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AlanBellmorning all06:28
DJonesMorning everybody07:06
smittixMorning DJones07:07
DJonesHi smittix07:08
DJonesMorning popey07:36
DJonesIs this an early start for you, or a late going to bed07:42
MooDoomorning all07:53
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Knightwisemorning everyone08:04
MooDoomorning Knightwise how goes it08:06
dwatkinsI appear to be able to use Amazon's cloud drive now as well as Google's.08:20
MooDoomorning daubers08:21
daubersNo power again this morning \o/08:27
MooDooyay :S08:30
dwatkinsI wonder how long it will be before this is a widespread problem.08:31
dwatkinsare you in a remote location, daubers, or does the building just have wiring issues?08:31
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:13
MooDoomorning brobostigon09:15
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:16
oimonseeing more reports of hard freezes in 12.04. i've have some myself on 2 different machines :-\09:17
ali1234what hardware?09:19
oimonintel based dell laptop , and nvidia graphics on a HP09:20
oimonusualy when clicking on the launcher09:20
oimonbut reisub didn't work for me last night09:21
oimonquite hard to file bugs about it09:21
daubersdwatkins: It's an underground wire fault in the area. Quite hard to track down09:25
dwatkinsdaubers: ah, not good09:25
gordonjcpdaubers: TDR, tone injector and probe...09:26
dwatkinsI thought you could only do that for low voltage cables, such as telephone cables09:27
daubersgordonjcp: No idea :) I know they where out sniffing for it a couple of times when it's gone09:30
ali1234dwatkins: if the power is out, it;s 0v...09:30
dwatkinsali1234: very true, I would be concerned about frying an expensive device that's meant for testing ethernet/telephone cables on a mains circuit09:31
AlanBellwe can haz office :)09:31
ali1234well i would expect they have a custom device09:32
dwatkinsyeah, a trained badger ;)09:35
christelAlanBell: DO TELL09:51
christel(tell me all the things, particularly whether it has room for me and popey!)09:51
christel(and hooray, congrats, etc)09:54
MooDoohehe it's always good catching up with Amber Grainer :D09:59
davmor2morning all10:07
MooDoodavmor2: you rock god, how the devil are you!10:10
davmor2MooDoo: Pain easing but still there other than that sound as a round pound on the ground, you?10:11
MooDoodavmor2: cracking mate, just spoke to amber grainer, she a good egg :)10:12
davmor2MooDoo: Yeah she's a lot of fun10:13
MooDoodavmor2: yup10:13
DJones\o/ Work related task for the day, look at laptops on the internet and get prices/specification....Its a hard life :)10:13
ging_on a fresh install of unity does it put the close and minmise buttons on the left not the right?10:27
DJonesging_: I'm not sure, although I think that might be the default theme10:27
ging_why am i ging_ ?10:27
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DJonesYou have a tail :)10:28
gordonjcpis there a way to exclude dependencies when  installing something with apt?10:28
gordonjcpthe jackd package in Ubuntu has some silly superfluous deps10:28
gingmy buttons are on the right and i can't find an option to move them left10:28
gordonjcpging: it's a thing you change in gconf-editor10:29
DJonesging: Which theme are you using? I think its only Ambience and Radiance that do that10:29
ginggordonjcp: is itunder unity shell?10:30
AlanBellchristel: in the granary, behind sugarcraft10:31
AlanBellnear the statin10:31
TheOpenSourcererNot much room for "hangers-on" though...10:32
TheOpenSourcererI'd call it small but perfectly formed.10:32
AlanBellit is *nice*10:32
christelcool :)10:33
christelTheOpenSourcerer: tsk tsk!10:37
AlanBellapparently we can upgrade it to a bigger one at some point10:38
czajkowskiAlanBell: TheOpenSourcerer well done10:42
czajkowskidont forget oggcamp 12 is live, http://oggcamp.org/  dont forget to register10:43
MooDooyay oggcamp10:45
czajkowskiMooDoo: will you be showing up ?10:45
MooDooczajkowski: hopefully, i'm on the crew mailing list, want to get involved with that.10:45
