canthus13thafreak: Haven't been using freenx in a while. it was banned at work. :/01:00
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andygraybeal_heya paul13:44
paultagwhat's going on andygraybeal_13:54
andygraybeal_eh.. i'm going through and erasing all my tapes.13:55
andygraybeal_i need to redo my backup scenario13:55
andygraybeal_i'm normally here at 6am.. but today 8.30am13:58
andygraybeal_we got a rhubarb chipotle sauce at our restaurant, it's pretty tasty, sweet, tart and smoky...13:59
paultagmmm :)14:06
andygraybeal_yea, i had some for breakfast and rice and beans14:12
andygraybeal_everytime i talk about it, it seems that no one uses tapes anymore... i vow to never get rid of my tapes.14:15
andygraybeal_it might be a little BOFHish.. but i don't care.14:16
andygraybeal_i still rsync my shit offsite, and i move my tapes offsite once a month.14:16
thafreakcanthus13: you console only now?14:24
thafreakfrom work at least14:24
thafreakp.s. Morning Ohio14:24
thafreakI have some tape drives at home...not very large, dds 4 I think, 20gb uncompressed14:25
thafreakcourse my dds4 drive is a single drive...so backing up everything would require quite a few tapes14:26
thafreaki haven't setup any software to use them yet though, was just using straight tar initially14:26
thafreaknow my photo collection no longer fits on a single tape...(was the only thing I was really backing up)14:27
thafreakwhat backup software you using andygraybeal_ ?14:27
andygraybeal_i use bacula, thafreak14:27
thafreakI keep meaning to work on setting up bacula14:27
thafreakmaybe one day I'll get it setup... :)14:28
andygraybeal_yea, when i started doing this.. i set my heart on learning AMANDA .. but omg.. that is reallyh complicated.14:28
andygraybeal_so Bacula, after a while, i could wrap my head around it.14:28
thafreakis it still mostly config file driven?14:28
andygraybeal_thafreak, i'm still running what came with 10.04 and yes, i do believe.14:28
andygraybeal_its like 3 or 4 files.. but once they are set, it' spretty handsfree after the tape swaps14:29
thafreakI wanted to look at doing virtual tapes too14:29
thafreakback up to a "virtual tape changer" (i.e. a directory somewhere), then back that up to tape...14:30
andygraybeal_get out of town, virtual tapes?14:30
andygraybeal_ah backup to a directory14:30
thafreakyeah, bacula supports emulating a tape changer14:30
andygraybeal_this page is godsend: http://workaround.org/bacula-cheatsheet14:30
thafreakit either goes to a directory, or maybe a disk device...i forget14:31
andygraybeal_i hang out in #bacula14:32
andygraybeal_they are pretty awesome14:32
thafreaknice, thanks for the link...saved it to evernote :)14:33
andygraybeal_yea for sure :)  it's nice to talk to someone else about it.14:33
thafreakbut yeah, at work, we have no tape drives, and i don't know if I want to have them buy one...decent ones are still pretty pricey, even older ones14:33
andygraybeal_yea, it's very expensive, so is the media14:34
thafreakso i'm thinking i still want to use bacula, just with virtual tapes14:34
andygraybeal_i don't know what my problem is though.. i still love tapes.14:34
thafreakdds4 are really cheap, used on ebay atleast14:34
andygraybeal_i use dlt's14:34
thafreaktapes are cheapest really14:34
thafreaki think i have a dlt drive too...14:34
andygraybeal_dds4 never held much and i guess the motor burns out easier on the bigger tapes cause t hey are so heavy.. but don't quote me on this.. i smoke crack.14:35
thafreaklol...i went on a used tape drive buying spree on ebay14:35
thafreaki have a dlt drive and a dds3 changer...but i don't think I have appropriate scsi cables/cards for them14:35
thafreakso I don't even know if they work honestly14:35
thafreaki waste so much money on ebay...i buy old crap, that i never get around to using...$20-$50 here and there adds up over time14:36
andygraybeal_yea, i went for an SATA DLT drive from quantum14:36
andygraybeal_it might have been a bad choice, but so far it has worked for about 5  yrs now.14:36
thafreaki have like 2 ancient mac g3's, and several tape drives...14:36
thafreakyou get it new or used?14:37
andygraybeal_i have voided the warranty if there was one on it to clean it... i don't know how the expect you to clean it without voiding the warranty14:37
andygraybeal_it was brand new.14:37
thafreakwhat size of tape does yours take?14:37
andygraybeal_i have one mac g314:37
andygraybeal_mine takes the 160GB uncompress or 320 compressed14:38
thafreakI keep eyeballing older LTO-1 drives...hoping one day they'll be in my price range14:38
thafreakwow, that's bigger than the lto-1...14:38
thafreaki think I need to invest in a propper drive...14:38
andygraybeal_yea, something about it, it's probably all in my head though.  i prefer these tapes to rsync'd offsite transfers.. even though i do both.14:43
andygraybeal_it's what i grew up with14:43
andygraybeal_sometimes i wonder if i'm completely irrational, and at times.. i don't care if i am or not.14:43
andygraybeal_ah.. tape drive failure..14:45
andygraybeal_andy@buddleia:/dev$ mt -f st0 rewind && mt -f st0 weof && mt -f st0 rewind14:45
andygraybeal_mt: st0: rmtopen failed: Input/output error14:45
andygraybeal_andy@buddleia:/dev$ mt -f st0 rewind && mt -f st0 weof && mt -f st0 rewind14:45
andygraybeal_mt: st0: rmtopen failed: Read-only file system14:45
andygraybeal_says i need to shove a tape cleaner ni14:49
thafreakwhat were you saying about irrationality :)14:51
andygraybeal_tape cleaner is in and cleaning.14:52
andygraybeal_..... last time this happened.. i just took the damn drive apart and cleaned it myself14:52
andygraybeal_okay, retrying14:54
andygraybeal_okay, i give up, i gotta take the effer apart17:01
andygraybeal_but for this i have to wait till after hours.17:01

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