slangasekthumb mode, perhaps?00:00
infinityThat was my guess.00:00
infinityThat said, the compiler is meant to auto-guess the right thumbiness based on -march/-mcpu00:01
* infinity spins up a local build.00:06
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cjwatsonbjf: Always installable - you're missing a "from alpha-1 onwards" there09:28
cjwatsonbjf: Until we have MUCH better tool support for -proposed, it's not realistic to expect consistent installability before that09:30
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dokocjwatson: component-mismatches doesn't seem to look for armel. is this expected?10:48
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dokopromoted to main on armel: gcc-4.7-multilib g++-4.7-multilib gfortran-4.7-multilib10:56
cjwatsondoko: it's supposed to - maybe if you hadn't worked around it I could have investigated ;-)10:59
cjwatsondoko: Oh, nothing to do with that actually, it just doesn't notice when packages are out of sync between architectures11:01
cjwatsondoko: However, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/architecture-mismatches.txt is for this very purpose11:01
* cjwatson promotes libopencc-dbg/powerpc while he's there11:02
dokoahh, good to know11:10
Laneycan haskell-hjsmin please be copied precise-proposed → quantal?12:29
cjwatsonYou can do that yourself with Archive.copyPackage12:31
cjwatsonlp-shell production devel12:31
Laneythat's the recommended way now?12:31
cjwatsonubuntu = lp.distributions["ubuntu"]12:32
cjwatsonubuntu.main_archive.copyPackage(from_archive=ubuntu.main_archive, source_name="haskell-hjsmin", version="whatever", include_binaries=True, to_series="quantal", to_pocket="Release")12:33
cjwatsonor something like that12:33
cjwatsonwe could use an ubuntu-archive-tools command for it12:33
cjwatsonwell, generally I prefer self-service over something that ubuntu-archive has to do12:33
cjwatsonI think the above only requires upload privileges12:33
Laneyyeah, I did it. I wasn't aware that it had been delegated down.12:34
cjwatsonI think because normally we only do it after verification, and in that case sru-release -d deals with it12:35
cjwatsonbut if people explicitly want to copy from -proposed to ease testing, shrug12:35
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phillwhi, could someone pop me the link up for the change in how 12.04 deals with 'admin' users. I'm a long way from my laptop and want to do a bit of digging about several 'paper-cuts' that seem to be becoming a theme. thanks.15:51
slangasekScottK: fyi, the mumble qt regression I never got around to filing a report on is the bug that was just fixed in SRU ;)19:26
ScottKslangasek: Excellent.  Proves once again that procrastination pays.19:26
infinityScottK: Hah.19:37
ScottKYou act like I'm kidding.19:38
infinityI'm pretty sure you're not. ;)19:38
Laneyinfinity: are you planning on putting your vim 'quantal' change into precise?20:19
infinityLaney: Hadn't planned on it, no.20:20
stgraberLaney: not running quantal yet? precise is SO last week ;)20:21
LaneyI'd like it. Would you accept an SRU?20:21
Laneystgraber: It stole my lunch money :(20:21
micahgdevscripts also doesn't seem to recognize quantal20:21
infinitySRUing for syntax hilighting seems a bit silly, but I guess for an LTS, it makes some sense.  But yeah, we'd want/need to touch everything that doesn't know about Q.20:22
infinityTraditionally, we don't do this, we just expect people to develop on the latest release. :P20:23
LaneyThe more painful this is, the more we can try and make sure it doesn't happen again :P20:23
Laneytraditionally the name is known far enough in advance, no?20:23
infinityLaney: Sure, but that only solves the +1 issue.  If people want to SRU so P knows about Q, wouldn't they also want it to know about R and S?20:23
micahgthat's why distro-info was created :)20:24
infinityBut, no, traditionally we don't do this all in advance.20:24
infinityThe last cycle might have been special for some packages, I dunno.20:24
infinityBut vim (for instance) has traditionally always been the "first merge of the cycle", and included the syntax change.20:24
tumbleweedmicahg: that's why distro-info was created, but we haven't been able to persuade enough people to use it yet...20:25
Laneyat least for precise, oneiric and natty it was done before release.20:26