czajkowskigreat :)10:45
christelAlanBell: that is nifty should you get more people onboard :)10:47
christelthe limited pictures i can see online look good! i am glad you found something a bit more modern!10:49
AlanBellthere is a meeting room and we have been told we can have a party in it :)10:51
christela moving office party? ;)10:53
AlanBellit isn't really right for a big party as such10:53
AlanBellmaybe an installfest or something10:53
AlanBellmust check out the Waverley Arms10:54
AlanBellit is the door on the left http://www.wadhamandisherwood.co.uk/uploaded-files/property/5631/images/3680/property-detail.jpg10:55
christelhow much are you ending up paying for it?10:55
AlanBell£460/month ish10:55
czajkowskiMooDoo: what tool do you use for the daily thingy you do10:56
christelincl. rates etc?10:57
AlanBellquite a lot per sqare foot but that is all inclusive10:57
AlanBelland it is *nice*10:57
czajkowskinice indeed10:57
AlanBellhi work-experience10:58
work-experienceare you from ?10:58
MyrttiAlanBell: congrats, looks good10:58
christelAlanBell: sounds good!10:58
MooDooczajkowski: the fedora paper?10:59
czajkowskiwhat tool?10:59
czajkowskilooking for an alternative10:59
czajkowskiMooDoo: cheers11:00
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MooDooczajkowski: http://alternativeto.net/software/paperli/ this help?11:00
MooDoohmm actually maybe not11:00
MooDooi really should stop that paper lol11:01
czajkowskiMooDoo: oh handy11:01
oimonanyone got wine installed in precise?11:13
diplooimon, yep11:14
oimondiplo, care to confirm something for me please?11:14
oimonopen dash, type notepad. drag notepad to launcher, and run notepad.11:15
oimondoes the arrow appear next to notepad?11:15
oimonnow close note pad and try running it from launcher11:16
yothsoggothoimon: Does for me, too11:16
yothsoggothoimon: arrows still appear11:16
oimon64-bit precise?11:16
diploArrow doesn'tappear second time11:16
oimondiplo. ok now minimise notepad11:16
yothsoggoth32-bit here11:16
diploOK, minimised11:17
oimondiplo, now try to get it back11:17
oimontry alt-tab11:17
oimonyou now have a running app you can't get back11:17
oimonnow we try to find someone who cares :D11:18
diploYep, I already have another wine app thats running11:18
diplothat always shows in alt tab11:18
diplooimon, can get back with Super + W11:18
oimonpicasa and notepad aren't showing11:18
yothsoggothit shows fine in alt-tab in 32-bit Precise, for me11:18
diploMysql db app11:18
oimonyothsoggoth, strange. i'd like to try with any other ppl running 32/64 variants11:18
diploI'm 32bit btw as well11:19
MooDoosigh fedora do pick some sad codenames :S F18 - Spherical Cow :S11:19
oimondefinitely doesn't show in alt-tab11:19
diployeah Wine icon disappeared from alt-tab now i've closed yog11:19
diploBut notepad still open11:19
oimondiplo, yeah so you have same bug11:20
diploRecord it like popey does oimon ?11:20
oimonthere is a bug 704187, which predates 12.04 but is the most similar11:20
lubotu3Launchpad bug 704187 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unable to add Wine applications to Unity launcher" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70418711:20
oimonbut assignee->nobody now :(11:20
yothsoggothMooDoo: Yeah, some of their older names are pretty cool, then stuff like Beefy Miracle and Spherical Cow ¬¬11:21
oimonserious issue for my wife running some wine apps, and for me too11:21
MooDooyothsoggoth: then again ubuntu's aren't brilliant, after q i axpect r to be totally unprenounsable lol11:21
oimongord assigned jason smith to it, but now it's unassigned11:22
yothsoggothMooDoo: Yeah, Quantal Quetzal's already pretty difficult, doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it lol11:22
oimonah, maybe that's just bamf (whatever that is)11:23
oimondiplo, can you "affects me" on that bug too pls,11:23
MooDooyothsoggoth: next one will be ranunculaceous racoon ;)11:24
yothsoggothMooDoo: Spherical Cow isn't looking too bad now eh?11:24
oimoni said i would use beefy miracle if they called it that.11:26
MooDoosome nice sponsors of the UDS :)11:26
