dholbachgood morning06:45
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czajkowskihuats: are you alive14:53
YoBoYJust received the french locoteam pack of ubuntu 12.04 live CD :D15:21
YoBoYthanks to everyone ^^15:22
GeochrYoBoY, well done... Our pack is on board!15:23
czajkowskiYoBoY: where is huats ?15:28
YoBoYat work in Toulouse I think15:29
YoBoYI haven't read him since yesterday, do you need him right now ? i can ping him by phone15:29
czajkowskinope tis ok15:31
czajkowskijust checking he's alive 15:31
czajkowskiI need my huats rugby ranting fix you know 15:32
YoBoYyes, I understand :)15:33
elacheche_anisCongratulations YoBoY :) I'll check we have our LoCo pack or not yet :D :)15:35
YoBoYj'ai rien fait :D15:36
mslinuxis there a team in Ottawa if not how do I start one16:29
greg-gmslinux: I would talk with this team: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca16:32
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JanCYoBoY: lucky you, I wasn't home in time yesterday & today, so I'll have to go pick my box of CDs up at the DHL depot tomorrow  ☺19:23
JanCI wish they still had the "pick up your package at the nearest Shell gas station" option...  :-(19:24
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huatsHello czajkowski and YoBoY20:54
huatsI am indeed alive and in Toulouse...20:54
huatsI am just in the middle of all the matters that could happen to one person at work + a ill (fever) son :(20:55
huatsBut it is going to be better20:55
huatsand czajkowski you'll have a full week of ranting ahead!20:55
greg-gugh, sorry to hear about your sick boy!20:58
huatsgreg-g: he'll be better tomorrow, but I needed to keep him today...21:00
huatsI had instead21:00
huatsgreg-g: will you be at the UDS ?21:00
greg-ghuats: parts, maybe, hopefully, I'm going to try to get there as much as I can21:01
huatsgreg-g: yeah I remember the other event taking place at the sametime right ?21:01
greg-gyeah, a work thing21:07
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sonersome hello some help with a hdd with password, how do i clean it up?21:50
bkerensasoner: Support can be offered in #Ubuntu or you can try seeking assistance from your LoCo Team21:51

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