tumbleweedthis is the first time the code name came so late20:26
LaneyI think we would only want to encourage people developing to be on n-1.20:26
LaneySo needn't worry about taking this stuff back too far20:26
micahgor a current LTS20:26
Laneywell, I don't even know about that20:27
Laneycertainly the current stable20:27
micahgdevelopers are entitled to stability too :)20:28
ogra_thats why they gain weight all the time ;)20:28
LaneyI guess if someone is willing to do the work I wouldn't mind, but I'm no SRU member.20:29
infinityFile an umbrella bug about all the bits that need to know WTF a "quantal" is and start making appropriate precise tasks for each package, and we'll go from there?20:30
infinityMost of it's no-brainer 1-line backports.20:30
infinityOf course, by the time we get it all fixed, it shouldn't matter, because once the archive is stable, I do expect actual developers to be running Q.20:31
Laneybug #99420820:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 994208 in vim "Needs to know about quantal" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99420820:35
* mdeslaur learns about "distro-info"20:36
Laneybah, all in main20:52
* Laney adds self to core-dev.20:52
infinityJust attach a bunch of debdiffs.  They must almost universally be 1-or-2-line patches.20:52
infinityI pilot tomorrow, you can beg me to sponsor them all then!20:52
Laneyhardly seems worth the effort, like a debdiff for a no-change rebuild20:53
infinityOh, for no-change ones, just note that's what's required. :P20:53
infinity(Err, they should all need changes, mind you)20:53
Laneythey do, I'm just likening the two :P20:53
Laneynoddy changes.20:53
* infinity nods.20:54
infinityLaney: There, everything's fixed in Q (except clang, which I'm working on for other reasons), I'll put the 5 minutes into doing the same for P later. :P21:17
Laneyoh, you did it?21:18
* Laney just pull-lp-sourced everything21:18
Laneynice :-)21:18
ScottKtumbleweed: This is the same distro-info that made pbuilder-dist break as soon as quantal was released?21:33
ScottKIt doesn't seem like much of a win.21:33
infinityPicky, picky. ;)21:33
tumbleweedScottK: seeing as I ended up involved in it, I'm open to suggestions on reliability improvements21:34
tumbleweedwe could put dummy r-series entries in, but that'll cause different confusion21:35
tumbleweedor we make it download data from somewhere, but then you've got another source of stale data...21:35
infinityDummy entries don't seem like much help, when the real codename is what things need.21:35
Laneyit was the immediate crashing in out of date data21:36
infinityPeople just need to be on top of updating it ASAP.21:36
infinity(And make it more robust, apparently)21:36
tumbleweedprograms using it with slightly more error-handling would avoid blowups like the things ScottK is complaining about21:36
Laneypbuilder-dist really didn't need to unconditionally die then21:36
ScottKtumbleweed: From my glance at the code it was trying to find out if something was the development release and add extra repos if not.  Rather than exploding if it can't find a development release, it could just assume adding the extra repos is OK.21:36
tumbleweedthat was just due to API deficciencies21:36
tumbleweedScottK: agreed21:37
ScottKBut from a user POV, it's distro-info's fault.  If pbuilder-dist hadn't been improved to use it, all would have been fine.21:37
tumbleweedalso in the worst case scenario, it could suggest what package needs updating and where to look21:38
infinityslangasek: If you want to put on an SRU hat for a couple of minutes and look at my 4 uploads in precise-proposed, that would be snazzy.  (They're bit-for-bit identical to my quantal uploads, except for changelog/version)21:38
cjwatsoninfinity: the text of your SRU acceptance messages suggests that perhaps you don't know about sru-accept.py in ubuntu-archive-tools (or else you need to commit your wording changes ;-) )21:54
infinitycjwatson: It suggests that I didn't use sru-accept in that case, yes. ;)21:54
cjwatsonjust checking ...21:57
infinitycjwatson: I'm (re-)learning all the SRU processes as I go. :P21:57
infinityMy god, lintian's testsuite is more comprehensive than gcc's.21:58
tumbleweedblame nthykier21:59

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