means07:35
apwjsalisbury | 22:29:18> Linux salisbury 3.4.0-1-generic #3 SMP Wed May 2 19:09:18 UTC07:36
smbapw, I thought you were referring to him. (smart assh... comment to check for additional u's)07:37
reiseippisati: ping07:38
ppisatireisei: pong07:39
apwppisati, bounce07:39
reiseippisati: can you look at this log http://pastebin.com/fLM84Y2G and tell me what's wrong and how to fix it? :) agreen is away everytime, so he can't point me to the solution...07:40
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ppisatireisei: i guess is a linaro kernel07:41
reiseippisati: yep07:42
ppisatireisei: btw, it's panicing on the shutdown, nut much we can do07:42
ppisatireisei: btw, we do you use the linaro kernel instead of the ubuntu one?07:42
reiseippisati: because I use specific board. Developer use linaro, so should I.07:43
ppisatireisei: than i'm sorry, can't help you07:45
ppisatireisei: which kerne are you running?07:45
ppisatireisei: i mean, version?07:45
reiseippisati: 3.1.507:47
ppisatireisei: why don't you try with 3.3.?07:47
reiseippisati: I can compare... but have to port board file whatever07:50
ppisatireisei: did you try without the omapdrm module? or you need it?07:52
reiseippisati: 3.1.5 is stable enough, but there is this annoying halt issue07:53
reiseippisati: I need it.07:53
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apwmjg59, are you aware of the discussions about the 'ACPI / Battery: Update information on info notification and resume' patches ?  causeing flickering of battery icons and the like ?08:31
* smb tries a reboot...08:34
* cking gives his AP a kick08:45
apwcking, you are having a world of networking woes09:23
ckingam i?09:24
dileksapw: hi. jordi just started to rework his overlayfs testcase-script09:36
apwheh cool09:36
dileksare you creating daily isos? with kernel from Q?09:37
apwdileks, erm, we don't normally before A1 but i haven't checked we may have not stopped09:47
dileksI wanted to test a "remastered" iso - before answering your email09:48
apwdileks, its not an easy game changing the kernel in the iso ...09:48
dileksas this is why I primarily need/want overlayfs09:49
dilekshmm, lets see. if it fails I will test with live-build09:49
dileksno chroot package09:57
dilekswhats an alternative?09:57
* ppisati -> goes for a kebab takeaway, brb10:01
* dileks cant find desktop/alternate amd64 images10:05
apwdileks, dchroot/schroot ?10:06
xnoxdileks: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/10:06
dileksschroot means for me... check man-page, do more testing etc.10:07
dileksyeah, found <http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/>10:07
* xnox cdimages is unmirrored / rare / daily images (?!) and releases is for widely mirrored images.10:07
dileksogasawara gave me that link <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization>10:09
dileksbut it misses in prereq chroot (alternative)10:09
dilekssomewhere I should have a script where I worked on sidux + e1710:10
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apwppisati, when we going to get a ti-omap4 for Q10:18
apw(and indeed are we)10:18
akgranerbjf,  when you get 2 mins can you ping me - need to ask you about your pandaboard12:09
* apw has to run and drop off some keys12:38
* smb has a slight deja vu12:41
tgardnersmb, your water pipe has burst out of the wall again ?12:41
mjg59apw: Yeah12:42
smbtgardner, not that bad. Just apw running around for keys12:42
mjg59apw: Power unit rather than capacity granularity12:46
ogasawaraapw: can you try running our devel-config-summary script for Q?  I'm wondering if you see similar oddities, eg the Dangerous section looks inaccurate (way too large and menacing)13:15
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apwmjg59, ahh .. ok13:27
apwogasawara, sure ...13:27
apwogasawara, it always needs tweeking13:27
hertontgardner, I did a startnewrelease on lucid today, but didn't found CVE-2012-2133 fix applied on master-next, probably you forgot to push? (I checked to see if I had an up to date master-next)13:28
ubot2herton: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-2133)13:28
apwsmb, there is always someone wanting them13:28
* cking --> late lunch13:29
tgardnerherton, repull, its there.13:29
tgardnerherton, I pushed right after you13:31
hertontgardner, ah ok, yep it's there13:31
tgardnerjsalisbury, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/658955/comments/1113:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 658955 in linux "Natty fails to boot on Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-UD2H" [Undecided,In progress]13:33
bjfakgraner: moin13:37
akgranerbjf, yep - I "borrowed" it from Pete - before I knew it belonged to you - is it ok if I use it during UDS then give it back to you then?13:38
bjfakgraner: sure13:39
bjfakgraner: i was not using it at all, so have fun with it13:39
akgranerbjf - thanks a million - I needed an older one  - it will be running one of the summit displays at UDS :-)  thanks for your contribution to the cause.13:40
akgranerbut I'll package it all back up nice and neat for you on Friday13:40
apwmjg59, ok updated patch which (i have even compile tested) on the thread13:48
apwogasawara, ok config is dumping core ... joy13:51
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dileksstill working on re-packing precise AMD64 iso14:19
dileksa question to bind-mounts14:19
dilekssudo mount --bind /run $CUSTOM_DIR/run14:20
dileksthat should cover /run /run/shm and /run/lock14:20
