DebolazWSuccess, the code to make the message indicator blink works. :)02:53
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mhall119AlanBell: I wish I could +1 your reply to that dodge ML thread14:41
AlanBellI must say I am liking unity a lot more now I have rebuilt my laptop with an SSD and no encrypted home14:43
AlanBellsooo fast14:43
DebolazWmhall119: Hey, I finished implementing my notification icon change.15:04
mhall119DebolazW: cool, do you have a video of it?15:06
gordAlanBell, you mean unity itself is fast? or just program/system startup?15:06
DebolazWNo, making one didn't really occur to me. I did however read up a bit more on previous discussions on the subject of making the notification icon more noticeable, it seems that what the people rejecting the idea really want is for the app (In my case, pidgin) to make more noise with its icon on the launcher.15:07
DebolazW(I did put it up in a ppa though)15:07
AlanBellgord: I mean the dash searches and displaying thumbnails is faster15:10
AlanBelland other stuff15:11
DebolazWAlthough I'm not entirely sure how the launcher icon would be able to animate in order to notify me of an incoming message.15:11
DebolazWAs I understand it, the wiggle animation cannot be done continuously?15:12
mhall119DebolazW: set the "urgent" hint on the launcher to make it shake15:12
mhall119i dont know about making it continuous15:13
DebolazWmhall119: But is that shake continous or just a one time thing? (I can't remember, and I don't know which app I can use to check it)15:13
mhall119you can always unset it and set it again15:13
DebolazWBecause if it just wiggles the one time I'm not in the room, it's really not helping me notice the message when I get back.15:13
DaekdroomDoesn't it stand out with a blue arrow next to the Launcher after it wiggles?15:14
DebolazWDaekdroom: If it's not animated, it doesn't stand out.15:14
DebolazWPeople notice change, not colors.15:15
DebolazWIe, colors are good indicators if the system want to communicate something to me when I'm interested in looking at it. But not if I need to receive the notification without planning to look for it.15:17
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DebolazWIf I leave the computer and receive a message on IM while I'm gone, I want to know about it as soon as I get back, but it might not occur to me to look for it.15:20
DebolazWAnd to be honest, I do agree with the objection made to changing notification-messages, the launcher is a much better place to make such things noticable.15:22
* DebolazW pokes jfi15:39
DebolazWjfi: I see you've done some work in implementing a counter for the icon, but it haven't been included yet. Is anything blocking it?15:45
bschaeferthomi, hey, could you poke jenkins for the ibus test? It seems to be stuck :(16:59
thomiuhh, sure17:00
splnetI just upgraded to 12.04. I have 2 blueman applets in the upper right hand corner. How do remove one of them?17:01
bschaeferanthy seems to sometimes still have the preload engine mode set to false :(, so now im testing if anthy works in GTK17:01
thomibschaefer: it's running now it seems17:01
bschaeferthomi, thanks!17:01
thomiahh, hang on, it's been running since May 2nd :(17:02
thomiIt doesn't always want to stop when I hit the cancel button either :(17:02
thomithere we go17:03
bschaeferomg :(, did I cause that17:03
thomibschaefer: OK, running now17:03
thomiI need to switch rooms, and shut my laptop17:03
splnetIs this the right channel to ask about applets? I don't see an intuitive way to delete/add applets to unity. In my case there are 2 blueman applets.17:05
bschaeferthomi, I think I broke it somehow :(, it doesn't get stuck on my local machine...18:15
thomibschaefer: nah, it's probablt jenkins. Did it die again?18:16
bschaeferall I really added differently was having the ap test start "gnome-terminal"18:16
bschaeferwell it just hasn't finished18:16
thomibschaefer: OK, I can't look at it now, but if you poke me later I can take a peek18:16
bschaeferalright cool, thanks!18:16
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