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dholbachgood morning06:45
gesergood morning06:46
dholbachhi geser06:47
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Rhondacjwatson_, is https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=19679 proper?  I seem to recall that last time it was put into some "internal" canonical RT I don't have access to?08:56
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cjwatson_Laney: local modification - just to point to the local mirror09:13
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cjwatsonRhonda: not a sysadmin, I don't know how their priorities work :)09:16
cjwatsonRhonda: prod on #canonical-sysadmin?  should be easy09:16
cjwatsonwe reclaimed sulfur since it's a fast powerpc box and we needed another buildd09:16
cjwatsonwell, fast-ish09:16
Rhondacjwatson: Alright, will try there.  I just seem to remember that last time you forwarded it to some internal RT. :)09:23
RhondaHmm, would mails to rt@ubuntu.com go to rt.ubuntu.com or to the internal RT?09:25
cjwatsonRhonda: rt.ubuntu.com09:28
vibhavwhat does rt stand for?09:45
vibhavcan anybodt have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/87378409:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 873784 in accountsservice (Ubuntu) "reload_passwd uses fgetpwent rather than getpwent, ignoring /etc/nsswitch.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:54
geservibhav: RT = request tracker09:59
Rhondavibhav: Request Tracker10:02
Rhondaduh, late :)10:02
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dholbachUbuntu Development session (at Ubuntu Open Week) starting in 2 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom13:58
* dupondje is teaching xaralx a lesson :)14:29
dupondjeonly sad a test build take +15mins :ยง(14:31
dupondjeis there a way to make pbuilder-dist use multiple cores ? :)14:32
tumbleweedexport DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=8 in .pbuilderrc14:34
tumbleweedor whatever value is appropriate14:34
dupondjesweet :)14:34
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tumbleweedof course, the package needs to use dh --parallel or equivalent14:35
dupondjestill using 1 core for xaralx14:45
dupondjethats sad on a quad core :)14:45
gau1991Hello .........14:53
gau1991i am new to Ubuntu to development14:53
gau1991is there any we to get inside development?14:54
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment14:56
arand_Hmm, whatever happened to papercuts by the way, is that still going or not?14:58
tumbleweedI assume so14:58
arand_I guess it isn't new and shiny anymore :)14:59
dupondjedpkg-deb: building package `xaralx' in `../xaralx_0.7r1785-5ubuntu1_amd64.deb'.15:02
dupondjeoh oooh!15:02
dupondje+#define JPEG_LIB_VERSION        8015:04
dupondjebut thats quite dirty ofc15:04
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dupondjetumbleweed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xaralx/+bug/99294116:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 992941 in wxwidgets2.6 (Ubuntu) "Remove wxwidgets2.6" [Undecided,Triaged]16:01
eagles0513875hi guys :)16:03
dholbachhi eagles0513875, bobweaver, Resistance16:04
Resistancedholbach, i'm always here :P16:04
dholbachyou had some more questions? please ask16:04
Resistancemy questions are tucked away on some obscure logfile on another machine, hence my saying i'll poke you and the MOTUs later :p16:05
bobweaverI found error because I am on 12.1016:05
bobweaverit would not build in pbuilder16:05
Resistancebobweaver, godforbid you said 12.1016:05
dholbachResistance, ok :)16:05
dholbachbobweaver, can you put up the build log snippet on paste.ubuntu.com maybe?16:05
eagles0513875dholbach: just to understand i need to be on 12.10 to do packaging correct?16:05
Resistanceeagles0513875, nope16:06
Resistanceeagles0513875, i could tell you that, i'm on Natty and I build things for Precise16:06
* Resistance keeps tarballs and VMs for Oneiric and Precise around for that reason16:06
dholbachit helps if you run the development release in "some way"16:06
Resistanceno argument there :)16:06
dholbachbe it a chroot, virtual machine, separate partition or some other way16:06
eagles0513875Resistance: your a freak of nature to not run the dev release :P16:06
dholbachit's important you are able to test what you build16:07
Resistancealso no argument there :)16:07
