jagsI've been messing around with gnome-throwback on precise, does anyone know how to edit gnome-panel, right click does nothing, and gconf-editor doesn't really have any options16:16
soaringskyjags: you don't have those options anymore, gnome has moved on16:17
jagssomehow when trying to use an external monitor on my notebook, gnome added 4 more panels, but on monitor 1.  I have 3 top panels and 3 bottom panels16:20
jagsI tried rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity16:21
jagsto reset, no dice16:21
soaringskyh00k: chat topic needs updating16:53
Cheeseheaddang, I hoped nobody would notice...16:56
* Cheesehead is leading an Ubuntu Week session on Brainstorm. #ubuntu-classroom, 4 minutes16:56
* Cheesehead returns after completing his Ubuntu Week session on Brainstorm18:05
* Cheesehead adjusts his tie18:05
CheeseheadTough crowd...tough crowd18:05
mikeputnamCheesehead: no respect18:41

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