diplooimon, Simon?11:26
* christel sponsors MooDoo 11:26
oimonsay simon in a high voice11:27
diploI may create a video and attach it to it, been meaning to try it out for months11:27
oimonkazam ?11:27
diploBut before that I'm going home to get some lunch11:27
MooDoochristel: oh christel stop making me fall for you ;) lol <311:27
oimonkazam is an example of a program to do a simple task done well11:27
oimoni'm amazed nobody wrote a twitter app to do twitter well11:28
christelthere goes my plan of buttering you up to come help me assemble some furniture...11:28
oimonmy best experience of getting bugs fixed is show them to popey, then they magically get fixed11:28
christeli'll have to try my luck on AlanBell next!11:28
MooDoochristel: i'm other end of the country am i not11:29
christeltrue :(11:29
christelmy other half is completely useless at anything practical11:29
christelhe took 6 days off work to "help pack before we move"11:29
MooDoochristel: if i were closer obviously i'd have jumped at the chance to be in your presence ;)11:29
christelin those 6 days he managed to pack ONE box of dvds..11:29
* AlanBell reads back for context11:30
jussichristel: Ill assemble all the furniture you want if you pay for my ticket there :D11:30
christeljussi: deal!11:30
jussicool, send the the details :D11:31
MooDoochristel: you should of had a packing party )11:31
christeltell me when you're free! hehe11:31
christelMooDoo: ooh good thinking!11:31
jussichristel: oh, you also have to provide me with a corner to sleep in :D11:31
jussichristel: now.  :)11:31
christelthat i can do!11:31
MooDooany one else here going to ogg camp?11:40
* BigRedS is pondering it11:40
* gordonjcp is11:41
DJonesI may have a visit as its only down the road, but busy time with cousins wedding, birthdays and holidays in August, so may not get the chance11:43
christelMooDoo: i am debating it!11:58
christelAlanBell: are you going?11:58
AlanBellno, can't really this time11:59
MooDoochristel: <3 :)12:00
christeli think i might do, the boys would benefit from a weekend of bonding i am sure!12:01
MooDoochristel: i'll le tou buy me and others beer :)12:03
BigRedSHm. I need suggestions for another hostname in a theme12:03
christelMooDoo: how very kind of you ;)12:04
BigRedSI've already got amazing, fantastic, brilliant and awesome12:04
MooDoochristel: always thinking of you  :) lol12:05
BigRedSnah, that's their subdomain12:05
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BigRedSoooh, that'll do12:06
andylockranmessing with some keyboard shortcuts12:18
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MooDooyummy beans on toast12:47
TheOpenSourcereryes it was MooDoo12:47
TheOpenSourcererWith curry and chilli powders12:47
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: i've got some hot chillies i have on everything, my tastebuds are now shot lol12:48
dogmatic69I broke the paste bin http://paste.ubuntu.com/964595/13:14
AlanBellwrap would be nice13:16
dogmatic69it is kinda bad as pastebinit now uses that.13:18
AlanBellit does by default, which is normally good13:19
AlanBellthe wrapping needs fixing really13:19
ali1234no spaces at all?13:19
AlanBellthere are spaces13:20
AlanBellit is in a <pre>13:20
AlanBellto be fair that is not going to look pretty under any circumstances13:23
ali1234nope, still looks awful13:24
BigRedSdo pastebins normally want to wrap?13:24
TheOpenSourcererAnyone got any recommendation for a kbd/mouse bundle to use with a laptop (Ubuntu)?13:25
DJonesIf anybody has a joggler, O2 is dropping support at the end of the month http://www.reghardware.com/2012/05/03/o2_drops_support_for_joggler_family_tablet/13:25
ali1234is that... a hash of functions?13:25
TheOpenSourcererOh no! I have a Joggler - somewhere...13:25
TheOpenSourcererCool - Logitech's kbd/mouse says Windows & Linux 2.6 kernel or later :-)13:31
sagaciTheOpenSourcerer: kernel 3.x should work pretty well then13:34
sagaciwonder how long it will take for items to stipulate 3.x and later13:35
TheOpenSourcererAny thoughts on wired kbd/mouse vs wireless?13:35