Resistanceespecially when you're a backporter, you need to be able to test the backports :)16:07
Resistanceanyways, i'll be quiet16:07
bobweaverOk there was two error which I will post on was that it could not find the source package because I had run the command to change the debian/control 3 times so it was name different and also because it I was using 12.10 and not 12.04 :) thanks so much  http://paste.ubuntu.com/964956/16:10
bobweaverdholbach,  if you or others make video tutorial of how to package a updated one I will make video of me shaving my head16:11
dholbachbobweaver, it will take a few weeks until I get the time, but: challenge accepted :)16:12
bobweaver \o/16:12
bobweaverI will get the buzz clippers ready (by the way I have hair )16:13
gau1991hello dholbach, after running pbuilder-dist precise build xicc_0.2-3ubuntu1.dsc, where i can find a updated package??? in my current directory there not a single deb of xicc...16:14
dholbachgau1991, ~/pbuilder/<release>_result/16:14
gau1991i got.... Thanks dholbach.... :)16:15
bobweaverI can not believe how much more simple that was then using dh_make and fakeroot and dpkg-buildpackage and all that jazz16:18
eagles0513875dholbach: ping i have a question when you get a chance17:17
dholbacheagles0513875, you can just ask your question in here - I'm in a meeting right now17:17
dholbachjust ask and either I or somebody else will find the time to reply :)17:17
eagles0513875dholbach: what kind of hardware would one need to package and test on in regards to ubuntu phone?17:18
dholbacheagles0513875, I don't know of any Ubuntu phone17:19
dholbachif you mean Ubuntu on Android, then I don't know either I'm afraid - I still have a very old mobile phone17:20
eagles0513875dholbach: there is a phone version that canonical is working on i read they are wanting to release with the 14.04 LTS17:20
eagles0513875dholbach:  this is what im talkin bout http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/242853/canonical_to_expand_ubuntu_for_smartphones_tablets.html17:20
dholbachsorry, I don't know17:20
dholbachdon't they have any specifics in one of those articles?17:21
eagles0513875sadly not17:21
eagles0513875im thinking of getting an arm based developers board from linaro to help out with development in that arena17:21
tumbleweeddupondje: \o/17:36
eagles0513875hey tumbleweed :D17:46
eagles0513875hey dholbach question for you what happens if you have unpackaged source code how does one go about getting it packaged?17:52
Resistanceyou have to build the package around it or find someone to do that17:53
Resistanceeagles0513875, you also need to make sure the licensing is compatible17:53
eagles0513875Resistance: ok17:53
Resistancethere are instances where a license on a product is incompatible with Debian licensing policies for packages17:53
dholbacheagles0513875, just ask here in the channel - no need to ping me - somebody else might pick up the question as well :)17:53
Resistanceincluding non-MOTUs ;)17:53
dholbachhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/ should have an article about it17:53
eagles0513875ok :)17:53
dholbachI'm still in a meeting and need to run in a bit17:53
eagles0513875ahh ok my bad :(17:54
dholbachno no worries17:54
eagles0513875ill harass Resistance he enjoys that17:54
Resistanceyou better not17:54
eagles0513875Resistance: dont i already do that in trekweb :p17:54
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dupondjetumbleweed: you upload ?18:07
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bobweaverIf I run debconf in preinst to gather info can the info that is gathered also be using in postinst ?18:30
bobweaverlike can I call in my postinst script18:31
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tumbleweeddupondje: I will later. Not at home rgiht now18:44
jtaylorwhat happened to validate-desktop-file?18:47
jtaylorah it was desktop-file-validate18:49
soaringskydoes the myapp.developer.ubuntu.com process get a package into universe or extras?19:05
tumbleweeddupondje: as it's effectively a sync + patch, I'd drop all the old ubuntu-specific changelog bits19:21
tumbleweeddupondje: do we know why we are having to define JPEG_LIB_VERSION?19:21
eagles0513875hey guys i was just thinking is it possible to do nightly builds for libreoffice that can be put in a ppa for those that want the latest and greatest versions of  Libreoffice from the master branch or something of that sort to help with testing?19:22
