rick_h_widox:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/gcm-colorhug00:23
rick_h_/usr/bin/dispwin -d 1 /home/rharding/.icc/DellP2211H.icc00:24
rick_h_for instance00:24
wabIs anyone free to explain to me how packages work in Ubuntu? Specifically I'm wondering how I would be able to compile something from source but build it into a package with all the Ubuntu triggers (for menus, etc.). End game is to be able to modify something like gcalctool and have it re-integrate nicely.02:10
snap-lHI wab02:16
wabHi there02:17
snap-lThat should get you started on packaging for Ubuntu02:17
wabawesome thanks02:17
wabSorry for the RTFM question02:18
snap-lnp, we're here to help. :)02:18
shakes808Good morning all12:18
rick_h_shakes808: sorry about the lack of help at the end of the night there. Hope that didn't come across bad.12:19
rick_h_just try to get out of there and keep on good terms with the staff/etc12:19
shakes808rick_h_: LOL that is fine. I got side tracked on 1. how well my game ran and 2. trying to get it to run and show you the death blossom. That time went by real quick.12:20
rick_h_yea, it definitely flies when you're having fun12:20
shakes808Next week we can try to get some of my computer set up properly and get me on the right track ;)12:21
shakes808Here you all go :D http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Death-Star-10188;jsessionid=d9wqUzpoqQzPpM4E7MyMMw**.lego-ps-2-212:23
rick_h_bah, I can't find Mike's photos of the death star assembly: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepirnat/sets/72157629129626695/12:29
brousch2560x1440 on 27" is overwhelming12:33
rick_h_hah, time to get a pair of those :P12:34
shakes808lol that is awesome12:38
brouschi have to turn my head to view the edge12:43
rick_h_heh, glad I didn't get that code simplicity book now: http://goo.gl/SBkXQ13:42
ColonelPanic001damn, I missed wab13:47
ColonelPanic001pretty sure he's the guy from Sarnia I met at Pcon, in the "computer clubs" BOF13:47
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, that book looked a little wonky.13:49
brouschwhy is it that every 4 months i have to go over the tax code with our accountants because they disbelieve what my program is telling them to pay?14:35
rick_h_well are you an accountant?14:36
rick_h_how can you know the program is still right?14:36
brouschbecause the progam hasn't changed and the laws haven't changed14:37
brouschuse tax always trips them up14:37
brouschwe pay use tax based on material we've bought and put towards a job + some % of the labor we've done on the job14:37
rick_h_I want to see the unit tests before I'll believe it14:37
rick_h_"SHOW ME THE TESTS!"14:38
devinheitmuellerI trust the software more than the accountants.14:38
brouschheh, this is literally the one thing i have here that has audit capability14:38
brouschi have no tests on anything else14:38
rick_h_hmmm, makers day http://goo.gl/MGQm814:55
krondorrick_h_++ forwarded to managers great idea, estimate of traction 1.0%15:21
krondorI'd settle for just a no meeting day15:21
rick_h_krondor: yea, it was the best thing of when I worked at Morpace. Whenever someone wanted to do meetings I'd be like "Well, I'm only in the office Tues/Thurs so pick one of those"15:22
rick_h_and I knew I'd have nothing on MWF15:22
krondorI should just start blocking out time on my calendar for work so the PMs see it as busy15:25
rick_h_worth a good shot15:27
rick_h_brousch: for your responsive design talk next time: http://www.welcomebrand.co.uk/thoughts/youre-not-at-the-cutting-edge-and-thats-fine/16:05
brouschi was going to go with "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. FIX YOUR CRAP NOW"16:06
snap-lI love that concept16:33
snap-lI don't like the concept of no-email days, though16:34
snap-lbut I'm fully behind giving permission to not have to respond to e-mail16:34
snap-l(ie: collect, process optional, review & do for that e-mail doesn't happen until tomorrow)16:35
snap-lkrondor: I used to do that at Ford / Chrysler for my weekly review16:36
* snap-l was in a town-hall meeting, so I'm a bit behind in scrollback. ;)16:37
rick_h_heh, how's the town going? :)16:37
snap-lTown is doing well, but vikings are still approaching16:41
shakes808javascript question: Is there a way to make it default to landscape view when printing?17:27
rick_h_generally nope17:29
shakes808didn't think so. CSS won't work for me. Gotta go through the software17:31
shakes808That is what I have been finding17:31
shakes808Thank you17:31
shakes808found some CSS and tried to implement it and it didn't work for another issue I was having17:32
brouschi think printing is 9in the hands of the user17:34
brouschwhich is where it should be17:34
brouschi really don't want random website controlling my printing17:34
* greg-g agrees17:34
greg-gmy printer, my choice17:35
greg-gI may have a dang good reason to do portrait17:35
brouschbest you could do is maybe generate landscape PDF17:35
rick_h_yea, but you do get lazy users that go "hey, this page is wide, I keep forgetting to set it to landscape, why won't it just do it for me?"17:35
* rick_h_ has had to do a bunch of that crap17:35
snap-lI'm just going to let this little fart off in church: The Android todotxt app is likely going to make me switch back to todotxt19:39
brouschsnap-l: did you ever blog about your adventures in todo apps?19:41
snap-lYeah, a long time ago19:43
Blazeixgood news, js mvc frameworks have todo list apps down pat19:43
snap-lBlazeix: har har19:43
snap-lBlazeix: And they all suck19:44
Blazeixhttp://addyosmani.github.com/todomvc/ :)19:44
brouschsnap-l: there is no year on your blog post dates. kindly diaf19:45
Blazeixthe url has it19:46
snap-lbrousch: There is, just not on the side19:46
snap-lbrousch: I'll gladly give you a refund19:49
brouschit is a pet peeve. i will require $1M compensation for the affects on my health due to the anger you have induced19:50
snap-lHow about this: I give you a pat on the head at PyOhio, and don't kick you in the nuts19:52
snap-lI think that's fair.19:52
brouschthat doesn't seem fair19:52
snap-lOK, you can have the kick in the nuts, but that's my final offer.19:52
brouschthat's more like it19:53
snap-lNever let it be said I was unreasonable.19:53
brouschi love it. i just installed MS office 97 on a win7 computer. it dropped a IE3 installed on the desktop19:55
Blazeixoffice 97? for the love of god, why?19:56
brouschyou don't want to know19:56
_stink_oh yes we do19:56
Blazeixhe missed clippy :(19:57
brouschhah, i know how to install without clippy19:57
brousch1/3 of our business applications are custom access97 databases19:58
brouschmy goal in life is to replace them with python19:58
snap-l1997 called. They want to know how the weather is20:00
snap-lThat's what I told them20:02
snap-lAlso, Apple was a good buy20:02
snap-lThey laughed20:02
snap-lThey muttered something about OS/2, and Netscape20:03
snap-lWhatever that is20:03
greg-gyou're just baiting jcastro20:03
brouschheh, another awesome thing, the access97 database was originally designed for 800x600 monitors. it is using like 15% of the screenspace on this 27" monitor20:20

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