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: I use a Logitech M505 wireless mouse on UBuntu without any issues13:35
TheOpenSourcererI have a Logitech Performance Mouse here - It's great. But I want something for the (new) office to use with my lappy.13:36
DJonesI find a wireless mouse is a lot better than a wired one with a laptop, no matter whether you've got the laptop on your lap, on a desk, to your side etc, you don't have to worry about cables getting in the way13:37
TheOpenSourcererNot sure about wireless/wired and whether it's better to go for a separate kbd & mouse.13:37
TheOpenSourcererYeah - I can't quite understand why I'd want a wireless kbd somehow.13:37
TheOpenSourcererMOuse yes.13:38
MooDooi use the microsoft wireless keyboard and mount, seems ok for me.13:41
TheOpenSourcererThis is what I have at home - the dogs danglies: http://www.ebuyer.com/172750-logitech-performance-mouse-mx-with-darkfield-laser-tracking-usb-with-nano-910-00112113:43
TheOpenSourcererIt's like a 3d triangle13:53
TheOpenSourcererbut with a square base13:54
MooDooi know that lol quite a random statement unless i've missed the conversation :D13:54
BigRedSTheOpenSourcerer: surely you're more likely to lose a wireless mouse than keyboard?14:06
TheOpenSourcererDunno - I don't tend to lose much.14:07
TheOpenSourcererWireless mice are good - they move much more freely.14:07
TheOpenSourcererBut cheap ones aren't too hot - can be slow, short battery cycle etc.14:08
AlanBellI like my little red logitech mouse14:09
AlanBellhave not replaced the battery yet14:09
TheOpenSourcererwhat model is that one?14:09
TheOpenSourcererdoes it have the thumb buttons for forward/back?14:10
AlanBellno it is a cheap basic one14:10
BigRedSAh, I use a trackball because it means I need a smaller area of tidy desk than for a mouse14:10
BigRedSwhich might explain how I lose mice14:11
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bigcalmHi peeps :)14:23
BigRedSHm. Thunderbird keeps dragging the system to a crawl and then exiting with error messages that are probably not all that useful14:23
BigRedSanyone know a way to run it with more info?14:23
TheOpenSourcererBigRedS: You can run it from the cli and add -jsconsole to open the Error Console14:25
TheOpenSourcereror -g starts it in the debugger14:26
davmor2_BigRedS: it is a huge memory/cpu hog while it does and initial import of mail14:27
davmor2_BigRedS: if it is crashing it should ask you to send a report14:27
davmor2_BigRedS: if it hasn't may I suggest you empty /var/crash and try it again14:27
BigRedSAh, yeah, maybe it's just trying to download everything, running out of memory and crashing...14:31
BigRedSwhy can't these things be well-behaved?14:31
brobostigonany pages people can advise on setting up a mumble server ?14:32
BigRedSwhat I got earlier to terminal was this: http://pastebin.com/mMURV7s7 which I think isn't overly useful14:32
BigRedS'techteam' is an imapfolder with several thousand messages in it14:32
TheOpenSourcererseveral thousand doesn't seem like a lot.14:39
TheOpenSourcererUnless they all have large attachments14:39
TheOpenSourcererMost of my accounts in TB have tens of thousands of messages.14:40
BigRedSyeah, I've not seen TB have an issue with this mailbox before14:41
BigRedSbut 'before' wasn't ubuntu :)14:41
BigRedSIs there some way to tell it to ignore old mail?14:41
TheOpenSourcerermight want to try on the #ubuntu-mozilla-team room (sorry that isn't the right name and Empathy doesn't give you a room list) :-(14:45
TheOpenSourcererAlthough most of them will probably be in California now.14:45
BigRedSah yeah14:47
BigRedSit's #ubuntu-mozillateam14:47
BigRedS(forgot there'd be a ubuntu-flavoured place to go)14:48
* awilkins grunts incoherently15:13
bigcalmGood morning popey :)15:18
MooDoohello popey15:20
BigRedShm. Thunderbird takes longer to crash now that I have a swap file...15:36
AlanBellmy raspberry pi has been dispatched15:36
BigRedSI might just create a 20GB one and leave it be overnight15:36
davmor2_popey: you in Oakland by any chance?15:56