tumbleweedeagles0513875: talk to sweetshark19:22
eagles0513875tumbleweed: hehe ya i know him well so to speak but what would i need to do to get something like that going for 12.04 users as well as next release developers etc that way we can offer the latest version for 12.1019:23
eagles0513875would he be the ideal person to speak too?19:25
tumbleweedwell, he maintains the package19:25
tumbleweedbackporting it isn't going to be particularly fun, but he should be able to help you19:25
eagles0513875tumbleweed: maybe not so much backporting except building and putting in a ppa for users to use19:26
tumbleweedit's the same thnig19:26
eagles0513875tumbleweed: who would i need to talk to in regards to the ubuntu smartphone version as I am interested in helping with that but i probably dont have the right hardware for it though19:28
eagles0513875to test and develop that is19:29
tumbleweedeagles0513875: I have no idea what hardware people are using for it19:29
ScottKIs there an #ubuntu-phone channel?19:29
tumbleweedone assumes so19:29
* ScottK has a vague recollection of one being mentioned.19:29
eagles0513875thanks ScottK :)19:30
bobweaverhello there I am running into the error that I do not have permission to write to etc in my make file. which is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/965352/   the command that I am running to build package is      fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -F   maybe the Makefile is under the wrong Dir right now it is under /debian19:33
ScottKOr mayber you're writing to an absolute path and not a relative one.19:34
bobweaverI am not sure I understand what you mean by "absolute" & "relative" could you explain a little more thanks for helping :)19:36
bobweaverare you saying that I need to modify the Makefile ? or are you talking about the dir that the Makefile is under ?19:38
ScottKIt's the difference between /etc and etc.19:40
ScottKYou may need to modify the Makefile, I didn't look.19:40
ScottKThe symptom you are describing is often associated with using absolute paths in the build when you want relative paths.19:40
bobweaverWhere should Makefile be placed ? or best place to place it after running dh_make -e <email> -c <copyleft> -f foo.tar.gz  ? should it stay under the upsource dir or go under /foo-10-foo/debian/    the reason I ask is after I run dh_make It says something about that But I do not understand what it is19:44
bobweaverthis is what I am talking about |:|   Please edit the files in the debian/ subdirectory now. You should also check that the foo Makefiles install into $DESTDIR and not in / .19:48
bobweaverwhat does that mean ?19:48
bobweaverthe Makefile part ^^ I know why it wants me too edit the /debian but I have no clue what it is talking about with the Makefile19:51
dupondjetumbleweed: we should include the libjpeg headers, but those have conflicting types with the xaralx code ...19:59
dupondjereally? xaralx is crappy old19:59
dupondjeanyway, the JPEG_LIB_VERSION is a 'workaround' :)19:59
tumbleweeddupondje: I can live with that, but I prefer a changelog entry that makes that clearer :)20:23
dupondjehmz :) tumbleweed you fix the changelog, or I upload new debdiff ?21:03
* tumbleweed doesn't mind too much21:03
tumbleweedjust sitting down to do it now21:03
dupondjeI cant upload anyway *sadface* :)21:04
micahgdupondje: I'm sure you'll get there eventually21:05
tumbleweedyikes 143 uploads https://launchpad.net/~dupondje/+related-software21:06
tumbleweeddupondje: when are you applying for MOTU?21:06
* dupondje hates writing texts :P21:07
jtaylorhehe that stopped me from applying for a quite a while :)21:09
* jtaylor dreads doing it again for DD :/21:09
* ajmitch applied when it was much less formal :)21:10
dupondjejtaylor: they should have templates ^^21:10
dupondje<insert name here>21:10
jtaylorI liked the DM application, just copy paste a small line of text and insert maintained pacakges :)21:10
tumbleweedjtaylor: DD doesn't require a public grilling on IRC :)21:10
tumbleweedand you only need to persuade one person to advocate you21:11
tumbleweed(did I just advertise Debian as being easier to get upload rights for than MOTU?)21:11
micahgyes :)21:12
* micahg really should go for DD at some point21:12
tumbleweedjtaylor: (and you know you have a standing offer for advocation from me)21:12
ajmitchmicahg: you should21:13
