bkerensapleia2: glad to see you will be at the help.u.c. meet01:04
pleia2bkerensa: I'll get my answer some way or another@03:25
philipballewHey California how is it going this evening!07:23
=== dragon_ is now known as dragon
akkWhen the GUI upgrader (is that still synaptic?) gets into a loop of putting up a zillion dialogs you have to OK, is there any way to say "OK to all"?22:27
DonkeyHoteithe release-upgrader was never synaptic22:28
DonkeyHoteiand i think the commandline version allows that22:29
akkAh, I think he gave up and killed the upgrader anyway.22:30
akkAfter hitting return on about 100 dialogs with no end in sight.22:30
bkerensaakk: you figure out the parki ng?22:55
DonkeyHoteibkerensa: are you in town?22:56
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: No not yet... Sunday morning early22:56
bkerensaunless goes terribly wrong22:56
akkbkerensa: I'll probably try to reserve a spot, but I'm still considering trying just driving there.23:15
akkAlso, considering the possibility of going from Hayward -- I'm having car problems (new used car that turns out to have some unfortunate problems) and there's supposedly a good Mazda shop there.23:16

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