davmor2_popey: slap gord a high 5 at some point15:57
popeyare you american?15:57
AlanBellwonder if my raspberry pi will arrive in time to bring to UDS15:57
popeymine has just been shipped15:57
AlanBellpopey: are there any HDMI monitors kicking about?15:57
davmor2_popey: No but when in rome.....15:57
popeyin your room, yes15:58
AlanBellif it turns up I will bring it15:58
popeyuhm, if mine turns up, wanna go and get it from my house and bring it? ☺15:58
AlanBellyeah, OK15:58
davmor2_AlanBell: the correct answer to that is Yeah but it'll cost ya15:59
davmor2_AlanBell: you going to UDS too?15:59
popeyok, have asked clare to let me know when it comes15:59
AlanBellat heathrow "are you carrying anything belonging to someone else?" <snap of rubber gloves>16:00
davmor2_AlanBell: Don't say yes I have a raspberry pie that'll be undisclosed food for starters :D16:01
jpdsAlanBell: Better is the more philosophical one: "Could anyone have put anything in your luggage _without your knowledge_?"16:02
bigcalm2 hours to go16:09
davmor2_bigcalm: till what?16:11
bigcalmThe nexy Galaxy is unveiled16:11
davmor2_bigcalm: how do you know it will be nexy16:12
* popey is waiting for ubuntu phone ☺16:12
bigcalmdavmor2: google 'next galaxy'16:13
bigcalmOops, next, not nexy16:13
* bigcalm sighs and gets on with "stuff"16:13
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aquariuswho do I ping with ubuntnuforums questions, these days?16:27
jpdsaquarius: #ubuntuforums ?16:29
aquariusthere's a channel? ha!16:29
* awilkins contemplates death for the developer who copied hard-coded credential pairs into a user acceptance test config16:46
* AlanBell has gnome-calculator running in wayland16:50
davmor2_yeah popey when that happening?16:53
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czajkowskiLaney: ping17:00
Laneyhello czajkowski17:00
czajkowskiLaney: the CC meeting is on now and reviewing all the CoC feedback17:01
czajkowskiin case you're interested17:01
Laneyi thought it was friday for some reason17:01
czajkowskiLaney: you're welcome17:03
Laney:-) cheers boss17:03
* czajkowski dangles digestives and tea bags in front of gords17:03
* czajkowski dangles digestives and tea bags in front of gord17:03
davmor2_czajkowski: I'm pretty sure that should be in the COC that you're not allowed to tease devs :P17:14
czajkowskiI don't tease devs17:14
czajkowskiI mearly bring tea to gord in the hope he makes hud nicer17:14
czajkowskigranted so far this has failed17:14
davmor2_czajkowski: hud is nicer17:14
davmor2_it at least accepts whole words now17:15
AlanBelleven if you type the whole words into a VM17:16
AlanBellhttp://www.honeproperties.co.uk/available.php that is our new office17:26
zleapAlanBell, nice :)17:28
popeythats only two alans in size17:29
popeynot nearly big enough17:29
AlanBellwell it is a start17:29
AlanBelland we can move about within that building as stuff becomes available17:30
bigcalmLove how the page keeps refreshing itself as if there was more than one image to display17:32
AlanBellyeah, bit of a fail17:33
AlanBellthere will be zero to display soon :)17:33
bigcalmDoes it come with those 4:3 monitors and printer?17:33
AlanBellnot sure!17:34
AlanBellit does come with the desks17:35
bigcalmThey look ok17:35
bigcalmWell done on your office find :)17:35
AlanBellwe just bought some desk voip phones and more monitors and stuff17:35
bigcalmYay toys!17:35
yothsoggothDoes anyone here use a web-based password manager, such as LastPass?17:38
popeyi do17:40
bigcalmI'm going to have to eat tea instead of watch Samsung Mobile Unpacked17:43
* bigcalm grumbles17:43
yothsoggothpopey: What do you think of it? I'm considering signing up and getting Premium so I can use it on my phone, too.17:43
ali1234isn't that a bit of a pointless question? obviously he likes it or he wouldn't use it. and the rest of it probably don't think it is a good idea or we would...17:46
ali1234personally i think you are safer printing the passwords on a piece of paper and keeping it in your desk17:47
yothsoggothtrue, but he might have had some things he disliked about it that he would've mentioned :P17:49