jtaylorI know thanks, my biggest obstacle is more my lazyness21:13
Laneyyou get to read licenses21:14
Laneyand fix bugs21:14
Laneyand write shell scripts!21:14
tumbleweedand recite policy21:14
broder"Debian as being easier to get upload rights for than MOTU"> I am so skeptical21:15
Laneynah, but DM is easier than PPU21:15
Laneyand then much easier to extend21:15
tumbleweedbroder: the advocation bar is quite high21:15
tumbleweedbut once you're in the system, you won't be rejected21:16
tumbleweed(well, unlikely)21:16
Laneyyour progress might be somewhat slow21:16
* tumbleweed stalled an applicant I was AMing until he sorted his RC bugs out21:16
* dupondje wanted to upload a new package to his ppa, but doesn't like the 18h delay on the builders :'(21:19
jtaylormine build in one hour21:20
tumbleweedhttps://launchpad.net/builders <- 12hrs for amd6421:20
jtaylorthough I was bad, uploaded a rebuild where a copy would have sufficed because I want to track how many oneiric user sI have :/21:20
* tumbleweed has never played with PPA usage stats. Have you written a nice script to produce pretty graphs yet?21:21
dupondjewas bit more some minutes ago21:21
EvilResistancecan anyone help me debug this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/965593/  Been at this for about two weeks and still cant figure out the cause of the break21:21
EvilResistance(might be so obvious i'm missing it)21:21
jtaylortumbleweed: slow but works ok http://paste.ubuntu.com/965601/21:22
tumbleweedeagles0513875: do you have universe enabled?21:23
tumbleweederr EvilResistance21:23
EvilResistancetumbleweed:  might not in that chroot21:23
EvilResistanceshould i go an enable it within the chroot?21:23
* EvilResistance knew it was something obvious21:28
tumbleweedyikes, my netatalk package has had 1698 downloads. No wonder people e-mail be about it21:30
tumbleweedI think I just uploaded it for someone to test, when picking at a lp bug21:30
dupondjeheh :)21:30
EvilResistancedo backports (when uploaded to [release]-backports) build with universe enabled?21:30
tumbleweedEvilResistance: same as non-backports21:31
tumbleweeduniverse packages build with univers, main packages build without it21:31
Laneytumbleweed: EvilResistance: Nope, backports has all components21:32
Laneyprimarily to cope with packages changing component across releases21:33
EvilResistanceLaney:  is that bug that prevents backports from build-depending on other backports fixed yet?21:33
EvilResistancethought not, since i havent seen any updates on it (and I'm subscribed to it)21:34
tumbleweedLaney: oh21:34
LaneyI did double check the code to be sure :P21:34
Laney    if pocket == PackagePublishingPocket.BACKPORTS:21:34
Laney        return component_dependencies['multiverse']21:34
brodertumbleweed: has there been any organization done for a keysigning party?23:21
broder(or Laney? i forget who claimed responsibility for this last fall)23:21
tumbleweedbroder: I was actually thinking about that last night, but it's probably already too late23:21
tumbleweed(too late to do organisation-before-we-leave-ohme23:21
broderhmm...how much would you really need to do in advance?23:22
SpamapStime and a place is all you really need23:22
ajmitchdepends on how formal you want to be23:22
tumbleweedSpamapS: they tend to be crazily disorganised, though23:23
SpamapSthough the longer you have a single organizer who can print out the sheets .. the more keys will be sent.23:23
ajmitchit can be easier if everyone sends in their keys beforehand23:23
tumbleweedtwo UDSs ago, there were two versions of the sheets23:23
tumbleweedoh, and last UDS too23:23
* ajmitch should probably replace his key soon23:23
SpamapSThe one at UDS-P went well, once the initial "oops!" of printing the wrong things on the page was fixed.23:23
ajmitchUDS might be a good chance to do it23:23
SpamapSI need to get a 4K key setup23:23
SpamapSthough IMO if I sign the new key with the old key, it should be enough for people to sign my new one. :-P23:24
stgraberajmitch: yeah, I moved to a 4K key 3 UDSes ago, a day before the key signing :)23:24
stgraberSpamapS: some people do, but I had almost half of the people who signed my old key refuse to sign the new one until I see them in person again :)23:25
broderi've never been able to decide how i feel about that23:25
SpamapSstgraber: thats just because you're so much fun to hang out with23:25
