bobweaverwill ubuntu andorid/ubuntu tv be shown off at UDS ?13:16
bobweaverlike in the youtube video that one ?13:16
tgm4883is there really only one Ubuntu TV session at UDS-Q  http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20338/community-q-ubuntu-tv-involvement/15:51
popeytgm4883: so far, yes15:55
popeytgm4883: what sessions do you think might be useful?15:55
* tgm4883 shrugs15:55
tgm4883I mean, getting the community involved is great and all15:56
tgm4883I'd like to see a "what do we want to do for this cycle" session15:56
tgm4883just like every other project does15:56
tgm4883unless what is planned is "lets keep this super secret still"15:57
bobweaverkinda hard too keep super secret if there is a youtube video with over 110,000 views j/s16:20
bobweaverI can not wait I have been setting $ aside16:21
tgm4883bobweaver, there is a real youtube video? Where?16:21
bobweavertgm4883,   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyeFcldavTk16:21
bobweaverthere are more16:21
tgm4883this looks like a phone16:22
bobweaverkeep watching16:22
tgm4883oh at the end16:22
tgm4883bobweaver, let me clarify16:23
tgm4883is there any evidence of an actual running product instead of a fake ubuntu tv video?16:23
bobweaverthanks I am v.green and all I know is I want that bad16:23
tgm4883I understand, let me explain. To my knowledge, at this point, none of the demos have actually been running any Ubuntu TV software16:24
tgm4883they have all been clever fakes16:24
tgm4883popey, might be able to correct me on that though16:24
bobweavertgm4883,  you have watched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=552kB9qhu5g&feature=related16:26
tgm4883no, is there any reason to?16:27
bobweaverlike I said All I know is I want it :) both the phone and the tv but if they are 2 in one that is even better :) I am not a "know-it-all" but I do know that I want it16:31
popeytgm4883: not sure i'd call it fake17:26
tgm4883popey, magic?17:28
tgm4883yes I think tomfoolery works quite well there chap17:29
tgm4883^^ in a british accent17:29

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