yothsoggothTo be honest, I'm thinking of doing it more out of laziness than security. My most important passwords I remember anyway, because i use them so often17:49
yothsoggothit's just the general day-to-day passwords I tend to forget, or when I go back to something I haven't had to log onto for a while I find I've forgotten the password and lost the piece of paper I wrote it on or something17:50
ali1234i just use "recover password"17:54
popeyYaManicK1ll: i love it17:57
popeythe fact it supports yubikeys is cool17:58
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* Laney eyes halifax18:45
Laneythis 4 minute wait is suspiciously long18:45
MartijnVdSpopey: did you know about gmail's "?" key showing all shortcut keys?18:56
MartijnVdSpopey: I just discovered it by accident!18:56
popeynever seen that before18:57
MartijnVdSpopey: very Unityesque :)18:57
popeyturns out its been there for 4 years18:58
ali1234how do i actually use this?18:59
MartijnVdSali1234: what, keyboards?19:00
ali1234say i go to gmail .com and i wnt to read the first message in the inbox, what keys to i press?19:00
popeyyou need keyboard shortcuts switched on19:00
popeyits an option19:01
ali1234ok. now what?19:01
popeypress ?19:02
popeylearn the keyboard shortcuts19:02
ali1234i already did that19:02
ali1234it doesn't explain how to use it19:02
popeyhow to use what?19:02
ali1234gmail with keyboard19:02
ali1234for example it says "p / n: previous next message"19:03
ali1234but when i press them nothing happens19:03
popeythey work when in a message19:03
ali1234so how do i open a message?19:03
popey20:02:51 < popey> http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=659419:03
ali1234that's just the same thing!19:03
popeyit answers your question19:04
ali1234no it doesn't19:04
ali1234no at all19:04
MartijnVdSYou could apply some basic brainpower19:04
MartijnVdSand/or trial + error19:04
ali1234i'm applying trial and error and nothing does anything on the front page except enter to go to the first conversation19:05
ali1234and then i can't go to any others19:05
ali1234just go up and down inside that one19:05
popeyit says j / k19:05
ali1234yeah they do nothing19:05
popeyworks for me19:06
ali1234and why use different keys to do the same thing on different screens?19:06
ali1234why not just use the arrow keys19:06
MartijnVdSjk are the same as in vi19:09
MartijnVdSit's up/down19:09
popeyand mutt, and google reader19:09
MartijnVdSup/down inside a message means something else (probably browses the trhead)19:09
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davmor2_popey: man keyboards are so old school when can I tell my computer what to do and just have it do it19:15
* TheOpenSourcerer has just bought a Galaxy SIII and got a Galaxy Tab for free with it.19:28
TheOpenSourcererfirst 1000 customers.19:28
TheOpenSourcererGoing with Vodafone coz O2 annoyed me so much.19:29
AlanBelldon't drop it19:29
MartijnVdSAlanBell: what, calls? :P19:30
AlanBellhow big is the tab?19:30
MartijnVdS8 spaces19:30
ali12344 spaces!!19:31
* AlanBell claps19:31
MartijnVdSali1234: 8!19:31
* AlanBell googles it instead19:31
TheOpenSourcererIt says worth ~£399 so I guess the 10" (DO they even make a small one?)19:31
MartijnVdSAren't there 9001 variations of Galaxy Tab these days ;)19:31
AlanBelloh, there are three19:31
MartijnVdSor was that the Transformer?19:32
AlanBellI want the transformer infinity when it comes out (if there is a chance it will run Ubuntu at some point)19:33
TheOpenSourcererRight. Time for a beer and some telly. Will see you at the station (near our new office) before 07:58 tomorrow AlanBell19:34
* MartijnVdS loves the Google Documents "comment" feature20:09
MartijnVdSWhere you can comment on (parts of) a document20:09
MartijnVdSin conversations20:09
MartijnVdSand then mark them "resolved"20:09
* bigcalm kicks the Rackspace portal up the bum20:18
bigcalmWork you silly thing!20:19
MartijnVdSbut.. it doesn't WANT to!20:19
dwatkinsbigcalm: threaten to switch to web-toast.co.uk (they're a pound a month)20:20