dilekssudo mount --bind /dev $CUSTOM_DIR/dev14:20
dilekssudo mount --bind /dev/pts $CUSTOM_DIR/dev/pts14:20
dileksisnt 1st line enough?14:20
jsalisburytgardner, I'll help bisect that one14:20
apwdileks, i'd expect the bind mount to only bind each filesystem, so pts is another mount and needs binding separatly14:21
dileksand for the /run/* stuff the same?14:22
dileksDo some bind-mounts before entering chroot-env: http://nopaste.snit.ch/13742714:26
dileksapw: should that look like this?14:26
dilekssth missing?14:26
tgardnerjsalisbury, ack14:26
* ogasawara back in 2014:34
* henrix reboots...14:53
dileksParallel mksquashfs: Using 4 processors14:54
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apwogasawara, ok think i have this chased down.  try regenning with whats on the tip of master-next now15:07
ogasawaraapw: ack15:08
* tgardner bisects for an nVidia freeze in precise15:14
apwtgardner, gah, new ?15:15
tgardnerapw, am checking out Oneiric, but I think its a new nouveau bug15:16
* cking upgrades a netbook and wishes the HDD was much faster15:16
tgardnerapw, actually, it just wedged while installing oneiric15:16
tgardnerapw, back to natty15:17
ogasawaraapw: cool, looks much better now15:30
tgardnergawd this is slow. why did Lucid have to sync after every apt file I/O ?16:06
ogra_to make sure there gets no dust collected under your heads 16:07
dileks358368 extents written (699 MB)16:59
htorquehope it's okay to ask in here: why is the kernel debug package (-dbgsym) a 650 mb download, when in debian it's just 250 mb?17:30
dilekshtorque: IIRC waldi switched to xz for compressing which reduced -dbg packages immensly. dunno what ubuntu-kernel uses.17:46
htorquedileks: yeah, that would make sense i guess. they also differ in on-disk size, though 2.2 gb vs. 1.8 gb. (not that i expect them to be exactly the same, of course.)17:48
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jsalisburyThis looks like the first real quantal kernel bug, bug 99410418:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 994104 in linux "Wireless performance issues on kernel 3.4.0-1-generic (iwlwifi)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99410418:35
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dileksIIRC net (with wireless pull) was not pulled into upstream. IIRC 3 pending iwlwifi fixes18:41
dilekswow huh and a very fresh one18:42
tgardnerjsalisbury, I just happen to have one of those18:44
jsalisburytgardner, great18:45
dileksremaster ubuntu instructions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/965230/18:45
dileksapw: yupp, a linux-image replacement is not that easy, but I will check tomorrow18:46
smoseranyone know what kernel options i need to add to make kms never switch modes ?  ie "old school vga"18:47
hertonsmoser, nomodeset I think is what you want18:50
smoserherton, thank you.  i swear at one point in the past i had to even blacklist some kernel modules, but.... thanks.18:52
dilekssmoser: debian was using a while a /etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf 18:59
dileksoptions radeon modeset=118:59
tgardnerjsalisbury, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/994104/comments/719:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 994104 in linux "Wireless performance issues on kernel 3.4.0-1-generic (iwlwifi)" [Medium,Confirmed]19:20
jsalisburytgardner, thanks.  Yeah, these wireless bugs have so many variables that come into play.19:23
tgardnerjsalisbury, at least its not systemic.19:23
jsalisburytgardner, yeah19:24
dileksafter deinstalling (live-boot and) live-boot-initramfs-tools, I can boot my own 3.4-rc5 kernels19:27
dilekswhats live-boot-initramfs-tools modifying on kernel-installation?19:28
dileksfs-problems and swap cant be mounted (ignore - modify - manual repair)19:29
ogra_ubuntu doesnt use live-boot anywhere ... but i would assume it does similar things casper does 19:29
ogra_(mounting a squashfs image into an overlayfs or aufs mount to achieve a writable rootfs from an iso)19:30
dileksogra_: it seems to have some kernel hook-scripts19:33
dileksI see that when doing dpkg -i $linux-image-file19:33
ogra_well, it surely havily modifies the initrd like casper does19:33
dileksthats breaking my kernels build with make deb-pkg19:33
ogra_right, why do you install a tool to boot live isos in your build env ?19:34
dileksI wanted to create an own live-system and was experimenting on my host19:35
ogra_well, dont do that :) 19:35
ogra_roll your live images iside a chroot 19:35
dileksyupp, know I am wiser19:35
dilekstoday I experimented with re-packing a precise-iso19:36
dileksso refreshing chroot skillz was one lesson19:37
dileksogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/965367/19:37
ogra_looks fine on first sight19:39
dileksbut the goal was to include a selfmade linux-image or one from mainline19:41
dileksI guess I have to hack that *.lz file 19:41
tgardnerapw, can't seem to get this nVidia hang to repro after all this futzing about.19:42
ckingtgardner, sounds like a typical hardware enablement scenario - use lots of time up getting no-where :-/19:47
tgardnercking, indeed19:47
tgardnershould've stuck with the original scenario19:48
ckingyou never know what's best until you've tried out a few things though19:49
ckingbother, just imapfiltered all my uds-announce messages to /dev/null19:51
* tgardner -> EOD19:59
* cking --> EOD20:13

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