InHisNameI used to go into system>etc and find things to fix it with.   UNITY is just a guessing game that I'm tired of doing all the time.  I hate guessing words that I don't remember.00:01
rmg51so stop using Unity00:07
rmg51or stop complaining00:07
JonathanDOr fix it.00:07
rmg51ther is no fixing unity ;-)00:08
rmg51there is no fixing my spelling either00:10
* Resistance rewrites rmg51's spelling routines to make rmg51's spelling even worse00:10
ResistanceInHisName:  so use gnome-shell00:10
rmg51ko, Resistance00:11
rmg51or is that ok?00:11
* rmg51 is so confused now00:12
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InHisNameGhaaaahhh, up on the top bar there is a 'mute' pull down.   I muted, then unmuted and the sounds started playing.01:09
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!04:57
InHisName1Yum, Bacon, Good Morning SamuraiAlba09:29
JonathanDhey rmg5109:49
InHisName1morning to u 2:  rmg51 and JonathanD10:11
JonathanDhey InHisName110:17
MutantTurkeyi love when my mom decides to unplug the router at home to "clean up all the dust bunnies dear"13:27
MutantTurkeythen my ip gets re-assigned13:27
MutantTurkeyhuh wait...13:31
MutantTurkeyip is the same still13:31
MutantTurkeymaybe the box is down..13:31
MutantTurkeyI can ping it...?13:32
MutantTurkeywould I be able to ping it if my box was down? would the router return the ping?13:32
MutantTurkeysister 100% incapable of looking at it and trouble shooting.13:43
MutantTurkey'ARE THE BLUE LIGHTS ON' 'i don't know how to work this magic box'13:43
MutantTurkeyi feel like i live in /tfts13:43
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=== Resistance is now known as EvilResistance
JonathanD12.04 installed.19:26
erstaziHello everyone. What does everyone suggest for a case management software for a social services non-profit? Something like SugarCRM but more geared towards case management.19:33
pleia2erstazi: check out CiviCRM19:33
pleia2it has case management features19:34
PennBotTitle: Case Management | CiviCRM Community Site (at civicrm.org)19:34
erstazipleia2: +1 to that one (: I already checked it. Have you used it?19:35
pleia2we've set up a demo of it running on wordpress for partimus.org, but I haven't gotten too into it19:35
erstazipleia2: ah, thanks19:36
andurilman that sites font kerning is really off19:36
erstazipleia2: I was going to test bed it for the non-profit but didn't want to dedicate too much time into digging into various ones. Appreciate much.19:36
pleia2that's pretty much The One in the space19:37
pleia2I went to a talk on how wikipedia uses it (there is a bit civicrm group here that meets at the wikimedia offices near me)19:38
erstazipleia2: nice. Thanks for the confirmation.20:32
rmg51yo yo23:11
InHisName1Good Evening to you YoYo's23:41

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