bigcalmOoo, must be good20:27
dwatkinsbigcalm: yeah, I imagine it's pretty basic and there's no support20:32
dogmatic69anyone know of half decent reseller hosting?20:33
dwatkinsreselling what, the hosting itself, dogmatic69?20:35
dogmatic69I want to get a reseller account20:35
Nafallohave we got any electricians in this channel? :-)21:22
dwatkinsThat reminds me, I should do the course and become a qualified electrician in case I ever need to find work.21:24
dwatkinsNafallo: what level, on a scale of can-replace-a-plug to re-wired-my-own-house?21:24
Nafallodwatkins: I'm trying to figure out if I can find a really flat cable, and still use it for TV / speakers / media player / dvd player / external hard drives etc...21:26
Nafallothe once I've found seems to be 2 core...21:26
dwatkinsNafallo: there's no reason a flat cable would perform any better, assuming it has enough of a surface area of copper to transmit the required current21:26
Nafallo...which probably isn't awesome for the use case.21:26
dwatkinssounds like you have a mains cable21:26
dwatkinsis this for putting under a carpet?21:27
Nafallono, I'm rather worried about it being worse :-P21:27
Nafallounder a wardrobe door ;-)21:27
Nafalloif I can shut it, so much the better :-)21:27
dwatkinsso long as it's not really thin cable you should be fine (if it's bell wire, it might heat up if you try to pass too much current, I think)21:27
dwatkinswhat do you mean by 'use it'? Mains? composite audio?21:28
dwatkinsI mean composite? audio? etc.21:28
Nafallomains :-)21:28
Nafallono power socket inside the wardrobe21:29
Myrttibuiltin wardrobe?21:31
Myrttiwhat kind of hinges does it have?21:31
Nafallothe safer alternative might be an extension that I just keep disconnecting when I want to close the doors21:32
Nafalloand house share, so yeah... rental21:33
AlanBellhttp://ubottu.com/ircc/ we can haz blog21:33
Nafallohinges are not easily removable21:33
AlanBellgah, wrong channel21:34
* popey pastes21:34
* popey mass joins 18 channels21:35
MyrttiNafallo: I was just thinking that you could unscrew the hinges a bit so the cable would fit better21:36
Myrttidepends on the hinges and doors tho21:36
Nafalloyeah, can't do that with these21:39
LaneyI'm going to have to give in and watch Quantum of Solace before long21:40
Laneydamn that Shuttleworth21:40
Azelphurdoes anyone know if thepiratebay is supposed to be blocked yet?21:45
AzelphurI can still access it21:45
AlanBellI think BT were considering appealing21:45
aquariusis blocked from virginmedia.21:54
popeyLaney: you flying with BA to USA?21:57
popeyit's one of the in flight movies21:57
Laneyunited, sadly21:58
* AlanBell is flying BA to UDS21:58
Laneypossibly sadly, no idea what they are like21:58
matttevening evening22:06
dogmatic69there is a slight delay in terminal connected to a pc next to me. I think something on the fs is going crazy. any way to check?22:07
dogmatic69seems like 60% full disks was the problem :/22:15
dogmatic69cleared out some stuff and its find now22:15
Azelphurhmm, so this piratebay thing seems to have come on rather sudden, was we never given any chance to object?22:52
shaunoprobably not, as it's been done thru the courts rather than legislatively :/23:03
AzelphurI'll just knock up a one click multi-OS bypass.23:03
Azelphurif I disappear, you know the feds got me23:03
shaunoUK law is based heavily in case law, and this is basically a replay of the newzbin case23:04
shaunothe pessimist in me wonders how long it'll be until they try to block foreign news services that are breaching superinjunctions.  once the mechanisms are in place, the ability to be silly with them gets more and more slippery23:07
Azelphurshauno: exactly, it's happend loads of times in other countries, we're screwed now23:09
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
shaunoIt's still a long way from here to there, but it's not unimaginable anymore. I pick the superinjunction example carefully because it just takes two concepts which already exist in UK law.23:20

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