SpamapSIMO it should be sufficient to have a signed message from the person whose key you signed, and the signature on the acutal key. It should also be time-sensitive. I'm not going to sign it 2 years after the message was signed and sent.23:26
tumbleweedgoing from http://bad.debian.net/list/2012-April/003491.html someone thinks our keysigning is already scheduled23:26
SpamapSBut if I verified their identity once, whats the point of doing the verification again? :-P23:26
broderSpamapS: i'm not interested in verifying your identity. i'm interested in verifying in a cryptographically trustworthy way that you actually sent the message23:27
broder(and that your key wasn't compromised by someone who then signed the message)23:27
tumbleweedalso, everyone has their own keysigning policies23:27
SpamapSbroder: which you'd do..since I sent it w/ the key you signed. :)23:27
SpamapSwell if you don't trust my key anymore.. why did you sign it!? ;)23:28
SpamapStumbleweed: true enough. I'm not sure that actually helps the web of trust though.23:28
brodertumbleweed: anyway, based on past experience, there will be a keysigning party. i think it would be awesome if one of us could claim responsibility for it so we can be sure it will be run cluefully and in a way that lets everyone make their respective team dinners afterwards in a timely manner23:28
brodersince that's been a traditional failure of the uds keysigning party23:29
tumbleweedbroder: :)23:29
sbeattieSpamapS: FYI, if you convert to a 4k key, here's the notes the security team took while doing it for our own keys: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/GPGMigration23:29
SpamapSsbeattie: thank you!23:29
SpamapSAs part of getting my DD status they asked me to promise to move to a 4K key23:30
* ajmitch needs to get a transnational republic ID for a keysigning :)23:30
tumbleweedI seem to recall there once being a big stink because someone took a fake ID to a debian keysigning23:30
ajmitchtumbleweed: yep, it was that one23:30
SpamapStumbleweed: just to test people?23:31
ajmitchpretty much23:31
ajmitchhopefully my NZ passport looks official enough23:31
broderSpamapS: I'd also want to verify the new key in person because I basically don't use the web of trust - I have a one-hop path to everybody I want a cryptographically trustworthy path to23:33
broderAnd trusting your old key to verify the new key breaks that assumption for me23:33
tumbleweedwell, should we go for 6 PM on wednesday as the locals are expecting?23:33
broderisn't it traditionally on thursday?23:34
* broder is a local not expecting anything23:34
tumbleweedI was pointing at http://bad.debian.net/list/2012-April/003491.html (which turned up on a secret list far away)23:34
broderi'm not opposed. might be less hectic if there's less stuff happening in the evening currently23:35
tumbleweedgoing from the coordination around release-team dinner, dinners are all over the place23:35
broderuds is short. there's probably no way to win here23:36
ajmitchtrying to schedule anything that doesnt' conflict is a bit of a hassle with this many people23:36
tumbleweedhttp://uds.ubuntu.com/event/ looks liek every evening has events23:37
broderif all the events are at 7, we can just have the keysigning party at 6! we'll *totally* all be done in time23:38
ajmitchof course you will23:38
tumbleweedwe don't all have to sign everyone's key23:40
stgraberbroder: considering 80% of the attendees are the "usual" ones, I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't be faster to just do it the old way (everyone distributing pieces of paper) at the meet&greet23:55
broderstgraber: interesting. although i feel like i always find that one of the "usual suspects" is someone i haven't actually exchanged signatures with23:55
ajmitchI'll have to generate a new key & print out fingerprints before I go then23:56
broderbasically because i don't actually know who has signed my key :)23:56
tumbleweedI cross people off the list before the signing if we've cross-signed23:56
tumbleweedbut I usually miss a few23:56
stgraberbroder: I usually look at <current version>-changes for anyone who uploaded quite a lot of packages without enigmail showing me that I have signed their key already23:56
tumbleweed(and don't necessarily remember23:56
ajmitchmy key probably won't be signed by most of you23:57
ajmitchyou'll trust that I am who I say I am, right? :)23:57

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