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skd5anerhey - is there an easy way to see what the current init script is for mythbackend?  I compile from source on vanilla ubuntu-server, and would like to mimic some things from the current script you guys use22:07
tgm4883skd5aner, you have to look in git :)22:17
skd5anerhappy to do so, can you point me to the link?22:18
tgm4883yep, looking it up now22:18
tgm4883skd5aner, this is what you are looking for?  https://github.com/MythTV/packaging/blob/master/deb/debian/mythtv-backend.upstart22:18
Zinn[github.com] packaging/deb/debian/mythtv-backend.upstart at master · MythTV/packaging · GitHub22:18
skd5aneryea, thanks :)22:19
skd5anerI still have an old /etc/init.d/mythbackend startup script that I've managed to keep around for like 6 years22:19
skd5anertime to wipe it clean and get something a little more applicable22:19
tgm4883it should update, but only if you haven't altered it as all22:20
skd5aneryou guys store your upstart scripts in the main mythtv/packaging repo?22:20
skd5anerWell, again... I don't use the .debs, I build from source :)22:20
tgm4883yes, all of our packaging stuff is in the mythtv/packaging repo22:22
tgm4883I believe that is what upstream wanted22:22
skd5anercool - didn't realize that, but good to know... thanks22:39

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